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AMPT.- On the 26th December, 1917, at "Wingadee," Wentworth avenue, Canterbury, to Mr. and Mrs. G. Ampt - a son.

BAKER.-On the 14th December, at "Bethesda" private hospital, the wife of G. Ashton Baker, B.C.E.--a daughter (Violet Thelma).

BIENVENU.-On the 24th December, 1917, at   Sister Annear's hospital, Armadale, to Mr. and    

Mrs. R.G. Bienvenu, Kelburn street, Caulfield--a daughter. Both well. BISSELL.-On the 3rd January, at Oberon private hospital, Footscray, to Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Bissell--a son.

BLACK.- On the 1st January, 1918, at Sister An  

near's private hospital, Sutherland road, Arma   dale, the wife of Archibald MacGregor Black,

Tarwin, South Gippsland--a son.    

BOWMAN (nee Lane).-On the 1st January, at    "Mount Wise" private hospital, Mercer road,    

Malvern, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bowman--a

daughter (Marjorie Ada).

BRUCE.-On the 21st December, at Manor street,    

Middle Brighton, to Dr. and Mrs. Bruce--a son.

CAMERON-On the 2nd January, at "Coonara"

private hospital, St. Kilda road, Melbourne, the     wife of Campbell Cameron, Surrey Hills - a son.

COMPORT.- On the 23rd December, 1917, at  

"Quistrana," Dandenong road, Windsor, to Mr.   and Mrs. W. Everist Comport, E. S. and A. Bank, Brighton--a son.

D'ARCY (nee Eily Trinder).-On the 29th Decem

ber, 1917, at Nurse Basser's private hospital, 15   Drummond street, Carlton, to Mr. and Mrs. J. D'Arcy, "Glandore," Boinka, Vic.--a son. (Syd       ney papers please copy.)    

DIMSEY (nee Doris Davey).--On the 28th Decem      

ber, at St. Andrew's private hospital, Middle       Brighton, the wife of Lieut. D. F. Dimsey, Aust.

Flying Corps (abroad)--a son.  

DRAFFIN (nee Edith Duffy).- On the 29th Decem-    

ber, at Bethesda private hospital, to Mr. and     Mrs. E. F. Draffin - a son (Noel Joseph). Both


EVANS (nee May Bent).-On the 23rd December,      

at 17 Atkins street, Kew, the wife of Percy

Evans--a son (Eric Percy).      

FAIRBAIRN.-On the 20th December, the wife      

of Stanley J Fairbairn, Lyndhurst - a son (Murray).

FARGIE. -On the 27th December, 1917, at "Eleet,"      

Belsize avenue, Murrumbeena, the wife of James Fargie - a daughter (Noela Muriel).  

FORD.-On the 4th December, at Nurse Thom»    

son's, "Araluen," Pratt street, Moonee Ponds,       to Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Ford, of Moonee Ponds-a

son (Howard Thomas).

GIBSON.-On the 28th December, at Nurse New       

ton's private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. A. W.   Gibson, Florida grove, South Wangaratta - a


GILES. -On the 24th December, at Nurse McFar        

lane's private hospital, Terang, the wife of C.

H. Giles, of Terang--a son.

GILLETT (nee Leonide Pilloud). -On the 22nd De    

cember, at Bellaria, Newtown, Geelong, to Mr. and Mrs. Don Gillett, Yverdon, Bannockburn a daughter (Nancy Beryl).

GLANVILLE HICKS.-On the 29th December, at       

55 Ormond road, Elwood, to Lieutenant and Mrs.    

E. Glanville Hicks- a son.  

GORMAN.-On the 26th December, at Carinya,

Yarrawonga, to Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Gorman--a daughter (Patricia Mary). Both well.  

HARRIDGE (nee Smitheram).-On the 11th De        

cember, 1917, at "Glenarm," Kerang, to Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Harridge--a daughter (Betty Denese).

HINDSON.—On the 1st January, at Gartriff, Colac,     the wife of J. Henty Hindson—a daughter.    

HODDLE.-On the 22nd November, at "Narrina,"           Sutherland road, Armadale, to Mr. and Mrs.             Robert Hoddle, "Sarce," Caulfield--a daughter.        

JAMES (nee Olive Hellings).-On the 2nd January,  

at Nurse William's private hospital, Bairnsdale,   the wife of E. Dudley James - a daughter (Valerie


JAQUES (nee Muriel Young).-On the 25th Decem              

ber, at "Kalimna," Dandenong road, East Caul         field, the wife of Captain Geo. A. Jaques--a son.

JENKINSON.-On the 1st December, 1917, to Mr.

and Mrs. M. V. Jenkinson, 228 Prospect Hill road, Surrey Hills--a daughter (Yvonne Alice).

KELLEY (nee Claudine Lockington).-On the 29th    

December, at St. Pancras private hospital, Frankston, the wife of A. G. Kelley (Adelaide)--     s son (Kingsly Lockington).    

KERR.-On the 21st December, 1917, at Berwick  

private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Kerr, of      

"Crail," Beaconsfield Upper--a daughter (Pat ricia Buchanan).           KIRKLAND.-On the 1st January, at Nurse Wig  

ley's private hospital, Kensington, to Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Kirkland, of 34A York street, St.  

Kilda-a son (Alexander John).  

LANDAU.-On the 26th December, 1917, at "Han  

chen Ville," 285 Station street, North Carlton, to Mr. and Mrs. Morris Landau--a daughter (Lorna).    

LEECH.-On the 26th December, at 'Melrose,''

Domain road, South Yarra, the wife of William   Wigmore Leech-a daughter.  

LETTS.- On the 23rd December, at Nurse Heard's  

private hospital, Footscray, to Mr. and Mrs. S.   Melville Letts--a daughter (Jean Emily). Both


LLOYD-On the 3rd January, 1918, at Nurse    

Pestell's private hospital, Kyneton,to Mr. and       Mrs. E. P. Lloyd, Deniliquin, N.S.W. -a son.    

Both well.  

LYNDON (nee Elsie Johns).--On the 15th Decem  

ber, at Sister MacGillivray's private hospital,   Maffra,the wife of S. R. Lyndon-a daughter.      

MACKINTOSH.- On the 28th December, 1917, at

"Coniston," Green street, East St. Kilda, to Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Mackintosh--a daughter.    

MACMILLAN (Dorothy Oldfield).-On the 23rd De    

cember, 1917, at "Cambria," Grassmere road,    

Neutral Bay, Sydney, the wife of Donald C. Mac   millan--a daughter (Doreen Jean).

MAUGER.-On the 25th December, at Bethesda  

private hospital, Richmond, to Mr. and Mrs.   E. P. Mauger-a daughter (Beryl Noel).   McDONALD (nee Bowler).-On the 30th Decem

ber, 1917, at private hospital, E. St. Kilda, to   Mr. and Mrs. McDonald, Inkerman road, E. St.     Kilda--a daughter (Abigail).        

