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Family Notices

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In order to guard against imposition notices of  

Births, Marriages and Deaths must be authenti-             cated by some respectable person to ensure their    

insertion. BIRTHS    

BIRSS. -On the 9th December at "Gannochy,"  

King street, Elsternwick, to Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Birss a son (Robert Gordon).  

BOYD (nee Laura Sheperdson). -On the 7th De-      

cember, the wife of A. E. Boyd of Goldspie,

N.S.W.- a daughter (Elizabeth Mary). Present   address Drummond street, Carlton.    

BROWN (nee Katie Stewart). -On the 13th De-  

cember, at Nurse Leeman's private hospital,      

Brunswick, the wife of Emerson Brown-a son          

(Stewart Emerson.)  

CANNON. -On the 7th December at "Kent," Red  

Hill, the wife of J. H. Cannon-a son (Geoffrey


CASPER.- On the 22nd November at "Olpa,"    

Westbury street, St. Kilda, to Mr. and Mrs. Percy         Casper -a daughter (Hilda Dorothea).    

CHAMBERS. - On the 27th November at "Glen

Afton," Braemar street, Essendon, to Mr. and

Mrs. W. J. Chambers-a son.

DAVIES (nee Annie McDonell). -On the 6th Decem-    

ber at "Penrhyn" Knox street, East Malvern,

the wife of H. B. Davies - a daughter.

DORE. -On the 25th November at Sister Annear's private hospital, Armadale, the wife of Ashley E. Dore, "Yallock," Royston avenue, East Mal-     vern - a son (Kendall Joseph Leonard).

GARDNER (nee Queenie Fewster). -On the 8th De-     cember, at her mother's residence, South Yarra,   the wife of Signaller Stanley W. Gardner (on   active service,) a daughter (Stanleah Adele).    

GINNANE (nee Gertie McGrath). -On the 10th

December, at Nurse Thomson's private hospital,

Blair Drummond, Geelong road, Footscray, to   Mr. and Mrs. Ginnane, Stirling street, Footscray

- a daughter (Mary Joyce).

GOY (nee Ada Grimshaw). -On the 6th December,

at Nurse Bingnell's, 234 Barker's road, Hawthorn,     the wife of Harold Goy, 59 Denmark street, Kew-a son.

HAGELTHORN. -On the 13th December, at Sister  

Annear's hospital, Armadale, the wife of F. Hagelthorn, M.L.C. -a daughter.  

HAINES - On the 7th December at "Lister House"

private hospital, Camberwell, the wife of Mr.    Frank L. Haines, "Killara," Partington street, Canterbury - a daughter.

HILL. - On the 5th December, at their residence,

"Rotorua," Claremont, W. A., the wife of W.   Barratt Hill-a son.    

HOLLAND (nee Irene Curnow). -On the 6th De-     cember, at Echuca street, Quarry Hill, Bendigo, to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert S. Holland-a son (Ru- pert Stanley)  

HOWGATE.-On the 22nd November, at "The

Bungalow," Nurse Croft's private hospital,   Drouin, the wife of Pte. A. E. Howgate, B.E.F.     (on active service)-a daughter.

JEFFREY. -On the 9th December, at Quisisana,

Dandenong road, Windsor, the wife of J. E.   Jeffrey, Toorak, of a daughter.

MACGUGAN. -On the 12th December, 1916, at The

Laurels, Branxholme, to Mr. and Mrs. Arch.

Macgugan -a son.  

MARRINER (nee Alice Currie). -On the 7th De-

cember, at Nurse Clifford's private hospital, Colac, to Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. W. Marriner, of Apollo Bay and Hordern Vale-a son (Edward  

Cyril John).

MARTIN (nee Elsa Horstman). -On the 9th De-

ber, at "Foster Ville," Sargon grove, Elstern- wick, to Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Martin-a daughter Joan Hoad).    

McDONALD.-On the 29th November, at "Ross-      

moor" private hospital, Yea, to Mr. and Mrs.   J. H. McDonald of "Cannon Vale," Yea -a       daughter (Isabel Estelle).  

MCINTYRE (nee Ethel Williams). -On the 11th De-      

ember, at "Athlone," 41 Peel street, West Mel-     bourne, to Mr. and Mrs. A. Mclntyre-a son.    

McLEAN. - On the 13th December, at Belgravia  

private hospital, James street, Brighton, to Mr.       and Mrs. Donald R. McLean, of "Duart," 'Wal-       lace grove, Brighton- a son.      

MILLER (nee Nicholson). -On the 2nd December,  

to Mr. and Mrs. Norman H. Miller, "Wah-   ronga," Prospect Hill road, East Camberwell-

a son (Adrian Howard).

MITCHELL (nee Lilian Shanley).-On the 7th

December, at 5 Belgrave street, Waverley, Syd-

ney, the wife of J. C. Mitchell-a son (William


PHELAN. - On the 8th December at "Kalimna,"  

Maryborough, to Mr. and Mrs. Sid. Phelan - a son.

RAYMOND. - On the 9th December, at St. George's  

Vicarage, Royal Park, the wife of the Rev. C. H.       Raymond - a daughter (Enid Aylward).

RIGBY. - On th 14th November, at Kuridala,

Queensland, the wife of Charles Edward Rigby-    

a son.

SATCHELL (nee Violet Beckwith). -On the  

3rd December, at "Mathinna," Malvern road, Malvern, to Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Satchell-a


SCOTT (nee Ethel Collins).-On the 8th Decem-  

ber, at 222 Barkly street, St. Kilda, to Mr. and     Mrs. John H. S. Scott-a son. (Both well. ) TAYLOR (nee Eileen Pullen). -On the 3rd Decem-          

ber, at Nurse Basser's private hospital, Drum-         mond st., Carlton, to Mr. and Mrs. R. Taylor of   ?? Birkenhead st., North Fitzroy - a son (Leslie


THOMSON. - On the 22nd November, 1916, at 32

Moodie street, East Caulfield, the wife of A. K. Thomson, a son (Alec Archer).

TIPPING (nee Lily Townsing). -On the 1st Decem-       ber, 1916, at Conangult, Vauxhall rd., North   cote South, to the wife of R. J. Tipping-twins  

(girl and boy). All doing well.  

URQUHART (nee Grace Pollard).-On the 12th

December, at Nurse Croft's private hospital,    

Drouin, the wife of Gilbert G. G. M. Urquhart  -    

a daughter.

WHITEHEAD. - On the 17th November, 1916, at    

"Morpoi," Hawkesdale, to Mr. and Mrs. Harry

W. Whitehead- a son.

WORTHINGTON. -On the 4th December, to Mr.      

and Mrs. J. M. Worthington, Broadway, East  

Camberwell - a son.    


ALLISON-ALSTON. -On the 7th October, 1916,  

at South Melbourne, Archibald Seymour, eldest     son of the late Martin and Lena Allison, of   South Australia, to Kate Leishman, eldest daugh-   ter of Mary I. and the late Robert Alston, of     Corowa, New South Wales.  

