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Family Notices

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[In order to guard against imposition, notice of        

Births, Marriages, and Deaths must be authenti-  

cated by some respectable person to ensure their insertion.] BIRTHS.

APPERLY.—On the 15th September, at 14 Con-   naught Mansions, Battersea Park, Prince of Wales road, S.W., London, the wife of Captain     Frank L. Apperly, R.A.M.C., of Queen Alex-           andra's Military Hospital, London - a daughter. (By cable.) Sydney papers please copy.

BARBER.—On the 3rd September, at "Quisisana"    

private hospital, Windsor, to Dr. and Mrs.

Norman Barber - twin daughters.

BARKER. (nee Ada Edmunds).—On the 28th[?]  

August, at Nurse Stevenson's private hospital, Williamstown, the wife of E. W Barker, A.I.F. (abroad) —a daughter (Ada Cavell).

BELL.—On the 30th August, at "Pine Grove,"  

Kongwak, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bell —a son.

BONWICK (nee Jessie Morrison).—On September  

17, at Waverley, Turnbull Street, Bairnsdale, to Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bonwick - a daughter.

BOWES (nee Gladys Rohlk).—On the 16th Sep-      

tember, at Nurse Clark's private hospital, North   Carlton, the wife of Mr. W. Bowes, of Cohuna street, West Brunswick—a son (Glenn William).

BURNS.—On the 4th September, at Sister An-

near's private hospital, Sutherland road, Arma-   dale, to Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Burns - a daughter. BURRAGE.—On the 13th September, at 16 Cam-  

bridge street, Auburn, to Mr. and Mrs. J. C.  

Burrage —a son.

CHURCH.—On the 18th September, at "Koo-

meela," Canterbury road, Surrey Hills, to Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Church - a son.

COLCHIN (nee Rose Pensom).—On the 29th  

August, the wife of Fred H. Colchin - a son.

(Both well.)  

COLLIE.-On the 25th August, at St Margaret's      

private hospital, Sandringham, to Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Collie, "Canowindra," Deakin street,   Hampton —a daughter (Claire Isabel).

CRENNAN.—On the 14th September, at her  

mother's residence, Lennox street, Richmond,       Maud, the wife of E. T. Crennan, Victorian Rail- ways, Woodend —a daughter.  

CROSBIE.—On the 19th September, at Sisters

Crisp and Dobson's hospital, Hawthorn, the wife     of Bernard M. Crosbie, Glen Loemar, Bulla -

a daughter.

DEL-SARTE. —On the 12th September, at St.

Helen's private hospital, the Avenue, Windsor,   the wife of Leo Del-Sarte, of "Durham," Wil-     liams road, Prahran East —a daughter.  

DENT (nee Rita Harrigan). —On the 1st Septem-

ber, at Dalkeith private hospital, Albert Park, the wife of Arthur Dent, of East Malvern - a son (Arthur Leo)/

DICKIE.-On the 5th September, at Nurse Wig-

ley's private hospital, 72 Footscray road, Ken-   sington, the wife of Robert Dickie, late of Dunkeld, Vic. - a son (Robert John).

FERGUSON (nee Dorothy Lilley).-On the 18th    

September, at St Andrew's private hospital,   Middle Brighton, the wife of N. G. Ferguson - a daughter (Elaine Norma).

FOSTER. -On the 23rd August, at Quisisana Hospi-

tal, to Dr. and Mrs. Bryan Foster - a son.

FRANKENBERG.-On the 20th August, at "Too-

langi," Kingston street, East Malvern, the wife   of F. E. Frankenberg - a daughter.

GANNON.-On the 17th September, at 134 Cobden    

street, South Melbourne, to Mr. and Mrs. T. A.  

Gannon - a son.

GILSENAN. -On the 5th September, at North Fitz-

roy Fire Station, to Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Gilsenan - a daughter (Jessie Isabella Amy).

GOLDING. -On the 10th September, 1917, at "New  

ington," Canterbury road, Canterbury, to Mr. and   Mrs. W. Golding - a daughter (Sheila Florence).

HADDOW. -On the 20th September, at McPherson

avenue, East Caulfield, Mr. and Mrs. A. W.     Haddow of a son (stillborn). London and Glas- gow papers please copy.

HEILY.—On the 26th August, at "Lisadurne,"    

Rushworth, the wife of W. Bruce Heily—a daughter.

HEYMANSON. - On the 5th September, at "Te

Hongi," Chrystobel crescent, Hawthorn, the wife of Ernest L. Heymanson - a son.

HUGHES. - On the 2nd September, at "Coonora,"

St. Kilda road, the wife of Dr. Albert H. Hughes -

a son.

HUTCHINS. - On the 15th September, at Mount Wise private hospital, Mercer road, Malvern, to Sergt. (R.A.E.) and Mrs. H. S. Hutchins - a   daughter (Marjorie).

HOPKINS (nee Edyth Hanlon). - On the 11th Sep-  

tember, at Nurse Rankin's private hospital, Koo-   yong road, Armadale, to Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hopkins - a daughter (Sheila Doveton).

KERR.-On the 4th September, at Londa Private

Hospital, Elsternwick, to Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Kerr, Wandai, Downshire road, Elsternwick - a


LOHSE. - On the 9th September, at Nurse Haw-

kins private hospital, Burnley, to Mr. and Mrs.     W. H. Lohse, of Laverton - a son (Ronald


MACDONALD.-On the 11th September, at Lance-    

wood, Kew, the wife of Donald Macdonald, of  

Walpole street, of a son.

MEIER. -On the 11th September, 1917, at Nurse

Wain's, "Fernleigh," Clarence street, Elstern-   wick, to Mr. and Mrs. E. Franz Meier, "Aargan,"   Newry street, Windsor - a daughter. Both well.

MILLIE. -On the 11th September, at the Bank of

Australasia, Korongvale, the wife of David A.

Millie - a son.

MUIR (nee May B. Roberts). -On the 15th Septem-  

ber, at "Holmden," Wordsworth street, Moonee   Ponds, to Mr. and Mrs. George T. Muir - a

daughter (stillborn).      

NELSON. - On the 11th September, at 638 Malvern

road, Armadale, to the wife of A. Stuart Nelson - a son.

ODGERS (nee Vera Peachey).-On the 15th Sep-

tember, at their residence, Kooyong road, Caul-  

field, to Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Odgers - a daughter (Phyllis Theresta). Both well.    

OSBORNE (Gladys Waight).-On the 13th August,  

at Nurse Stevenson's private hospital, North Wil-      

liamstown, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred. W. Osborne, R.A.N., of 67 Hanmer street, Williamstown - a son (Horace Ernest Robert).  

PATON. -On the 10th September, at Wanganui,  

Beaver street, East Malvern, to Mr. and Mrs. Bruce T. Patoon - a daughter.

PAULL. - On the 11th September, at Wycheproof,

the wife of Reginald Paull - a son.

REID.-On the 3rd September, 1917, at Mount

Wise Private Hospital, Mercer road, Malvern, to Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Reid, Kergunyah, Wood- mason street, Malvern - a son (Hugh Ronald).

SMITH. - On the 13th September, 1917, at

"L'Allegro," Rathdowne street, North Carlton, to       Eveleen, wife of Thos. W. Smlth - a daughter

(Cora May).  

SPRY. -On the 8th September, at Mount Home,

Cross street, Canterbury, the wife of F. W. Spry

- a son.    

STEVENS (nee Eva Sturzaker).-On the 7th Sep-

tember, at Nurse Bredin's private hospital, to     Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Stevens - a daughter (Valda Mary).

TAYLOR.-On the 13th September, 1917, at

"Bower Bank" Maternity Home, to Mr. and Mrs. D. Taylor, 35 Mason street, Hawthorn - a daughter. THOMPSON.-On the 4th September, at "Meramie"  

private hospital, Albury, N.S.W., the wife of

Douglas A. Thompson - a son.

THOMSON, -On the 6th September, at Berringa,

the wife of R. K. Thomson - a son (Rupert George). VEITCH.-On the 12th September, at "Bancroft,"  

Willsmere road, Kew, to Mr. and Mrs. Gerard

Veitch - a daughter.

WELLSTEAD.-On the 14th September, at "Holms-   wood," Nurse Fitzgerald's private hospital,

Brighton, to Mr. and Mrs. F. Wellstead, Magnolia

road, Gardenvale - a son.

WINNETT (nee Mary Gordes).-On the 3rd Septem-  

ber, at "Gilburn" Private hospital, Euroa, to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Winnett - a son.


ASTON-FRIEND.-On the 25th of August, at St.

Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne, by the Rev. Richard Sherwood, Charles Aston, Landsborough, to       Warne J. Friend, daughter of Ingram Friend, Landsborough.

BAGLEY-POTTER.-On the 20th September,  

1917 at the Church of England, Cowes, Phillip   Island by the Rev. R. F. Tacon, Leonard Theo- dore (returned from active service) eldest son   of the late James Latrobe Bagley, of St. Kilda, to Mary Anderson, only daughter of Mrs. and the late Rev. H. E. Potter, of San Remo.  

BRADSTREET—McGRATH.—On the 8th September,        

at St. Mary's Cathedral Sydney, by the Rev.   Father O'Dea, Sergt. E. J. Bradstreet, A.I.F.,       second son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bradstreet, of   Dural, N.S.W., to Kathleen, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. F. McGrath, "Loughemore", Middle Park, Melbourne.  