MILLAR.-On the 28th December, at Bella Vista,    

Glentilt road, East Malvern, to Mr. and Mrs.   Ernest Millar-a son Both well.      

MYERS.-On the 27th November, at Rockston,  

Sunshine, to Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Myers--a son (Donald


OLDRIDGE (nee Bessie Yandell).—On the 29th De  

cember, at "Edlington," Auburn road, Auburn,   to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Oldridge–a daughter.

Both well.

PANELLI.-On the 27th December, at St. George's    

private hospital, Kew, to Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Panelli, "Viewmount," Doncaster road, Balwyn--     a daughter.        

SHERIDAN.- On the 31st December, at Nurse       McKinnon's hospital, Bendigo, to Mr. and Mrs.        

H. L. Sheridan--a son (Robert Henry).   SUTCLIFFE (nee Chrissie Meier).-On the 30th   December, 1917, at 73 Francis street, Ascotvale,    

to Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sutcliffe--a son (Edward      


THOMAS.--(Ethelen Tregcar, Nurse Ethel).-On the           19th November, 1917, at "Roskcar," Loch street,     Camberwell, to Mr. and Mrs. A. C. (Charl.) Thomas--a son.      

WHITCHURCH (nee Minnie Webb).-On the 26th      

December, at "Harrisville," private hospital, Northcote, to Mr and Mrs. W. H. Whitchurch,        

"Kingswood," Mitchell street, Northcote--a   daughter (Edna Mavis).

WILLIAMS.-On the 28th December, at St. An    

drew's, Middle Brighton, wife of Hermann H. Williams--a daughter.

WILSON.-On the 23rd December, at Weeroona pri     vate hospital, Bryson street, Canterbury, to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Wilson, "Hilberton," Mont  

Albert road, Surrey Hills--a son (Cecil Herbert). Both well.


APPLEFORD- COOKE. -On the 24th November,

1917, at "Alma," Rose street, Armadale, by the   Rev. F. W. Boreham, Reginald Whitely, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Appleford,

of East Malvern, to Vera Young, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Bradley Cooke, of Armadale.   At home "Luana," Crotonhurst avenue, Caul-

field, January 31 and February 1, afternoon and evening.

CROSS- WILLMOTT.- On the 1st of December, at

Methodist Church, Nicholson street, North Fitz- roy, by Rev. C. W. Atkinson, M.A., James J.,

eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Cross, Homebush,   to Hilda C., eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Willmott, North Carlton, formerly of St. Arnaud,

(Present address, Dunn street, Wonthaggi.)    

DAY-RATTENBURY.--On the 8th December,      

1917, at Albert street Baptist Church, East    

Melbourne, by the Rev. Edward Isaac, Matthew Fred, only son of Mrs. Day and the late Fred.    

Day, of 2 Garden street, Williamstown, to Wini fred, only daughter of Mr. R. Rattenbury and the late Elizabeth rattenbury, of Racecourse, Williamstown. Present address, Ailsa grove, Ivanhoe. DEAKIN--SEWELL-STRACHAN.-On the 17th No              

vember, 1917, at Scots church, Ballarat, by the    

Rev. A. H. Moore, B.A., William Andrew, second         son of Mrs. T. H. Deakin, of Fairfield, to Ruby    Evangeline, eldest daughter of the late Mr. C. L. N. Sewell, and Mrs. W. A. Sewell, of Bal

larat, formerly of Box Hill.

DEAN-BARR.-On the 7th November, at the  

Presbyterian Manse, Brunswick, by the Rev.    

Crockett, Marcus Arthur (late 60th Battalion),   second son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Dean, Echuca, to         Mabel Jeanette, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

W. Barr, Davison street, Brunswick. Present address, Seymour.

GRANO-WHITE.-On the 26th December, at El  

sternwick, by the Rev. Father Collins, George Albert O'Reilly, son of Mrs. Lucinda Grano, Broadway, St. Kilda, and the late G. W. H.    

Grano, of Ararat, to Cecelia Mary, fourth daugh     ter of Mrs. Catherine White, "Allowah," Stani      

land grove, Elsternwick, and the late P. White, of Ballarat.

GULLIVER-HOWARD.-On the 17th December, 1917, at Holy Trinity Church, Balaclava, by the Rev. F. Masters, Gordon E. F., youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Gulliver, of "Arcadia,"

Bambra road, Caulfield, to Elsie May, only     daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Howard, of

Whitehall street, Footscray. (Tasmanian papers please copy.)

GUNN-MAYO.- [Silver Wedding.]-On the 29th December, 1892, Alexander McAlpine Gunn, of Thorpdale, to Emeline, second daughter of the late George Mayo, of Childers.


HAMILTON—CRANE.—On the 8th December, 1917,  

at Moonee Ponds, by the Rev. W. Fraser, Henry Hamilton (late of Fairfield) to Marie Louise Crane. Present address, "Senga," Taylor street,

Moonee Ponds.

INGLIS-PETRIE.-On the 15th December, 1917,

at Clifton Hill, by J. H. Marshall, B.A., George M. Inglis, second son of A. Knox Inglis, to Catherine A. Petrie (Kitty), elder daughter of     Mrs. Petrie and late J. H. Petrie, Mitford street, St. Kilda.

JOHNSON-HARDING.-On the 30th November,

1917, at Holy Trinity Church, Oakleigh, by Rev. M. J. B. Bennett, B.A., B.D. (cousin of the   bride), William Harold, second son of Edwin J.   and Mrs. Johnson, Armadale (late of Omeo), to   Dulcie Isabinda, younger daughter of Lieut.- Colonel and Mrs. Harding, "Helensburgh," Brookville road, Toorak. Present address, Glen   Iris road, Glen Iris.

McNABB-LITHGOW.- On the 29th November, at

the Presbyterian Church, Brunswick, by the Rev. A. Crockett, David Charles, second youngest son       of Mr. and Mrs. W. McNabb, of Hazelwood Park, Morwell, to Hilda May, of Spring Hill, Yering, youngest daughter of the late John and Susan Lithgow, of Carlton.

MOYES-BREWER.—On the 29th November, at the

residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. J. H. Marshall, William John, only son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Moyes, of "Clairdale," Neerim South, to Hilda Elizabeth, eldest daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brewer, of "Otaio,"

Gatehouse street, Parkville. Present address, "Clairdale," Neerim South, Gippsland, Victoria.

NOBLE-McCALLUM.-On the 1st December, at St.

Columb's Church, Hawthorn, by the Rev. Scho field, William Charles Noble, only son of Mr. Wm. Noble, Rathmines road, Auburn, to Mary Elizabeth(May), daughter of S. Fred   McCallum, 63 Auburn road, Auburn. At home at 351 Riversdale road, Auburn, between 3 p.m. and 5 o'clock, on the 19th January.

