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Family Notices

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AMBLER (nee Dorrie Swinbourne) - June 11, 1926, of Suva, Fiji, to Mr and Mrs Lloyd Ambler - a


ASHBY (Clare Smith).—June 6, to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Ashby, Pennant-street, Paramattu—a son (Bryan Erle)  

BANNERMAN.-June 5. al tlictr Toddy me,, B-nmlsh it cet, Campsie, to Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Bannerman-a ¿. ;htar (Marjorie June).

BARDEN (nee Vera 311 it bv),-June 0. 1020. at their T-s'dencc, Yoogali, 24 Cul.viilla-bticet. Hssrst.iK- t" »I* and Mrs. Harold E Daniell ii son (Brian Sta.iley).

BEST (nee Eua Burke).--June 3, at Coolah, 13 riatcell-strcct. Granville, to Mr. uni Mrs. Ilaymund T Best-a daughter (Ruth Raymond).

BRABY.--March 9, at Yenda, to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Braby--a daughter.

BRABY.--June 7, at Harden, to Dr. and Mrs. Arthur

Braby--a daughter.    

BROWN.--May 12, to Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Brown (Ii te Of Kentucy), ni Englewood private hospital, Un-

til d-a son (Donald Dale).

CARROLL.-June S, ni Helene private hospital. Rand .Kick, the wife of W11.lorn L. C'anoll-a »on.

CLARKE.--June 4, at Burilda private hospital, Sum- mer Hill, to Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Clarke, Romani. Til lock-street. Dobroyd Point-a daughter (Joy Nurelle)

COLLINS.-June 7, at Dalmeny private hospital, Marrickville, to Mr. anil Mrs. Frank ? li. Collln6-a

dan-tiller (Shirley,

CORBETT (nee Mnrlorie Clare Stollen*).-Juno 0. IB'«, at Drynanc private hospital. Il s II-to Mr. «nd Jlrs. W. F. Corbett, Mosman-o duuV.iter.

DEMERAL (nee Doris Retford).--June 9, at Wilan   dor. Goo.lchai.rnad. to Mr. and Mr«. W E Bernerai-a son fRoy William).

DIBBLE.- June S, at Nurse Sturrock« private hos- pital, Drynnne, Bondi, to Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Dibble. Bi.ndiT-a daughter (Josephine). ''"'

DOWNTON.--June 4, at Peronne, Glover-street, Leich- hardt, to Mr. and Mrs. E. I. Dowiitin-twins, son and daughter (Keith Charles and Betty .lune).

FILMEGAN'.--June 6, at San Stephano private hospital  

(Matron Skelton), to Mr. and Mr«. 1). Fllniegiin-a

*o" (John Henry).

FITZGERALD (Mary O'Connor).-.lune 10, UKO, st their residence, Bethania. Fllzgeiulil-street, Waver- ley, to Mr. and Mrs. T. P. lit/gerald-a daughter

(Mario Tlicrese).

FOY -June 6, at their residence, llucktlen W'.ml la'Mt te lu and Mis honman F..v - v 'on

GAWTHORNE (nee Marjorie Stead).--At Riverside, Cn Ifonila, to Mr. and Mm. \V. E. Guwllionio-u son,

Bv cable. ,

GUILIANI (ne Maynie Walsh) -May 30, at St Edmund's private hospital, Eastwood, to Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Guiliani - a daughter (Margaret Annetta)


p, J Giuliani-a daughter (Margaret Aimetta)

HALL (nee Daisy Harris).-June 4, at Cooyong -.vate hospital, Bnv Road, to Mr. and Mr«. A. W. «li, Woodstock, Walgett-twin daughters.

HARRIS (nee Mollie Proudfoot). May 13, the wife of H. L. Vernon Harris, Wermatong, Tumut - a daugh- ter (Marie Elizabeth).  

HODGE.-June 6, at their residence, Ceiling-avenue, Btinthfleld, to Mr. and Mrs. P. Hutige-a -¡on (Raymond


JONES (nee Doris Gill).-May 12, 1028. at a private hospital, Forest Lodge, to Mr, and Mr*. Arthur jjtllrath Jone*-a son.

LEVINGSTON (Patricia Farley).—May 26, at gi ¡ligar Kashmir. India, to Captain T. C. and Mrs

Levingston—a son.  

LOOSEN (nee Lena Osborne).-May 16, at Nurse Baiher't private hospital. Rose Hay, Uio wife of Harold

Leoscn-a son.

