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Ï"!*« Per»» M ».ure tkeb


DEVINE. -On the 15th November, at "Riverview," Gisborne

street, Wellington, N.S.W., to Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Devine - a son. Both well.


VAREY--HUTTON. -On the 8th September, at the    

Canterbury Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. H. G. Nicholls, Joseph W. L. Varey, M.Sc., R. A. N. College, Jervis Bay, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Varey, Northcote,

to grace Forsyth, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Hutton, Canterbury.

(Address R. A. N. College, Jervis Bay, N.S.W.)


BENNETT.- Killed in action on 25th October, after

two years' service, Herbert (Bert), dearly loved second son of Alfred and Minnie Bennett, 58 Outer crescent, Brighton, and late of Ballarat, brother of Alfred,

Maude, Cyril, Hilda, Lindsay, Doris, James, and Minnie, aged 27 years.

BODYCOAT. -Officially reported killed in action,  

22 October, 1917, Harold, third beloved son   of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bodycoat, Perth, W.A., aged 21 years.

CHRISTIAN.-Died of wounds, October 12, Sgt.    

N. H. Christian (Harry), late of 37th Battalion, beloved elder son of Mr. and Mrs. Christian, Grange road, Ormond (late of Footscray), brother of G. R. Christian, grandson of Mrs. Geo. Kinnear,

Thomas street, Hampton, nephew of M. Kinnear

and E. Stavely.      

He answered to his country's call,   He gave his life, his all. -(Inserted by S. H. Kinnear.)

CHRISTIAN.-Died of wounds, October 12, Sgt. N. H. Christian (Harry), dearly beloved eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Christian, Grange road, Ormond (late of Footscray), brother of G.

R. Christian, grandson of Mrs. Kinnear, Thomas  

street, Hampton, aged 20 years.

Our dear soldier boy.

COOK.- A tribute to the memory of our dear nephew and cousin, Sgt. Harvey James Cook,   only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cook, of "Glen- fern Park," Romsey, and who was killed in action          

somewhere in France, on the 9th October, 1917.

I cannot say, I will not say,  

That he is dead, he is just away,

With a cheery smile and a wave of the hand He has wandered into an unknown land   And left us dreaming how very fair  

It needs must be since he lingers there; And you, oh you, who wildly yearn

For the old time step and the glad return,       Think of him still as the same, I say   He is not dead, he is just away.

-(lnserted by Mr. and Mrs. H. H. McLachlan and   son, "Crathie," Mangarra road, Canterbury.)

CRAINE.- Killed in action in France on October

4, 1917, Private William Henry Craine, 8th Bat-

talion A.I.F., loved cousin of Violet and Olive    


For God, for King, and country.

CRAWFORD.-Officially reported killed in action

in France, Gunner Ambrose John Crawford,       dearly loved son of Mr. and Mrs. I. Crawford, of 11 Hawthorn road, Northcote (late Shepparton,     Fitzroy, and Carlton), loved brother of Will and       Jim (of W.A.), loved and loving brother of       Elinor, Lizzie, Anna, Aggie, Reg, Carrie (Mrs.   Gitsham), and loved uncle of Ambrose Gitsham.    

Loved and revered by all.  

Those that knew him best loved him best.

CROSBY.- A tribute of esteem to the memory of

our dear friend, Sergeant David William Crosby,   reported killed in action 28th October, 1917, after two years two months active service, aged 20 years  

9 months.

Duty well done.

-[Inserted by Ruby, Ethel, Mabel, and Norman       Hayes, "Glencoe," Tooborac.)    

Davis.- A tribute to the loved memory of Pte.

Errol Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Davis,  

"Raywood," Stewarton, killed in action, October    

13, 1917.

A true pal.

-(Inserted by Ruby Binsted.)    

DAWSON.-To the sacred memory of Pte. A. N.  

Dawson, of 6th Battalion, late of Warragul,   Gippsland, killed in France, 4th October, 1917;

27 months' service.  

FECHNER.-Killed in action, in France, on the   9th October, 1917, Private G. N. Fechner   (Gus), loved second son of August and the     late Wilhelmina Fechner, Trafalgar, brother of Corporal J. W. Fechner, Trooper C. A. Fechner       (on active service), and Fred, Alfred), Mrs. J. Macinnes, Mrs. A. W. Ashby, and Mrs. R. A.  


