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New Station Opened.


Tho broadcasting station of the Theosophlcal Society was,opened last night In the Adyar Hall by the" Minister for Education (Mr. Mutch), who stated that ho regarded the work of broadcasting stations as being in tho .nature of secondary education.

The station's call number is 2GB, and Us wave length is 326 motres. Tho Input power at present is 1500 watts, but it will, tho manager states, bo Increased to 3000 watts on tho arrival at nn early date of transmitting valves from Britain. For the present the station will broadcast on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ovenlngs, and on Sundays.

Bishop Arandale, chairman of directors of the Theosophlcal Broadcasting Station, Ltd., said that they would regard other broad castlug stations as comrades lu a good work. The programmes of the now station would be as good, aB beautiful, and as true as they eould make them. All the music would not bo of tho stomer, classical kind, as they recognised that dance and lighter music served a very useful purpose. Their pro- grammes would be for tho uplift of Aus- tralia and the inspiration of the listener. The station would know no politics, creed, dogmas, or doctrine.

The Minister for Education (Mr. Mutch) said that the broadcasting stations were doing a splendid educational work of a secondary nature. A broadcasting station which put On bad programmes could very well destroy some of tho educational work of his de- partment, and for that reason ho was de- lighted to hear the high Ideals the chairman and directors of the aew station bad set before them. He hoped they would be ablo to live up to that ideal.

Mr. Bennett, mnnngor of tho stutlon, said that bn had received u number of tolephono calls stating that the station was being clearly and loudly received iu all parts of the metropolitan a-ea, and beyond.

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