ROGERS—CLIFF.—On the 21st November, 1917, at

St. Bartholomew’s Church of England, Burnley, by Rev. H. Rust, Albert, eldest son of Mrs. Rogers, Burnley, and the late T. Rogers, to Clara May (Cissie), eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Cliff, Richmond. Present address, Glen street, Glenferrie.

ROGERS-NUGENT.-On the 8th December, 1917,

at our Lady Help of Christians Church, Fitzroy, by the Rev. Father J. Klug, Lionel Vivian, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Rogers, of Ballarat North, to

Eileen Gladys, eldest daughter of the late Mr. M. Nugent and Mrs. W. Hammond, of East Bruns- wick.  

ROSS-ANDREWS.-On the 5th December, 1917, at

Scots Church, Melbourne, by Rev. Dr. Marshall, George Clarence, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Ross, Rosedale, to Ruby Margaret, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Andrews, Orbost.  

SMITH-McDONNELL.- On the 8th December, at

St. Luke's Church of England, South Melbourne, Florence May, only daughter of Mrs. A. McDon- nell, 51 Eastern road, to John Charles Poole Smith, eldest son of Mr. J. C. P. Smith, 242 Richardson street, Middle Park.

SPARKS-HAMILTON. - On the 27th November,

1917, by the Rev. A. Eunson, Horace James Sparks (late A.I.F.), to Margaret Irene Hamil ton, eldest daughter of the late Andrew Hamil- ton, Llowalong, Stratford.    

TWAITS-HUMPHREY.-On the 3rd November,

1917, at St. Anne's Church, Wandsworth, Eng land, by the Rev. B. Wilson-Oliver, Lieutenant Duncan Ralph Twaits, 5th Battalion, A.I.F, abroad, only son of Mr. Duncan Twaits, post master, Benalla, to Helena Lilian, daughter of Mr. George Humphrey, Manor Park, Essex, Eng land.       WATT-BROWNLOW.-On the 14th November,    

1917, at Shenton Methodist Church, Gee-   long, by Rev. H. Williams, Herbert James Watt, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. James Watt, of 231 Malop street, Geelong, to   Ruby Florence Brownlow, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs Charles Brownlow, of 14 Sydney Avenue, Geelong. Present address, 279 Paking ton street, Newtown, Geelong.

WEBSTER-STEWART.-On the 21st November,

1917, at Scots Church, Collins street, by the Rev. Dr. Alexander Marshall, the Rev. Norman Douglas Webster, B.A., only son of Mr. and Mrs.   Frank Webster, Glandore, Turnbull street, Eagle hawk, to Mailie M. Stewart, youngest daughter of Mr. John Stewart, Stirling, Creswick road,   Ballarat. Present address, The Manse, Morning ton. At home Wednesday and Thursday, January

9 and 10.

WHITE-COOPER.- On the 24th November (by

special license), at St. Augustine's Church of England, Brunswick, by Rev. Crotty, Edward James, eldest son of Mrs. G. Dunbar (and the late E. J. White, Beaufort), to Ada Alma, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Cooper, Burnell street, West Brunswick. (Present address: 34   Ingles street, Port Melbourne.)


BELL.-On the 27th December, 1917, died of

wounds in France, Captain John Bell, R.F.C., aged 31 years, second son of Mrs. A. C. Bell

and late John Bell, formerly of Lunan, Geelong. BOWEN.-On the 13th December, 1917, from  

wounds received in France, Gunner Francis Pat- rick Bowen, dearly beloved youngest son of Pat- rick Bowen, of Terang, and brother of May,   Jack (late A.I.F.), and Maggie (Mrs. McGrath), after two years of active service; late of Victorian   and New South Wales railways. Sydney papers     please copy. R.I.P.                 CHENERY.- Killed in action, 25th July, 1916

(previously reported missing), Corporal John Chenery, loved son of Mrs. M. B. Chenery, of Barkly street, St. Kilda, and of the late A. G. Chenery, of Kanumbra Estate, Kanumbra; loved   brother of Sergt. A. G. Chenery (on active ser- vice) and A. H. and G. F. Chenery.    

COSGROVE.- Died of wounds received in France

on the 20th September, Harold John, dearly

beloved only son of J. and B. Cosgrove, Welling-   ton road, Launceston ; late of staff Common- wealth Bank, Collins street, Melbourne; aged 23 years. R.I.P.

Deeply mourned.          

ERRINGTON.-Private W. R. Errington, 5th Bat-

talion, at Pozieres, 25th July 1916, previously, reported missing.              

Duty called him, he was there,

To do his bit, and take a share ;  

His heart was good, his spirit brave,

His resting place a soldier's grave. Duty noblydone.    

-(Inserted by his loving sister, M. Lauder, Stawell.)              

GENT. - On the 13th December, 1917, died of

burns at 35th Casualty Clearing Station, Palestine, 1st Air Mechanic Clarence L. Gent, aged 26 years, dearly beloved fourth son of Samuel     and Eleanor Gent, and brother of Claud, Percy, Harold (on active service), Muriel, Mrs. Winter, Eric, Lionel, 19 Knowles street, South North- cote. (Late of Shepparton.)         HOBBS.- On the 15th December, 1917, at Papawai

Military Camp, New Zealand, Corporal Percy Syl- vester Hobbs, loving brother of Enid and Una, dearly loved son of E. A. and the late J. E. C. Hobbs, "Larnook," Orrong road, Armadale, aged 20 years.                 JOHNSON.- A tribute of loving affection to the

memory of our dear friend and pal, Captain Norman Lloyd Johnson, M.C., (died of wounds in France.                            

"Our loving Norm."    

-(Inserted by Mrs. Meyers and family,)

LAYTON.- Officially reported killed in action,

August 26, 1916 (previously reported missing), Lance-Corporal T. C. L. Layton, dearly loved second son of R. L. Layton, Fiji (late of Briagolang).                    

McINTOSH.-Killed in action, on 3rd December,

1917, Lance-Corporal Harold W. McIntosh, third

son of Mr. and Mrs. W. McIntosh, of Lance-

field, in his 24th year. N.S.W. papers please copy.                  

MEGGS.-Killed in action, 30th November, 1917,

Sergt. Roy John, fourth son of John and Cam- bria Meggs, Williamstown Rifle Ranges, late of Adelaide and Elwood, aged 22 years 5 months.

Pro Rex ex patria.

MEREWEATHER.- Gunner Frank, died of gunshot wounds, November 1, 1917.  

And how can man die better than facing  

fearful odds.      

-(Inserted by his loving cousin, Florrie Hobson.)   MORGAN. -Officially reported killed in action,

France, October 4, Lance-Corporal Weldon J. Morgan, 6th Battalion, dearly loved eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Morgan, 11 Robb street,

Essendon; brother of Marianne (Mrs. J. Jen- nings), Winnifred, Cecil (7th Battalion), Leslie (8th Battalion, just returned), Ernest (7th Bat- talion, on active service).    

One of Australia's Anzac heroes.    