Greater love hath no man than this.

FISCHER.-Killed in action in France on October   15, 1917, Corpl. William N. Fischer (Field Ar- tillery), the dearly loved youngest son of Mrs.     and the late Henry Fischer, of Kilmore, loving   brother of Cissie, Louie (Mrs. E. J. Tabor),  

Alick, Katie, and Harry.  

"He hath fought the good fight. "

One of the best.

FISCHER. -Killed in action somewhere in France on October 15, 1917, Corp. William N. Fischer (Field Artillery), loved youngest son of Mrs. land the late Henry Fischer, of Kilmore.

His duty nobly done.

Loved by all.

-(Inserted by his loving sister and brother-in-   law, L. and E. Tabar, Ripponlea. )

FRANKLIN. -Killed on the field of honour, Pte.

Edward James Llewellyn (Ted), dearly loved husband of Florence (nee Reynolds), only son of Mrs. E. Stewart, Swan Hill.

O God of love, O King of peace.

Make wars throughout this world to cease.

GILLESPIE.- Killed in action in France, 4th Oc-    

tober, after 3 years' active service, Corporal Leonard Gillespie (Signaller), beloved only son of James Gillespie, 16 Maling road, Canter- bury (late of Sandringham.)  

GOODALL. -Killed in action, France, 25th Octo-  

ber, Private T. H. Goodall, eldest son of Mr.   and Mrs. T. Goodall, of The Wattles, Warbur- ton road, Lilydale, loving brother of Mrs. Ran-           kin, Florrie, Ella, Harold, Leslie, Gordon, Alvina, and Walter; also loved brother-in-law     of the late Private Malcolm Rankin, in his 27th  


Our heroes.

Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

-(lnserted by his sorrowing parents, brothers,     and sisters, Lilydale.)  

HEPBURN.-A tribute of deep respect and esteem    

to our late fell0w-employee, Sgt. Alex. McKenzie     Hepburn, who died of illness in London on the 12th November, after being twice wounded in action.  

One of the Anzac heroes.

--(Inserted by the employees of Varley's Pty. Ltd.) HOWLETT. - Died of wounds, received in action in Palestine, November 10, 1917, Trooper Albert Reginald, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. James Howlett, Metung, brother of Marion, Eva, Maud, Ethel, Mabel, Ivy, Arthur, Herb., Alf.,

aged 21 years.

JACOBSON.-Killed in action on 4th October, 1917,  

after two years and six months' service, twice   wounded, Jacob Valentine, beloved youngest son

of Francis and the late John Jacobson, of Macarthur.

Lead, kindly light.  

JONES.-Killed in action 4th October, 1917, Pte. William John (Jack), 39th Battalion. Inserted as a token of respect by his fellow-workers in leafroom British-Australian Tobacco Co. Pty. Ltd., Melbourne.

KELLY.-Killed in action in France, October 4,

Pte. Thomas Arthur Kelly, beloved sixth son of

Mr. and Mrs. W. Kelly, Boweya, Glenrowan,

aged 25 years.              

"Faithful unto death."                  


KELLY.- Killed in action in France on October 4,

Pte. Thomas Arthur Kelly, dearly loved brother     of Mrs. J. N. Mackenzie, Fusan, Korea.              

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."  

KEOGH.- On the 25th October, 1917, killed in    

action in France, Sergeant Raymond Keogh,

youngest son of John Keogh, "Mininera," East St. Kilda. R.I.P. KNIGHT.- Killed in action in France on 10th

October, Private A. C. (Barney) Knight, beloved son of Elizabeth and the late Edward Knight, of Gymbowen, and brother of W. H. Ardlethan, N.S.W., J. P., Gymbowen; E. E., Harrow;   C. T., A.I.F., France; and A. L., A.I.F., Palestine.

MASON.-Killed in action, 14th October, 1917,  

Sylvesterer Murray, beloved husband of Grace Mason, "Edgecombe," Cromwell street, Caulfield,        

son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Mason, and brother of

Stella, Tom, and Reg. My Syl.

Christ both died and rose and revived that He might be Lord both of the dead and living. -(Inserted by his loving wife.)

