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Family Notices

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MAHONEY (nee Florrie White) - On January 31, to Mr and Mrs Patrick Mahoney (O'Mahoney), of ???phore SA - a son.

RYAN (nee Vera Wilson) - February 6, at Brulida private hospital, Summer Hill, to Mr and Mrs J A Ryan, St Claver, Perry-street, Leichhardt - a son. Patrick John Albert.


CHAPPLE-JOHNSTONE.-February 27, I8T8. at I'¡ii'" .i',,.1'". Bl2- J' ,Ui ««"T». «Ji»r .» Chapple le, »'¡luí" M*"'V. J.°,1""' "'"-' pr-*c''1 .*1J"*'

?rent, HtMvilliiini-ro*d. Y'auclilsc.

MILLER-FAIRHALL.-Fcbriiarv 27. 1878. at Palmer Î .i II i '"'l?,,cHî'J ,cll«r*-l'- S.» ?'.".y. 1» ncv. John _í"¡ "Í,'¡*Y ?.*:.!.. '"""*«?«. joungol son ol David »ml Janet Blair Miller. Newcii..lle. to Annie, cltlct Oinglili'i- of .hum's and Jnnet Mac'laggart Fulrlinll. *< «ulalie. Piescnt midiess, U2 Brldgo*treet.

VERCO-DAY.-Fi'brunry 27. 1878, by T. J. Gore.

Hichard Verco to Margaret Day,

WARTON-WILLMOT.-IVIiruniy 20. 1S78. al the , Holy Trinity Church, Greiilcll. by Hie Rev. F. S. W11

fti. Alfud Charles, sixth sou of Harriot and Joseph ,};."?>. ''I Grenfell, lo r.ltialielh, nilli daughter ot I Wury and Thomas Willmot, ul Grenfell. Present

»dilri'sa. Milrea, Mulisoli-ruad, Stratlillcld.


ALLEN.-F<.hruar> 24. ul Sjdney Hospital, Jane, relict nt Hie late George Allen, aged 72 years.

BAIRSTOW.-February 2!l. at the lloval Prince Alfred Hospital, John Hcnrj. In lil« 78th jeir, ut ii Clifton al-iet. Balmain Batt, lull' ul ft." ami YV. Murray, Ltd,, Inilnnt department. Privately Interred.

BOONE.-In loving memury nt Lionel Jack Boon1", íníli Battriy, A.I.F.. who died February. .WIM ; youngra .on of Hie late J. YV. Bonne and Mrs. ílooiic, of Ore j xnorne, and bnithcr ol Mrs- C. TremlcU. Mrs. YV, 1 1 hempson, Mrs. E. bcutt, and the late Llcill. C. A.


BOUCHIER.-On February 23, st Deniliquin, Veronica "Kathleen, jtiugeM daughter «I late .lohn tlioliius and Kllcii Francis, sistpr of Malgar«! (Mrs. Murgha I {'run»). Dolly (Mrs. Thoma« Keane). Frank, and

I Oeotgc

BROWN.-February ?C, 1028, Bt YVindsor, Alfred | Brown, lute oi Kurrajong, aged 65 years.

CAIN.-February 25 at her daughter's resilience,  

Lclchhaiilt, Mary Ann, dearly beloved sister of T. Xenarnu, J. Keegan, and P. Keegan, Glebe Point.

CALLINAN.-Fcbruiiiv 25, 1U2S. at her daiii-bUr's Tcsldeucc. 77 Itcnvvlck-ttreet. Lelihhardt, Kllnbclh )<*i tuces, lielovcd mother ol Thomas, Jack, Alex, Her iicrt. Ylrs. J. Harlow, Mrs. S. Arch, aged 7" jears.