MOTT.-Drowned in his aeroplane at sea in a fog

off Scotland on Christmas Eve, 1917, after active   service since the declaration of war, Lieut. Arthur E. P. Mott, Australian Flying Corps, fifth son (all on service ) of Mrs. E. Mott, 73 Salisbury street, Moonee Ponds; beloved younger brother of Sister Lillie, Bendigo Rescue Home; aged 22 years.          

After a blameless life he died on duty.

(English papers please copy.)

OATES.— Officially reported killed in action,

the 16th April, 1917, Private Clarence Hubert   Oates, of the 11th Battalion A.I.F., loved brother of T. Gilbert (Terang), Rev. J. W. P. (Bel- mont), Evelyn B., Florence I., H. Stanley, and Doris L.; loved third son of Thomas Oates, of "Como," Hartington street, Elsternwick, for- merly of the Education department ; aged 31 years

and 1 month.

POWER.- Killed in action, somewhere in France,

4th October, 1917, Eric Vivian, youngest son of Herbert and Constance Mary Power.

SANDY.-Died of injuries while in action in

France, on the 18th December, 1917, Flight- Lieutenant J. Lionel, of the Australian Flying Corps, beloved eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Montague Sandy, "Blenheim," Burwood, N.S.W., aged 32 years.  

SHAW.-Killed in action, France, 12th October,  

1917, Lieutenant Frank Shaw, elder son of the late George Shaw (superintendent of police) and Minnie, loved brother of Mildred, Lydia, Bessie, Dorothy, Ralph (A.I.F.), and Hilda, of 33 Osborne avenue, East Malvern, aged 23 years and 1 week.

Our Anzac.   DEATHS.

ANSWER.- On the 28th December, at her resi

dence, Upper Hospital Creek, Mary Ann, beloved   wife of George Answer, aged 73 years.  

BLAZEY.-On the 3rd January, at "Emernie," 3

Horne-street, Elsternwick, Ernest Charles (late   superintendent goods train service, Vic. Rlys.),   beloved husband of Emma, and father of Mrs.  

O. R. Scale (Cathkin), Clement and Dudley   (both A.I.F. abroad), aged 54. (Privately in


I Cullrd home from those lie den

To gain a «lonou« life above.

BOWEN.-On the 3rd January, result of accident,

William J. Bowen, loved husband of Georgina  

Bowen, aged 55 years, late of Beechworth.

BUTTERWORTH. -On the 4th January, 1918 (sud  

denly), at Melbourne, George Augustus Butter worth, beloved husband of Bertha Butterworth,   of Dumbalk, aged 35 years.  

Beloved by all.

CAPEWELL.-On the 4th January, 1918, at 6 Rua

bon road, Toorak, William Capewell, beloved    

husband of Mary S. Capewell, and loved father of Tom, Will (on active service), George, Edith, and Blanche, late of Bendigo. A colonist of 64?


DEATHS.     CLARKE.—On the 3rd January, at Geelong,

Richard Clarke, revered father of A. R. and H.

J. Clarke, Mrs. H. G. Roebuck, Mrs. (Dr.) Pacey, Mrs. A. J. Young, and Mrs. E. H. Price, in his 91st year. A colonist of 66 years standing.

COYLE.—On the 27th December, 1917, at the resi-

dence of her niece, Mrs. William Manley, Foun-     tain Inn, Bay street, Port Melbourne, Mary   Teresa, relict of the late John Coyle, Albert

Park. (Private interment.)

Deeply regretted.

CURLEY. -On the 2nd January, Catherine, dearly

loved daughter of Bridget and the late John   Curley, and loved sister of May. (Interred January 3.) R.I.P.      

CUST.-On the 31st December, at Portland (sud-

denly), Inez Josephine, beloved youngest daugh ter of Ernest A. and L. Cust, Hopetoun, aged   5 years (acute peritonitis).  

DAVIE.-On the 17th December, 1917, passed away  

at sea, Archibald H. Davie, beloved brother of Mrs. Sharp and Mrs. Giles, of Melbourne, and Mrs Gillis and Mr William Davie, Scotland. (Interred at Cape Town on December 19, 1917).

"Until the day breaks."

EVANS.-On the 24th December, at her son in.

law's residence, "Yamashiro," 30 Park street, Parkville, Mary Jane, relict of the late Martin R. Evans, aged 87 years. (Interred privately at


EVANS.-On the 30th December, 1917, at Piggo-  

rect, Thomas, dearly beloved husband of Alex   andrina Evans, aged 82 years. (Interred Bal larat New Cemetery, Jan. 1, 1918.)  

GALBRAITH.- On the 1st January, at Red Hill,

South Australia, George Cuthbertson, son of the late G. G. Galbraith, Ararat, beloved brother of Mrs. C. Jacobs, Mrs. S. Arthur, Mrs. W.   Arthur, Mrs. Davenport, Mrs. G. Pope, Mrs. J. Parkin; two years' active service A.I.F.

GILL.-On the 2nd January, at Canterbury road,

Middle Park, the beloved mother of Thomas Gill, "Trevallyn," Burke road, East Malvern.

GILL.-On the 2nd January, at her residence, 115

Canterbury road, Middle Park, Margaret, relict of the late James Gill, late of South Melbourne. R.I.P. (Private interment.)  

GRIFFIN.-On the 2nd January, at her mother's

residence, Lavery street, Benalla, Emily Jane,   dearly loved youngest daughter of Mrs. Bagnell, loved sister of Mary and Charlie (A.I.F., on active service), loved niece of C. Ellens (Benalla).

Peace, perfect peace.

GRIFFITHS.-On the 3rd January, at his residence,

Raglan parade, Warrnambool, Andrew Griffiths, relict of the late Hannah Griffiths, loved father   of Mrs. C. H. Ballard, Mrs. T. Kingstone, John, Harry, and Essyllt Griffiths, aged 88. Native of North Wales. A colonist of 64 years.

GRIFFITHS.-On the 1st January, 1918, Ellen,

dearly beloved wife of Alfred Griffiths, Ferndell, Foster, mother of late Private Alfred (killed in action), Alex, Leslie, John, and Talbot (on active service), Nellie, Jean, Kathleen, aged 52 years. HARALDSON.-On the 30th December, at Wero

nora River, N S.W., John P. Haraldson, of Har bour street, Mosman, Sydney, and late of Oak- leigh, Victoria.  

Rest in peace.    

HATTON.-In kindly memory of our young friend,

Maurice L. Hatton (of Tresco), who died on the 26th December, 1917, in Melbourne.

"Respected and esteemed by all who knew him." -(Inserted by a few of his many friends.)