MASON.-Killed in action on 14th October, 1917,   Private S. M. Mason, beloved husband of Grace, and much loved uncle 0f wee Mavis and Bobby,

loved brother-in-law of Sid, Perse, Ern, Stanley, (all on active service), Ada, Ivy, Frank, Bob, and sam.

"When the roll is called up yonder he'll be there."

MASON.- On the 14th October, 1917, killed in action,

Pte. S. M. Mason, loved son of John and Rachel Mason, Dandenong road, East St. Kilda, dear brother of Tom, Stella, and Reg; also loving husband of Grace (nee Thomas).

MASON.- Killed in action on 14th October, 1917,      Sylvester Murray, loved son-in-law of S. D. and M. Thomas, brother-in-law of S. W., P. F., E. A., and S. R. (all on active service), and S. B., F. H., A., and I.              

For God, King, and country He like a soldier fell. McCLURE.- Officially reported killed in action, 4th

October, 1917, Sergeant Earnest Russell McLure,

aged 22 years 10 months, loved youngest son of   Mr. and Mrs. John McLure, Sebastopol, loved brother of Gavin, Robert, Lily, Will, May, Jack, Fred, and Amy.

Loved by all.  

-(Inserted by his loving sister, Mrs. Robert Trimble, Elmore.)

MORRISSEY.-Killed in action on the 1st October,

Pte. James Morrossey, eldest beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Morrissey, of Ross Creek, grandson

of the late James Morrissey, of Ballarat, nephew of the late Mrs. Seaton, of Traralgon, after eigh- teen months' active service abroad, aged 21 years.

Deeply regretted by his sorrowing relatives and

all who knew him.    

Rest in peace.

DIED ON SERVICE.     O'NEILL.-Killed in action in France, October 4,

1917, Lance-Corporal Richard F. O'Neill (38th Battalion, A.I.F.), youngest son of Mary O'Neill, "Corinella," Hannan street, Williamstown, and the late Richard O'Neill, of Bendigo and Kyne-


Rest in peace.

ORCHARD.-Killed in action in France, October 9,

1917, Oswald W. T. Orchard, of the 24th Bat- talion, dearly loved son of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Orchard, Alexandra; loving brother of Rose and   George (two years' active service Gallipoli and

France), aged 20 years and 9 months.  

We pictured his safe returning, But God's will alters all.

Beloved by all.

-(Inserted by his parents, mother, and sister.)

RIAL.-Killed in action in France on October 6,

in his 21st year, Ronald James, only and dearly loved son of William and Ada Rial, "Home- wood" (late "Copabella"), Holbrook, New South Wales, and nephew of Mr. and Mrs. George Pleasance, Prahran.

Duty nobly done.

ROBERTSON.--On the 3rd November, 1917 (offi-

cially reported died of wounds at 20th Casualty Clearing Station, France), Bombardier W. G. Robertson, dearly beloved third son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Robertson, "Mount Ada," Benalla, and brother of Mrs. Young, Jessie, Katie, and Maudie, also Charles, James, and Donald (on active service), aged 26 years 11 months.

Always happy and cheerful,

With a heart that knew no fear, He stood to face life's battle,  

For all he loved so dear.

We pictured his safe returning,

And longed for the clasp of his hand, But God has postponed our meeting--

We will meet in a better land.

The most glorious death of all--a hero's.

ROBERTSON.--A tribute of love to the memory

of my dear fiance, Bombardier W. G. Robertson (Will), 6th Field Artillery, died of gunshot wounds in the back at 20th Clearing Station, November 3, 1917, late of Benalla.

Loved by all who knew him. I pictured your safe returning,

And longed to clasp your hand,

But God has postponed our meeting, Will;

It will be in a better land.

--(Inserted Elsie Ackerly, Benalla.)  

RUSSELL.-Officially reported killed in action 4th

October, 1917, Coy. Sergeant-Major William Andrew Russell, dearly loved eldest surviving son   of Mr. and Mrs. D. Russell, "Killowen," Spring- vale road, Springvale, late May street, Abbots-

ford; also loving brother of Davie; after 3 years' service in Royal Australian Garrison Artillery,   and over 2 years on the field of honour.

The supreme sacrifice.

RUTHERFORD.-Killed in action on October 12,

1917, John, third dearly loved son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Rutherford, 556 Canning street, N. Carlton, and loving brother of Edgar, Tom, Ralph (on action service), Mrs. C. Rowe, and Alice, aged

25 years.