BURT—FRENCH.—On the 18th August, 1917, at  

the Presbyterian Church, Koroit, by the Rev.

Robert Nairn, M. A., Walter Oswald, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Burt, of Lava street,   Warrnambool, to Esther (Essie), eldest daughter of Mr. W. N. and the late Mrs. French, of Hawkes dale. Present address, "Obligado," Koroit street Warrnambool.  

CLAY—GATHERCOLE.—On the 12th July, 1917,  

at Christ Church, Mayborough, by the Rev. C. J. T. Martin, William Henry, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Clay, Dunolly, to Helena,

only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Gathercole, Mildura.

FINGER—FANKHAUSER.—[Silver Wedding.]-On        

the 21st September, 1892, at the Lutheran Church,   Doncaster, by the late Rev. Max von Schramm,       Ernst Ferdinand, youngest son of the late Henry   and Mrs. Caroline Finger, Doncaster, to Luise Auguste, second daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. G. Fankhauser, of Belmore road, Balwyn.   Present address, Doncaster road, Balwyn.  

GALBRAITH—CROTHERS.—On the 22nd August,

at St. Mark's Church of England, Sunshine by   the Rev. J. P. Baglin, Harold Galbraith, Tat- yoon, youngest son of the late Peter Galbraith, Stawell, to Olive Marjorie, third daughter of the   late William Crothers, Stawell.

GAY—THAKE.—On the 25th August at West     Hawthorn Presbyterian Church, by the Rev.    

W. H. Cooper, M.A., B.D.,Ernest James, eldest  

son of the late C. J. Gay and Mrs. Gay, of    

"Dunbar", Power street, Hawthorn, to Dagmar,   only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Thake, of     "Cragie Lee", Lorne street, Auburn. Present

address, "Lyntors", Tranmere avenue, Murrumbeena.

GRAHAM—DALY.—On the 10th August, at Christ  

Church, St. Kilda, Arthur Kennedy, eldest son of    

A. V. Graham, Esq., Brighton Beach, to Ismy

Lews Theresa, only daughter of Dr. U. A. Daly,

HARTLEY—PILLING.—[Silver Wedding.]—On the                  

22nd September 1893, at Rossendale, near Man-    

chester, England, George William, eldest son of the late W. Hartley, Manchester, to Mary Elizabeth, fourth daughter of the late Ashworth Pilling, Manchester. (Present address, "Romen-         dale", 117 Park st. St. Kilda.

HARTUP—ABERDEEN.—On the 18th August, 1917,   at the Nicholson street Presbyterian Church, North Carlton, by the Rev. J. L. Cope, Stephen, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Hartup, of Inver-

leigh, to Trix Dorothea, daughter of Mr. and   Mrs. B.C. Aberdeen, Glenalvie, South Gipps-   land (late 356 Station-street, North Carlton).

HEMSWORTH—ENGLAND.—On the 14th July, at the residence of the bridegroom's parents, by the           Rev. Francis Mason, Thomas Luford, only son    

of Mr. and Mrs. T. Hemsworth, "Radaile," Scott street, Essendon, to Daisy, youngest daughter of   Mr. and Mrs. G. England, of Silvan.

HOSKING—ANDREW.—On the 11th August, at Ormond Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Hugh,   James Turner, the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. B. Hosking, of Wright street, Middle Park, to Alice

Annette Andreww, daughter of Mr. and      

Mrs. G. E. Andrew, "Clonmore", Ormond.

LOVE—KERRIGAN.—On the 31st July, at South     St. Kilda Congregational Church, by the Rev. W. T. Hughes Jones, Ernest Fergus, eldest son        

of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Love, of 88 Ble-Jnl,tol,

street, St. Kilda, to Amelia, third daughter of SiSuml ir''" of '""?'tl'i t-t Sti__i¿_lie,


MARTIN—HUTCHISON. — On the 11th August,  

1917, at the Brougham street Methodist Church,   North Melbourne, by the Rev. James Smith, James Edward Martin, the only surviving son     of Mr. and Mrs. James Martin, of Hotham Hill,        

to Edith Barham Hutchison, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hutchison of Hotham


MAYSTON—LYON.—On the 22nd August, at the    

Grandview Grove Methodist Church, by the Rev.         P. R. Mallalieu, Henry Leslie, second son of Mr.   and Mrs. H. Mayston, of Malvern, to Lillian May,   youngest daughter of Mrs. Lyon and late Edwin      

Lyon of East Prahran.      

McNAUGHTON—WISE.—On the 21st August, at    

St. Paul's Cathedral, by the Rev. Sherwood, Angus       McNaughton, son of John and late Jeanette McNaughton, Nowie, to Ada L. Wise, daughter late James and Mahala Wise, Avoca.    

NICHOLSON-COPP.-On the 1st September, at  

the Presbyterian Church, Oakleigh, by the Rev.   R. H. Chapple, Leslie, eldest son of Mrs. Nichol-       son and the late E. E. Nicholson, Caulfield, (for-       merly Murrummbeena), to Beatrice Mary, twin     daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Copp, "Devon   Park," Oakleigh.

POLLARD-DOUGLAS.-On the 25th June, at the    

residence of the bride 's sister, "Wilbury," Birre-     gurra (special license), by Rev. J. J. McCall, Marion Isabel, daughter of the late John and Isabella Douglas, to Thomas Charles, son of the   late Edward Pollard and Mrs. C. Bartlett, Pascoe-  


POTTER-BENNET.-On the 20th September at

the Church of England, Cowes, Phillip Island, by the Rev R. F. Tacon, Atric Hugh, second son of Mary and the late Rev. H. H. Potter, to Lillie Atkinson, second daughter of J. Bennett and late Mrs. Bennett, Hick street, Bendigo, late

of Tandara.

PYLURNE - MITCHELL.-On the 1st September,  

1917, at the Baptist Church, Fairfield, by the   Rev. J. Newnham, William Warwick (Warwick), the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Pylurne, of "Beamish," Gillies street, Fairfield, to Ethel May,     joungest daughter of Mrs. Mitchell, of Station street Fairfield. Present address, "Somerset,"   Holroyd street, Hampton.

SCOBIE-SMITH. -On the 21st August, at Presby-

terian Church, Toorak, by the Rev. J. Mackenzie,

Austin James, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. James Scobie, Pytchley Lodge, Flemigton, to Beryl McClay, third daughter of late William Smith, of "Hamilton," Ballarat, and Mrs. Smith   of "Pengana," Park street, South Yarra, and   niece of late Mr. T. Bear and Mrs. Bear, of "Maidstone," Grant street, Ballarat.  

SIMONS-KEEBLE. -On the 15th August, at Bruns-  

wick, by the Rev. B. Sharp, Alfred Leslie, only son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Simons, of Brunswick, to Elizabeth (Lily), second daughter of Mr. and       Mrs. A. Keeble, of Moreland.

STANFORD-BULLEN. -On the 19th September,    

1867, at Melbourne, John Charles Stanford to Laura Ada Bullen, both of Richmond.

STOCK-McLELLAN. -On the 22nd August, at the

Manse, East Kew, by the Rev. J. R. Anderson, James Stock, of Cammais, Sandford, to Con- stance Ruth, fourth daughter of the late James and C. I. McLellan, of Drouin.

SWAN-GLANVILLE. -On the 26th July, at Christ      

Church of England, Kilmore, by the Rev. J. A. Peck, Herbert Edward, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Swan, of Picnic Point, Bairnsdale, to Emily Wilson, only surviving daughter of the late R. J. and Mrs. E., Glanville, Kilmore.

WALSH-HOGAN. -On the 21st July, 1917, at St.

Brendan's R.C. Church, Ganmain, NSW, by   the Rev. Father Clarke, William James, second eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Walsh, of "Kil-  

larney,"" Matong, NSW, to Annie, second   youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Hogan, of Eganstown, Daylesford. (Daylesford papers please copy.)  

WILSON-ELFORD. -On the 11th August, at the

Presbyterian Manse, Barklay street, St. Kilda, by the Rev. David Ross, M.A., William J., only   son of Mr. and Mrs. James Wilson, of Market street, St. Kilda, to Julia, eldest daughter of the late J. R. and Mrs. Elford, of "Wattle Hill,"     Magpie. (Présent address: "Elfordton," Kean street, Caulfield )


AITKEN. - Officially reported killed in action on

19th July, 1916 (previously reported missing), No. 3003, B, Private Thomas Aitken, 59th Bat- talion, dearly beloved youngest son of Euphemia   Aitken and the late John Aitken of Moondarra; brother of William (A.I.F.), John, Alison, Alick,       James, Euphemia, Kenneth, and Mary, aged 34


A loving son and brother, sadly missed. -(Inserted by his sorrowing mother.)  

ALLEN. - Officially reported that Private Ralph

Sinclair Allen, 58 Batt., 15th Inf. Brigade, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Allen, of "Stanmore," Portarlington, was killed in action in France on July 19, 1916. Previously reported


AMBLER. -A tribute to the memory of our late  

fellow employee, Gunner Jamess Wawn Ambler, who was recently killed in action, somewhere in France.

A pal so true we'll ne'er forget,    

For men like him are seldom met;  

True to his country he stood the test,  

And now he's taking a hero's rest.  