KELLY.-On the 4th January, at "Mount Vernon,"

Berkley street, Carlton, Elizabeth, second daughter of the late John and Ann Jane Kelly, and the dearly beloved sister of Mrs S. Scott, Robert Kelly, Mrs. S. Williamson, John Henry,   and Arthur Peter Kelly; also beloved aunt of Mrs. H. Jeanerett, James and Alice Williamson, and Mrs. McGowan. (Private interment.) R.I.P. KELLY.- On the 3rd January, at Marinook private

hospital, Mary Denise, dearly loved only daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Kelly, "The Priory," 30 Ross street south, Northcote, and loving sister of Willie and Jack, aged 5 years. (Private in- terment, 4th January.) R.I.P.

LAWES.-On the 23rd December (suddenly), at his

residence, Berringa, William Henry, the dearly beloved husband of Laura Lucy Lawes, aged 59 years.

Thy will be done.

LUKIS.-On the 21st October, 1917, at Simla,

India, Surgeon-General Sir Pardey Lukis, direc tor-general of the Indian medical service, loved       husband of Lilian Lukis, and nephew of the late Dr. C. Pardey, Southampton, England, and W.     E. Pardey, Geelong, Victoria.  

MacMAHON.~-On the 31st December, passed peace

fully away, at his parents' residence, Flower street, Essendon, Francis Gerald, beloved elder son of W. C. and M. T. MacMahon, brother of W. J., husband of E. A., and father of little   Eileen, aged 29 years.

A long and patient sufferer.


-(Interred privately, Fawkner Cemetery,

January 2.)

MELLERICK.-On the 2nd January, at "Noorilim

Park," Arcadia, Catherine, dearly beloved daugh     ter of Catherine, and affectionate sister of Mary, Jim, Mrs. Murphy (Queensland), and Tom. R.I.P.

MICKLE.—On the 3rd of January, at "Illira,"

Marine parade, St. Kilda, David Mickle, aged 73

years. (Privately interred 4th January).  

MONDS.-On the 28th December (suddenly), wife

of late James Monds, of "Erinvale," Glenmaggie, and loving mother of Mary, Charlie, late Annie,  

Alice, Maggie, Edward, Wallace, William, James,   Ettie, and Harry (on active service), aged 69


Passed peacefully away.  

NEALE.-On the 3rd January, Ellen, relict of the

late Anthony Neale, of 93 Wellington st., St.   Kilda, aged 86 years. (Private funeral.)

NOLAN-On the 1st January, 1918, at private hos-

pital, Yackandandah, Susan Ann, beloved wife of John Nolan, formerly of Boort and Gippsland, and loved mother of Barbara, Hector, Harold,

Talbot,and Jack, aged 48 years. (Privately in     terred 2nd January.)      

PRENDER.-On the 3rd January, at Barker's road,

Kew, Elizabeth, loved mother of the late Henry John Prender, of Richmond, and grandmother of Mabel and Emily Prender and Mrs. L. Parry.  

ROBERTS.-On the 2nd January, at her late resi

dence, 6 Martin street, South Melbourne, Frances, beloved wife of Hugh Roberts, loving mother of 'Tom, Mat (on active service), Percy, and Alice,

and twin sister of Annie (Mrs. C. Terry), and grandmother of Gil and Paul, aged 75 years. (Interred privately, Brighton Cemetery, 3rd


At rest.    

ROHNER.-On thE 31st December, 1917, at 38  

Lewisham road, Windsor, Margaret E., relict of   the late. Dr. Charles William Rohner, aged 77     years. (Interred privately in the Boroondara   Cemetery, Kew, on 2nd January.)

RULE.-On the 29th December, at 73 Raleigh street, Northcote, Henry, beloved husband of the late Catherine Rule, of Preston, and father

of Thomas, John, Mrs. J. Trewella, Mrs. Cramp ton, Mrs. C. J. Watson, aged 87 years.

At rest.  

SHELLEY.-On the 22nd December, at Ballarat,

Alice Mary (Tot), dearly beloved wife of J. J. Shelley, Lydiard street, Ballarat ; mother of Jackie and Mary; daughter of the late M. J. and K. W. Dwyer, 46 Millswyn street, South Yarra  

(formerly of Winchelsea); also loved sister of Peggie, Ern, Jack, Leo (killed in action), Gerald (wounded), and Eric (returned), aged 30 years. R.I.P.    

SMITH.-On the 18th December, 1917, at her resi-

dence, "Fernleigh," Wimmera street, Stawell, Annie Smith, relict of the late Peter Smith, Maldon, beloved sister of the late Mrs. John Beaglehole, and beloved aunt of Mary and Annie Beaglehole. (A colonist of 58 years.)            

SUGDEN.-On the 31st December (suddenly),

Robert J., the beloved husband of Eliza K. Sug den, "Argyle," Spencer street, St. Kilda, aged 71 years. (Privately interred 2nd January.)  

TOBIAS.-On the 30th December, 1917, at Kia-Ora,

Queenscliff, Reuben, the dearly loved father of Mrs. Zula, Mrs. Patching, Reuben, Rebe, and Lilla. M.H.S. R.I.P.  

VEAL.-On the 1st January, 1918, at 72 Rowan

street, Bendigo, James B. Veal, dearly loved hus   band of Florence, and loving father of Leslie and late Pte. Norman Joseph (killed on active ser- vice), aged 51 years.      

"At rest."  

VIRTUE.-On the 4th January, 1918, at her resi-

dence, 30 Blanch street, Brighton, Mary Ann, relict of the late John Virtue, aged 82 years.

"Passed peacefully away."

WATT.-On the 31st December, 1917, at his resi

dence, Glenmore crescent, Black Rock, Colin Arnott Watt, the beloved husband of Elizabeth Watt, and loving father of Colin, David, John, Cunningham, Alexander, and Robert, also the late James, Joseph, Bernard, and Margaret, late   of Leongatha and Middle Park, aged 88 years and 11 months.

At rest.    

WILLIAMSON.-On the 31st December, at Mans

field (of pneumonia), Alice, dearly beloved wife of Herbert Williamson, mother of Amy, Herbert, Nancy, and Noel. (New Zealand papers please


WILSON. -On the 3rd January, at 20 Burchett  

street, Brunswick, Samuel (late of Chewton), dearly loved husband of Isabella Wilson, father of Charles, Aleck, Arthur, Lily, Olive, and Mrs. Trahair, aged 77 years. (Interred privately.)

WILSON.-On the 4th January, 1918, at her late

residence, Powell street, Yarraville, Mary, the dearly beloved wife of Frank Wilson, No. 397 Spencer street, Melbourne, beloved mother of William, Albert, Mrs. L. Temple, Mrs. W. T. Marsh, Mrs. H. Stone, and beloved sister of George and Arthur Andrews, Mrs. H. Cariss, Mrs. J. Smith, Mrs. W. Hale, and Mrs. G. Howes, aged 63 years 11 months.

Passed peacefully away.

YOUNG.-On the 28th December, at her residence,

"Montrose," Maude street, Shepparton, Helen, the dearly beloved wife of the late Mr. H. Young, and loving mother of Frank, Percy, Jack, Stan- ley, Cecil, Ethel, Stella, Mabel, and Flossie, aged

54 years.