MARTIN.--May 19, 1926, at Duntroon private hos- Taltal. Johnston-street, Annandale, to .Mr- and Mrs. .lack Martin, Burrawong, Turuer-aveiiuc, ilabeilloid

. «on.

MILES.-.lune 5, at their residence, Neutral Hay. to Mr. and Mrs, V. J. Miles-n son,

PARSONS.--June 6, at their residence, 93 Marion srticet, to Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Parsons*

. d.iughict (Valdo June).

PEARSON.--June 9, at their residence, Ranfurley rond, Double Bay, to Mr. and Mrs. L'. F. Pearson-a


PRITCHARD.-Moy 0. to Mr. und Mrs. Norman Prit chaid, Kulliiinhiintrin, Prince Alheit-strect, Moanian-n

du '-hier (Cvntl ia Mav).

PRUNTY.-lune 6, at Seacombe private hospital,- to .»Ir «ntl Mr*. J. F. Prunty-a daughter.

QUINN (nee Gwendoline Drvdale).--June 1, at Nurse   Ji'r.'oiiald's private hivnlttil. lame 0>v<t, to Mr. al id Mrs Jack Quinn-a daughter (June Drysdale).

RITCHIE (nee Leila Taylor).--June 9. at Nurse O'Neill's private hospital, Chatswood, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ritchie, of Vaucluse-a son (Donald).

RYAN (nee Mollie Woods).-Muy St, at Fnmenoth tv .vate liospltnl, Randwick, to Mr. and Mrs. 11. L. ll.vun-a daughter (Juno Morlc).

SCOTT,-May 2«, nt Airlie, Chtirlutte-stieet, Lolch bu dt, to Mr. ami Jlrs. Harry Scott, ¡yin.-a 6on.

SEFCO.--May 28, at their ri-Jdence, 14 St. John's-, itrcot. Lewisham, to Mr. and Mr*. W. G. Setco-a

Concilier (Elv* Joan).

SIMPSON (lice Alice Boullon). -May 23, at Summet Sill, to Mr. and Mrs. P. Shun-on, Jim. -a son.

STRATTON-BROWN' (nee Elma Percival).--May 24, to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stratton-Blown-a daughter

(Pamela 1.

SWINFIELD.--June 2, at St. Chads, Campbell-street,   Abbotsford, to Mt. and Mre. F. Svvinli Iel -p »on (David)

TRACEY.--lune 2, to Mr. and Mr.. P. Tracey, .f.sherstreet, Soith Kensington-a son (l)rlun Patrick).

TRIMMER.-June (I, ut St. R num.- piimlc lin-pittil, V. 1 rodule-ro.'id. Smith Kensington (Nurse Conlon'«}, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Trimmer, Siiavv-ovciiiii'-.1 son.

TULLOH (nee Doris Barton).-June 8, at Aloha   Private hospital, Parramatta, to Mr, and Mrs. Reg.    

Tulloh - a son (Rex Barton).    

WEEKES.--June 8, at Nurse Armstrong's private hos- v'tal. Ramsgate-, Kogarah, Mrs. II. Wcokci (nee II. Jii.nsfotdl-a daughter.. And Mm. P. Weekes (nee .1. Mcwilliam)-« daughter. All doing well.

WILSON.--June 6, at their residence, 7a Simpson ?tr ct, Bondi, to Mr., and Mrs. Reg. W11 win-a sou

«¡Richard John).

WINDLE.-May 30, 1926, at Lochinvar private hos pital, to Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Windle (nee Floyd),     of Coogee-a daughter (Mary Essie Jean).

WOODHOUSE.-June 6, at Macleay private hospital (Nurse Fay), Belmore, to Mr and Mrs J E Woodhouse of Redman Parade, Belmore - a son (Colin Eastwood)  


AINSLIE-AUSTEN.-April II, ul st. Phillp'» Church, rodney, by the Rev. D. Walker, John Dickson, only .on of the lute Robert Ainslie and Mrs. Ainslie, of A eileen, Scut.aim, tu Nal lev Liiyuul, youngest daugii tei of the lull Fiutici» Austell and Mrs. Austen, Rich mond-avenue, Cremorne.  

AMES--MALLETT. -April 21, 1926, at St. James' Presuytcriuii Church, lim wood, h) the Rev. Dr. It. Scott West, Ina, duughtui of Mr, unit Mrs. F. T. Millett, ol lluiwuuil, lo Cyril, son ut Mm. Ames, of P}mide, and the lute W. Ames.