-(Inserted by his sorrowing pals, H.S.J., W.S.,         E.D., H.R.H., J. S., P.E.S., F.J.L., H.P.W.,       S.P., W.R., J.A.L., R.J.G., C.T., head office                   staff, Met. Gas Co., Melbourne.)  

ASPINALL.-Killed in action at Fleurbaix, in    

France, on 19th July, 1916 (previously reported missing), Private W. H. (Harold), the dearly loved second son of M. E. Aspinall and the late W. Aspinall, of 87 Francis street, Ascotvale (late of Flemington), aged 26 years 11 months.  

Killed in action says the cable,

That is all they had to tell

Of that young life, so nobly ended,  

Of the son I loved so well.

For King and country.

ASPINALL. -Killed in action, 19th July, 1916 (pre-  

viously reported missing), Harold, the dearly     loved nephew of Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Hunter, and loving cousin of Emily, Essie, Bertha, and the late L.-Cpl. W. J. Hunter.  

Duty nobly done.

ASPINALL. -Killed in action at Fleurbaix, in

France, on 19th July, 1916 (previously reported     missing), Private W. H. (Harold), the dearly loved brother of Mrs. H. T. Langford (Annie), Mrs. J. Hancock (Amanda), Mrs. F. Hancock (May), Herbert, Mrs T. Stewart (Grace), Sgt. Fred (Egypt), Sgt. Norman (France).  

His memory lives, and is enshrined in the hearts

of those who loved him.

BARNES.-Killed in action, somewhere in France,

on the 14th August, 1916, Corporal Henry Barnes; also, on the 27th August, George, the dearly loved sons of the late Anthony and Annie Barnes, of Maylands, Perth, late of Percydale

and Glenferrie.

BATEY.- To the proud memory of our beloved

hero, Pte. Lemuel R. V. F. Batey, 29th Batt., who fell on the field of honour at Armentieres, France, on July 20, 1916 (previously reported missing).

In peace a friend,   In war a patriot;

At all times a man.

The day breaks and the shadows flee away.   -(Inserted by his mother, brothers, and sisters.) BEARUP. -Killed in action in France on Septem-    

ber 14, Harry Bearup, lieut., 1st Pioneer Bat- talion, beloved youngest son of William and Amy Bearup, Trevallyn, Launceston, aged 24.

So dearly loved, so deeply mourned.  

An Anzac.

BEATER.-Killed in action in France on 12th Sep-    

tember, Gunner William A., beloved eldest son   of W. H. and M. Beater, "Revere," Auburn  

road, Auburn.  

BEATTIE. -Killed in action on the 13th July,  

1917, Private J. C. Beattie (Jack), dearly loved nephew of Geo. and Emily Bourchier, loved cousin of Percy and Vera, Mr. and Mrs. J.     lbbs, of Camperdown. Our darling boy.

[Geo. Westley B., Emily B. (Hoskin); Percy Charles B., Vera Bessie B. (Shugg)]

So dearly loved, so deeply mourned.

His duty nobly done.

BLAKE. -Killed in action in France, 19th July,

1916 (previously reported missing), George Francis, second son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Blake,       late Central avenue, Footscray, loving brother of   Charles, Mrs. Dempster (Sydney), Harry. (In- serted by his loving mother. )  

BLEE. -In loving memory of our dear son, Private

G. G. Blee, killed in action while serving with A.I.F. in France on July 19, 1916.

A gallant hero, true and brave,

Peacefully sleeps in an honoured grave;  

Great is our sorrow, but God knew best

When he look our loved one home to rest.

-(Inserted by his loving mother and father,   sister, and brothers, Cowwarr.)  

BLEE. -Killed in action in France, July 19,    

1916 (previously reported missing), Pte. George Blee, dearly loved eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Blee, Cowwarr.

We pictured his safe returning,

And longed to clasp his hand,

But death has postponed our meeting,

'Twill be in a better land.

One of the bravest and best.  

-(Inserted by his sorrowing friends, N. and L.   Hill, Glengarry. )

CAMPBELL.-In action August 16, Hylton, dearly  

loved nephew of Francis and Jessie Campbell,   cousin of Alice, Fred, Jessie, and Ivy.

We pictured you returning, Hylt,

With a bright and cheerful face;

But death has postponed that meeting,

'Twill be in a better place.

-(J. R. Campbell, Burke road, Camberwell.)

CANT. -Killed in action at Fleurbaix, 19th July,    

1916 (previously reported missing), Lance-Cor-     poral C. R. Cant (Charlie), B Company, 59th  

Battalion, dearly loved eldest son of Charles and Jessie Cant, and loving brother of Elsie, Alex, David, Jack, Aggie, Fred (deceased), Jessie, and Marjory, of Pretoria street, Deepdene (late of Toorak), aged 23 years.    

Gone is the face we loved so dear,   Silent the voice we long to hear   A painful shock, a blow severe,

To part with one we loved so dear.

No one knows how much we miss him,

Friendss may think the wound is healed,     But they little know the sorrow    

Deep within our hearts concealed.

A better son and brother never lived.    

-(Inserted by his loving father, mother, sisters, and brothers. )

CAREY. -On the 14th September, 1917, at 12th

Slationary Hospital, France, John William Carey (Regimental No. 1803, 14th Battalion), the youngest son of Jeremiah William and the late Sarah Carey, of Dover Hotel, Lygon     street, Carlton, dearly beloved brother   of James Michael Carey, 426 Riversdale road,   Upper Hawthorn, and loving brother-in-law of Sarah Cecilia Carey, and loving uncle of Thomas Boyle and Moira Boyle Carey, also loved

nephew of Edmund Driscoll, Dover Hotel, Lygon     street, Carlton, and loving nephew of Mr. and   Mrs. T. W. O'Keeffe, Racecourse road, Newmar- ket, aged 24 years 4 months. R.I.P.

CAREY.-On the 14th September, 1917, at 12th  

Stationary Hospital, France, Private John Wil-       liam Carey (Regimental No. 1803, 14th Bat- talion), youngest son of Jeremiah William Carey   and the late Sarah Carey, Dover Hotel, Lygon   street, Carlton, aged 24 years 4 months. R.I.P.    

CAREY. -On the 14th September, 1917, at 12th

Stationary Hospital, France, Private John Wil-  

liam Carey, the dearly beloved brother of James     Michael Carey, 426 Riversdale road, Upper Haw-   thorn, and loving brother-inlaw of Sarah Ce-            

cilia Carey, and loving uncle of Thomas Boyle and Moira Boyle Carey, aged 24 years 4 months.

R. I. P.

CARY.-On the 4th September, at 3rd Canadian  

Clearing Hospital, France, Gunner Ray Cary,             second dearly loved son of Mr. William and Mrs.     Sara cary, of 8 Sheffield street, Coburg, much   loved brother of George, May (Mrs. Wells), Vio-   let, Claude (returned Anzac), Hilda, Corrie,     Jean, and Willie, loved grandson of Mrs. A.

McNeil (Koroit), aged 19 years 7 months, after two years' service.  

He sleeps not in his native land,      

But under foreign skies;

Far, far from those who loved him,  

In a hero's grave he lies.    

Our hero boy.    


CAREY. -On the 14th September, 1917, at 12th

Stationary Hospital, France , Private John Wil-     liam Carey, beloved nephew of Edmund Driscoll,     Dover Hotel, Lygon street, Carlton, and Mr.       and Mrs. T. W. O'Keeffe, Racecourse road, New-       market, aged 24 years 4 months. R. I. P.

CLARK.--Killed in action at Fleurbaix, July 19,  

1916 (previously reported missing), Private Stan-   ley T. C. Clark, D Company, 59th Battalion, loved grandson of Mrs. A. Cook, and loved     nephew of W. F. and E. Hall, "Glen Alvie,"

Dixon's Creek.    

Only a lad, but a hero.  

CLEMENTS.- Killed in action at Fleurbaix, on 19th        

July, 1916 (previously reported missing), Cor-     poral Harold and Lance-Corporal Jack Clements,       the loved friends of Mrs. Pollard and family,

Albert Park.

Two of Australia's noblest and best.  

COOK. -Killed in action somewhere in France on

23rd August, 1917, Charles William, the loving nephew of Mrs. Chris. Tombolt, and loving cousin   of Raymond, Edith, and Irene, aged 26 years. Somewhere in France there's a sacred spot,

'Tis a grave just newly made,

And it's sheltering our dear one from perils and


With which life's battle is played.

He has borne his cross, he has gained his crown,

Though he sleeps in a far-off grave,   And we think of his life as duty done,

Manly, unselfish, and brave.

Our hero sadly missed.  

-(Inserted by his aunt and cousins.)

DEAKIN.- On the 19th July, 1916, previously re-

ported missing, now officially reported killed in action, George R. Deakin, aged 30 years.

A gallant hero, true and brave,

Peacefully sleeps in an honoured grave;

Great is our sorrow, but God knows best, When He took our loved one home to rest.  

-(Inserted by loving sister and brother-in-law,     Bessie, Harry Mansfield, on active service, 145 Blythe street, Brunswick. )  

DEWSNAP.-Killed in action at Fleurbaix, 19th    

July, 1916 (previously reported missing), Pri-

vate J. W. Dewsnap, (our Jack), beloved eldest son of the late J. J. Dewsnap and Mary, 19 Porter street, Prahran, loved brother of Rose, Agnes (Mrs. Bennett, Harrietville), George (on active service), Frances, Bert (Sydney), Joseph, (Sale, enlisted), Walter (Carnegie), Claude (on active service), aged 39 years.