Our hero.  

STAIT.-Killed in action on 4th October, Pte. H. V.  

Stait, youngest son of John and Mary Ann Stait, of 7 Allen street, Coburg, and fiance of Anas- tasia Tobin, late of "Dunhallow," Abbotsford street, North Melbourne. R.I.P.

STORER.-Killed in action October 4, 1917, Corp.

Leslie J. Storer, aged 22, loved son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Storer, Wallacedale, and brother of Mary, Leila, Ted, Cecil (on active service), Rus- sell, and Lindsay.

STRICKLAND.-Died of wounds in France on

October 4, 1917, Private Roy Strickland, dearly loved eldest son of Captain and Mrs. Strickland, Erith, Verdon street, Williamstown.

WALKERDEN.-Officially reported killed in action

on the 4th October, No. 3,957 Private Reginald Francis Walkerden, 22nd Battalion, dearly be- loved husband of Barbara Walkerden, and dear daddy of Sidney and Laurie. R.I.P.

How his life was sped we know not,

What his last word, look, or thought, We only know we are deprived, O God, Of one who was to us most dear.  

Our dear daddy was one of the best.

Noble soldier, noble end.

-(Inserted by his loving wife, 115 Male street, Brighton.)

WALSH.-Killed in action, 10th April, 1917, in

France (previously reported missing), Private Fred. Walsh, the beloved son of Mrs. M. Walsh, Page street, Albert Park (late of Alexandra), dear brother of Mrs. White (Middle Park), Mrs. H. Cox, Mrs. D. Osborne (Albert Park), Mrs. Crump (Auburn), Mrs. Halley (Kyneton), Mrs. Brotherton (Blackburn), James (W.A.), Agnes, and Cecily Walsh.

O, God, 'tis hard, another young life


May his soul rest in peace.

WILSON.-A tribute to the memory of our friend,

and fellow member, Warrant-Officer Alex. Wil- son, killed in action in Palestine, October 31, 1917. (Inserted by the members of the M.Y.P.

in Traralgon.)


ALLEN.-On the 18th November, at her residence,

"Namul," Central road, Tunstall. Mary Anna, relict of the late W. P. Allen, aged 81 years.  

ARMITAGE.-On the loth November, nt her rési-

dence, 21 Moreland road, Brunswick, Knilly lloBcttn, dearly beloved wife of Arthur-Armilagi', eldest daughter of the late Prter and Klliailieth Hrtwurds, Brunswick. (Interred privately, Satur 'illy, the mil, at Coburg Cemetery.)         Deeply mounted.      

BROWN.-On the 17th November, at Sandringham.

Agnes Andeisnn, relict of tbo late Archibald Drown, Hichmond, aged 80. (Interred 10th No-


CARMICHAEL-On the 16th November 1917, at

her son-in-law's residence, Duneira, Byaduk, Jane Adelaide Carmichael, beloved mother of   Charles Carmichael (Balranald) and Emma (Mrs.   Albert Harman); loving sister of the late R.M.   Pope, Esq. (Dunbarton, Scotland), and Mrs. John Hay (South Mynns, Eng); grandmother of Robert Carmichael, A.I.F., abroad (Home papers

please copy.)

At rest.

CASSIDY.-On the 18th November, at his resi-

dence, No. 78 Garton street, Prince's Hill, North   Carlton, James Cassidy (ex-sergeant of police), the dearly loved husband of the late Bridget Cassidy, and loving father of the late John, Daniel, James, Michael, and Joseph.

Requiescat in pace.

CHAMPION.-On the 18th November, 1917 (sud-

ilenlv), at Hie lesldence of her 'on (Mr. Isaac Champion), Blackburn, Mary Jane, the dearly loved «ife of Isaac P. Champion, of 16 Kilgour streut, South Geelong, aged 01 years.

GRAHAM.-On the 19th November, at her resi-

dence, 201 Fitrroy street, Fitzroy. Mary Ann (Minnie), the dcaily beloved wife of .loira Graham, and beloved mother of John, Maud, Hose, and Edward, ajred .r»3 years.

A patient nnTcrcr at rest.

