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LONDON. Julv 31.

A telegram from Horta, in the Azores, says that Sir Thomas Lipton's steam yacht Erin had arrived there, and reported that .she had lost sight of the Shamrock V. in heavy weatner five days ago, and had not seen her again. The Shamrock V., hovvever, turned up at Horta four hours later, and reported ?, bad buffeting in heavy seas. She did not suffer the slightest damage. She will continue to New York with the Erin to-morrow.

A report from Antwerp saya that the Prince of Wales after visiting the exhibition there

went to Brussels.

The violent weather which broke up the test match at Manchester continues, and Britain is being swept by thunderstorms. A woman was killed by lightning near Warring-


The Australia House cinema was crowded with representatives of business houses and officials when the High Commissioner (Sir Granville Ryrie) introduced a special screen- ing of Queensland films. The most striking was an Amalgamated Forests (Australasia), Limited, forest film, depicting the huge timber areas ol Northern Queensland, which Senator

W/vll rfocrrlhivl

Foil described.

The Government, in pursuance of its policy of sending commercial missions to study oversea markets, is sending a mission of eight, under the chairmanship of Sir Ernest Thomp- son, a shipping merchant, of Manchester, and including Mr, James Bell, secretary of the United Textile Factory Workers' Association, to inquire into British trade in phlna and Japan. A sub-mlsslon, under the chairman- ship of Sir Ernest Thompson, will assist in inquiries regarding cotton goods.

Described as butchers with exalted cus- tomers, Hall and Sons, of Buckingham Palace road, were fined 20/ with £10 coais for sup- plying the Hon. Paul Methuen with an Argen- tine leg of mutton as New Zealand mutton. Mr. G. D. Roberts, prosecuting on behalf of the New Zealand Meat Board, said that Mr. Methuen was a senior investigator of meat for the Ministry of Agriculture. He habitu- ally examined all meat sent to his home, and turning over this leg of mutton discovered the Argentine brand.


Following protests on the banning of Soviet] pulpwood, White House announced authorita- tively that President Hoover refused to con- sider a bar on Soviet trade In general, the United States political attitude having no con- nection with trade matters, and that the only goods barred would be those produced under

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