Nut hi this wini) woild of ours

Can perfect rrst be fourd:

Thorns ¡ningle with its fairest flowers,

Even in cultured ground;  

In heaven alone can perfect rest be found.   YOUNG.-On the 31st December, 1917, (suddenly),  

at Adelaide, Charles John, beloved husband of   Ida Young, dearly loved brother of Mrs W. Young (Dundee), Mrs. F. Morrow, Hector, and Albert (A.I.F. abroad), aged 47 years.  


On Active Service.  

DAVIES.-A tribute of love to the memory of

Driver H. V. Davies, who died of wounds   in London, 6th January, 1917.

There is a link death cannot sever:   Loving remembrance lasts for ever.  

-(lnserted by his loving fiancee, Lily Tait, Foots-


GIBSON. -In loving memory of my dear friend,  

William Robert Gibson, killed in action, France,

January 5, 1917.

He responded to his country's call; He gave his life, he gave his all.

His flght he fought, and stood the test.

We will always remember as one of the best. -(Inserted bv Emily Pott.)


On Active Service.    

MILLAR. - In kind remembrance of our dear friend,       Edwin A. Millar, of Camperdown, who died on  

active service on the 4th January, 1917, some-      

where in France.      

-Inserted by Nellie Warne and L. G. Peter,        

Morton Plains.    

MOOREHEAD. -In loving memory of Ernie, died          

of wounds in France on 4th January, 1917.    

At rest.

-(Inserted by his loving sister and brother-in-       law, Florence and George Taylor.)          

SIMPSON. -In loving memory of Lieutenant Fred-  

rick Norman Simpson, 3rd Aust. Pioneers, killed   in action, somewhere in France, December 28, 1916, second son of John and Emma Simpson,  

"Soloms," Bacchus Marsh, brother of Mrs. Wills,     Mrs. F. C. Pearce, Dulcie, John, Herbert, and    


"Thy will be done."

We wish those, his self-made friends,  

Who, with deep regret, know he is dead,  

Will visit us and keep up true friendship In memory of dearly beloved Fred. -(Inserted by his parents. )

SIMPSON. -In loving memory of our dear brother,  

Lieut. F. N. Simpson (Fred), killed in action,     in France, December 28, 1916.      

Deeply mourned and sadly missed.

-(Inserted by his sister and brother-in-law, Mr.     and Mrs. F. C. Pearce. )

SIMPSON. -In loving memoryof our dear nephew    

and cousin, Lieut. F. N. Simpson (Fred), killed in action, somewhere in France, 28th December,


"Thy will be done."    

- (Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Simpson and family, Kentville, Bacchus Marsh. )

SIMPSON.-In loving remembrance of Lieut. F. N.    

Simspon (Fred), of Bacchus Marsh, killed in   action, somewhere in France, December 28, 1916.   Much loved friend of Mr. and Mrs. R. Lord and       family, Malvern.

One of the best.

STEELE. -In loving memory of Lieutenant Rupert      

Steele, who died of wounds in France, January   8, 1917. (Inserted by his friend, F. Laird, with

A.I.F. )    

WAYNE. -In kindly remembrance of my friend,

George Charles Wayne, Lieut. R.N.R., who died        

December 30, 1917.  

"Flecti non frangi."   -(Inserted by M.S.)

WREN. -In loving memory of my dear husband,    

Private Frank R. Wren, who died of illness at Fargo Military Hospital, England, on 6th     January, 1917, loving father of Stewart and Norman.

No one loved was by his side  

To hear his faint last sigh,

To whisper just one loving word

Before he closed his eyes.

-(Inserted by his loving wife and family.)  

ANDERSON. -A tribute to thcWmory of our late .shopmntc ( I (Charlln) Anderson, late of 28

\rdocli slrmt rj."cndoii, who pissed away on Deeimber27 1017 (Inserted by the employees or Willis and Son«, jnellcrs, I title Collins st , eltv ) BEAZLEY.-In Invine memor} of our dear brother,        

Willhm Oorgc who died result of accident, at Butler's Hill, nth lanuar}, 1010

Do ive foreel, nil, no

1 or meinoii « (tolden chain

Will always link our hearts with lils

Until lit meet again

-(Inserted by lils loving sisters )

BEAZLEY.—In loving memory of Will, killed at

Rucker's Hill, Northcote, on the 6th January,


Sadly missed

-(Inserted by his sorrow wife, E. J. Beazley,    


BUTLER.-In loving memory of my dear wife    

and nur toi tug mother, who passed away on the

Olli lanuarj, 1010

We think we sec her dear, kind face, -

Although eight }cars baie pissed, lor in our memor} still she lives,

\ml witt until the last

-(Inserted by her loving husband and famlli )

GIBSON. -In loving memory of our brother, Sapper Will R. Gibson, killed in action somewhere in    

France, January 5, 1917, after 15 months' active


He fought and died for his country, and nobly   sacrificed his life for all those he so greatly loved.

-(Inserted by J. S. and T. E. G. )  

HEARNES. -In fond and loving memory of my dear  

son and brother, Arthur Patrick (bon), »ho died at Ballarat, Januorv 0, 10] >

Si sadly missed

- (Inserted bl loi Ing mother, sister, and

brothers )

HOSSACK. -In loving memory of Belle, who was  

draw neil-at Cowes tanuary 0 1015

A lift made »eautirul bv kindlv deeds,

A gérerons heart nu! hand for sorrow s needs, V smile that i hastened grief |iy Its warm flow, K tear not for tier own, but oilier s woe .-fHllboliinlUi ) ' ^

JAMES. -In sad and loving memory of our darling    

daughter, Hilda Muj, »lio died at Hepburn, Daylesford, on the fth Jauturv, 1010  

badi} missed ^

ion arc tilwass in our tbou(liU, dear Hilda,

it H s^vect to spud lour name In life no loved von deirlv,

lu death vve do the same \ vision comes before us

fao fond *o pure, Éo sweet Of one whose lips- arc silent

W hose true heart has ecust 1 to bent

-(Inserted li} her loving parents, J C and > t James, 74 Challes street, 1 itrroy )

JAMES. -In sad and loving memory of my dear and    

out} sister, Hilda May, llho diet nt Hepburn, Daylesford, on Hie 0th lunuur}, 1010

i M itli Christ, which is fur better

God called her limne, it was, lils ivill, Bul in our hearts she's living still, But mcniori is us dear to di}

As lil the hour she passed anal

-(Inserted hi capper trank L. James, on activt

sen ice )

LAHIFF.- In itfomori of my dear Bister Delia, who  

died at ttlchmontl on the 5th Januar}, 1017

Best In peace -- -(Inserteil bl Muggie hell} )

LEVEY.-In loving memorv of our dear mother,    

Berlin I tie}, who passed una«, on the nth Juiunr}, 1017 '

Gone, Lui not forgotten < -(Inserted b} I , L , C, and \ Icie} )

