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Tbo following companies have beon regis- tered, shares being of the Value of _1

each:- . »

Southern Portland Cement, Limited, capital £1,000,000, to erect works at Berrima, New South Wales, for theTaanufacture of Portland] cement, and allied products, to .develop aud equip a colliery and central power station, etc Tbo company Is associated with Hos- kins Iron and Steel Company, Limited, and Howard Smith, Limited First directors: A. S Taylor, H. B Howard Smith, E H. Flack, L. Ennis, C. H. Hoskins. A. S Hoskins, and E. C. Holroyde. Registered ofllce. Kembla Building, MarKaret-street, Sydney.

Australian Hat Mills, Limited, capital £5000. to acquire certain machinery and goods, etc.. from H Langley and Nellie Langley, apd to carry on tho business of hat manufacturers in all Its branches. First directors: Nellie Langley (managing) and H Langley

H. A. Clothier. Limited, capital £10.000, to acquire the business of wool and produce buyers, dealers, and brokers, etc., now car- ried on by H A. Clothier, at Queanbeyan. First director; H. A. Clothier. Registered ofllce. Queanbeyan. New Routh Wales.

N. Solomon, Limited, capital £5000, to carry on the business of printers, engravers, die sinkers, stencil cutters, etc Subscribers: N. N Solomon. A. J. Marks, J. F. Neill, L. Solomon. E Kleid. G Solomon, and Lena


Skinner and Dane, Limited, capital £16.000 to acquire the business now carried on un- der the firm name of Chas E. Skinner as woodworking engineer and supplier of all mill equipment, etc First directors: C E Skin- ner and f!. J Dane. Registered ofllce, Druitt House. 119 Bay-street. Sydney.

War Hing nnd Co., Limited, capita) £25.000. to acquire the business of Keneral merchants, importers, exporters, commission accents, etc.. now carried on under the firm name of War Hing and Co. First directors: J. S Lee. H. Foy, J. Quay, T Choy, H Noan. W Loong, Q Soon. J. Goo. and Y. Soo

Flock, Limited, has decided to increase its capital from £5000 to £10.000. by the creation of 5000 additional shares of £1 each.

The following companies have decldod to wind up voluntarily-Frank Hurley's Pearls and Savages. Limited (liquidator. R. F. Bourke): Gus Shadlow Company.* Limited

lliquidator, F. W Nichols).


Spencer's Pictures, Ltd., Intorlm, /6 per share, payable August '31.

"A.E.C."-It is not necessary to make a


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