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William Herbert Delalande, a transport driver  

at the military camp, was on Monday charged with   having stolen a miscellaneous assortment of articles,    

valued at £20, the property of the Defence de- partment. He was arrested by Detective Rogerson and PIain-clothes Constable Craig, who gave evi- dence, whirh was supplemented by Lieutenant Fraser (quartermaster) and Major Weddrll (onVer in cliarge of the camp). Most of the property waa recovered at a house in Ballarat Sonth. The poUee stated that Del a lande admitted having taken the things. He also told Detective Rogerson that he was mad to have touched them, and that he did it _. by him-vlf. A reused ptoided guilty, and was sen aelle tenced to fix months' imprisonment, bnt the sen* iiJi-H. tf-nee was wispendod upon his entering into a bond [, by of «CM, with a surety of a like amount, to be of

good behaviour for twelve months. An order waa made that tlie goods be returned to the depart-


Constable Dav, of Rokewood, on Monday reported to the coroner (Mr. W. W. Harris, P.M.) th-it the skeleton of a r in had been found on the Euram- been Eat nie on Sjtnrday arternoott. "Hie rcmaim1 were apparently those of an old man, and had evi- dently been lying for some time in (he place where they were fourni.

Instead of Itoldimr their annual dinner, the Master Builders* Ass-otiatfon voted 10 guineas to the w,ir funds. A marble clock was presented to the retiring president (Mr. F. Saunders), and gifts were also made to Mr. F. B. Hassell, secretary, and Mr. H. Swaync, treasurer. Mr. J. IÎ. Brown was eleteed president

A soldier, who gave his name as John Williams, birthplace Russia, and age 45, was arrested on Mon- day by Detective Rogerson and Plain-clothes Con- stable Craig on a charge of having stolen 137lb. of fat, the property of the Defence department. He

is allowed out on bail.

\ presentation of a travelling cañe waa made on Monday night by the Ballarat City post-office staff lo Mr. Bockman, who baa been postmaster for 12 mont lies past. He will be succeeded by Mr. 8. Kills, of Hamilton. ?>


For having sold adulterated vinegar, Thomas Cattran, grocer, of Mitchell street, was at the City Court on Monday fined £1, with £2/2/  


A carnival to provide funds for additions and alterations at St. Mary's College, to comply with the regulations of the Victorian Education board, was opened in St. Kilian's Hall on Monday night Bishop Reville performed the opening ceremony. St. Mary's College was recently registered as a training centre for State school teachers.

A meeting to inaugurate a branch of the People's   Party in Bendigo will be held in the A.N.A. Hall on August 28, when addresses will be delivered by several metropolitan politicians.


A scholarship of £75 per annum for three years has been offered by an anonymous giver for the sons of soldiers or sailors who come within the   scope of the provisions of the repatriation scheme for the Federal electorate of Wannon, to be avail- able at the Hamilton College only. The offer his been accepted.

Season's Prospects.

ROSEDALE, Monday. — The weather has been rather dry, except for a few light showers, for growing purposes. The early crops are making good progress, but the late crops-tbe crops just put in-have not sufficient moisture to mature them. There is a large area under crop this sea- son, and there is every indication of a good season if early rains arrive. The supply of gra» is plentiful, and cattle and sheep arc in splendid condition. The lambing season is one of the best, the percentage of lambs being about 90 per

cent. The number of twin Jambs accounts for this large percentage.

Main Olinda Road.

FERNTREE GULLY, Monday. — The new main road to Olinda is now open for trafile. This work was taken out of the contractor's hands in February by the council, and finished by day labour. In spite ,of great difficulties an excellent finish has been given to the work, at a cost below the engi- neer's original estimate of £<,fi00. Between Ferny Creek anti Olinda, a distance of ."-te miles, the gradients nowhere exceed 1 in l8. With the com filetion of the Monbulk road between South Sassa

ras and Monbulk, which has been greatly delayed, and the construction of a small section near Bel- grave, the Country Roads Board's operation» in the shire, as originallv determined, will be com- pleted tit a cost of nearly £15,000 for approxi- mately 13 miles of new road.

ARARAT. — The laying of the new main from the head reservior to Ararat, in connection with the improvement of the Ararat water supply, is about to be begun. The work of enlarging Oliver's Gully reservior is almost finished.