ANDERSON--KEITH. -At St. Brigid's Roman Catho- Ik- Ohuich, Uuubo, by Hie Rev. Edmond l'uirick O'llo.mell, Matthew llichuid fruncí» I l'a t.), eldest eon ot Mi, and Miss. J. Anderson, ol Eu-l Sydney, lu. Doris Pamela (Dot), tlilid daughter of Mr. and Mis. II. Keilli, of Dubbo, N.S.W.

BURGESS--SANDERSON. -April 24, at the Presbyte- rian Cliutch, Miiu.ckvillc, by iliss Rev. Dr. Burgess, fal iel of the Initk'gioom, usbi.tcd by the Rev. G, .M. facott. Rubelt 1-auiuicc, yuinigesl sou ol Dr. anti .Mrs. Burgess, at Hurstville, to lil len Uil-ilieth, younger «Liiglit- of Mr. and Mrs. P. sundeison, of Murnck*


CAMPBELL- HENRICHS.-June 5, ut Al) SultiU', ri.eisluim, by Rev. Itu-dcy, Joint Leslie, son of Mr. ui.o lbs. J. L. Camp.,eil, ol stanmore, lo K-.iue, eldest diaghter ol Mia. Uisiirlckt, of Dulwich Hill.

CASPERSONN—RAWSON.-Ma) 6, |'¿(I, nt Metho-     dist Church, Patkes, bv tito Rev. Bostock .lime-., Arthur, second sou of the lula Mr. und Mrs. Ciw.ersiinn, ni Tumut and Sydney, to Doris,. only diu'ghtcr of Mr. Kiul Mrs. J. A Raw-on. tf Mmoct.iii. T.uiidle.

CRAKANTHORP--ROSEBY. -April 14, at Pitt street Cuiigrigullonul Lisiiiih. SHlii-.., 0} me Rev. I K. Rum. John Siivuu, i-u.,nge»i sun uf (lie bite J. C. Crail ?nUiorp and Mrs. Ctakantliorp, of Mini)', to valerie Hope, daughter of Mr. und Mrs. li. E. Roseby, ol Ros-ville. Pi clent addie.«, I Bulléis toutl, liuistvillc.

Al home lull»* 2'1 and 24.

JONES-SPRING.-May 0. UM«, at Church of Christ, Metropolitan-rout!, Enmore, by lite Rev. It. K. Whately, Raymond Hinckley, elded ion of Mr. und SIi». R II. Junes, Clovelly, to Muriel Ellen, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Spring, Newtown.

McKINLAY--GILLOTT. -April 24, 1926, at Lakemba Congregational Chuicli. by the Rev. C. J. Cribb, W1l-

liam Ewart, second son of Mr, W. J. Mt'Kinliiy. of Leichhardt, to Mabel Cory, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Gillott, of Lakemba.

MARCHINTON--WHITAKER. -May 22, at All Saints' Cliprch, Petersham, by the Rev. Hateloy, Sydney, son of, Mr. and Ml«. J. M. M.irclilntoii, of Abliut-furd, to Aunts, ouly daugh UM of Mrs. C. Wlutakcr mid üie late lloma» Wbltakcr, of I'lir-street, Abbotsford^ York-

shire papers please cup}. '

MINTER - WILKINSON - June 9, at St. Mark's Church, Darling Point, by the Rev. E. H. Lee, as- sisted by the Rev. G. Pike, of Gundagai, Mervyn, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Minter, of   Sydney, to Mabel Dorothy, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs F. R. Wilkinson of Enwoola, Rose Bay.

NICHOLS-POWELL.-May 29, at St. Matthew's Church, Bondi, by the Rev. C. Dunstan, Leslie, young- est son of the late Mr. and Mrs. E C. A. Nichols, of Hobart, to Neta, second daughter of the late Mr Septimus and Mrs. R. Powell, of Ulverstone, Bondi.

TWIBILL-HOLMES-April 30, 1926, at St. Barna-   bas Church, Taccombe, Hampshire, England, bv the Rev John Morris (cousin of the bride),, William   Wickham, eldest son of William Twibill and the late   Jessie Twibill. ol Dundalk, Ireland, to Agnes Louise   (Nessie), the only daughter of the late Alfred Holmes and Mrs. M L. Holmes, of Lindfield, Sydney.

WEARIN - STANBURY -April 17, 1926, at the New-

town Congregational Church, by the Rev. Mearns Massie, Sidney Ernest, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wearin, of Taree, to Daisy Eileen, second daughter of Mrs. A. and the late G. H. Stanbury, of  

Dickson-street, Newtown.  