BATTARBEE-McKENNA. -On the 30th October,

at St. Mary's. Ascotvale, by the Rev. Alex. May, Malpas Richard (A.I.F.), eldest son of Mr.             and Mrs. G. Battarbee of "Skiddaw," Warr-   nambool, to Alma Lyell, eldest daughter of Mr.    

and Mrs. Thomas McKenna, of "Glencara Park,"    


BERTRAM-SEARLE. - On the 18th October, 1916,    

at residence of bride's mother, Park road, Bir-         mingham, Lance-Corporal Howard Bertram, A.I.F. youngest son of Davy Bertram, Drouin,     Gippsland, and the late Mary Anne, of Carlton,   to Dorothy Phyllis, eldest daughter of Mrs. E. M.    



n, 1 On Ile luth December at Mildura by t«llr I M Willi lohn the eldest son of tht Itl r ai I A M Braithwaite to kitl enne I lia 1 r ol tn late II I and A M Brook Im Mir -Manning roa I East Mähern

BURDER-DRUITT -- On the 7th October, at St.    

Mary's, Campden Hill London W., by the   Rev Vaughan (cousin of the bride) as       sisted by Rev. J Miles (brother-in-law of       the bridegroom) and the Rev. J. Robbin vicar of the parish, Lieutenant Gordon E.L. Hurder           ----- son of the late John Burder and Mrs.   Brae "The Beeches", Barcombe, Sussex to the second daughter of the late Lionel Druitt     Bli or Ile ton Victoria and Mrs. Druitt of  

???, Tumbarumba, New South Wales.       (Tasmanian papers please copy )      

CAMERON - GRINLINGTON. - On the 18th Novem-

ber (by special license) at the Presbyterian         Manse, Middle Park, by Rev. William Stevety, Gordon S.H. (A.I.F.), son of J. H. Cameron,     of Howlong N.S.W., Alice St. Ledger, daugh-     ter of J. A. Grinlington, of Rutherglen.  

CAMPBELL-MACROW. - On the 11th November    

at the residence of the bride's parents, by the   Rev. N. Beurle, John, third son of Mrs. and the     late David Campbell, of "Trench House," Bally-         haughs, ...... Co. Down, Ireland, to Iris, third      

daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Macrow, of

Ravensworth, Auburn.    

CARO-BROWN -On the 16th November, 1916, at  

t le r 1 a¡,ttni Mill Melbourne I eo|iold t'o cW-»l « n of tht latt Adolph Cato to

Iii tu I rom loungest daughter of Mrs.   M. Brown, Fitzroy>)

CLARK-GRAY -On the 7th November at Glen-  

íiiSSio Mello li t Church Malvern by ltd J How Uli ildir »on of Ur and ill-" J 1

¡.liri h rforl » List Maliern to Horcnce _M (Dil ) i oui get duUahtcr of Ml and jfn M S. I ra B aier stltet 1-ast Maliern n«nt "drt s Ujrlint road 1 ast Malvtrn )

COTTRILL-FLANAGAN-On the 8th November   at All Saints, East St Kilda, by the Rev. J. W.    

Ashton, Victor George, youngest son of Mr and Mrs E. Cottrill, of Elsternwick, to Louisa Miller, only daughter of Mr and Mrs T. C. Flanagan   of "Echuca", Davies street, East Malvern. Pre- sent address, Ben Nevis.      

CRENNAN-RIZZO -Oi the 21st November, at  

St. Mary's church, Hamilton, by the Rev.  

Father Cain, Michael James, second son of Mrs.     and the late Mr. M. Crennan, to Italia Florence,   only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rizzo, "Roma,"


DAVEY-ROGERS-On the 25th October, at St.   {« »Cturel llorrham by tilt Uti li Craw w toi ml bj the Itçi F Brammell W11

um\ M st _"," "f Mr^ 1>JU% jnd thc late Thomas Davey, of Kewell Station to E. Claire, youngest daughter of Mrs. Rogers and the late Edward C. Roers, Hortsham.  

DAVIS-KNEALE-On the 8th November, 1916, at   Christ Church, Warrnambool by the Rev. T. P. Bernett, Ralph William, son of Mr. F. J. Davis, late of Warrambool to Marie (Mamie) only     daughter ol Mrs. E. J.Kneale late of Neerim and Dandenong  

GREGORY-TONKIN.—On the 12th December, at   St. Kilda, Edward J. Gregory, of Murchison, to Elizabeth J. Tonkin, daughter of the late Thomas Tonkin, of Strathloddon.  

HICKS-MOONIE-On the 11th November, 1916,

'I ^.ou a urch Collins street bl Ula Rev I Watt Uggatt William 1-oslie second bun «J; and Mrs 1 U Hicks of henwin

J«»'!), to in ne Hdlen elder dau.btei of UirtA J 4 ^oun'o of a May groit,

HODGSON-PEELE - On the 29th November,

at New Brighton Christchurch N Í. bl   the Rev. H. H. Mathias, J. C .Hodgson for- «") of Uerwicl A ,c to Mildred Ethel,   second daughter of the late James Peele,  

ttratcli ]ixm' *"" ""'d "' Mra P<-de HOPKINS-HANLON. - On the 4th November,

1916, at St. Mary's R.C. Dandenong road, St.   Kilda,by the Rev Father Bride, assisted by    

the Rev Father O'Sullivan, James Doveton, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hopkins, "Cope-   land," Lewisham road, Prahran, to Edith Hey-   wood, third daughter of Mr. M. Hanlon, "Lis- vernane," A'Beckett street, East St. Kilda.  

IMRAY-DALLIMORE.-On the 25th October, 1916,   at Christ Church, St. Kilda, by the Rev. G. Pen- ticott, Albert A. Imray, third son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Imray, of Graham, to Ethel Mary, youngest daughter of Mrs. and the late P. Dallimore, of Warrnambool. Present address--"Leithen," 37    

Acland st., St. Kilda.

LAW-RAMSAY -[Silver Wedding]- On the   16th December. 1891, at the residence of the bride's parents,"Weeroona," CaaUem-ne, by the Rev. Dr. McCay, Joseph Alexander, eldest son of the late Joseph Law. to Blanche, third

daughter of William Ramsay. Present address,, "Warrandyte,""Kildare street, Auburn  

McQUEEN-TREVASKIS-On the 8th November,     r-2 ««I J terian Church bydney by the

î-ti'j1' tf,cw So""" Walcf. to Elsie.

RfÄ** °'Mts-J 1*vi»Us»h»-» ?


MILNE-CLEAK.-On the 4th November, at St.

Itaylo"» pT«_-rt_r_n Church. Alburr, bv fbe Rev. A. Fleming, Walter Smith Milne. A T F , third son of Mr. am! Mrs J Milne. Clvdr~I»lc, Victoria, to Annie Edith, second daug-t- of Mr. T. Clcak, Lilydale.

NORTHEY-BAXTER. - On the 17th October, at

"Warring»." Western Beach, Geelong, bv the Rev. H. Fi-lenck. William !v Northey, of Bairnsdale, to Florence- E , cldrrt danglitcr of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Baxter, Geelong.

O'BRIEN—QUIRK.—On the 27th November, 1916,

at St. Ignatius Church, Richmond, by the Rev. Father Brennan, S.J., Denis Lawrence, youngest   son of Mrs. K. O'Brien, Heidelberg road, Temple- stowe, and the late Thomas O'Brien, to Elizabeth Bernadine (Lyle), second daughter of Mrs. M. Quirk, of "Nyora," Leslie street, Richmond, and the late Michael Quirk.

PARKER-MARSHALL-On the 14th November,   at the Manse. Westbury street, St. Kilda by the  

Rev. Glass, James Thomas fourth son of the late Mr George and Mrs Parker. Princes street. Prahran, to Ray fifth daiughtcr of the late Mr. Evan and Mrs. Marshall, Donald street. Prahran

PENDLEBURY-O'GRADY.—On the 15th Novem-  

ber, at St. Mary's, East St. Kilda, by Very Rev.     T. Lynch, P P., James B. Pendlebury, of Wind-   sor, to Esther, second youngest daughter of Mrs. J. O'Grady, of "Innisfallen," Warrnambool.