AVOCA. — Mr. R. T. Laidlaw, who has been on

the staff of the branch of the Bank of Victoria, has been promoted to the Kerang branch. Ht was given a "send off" bv several of the client« of the bank, and presented with tokens of esteem by the manager of the bank, Mr. J. H. Deeble, and the staff.

BEAUFORT. — Six members of Beaufort's first unit have been wounded within the past three weeks. — Donations of £10 each from Admiral Bridges, of Trawalla, have been received by the Beaufort ladies and men's branches of the Red Cross Society and the State School Patriotic Fund. — The stationmaster at Middle Creek, Mr. R. Truswell, is being promoted and transferred to Gordon.  

BEAUFORT. — To assist Mr. Rodgers's repatria- tion scheme the Beaufort Giris' Anzac Club held a jumble fair on Saturday. A profit of over £50 is expected.

BAIRNSDALE. — The twenty-ninth anniversary of the A.N.A. was commemorated here on Saturday night by a banquet in the Mechanics' Hall. Mr. Charles Sykes presided. The chief speaker was the president of fhe association, Mr. A. C. Osborne, who unveiled an honour roll containing 7.5 names of members on active service. The board, which I*; of ironbark wood, was made and pre Rented by Mr. James WilHs, the branch secretary. -Corporal Robert Turner, of Deighton P.irk, who recently was admitted as a barrister and sworn in as a prívate on tlie same day, his been entertained and presented by the residents of Bengworden with a gold walch.-On Sunday afternoon the scholars of St. John's Sunday school presented their late secrcUry, Private Edward Liddell, with a safety razor.

BRIGHT. — The Lands department has com- menced the planting of pines on dredged land.

CRIB POINT. — The returned soldiers working for the Flinders Naval Base Patriotic League, assisted by the voluntary labours of several members of the league, have just completed a collection of Red Cross material for the Military Hospital at Caulfield. Its value was approximately £150. Tlie league has had three returned soldiers em- ployed part of tlie time, and two all the time, for 0 few months past, and another returned soldier, a carpenter hy trade, is now to be added to the list. The returned soldiers are paid from contri- butions made regularly by the employees on the Naval Base.

DOOKIE. — In a motion agreed to at a meeting of the Dookie Agricultural Society, it was decided to inform the Chamber of Agriculture of the so- ciety's emphatic protest against any restriction being placed on the number of agents to be ap- pointed as grain receivers in the district, so long as they could give a sufficient guarantee to qualify them. It was stated that restriction would be a great injustice to the farmers, as they would be delayed in getting their loads off. The society re- solved to divide equally half the proceeds from this year's show between the Dookie and Cos- grove Red Cross branches.

KORUMBURRA. — The Korumburra branch of the Red Cross Society recently forwarded to the Minister for Defence £324, for two travelling kit-


KORUMBURRA. — At a meeting of the commit- tee of the Agricultural and Pastoral Society on Saturday. Mr. J. A. Chapman, of Bena, was unanimously elected president for the ensuing year, and Messrs. A. Bowman, W. H. C. Holmes, and F. E. Kurrle were elected .ice-presidents. It was decided to Institute competitions for ,thc best field crop of any one variety of potatoes, 1 ----,, and the best crop of maire for fodder,

s, crops within a radius of iii miles of Korumburra to be eligible, and judging to be carried out during the last week of January, 1017. Prizes amounting to JCO will be offered for each section.-A roU of honour, containing the names 'of former pupils who have enlisted for active service, was untcired at the Korumburra South State school by Mr. R. Dawes.-Councillor R. Gillespie, of Outtrim, who is going to Loch, has decided to resign bis beat as one of the representatives of the Jumbunna Riding in tlie

shire council.

MACARTHUR. — Two old pioneers, Mr. James Harman, of Pleasant Banks, Byaduk, and Mr. Henry Broadwood, Macarthur, have died.

MALDON. — It has been reported that two pri- soners (Bertram Gale, aged 19 years, and John Dench, aged 18 years), attired in prison garb,   escaped from the Government farm at Muckleford on Friday. The police have been assisting in the


MARYBOROUGH. — The total contribution by the State schools within the Maryborough inspectorate to the Education department's War Relief Fund to the end of July was £2,161.

MIRBOO NORTH. — Intense surprise has been caused by the Country Roads Board notifying the Mirboo Shire Council not to proceed with the let- ting of the remaining portions of the new Allambee-   Mirboo North road. Some weeks ugo the council obtained the sanction of tbe board to proceed with the work, and tenders were invited, closing on Raturduv. Tlie shiie ha» been put to expense, and

ratepayers express indignation at the action of the Ima pi," This Is the second time the board has stopped the work. It was cancelled soon alter

the war broke out.