Time may heal the broken hearted,  

Time may make the wound less sore, But time can never stop the longing

For our loved ones gone before. He sleeps not in his native land,

But under foreign skies;

He died the helpless to defend-

An Australian soldier's noble end.

-(Inserted by his mother, brothers, and sis-


DUNCAN. -In sad and loving memory of our dear  

friend, Private William Duncan (Bill), pre- viously reported missing, now officially reported killed in action in France, July 19, 1916.  

Though the waves of ocean divide us,

And you sleep on a foreign shore,

Remembrance is a relic  

That will last for evermore.

Loved and remembered by all.

-(Inserted by Warburton family, Wahroongah," Miller street, East Brunswick.)    

FLETCHER.-Officially reported killed in action  

on the 19th July, 1916 (previously reported miss- ing), Private J. M. Fletcher, beloved son of Isaac and Emily Fletcher, of Elphinstone, on his       26th birthday.  

A clean life honourably closed -(Emily Fletcher )    

FLOWERS.-Killed in action, on the 19th July,  

1916 (previously reported wounded and missing), Private Carl Flowers, dearly loved youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Flowers, Osborne street,  


No loved ones stood around him,

To bid a fond farewell;

No word of comfort could we give

To him we loved so well.

-(Inserted by his loving parents. )

FLOWERS. -To the memory of our dear brother,  

Private Carl Flowers, killed in action on the 19th July, 1916 (previously reported wounded and


Duty nobly done.

-(Inserted by his loving sisters.)

FLOWERS.- A tribute to the memory of our dear    

brother, Carl, who was killed in action on the 19th July, 1916 (previously reported wounded and


His memory lives, and is enshrined in the

hearts of those who loved him best.

-(Inserted by Harold (on active service abroad)

and Ida. )

FLOWERS.- To the memory of my dear pal, Pri-

vate Carl Flowers, killed in action on the 19th

July, 1916.

"One of the best. "

-(Inserted by R. Inglis, Williamstown. )

FRASER.-Roderick John, 59th Battalion, killed  

in action, at Fleurbaix, France, on the 19th July, 1916 (previously reported missing); also, Alick, 60th Battalion, killed on the same date, dearly loved sons of Mrs. K. Fraser, and loved brothers   of Nellie, 27 Alma road, St, Kilda, and dearly loved nephews of Mr. and Mrs. H. Ross, Glen-


Our boys.   FULTON.- Killed in action in France, 19th July,

1916 (previously reported missing), Arthur R.,

second son of Catherine and Edward Fulton, of   Horsham, brother of Bert, Mrs. Klauss, Harold (on active service), and Florrie, aged 22 years. (F.M.F., 36 Grandview grove, Armadale.) HADLEY.—On the 13th September, 1917, in hos-  

pital, England, from result of wounds received     in action in France, Percy, dearly beloved second     son of William and Lucy Hadley, of Morwell,   and loving brother of the late Frank Hadley, State Savings Bank, Traralgon, and Neta (de- ceased), and Master Bernard (Morwell), aged 22


Duty nobly done.

HARRIS.—Killed in action in France on July 19,      

1916 (previously reported missing), Private   Robert J. Harris, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Harris, Kangaroo Ground.

One of the best.

HARVEY.—Killed in action (previously reported      

missing), 19th July, 1916, Sergeant R. M. Har- vey, second son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Harvey,

of No. 27 Kent street, Yarraville, brother of John (now active service), Archibald, Mrs. R. Swalwell, Mrs. J. Bryant, Mrs. A. Osborne, Sarah, Elizabeth, Georgina, and Willie Harvey, aged 35 years.

Died doing his duty.

HAYES.—Called to his last parade at Fleurbaix,

19th July, 1916, Sgt. Harry Seymour Hayes   (59th Batt. ), dearly loved only son of Mrs. F. G.     Ball, and the late W. S. Hayes, of St. Kilda, loved brother of Mrs. Geo. Whiteford.  

Our soldier laddie.

Not now, but in the better land, We'll know and understand.    

-(M. Ball, Inkerman street, St. Kilda.)

HOLLAND.—On the 6th September, Private Fran-  

cis Arthur Holland, N.Z. E.F., third son of late   Matthew Holland, of St. Arnaud and Gippsland, and of Mrs. E. Holland, Goldsmith street, Mary-   borough, beloved brother of Lieutenant J. E. (S.A. war), W., L. A., G., Lieutenant H. C.         (A.I.F., France), and R. A. Holland, aged 30  


A true Australian.

HOLMES.-Killed in action (previously reported  

missing), 19th July, 1916, Lance-Corporal Edgar     Charles, beloved youngest son of W. T. and E. J. Holmes, of Merino, aged 25 years.

HOLTEN. - Officially reported killed in action

Fleurbaix, France (previously reported miss-   ing), July 19, 1916, Richard Frederick (Fred) Holten, 59th Battalion, 15th Brigade, late 9th of the 8th, dearly loved only son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Holten, North Williamstown.  

Greater love hath no man than this, that he

lay down his life for his friends.

HUNTER.- Officially reported killed in action at

Fleurbaix on 19th July, 1916 (previously reported   missing), Pte. John, third son of James and Mary Hunter, of Beenak, brother of Mrs. Wm. Com- ben, Mrs. D. Broadway, David (twice wounded), Mrs. C. Tyzack, Tom and Will (both on active service), Janie, and Jim. So dearly loved, so deeply mourned by his sorrowing parents, brothers, and sisters.  

HUTCHESON. -Killed in action on the 19th July,

1916, at Fleurbaix, France, previously reported     missing, Pte. William T. Hutcheson, 58th Bat- talion, loved second son of W. R. Hutcheson, Coleraine, and the late Ada F. Hutcheson; loved   brother of Amy, Florence (Mrs. L. E. White), Francis, J., and Sydney McD. (on active service),  

aged 20 years.

KRAUSE. -Killed in action at Belgium, 12,334, Pri-

vate Leslie Norman Krause (stretcher-bearer),   10th Field Ambulance, 21/7/17, dear loving son   and stepson of E. J. and N. S. Ellis, of 204 Park street, South Melbourne.

Until the day dawns and the shadows flee


Good-night, Leslie.-(Mum. )   THE GRAND OLD TENTH.  

When deadly and clear from zone to z0ne Men shall hear the last assemble blown, And rise and muster at the sound,

Where shall the good old Tenth be found? Oh! shall we rise again as men,

Or where shall our regiment be then? Shall we pass to the scattered posts, Lost in the endless shining hosts;

Or shall we man the suns and moons In alien feathered bright platoons?

Or may we not, since God doth hide What shall pass and what abide, May we not, to work His will,

Be saints-ind ve! the old rentli ' slill? lu that remote unknowable land,

Skill we be sent by drafts to heaven But landing on those glorious shores

Wi II di ess our ranks and form our fours, M in li »iib swung anns and steady e}cs Before the gates of paradise

Anl so, to flint angelic theirs

Piss swaggering throufch like Fusiliers, Now see before the throne of God Moves a shadowy medical Mpiat!,

Keeping a noiseless left und right,

\nd trilling Dag» of snowy while. Singing nil our glorious themes,

Ihcv bccm like faces in our dreams Doubt )OU not ti» Tenth shall riso I «iince unit to the skies

KRAUSE. -Killed in nction (at Belgium), 12 "Wl,  

I ravale Leslie Norman Krause (stretcher bearer), loth Held Ambulance, 21/7/17, dear loving brother of Albert S Krause

A soldier lind l mail, my brave )oung hero

brother, respected and esteemed by all -

(Bert )

LISTER.-Official!) reported killel In action loth  

lui), 1010 I ranee (previously reported missing), Sergeant Robert Murny Lister, No, 3S12, B Com pam 5Jth Battalion, lfith Brigade onl) son and child of Mr and Mrs John J Lister loo Mills street \Jbcrt Park late of Yarrawonga, aged

.7 }ears

Bled lor his eountr)

-(Inserted by lus lovnv mother and father )

LOVE. - Offlci-11) reported killed m action, In  

Irince on ti- loth Julv 1010 (previously re portid niia°inK)( Pnvite J R. Love, onl) be ¡uel on ol Mr mil Mr-. Love, Poplin street L-lift Id brother of Ma), I He, and Jessie much loved nephbvv of R Love St Arnaud, M C 1-ovc Malvern, iged ¿0 ¡tara

Ibv will bo done

LOVE. -Killed In action on lui/ 10, 11)10 (pre

viously it parted missing). Private I It Love onl) Finol Mr aud Mrs R Love, Poplar street LnlllU.ll kate«t ilium of Dick Copp, I 1

Ronnel als> L Ci I II P Ko»ney (on active servil. ) loving fríen I of 1 J L and T llovvnev I ind M Nutt, Mauler street, Caul


V. ml lur ve. mid ii hero Ino,

Hi ]il ii I a man s pari thtough and Dirotigh Ili-v ulions spi d though lils voice be still, I tirrel lum no we nevir wilL_

One of the best

DIED ON SERVICE. report«, died uf wounds in

France mi September i. 1017, Gunner Alexander Oonkm Markie, Aust. Kidd Artillery, cider toi of the lute Rev. J. Gordon AU MP «vi Agnci

.lane Mai Mc, Albany, ItciUti fotritt, St, Kilda, npr.d í_¡¡_ '

MADDOCKS.-Officially reported killed in action,

France, 19th July, 1916 (previously reported   missing), Pte. J. H, Maddocks, much loved second son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Maddocks, Station   street, Box Hill.