REES-HITCHNS-On the 20th September, at

St James' Church of England. Hill End. bv the Rev C. L Crossley, Hain William, son of Mr. and Mr«. T. Rees, pf Trafalgar, lo Vera Julia, eldest daughter of Mr. -ind Mr« M .1 'Hitchins, of Hill Enik Address "Florenett-." Trafalgar.

RICHARDSON-McLEISH -On the 15th November,

1916, at Methodist Church, North Melbourne, by Rev. W. H. Scurr, Harry Stanley, younger son of Mrs J. K. and the late Harry Richardson, Park- ville, to Ethel May, fifth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. McLeish, Parkville. At home, Church street, Malvern, Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 20,


SENIOR-BOSHER-On the 11th November, at

Baptist Church. Armadale, bv Rev. F. W. Boreham, Harold W., elder son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Senior, Huddersfield. Yorkshire, to Winifred, only daughter of Mr. Fred. C. Bosher, and of the late Mrs. Bosher, "Winneric." Armadale.   Present address, 171 Canterbury road, Middle Park.  

THOMSON-PICKERING -On the 16th November,

at Presbyterian Church, Aacotvale, by Rev. J. Weir. B.A., Alexander, cldc. son of Mr. and the late Mrs. A. Thomson, Greenock, Scotland,

to Esther, --ingest daughter of Mrs and the late Hav id Pickering, of Ascot-role. Present ad- dress. Park street, Moonee Pondi.

VINCENT-LANGFORD-On the 16th November,

at "Coxcnville," Manbyrnong road, Ascotvale, by C_ntii.-Cli-r.lain Woodfull, Gunner nubert Howard, A.I.F., youngest son of Mrs. Vincent, "Trafalgar," Violet street. Essendon, and the late J. T. Vincent, of Mt Ridlev. Craigieburn, to Amy Avcnl, 7th daughter of Mr. ami Mrs. Charl« Langford, of Mickleham.

VOWLES-HALPIN.-On the 15th November, at All

Saints' Church, East St Kilda, by the Rev. R. Fenwick Brown, Norman Armstrong, only son of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Vowles, "Colullah," Lis- more, to Alberta Alice, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Halpin, "Kalari," Donald street,


WARREN-GARNER.-On the lSlh November, at

Moonee Ponds, by the Rev. T. S. B. Woodfull, George W. (A I F.), elder son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Warren, Modella, to Daisy M., third daugh-   ter of Mrs. H. Garner, Essendon.  

WEIR-ISHERWOOD-On the 2nd October, at St

Thomas's Church. St Annes-on-Sea, by the Rev. H. C. Ellison, Captain Frank Weir, Australian Light Horse, to Dorothy Marguerite, only daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel George Isherwood, of Arnside, Hale, Cheshire.

WILLIAMS-WEBSTER .-On the 2nd December, at

the Prcsbyterlan Manse, North Williamstown, by Rev. J. Caldwell, Cpl J. R. Williams, A.I.F., elder son of Capt. Williams, of Melbourne road, Williamstown, to Davina Clarice, (Ina), fourth daughter of Mr. And Mrs. D. Webster, Laverton

street, Williamstown.

WILSON-MARRIOTT.-On tho 18th November, at

the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. J. McBride, Gordon F., eldest son of Mr. and   Mrs. John Wilson, Cheltenham, to Ada Evelyn, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Marriott, Geelong.  


BAILEY.-Officially reported killed in action 25th

April, 1915, Gallipoli (previously reported miss- ing), Private Leslie C. Bailey, B Co., 5th Batt.,   A.I.F., dearly loved youngest son of I. W. and E. Bailey, 26 Aphrasia street, Newtown, Geelong,

aged 22 years.

His duty nobly done for King and country.  

BECKER.-A tribute to the memory of my two

dear friends, Private Charles Becker, died of pneumonia, 17th December, 1915, in Egypt; and Private Jim Becker, killed in action in France, 8th August, 1916.

There is a link death cannot sever, Loving remembrance clings for ever,

-(Inserted by their friend, Hilda R. Woods.)

BIRD.-Killed in action in France on 6th Novem-

ber, Sergt. E. J. Bird (Jim), beloved eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Bird, Macalister street, Sale, and loved brother of Whitney and Madge, aged 23 years and 4 months.  

He answered to his country's call

For sons to guard her shores;

In honour's cause he gave his all-

A man can do no more.

BROWN.-On the 3rd November, killed in action

in France, Privates James, aged 24, and Colin R., aged 20 years, youngest sons of Mr. and Mrs.  

James Brown, Corsair street, Richmond, and be- loved brothers of Private Tom Brown, A.I.F., on

active service.  

Dearly loved and sadly missed by all who knew


Their country called. They answered "Yes." -(Inserted by their sorrowing parents.)

CAMP.-Killed in action November 13, Cyril K.

Camp, Corp., A.I.F., the dearly loved and only   son of Chas. and Clara Camp, and beloved brother of Dorothea, 62 Skene street, Geelong, and eldest grandson of Louis Kaufman, Dunkeld.  

His life given. His duty done.    

CLEAVES.-Killed in action, in France, November

8, Private Arthur Leslie Cleaver, dearly beloved youngest son of Mary M. and the late Isaac Cleaves, Merrifield street, Castlemaine; brother of Ada, Ethel, Annie, Elsie, Cecelia, Ernest, Wil- liam; nephew of Emily Cleaves; beloved friend of Florence Bell.

COLQUHOUN.-Killed in action in France on the

10th November, Quentin, beloved younger son of Alexander and Beatrice Colquhoun, Nirvana avenue, E. Malvern, aged 19 years and 8 months.

FORD.-Died of wounds, in France, December 1,

Sgt. Graham B. Ford, second son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Ford, Adelaide, S.A.    

FOSSEY.-Died of wounds received in France on

the 25th November, Private Charles Vere Fossey, aged 27 years, youngest son of W. A. and M. Fossey, late of Rockbank,

"At rest"  

GREIG. -On the 25th April, 1915, killed in action,

Private O. W. Greig, No. 657, 5th Batt., 2nd Inf. Bgde. (previously reported missing), the dearly loved second son of Mr. and Mrs. James Greig, "Tasma," Milton street, St. Kilda, aged 28 years.        

His duty nobly done.  

GREIG. -On the 25th April, 1915, killed in action,

Private O. W. Greig, No. 659, 5th Batt., 2nd Inf. Bgde. (previously reported missing), the dearly loved brother of Nellie (Mrs. Leo. Spring).    

One of Gallipoli's heroes.

GRENFELL.-On the 31st October, from wounds

received in France, No. 4794, Pte. Richard Gren- fell (Boke), 59th Batt., dearly loved eldest son of Richard and Mary A. Grenfell, "Morvah," Tourello, and loving brother of Mrs. Albury Cox,     Mrs. Stan Hutchins, Nicholas, Evelyn, Johnnie, Willie, and Olive, aged 24 years 2 months.

He was fighting for his country,

He answered duty's call;

His friends, his home, his comforts,

He sacrificed them all.  

In the bloom of his life God claimed him, In the pride of his manhood days;

None knew him but to trust him.

None mentioned his name but to praise.

