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By Prime Minister.


In November of In st j-enr, ns you will well remember, following ns you 'will well remember, following ninny months of industrial wnrt'itro, dor which Industry in this conn try was partially paralysed, our perishable pro- ducts rotted on the wharfs because

ships were unable lo sall, and our over- , soa markets were threatened with ex- tinction, my Government was returned to power on a clear issue, and with it definite mission. "We were commanded by tho expressed will of one ol' the great- est majority votes in the history of tim country,. In the greatest poll ever re- corded, to Introduce measures for tho preserva!Ion of industrial pence. Every section ol' the com mu n Hy united In th.3 demand Internal strife should censit. and Australia be permitted to develop .along sound lines in a peaceful way.

As you know, I Immediately en- deavoured lo redeem lhy promise,^ but found myself hemmed*In by Constitu- tional limitations. Snell a position is contrary to every fundamental principio of democracy.

In tile circumstances I could cither ignore the mission with which I was entrusted, or appen!, as I had definitely promised, by means of a referendum for increased powers. I chose the latter course, and willi the fullest appr├ęcia I ion of my responsibilities, ask .you to sup- port nie in the action I have taken.

1 pledge my word as your Primo Minister that the powers for which I now ask are necessary to promote industrial peace. That it no1 my own opinion. The bill embodying the first proposal was passed through Parliament by TS votes -including members of nil three parlies in both Houses-to 3 votes, whilst a great majority voted for the second. This Is not a party isspe. It has tile overwhelming endorsement of your selected representatives.

I ask you to support these proposait li) order that your expressed wish may bo made effective, and Industrial penco and harmony, so essential to lbe develop-

ment ol' this young country, and ho . vital to the Interest of every section, bo ' made possible of attainment.

Vote "Yes" to both questions, and help' to promote the happiness and prosperity . of all your fellow-citizens, and the com-

ing generation.

Sincerely yours,

? S. M. BRUCH,

August, 10-0. Prime Minister.

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