McLEAN.-Klllcd in at (ion, France, July 1

-91» (previously ropo. In I imf_ing), I'm.

Huey Walter, dearly loved fmirtb son ot Mr. and Mrs. Win. Mclean, IVnwirk street, Port- arlington, need 20 yenna; brother tn Company Sergeant-Major Richard J. (on active ten ice) and Private David (on active Bcrvice).

MILLS.-Officially reported killed at Pozieres, on

19th July, 1916 (previously reported missing), Leslie Charles, dearly beloved youngest son of Thomas and Rachel Mills of "Hill Bank," Bria- golong, and loved brother of Janie (Mrs. L. Thorpe), Belle (Mrs. L. Buttsworth), Walter, Alice (Mrs. J. B. Herbert), Jessie, Jack, James (A.I.F.), and Frank (A.I.F.), aged 19 years.

"The supreme sacrifice."

MILLS.-Officially reported killed, 19th July, 1916,

at Pozieres (previously reported missing), Leslie Charles Mills, youngest beloved son of Mr. and     Mrs. Thomas Mills, of "Mill Bank," Briagolong, and dearly loved brother of Mrs. J. B. Herbert, and loving uncle of Leslie and Kingsley, of "Albayne," Princess street, Kew.

"Duty bravely done."  

MITCHELL.-Knied in nctioii on July 10, 1010

(previously reported missing), Privait» Syd. and Alf. Mitchell, dearly loved sons of James and Lucy Mitchell, of Stratford.

They gave their lives for their country.

PALING.-On the'lOth July, 1010, nt Fleurtaix,

Infice, Gcrardus Johann« Vcrburgh Paling, killed in action (previously reported missing), the dearly sou of the late It ¡chard John Paling, of "Vuna," Ocean street, Bondi) Syd- ney, and Florence Paling, of "Xurrama," Grand* view grove, Armadale, JUcthonrnc.

PALMER.-On the nth September, at Wey-

mouth, England ..(the result of nn accident), Naschy Palmer, dearly loved youngest son ot thc'late Wm. Palmer and Mrs. Palmer of Mary- borough, ttg(Kl 20 year»; brother 'of Mm. Hale (Adelaide), Mrs. Whalley, jim. . (Kew), MM. Wingate (Clifton Hill), Fred, Syd, leslie, Will (on active service), und Carno Puimcr.

PASCOE-WEBBE.-A tribute to the memory of

Lieut. J. F. (Jack) Pascoc-Wcbbc, killed in action, France, August 20, .017.

In the bloom of his life Cod called him,

lu the pride of hi» manhood days; Non? knew Mm but to trust hitn,

None speaks his name but topraise,

-(Inserted by Mr, ami Mrs Arthur Hornby, East (¡colong.)

PASCOE-WEBBE.-Killed in ' action, somewhere

in ïYanee, on the t-Otli August, .D17, J. F. (Jack) Pn'ooc-Wcbbe, lieutenant fiOth Hatfery Field Artillery A.I.F. (late filh. Battery, . 1st division), beloved' hu st mud of Ulan che (Heno), nnd father of Donna end Jack,

An Anzac,

A good life nobly ended.

Another hero's place U vacant,

-(Inserted by hit uncle and aunt. W. J, and B. JJ. .Hornby, Harold street, Middle Park.)

PAYNE.--- Killed in action, 19th July, 1916 (pre-

viousIy reported missing). Prívate Alfred Roy Payne, 58th Battalion, beloved second son of     Edward and Alice Payne, of Clunes.

PRESCOTT.--- Officially announced killed in action

(previously reported missing), 19th July, 1916, at Pozieres, Private Hugh Prescott, dearly loved son of Thos. and Annie Prescott, and loved brother of Will (on active service), aged 21 years.

Among the brave and loyal

How many dear ones fall,

Whose friends bereft have only left

Tho picture on the wall.

Thy will be done.    

(Inserted by his sorrowing mother and father,  

sisters and brothers.)

ROBBINS.--- Killed in action, France, on the 16th

August, 1917, Driver Harrie Robbins, the dearly loved youngest son of Mr, and Mrs. T. Robbins;

also brother of Edith, and Will (on active ser-   vice), and brother-in-law of T. F. Ordish.   Address, 15 Alfred street, North Melbourne;   late of 63 Capel atreet, West Melbourne.   SHERIDAN.--- Officially reported killed in-action,

somewhere in France, 10th July, 1916 (previ- ously reported wounded and missing). Captain  

Thomas Francis, dearly beloved sixth son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Ñ. Sheridan, Yarrawonga, and loving brother of Bernard, Patrick, John F. (deceased), Mrs..J. Marshall (Annie), Mrs. E. Hampton (Mary), James, Peter (returned from active service), Nicholas (returned from   active service), and Alice; aged 37 years.

Rest in peace.

Deeply regretted.

(Inserted by his sorrowing brothers and sis- ters.)

SMITH.--- On the 19th July, 1916, killed in action

at Fromelles, France (previously reported miss-   ing). No. 339 Corpl. P. K. Smith, 29th Bat- talion, late of 24 Rodda street, Coburg.

Never the lotus closes,

Never the wildfowl wake,

But a life goes out on the east wind,  

That died for Englands sake. (Inserted by his loving pal, A.C.)

SMITHSON.--- Officially reported killed in action,

20th March, 1917 (previously reported wounded and missing), Herbert Edward, the dearly loved youngest son of J. T. and the late Helen Smith- son, and brother of Harold, Amy,Ernest, Lillias, and Alice, of 15 Grace street, Yarraville, aged 20 years and 11 months.  

TAYLOR.--- Killed in action, on 3rd May, 1917 (pre-

viously reported wounded and missing), Robert James Taylor, dearly loved fourth son of W. J. and J. Taylor, "Bownont," , Longlea; loved brother of Captain A. W., Captain C. B.,  

Second Lioutamnt F.C (all on active service),     Dave, and L. C. (killed on 7th June, 1917): grandson of the late Wm. TayIor, Toorak, and the late Thos. Craike, Axe Creek, Longlea; aged 24 years.    

USHER.---Killed in action in France, July 19,

1916 (previously reported missing), Private Frede- rick George Usher, dearly beloved eldest son of Fred. G. and Mary Ann Usher, of Bay street, Brighton, and loved brother of Mrs. Westwood, Norman, and Reg. (on active service).

He gave his best, his life, his all.

WALKER.--- On the 19th July, 1916, killed in

action (previously reported missing), my be- loved son, Private L. G. Walker, 59th Battalion; grandson of R . F. Hope and the late R. J. Hope, M.A.,"Camb,, Southolt, Suffolk. (In-   serted by his mother, R. Walker, Peart street, Leongntha.)

WASHINGTON.--- Killed in action, somewhere in

France, August 10. 1917, Private Alfred Wash- ington, No. 7099, beloved youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Washington, of Ivanhoe, late of Mansfield, aged 31 years.

He gave his life that others might live.

( Inserted by his loving sister, Laura McKer- nan, Gooram.)

WHEELER.- Killed in action, somewhere in

France, on the 19th July, 1916 (previously re- ported missing). Private W. J. Wheeler, 59th. Battalion, A.I.F.    

"Our darling hero."

-- (Inserted by his sorrowing parents, sisters, and brothers.)

WHELAN.-Private V. H. Whelan, on the 19th

July, 1916 (previously reported missing), beloved brother of Harry (Seddon), Frank (W.A.), Bert, Will, Sis, Eddie, Lily, Charlie, and Fred.

His duty nobly done.

WILD.--- Killed in action, France, 19th July, 1916

(previously reported missing). Private E. V. Wild (Ernie), dear nephew of A. Wild, and  

beloved cousin of Maude, Beryl (Mrs. Dunstan), and Dora, aged 19 years.

For King and country,

(Inserted by his uncle and cousins, "Beulah," Bennett street, North Fitzroy.)

WILLEY.--- Killed in action, France, Private J. Willey, 19th July, 1916 (previously reported miss- ing), beloved husband of Mary, and loving father of Mary, Josiah, Eileen, and Kathleen, and be- loved son of Mrs. Merry, and brother of Mrs.

J. Harvey, Ballarat. (Inserted by loving aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Harlow, Moonee Ponds.)  

WINDRAM.--- Killed In action, France, 19th July,

1916 (previously reported missing), Harry, loving nephew of William and Annie Nicholson, Caul-


We do not forget you, or do we intend ;

We think of you dearly, and will till the end. One year has passed, still fresh in our minds Are our thoughts of dear Harry, to true and

so kind.


AMOR.--- On the 21st September, at Williamstown,

Harriet Amor, relict of the late James Amor, of South Yarra, and beloved mother of Albert, Ada, Mabel, Maud, William, Addie, Frances, Jessie, Daisy.

BASSER (Forehan).--- On the 20th September, at

her residence, 15 Drummond street. Carlton, Ellen Basser, the dearly beloved mother of John, Will, Jeremiah, Albert, nnd Ernest Forehan.

also Mrs. Joseph Drinan, Mrs. E . Sullivan, and, Florence Basser. (Interred Friday, 21st Septem-      

ber in the Melbourne General Cemetery.)  