HARWOOD.-On the 19th November, at 174

Nicholson sdocl, Fitzroy, William Harwood, for niinv \cars the faithful dispenser tu Dr, Allred C. W." Yclliiiid. H.I.P.

HARWOOD.-On the 19th November, at his resi-

dente, 170 Nicholson street, Fitzroy, William, the dearly beloved husband of Grace Harwood, and lather of little Mary, aged 'J8 years.

JENNINGS.-On the 16th November (after serious

operation). Thomas John Jennings, dearly be- loved husband of Ada Mary Jennings, and father of Walter G. Jennings, late of Blackburn; eldest son of Thomas H. Jennings, of Moonee Ponds; aged 56. (Interred privately November 19.)

LYNAR.-On the 17th November, Stratford Hubert

(Jack), beloved husband of Annie Lynar, North i-ote avenue, Caiildeld, , -(Privately interred Heidelberg Cemetery.)

MEEHAN - On the 11th November, at the resi-

dence of his daughter, Mrs. J. Meney, Patrick Meehan, late of Victorian Railways, beloved father of Frank (Western Australia) and Mrs. J. Meney (of Tittybong). R.I.P.  

MOODY.-On the 17th November (suddenly), at Melbourne Hospital, Sydney, dearly lieloved hus- band of Kate, anti father of Albert, Holland (on active sen-ice), Kdgar, and Nancy, aged lil. 6 (Interred privately 10th November.) .

"At rest."

NICHOLAS.-On the 16th November, at his rest

deuce. Burns street, Maryborough, William Nicholas, mine manager, formerly of Hallarat and Creswick, aged 01 years.

NICHOLLS.-On the 18th November, at her rcsl

dence, 70.1 Punt Hill, South Yarra, Caroline .M., widow of the late K. II. Nicholls.

NYE.-On the 19th November, at the Melbourne

Hospital (icsult of accident), William, dearly be- loved hUEbaud of Sarah J., 5 Chandler's roid, ' Malvern, loved eldct brother of Mrs. C. W.

Thoms (EUtcrnwlck), Nellie, und Kinma (Mel grave), Walter (N.SÍ.), .lark (Brunswick).  

OFFICER.-On the 18th November, at "Lindis

sarne," Tasmania, Martha, widow of the late Robelt Officer, fourth daughter of the late George Frederick Read, in her 86th year.

OLDEN.-On 16th November, at Mrs. Nicols's pri- 

private hospital, Uxbridge House, Nicholson   St Fitzroy, Norman Edgar, dearly beloved youngest son of John and E. Olden, Ballark, Outtrim aged four years.

Safe in the arms of Jesus.  

PACE. - On the 19th November, at 82 Blessington

street, St. Kilda, Catherine Bowman, loved wife of Henry, and loving mother of Margaret Pace, Isabella J. (Mrs. Cowling), agcd-75 years.

Sleep on, beloved, sleep, and take#thy rest.

PINNIGER.-On the 18th November, at "Wylga

mere," Hopetoun street, Balwyn, Alice May, the   dearly loved fourth daughter of Letitia and the late Henry Pinniger; late of Newtown, Geelong.

TAGELL.-On the 18th November, at Fairfield Hos-

pital, George Thomas Tagell, late of Portman street, Oakleigh, beloved husband of Annie M., loving father of George, dearly beloved son of John and Christina, loving brother of James, Norris, Thomas, Joseph, Charles, Arthur, Bella,

and Laura, aged 30 years.

TOLSON.-On the 12th November, at her residence,

11 Cyprian street, Mosman, Sydney, Mary, widow of late James Tolson, aged 71 years.

WATSON.-Passed peacefully away on the 18th

November, nt his residence. Woodside, Parwan, James, belovel husband of Betsy Watson, in his 73rd year.

Peace, pet feet peile.

WILKIN.-On the 19th November, at Templeton

stieet, Castlemaine, Emma, relict of the late William Wilkin, aged 81 years.

.Mortality-swallowed up of life.

WILLIAMS.-At the Sale Hospital, Wilfred Wall,

beloved chlot son of John It. Williams, saddler, lind the late Etiuhctli Willi uns, of «.lirra, and grandson of Hie late (¡oorse Wall Williams, Clerk of London Hocks, subsequently Clerk of Courts, Cambell Towal, Tasmania, aged ÖÜ .«cars, (Home papers ple.ise iopj.)

