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Canon George Burns, O.B.E., of Nairobi, Kenya Colony, East Africa, who Is at present visiting Sydney, will be the chief speaker at the jubilee celebrations of the Church Mis- sionary Society's Uganda Mission, to bo held In the Chapter House from 6 p.m. onward

on Tuesday,

Canon Burns, who was born in Australia, went to Africa in 1839 to engage in lay work in the missionary field. The first district assigned to him was on the coast of East Africa, but ho was removed inland to Nairobi soon afterwards, and has been working there ever since. At an- early period of his mis- sionary experience he was admitted to An- glican orders, and a few years ago he was made a Canon by the Bishop of Mombasa. In July last the King conferred upon him the honour of O.B.E., in specific recognition of his missionary work In Kenya. Chief material evidence of this Is the stone church recently built by Canon Burns at NairnM, designed to accommodate 2000 worshippers, which is filled every Sunday.

The jubilee of the Uganda mission Is being specially observed at St. Matthew's, Manly, from to-morrow until Thursday. Canon Beg bie and Canon Burns will "sslst. A study school on Uganda will be conducted.

At St. Andrew's Cathedral on Sunday morn- ing the annual parade service of St John Ambulance will be held. The sermon will be preached by the Rev. A. R. Ebbs, rector of St, Matthew's, Manly. The pulpit will be occupied in the evening by the Dean of


Dr. Long, Bishop of Bathurst, has been compelled to take a rest as a result of over- strain. Ho 1B at present staying with Canon and Mrs. Hughes, at Aspendale, Victoria.

The Rev. C. W. Clarke, late of Kurri Kurri, has been licensed as curate at St Stephen's,


Archdeacon Davies will, on Saturday next, lay the foundation-stone of the stone wall on the Bland-street, frontago of the Church of St. John the Baptist, Ashfield. The cere- mony will take_ plaoe at 3 p.m.

The Rev. C. Hughesdon, of Wentworth Falls, is to exchango for six months with the Rev. S. Taylor, rector of Wahroonga.

. On Tuesday,. July B, at 3 p.m., the 46th'

annual meeting of the Rawson Institute for Seamen will take place in the Institute Hall, 100 Gedrgo-street North. Bishop-Coad- jutor, D'Arcy-Irvlne, will preside, and an ad- dress will bo given by the Governor, Sir Dudley do Chair.

A.secretaries' meeting of the Scripture Union will be held in the Church Mialoniry Society's tea room on Tuesday next Tea will take place at 6 p.m., and the meeting will be held from. 6.45 to 7.30

At the Soldiers' Memorial Church of Re- surrection, Cabramatta, on Wednesday next, at 8 p ni., Bldhop-Condjutor D'Aroy Irvine will administer the rite of confirmution.

On Saturday next, July 2, the 27th annual festival of St. Nicholas' Church, Coogee, wjll take place, commencing at 5 45 p m.

Archbishop Kelly is still an inmate of Lewisham private hospital He is making satisfactory progress after his reiont eye operation, and It is oxpocted that within a couple of weeks -his vision will be normal.

The annual reunion will take place at St. Anthony's Home, Croydon, to-morrow aftef noon, at 3 30 o'clock. A special address will be given by the Rev. G. Ellis Herlihy.

At the Glebe Presbyterian Church, the site of which was recently sold, the Moderator General of the Presbyterian Assembly of Aus- tralia <the Rev. Dr.' Scott West) will preach at the final morning ¡sorvlce to be held on Sunday, July 3, The Minister of the charge, the Rev. R. C. Racklyeft, will 'preach at the final evenlDg service.

At the Hunter Baillie Church, Annandale, the Moderator of the Presbyterian Assembly of New South Wales fthe Rev. D. McKay Bar- net) will address the Men's League to-mor- row afternoon, and he will also conduct the evening service.

A presentation of a wallet of notes and a travelling rug has been made to the Presby- terian Minister of Stanmore (the Rev. Alex- ander Fleming) by bin congregation.

The Moderator of the Presbyterian Assem- bly of New South Wales (the Rev. D. McKay Bartlet) will preside at the Inaugural meet- ing of the Forward Step Campaign for 1927 of the Presbyterian Fellowship Union of New South Walea, to be held In the Y.W.C.A. building, Liverpool-street, on Tuesday next, at 7.45 p.m.

The Rev. Victor C. Bell, B.A., will be In- ducted into the Strathfield Presbyterian charge on Tuesday next, 'at 8 p.m., and the Rev. C F. D. McAIplne will be inducted into the Rozelle charge on Wednesday next, at 8


The Rev. L. W. Farr will be Inducted at the Bexley Congregational Church on Thurs- day evening next. The chairman of the Con- gregational Church (the Rev. William Touohell) will preside.

The Rev. R. A. Thompson will relinquish the position of acting pastor of the Epping Congregational Church on June 30.

The president of the Methodist Conference (the Rev. G. H. Hewitt) will visit North Sydney to-morrow, and conduct services at Walkor-street and Suspension Bridge churches. He will visit the same churches on Monday and Tuesday respectively to hold missionary meetings. On Wednesday, Mr. Howitt and Mr. H. Stewart, of Burwood, will conduct a special missionary meeting at the Waverley Methodist School, where the film "Tonga To-day" will be screened.

On Saturday, July 2, at 3 p.m., the Central MothodiBt Mission Men's Hostel and Night Refuge In Francis-street, will be opened by Mr. E. F. Vickery.

At Katoomba Baptist Church, the Rev. S. A. DickBOu Is supplying In succession to tho Rev. Robert Pickup, who is acting as locum tenons at Mosman.

Dr. A. J. Waldock, who i« the Australian CommiBSloner for the Baptist work at Can- berra, is visiting Queensland. He will later

visit Victoria.

The Rev. F. J. Dunkloy will visit Went- worthville, Sefton Park, and Granville to-


To-morrow, the president of the Baptist Union (Mr. F. W. Winn) will viBlt tho New- castle district and conduct services at the Newcastle Tabernacle in the morning, at Lamb- ton In the afternoon, and at Wallsend In the evening. ,

To-morrow, the Rev. W. Bottomley will conduct the services at the Sydney Unitarian Church, Hyde Park. Mr. Bottotnley ia mltiis ter of the Melbourne Unitarian Church, and bon. secretary of tho Australian Unitarian and Free Christian Association. At the even- ing service, Mr, Bottomley will unveil an enlarged photograph and tablet of the late Rev. George Walters, who had been minister of tho church for 33 years. On Tuesday next, at 8 p.m., Mr. Bottomley -will address a public meeting in the church, on "Jesus-a Challenge to the Churches."

Colonel Suttor, the »Salvation Army's oblef secretary, on Wednesday, Introduced Bri- gadier Newby at Burwood, as the comtnandor of the Sydney woBt division.

Colonel Gaskin, of Melbourne, will lead the meetings at Dulwich Hill on Sunday, in the Salvation Army oitadel, assisted by Colonel Fisher. r \ '_

Commissioner Sovfton will viBit the peni- tentiary at Long Bay to-day, to have a. meet- ing with the prisoners.

The 71st half-yearly meeting of the N.S.W. Bush Missionary Society will be held In the Bathurst-street Baptist Church on Thursday afternoon next, at 2.30. ?

Arrangements have been made by the Aus- tral I an . Board of Missions and thei Church Missionary Society to conduct a combined mis- sionary campaign. Tho Bishop of Gippsland (the. Right Rev. Dr.' Cranswick) has accepted the position of director,of the campaign. He will arrive here on Friday next, and meet re- presentatives of the 'two missionary bodies. On Saturday, be will leaife for Townivill«.

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