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The Sydney Cenotaph dedication committee bas completed arrangements for the cere- mony which will tako place in Martin-place

on August 8.

Ticket-holders for the dals will enter Mar tlu-placo by the barriered laneway in the centre of the road lu time to be cn the plat- form before 12,50 p.m.

Tho Prc-iuicr (Mr. Lang) will arrlvo at 12.15, and the Oovornor (Sir Dudley de Chair)

at 1 p.m.

| The dedication ceremony will he as fol-


Hymn, "0 God our holp In ages past," played by the baud and sung by the general


The Governor will call on Lleutennnt-Geno ral Str Hurry Chauvel to speak on the subject of "The Silt of August," after which tho Governor will move to the Cenotaph and place the first wreath upon it.

Tbo buglo band will sound the "Last Post" and "Reveille"

The Governor will then return to the dals and call on the Lord Mayor (┬╗Alderman Mostyn), who will formally accept the care

of the site.

Hymn, "Recessional," played by the baud and sung by the general public.

The Governor will then depart, the band playing "Australia will be there."

No arrangements have been made tor the placing of wreaths on tbe cenotaph during the ceremony, but an opportunity will be provided afterwards. Only ticket-holders will be per- mitted inside the reservation. Tho general publie is nsked to allow mothers and widows of fallen soldiers to stand as near to the harriers surrounding the Cenotaph as pos- sible, and also on the steps of the Post


┬╗Amplifiers are helng erected to carry the voices of the speakers along Martin-place into Goorgo and Pitt streets, and broadcasting stations Avili transmit the ceremony by Avh-c


Leave has been granted to returned soldiers, sailors, ami nurses In the State and munirl nal service from 12.30 to 2.20. ┬╗\s far as de- partmental requirements will allow the same nrovision is helng made in the Federal PuMle Service. Private employers are requested to grant similar concct-slons.


The Minister for Education (Mr. Davies) yesterday approved of leave from school from 11 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. on Monday nc\t r"lng granted to noy fv-outi attending the Fort street Technical High School, the Sydney High School, and the Mosman Intermediate School and Preparatory School. These Roy Scouts are being invited tn ass-lst in the dis- tribution of the programmes at the Cenotanh site dedlrition rcremonv between 1 p.m. and I p.m. The scouts are to report Immediately they arrive In the city at Scouts' headquarters,

258 Ceoree-strect.


Mr. II. G. Bennett proposed to members of the I.egacy Club yesterday that the Public Questions Committee might consider whether or not the Premier should assist in dedicat- ing the war memorial In Martin-place. The idea was to remove the ceremony altogether

frnm the political sphere.

Colonel Hyman said that the land in Mar- tin place was made available and the work upon the memorial was so far advanced only because of the Government's assistance. The matter was not further discussed.

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