YELVERTON.-On the 18th November, at her re-

sidence, (Ucnlioii, Mar«, beloved wife of the late Thomas Yelverton, agi' II) j calf. II.LI'.

IN MEMORIAM. On Active Service

BLOOMFIELD.-A tribute of sincerest friendship

to the memory of my dear friend, the late Pri- vate Murray C. Bloomfield, who died on Novem-   ber 20, from wounds received on or about Novem-  

ber 3, 1916.

A true pal, a good sport always.

-(Inserted by his sincere friend, Irene C. Tas-  



On Active Service  

BLOOMFIELD. - In loving memory of Pte. C.

Murray Bloomfield, 6th Battalion, who died of   wounds, St. John's Hospital, Etaples, France, on 20th November, 1916, loved brother of the late Sgt. Walter J. Bloomfield (killed in action at Romani on 9th August, 1916). (Inserted by his loving parents, sisters, and brothers, 186 Bellair street, Kensington.)

HARDING.-In loving memory of Frederick Stan-

ley, signaller, 22nd Battery, who died of wounds at Flers, France, November 19, 1916, younger son of F. M. and B. C. Harding, and brother of Marcus (late 24th Battery), of Hawthorn, and Linacre road, Hampton, aged 20 years. (Gallipoli, Egypt, Somme, Pozieres.)

LEMON.-In fondest memory of Pvte. Roy Lemon,

of Wedderburn, died of enteric fever at Lemnos Island, November, 1915.    

An Australian soldier's noble end.

-(Inserted bv Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence, Ruby, and Susie, Gardenvale.)

MISSEN.-In loving memory of Private O. R.

Missen. 21st Battalion, A.I.F., who died in hos- pital, England, on November 20, 1916, of wounds received at Pozieres, France, dearly beloved eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Missen, Flowerfield, Beeac, and loved brother of Florrie, Chess, Rene, Stan, Ida, Milton, and Addie.

Our Anzac hero.

Some time, some day, our eyes shall see The face we hold in memory dear;

When Christ shall link the broken chain Still closer when we meet again.

ROBINSON.-In loving memory of my dear

brother, Private Alick (Mac) Robinson, died of wounds received in action in France, November 20, 1916.

In a hero's grave he is lying,

Somewhere in France he fell,

Little we thought when we parted

It would be our last farewell.

-(Inserted by his loving brother Ted, on active service abroad.)

ANTHONY.-In sail but loving memory of our de-

voted ratha, nobert Mercer Anthony, died No- vember 20, Wiri, at "Como," New street, Brigh-

ton Beach,

Peace, perfect peace.

BENNETT.-In sad and loving memory of my dear

husband nnd our dear father, Thomas Frederick, «vho passed away at Auburn, November 20, 1010.

Sadly miffed.

-(Inserted by hi» loving wife and family.)

BENNETT.-An nficcrionnlo trlbnte In memory of

the noble life of Tlios. F. Bennett, died Novcm lier 20, 1010, Auburn, Victoria,

lie Fhall cull upon Mc, and I «iii answer him;

1 «III he v.(th him In trouble, I will deliver bim. -(Inserted by Sapper R, Collier Vincent, on ncti«e Fcrvlce abroad.)

GREW.-In fond and loving remembrance of our

darling mother, «ho pas»ed uwav on Hie 20th Nm-omucr, 1SII1: also in fond and loving memory of our darling father and brothers.

MATTHIAS.-In loving memory of my dear v«ife,

Nell, «vho departed this, life nt Auckland, New Zealand, November 20, 1010. (Inserted by her loving husband, George 3fatthias, Melbourne.)

THOMAS.-In fond and loving memory of our dar-

ling daughter and sister, Ada, who «vas so sud- denly called Into the higher life on the 20ih November, 10U, oged 28 years.

Still sadly missed.

Star oi our home, thy radiance ever beams.  

Through all our thoughts und in our nightly

di earn0.

Around our hearts and in thy cherished place

Memory still brings lo us youd dear, sweet face. A short life, well lived, made beautiful by kindly


-Inserted bv her sorrowing mother, brother, nnd sMcr, Willie and Edith, 502 High street, Pres- ton.)