NATIMUK. — Over £1,000 has been raised here for Mr. Arthur Rodgers's repatriation scheme. — It has been decided to hold a Queen competition in aid of the Men in the Trenches Fund. Miss Mattie Hood, who has three brothers at the front, bal been chosen as the Soldiers' Queen, and Miss Agnca Mcclure as the Agrictxltiiral Queen.-The Natimuk State school has been closed, owing to an outbreak

of measles.

NATHALIA. — In the Nathalia and Numurkah dis- tricts. Stock Inspector Parfitt is. takirifc the names of all stockowners who lune not made a return under the Shcop-dipplt-g Act. During the year of the drought the department suspended the opera- tion of the act, particularly in so far as forwarding returns was concerned. There is a movement on foot to interview the Minister, aa It is «otisidercd that owners could ha\c been notified by advoiti'e ment that the act was in force again.

POOWONG. — The cemetery trustees have ap- pointed Mr. L. D. Archer secretary, in succession to Mr. E. S. Revell, late secretary, who recently left Poowong for Port Fairy.

ROCHESTER. — The old wooden bridge over the Campaspe River at Rochester, built in 1870, has for some years been declared unsafe by engineers, and the Country Roads Board instructed Mr. W. T. Chaplin some time ago to prepare plans   of a new reinforced concrete bridge. Tenders for its construction were lately called, and the Rochester Shire Council, with the approval of the   board, has accepted that of H. Carr, of Brighton, at £7,000. The new bridge will run parallel and close to the old one, which will be utilised for traffic until the new one is completed. It will be 20ft. wide, with a 5ft. pathway on one side, and will consist of four spans of 40ft., and four spans of 25ft. It is expected that it will take six months to build.

ROCHESTER. — The members of the Nanneella Settlers' Association are making a special point of

giving their services on the land in the interests of  




neighbours who have gone to the front. On Saturday over 30 horses were engaged in cultivating and planting fodder crops at

Nanneella for the dependants of soldiers.

ST. ARNAUD. — At the Traynor's Lagoon Patriotic

Carnival, Mrs. Cossens was crowned "queen," re-  

ceiving 4,111 votes. Mrs. W. Barrett was second   with 3,260 votes.  

STAWELL. — At a result of the recent award of

Mr. Justice Winnecke, in the arbitration ease, S. McCulloch and the Crowland-Navarre Railway Trust, in which Mr. Mcculloch was granted a sum considerably in e-ccess of his original claim, ths trust held a meeting to consider the sward. It »M5 decided that the president (Mr. J. Hntchiagg) apd the secretary (Mr. A. W. Glcneross) wiit on Mr. McOonoch, with a view to coining to a vttk. ment in the best interesta of ratepayer».

TALBOT. — At the Talbot Police Court, before Mr. D. Berriman, T.M., tbe Talbot Shire toondi wau fined 5/, with 37/0 costs, for failing to comply with the ílealth Act, in not hiving samples of food, &c* analysed during the year ending Decem- ber, -1915. The defence was that conscqurjit on the »malganwtion of the shire and the-ttorough the matter bad been overlooked. At the same court Annie Gane was charged with «selling liquor -to wit, Australian wine-without a license, at Amherst Defendant was 0ned £&, with </* co4a. She said she had only supplied the men with (ringer wine.-Mr. Thomas Allison, caretaker of tlie Talbot waterworks, died at Dr. Moore's hospital, Melbourne, on Tuesday, and was buried at Talbot, on Thursday. Ile left a widow und a family of

nine, mostly frown up. Two sons arc at the


TERANG. — Mr. Manifold, M.H.R., has unveiled an honour roll at the Panmure public hall.

ULTIMA. — The new Presbyterian Church at Ul- tima was dedicated and opened on Sunday by the Rev. Alex. Hardie, of Heidelberg, who conducted two services before large congregations.

WONTHAGGI. — A Soldiers' Parents' League has been formed in Wonthaggi, with Mr. C. S. Mum- mery, as president, and the Rev. J. Rogers, as secretary. The objects of the league are to look after the interests of those at the front, and to

assist in every way those who have returned


WINCHELSEA. — A euchre party and dance in aid of the Red Cress material fund returned £15.