His smiling face and kindly ways

Are pleasant to recall;       He had a kindly word for each,

And died beloved by all.     Our dear Boke.        

So sadly missed.        

HARDING. -A tribute to the memory of our

esteemed fellow-member, Harold Harding, who   was killed in action in France on the 6th No- vember, 1916.        

"Greater love hath no man than this-that he

lay down his life for his friends."  

-(Inserted by members of Ascotvale Methodist Church Choir.)    

HINCHCLIFFE. -On the 15th November, 1916,  

at the war front in France (killed in action), Private Leslie E. Hinchcliffe, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Hinchcliffe, Little street, Dayles- ford, and loved brother of Jack, Lionel, Arthur (on active service), and Hilda; also, brother-in- law of Lena and uncle of Sylvia, aged 24 years,

Somebody cried when he sailed away, Somebody's kiss on his forehead lay,  

Somebody held his parting hand,

It was his mother.

Years may pass away, dear Les,

But your face will never fade, For we love you still so fondly,  

Though you're silent in the grave.

Deeply mourned.

God's will, will be done.     -(Inserted by his father, mother, and family.)

JORDAN.-Killed in action on the 14th October in Belgium, Gunner Albert William, dearly be-  

loved and only son of Kate and Albert Jordan, loved brother of Eileen (Beulah) and Mrs. G. P. Hansford (of Queensbrook, Emo road, East Malvern), late of Dixon street, aged 20 years and 8 months.    

Died fighting for you and me.

LATIMER.-Killed in action, in France, on

15th November, 1916, Lance-Corporal Herbert   Reginald (Bert), the dearly beloved eldest son of Ernest and Nellie Latimer, of Strathmore, Daisy street, Essendon, and dearly loved brother of Sydney (on active service abroad), and Sylvie, aged 23 years and 5 months; grandson of Mrs. Hunt, 1008 Drummond street, North Carlton.

Gone is the face we loved so dear, Silent the voice we long to hear.

His country called and honour bade him go To battle 'gainst a grim and deadly foe,

He helped to bring Australia into fame, To build for her a never-dying name Foremost was he in thickest strife,

For King and country laid he down his life.

LEWIS.-Killed in action on 2nd November, Pte.

Ernest W., dearly loved son of the late John and Mrs. Lewis (late of Werribee); also James (killed 6th November, 1914), Edwin (21st Decem- ber, 1914), loving brothers of Bugler A. Lewis (returned), Bessie, and Edith.

At rest.

Until the dawn breaks and the shadows flee.

LYALL.-Killed in action in France, November

14, Edmund Ransen Lyall, aged 22 years, dearly beloved eldest son of John and Lucy Lyall, of


McALEESE.-On the 26th-April, 1915, at Galli-

poli, George Henry, dearly beloved son of G. and M. McAleese, of Landsborough railway station, aged 23 years and 10 months (previously re- ported missing).

For King and country.

Our dear George.

MULDOWNEY.-Killed in action on 13th. Novem-

ber, Private George Bernard Muldowney, dearly beloved youngest son of the late Michael and Catherine Muldowney, of Broadmeadows, Vic., much loved brother of Mrs. McNamara, Mrs. O'Hare, Jim, Jack, Mrs. Rowe (W.A.), late of Moulamein, N.S.W. R. I. P.

Immaculate heart of Mary,

Your prayers for him extol,    

O Sacred Heart of Jesus,  

Have mercy on his soul.        


McMANUS.-Killed in action, in France, on the

19th July, 1916, Private Samuel Paul (Sam), dearly beloved youngest son of Patrick and Catherine McManus, of 6 Raglan place, South Melbourne, and beloved brother of Thomas and Alfred (on active service and in France),  and beloved brother of the late Patrick, who was

also killed on 19th, and beloved brother of Johanna (Mrs. Matthews), Katie (Mrs. Lewis),   aged 21.

O sacred heart of Jesus, have mercy on his soul.

In a soldier''s grave he is sleeping. One of earth's bravest and best;

In our hearts we miss you, dear Sam, Though we know you are only at rest.

So dearly loved, so sadly missed, And loved by all who knew him.  

-(Inserted by his loving mother, sister and             brother-in-law, Frank. )      

MITCHELL. - Died of wounds in France on the

3rd December, Private William Walter Mitchell, fourth son of the late John and Bertha, beloved brother of Jack, Frank, Sam, Jim, and Dick (on active service), Les, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Toulton, and the late Sergeant H. C. Mitchell.  


MUNRO.-In loving memory of Machine-Gunner  

Norman Alexander Munro, killed in action at Anzac 16th December, 1915, beloved third son of the late J. J Munro and Mrs. Munro, Grange street, Claremont, brother of Eric, Roy, on active service, Jark, lan, Allan; loving nephew of Mr. and Mrs. M. Macdonald, and cousin of Annie, Jessie, Barbara, Agnes, Maysie, and Malcolm, Willis street, Prahran.  

One of our heroes.

NINNIS.-Died of wounds in France on 15th No-

vember, Private Francis Louis, dearly loved   second son of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Ninnis, Malvern

road, East Malvern, late 39th (Ballarat) Bat-


Death came veiled in glory.

At rest.

O'DONOHUE.-Killed in action, on 14th November,  

1916, Sapper Nicholas J. F. O'Donohue, No. 1709, 2nd Pioneers, second eldest son of Mrs. J. and Gunner James O'Donohue (late Forest officer); beloved brother James and Dennis, A. I. F.; Eileen, Nellie, Winnie, Leo, Leslie, and


For duty and his country's call

His own sweet life he gave; Upon the battle-field to fall,  

And fill a soldier's grave.   -(Inserted by his loving mother.)

POWELL. -Harold Richards, aged 22 years, died of

wounds on the 28th November, 1916, at Casualty Clearing Station, France, the only son of Mrs. E. C. Powell, and beloved brother of Ethel May, of 217 High street, Northcote.

At duty's call.

POWELL.-Died of wounds, on 28th November,

1916, Casualty Clearing Station, France, Private Harold R. Powell, 29th Battalion, only son of Mrs. E. Powell, High street, Northcote. (In- serted by members of N.B C.)    

POWELL.-A tribute of love to the memory of

our beloved nephew, Harold. "Our hero.''    

-(Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cox, North- cote.)    

QUARTERMAN.-Officially reported killed in ac-

tion, 26/4/15 (previously reported missing), Guy  

William, youngest son of the late John Quarterman and Mrs. Quarterman, "Cuyuacpeal", Canterbury       road, Toorak.          

His duty done.  

RANDLE.-A tribute to the memory of Percy

Charles, killed in action in France, 18th Novem- ber, 1916.    

For King and country.  

-(Inserted by his old friends, Mrs. Goldsmith and family, 71 Beaconsfield parade, Albert Park.) RICKARD.-Killed in action in France on October

25, the second eldest son of Richard and Ellen Rickard.

He gave his life, his all.

ROYLE.-Killed in action in France on the 3rd

November, Private Robert Royle, machine- gunner, dearly loved elder son of Mrs. T. Beck, of Ascotvale, and loved brother of Mrs. G. Pickering, Mrs. J. Paddock, Mrs. J. Smith, Mrs. A. B. Kemp, Mrs. A. F. Shattock, Mrs. M. G. Walker, Violet, and Tom.      

He gave his life for his country.

SLOSS. -Killed in action in France on the 14th

November, Henry S. Sloss, dearly beloved second son of the late Stewart and Mary Sloss, of Healesville; also loving brother of Samuel, John, and Robert (now on active service), Edith, Daisy, Maude, Nellie, Violet, and Elsie, of 61 St. Vincent place, Albert Park.