PRIEST-HOLDEN.-June ti, l**i,, at the Pro Cathedral, Newcastle, by bishop Pearson, assisted hv Rev. Albert M sehnen. Alfred James Hawkshaw Priest, rector of Gresford, to Jane Osborne Holden. Penshurst, Gresford. Present «dib ess: Uolyhead. Hornsby._


CARROLL--CHAMBERLAIN. -June 10, 1876, at Scots Church, by Rev. Hi Ung, William, second «on ol Mr. and Mis Matthew Cunnii ol -..nth lle.ul-ro.itl, to 1 .try. second daiigbtei of Mr .sod Mi>. Henry. Cham- berlain, of Newcastle. Present addie««: 42 Euroka street, North Sidney.

DALTON--TAMBLYN. -June 12, 1876, at Albury, bY   Rev. A U Frj. Ilemge. second son o( Mr. una' Mu'

J P. Dalton, ot lleiehwoitli, \ ic, tu Annie, s.-.un.. d lighter o! the late Mr. and Mrs. W. II Tamblyn, ol Talbot, Vltlotio Present address: Uaaitnutha, Wisr

dell-road. Dulwich Hill.


ALEXANDER.-June ?. al Kiama, Annie, widow of the late Francis Alcxandci, aged bl

ALSOP. - June 10, 1926, at M. George Hospital Spence, beloved brother of Mrs Logan and W.

Alsop, Manly, late of Grenfell.

BAILEY.-June 11, I02«, at a private hospital. Sum mer lilli. Martha Ann Bailey, uf Jone« «licet, Croydon.

In her .Pill veor.

BALKNZUELA.-Junc lu, 11.2(1, al Chlluien's Hospital. Camperdown, Relty. dourly Invs'd Inf.inl sliughtt-i uf Alfred and Mt- Balciimel», aged 2 >euru und 10


BEAUMONT. —June 10, at Manly (result of motor accident). John Peter (Jack), beloved brother of W.

N. Beaumont, aged 44 years.


BEAUMONT —June 10, 1926 (result of accident), at    

Manly. John Peter Beaumont, beloved son of Mrs.

S. P. Beaumont, and the late J. T. Beaumont, of Marengo Station, Young, New South Wales, aged 44


BOWMAN -June 10, 1020, at her residence, «0 Silver stn et, St. Piters, E lanbeth Marv, relict of the late John Bow man, aged, 87 )curs. Rcquicscut In pace.

CALLAGHAN -June 1, 1020, at District Hospital,     Kurri Kum, James, beloved husband of Mary Cal laglun, lale Read avenue, Lithgow, aged 01 years.

CAMP-.una 10, 1-20, at Booth Uouso, Wardell

rodd, Marrickville, Hosetta A Camp, late ol Vernon ( ottibi, Simmons st cot, bmxtore, afec-d S3 >e_ra

CARVER-June 10, at his residence, Glenrock, Murriverie rend, Bondi, Henry Thomas, beloved but land ol May Carvir, aged 40 )iar_

COOK -June 6, at 2 Parry street, Hamilton, New CJ.tle, isamuel, belovet' husbind of Mary' Cook, and tither of luymmd and Heather, aged 5S jeir» Uate ni Oqulliuin aud Crookwell. N S W) At rest

CRAWFORD-Juno 11, IJ28, at North S)dne), Ann   widow of the lato John Ciawfoid, and beloved mother of Juc!, Alex, James, Birdie, and Netta Crawiord, of Bud-ivicw, Lull n street, Bay Road, Noitb bodaey

I iivjta iiittrraent

DENZEL-June 11, lO.O, at district hospital. Parra

mitti, Cecil Thomas Albert, deuri) beloved son ol lohn dearie and Lllzabeth Ucuzcl, of Model Farm road, Bjulkliam lilli», aged 21 »cara

DREW -Juna 1, at Petersham, suddenly. Annie 1 liza, 'ilict of the lute Standish M lllljm Drcu, and beloved mother ol Mis. U V McCrcdie, of Eppbig lu her both year

DUTTON-June 10, 1020. at Bolton England Eliza   beth, relict ot late (-burles Dutton (ioimarly of Sjd ne)), ami beloved aunt of Mis, F W Ames, 42 Vic lol u i.ilddc, Manie (hy callie)

EDWARDS.—June 11, 1926, at her residence, Wyn-   dora-avenue, Harbord, Manly, and late of Flemington,  

Harriet, beloved wife of Arthur T. Edwards, and   beloved mother of Reginald and beloved grandmother   of Arthur Clive and John Reginald, aged 61 years.