CARROLL.-February 24, 1U28, at Mentone, Rev. ii. Cal roll, H.A. beloved eldest brother ot isabel Leach, "tnvi'iiscialg, Harrlcttc-strcet, Neutral Ba.v,

CASH.-February 26, 1928, at Camden, Bridget Cash,   beloved mother of Mr. W. Cash, of Griffiths; Mr. M. J. Gleeson, of Dudley-street, Coogee; and Mrs W. Frazer Royal Hotel, Camden aged 64 years. R.I.P.  

CROAL.-February Uti, III2S, at her rcsidtmce, 08 Ilsmpton Cuurt-ruad, Kogarah. May Floienco. dearly licluved wile ni YVIIllam SI. Croat, and loving niulhef of

liclty mid David, aged 4R veers.

DAVIDSON.-Febiiiur.v 'JO. nt 112 Uai-liiigtull-roud Darlington, llnchel I Ray) Florence Davlihun, beloveil «luiighler ot Juliet, and the lille 'Uluma» L. Davidson.

Al rest.

DICK.-Februafy 26. 1U2S, at Liierpool, Samuel Dick,

«tgftl 70 years.

DUNN.-Februarv a). v/Jâ, at the residence ol bet «slighter Mrs. licmietl, 1S4 HurUm-stiert, confuid, l.lirabctli, bcluved wlte ut William Julin Dunn, and M-rtilnl duughtir of the bite David ami Cullierlue Mitchell, aged 71 yeaia. (Lui« of YVullseiul.)

FURNISS.-December 26, 1927, at Shanghai, Kitty Furniss, dearly beloved wife of George C. Furniss. aged

32 years.

GOSBEE.-February 20, 1028, at Balmain Hospital, William George Ouslicc. deatlv b'lovod luther ot Flur ?nee. Ilair.i, Fred, Allrcd, mid Whiter, and uiUler-lii lan ni Charles Uenih. aged II years.

GOURLEY.-February ii, 1028, at Royal AlejaudM       Hospital foi ih'.ldrcu. Camperdown, Johh Fruncí«, the dearly helovnl Infant son of .lame« ami Cecelia Geur- ie}, uf 120 Y'ouiig-slriit, Aniuihdule, aged 13 mouths.

JOWETT.-February 26, at the Rothshan Mission,   Wyee, Edwin Cyrus Jowett, in his 77th year.  

KIRKBRIDE.-February 2U, 1028, llulliiuh. dolirly loved wife of Keilli YVllsun Kirkbride, of 25 Kent- all ect. YY averio}, und loving ntollier ut Runs mid

Irciii, aged ill jeurs

LESLIE.-Februaij 24, at hprlugsure, ('uoeiislaiid, Wlllinui Lcuiuid, liusband ol Lilly Leslie, and grain!

?on uf Ihe hilo Pattick Leslie. (suddenly.)

MAGEE.-February 25, 1928, at his residence, Wood- hill, 7 Carr-street, Coogee, William Patrick, dearly beloved husband of Fanny Magee, and loving father of Mabel, Florrie, Fanny, Ruby, Cora, Dorrie, William, Jack, Aud, Martin, and Mary, aged 60 years. R.I.P.

MANNIX.-February ''li, ut her icsldentui ('ueein btiry-ioaii, I'Aikhtirst, late ol Newtown, liai'} Byloii, .lehily beloved wile ot liilwaid Mannlx, und eldesl daughter ul the bite Dr. John Robert Low, M.R.C.S., of Lciidtin and Sydiio}, aged 71 years. It.l.P.

MARKS.-Fehruury ..«. ut lleamuul- t'luU, Sophia (tree!. Ilondi. Leah, deurly betuved wile uf Harris anil beluved mother ol Aunlli, Rosie, Sarah, Junie. Jimmie,

.nd Phoebe, aged (BJ J cuts.

MASTERS.-February 25, lt'28, at her ilbter's reil dence, Mrs. SehellnJck, No. l8 Kusohlll-stiuet, Paira nulla, Mary, wife of llcbei Maslen, and loved mother ot laik, uf Y ictoHü-street. Granville, in her «Wini


MATHER.-Fehiuary -'0, lltói. at WO U6oi go-street, Canterbury, Clnistlnu Mather, late ol InveiOll.