TAIT.-Killed in action, in France, on the 14th November, Robert Whigham Tait, dearly be- loved second son of Annie St. Clair, stepson of H. St. Clair, and brother of Hugh and Fred, of Lojie street, Oakleigh, aged 22 years.

TAYLOR.-Killed in action, in France, Sergeant J.

W. Taylor, beloved nephew of Mr. and Mrs. J. Taylor, "Ercildoune," Park street, St. Kilda, and loved cousin of Mamie, Hugh, and Jim.    

His duty nobly done.  

THOMSON.-Killed in action, on November 9,

1916, Sergeant Boyd C. Thomson, youngest son of the late W. H. Campbell Thomson and Mrs.   Thomson, of Clydebank, Sale, Gippsland, aged 23 years.  

TROUNCE.-Killed in action, 26th November, 1916,

Gunr. W. G. Trounce, aged 19 years 11 months, loving son ol Mr. and Mrs. R. Trounce, Margaret street, North Geelong.

He died for King and country.

TURNER.-On the 14th November, killed in action

in France, Private Stanley William Turner, Pioneer Battalion, A.I.F., abroad, be-loved only son of Josiah and the late Annie Turner, Northern Junction Hotel, Drouin West, and loved only brother of Mrs. Boulton, Elizabeth, Sara, Dorothy, and Margaret Turner, and loved brother-in law of Private Leslie D.

Boulton, A.I.F., abroad, aged 19 years and 6 months. R.l.P.        

VINCENT.-In loving memory of my dear friend,

Private C. Vincent, died from illness in Egypt 24th November, 1916.    

He died as he lived-"a soldier and a man." -(Inserted by L. D. Gray.)  

WALKER.-Killed in action at Cape Helles, May 8,

1915, previously reported missing, Private Henry Ernest Walker, No. 1449, 5th Battalion, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Walker, The Pines, Balaclava road, Caulfield, aged 24 years.  

WEAVER.-Died of wounds, in France, on the 1st November, 1916, Private William John Thomas  

Weaver, dearly loved eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Weaver, of Molesworth, loved brother of Henry (on active service), Zelpha, George, Arthur, Rob, and Violet, aged 22 years and 7


How can a man died better   Than facing fearful odds,    

For the honour of his country,  

And the glory of his God.  

His life given; his duty done.

-(Inserted by his loving parents, sisters, and brothers.)      

WILSON.-Killed in action in France on the 14th

November, 1916, Corporal Gilbert G. Wilson, 3rd eldest beloved son of Frederick Wilson (Vic- torian Railways), Port Melbourne, and loved brother of the late Lieutenant F. G. Wilson, also  

killed in action, aged 24 years.   Thy will be done.        

WIPPELL.-Killed in action, in France, 21st No-

vember, 1916, Private Evelyn George Wippell,   dearly beloved eldest son of G. E. and M. W. Wippell, Elwood. Egypt (Southland), Gallipoli, France.    

One of the best.

YOUNG.-In memory of my dear friend, Private

Allan Young, killed in action November 14. R.I.P. (Inserted by Nellie.)


ATTRIDGE.-On the 13th December, at his resi-

dence, "The Laurels," Wandiligong, John, dearly   beloved husband of Annie Attridge, loving father of Bro. Bede, Townsville, Queensland; Mrs. W. Liston, Beaufort; Mrs. T. Blight, N.S.W.; James, Leo, and Frank; also dearly loved brother-in-   law of Mrs. M. J. Healy, Nellie, and K. Jack-

son. R I.P.  

BARR.-On the 7th December, 1916, at Whithurst Farm, Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland, Mrs. Jas.

Greenshields, daughter of the late James Barr, farmer there, sister of Jolin Barr, 258 Richardson street,, Middle Park, and James Barr, "Ben Venue," 160 Toorak, rood. South Yarra. (By cable.)    

BAWDEN.-On the 13th December, at her resi-

lience, fi^ Moorhouse street. Eait Camberwell. "Florence Eveline, the« dcarlv beloved sister of Annie, Emilv, and Clara, uged 20 vears. (Pri vatclv Interred.) Formerly of Clunes.

BEILBY.-On the 15th December, at his residence,

"Ivynook," Guildford road, Surrey Hills, Robert, the beloved husband of Mary B. Beilbi, aged 70 years.  

At rest.    

BOWLES.-On the 15th December, at "Bradleigli,"

Cochrario'street, Elsternwick, Gornld''Ccorgc, the dearly loved eldest son of Ambrose and Nellie Bowles, anti crand«on of tho late Mrs. G. II. Hill«, 'Tamalla," Colac, aged 21 years. U.I.P.

BRENCHLEY.-On the 15th December, at South

Melbourne, Henry, the loving husband of Annie, father of Doris and Herbert, son of Mrs. C. Brenchley and the late Major. G. S. Brenchley, loving brother of W., J., T., Mrs. Salter, Mrs. Knell, Mrs. Carroll, Mrs. Brown, and grandson of Mrs. M. Gowan, aged, 30 years.    

In the midst of life we are in death.

BURNETT.-On the 5th.December, at Harrisville, Queensland (suddenly), Harry (Bun), "dearly be-  

loved second ron ol Annie and i the late P. O. Burnett, aged 3 vears and 5 months, »and bclov ed grandchild oí Mr. and Mrs. 1». Nielsen, '»Hill - view," formerly of Drouin.      

BUTTERWORTH.-On the 13th December (sud-

denly), at,Dumbalk, Zillah Butterworth (nee   Pearson), wife of the late John Butterworth, mother of Alfred, John William, Thomas Henry, James, Louisa Hannah (Edward and Frederick, on active service), George, and Allan, aged 77 years, colonist of 60 years. (Adelaide papers please copy.)  

CECIL.-On the 9th December, at her residence,

36 Gamon street, Seddon, Agnes Elizabeth, the dearly beloved wife of Charles H. Cecil, aged 60 years (Interred at Daylesford, 11th December.)

"Behind all shadows standeth God."  

CLARKSON.-On the 9th December, Ethel Con-

stance, wife of F. C. Clarkson, Consden Cowangie, aged 37 years.  

COLLETT.-On the 6th December, at the residence

of her son. 25 Howe cresent, Albert Park, Emily,   beloved wife of the late P. Collett, and loving mother of Mrs. Hutchings, Mrs O'Donnoll, Mrs. Aymer (W.A.), Will, Frank (on active service), Alf., Percy, and Horace. Privately interred, Footscray, 8th December. Home papers please


At rest.

D'ALTON.- On the 14th December, at Kofoed

street, Stawell, Sophia, sister of Henrietta D'Alton, Stawell, and the late John D'Alton, Brighton, in her 81st year.

DE GILLE.- At Ararat, of pneumonia, Joseph, late

student Melbourne Universitv, loved eldest son of the late J. P. and M. E. De Gille, of Bendigo, loved brother of late Mrs. J. A Stowell, late Mrs. R. Wilson, Mrs. Arblaster. J. and F., and Mrs. W. Ward, Katoomba, Alexandra avenue, Canterbury. (To be interred family grave, Bendigo.)

GETTENS.-On the 13th December, at Sale, Wil-

liam H, beloved husband of Sarah, loving father of late Alice, George, Jessie. Eva, Ray (abroad), Muriel, Geoffrey, Duncan, grandfather of Arthur, Madge, Ivan.