MILLETT. - In loving mentor} of Unhid, Septimus    

Millett, lol ing husband of Rebecca KVanees Mil

lett and beloved f ither of Charles (late VII.), 1 iortnec, Gertrude, Lilwin, und Hugh (on act've tenice), and Man, who departed this life on tumiiir} 7, 1017, in b13 04th }car

liiousli los,t to sight, to memor} ever dear ' Tu u beautiful life carne a peaceful end,

tor he died as he Hied, with God as lils friend None in this world can lill Ids place,

Deep In our henri» lils denr memor} 's encased A life madc~be Hltiful by kindly deeds

V r,cncroua heirt apd hand for sorrow's, needs, A smile that ebnatenci (.ric! bi its warm flow, A (cat not for his own, bul others woe,

A presence mat mg sunshine wiiere- lie trod, Glad with the happs, icsting with tils God -(Inserted by tua loving wife and fumtlv )

MORELL.-In loving memory of our darling    

mottitr, lune Matilda Morel!, lilla fell asleep

Januar; ii, 1012

Miehorcil li} love, death cannot sever, ' We still tad]} miss you und will for ever Some da}, sonic time, our eyes shall sec lour dear fote we hold in mernoo

-(Inserted b} her toting daughters P Brown, B J icobscn, I j Began, s liolln'on )

Dealest grandma, }on ate not forgotten,

As it dawns' another }car

lu our lonclv hoiui o( ihinkin^

thoughts of }ou arc alitais dear

-(Lome Jacobscn and Jack Began, on nettle sen iel r ranee ) -

MURRAY. -In loving memory of my beloved friend,

husband, Join Murra} (detective), also dcioted father of little bileen, who died on Jantnr} 0,


May his soul rest in peate

MURRAY.-In loving memory of our dear b'other    

in lau, Dctcctite lohn 31urra}, it ho died on the util Januar}, 1117

Mu} his toni rest in peace

-(Inserted bt^Mr und Mrs John Dalton, \pollo Inn, Bussell street Melbourne )

NEVILLE. -In loving memory of my dearest friend,      

J meats W ilKin Jictillc, who was catted to u higher lue on Januar} 5 wiri, at Cpwcs 1'htUip Island

I leam Us the scars roll onward,

And leave the Past behind, *." Dint much I had counted corrow Uni} proies thal God is kind

rimt maní i How er 1 lind longed for

lind hidden ii thom of piin

\nd mull} a nig«,eil j utliviay (

Led to,Holds of ripened train -(His. fi lend, Olive Moy)

PEARSE. -In loving memory of our mother, Amelia  

Pcanc, who jussed nwav at 'Devon Park, Don ut I, on ith lunitart, 1807

RAPKINS.- In loving memory of our dear mother,

1 li/a napkin«, who passed awi) ut her residence

Pollt|,illoe ' I hill.UM, lanuarj 6, 1917, aged

Uo unira

Tho' lost lo sight to memori dear -(Inserted bl her sons and daurhter* )

SINNOTT.-In ever loving memory of our dearly

toted son and brother, l-rle Dudln Sinnott, who vas drowned nt Hrikhton lunuir} (1, 1012

Aliva}ssadl} missed

Ata Into Stell i Sinnott, who died at Queens lan I, I ebruan 14, 1917

Deep]} regretted

-(Itiocrted I'} their párenla brothers, and sisters.)

SPALL.- In loving memory of our dear sister,

Nellie, who died suddenly at Barongarook, on 5th January, 1917.

Peicefulli resting

-(Inserteil lu tier lotiir; brilhers uni sistei s )

STRACHAN. - In loving memory of our dear son    

Norman, who lied lamían i 101 > result of

Intlln-at cident nee 1 IS i ears ata our darling , little (ollll who diel rl (Xtohor 1T7, age I JI


sndli nu s d

(In erli 1 hi their lovln" párenla, W and ( Strath in an 1 sjstus itisi I rot hers )

TAYLOR.-In loving memory of John H. Taylor,        

leloted husband if lulli uni loied father <t lisletli lamtr,' uni Hertha lill) patted awai it «outli ^arra on Januai} , loin

TURNER.-In loving memory of my beloved wife

and oir dear mellier I limbeth who dcpaited this life at lie« on nth litnuuti, ion

A deiotcd wife nnd mothel

WOODBURN.-In loving memory of father and

mother ard the others who hale passed awai

Only farewell till ne meet in the Land o the



A I! IN-Mrs I P Alf \N and lumilt de Ire .»*- lo THINK tlnlr manv k ml Irlends Itr ii ii

IiMn» tile-uns« jiilflrral tribales in tlelnitin

iJ.l hi nat. nu tit r»pi ililli tlisiiking Mr. A. T.

Danks, doctors and nurses of M-lb irrae Hôpital   1er tltlr kind ultmt'oii Will friend pleis, a eept tils I mr lui , ran rill ii know Moment 1_ . xlwrP-Vi CllOI'P und lau ill de m to c," v> |ire,s llulr rillNK-s lo »lillies uni (ria s /or lotlets i ird' tclc-rinn- nid «ouers U,r 115 their titujt sitl bcriaiciiieut »71 Mt \Ii\nndir ni , Asuit,a)e

KIDM i.N -Mrs MUM W~atiJ "l'iíñllt-tender

THANK-, t 1 their many friends uni relames for tin tr kit 1 rxprtusiuns 01 svmiiafh}. eards

iel er. Iiltgrim atul rru-' tributts in their recent sad und sudden hertuicmctit in tilt loo ol hir di ir husband und Huir father: espitinll} thanking thiir kind iriintl anil étrangers wini cndeatouresl to - him on tin boich it (liclscu Will It

teept this brief hut grateful neknoiileiig 2 lfijirj. itrcct, Jil« ____

L INI -Mr I LINK inJ famlli desire to return

li eil slriere THANKS Kr khd ni regions of ipalhv Iv visits 1 Ulrs, trligr-ini', und lardi In tiuir mint sail be eaiuuint II Ciuilotlt »t ,

Ifiehmonil ,

nisi \lr~ ROI I M ~i riâmill~dis'irT-ro lender Ihur sincere nntl lu irtfelt IIH.NKS Iheir lunn Irieuds ant rclitli.s for kind r\ .t-sions uf simpalhj, letters au 1 caid' in their

i I movement lhrou_li t'ie ti« ttt in action in Iranu of tluir 'tar top (.iinnir W I Itollt}


Hld »1rs IssTLI nisi 1 1

for kind exprès inns of s}mpithi In ilsltst letters lanls Itlegnu , ita llpv/eri, r it ived during their sad lirnitment \w tho tleitii ol their hilovcd daughter ii»! sistir Maikrc £0 freuen*} crescent,

MibcUord_ ?"I I It riiiif-JIrs I 1 \t> nu I 1 iiinili de ir to .irak pre, their sincere HUNKS to Illili 111 kinl friends for Hint tribut s Wilts lelcgrn

cards, in I I tters of simr-tith. III their 1 cuit sad and suddin here 11 ijilcní _J)i ii in uvenui, Mili uni.