NUTTING.-February 20, 1928. at Military Hospital. "Randwick, Arthur Henry, dearly beloved husband of Minnie Julie Nutting, of 51 Vaughan Street, Lidcombe, age 46 years, late of the 4th Battalion.  

PILGRIM.-February 25, 1928, accidentally drowned, Lugarno. George's River, Gwen, dearly beloved daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Pilgrim, of 58 St George's Road, Bexley, and loving sister of Arthur and Cicely,   aged 4 years and 10 month.

POCOCK. -Februaiy iii, 1028, at Hie ttuyul Prltil'e Alfred Hospital, Doreen May (Peggy), dearly litYetl «laughter ut Mr. «lid Mrs. H. YV. Pocock, ul YVeSt

It> de-, aged 15 years.

POWELL.-February 20, 1U2S, at St. Margaret's Ho»' pltal, Darlinghurst, Ivy Marguerite, and stlllliuni baby, beloved wife ol William Povvell, and luvlng muthet of Y'alerlu, Hairy, and Billy, aged 27 )eara. U.I.I',

ROBBINS.-February 26, 1928, at his residence, Tank- street, Lithgow, Uriah (Tom), relict of the late Mary Hannah Robbins, aged 75 years. At rest.

ROUGHLEY.-David, at his sun's residence, Settle- ment Point, Port Macquarie, aged 82.

SMYTH -February 25, 1028, at b}dney Hospital, Al}s, beluved wile ot William James bui}th, ut Pitt wulor-road, Manly, and holuved mutiler ul YYlllium, Phyllis. Arthur. Boy. and Betty, and sister of Mr. li. lllflernian, of Hurlstone Park, aged 42 years.

STAPLETON.-February 23, i02S, at his ttehleitce, j

"" m-i «Tiii lleuii-road. Rose Bay. CllOfleii j

VtUOuuiiic, "cu v.« «-...

lalward, dear!} loved huslutid of Emma bUsun Staple ton, and loving luther of Maiy, Lina, Ethel. Emin«, Ison, Ciinrles, VVilliom. Agnes, Flank, and James,

«¿ed CJ years. R.LP.

STEVENSON.-February 20, 1028, Edward Henry Btevei-son, in lils tilth j ear. See Tuesday's "'Herald

for fiilieral notice.

TANDY.-February 25, 1928, at a private hospital, Randwick, Reginald Hubert Percival, dearly beloved husband of Barbara Tandy, and dear father of Olive,

Eric, and Robert.

THORNTON.-Fchmary 24, 1028, sudden)}, at Like Illawarra, Arthur McDonald, dearly belov'od husband of Alice, and lovln¿ father of Edna, of Marrickville, .Sid 43 jems. Iutcired Saturday.

WHITE-february 20, 1028, at East Ljnn, Mttana road. Earlwood, Ann White, dearly loved mother of T'suline Illakc, acred 75 yeais. lt.l.P. By request, no


WILKINSON.-february 2C, 1028, at lier residence, Hodel farm-road, Modal Farro, Baulkham Hills, Eliza- beth, dearly loved wife of Robert Charles Wilkinson,

?¡red CS ycarB. At rest

WREN.- Februory 20, 1028, at Marrickville Cottage Hospital, Bernard Wron, dearly beloved father ct Peter, Mary, Bernard, and John, and beloved brother ti Thoms», aged 71 years. IU.P._


ARMSTRONG.-Iii loving tiiemury of my dear husband   and out father, John frederick, who passed away on

»'cbruarv 27, 1B2J.

He did lils best for all of us.

What mole could father dot

We lost our heit and truest friend

When we lost Von.

AUSTIN.-In loving memory ol my dear son and «UI hi other, William Clllford Austin, who departed

this life KMmulry uti, 11*2«

Ah, then, up (lien?, we'll understand.

