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There Is no comparison In quality between the Aliase» McDonagh's first locally produced Mm, "Those Who Love," and their latest one, "The Fat Paradise," which -wits screened »t the Prince Edward Theatre yesterday morh Ing before nn invited audience which included the Governor. 'Those Who Love" **n» pal- pably an experiment; a TatheT timid Imitation of the American mode. "The Far Paradise" .¡hows decision In every detail, and both the scenario and the capUsua are straightfor- wardly forceful.

The producers have not eropbaelaed Auatra Han "local COJ<TBT."* In fact, they seem to have done their best to dl*Rul>e the feet that most of the film waa made in Sydney. Al- though one can recosáis« with tho greatest case such backgrounds an that «it Farm Cove, seen from Mrs. Macquarie'» Chàlt-, or the bridge over George's IHvei at Como, the action Is ascribed to n mythical place called "Kirkton." The llurraftorang Valle». Instead of «ppMiS lng under that name. Is lptroduccd as 'Tara- di.c Vailey." All the same, the scenery could nnt impost upon anyone B3 ether tiona Australian If the picture were shown abroad.

From a technical point of view the Jprodue. tlon 1s a distinct advance upon most of Its predecessors. Roth the IlghtinR of the scenes and the make-up of the characters have been very competently cart-led out. It t"tie eSpreB slon In the actor's eyes cannot bo .seen, or the contour ot his face appear* ?attatural, he ennnot be expected to move anybody's emo- tions. The actina; In "The Far Paradise" Is consistently effective. Special praise is due to Marie Lorraine (.Miss Isabel McDontigh) le the leading role. Hot only does she dress smartly and show the utmost eonfldento ita every movement, but the has the power of expressing añilen feel Inf. with a minimum et outward show. Her face is beautiful; yet there Is character In It. At times (especi- ally when she looVa Iowa) «ae reaalaOa .Me strongly of Miss Irene VahbrUgh. It would be Interesting to see her powers displayed in a less melodramatic vohlclo. For "The Far Paradise," well constructed as its story is, consists largely of melodrama.

Tho rest of the cast Includes Paul Longuet (a manly and unaffected hero), Gaston Mer- ivale, Arthur McLngen, and John Falkiner.

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