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New Company Formed.


A new company entitled Cinesound Pro- ductions Ltd has been registered with a capital of £ 50 000 for the purpose of pro ducing Australian motion pictures

This company will take over from Austral- asian Films Ltd the studios at Bondi and at St Kilda Melbourne with all the equipment that they contain. "On Our Selection",

shortly to be screened at the Capitol Theatre has also been transferred to Cinesound Pro- ductions Ltd as an Australasian Films pro- duction and it is proposed that the new com pany should make from four to six full length Australian films each year. These films will be invested as far as possible with a typically Australian atmosphere and ar

rangements have aheady been made for their release in England

The stories at present under consideration are "Con of the Coral Seas," based on the   novel by Margaret Grimshaw, Marcus Clark s "For the Term of His Natural Life", "The Pioneers" (a story of early settlement days) "Tall Timbers" (based on the timber indus try) and a sequel to "On Our Selection."

Captain Frank Hurley is to proceed with the Artmaster serles of films he is making but instead of these being short features they will be expanded to full feature length

The new company will continue with the weekly Iisue of the newsreel the "Cinesound Review," which now forms a splendid adver

tisement for Australia abroad; for it is not only incorporated in the British Pathe News in English and in the Universal Weekly News in American theatres, but is translated into French and German and released on the Con

tinent as well. Arrangements are at present being made for the screening of this Austra lian newsreel throughout South Africa and


The Cinesound apparatus for the reproduc

tion of motion pictures is an Australian in- vention developed in local laboratories. The   company is negotiating with Japan where films are now being made in large numbers and hopes that it may be able to introduce the Australian equipment in that country.

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