His end was peace.

GRIFFIN.-On the 9th December, at private hos-

pital. Hawthorn, Thomas, the much loved hus- band of Kate Cecilia Griffin, "Charleville," Barker's road. Kew, and devoted father of Gladys and Claude (on actnc Semite, France), late of

Messrs. Sargood Bros.

Deeply mourned.

Rcquicscat in pace.

HARRISON.-On the 7th December, at her resi-

dence, A letona road. Auburn, Marion Blanche, the dearly beloved wife of Henrv Viamson, onlv daughter of Marr Ann and late Captain Joseph Fluerly, and suter of Citarles and Arthur, of Queensland, aged 54

Peace, perfect peace.  


HOLLAND.-On the 12th December, at the resi-

dence of her sister, Mrs. Coward, Carrawobitty, Spit road, Mosman (N.S.W.). Minnie, of Victoria   road, Auburn, dearly loved youngest daughter of     the late Frederick and Eliza Holland, of Mel- bourne. (Private interment)  

LAMBERT.-On the 14th December, at Homoeo-

pathic Hospital, Elizabeth Mary Lambert, dearly, beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Lambert, Willow Bank, Towong- aged 10 years.

Thy will lu- done.

-(Inserier! by E. Shore, Coburg.)

LIST.-On the 14th December, 1916, at Geelong.

Dorothy Mabel (Dorrie), the dearly loved eldest daughter of George A. and Sarah Ann List, of Cedarville, Laurel Bank parade, Newtown, Gee- long, aged 16 years and 6 months. Interred New General Cemetery, Geelong yesterday (Friday)

afternoon, the 15th December, 1916.

MACLEAN.-On the 15th December (suddenly), at

his residence, Plaistow, Malvern road. Armadale, Robert Lachlan, dearly beloved husliand of S. E.


MANNIX.-On.the 15th December, at Melbourne,

Edward Lawrence Mannix (late of Seymour), dearly beloved husband of Ellen Mannix, aged 62 years. R.I.P.

MARTIN.-On the 9th December, at Dr. Stirling's

private ho-pital. Carlton, Mrlllue, aged 67, the dcarlv lovel sister of Mr«. II. Cn«pln; a devoted and faithful companion; late of 57 Bourke street, East, City. A colonist of 61 years.

MAYES.-At Guernsey, Elisabeth Catharine, widow of the late John Mayes, of Stawell.    

McCABE.-On the 1st December, at his residence,

Smith street Malmsbury. John T., dearly loved brother of Marie and Mar, formerly *of the A'ictonan i-ilwais, after a long und painful ill- ness, aged 55 . ears. R I.r.

McGAWLEY.-On the 11th December, at Bayne

street, Rcndicro, Alarie Elizabeth, loved infant daughter of Ci«sic and Joseph D. Mccawley.

Rcqulcscnt in pace.  

MUNRO.-On the 8th December, at Alberton,

Gippsland, Norman McI-xkJ, beloved huslruid of Jessie, and second eldest sou of the late Duncan and Kotrina Munro, of Portland, aged CO


At rest.

MURRAY.-On the 8th December, at Spring Bank,

Trafalgar, M. A., flic wife oí the late William Murra}, aged SS years; a colonist of 07 years.

NEWTON.-On the 24th October, at Hove. Eng-

land, Annie, the dearly loved mother of J. A, Newton, aged 73 years,

An angel gone to Heaven.    

PATTERSON (nee Debney).-On the 14th Decem-

her, at Mt. St Evins private hospital. Fitzroy, Jean Muirhead, beloved wife of Councillor

G. R. Patterson, of "Pine Grove," Cape Schanck, and fond mother of Leslie Washington, and Sarah Rachel, only daughter of G. W. Debney, Dro- mana. (Privately interred Melbourne General Cemetery 15/12/16.)

PENBERTHY.-On the 14th December, Gwendo-

line Marjory, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Penberthy, Tottenham, and grand- daughter of Mrs. C. K. Penberthy, Kia Ora, Mount Dandenong, aged 6 weeks.

SCARCEBROOK.-On the 14th December, at 194

Auburn road, Auburn, Alfred James, husband of Ellen and father of Fanny, late Alice, and Victor, loving brother of E. R. Scarcebrook (Auburn), Mrs, Pollock, late Mrs. G. Gardiner,  

Mrs. R. Noble (Richmond), Mrs, Waddell (Soutli Melbourne), and Mrs. Sexton (Brunswick), of Scarcebrook, Bros., engineers, &c, South Mel- bourne, late of Austral Otis Engineering Co..

SCRIMGEOUR.-On the 14th December, at her

residence. "Camperdown," AVolsclev street.   Coburg, Wilhelmina, the dearly beloved wife of James Scrimgeour (builder), late .if Aberdeen, Scotland, aged 39 years. (Home papers please copy.) . _

SHEPPARD.-On the 3rd December, at her resi-

dence, "Rochdale," High street, Malvern, Sophia Louisa Dunsford, relict of the late Sherbourne Sheppard, of "Clonmore," Caulfield, and eldest  

daughter of the late J. B. Were, aged 82 years. A colonist of 77 years.  

SMITH.-On the 15th December, 1916, at his resi-

dence, No. 103 Queensberry street, North Mel- bourne, Joseph Henry Curran Smith, beloved   husband of Mary and Father of Violet, Leo,

Stanley, and Tasman; grandson of Philpot Curran, Master of the Roll of Ireland.  

Requiescat in pace.

SMITH.-On the 2nd December, at "Woodlands,"

Rosedale, Maria Smith, widow of late Charlea Smith, aged 76 years. A colonist of 62 years.

SYDSERFF.-On the 14th December, 1916, at the

residence of her nephew, John S. Disher, "Strathfieldsaye," Stratford, Mary Henderson SyclBerlT, relict of John Duchan SydscriT (master mariner), in her 87th year. (Private interment) THEILE.-On the 8th December, at Melbourne Hos-

pital, Lena, relict of the laic Citarles August AVIlllam Thelle, of Red Hill. (Interred Coburg Ccmcctry on 9th inst).,

TINSLEY.-On the 15th December, at Melbourne, John Edward, beloved husband of Corilla C.   Tinsley, and father of Eileen. (No Howers pri- vate interment.)

"The Lord hath given him rest."

WICKS.-On the 9th December, at her daughter's

residence, 1012 Drummond street. North Carlton, Mary Ann, relict of the late James R. Wicks, of Chewton, and beloved mother of James, Ernest, Sydney, Harry, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Turnbull, Mrs. Howlett, Mrs. Petty, Mrs. Boell, late of 1 Major street. Northcote, and Alexandra parade, North Fitzroy; aged 69 years. (Interred privately on the 11th.)

WILSON.-On the 3rd December, at his residence,

Emily street, Murrumbeena, Andrew, beloved husband of Annie Balmain Wilson, m his 8Lst year. Late, of 350 William street, Mclbounro. (Privately interred 5th inst.)

ZIGGELL.-On the 5th December, at his residence,

"Aldebaran," St. Kinnord street, Essendon, Henry John Carl, the dearly beloved husband of  

Margaret Ziggell, and dearly loved father of Bernard and Ethel Ziggell, aged 61 years. (Pri- vately interred, Fawkner Cemetery, 6th Decem- ber.)    

IN MEMORIAM.              

