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Swept Up by Trawler in

65 Fathoms.


A German mine, apparently one of those laid in the track of shipping off Gabo Island by the raider Wolf in 1917, was recovered by the Camm trawler Koraaga 14 miles east by south from Cape Everard on Thursday morn-


After the trawl had been dragging for some time on the ocean bottom in 65 fathoms, it was raised and the crew stood by to receive the catch. Those with experience of mine sweeping during the war were startled when the mine tumbled out on deck. It stood about four feet high with a diameter of two feet and weighed about five cwt.

Long immersion and rolling about on the ocean floor had made the mine harmless. The cap and firing mechanism were gone, and there was no cable. A quantity of explosive still remained. This was taken out and the mine brought back to Sydney where the trawler berthed yesterday morning. Any marks of identification are hidden by a heavy marine growth.

Captain J. Farquhar, master of the Koraaga, who gained a knowledge of mines while fish- ing in the North Sea, said last night that he believed the mine had been cut adrift from a minefield during sweeping, and after going to the bottom was carried south by the cur- rent. It was possible, he said, that the Koraaga was responsible for rendering the mine harmless, since she swept the Gabo field with the Brolga and Gunundaal.

The view was taken by Mr. D. G. Stead that the mine broke away from its moorings, as the result of the cable wearing out. If the mine had been encountered by a trawler, he contended, it would have exploded. He re- called that the Gabo minefield was first dis- covered by one of the State trawlers, and that before the danger area was properly swept the Cumberland was blown up.

"The laying of the mines by the Wolf was very cleverly done," he said. "They were put down at night in an area that was in full view of the Gabo lighthouse during day-


The mine will be retained by Mr. Camm  

among the many curiosities that have been brought back to Sydney by his trawlers.

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