BLOOM.--- On the 15th September, passed peace-  

fully away at White Horse road, Mitcham, the dearly beloved mother of M. Noonan, Main road,   Doncaster, and sister of Henrietta. Simon, Main   road.Doncaster. (Interred privately, September  

17th) : Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter

thou into the joy of thy Lord.    

BOXSHALL.- On the 14th September, at Mono-

meith, Thomas, loving husband of Elizabeth   Boxshall, dearly loved father of James, Thomas,

Charles, Annie (Mrs. Coyte. Victoria place, Yar- raville), Dollie (Mrs. Evans, Charles street, St.   Kilda), William, Henry, Nell (Mrs. Chatfield,   Mornington), Bert (on active service), aged 88   years. Colonist of 75 years.

Sleeping.     CLEARY.--- On the 19th September, at "Geraldine,"

Maryborough, Joseph Nicholas, beloved husband  

of Florence Cleary, and father of Eileen, Leo,   and Val aged 60 years. R.I.P.    

CLEAVES.--- On the 19th September, at St.

Hubert's road, Caulfield, Job, dearly loved hus- band of Emma Cleaves, and loving father of Mrs.   Herbert Sharpe (East Caulfield) and Mrs. Frank   Snell (Caulfield).       DINSMORE.--- On the 22nd July, at 4 May Terrace,

Mount Florida, Glasgow, Scotland, Agnes Rox- borough Dinsmore, the dearly beloved wife of   W. H. Dinsmore, surveyor, and beloved and only   sister of Mrs. E. R. Dinsmore, Victoria street, St.

Kilda.     EADES. --- On the 20th September, 1917, at his resi-

dence, High Camp, dearly beloved husband of Margaret, and loving father of Joseph, Thomas,  

Mrs. McGann, Agnes, Maggie, Charles, and Lizzie,

aged 73. R.l.P.     GILL.--- On the 18th September, at Melbourne

(suddenly), Denis Willmott Gill, of Bealiba road,     Glenhuntly, the dearly loved husband of Lilian  

Margaret Gill, and elder son of George Gill, age 35 years.  

GILSENAN (nee Coppock).--- On the 18th September   at private hospital, Eastern Hill (of pneumonia),   Barbara Ann (Annie), beloved wife of G. R.  

Gilsenan, loving mother of Joyce, George, and   Jessie, and loving sister of, Gilbert, Robert, Donald, of Manangatang ; Mrs. W. Harrison, Colac ; Mrs. F. F. Christensen, Berriwillock ; Mrs. C. Hoath, of Daylesford ; and the late Mrs. J. Harrison, of Rokewood, aged 38 years.  

GRAHAM.--- On the 20th September, at Numurkah,

Ellen the beloved wife of Armstrong Graham, mother of Margaret, William and Arthur, and the late James Graham, aged 78 years.

HAYES--- On the 20th September, at his late resi-  

dence, Warren road, Mordialloc, Frederick Hayes, late of Faversham, Kent, England, aged 61 years.


HT. \f_KY.-On the 2lHt September, at Vii*, residence,

No. 22S Pelham ulrect. Carlton, William, the Orarir loved husband of l.llrn Healey, and loi ii« father of Mrs, Garry, West Brunswick, aged 03 y rara. No flowers, by roques!.

May his roui rest in peace.

lir.ntm.~-On tho ICth Soptcr. î>er, at Chelton

ham. Minnie, the dearly beloved wife of Tostor Herlitz, aged 7-í jeir?. (Interred privately, hj re-que*--., on the 21st September, Melbourne Gene- ral Cemetery.)

LKS..TK.-On thr 20th September, at her late reub

dence, Lindale road, Healesville, Km ma. the dearly beloved wife of .larnoo \\. I/NIK», driver. Victorian railway-?, and beb ed mother of Jessi,

and William,

LOVELL.- On the 21ft .icptcmher, at his mother's

mdrtenc-e. Warragul, Ksh, dcariy loved eldest sun of Air«, James I/»eil, loving brother of Sophie, Jurors, Myrtle, Pearl, «nd Mm. R. V. Parnell, Mount Macedon, aged ¡U yent-,

MrGfLTON.-On the Iflth Septemlnr, at ber resi-

dence, "Belmont-" Murchi-o«, Isabella, relict oí the late John Mtf.iHonf/Jn her T.'îrd year, %

MOItltlS.^-On the ¿ïlht September. 1017, at Eagle-

hawk, Samuel IjtiH.'e Morris, cider son of Fred 1*. Morris (clerk of court») and Sara Morris.

MUnilAY.-On the SOU. Kentern!HT, at "Tceom..,"

Boorin road. Caulfield, Annie Murraj, widow of the late Edward Murray, and loving mother of John atid Walter, aged M j .ant. (Interred pri- vately '21st September, 1017.)

MlJSGRAVK.-On the 2Sth July, 1017, at "Evora,"

Upper Bridge road, Redhill. Surrry, England, Mary Ann, the widow of the late Arthur T. Mustrruve, formerly of ttalUn, Victoria, aged 00


O'LEARY.—On the 21st September (suddenly), at

her residence. Woodend, Margaret, beloved wife of John O'Leary, and devoted mother of James, John, and Catherine, Mrs. Waghorn, and the late Private Joseph O'Leary, aged 62 years.

Rest In peace.

PJIKHTON*.-On the 90th September, nt Albury,

Harold, only son of Robert Preston, Stockport, England, and husband of Ann May Preston, aged ¡H yara.

ROONEY.-On tho 7th July, at Chicago, late of

Adelaide, S.A., l"atrick, dearly beloved husband of Elizabeth Itooney, mid loved father of Mary, Peter, and Mr, George B, l'armer, EsbOiulon, loved brother of Sister M. John, Rev. Father Rooney, »ml Judge Itoonry, of Chicago, aged 82,

May his eotil refit in peace.

SCOTT.-On the loth September, at l8 Normanby

str-ect, Windsor, William, beloved lm_band of Mary, W. Scott, aged 73. loved father of William, i Ccor.Cc, Churl», and Keith (all on active ser-

vice). Deeply regretted.

SEDDON.-On the 21st Scph-mber, at .03 Hoddle

street, Abbotsford, William, the well-loved lins Mud of Catherine, and dear father of Katie, Will, James, Malcolm (on active service), Margaret, Waller (returned Anzac), Donald, Marion, and Clyde (Ruth und ' Jane), deceased, eldest fon of the late James und Ruth Seddon, Birken- head, England, eldest son-in-law of the late James and Catherine Johnstone A colonist of 70 years. " (Private interment, 22nd inst.)

SMITH.—On tho loth September, at 2. Chaucer

Htrect, Moonee Ponds, Emma, widow of the lal« Frederick Smith, surveyor. (Private inter- ment.)

SPARGO.—On the 21st September, at the Mel

bourne Hospital, Vincent, the beloved son of  

Lexie and the late Stephen Spargo, and loving brother of Marceline, aged 20 years and 9 months.

Loved by all who know him.  

THOMAS. — On the 15th September, at Llwyd,

corner Queen and Hotham street, North Wil- liamstown, William Henry (Harry), beloved hus-   band of Mary Jane Thomas, father of David, Henry, and William Stanley (on active service), and the late Eliz. Macintyre, son of the late Henry and Eliz. Thomas, son-in-law the late William and Eliz. Carpenter, stepfather of Mrs. J. G. Hall (nee Minnie Lloyd). (Interred at Williamstown Cemetery.)  

Peacefully resting.

TREWAVAS. —On the 19th September, at his resi-

dence, Lester street, Eaglehawk, Benjamin Trewavas, aged 76 years.  

At rest.

VERDON.—On the 23th July, in England, Arthur

Lawrence Ridley, the eldest son of the late Sir George Frederic Verdon, of Mount Macedon, Victoria.

WALTON.—On the 19th September, at his residence, No. 26 Rowens parade, Richmond,

Stephen, brother of Mrs. E. R. Trewavis, Alfred Walton, step-brother of W. C. Smith, of Vic- torian Railways.

WELLWOOD.—On the 16th September, at High

street, Kew, William Henry (Bill), the dearly

loved friend of Mr. and Mrs. W. Black and family, of East Camberwell, Echuca, and Brisbane.

YOUNG.—On the 20th September, James Robert

("Alick"), the beloved eldest son of Andrew and the late Ellen Young, 10 Cecil street, Williams-


IN MEMORIAM. On Active Service.

COX.—In loving memory of our dear Walter,

youngest son of Mrs. Cox and the late Mr. F. A. Cox, who died in England, Sept 22, 1916, from wounds received in the Somme, after serving in Gallipoli.

Honour to those who wear tlie Cross!

But 'neath ii brighter sun ?

A hero band one day shall stand

When raith'a brief nice is run.

And «Miall rejoice to hear His voice,

"Soldlcrb of (.»od, well done!"


DERRICK.—In loving memory . of our cousin,

Major CJ. R. Derrick, died of wounds received at Gallipoli, September 20, lOlö.

In tlie bloom of lim Cod called him,

In the pride of his manhood days; None knew him but to trust him,

Now speaks his name""but in praise,

-(Mr. and Mrs. Atk_i_..n*ai-tl<£a.nii)y, Grosvenor street, Brighton.)        