ANDERSON.-In loving memory of our dear

brother (little Will), who died on the 17th De- cember, 1904.-, (Inserted hy F. and T., Essendon.) ANDERSON.-In loving memory of my dear sister,

Jennie, who-passed away December 10, 1907, at 131 Swan street, Richmond.

For ever with the Lord.

-(Inserted by her loving sister. Jessie Grey.)

ANDREWARTHA.— In loving memory of my dear

grandma, Mary Andrewartha, who died Decem-

ber 16, 1915.

For ever with the Lord.  

—(Inserted by her loving grand-daughter, Mary


BRIDGFORD.-In loving remembrance of Charles

Bridgford, who died at his late residence, "West- field," Mt. Alexander road, Essendon, on the 16th December, 1914. (Inserted by his fond   wife and family.)  

Gone, but not forgotten.

BRIDGFORD.-In sad memory of our loving

father, who passed away on December 10, 1914. All hail the power of Jesu's name.  

_(Inserted by C. and N., Waratah street, Ascot . ,valc.)

BRUCE.-In loving memory of my dear husband

and father, AA'illiam Bruce, who passed awav on December 11, 1911, of 217 Arness street, North Carlton. (Inserted by his loving wife and chil- dren.)    

CASHIN-LEES.-In loving memory of our dear

daughter and sister, Jane Ann (Tot), also her grandfather, Thomas Lees, and her uncle, Thomas  


Gone are the ones we love so dear,  

Silent the voices we long to hear.

So far away from sight or speech   But not too far for our thoughts to reach.

CASTLE. - In loving memory of dear little Charlie,

who passed away on 16th December, 1915, aged

9 months.  

He was too pure for this cold earth,

Too beautiful to stay:

And so God's holy angels  

Bore our darling one away.

-(Inserted by his loving aunt, M. A. Hudson.) COHEN.-In sad and loving memory of my darling husband and our beloved father, Louis Cohen,

who departed, this life 17th December, 1915. Deeply mourned by his sorrowing wife, Adelaide Cohen, and beloved children, Mrs. J. Jackelson, of Johannesburg, South Africa; also Olga and Joe, G.R.H.D.S.I.P.  

"The memory of the just is blessed."

HALL. —In sad and loving memory of my dear

devoted mother, Jessie Hall, who died at Toorak on 10th December, 1915. (Inserted by her loving daughter, Chrissie.)

HANN. —In fond and loving memory of my dearest

husband, Fred. (Dad) Hann, who died on the 16th December, 1915, at Victoria Hotel, Woodend,

late of Gisborne.

When alone In my grief the bitter tears flow, There comes a fond vision of not long ago; Just as in a dream he stands by my side And whispers those sweet words,

Death cannot divide.

-(Inserted by his loving wife, Sarah Hann.)

HANN. -In sad and loving memory of my darling

father, "Dad" Hann, who died December 10, 1915, at,Woodend, late of Gisborne.

In dreams I sec your dear, sweet face,

And kiss your gentle brow;   Bot in my aching heart I know I have no father now.  

—(Inserted by his devoted daughter and son-in- law, Jessie and Dick Haines.)  

HARRISON.-In loving memory of my dear hus-

band, Samuel Harrison (late of Qucen'B Walk), who died 17th December, 1913: also his dear  

brother Harry, who died at Svdncy 14th June, 1914; sons of the late l-juis Harrison. Phila- delphia and Sydney papers please copy.

Sadly missed.  

God rest their souls.

HEDDLE.-In sad and loving memory of our dear

mother, who passed away on the 19th December,


What though in lonely grief we sigh,   For mother, dear, no longer nigh, Submissive still would we reply,

Thy will be done.

-(Inserted by her loving son and daughter, A. and G. Middleton.)

HENDERSON.-In fond memory of dear Ern, killed

at Lone Pine on 17th December, 1915.

On Gallipoli's lonely hillside,

Among the lonely sod,

There lays our dear young uncle,

Resting in peace with God.  

-(Inserted by M. H. and little nephew, Allan.)

HENDERSON.-In loving memory of my loving son and our dear brother, "Ernie," who was  

killed at Lone Pine, Gallipoli, December 17,


Sadly missed.

Gone is the face we loved so dear, Silent is the voice we long to hear, So far away from sight or speech,

But not too far for our thoughts to reach.

-(Inserted by his loving mother, Sister Mary,

and Brother Bob.)

HERBERT.-In sweet memory of my darling

mother, who passed peacefully away at St. Kilda, Iflth of December, 1913.    

So sadly missed.

A Mother's Love-That which flows from a pure fountain, and ceases only at the ocean of eternity. -("Maggie," Yarram, Gippsland.

LESTER.-In loving memory of our dearly beloved

eistci, and daughter of the late Edward and Jane Ann Sanger, Bendigo. (.Mrs. Welly ar, IS Pasco street, tt llliamstown )

MCDOWALL-In sad and loving memory of my

dear husband, John, and our dear father, who 'pas-eii awav at Sale on loth December, 1910.

bilcnt the voice wc long to hear;

Anchored by love that death cannot sever.   -(Inserted by his loving wife and family.)

McINDOE.-ln memory of Roy W. Mclndoe, who

died at Greece Hospital, Alexandria, December 16,



McINNES-In loving memory of dear George, who

died No. 15 General Hospital, Alexandria, Egypt, 15th December, 1915, from pneumonia and enteric, contracted on Gallipoli, 19 years

11 months.

Only good-night, dear one, good-night,     Till the dawn of a brighter day.

-(Inserted by father, mother, sisters, and


ROGERS.-In loving memory of my dear husband,

Joseph Rogers, who passed away at Chapel street, 16th December, 1911.

Till tlie day breaks and the shadow« flee away. -(Intcrtrd by his loving wife and children.)

SOLOMON.-In loving memory of our dear father.

Louis, who died on the 16th December, W13.

Mov his soul rest in peace.

-(Inserted bv hi« loving children, Ray, Aila, Svilie, and Amelia.)

TONGE.- In loving memory of my dear brother,

Jim Tongo, »-ho died at Yarra Glen December

17, 1915.

Not forgotten.

-(Inserted bv brother Jack and sister Ifaggic.) TOWNS.-In loving memory of our dear mother,

who departed this life on the loth December, lill-., at 107 John street. North WUhamsto-m._

We think of J on our darling mother.

And miss yon more and more each day. Wc still can sec your loving face ,

Although one year has passed away.

-(Inserted by her loving sons, Walter and Harry}

TURNER.-In loving memory of my Moved-liirj

band and our dear father. Samuel Tomer, who died at St. Kilda Dcccrobcr J6, 1913.

"Though lot* to right, to memory ever dear. -(Inserted by his loving wife and family.)


ABRAHAMS.-The Brothers and Sister of the


relatives and kmd friends for visits, letters, card«, telegrams, and sympathy expressed on the death of their late beloved brother. BURGESS.-The Family of the late Mr. W. G.

BURGESS desire to express their heartfelt THANKS to ali kind friends for their immy ex- pressions of sympathr by vhntR, It-tier«, toiograms, canis, and bcatttlfid floral tributes, especially thanking Revs. Brewer, Bennett, and Raymond, abro Dr. Joyce, Nurse Callow, Mrs. Norton, Miss Lily Marriott. Mrs. Rich, Mrs. Walter Simmonds, and Mr. M. Clements for their many nets of kind- ness in their recent sad and »uddin lercavcmcnt through the dcathof their dcarjntlicr. DAUBERT.-Mr. DAUBERT, also Mr. and Mrs.