Inserted by his sun-owing muthcr, also sister and brother-in-liw, Mr. and Mu. Djer.

BANKS- In loving memory ol our dear tUte-t, Annie, who departed this life february 27, Will. In- tertill bv IMT loving sisters. Katie. Maggie, Norah,

(Mid brother, Roheit.

BARKEL.-In loving memory of our dear father, John fesrkel. who passed »Way at 107 YV'}ildlutiu Street, Alex- andria, February 27, 111.14, »sod 70 years.

Drep are the memories still wé treasure,

Echoes of pai.1 lefall;

four long jiars, and still wo miss you,

for we loved you nil In all.

Ineerttd hy his loving family, Charles, florence, Arthur, Oliver, Harold, and Hoi olby.

BARKEL.-Jn loving uicuiory oi our dear brother, John Burtel, who nussed away fehrunry 27, IVM. Kgbd

lu > ears

Ooiie, hut not forgotten.

Insetted by lils only brother, Jsnie. Harke!, and

«ist«r-ln-law, Hárilctt Mark el.

BATSON.- In loving memory of mr dear w11* and mr mother, who departe«! this lite February 'ti, UBI. inserted bv tier lov'ltvir husband and children.

BENJAMIN.-A tribute to the everhsting memory of our dear dtutehtcr, tliolher, and sister, Nellie Benjamin (nee Stewart), who passed away february CO, ID.'O.

love's greatest (flit-n-ftiorubrttiicc.

Instiled by her loving parent*, son Aubrey, brothel tnd sister, Cyril and Sylvia, nephews und nieces.

BENSLEY.-In luvHi« memury of ni} dear husband «lid our father, who departetl this life february 20, 11117. Inserted by his wife and children. Ted. Olafe,

Floss, and lívven.

BIELER.-A tribute ol lovO to the memory of our be- lo! K1 brother. Andrew C. Blelcr, who died febrituiy 20, VM. Inserted hv hin brothers «ml sister. Allied.

Owar, and lossie.

BUDGE. -A loving token to tile memory of our dear fciolhor. who departed this life February 25, 1027.

God's greatest gift, remembrance. Upright and just In all her wavs,

Loving and kind until the end of bcr days

for us she did her very best. I

Cod grant her eternal rest.

Inserted by her luvtng son and daughter, Henry and

Jennie. |

CAINES.-In affectionate remembrance of Captain C. (.«hies, C.J.B., S.A., A.I.F., who departed (hit life J'elintarv 27, 192Ú. Inserted hv hin loving wife,


CUMMINGS.-In fond iwiimrv of our dear sister mid aunt, .Sarah, who died February ¿9, RIJO. At Teil, Insulted bv her loving siller, brother In law. mid family. I'nu, .Lick. Doris. Jack, mid Charlie Hore,


DONAUGHY.-In meiiifirv of our dear sou. James   jMeTjndir, who wa» «c'cldealally killed, I cbfiiary

17, 11*27

A life mane lientitiful bv kindly deeds. Mwstn H thought f«ir others' needs YV t who liav.. lo^t }on only know.

[ Cone from us that smiling face, those pleasant.

! »hetrfui wavs, , I J Dearer to memory (ban words can tell, I

IT the one w* have lost mid loved bu well, I Incerted bv hit loving nicliitr, father, Sister», «rid I fciother. Harry. I


DONAGHY.-In loving. memory of Jim, who died   February £7. 1927. from Injilrle« received at Speedway Ituyal. Dearest friend of the late Alice Urlfhtli. Re- united. Inserted hy Mr. and Mrs. A. Griffith.

DONAGHY.-In loving remembrance of Jim, dearly Inveil friend of Edna, who passed away february 27, 11127, through injuries received at Speedway Royal.

We think of von each day, dear,

With « irrlef that is deep and true,

No one knows the silent heartache .