THINKS to his iiinili rous friends for kind expressions of stmpathy during his recent) sad btriuvenieut lloblnsoiis^road lliwthorn^_ »rit" ritniNloS, Sfí" n",i i.nnli o( Merci r

?c'l strebt, Quiinstlif, nut aim «c1) HI We theil mail} fritnds and telutiie» for kind e\pre» «lons of simpatlu, letter' md 1 in!» in fien «id btreaiimint, in tin sad lo s 1 f their dtir -nu anti brotlur. Printe Clurlea-1'c-i) lull Caithness, olllc'iilli reported killed in ailinn in the 11th April, 1017 _(__ MRS. A. HARGRAVE, of 13 Osbourne street, Wil-          

liamstown, wishes to THANK her many kind     friends for letters, cards, and telegrams of con- dolence, also her many kind neighbours for their untiring assistance, also the Rev. Mr. Lynch, and especially Dr. Jona for his kind and unremitting   attention during her recent sad bereavement.   MRS. WHATTY, Family, and Miss Bunsell,

desire to express their sincere THANKS to   their many friends for floral tributes, visits, tele- grams, cards, and letters of sympathy in their recent sad and sudden bereavement. Roselle, Wal-

nut avenue, Mildura. MRS. H. FOSSETT and Sons THANK their many      

friuid« for i} min till expresad in teltgi 1111s, letters und curd» during thur sad liereaiipient and e»peeiuil} til ink Dr McKeddie und Si-tcr   Murph} for their uiirerrlittin ; cure and attention lo thejate H_J.oo-.ott__ M" HS BLAIR mid fipilli sushis, lo rllSNIv their

man} friends for iLslts telegrams, cat tis and cxprcs'ini s of sympiths In thtlr late sad bireatc ment in Hie loss ol sort und Ii other Satnutl P Blair 372 Ko s st, Jmrfji l'oit Mcllionrnt

PRODI -the Sons and Diughtcri of the lite Mi

1 PltOlT desire to ritiirn sinoco HUNKS for kind exire'slon« of simpath} bv visits, letters, tohirnins, and Itoral tributes in t'icir recent sad bereavement._

I ?»PICUP- Mrs ItHLIlI andluniilv tinder their

A. rintere THANKS to theil main' irlcnls und

relatives for the innis, letttrs, usiu., und tele grams of sunpatliy and condolióte uta to Hie nursing staff it the Alfnd Hospital, anti lo the undertnl cr, Mr 0 Prcuss, foi the t ill. lent manner in «hieb the funeral urrangemrnts were carried orjt_ IS Young__;' ,_Fitrn>}_,_

RUFFY - Mr H Ruffy and family of 'Wen

douree," 24 Bellaire avenue, Seddon, desire    

lo tender their tienrtfelf Til \NkS to their ninni írtenos and rolatilcr for tiieir lind exprès ions of svnipathi, visits, letters* eirds, telegrams, and Uoral tributes rcceitcd jluring their recent sad licrcavelicnt, also specutll} thuntt Bel Mr Biigtin and Mr W Warne for theil untiring attention We lind it impossible to |ici<-jnill} lluliik all, and rcrpiest that all friends will uceert tills sincere Intimation at our prateftil fcelint, _ _ RiDPII- Mr and"Mr«. ' M RUHR and

1 Fnmll} uinil themfelics of this means to THANK nil their frirrds for Hu ir kind expressions of sympath} in tluir sad lierciiement in Hu loss of their dear ton, Major 10J W right street, Middle Pork. __ S ALM A\ - Mrs Siiltvuv nnd son desire to express

thtlr sinicic THINKS lo their mail} friends for \isits lettirs curds, and tht'r exprevoons of syrnpathl received on the death of her dear con, Pie William Salvtav, Np ill«, Sth Batt, «ho w is kilted ni Pas. chcndacle Rfde.c on 27t)i Ut tobar, 1017i ' St, Iic«,J_C*enlle rd , Binjiton _ CJMlTir-Mr and Mil W""SMITH and"Vamily de

IO sire lo 1 ii INK their main 1 ind friends an 1 relniiits for litters cards, visits, and telcjrranw ret cited during tiieir recent sad bernai oincnt in the death ut tluir titan} loied sort unit brother, Private William Leo Smith, Ulled in letton in I rim o on (re Sth October, 1B17> 103 Balkis street Carlton TOT' Relations" o( the late Captain *CII \HLFS

lOSLI'H OlllKR desire to express their Ap prcciation of the kimi attention shown to linn hv tho medical stuff, onlcrlits, matron, and liur-UR of the No 5 Australian General Hospita), St hilda rpad, anti also the medical staff and orderlies of the seimot r_Cump_ Till Sons and Daughters of the Into Matilda

Mell RAI 11 desire to exprcm tiieir most sin ctro rillMiS to tluir mini kind friends for litters, curds telegrams mut flor il tributes in their recent sad bereaiemenl ' Hlllburv,'' ¿tooroot

bark \


BATTALIA -Hie Mends of the late Mr CRISTI

RATT1LÎA aro rcspectfulli imito! to follow I Is remains to the pint of interment, the Kangaroo Ground Cemcten

Tlie funeral will Jeaie ids residence. Panton lilli, THIS DAY (Saturdai, Hie Sth inst ) at 1 pm punctuatl} (per motors)

BOWEN'-Hie friend, of the late Mr lllbl I'M

J BOW KV uro respectfully invited to follow lils remullía to (he place of Interment, the St Kilda

Ccincti ri

The funeral is appointed to mote from W G Apps and Sons priiate mortuary!. 301 High sf , St Kilda, THIS DAY (Satnnta}, 5th,Januar}, lots)

ut 2 o'clock

W G WPS and SON, Undertakers, Eistcriiwlck

and St Kilda 'I'lione 71 Windsor:_

.\riR1UI'-Hie friends of the'lufe Airs Milli Y ANN' 11HTUC ore rcspecltull} tin hal to follow her remains to the place of Interment, the Brighton Cemcten

Hie funeral will leave her residence, *ai Blanch st , Brighton, J HIS DAY (Saturdai, Sth Jnnuaiy) nt t p ni

A A SfrlOltr, Funeral Director, Ba} st, Biiglitcn

respeclfull} Inutid to follow tile remain. Ins dtrarl} beloved wife, Mar} to the plate of Inter mint, the Pootscn} Ocmetirj

The funeral is appoiiitid to moto from her rrsi dence, Powcl st , i-irraiille THIS I) 1\ (Satunfai Oth J mum 1, 101S) at . 0 o cloel

WALTHlt s. W MINI' Inde-lnkei, 117 and 131 Birklv st , 1 ootsernv 'Phone 0 tootser