ANDERSON, desire to THANK Dr. Edith Barrett. Nurse Killeen. Rev. D. Ross Hewton, and their many kind friends for exDrcssaons of «ym patliy, telegrams, letters, cards, be, during their recent sad bereavement. 15 Park street, South Mel- bourne.       GLENNY.-The Family of the late Mrs. E. J. GLENNY desire to THANK all friends for   letters, telegrams, and verbal expressions of sym- pathv intheir recent bcrcavement. MR. T. SMART and Family wish to tender their Jai sincere anil heartfelt THANKS to those kind friend« for their manv «pressions and tokens of tv mpathv bestowed durin-r their recent sail bereave ment. Kspceiallv do tier wish io thank the dlree tors of the Herald and Weekly Times Limited, the emplovrcs in the various departments of the "Herald." "Wceklv Time"," and "Winner:" also Dr. B. Crellin, Mrs. Whitburn, and Mrs. Britton, for their unremitting attention to Mrs. Smart in her last illness.      

MR. and Mrs. FRED. DELVES desire to THANK their many friends for telegrams, letters,   cards, be, received and sympathy shown m tlieir recent sad bereavement, especially thanking Mr. T. Stewart ami H. Bosaell, for their kindness during Mr. Delves'* alísente from Victoria. 417 Canning street, North Carlton.   MR. and Mrs. WALES and Family, 24 Somerset  

street, Richmond, desire to return sincere THANKS to their many friends for letter«, cards, telegrams of sj-mpathv in the recent sad lops of their son and brother. Sgt. I. G. Wales, 6th Coy. Engrs, (late 2nd Coy. Engrs.), -who died of wounds while   on active service in France. MR. EDWARD McCARTHY and Family desire to

THANK their many kind friends and relative« for their floral-tributas, also cards and letters of sympathy extended to them in their recent sad hercavement, also thanking Rev. Fr. King and Dr. Degenhardt for their kind attention. 847 Bruns- wick street, North Fitzroy. MR. CHARLES KEELE wishes to THANK his

many kind friends in his recent sad bereave ment for letters, cards, and floral tributes, espe- cially the Northcote tramway men, and the em- ployees of B. E. Johnson's, for their kind recogni- tion. MR. and Mrs. PAIRMAN and Family desire to

express their heartfelt THANKS to their many friends for their kind expression of sympathy by telegrams, letters, cards, and visits.     6 Cambridge street, Box Hill. MR. and Mrs. HODSON, of Camberwell, return

THANKS for visits, letters, and cards re- ceived in their supposed late bereavement. They are now pleased to state that their son (Harry) is still a prisoner of war. MR. A. E. LYONS and Family desire to THANK their friends and relatives for kind expres-   sions of sympathy conveyed to then fin their recent sad bereavement. 18 Ayr street Ascotvale.    

MR. E. HALES and Mr. and Mrs. BULMER and

Family desire to tender their sincere THANKS for kind expressions of sympathy, telegrams, &c, during their recent sad bereavement.     MRS. H. BLACK and Family desire to express their heartfelt THANKS to their many      friends and relatives for letters, cams, telegrams, and floral tributes received by them during theil recent sail bereavement. Special thanks ore re

turned to Mr. and Mrs. Jury, Ancona, and also to Mr. Williams for. the kind riymner in which 'he carried __oilt the funeral arrangements. Woodfield. MRS. WATSON and Family express sincere

THANKS to nil kind friends Tor letter«, cards, and expressions of sympathy dirrmg-*".hfclr recent sod bereavement, especially ofiVccisj "ami, .members of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers, Dr. Mailer for his kind attention, Mrs. Haggart, Mrs. Kitchen, and Mrs. Entwistle. 41 MçKenzie Street,


MRS. GEORGE WHITE and Family desire to

THANK their miny rrlatives and friends for kind expressions of sympathy, telegrams, cards, and floral offerings during their late sad bereavement; also to especially thank Mr. and Miss Allen. Mr.

MRS. KYLE, of Monegetta South, desires to

THANK kind friends for letters and sympathy to her in her very sad sudden trouble, in the loss of her dear husband, Private J. Kyle, while on ac- tive service.  


Beaconsfield parade. St. Kilda, wishes to ex- press her heartfelt THANKS to her many friend« for kind expressions of si-mn-iUiy, letters, cards, tele- grams, and vi «its in_ her sad bercavcment.  

MRS. ANDREWS and Family, Grosvenor street.

St. Kilda, drnro to THANK - their many friends for their kind tokens of sympathy in Ihelr

recent mid lierenvcment.    

SCHMAHL.-Mrs. SCHMAHL, and Family desire to THANK their many friends and neighbours   for their visits, floral tributes, letters, i.e.; also Dr. Morgan. Sister Turner, and Nursing Staff of No. 7 Ward,' Melbourne Hospital, for their untlrinir attention and kindness to her lite husband: Rev. Mr. Sherwood, the Victorian Stevedoring Company omi emploi-ces, for their great kindness and tym pitbv in their recent sad lineavemcnt: end "also thank- Messrs. Carbine an- Sons for tile efficient manner they carried ont th.. funeral arrangements 8 Nicholson street. Coburg.


BEILBY.-The Friends of the late Mr. ROBERT

BEILBY arc respectfully invited to »follow his retrains to the place of Interment, tho Box Hill


The funeral-will leave his'residence, "Ivynook,'

Guildford road, Surrey Hills, THIS DAY (Saturday, ICI h'December), nt 3 o'clock p.m.      

A. AV.-PADBLTly, Undertaker, Kew, Auburn Canterbury, and Box Hill.    

BRENCHLEY.- The Friends of the late HENRY

THOMAS BRENCHLEY are respectfully In- vited to follow his remains to the place of inter- ment, the Melbourne General Cemetery.  

The funeral will leave his residence, 140 Wells street. South Melbourne, THIS DAY (Saturday 16th ¡nst., at 3 p.m.      

DRAYTON and CARSON. Undertakers, 177 High street. Prahran, and Malvern. Phones Windsor 370, Malvern 1228.

MANNIX. -- Friends of the late Mr. EDWARD LAWRENCE MANNIX are respectfully in-   formed that his remains will be interred in the Kilmore Cemetery THIS DAY (Saturday), at 3


JONES BROS.. Undertaker«, 493 Lonsdale street,

Melbourne, and suburbs. Phone 301 Central.

RIGBY.-The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. ALFRED

JAMES RIGBY (late of Carrum) are respect fully invited to follow the remains of their late dearly beloved son, Stanley Alfred, 10 years, to the Cheltenham Cemetery.

ICth lust), at 2 o'clock.

WILLIAM FARMER, undertaker, Bendigo.

SCRIMGEOUR.-The Friends of Mr. JAMES    

SCRIMGEOUR arc respectfully invited to fol- low the remains of his dearly beloved wife   Wilhelmina to the place of interment, the Coburg

General Cemetery.

The funeral will leave hi« residence, "Camper- down," Wolseley street. Coburg, Tins DAY (Satur, dav. 10th December, W10), at half-past 3 o'clock.

JOHN ALLISON, Undertaker and Embalmcr, and Funeral Director, 201 Sidnc) road. Brunswick. 'Phones-Hrmsw-ick 502. Central 10.13 and 2038.


STONE erected to the memory of the late Mr. LOUIS JOSEPH, formerly of Flinders street, Melbourne, will take place at the Melbourne Gene- ral Cemetery (Carlton), on SUNDAY AFTER- NOON, the 17th December, 1916, at half-past 3