That makes us long for vou.

Inserted by Edna. Mr. and Mrs. field, Gwcnnlc and


DOYLE.-In memory of our dear mother, Mary Ann Doyle, who departed this life february 27, 1D2U. In -cited bv her loving sons. Will and Alf.

DRUMMOND.-In sad and loving memory of my dear husband and father. Joseph Ewing Drummond, who passed «way February 27, 1024. Inserted by wife and faillit}'.

EDWARDS.-In loving memory of our dear Emmie Edwards, killed february 27, 1020.

The world mav change from year to >car,'

And friends from day to day;

But never will the one wc loved

From memutles fade inVoy.

Inserted by her loving parents and sisters and brui hers. G. Knight, Schofields.

FRAZER,-In loving memory of our grandmother. Dinah, who departed this life February 2«. 1028. Inserted by her grandchildren, Alma and Charlie.

HENDERSON.-In sad and loving memory of my dear wife and our dear mother. Elizabeth Henderson, who fell asleep February 27, 1928.

The silent grief in our hearts,

No human eye can trace;

For many an aching heart is hid

Beneath a smiling face.

Sleep on, beloved, take thy rest,

They miss you most who loved you best.   Inserted by her loving husband and family.

HENDERSON.-In loving memory of our dear mother and grandmother. Elizabeth, who died February 27,  


For her, sweet rest; for us, remembrance.

Inserted by her loving son and daughter-in-law, Oliver, Florrie, and Leslie.

HORTON.-In loving memory of our darli!« Arthur, who departed thlt life February 27, 1020, aged 2)

} cars.

The silent grlel that's In our hearts,

Ko human eve can trace: For many n broken heart.

Is- hid hellest li a smiling face. Inserted by his lovlntr parents.

KENNEDY.-In loving memory of olir dear mother   slid father, who passed away february 7 and 27. 1027.

Just a token, foild and true.

To show we think of both of you.

Inserted hy their oillv daughter and son-in-law. Cilndvs and Bob .Milne.

KIRKALDY.—In loving memory of my dear wife, Blanche, and our mother. Loved, remembered. Dadda, Ron, Jean.

KIRKALDY.—In loving memory of our dear sister, Blanche, who died February 27, 1927.

God's greatest gift—Remembrance.  

Inserted by her loving sister and brother-in-law,

Fred and Nina Shadlow.

MACKENZIE.-In luv lug niemnlv ot Angus Mucken rie. who died february 27, 11127. Inserted li} bl. loving wife and daughter. Belle-, and suns. Juck, Cur,

Angus. Gordon, itid YVnlhice.

MUDIE.-In loving nnuiury ol our dear mother and grandmother, died february 27, 1027.

Whatever else we full to do,

We «Ivva.vs think, dear mum, of .von.

Inserted bv her hiving daughter and b'uh-ln-lnw, Ivy und Mick, also gmudclilidicil, Cliirrlw and little Alan

MORONEY.-In loving inclitiirv ol our dalling luothef. Caroline Anulo, who died February 20, Hutt. Always itnncmbered bv her aororwlntr children, ivy, Let,


MUDIE.-In loving memory of our dear mother ami graudnititlier, died February 27, 1027. Dearly loved and sudlv misted and lovod by all. Inserted' by h.-r loving daughter and lon-ln-lavv, Emily and Arthur, alan grandchildren, Sid, Arthur, Hurnfd. Jovcc, nisi)


MUDIE.-In loving memory of our dear mother, wini dt pul ted this life February 27, 1027. Inserted by her lovlntr daughter and soii-Iu-litvv, Murv und All Cotlruile.

MUDIE.-In loving memory of dear mother and grandin*, who departed this life February, 1027. Al rest. Inserted by hei Icvlng son and duiigliler-lii-lûw and grandchildren

MUDIM,-lu loving memory of deur molhei and grandmu, tvhb departed this life February 27, 1027. At rest. Inserted hy her lovlutf daughter und son-in-law, tlarttct and Jack, add grandsons, Clllhird and Billie.

