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A deputation of members of the eveu i t of the Gn/lers issocia ion waited on t

Acting Premici (Mr Bittcisbn) ves t"i to esk the Govejnment to plve elect lo r c lui ions pn« ed at their recent annunl or

fen nee

Sir Norman Kater urred that conti o oí travelling stool louies hould be truileia from the Minister for Lands to the Alii i for Agilculture where more symp? 1 ct

treatment could be expected Under pit cn conditions stock loutes and ícsprves y ere 1) iri filched for settlement puiposc»

Mr Bttttcnshnvv said the Government -.» endcavouiing to allocate to each dppirtmei» the work ilphtly belongil to U 'Hieir pi posai was rensonaUe and he saw no ie son whv the c1 enge should not be m ide

In response to Colonel r E Martin I' said that the Government VMS seriously ton sideling the advisabil ty of constiucting ( a' roads ins'end of short railway -=pur lines

To a request that the Taemas bridge w stroyed by the Munumbld¡ee Hood shot Id J rebuilt he informed the deputation "hat th contiaet for the job had been given to th State Monier Pipe Woiks on June 24 and *

to be completed within 70 weeks from thai


He agreed that It was anomalous that n otu lorries em_loyed on a gracier ov n proierl

should not be granted the .nine rtgistntloi concessions made to fanners He also pi o niised to con ¡der proposals for more car i

gundlng firunst fires caused by sparks nom

railway trnlns .

The Railway Commi'-sioners had mfoimeo him that steps were beinf tal cn to stamp out rabbits on railv ay pi op« ty He told the o

putUion this in icply to a request that tw C"mmis<-ioncrs should be forced to deal y m

the matter

It was urged that moro «.tilngcnt metnofl should be used lo conti ol the u e of ryuioî poisoning of orossims thioueh which v lu able stock was killed Mr Burtenshaw J th"s would require an amendment of ino Poisons Act He would icier the matt« w the Ministei concerned ..

The control of bu h fires would be d nu with in a bill which the Go ciiun"nt hoped o introduec he said Other matters roi tit '« taxntlon which weic submitted he promi-eu

to refer to the Treasurer

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