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Mr. Harry Southwell, who has had exten- sive, experience in English and American motion picture studios, announces that he has

completed arrangements for producing a film

in Sydney. It will be a film with a Contin- ental setting, based on a work of fiction which had a great vogue during last century. Like "The Blue Danube," it will Introduce famous musical works by European composers, which are to be arranged specially for the film by Mr. Howard Carr. Mr. Southwell maintains that he can produce a picture capable of competing in the world's markets, complete with elaborate choral and orchestral inter- ludes, for less than £4000.

Mr. Southwell was trained in London for a stage career. After some experience in stock companies, he joined the Vltagraph Company in America, and directed a number of O Henry stories for the screen. Returning to Australia, he produced "The Kelly Gang:" but the film could not be shown in this country owing to the intervention of the police. Mr. Southwell's next film was "The Seventh Com- mandment," which he produced in Palestine He was then engaged by the Belga Film Com- pany in Brussels to direct "The Bells," in which he played the part of Mathias, made famous on the English stage by Irving, since then, he has been engaged by the Western Australian Government to conduct negotia- tions on film matters in London, and has spent some time in the English studios.

The new film will be produced with the co-operation of the Actors' Federation, and the actors Mr. Southwell mentions as having been already chosen for parts include Messrs George Cross, Roland Conway, Bertie Wright, and Len Budrlck, and Miss Gertrude Boswell Mr. Southwell strenuously denies a statement made by Mr. Ken Hall recently, to the effect that it was difficult to find good screen actors in Australia. Among the members of the Actors' Federation, he says, there Is an abun- dance of splendid talent.

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