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Romantic Career.  

- (BY A.H.S.)

London cables recently announced the death ot Mr. Lambton Le Breton Mount, In his 96th year. Mr. Mount was mentioned as a friend of Adam Lindsay Gordon, some of whose un

published manuscripts were among his trea- sures. But Mr. Mount had his own claims to fame. He was a noted athlete, being known all over Australia in sporting circles as the "Canadian Stag." He was a pioneer of the glass-making industry in Sydney, New Zea- land, and the Argentine, and was the Inven- tor of numerous devices relating to the In- dustry.

He had an adventurous career. A native of Quebec, he came to Australia in the early '50's. Almost at once he made a name for himself in athletics. He achieved successes in Syd- ney and Melbourne, but experienced defeat for the championship bv Harrison at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The Canadian game of lacrosse was introduced to Australia by Mr Mount In 1876. when he imported the first sticks into Victoria. Shortly before his death he stated that he could not remember having lost a long race. He also mentioned that on one occasion he beat the stage coach from Beechworth, about 30 miles from Albury, on the Victorian border, to Melbourne. He had been unable to obtain a seat, but, his sporting instinct being aroused, he said he would run and beat the coach, which he did. The distance is 200 miles. Mount's run occu- pied four days, and his average dailv journey was 5O miles.

When he was a young man, he and his bro- ther Frank drove a flock of sheep from Victoria to Western Australia. There they took up land, but their occupation was followed by five years ot drought, and they found them- selves unable to carry on. Their land was subsequently taken over by the Macphersons who were most successful.

Mr. Mount built the glass bottle works at Waterloo, Sydney. Previously he had started the flint glass works in North Melbourne, and had afterwards become associated with Messrs. Felton, Grimwade, and Co. in founding the Melbourne Glass Bottle Works, at North Mel- bourne. At Waterloo he introduced machines and brought to Australia German glassworkers who taught the business to Australians. In New Zealand he managed the Wellington Glass Company's works, and then went on to Buenos Ayres. After establishing works there, he went to England, and built works at Leeds and Manchester.

Mr. Mount was a son of Henry Majendie Mount, M.D., of London, who afterwards set- tled In Ballarat, and a great-grandson on his father's side of Sir Thomas Le Breton, Governor of the Isles of Jersey and Guernsey. On his mother's side he was the grandson of a stanch old French Royalist. Admiral Le Comte Le Lievre de Tito, who, returning from a two years' cruise in 1793, found that his King, Louis XVI.. had been beheaded and that France was in a state of revolution. So disgusted was he that he sailed his fleet of five ships of the line, besides sloops, storeshlps, and small craft, right into Portsmouth Harbour and surrendered them conditionally to the British. He afterwards emigrated to Canada, where he joined the staff of General Brock.

There are three grandchildren In Sydney. Mr. Harold Lambton Le Breton Mount, Miss Edith Katherine Mount, and Mr. James Nash Marshall. A fourth grandchild, Molly, recently went to Kamptee. India, where she married Captain John Douglas Corner. M.D.

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