CAMERON. - Mrs. CAMERON and Son desire

to THANK their many kind friends for their «lslt£, letters, and card» received during their sail bei eav cuient in .the loss of their dear son and brother. Jack Cameron, -who died of wounds on October 13th. .'IO Derluim street, Port Melbourne^ HART. - Mr. H. HART and Family and Sister,

Mrs. E. Armstrong, desire to THANK their many friends for Ihcir kind expression oi sjnl palhy, letters, cards, floral tributes, telegrams, Ac., received in their sad bereavement In the death of my dear ««¡fe and mother. Will all kimi Mends please accept this intimation of their stn cero gratitude., li Penman street. Brunswick. - MR. J. BLACK amf Family desire ii sincerely

THANK their many kind Iriends for expressions or simpatliv, visits, letters, cards, and telegrams recel« ed during their recent M*l bereavement, especially tlinnking Dr. Maxwell and Matron Cadle, 'We lind It impossible to personally thank all, and icquest that all Iriends and relatives «vill accent this intimation of their sincere gratitude. Station street, Frankston.


ALLEN. - The friends of Ihe late Mrs. MARY

ANN ALLEN are informed her remains will be interred In the Melbourne General Cemetery.

The funeral will leave her residence, Central   road. Blackburn, THIS MORNING (Tuesday, 20th November), at 11 o'clock am, arriving at cemetery gates at half-past 12 o'clock.  

A. W. PADBURY, Undertaker,

ANDERSON.-I.O.R., Star or Kew Tent, No.

200.-Tlie members of the aboie tent and ol the order lu general ure requested lo follow the remains of our brother, Tjcslic. C. Anderson, to his last rest lug-place, the Boroondara. Cemetery,


The funeral will leave his falher*s residence, 111 Eglington street, Kow, THIS DAY (Tuesday), at


_ F. C. W. HUHRKLL, Secty.

CASSIDY. - The Friends of the late Mr. JAMES

CASSIDY (ex-sergeant of police) are respect- fully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, in the Melbourne General Cemetery.

The funeral is appointed to move from his late residence, "Killarney," Garton street, Princes Hill,   THIS DAY (Tuesday, 20th inst.), at 3 o'clock.

ALFRED ALLISON (estab. 1854), Funeral Direc- tor. Head office, 221 Victoria street, West Mel bourne (near William street). 'Phone Central 980'. CHAMPION. - The Friends of Mr. ISAAC P.

CHAMPION (Geelong) are respectfully in-   formell that the remains or his dearly loved «vile, Mary June, «ill be interred in the Geelong Eastern Cometer}.

'Hie Funeral will leave her late residence. l8 Kil- gour street, South Geelong, THIS DAY (Tuesday, the 20th Nov., 1917), at 3 p.m. ,

ALEX. MONRO, Undertaker, 21 Hy ric street. Geelong. 'Phone 1380.

HARWOOD.-The Friends of the late Mr. WIL-

LIAM HARWOOD are invited to milo» his remains to the place of Interment, the Coburg Cemtery.

Tlie funeral is appointed to move from his resi- dence, 170 Nicholson street. Fitrroy, THIS DAY (Tuesday, 20th), at 3 o'clock punctually.

W. G. APPS and Sons, Funeral Directors.

NYE.-The Friends of the late Mr. WILLIAM NYE are respectfully informell that lila rc   ntaliu «ill he interred in the Oakkigh Cemeteiy.

The funeral will leave lils residence, ö Chandler's road, Malvern, THIS DAY (Tuesday, 20tli insl.), at 2 o'clock. ' >

RAYBOU1.D, Undertaker, Malvern and Prahran. Tels.; Windsor 17, Malvern H27.

PACE. - The Friends of Mr. HENRY PACE are

respectfully invited to follow the remains of his late beloved wife to tile place oi inlcrmcnt, the Brighton Cemetery.

'Hie funeral is appointed to move from his resi- dence, B2 Blessington street, St. .Kilda, Tins DAY (Tuesday, Nov. 20), at 1 o'clock.

TAGeLL.-The Friends of the late GEORGE

THOMAS TAGELL are rapcctfiitly informell that his remains «¡11 he interred lu the Necropolis, Spring« nie.

The funeral will leave his father's residence, "Ljltletou," Mlnum roid, Carnegie, THIS DAY (Tuesday, 20lh hist.), at 1 p.m.

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