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(British Official Wireless.)

LONDON, April 19.

The proclamation under the Russian Goods Imports Prohibition Act states that on and after April 26 the importation into the United Kingdom of goods of classes or descriptions specified in the schedule, which are grown, produced, or manufactured in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, is prohibited.

The schedule specifies the following articles: -Butter, wheat, barley, oats, and maize in grain, poultry and game, cotton-raw, includ- ing unmanufactured cotton waste and un- bleached, cotton-petroleum oils, wood and timber-hewn or sawn, planed or dressed, in- cluding pltprops, pitwood, staves, and sleepers -articles manufactured wholly or partly of wood and timber, namely plywood, builders' woodwork, Including window frames, doors, gates, etc., and parts thereof.

The proclamation affects about 8O per cent, of Russian Imports Into Britain. Last year these totalled Just under £20,000,000, or more than 30 per cent, of Russia's total exports to all countries. Britain's exports to Russia were about £ 10,500,000.

As for the duel commodities on which the embargo has been placed, the following ap- proximate figures show the value of the im- ports from Russia last year:-Petroleum, £2,200,000; raw cotton, £390,000; butter, £1,235,000; grain, £1,605,000: and timber,



(Copyright.-Australian Press Association.)

The prohibition of Russian butter imports has not yet affected the prices, as Continental Imports are again very large. The total arri- vals from Soviet Russia, Denmark, and the Baltic States in the past week were from 100,000 to 120,000 boxes hi excess of the Imports for the corresponding period of 1932.

The Diplomatic Correspondent of the "Dally Telegraph" says: "The verdict produced a feeling of general relief In London diplomatic circles, although there Is indignation at the methods by which the conviction of Messrs. MacDonald and Thornton was obtained.

"Moscow has been given a week to put right the International outrage. Meanwhile Scandinavian and Russian border States, which produce much the same exports as Russia, are preparing to take full advantage of the ban on Soviet goods, and so are the dominions. Russia's loss will be the domin- ions' gain."

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