MUTTON.-In loving memory of Charles Wesley

Mutton, late of Pyrmont. who died February 20, 1900

In his 24th year.

Rock of Ages, cleft for me, Let me hide myself in Thee.

Inserted by his sad mother. M Mutton, of Wah- roohge

NEAVE.-In lot'liig memory of, our dearly loved mother, who departed this life february 2â, 11127. It.l.P. Inserted bv her sorrowing sou «ntl daughter; ¡ibu grandchildren. YY. J. Neave and family. W'cst Win long.

NILDE.-In loving memory of our dear father. Charles George Willie, who departed (hld life February 27, 11)23. inserted by lils lovlllg children, Al, Alice, George, Jessie, Ella, and Glad.vsi

PARKER.-Iii loving memory of our dear mother and friend, Martini Ann Parker, 'who departed this lite february 27, 1027. ' Inserter! by her loving chlldrrli. Mut, Hurley, Charlie, mid Joe, and friend, Jean.

SMITH. - In loving memory of my dear wife, Effie M., who passed away February 27, 1927.

To-day recalls sad memories. Inserted by her loving husband, Tom.

SMITH. - In loving memory of my dear daughter and our sister, who passed away February 27, 1927. In- serted by her loving mother, brothers, and sisters.

TAYLOR.- In loving memory of my dear wife and

our dear mother, Bridget Mary, died February 27, 19022.  

Gone from us that smiling face;

Those pleasant, cheerful ways;

The heart that won so many friends

In happy, bygone days.

Inserted by her loving husband and children, Joyce and Roy.

WEST.-In loving memory of our dear father, who tiled February 27. 1021. Insetted bv lils lovltig children, Ethel, Mabel, and Les. Always remembered.

, On Active 8 er vide.

BATES.-Killed In action, Fobiitnry 211, 1017. on the Macedonian frotlt, Archibald William Bales, aged 23, 20lh Battalion, Middlesex Regiment, youligeSt son of O. J. Butes. His dutv done. Inserted by hit loving



Mr. C. A. PRICE and FAMILY desire to return titeir sincere THANHS to relatives and friends for thair kind expressions of s.vmputhy, letters, telegrams, and floral tributes In their .recent ead bereavement.

Mr. mid Mrs. KENNY and FAMILY, of 1 Lcnton painde. Waterloo, desire to ' express their sincere THANKf. to all relatives, neighbours, and friends for «.pressions of sympathy, wreaths, letters, cards, and call«, particularly Mt. mid Mrs. W. Lowe, Mrs. Ander sen, and Sinters and Brothers of Mount Cnrnlol School, for their gt«at kindness to them In their sad bereave- ment In the death of their dear son und brother. Regin-

ald Kennv.

Mr. and Mrs STANLEY ARTHUR return THANKS to friends and relations for kind expressions of sympathy In recent snd bereavement.

Mrs. ALICK O. GRIFFITHS and FAMILY, 00 Redfern street, Redfern, desire to return THANKS to friends, Lodges, ladles' committee, National Association, minis tens, sisters and ntirsel of Sydney Hospital, for floral tributes, cfirds, telegrams, In their recent sad bereave- ment In the loss of Tier dear hu«band, John J. Griffiths.

Mr. A. O. GOOD and FAMILY', of Pomrroy-strcet, Homebush, desire io return sincere THANKS to all relative!, friends, neighbours, for their kind expressions of sympathy In their recent sad bereavement.

Sir. A, CAMERON. DAUGHTER EVELYN, and Mrs. WlLSON-SMlTn. of 38 Gibbons-street. Redfern, desire tn return sincere THANKS to relatives mid friends, the emplovecs of the Overhead Lines Branch, Hull ways and Tramways, Mist Menler, and the girls of David Jones, for their kind expressions of sympathy In their sad bereavement.

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