GRIMWADE.—In proud and loUñg . memory of        

iïeorge Risdon grimwade. Fécond son ot Mr. anil Mrs. Norton Crlmwade, "Iloniedcu," Toorak, Iiri.ate in the oth Field Ambulance, Aii-tralian Imperial Fonv-\ killed Ju action, Gallipoli, SUnd September, 1915.

McCARTHY.—In loving memory of our dear son and

brother Bert, who was killed at Lone Pino on

10th SeptcmW, 10)6. R.1.P, (Inserted by his loving mother, sisters, and brother Ray, on active rervice.)    

NASH.—In loving memory of my dearest friend,

Pte. Charles B. Nash, 68th Batt (late flth); died of wounds while prisoner, September l8, 1B1G.

Duty nobly done.

-(Inserted by his loving friend, Mary, South


ROSE.—In memory of our pal, Private Jack Rose,

who was killed at Ypres on Mud September, 1916. (Inserted by Wally, Sorrento, returned; and Alf. Skelton, on active service.),

ROY-NICHOLSON.—In fond remembrance of  

Private Eric Roy, missing since August, 1015; .also Private «lamen Nicholton,* died 22nd Septem- ber, 1915.

Not forgotten.

—(Inserted by A. Reeves, Korumburra, and Pri- vat Ernest Reeves, France.)

BROWN.—A trihute to the memory of Fred Brown,

who died at Mooroopna Scpteinher Ü2, 1015, (In- serted hy It. and'L. Benson,)

CRAWFORD.-Tn loung- memory-of my dear hus-

band mid our dear father, Robert Crawford, died at Colac (result of motor accident) 22nd September, 1015 (late of Toobqrac and Lorne).

No love<l ones stood «round him.

To catch his last faint sighs,

Or whisper just one loving word

Before he closed his eyes.

-(Inserted hy his loving wife and family, Min- mindie.)

DAU,-In remembrance of our dearly loved father,

John J, Dau, who.passed away to the higher life on 22nd September, 1015, at his late residence, "Heather Farm,"' Kilmore Junction.

"After wear ine**»--, est.** And tho btately ships Mil on

To their harbour under the hill;

But oh, for the touch of a vanished* hand.

And the sound of a voice that is still.

But yet, when tha\; great light which men call


Strikes thro* the gloom add stills at last the

strife- | There will come a IIUAÍI, a-sigh, a fleeting,

breath- ' I And wc shall meet again in end!eis Ufa

I)., Snpp. C. W. D.( Pie. W. p., on active ¡ vice in l-Yanee.)

Also our brother, Trooper F. G. 1}AU» wlio-wa-î killed in action at Sebnneberg Hock, South


In the dawn of a splendid manhood,

4 When tlffc tide of his jouth ran high;

With courage and hope in his bearing

He waved us a last goodbye.

But our dreams ore all shattered and*ended;

Our hero is silent and still;

And "dead on the field of honour"

Is all that is left to tell.

DAVU.S (nee Little)--In loving memory of my

dear, sister, Gertie, who fell asleep on Septemhcr

21, 1010.

Safe home. <

-(Inserted hy her loving slater. Maude, and W.

U. Stevenson.)

HQUSJÎ.---II1 loving memory of my dear wife and

our dear mother, who piisscd away on Septem- ber 21, lïHiî. . ...

Tu o years have passed since that sad day, When our dear mother was called away, * Cod took her home; it wa. His will; Forget her, no, wu never will.

-(Inserted by her loving husband and daughters. ¿.rnijii and Phyllis.)

.JOHNSON.-In loving memory of my dearly be-

loved hmhand imd lovimr father, John Joh mon, lute of Victoria Villa, Cubttt tJrcct, Richmond, who departed this life -Wh Scpteinher, 1011.

He left behind some afhing hearts,

That loved bim ever deur;

Hearts that never will forget

lils memory written here.

-(Insert«»*! by his loving wife and daughters.)

?10NK.S.-In loving memory of my dear brother,

.lohn Joseph, who died September 18,-1015; also Margaret, deurlv loved,wife'of the uboic, who died Jimuury 7, 1017. R.I.P.

KLEIN. - In loving memory of our dear father,

who passed away on the 22nd September, 1915,

at Beechworth.

"They miss you most who loved you best."

- (Inserted by his loving children, grandchildren, and son-in-law.)

MCRY.-In loving memory of'my dear husband

and our dear father, Joseph Charles, who died at "Hayes House," Buddy street, Brunswick,

September 22, 1000.

"Ai.wny* remembered."

-(Iiii-crtcd by his loving wife and children.)

Lirrn:.-In fond and loving memory of our darling

father, died 17th September. 1011. at *2 Ward street; alio our darling mother, died 28th Sep- tember, 1010, uftcr a fchort illness, at 2 Ward !atrect* ,. «

We who loved you -ntlly miss you M it dawns another year;

Whatever we do, wherever wc go,

Thoughts of .vou are alwavs near.

Nearer, my God, to Theo.

-(Inver!eil by their loving son, William, and daughters, Dorothy, Bri-lwne, and Ella, Mel*

1 >ou me).

MAHRISOV-In loving mernot y of our dear father,

who ij.i*-_ed pejwfullv au.iy ut -Moonee Pondi, on 2 .rd rfeptember, 3015.

We who love von sully mis« jon,

As it duv-.ii/aiioUiei \eur;

In our loudy horns of thinking,

Tr.initfh--. of von ure vwv

Sadly tnte-cd.

-- ( In.crfe.I by Mu lov nur daughter uni. gon

Ariudiie (MM. Torr) tiud George.) À I


M-KAY.-In loving memory of my fondly loved

and devoted mother, u-ho died 23rd September, yiU; also ray dear father, March, 19ft!, and brother. May, 1902.

-(Sadly tni-iied by daughter and son-in-law,

and J. McKaj.)

M.LADGHLTN (nee Elsie Wmiams).-.n loving

memory of our dear daughter and .sister, Etae, who died at Randwick, Sydney, on 22nd Sep- tember, 1015.

SI if ping.

-(Inserted by lier loviii,; parents, siricr., and brother..)

iMOBBKRLEY.-In loving memory of onr dear

mother, who dt«d 22nd September, 1015; also ( dmr iathcr, who died 33th June, 1013.

Time may heal the broken-hcirled.

Time may moke tbr. wound lc.-_ fiore*. But time can never slop the longing

Of our loved ones, gone .»fore. -(Inserted by tbeir loving family.)

MOR1SON, M.-In imrnnry of our dear father, who

pas^-d away September 17, lUIO, ut S3 Kerferd road, Albert l_tk.

Sadly missed,

--(Inserted by his lemng family.)

PATTERSON.-In ln\ing memory of my husband

and our dear father, Wm. Patterson, who died at his résidence, Ramelton, Toolamba, 2_fr_ Sep- tember, 1912.

In Ills keeping,

-(Inserted by his wife and family.)

PATTERSON.—In loving memory of our dear

father, who passed away at his residence, "Ramelton," Toolamba, on the 23rd September,

A good and kind father.

Ever remembered.

—(Inserted by Alice and James Bitoon, "Larne,"   Toolamba.)

RALPH.—In loving memory of my dear hushand

and our dear father, James Henry Ralph, who passed away on the 22nd September, 1913, at Waverley road, Mt. Waverley.

Memories of his upright ways

Will linger with us all our days.

No one known how much we miss him.

Or what the farewell cost, But Jesus and His angels

Have gained what we have lost.

—(Inserted, by his loving wife and family.)

RYAN,-In sad and loving memory of our dearly

beloved and only daughter, sister, and grand- daughter. Mary Ryan, who died 22nd .September, 3010.

Wo do not forget lier, nor do we intend,'

We think of her dearly and will to the end; One year lum past! fresh in our minda,

Is the memory of our darling, w> true and so kind.

Oh, ibç a touch or a v_n__ed hand, Or a sound of a voice that is still.

-(Inserted by her sorrowing parents, S. A." and P. Rvan; her brothers. Jock and Phil; and her grandmother, Mrs. McKenzie.)

RYAN.-In sad and loving memory Vf our dear

cotiKln, Mary, who did on the i._nd September,


* "Loving" remembrance." ^.

-(Inserted by Mr, and Mre. Jim Fisher and family, Rainbow.) #

SETTER.-In loving memory of my dear wife and

mother, who passed away on the ¿2nd September, 1013. .

Her memory is as dear to-day

' i As in the hour she pa away.

-(Inserted hy her loving husband ami family.)

SniJRMAN.-In affectionate remembrance of-Alice

Gertrude (Bubs), who suddenly departed this life 22nd September, 1014, 4tt fil! Holdsworth street, Fremantle, dearly loved wife of Albert Ernest, mother of _wcc Ernie, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. Sieyera.

As true a heart as ever l>cat

Has pafaBcd away from earth.

But memory dwells within the heart

Of those who knew lier worth.

We often think ol you, dear Bubä,

How sudden waa your call.

There is nothing left to answer,

But jonr photo, on the wall.

-(Ineèrtcd by her loving aunt and cousin, Mrs.

Corrigan, Post-office, St.* 1/xmards. West, Aus- tralian papers please copy.)

STEAD,-A tribute of love to (he memory of dear

Cleo, who departed this life September 22, 1012, nt Itiehmond. ' , *

^ Ever remembered. l , \ -{A.I..S.)

THOMSON.-lu loving memory of'my dear friend.

