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Australian Pictures.


MIBB' Mercla McDonsgh, who wrote tho Aus- tralian picture romance, "Those Who Love," told the Film Commission yesterday that she experienced certain difficulty in getting a Bcreening for her picture, but it waa ulti- mately taken by J. C. Williamsons', and had proved a success. With the experience gained in this first production she and her sisters intended making another one, and they ex- pected that it would bo even better. Mr. Stunrt Doyle had gi*.en them encouragement In making the produc:'on.

"I think Mr. Dexter was making sweeping statements when he referred to the appearance of Australian girls." witness said, In reply to

Senator. Duncan.

The chairman (Mr. Marks): He couldn't have seen you, eh? (Laughter.)

Witness considered that for the present Aus-

tralia should not encourage the production of costly pictures, depicting fashion in dress In i competition with Americn, when there was so much scope for simple stories. Too many bush pictures, on the other hand, must bo- le├│me monotonous.


Mr. Raymond Longford, an Australian pro- ducer, gave ovidence on tho need for de-

veloping an inter-lmperlal film market. Aus Itrallan films bad not been screened as fre- quently as might have boen desired, he said.

I Tho chairman: in reading tho evidence of [Mr. Stuart Doyle, 1 notice he says he has 'screened ton of your productions in his ¡theatres. Do you say that is not a fair show ling?-I do. Mr. Doyle has not screened that

I number,

' The chairman: This is a very good list-But

there are others of mino which have not been | screened.

The chairman: I don't think you can fairly | complain.

i Witness added 'hat picture exhibition was I largely in the hands of a combine. Ho con-

sidered that all theatres In Australia r'toultl ! bo required to Bereen a certain number of

Australian films.

Evidence waB given In camera by Mr. W. Cresswell O'RIley, the Commonwealth Film Censor. _

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