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German Prince's Story.


The assertion of Prince Franz Joseph Hohenzollcrn. in his recently published memoirs, thnt Captain von Muller did not surrender to Captain Glossop, at the con- clusion of the historic engagement between H.M.A.S. Sydney nnd the Erndon ofT Cocos Island, was yesterday stated to be unfounded by Mr. Seabrook, honorary treasurer of the ex-Naval Men's Association.

Mr. Seabrook was signalman on the bridge of the Sydney during the whole of the engage- ment. He pointed out that Prince Franz Josoph was a torpedo officer, and was placed in tho connlng-towcr, enclosed In six-inch armour plating. Unfortunately for his clnlm to be conversant with the fncts of the engage- ment, a shell from the Sydney penetrated the tower within 30 minutes of the commencement of the battle, and he was rendered un- conscious. This fact was horne out. said Mr. Seabrook, by official German records. When tho Prince enme on board the Sydney, with other prisoners, he was pronounced by Stir gcon-Commnndcr Darby to he suffering from extreme shock.

Moreover, Mr. Seabrook pointed out, the German film picturing the exploits of the Emdcn clearly shows the ensign being burnt on the deck of the raider after Its surrender, to avert its capture. Mr. Seabrook himself saw n seaman climb the mast and remove It, thus giving the conventional slcjnal of sur- render. The Sydney had Just fired a salvo with Its port guns, and was swinging round to fire n starboard broadside, when the sea- man was perceived. Captain Glossop Im- mediately gave the order not to fire without orders. Later the order "Cc«Be fire" was given.


A German film has been prepared depleting the exploits of the Emden, but before It Is shown In Australia tho scenes on board the Sydney during the engagement off Cocos Island are to be rofllmed. Permission has been given for the use of the Sydney.

The screening rights in Australia havo been purchased by the First Natlonnl Pictures (Aus- tralasia), Ltd. That company has decided that, while the film Is a very powerful pro- duction, and gives every credit to the Sydney for sinking the Emden, the scenes aboard the Sydney during the engagement, which were filmed aboard a German cruiser, aro not authentic. Negotiations with the Navy Office havo led to the promise of every co-opera- tion, and the Sydney Itself Is to bo used to rellim tho scenes.

The company is to be permitted to take a camera and technical staff aboard the Syd- ney, and to "take" her battle practice. Every Important detail of tho engagement will bo reproduced. Mr, Seabrook will act as naval advisor, and, If necessary, will take part In the scones. The filming Is expected to occupy

about a month.

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