Maud, who passed away at Castlemaine, 22ml Septcmbcr, 1010.

A friendship, by death has been broken.

But her memory will live with me (.Lill ; For the lighthouse of life in bul. friendship,

A friendship through gow! and tlirough ill. , -(Her friend, Gladys.) affectionate memory of Willk...

Vogler, It. Feignmouth, Devonshire, England, 1827; d. fith Mun-li, 1000; and Mary Vogler (nee Oliver), d. 18th September, 1015; dearly beloved p-ircnti! of W..T.V. ("SbrewnlHirr," 100 Blvth rtrcet, Brunswick), Dr. H.H.V, (Yarra Glen), J.O.V. (Port Elizabeth), Mrs. P. Blackman,

Mrs. P. Bird, and Mrs. W. C. Laing. .

WHITE.-In loving memory of our darling daugh-

ter and histcr Muriel, who paused away on" the 17th September, 1010.

The treasures of earth mu«t all fall",

Its riche, of honour decay,

But the riches of love that are ours,

Even dttitht cannot take them away.

-(Insfrtprl by ber loving mother, father, slater, and brothers.)

YOUNG.-In loving memory of our dear mother,

who passed away on 22nd September, 1D00; also our dear iathcr, who died on 2nd July, 1013, ut rroliran.

' Sweet lo remember, those who once were' near, And who, though absent, still arc just aa dear;

llcmcmbered, loved, though jeare onward sail.

-(Inserted tyy their living daughters, J. and M, Young.)

YOUNG.-In loving memory of my dear father, who

passed away at Prahran, July 2, 1013, and my loving mother, September 22, 1000.

t Ho givcth His beloved bleep.

-(Inserted by their loving daughter Beatrice, son-in-law, and grandchildren.)


LISTON.-Mb» GILLABD desires to THANK her

many friends for their kind sympathy in the sad lema of her dear friend Bruce, killed iff action April 11, 1017._ LUKEY.—Mr. and Mrs. LUKEY and Family and  

Miss Allert desire to THANK kind friends and relatives for expressions of sympathy, visits, let- ters, cards, in their sad bereavement of their dearly loved son, brother, and lover, Charlie, killed in action in France, July 19, 1916. 15 Macfarland

street, Brunswick.  


Glenburn, Yea, desire to sincerely THANK tbeir many friends, especially Mr.' and Mn. F. Robinson, Brighton, Nurse Troy, Bra. McLean and Stawell, Rev. Scott, and teacher and pupils of Glenburn school, for their great kindness and sympathy in the loss of their beloved daughter,

nenio. ?_

MR. and Mrs. JACK WILLIAMS and Family

dcblre to THANK their many friends and relations for kind expressions of symtiathy, vKit-, letters, cutis, telegr.ims, and beautiful ..oral tribul(s received during their ead and sudden IK? rciivemcnt in the death of their -[early loved daughter and sister, Mrs. Bertha Poannaii. ii io High .street. Upper Northcote._ MR. and Mrs. W. I). PAINTER and Family

dc-ire to return TIL.NKS to their marly kind friends for their expressions of sympathy in visits, letters, cards, telegrams, and beautiful floral tributes during their ead and sudden bereave- ment, the loss of their dear little Rita. 8 Cameron st.. W. Richmond,_ TV/HL and Mr». YEADON; Misa Y12ADON, and J-V-L Mr. and Mrs. LOVE desire to THANK their1 many friend*, for letters of kind sympathy in the losa of their dear eon nnd brother, Fred, who was killed io action August G, 1010 (previously ,re pqrted miaing)._:_ *\,pi. and Mrs. BURNETT and Family desire to JLU-'faincercly THANK their many friends for ev-1 pressions ' of sympathy, Waits, letters-, telegrams, , and cards in their recent fad bereavement by (lie j loss of their dearly loved son apd brother George, i killed in action in France on the 22nd August, 1017. '

MIL T. IE. WHITE and Family desire to return I

THANKS to the many kind friends for their

expressions of sympathy, cards, und floral tributes! during their recent sad bereavement. No. S Rail* I way place,' Newmarket. '


ITJ- and Family, Mrs, J. TERRY, and brothers I It. J. and'IL of the late Walter Earnest-Waites, I desire to return THANKS to all friends for visits,

letters, telegrams, cards, and iioral tributes, alw I doctors and nurws at St. Vincent's Hospital, nnd Rcv. Alliiut, «luring their recent sad bereavemeiiL MRS. McCOMB and Family desire to THASVK

their many kind friends and tela tiona for airds, letters, and telegram?, and floral tributes,

their recent sad and sudden bereavement; al

thanking Nurse Darkwood and Dr. Box for their kind attention; and also tho members of Masonic.

Mrs. MrCotnb, 14 Pole street. Footscray^_ MRS. W. BENNETT and Family desire ta :

(urn their w'necrest THANKS to the many kind friends and relut ives far visits, Iel tera, cards, telegrams, and tributes received during their recent Kid bereavement. "Maidstone," Cecil street, JW'-IUarjistowiu_^_ MRS. W. COLE desires to THANK her n ...

friends for letter», catiN, telegram-, in her rrci'iit siid bereavement. 76.1» Brunswick street,

North Fitzroy.____._. TVntS. L. WESTCOTT, Air. A. LEUTE It and JAX ht-tef, desire to THANK nil friends for kind sympathy in the rrccnMoss of their dear fathei

SUMlHriW-Mir. and Mrs. J.~J. SUMPTON and

Fumilv deslíe to THANK their many friends for e_.picin.ons of -vmpathy,, letters, eaidi, tele- gram«, and tloral tributes received during their rc> cent »sid bereavement, especially thanking the Rev, Mr. Butcher, of Cranbourne. Mei-ni. Duff, Mo.on, and friends of Cardinia. Scrv ire street. Hampton.


AMOR.- Frioids of the lute Mr. HARRIET AMOR

are informed (hot her remains will be in- terred in the St. Kilda Cemetery.

Tho funeral will move from the residence of her daughter (Mrs, Gould, No. I Burry street, South Yarra), THIS DAY (Saturday, September 22), at

.* o'clock.

B. MATTHEWS. Motor Funeral Service, South Yarra, and at Oakleigh.

EADES.-The Friends of the late Mr. JOSEPH

E-DEH are informed that his remains will be interred in*_b o Pyalong Cemetery.

nie funeral will Jeave his- late residence, High Camp, on Saturday, at 1 p.m.

C. W. WILLIAMS, Undertaker, Lancefield.

HAYES.-The Friends of the late FREDERICK

HAYES arc Informed that his remains will be interred in the Cheltenham Cemetery, THIS DAY (Saturday, 22nd September), at _.30 p.m.

' ROSE BROS., Undertakers! Cheltenham. Td.

No. _> Chclt.


XAIiEV.-The or the late Mr. Wir, __ LUM !!i:U,i:V aro rtólicctíullv invîtcal lo follow lui r-iiiaiui. to the place of interment, in the Coliiiri; Cemetery. ,. , ,

Tlu' funi'i-l i4* iippoint-tl to move from Ins Mte i.

Milciiu-, No. _5 IVlliaiii strL-ct. Cnrlton, THIS BAY (Fitunl.iv. --'ml ¡list.I, .it :U0 o'clock.

AU'KKD AMJiiON' (K _l>. 18ÖJ), runcrul Direc- tor llv-a! oillc-c: 2.1 Viotori.i street, Wi>t Mel bourni;, i)c_r Wllliaao street '1 _oqe Cutral OS».


J V-Iir¡*Cl**-Kobble Rum- I-"ICT Sa S3- Tlie

ofliurj lud tueniliu-s of the iiliovt lodïte nnd (tie emit in irenenl u~e riqiestetl lo folio* tile nmiiins of our Iule llrn II It lil I\Ml-_ON to tlie place of întrniililt \\ llluin^ovMi Cemetery

Til funeral «ill lri\c In« rttidince, 27 North roid Sen port, Tomorrow (Sunihy), at 2 30 p ni. lîrcthr.ri to meet m -üsonit. Hill it ' p in. fihnrp

I II H Hint WL, tV M

_0 tt -At I It -"ocreUn

SP \IH.V - Tlie I rieuils of Mr- SIMliEÖ

axe re^pcctii-ly invited to foil m tlie reí«.lins of 1M r ilcirlj bt loved Bon Vinixnt to tilt placo of interment, in ti e 1 -Waller Ccnrril Cetniter>

Tlie funeral »111 lone lill ni Uli r » reMduice, 23 Hcvin street, Albert Purl,, THIS DU (hatui-Jy, -hill 1917), at ¿30 o'elock

JOIIV AIJ.1SON, I mhalme- Had Funenl Direr tor, Dcndae place, Albert Par* Telrphone* lOOI, lift) and -T"S Cintril_ *V" CHING-Tile triemU of the late Mr 1 V1IK3 J ItOHUtT (MICK) tot \r, ire respe tfiallv

informed that Ins rcmaii- will be mtcrrcil in the tViUiaanstovin Ct.liit.tery

flu funeral ia appointed to move from the rest

drm.1. of hi» fuller (Mr \ndns. tounj, 10 Cecil streit ttUluunbtowii), THIS PU (Saturdaj), at

? o'llncl

*1H0">. 10V"DUr, lml rliKcr 1 enruson street.

ttiMnan-town I'll re _. tVilllun,towi_