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The following compnnloa have boon regis- tered, shares bolng of tho valuo of £1 each:

Australian National Film Production«, Limi-

ted, capital £3000, to manufacturo, Import,

biro and gonornlly deal in cinematograph or otherrfllms, and to -carry on business as theatre,proprietors, etc Subscribers; A. E. "Higgins, B. S. Court, W. T. Dummett, S. L Glover, C. S. Rogers, J. A. Minchin, and J.

Econ* Water Taps, Limited, capital £16,000, to carry on business as manufacturers, mer- chants, and distributors of tho "Keon" wator tap. Subscribers: R. A. Mlllor, W. V. Beat- tie, F. A, Rogle, S. J. Aullffo, N. D. Fottors,

L. Konny, M. S. Stanley.

F. R. Strnngo, Limited, capital £3000, to adopt an ngrcement between S. S. Downes, for tho company, and R. Latlmer, for tho purchase of tho business at No. 3 Hamilton street, Sydney, lately carried on by the lat tor, and to carry on business as auctioneers, land and estate agents, etc. Subscribers: R. Latlmer, S. S. Downos, A. A. Shoobridge, R. V. Ephraim, C. R. Stranßo, Olivo C. Hope,

Florence J. Brierley.

Laddorproof Textiles, Limited, capital £60,000, to carry on business as knitters, spin- ners, weavers, etc. Subscribers: P. F. Irvine, E. A. Lawrence, R. J. Sands, J. Vicars, L. C. Laurence, J. Eley, and J E. Hurst.

The Trullno Brick Construction Company, Limited, capital £10,000, to acquire from A. M. Duncan, tho rights of his Invention re- lating to the manufacturo of brtclCB and to building construction, and to carry on busi- ness as importers, exporters, and deniers In bricks and building materlals'gencrally. First directors: A. H. Warner, A. F, E. Warner, H. T. Siddins, T. M. Thompson, and A. M. Duncan. ,i't

P. and O. deferred stock was quoted In London on Thursday, our . correspondent cal-Ics, at £248, a rise of £1/10/ on the day. (v,


Queensland Brewery, Ltd.;",*l_lf-yearly, 10 per cont. per nnnum, pnyablojFebruary 4.

Robertson and Mullens, Ltd., Ir-terlm, half yoarly, ordinary, 6 per cent, per-annum, pre- ference, 8 per cent, por annum,"¡payable Feb-

ruary 1.

"W.J.T."' An arrangement exists between tho Rallwny Commissioners and the City Coun- cil whereby during certnln periods of the day the City Council electricity supply Is sup plomentod by "bulk" from the Railway Com- missioners' power-houso; a similar arrange- ment provides that tho City Council power- house supplies In "bulk" to the Railway Com-

missioners in the evont of a sudden and ab- normal demand for the tramways or electric railways.

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