FORSYTH.—June 10, lO-Jtl, at his resideui-e, Harrow     mud, stanmore, Challe» truest, beloved son of Mr -nid Mis J lors)tli, and hruther uf hthol, Jamis, and Kubirt lilli rrvd Rookwood June 11

FOWLER-March 1, HI20, at Alasslu, Italy. Cecelia   Ch j riot te, thud daughter uf the late Silas Fowler, De» un, Ln"Iand

GILMOUR-June 0, at his residence. Bombira, 36 Undula uvinue. Randwick, dearly loved husband of Juno (Dolly) Gilmour, and loving brother in law of Hubert and Geoiui Haidy, aged t~ year». Dearly


HUNT-Uti) 23, 1020, at Illawarra Cottage Hosp! tal, John Thomas, helovid husband ot Amy Hunt, George street Thiiroul, ui,ed SO )iars

HIBBOlsON -Lucy, beloved wife of George Robert llihutsou, of Tumut, ac,ed _0 )curs

J Mil-S-June b, at hil re-idence, Redleat, Uppei i| it load. Mosman John Jauief, (ormeily of Grafton, Interred prlvutely nt Rookwood June 0

JEFFCOAT -June 8, 1926 (suddenly), at Goulburn,   Amy Elizabeth, sister of Mrs. J Geddes (Katoomba), Mrs WE Harper (Merriwa), and J L. Jeffcoat (Rose   Bay, Sydney)

JENKINS-June 0, at Rabaul, V«w Guinea, Alfred thomas Jenkins (Garry), beloved husband of Mar guérite Jenkins and loved father of Burnie, o-wi IP vears Iiiteired Uohaul Home papers please copy

LONG-June 8, Lily Mar), relict of tho late John

Leslie Long

LORD-June 8, at her residence, West Crescent strict, Noith Svcinev, Clara Hollier, beloved sister and sister in law ol Matilda and Thomas Young, and uuntlt ot Tom, Les and Alma.

LOVAT-June 11, ltI2u, at her parent«' residence, ST Cleveland street, lied,ern, Miriarct Mar), the be- loved omy daughter ut Mr and Mrs. Thoms» Lovat, aged 20 yearn R 1 P.

McINTOSH.—Juue 10, 102-J, Susan, widow ot the lute   Idwiu Archhold Mcintosh, of 1'»ruble, and mother of I dv.ii! O fctunle., leslie, Norman, Oslm-ii, l-ivmum!, Mrs Susan Mobbs, Mrs ilma stool, also Olive and Linda Mcintosh, and the late Mrs. Gertrude 1'itirson,

ugid 00 vears.

McINTOSH-June IO, Etui_n, beloved mother of Linda Mclutosli, Principal Ualcrosa College, Pymble

McLEOD.—Ji ne 11, 1 ia. at his late residente, Timaru,       10- Northcote street, St Leonards, (Coiixtilile) Han dolph Iveith Mcleod, of Headquarters, beloved hushntiil nf lean and eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. James I Mcleod of K" dill North Coast, and beloved brothel of Douglas, Myrtle, Cyril, Vernon, and Christina.

iri us i I ' mouths.

MEYERS-June IO, in London, Charlea Meyers, tie   loved hiller of Nellie Neale, and lather in law ol

charlie Neal*.

MILLINGEN - June 10, 11124, at Coast Hospital, Nancy Anuitte, dearly loved daughter ot Mr und Mrs. Rupert Milllugen, of 72 Awaba streit. Mosman, aged

0 )eurs

MITCHINSON-Juna 0, at Orange, Eliza, wifo of Pearson Mitchinson, aged 63. Edinburgh papers pieuse


MORRIS-June 11, 1020, at his residence, Simla, 36 Barnett avenue, Waverley, John Phillip Morris, aged   72 years RIP. Interred privately.

MORTLEY.-June 0, at his brother's residence, Pad stuvv Park, Albert Uirry Mortlev, beloved husband at 1 ditli Moule), and luther of Lett) and brie

MULHOLLAND-June 7, suddenly, at his rest

dni'e, Rose Bay, Thom is Johnston, beloved father ol Alithea (Mrs. Steel, Mcht H)de), Nool (Queens land), rddingtou (Wallalong), and Dorothy (Mrs s| Ippcr), aged 05 years Interred South Ileud


MULLIGAN-June 11. 1926, Elizabeth, beloved wife of John Joseph Mulligan, of Ryan's Cambridge Hotel,   Market and Castlereagh streets, Sydney, late of New Zealand, and dearly loved sister in law of Thomas and the Late Leo Mulligan (late A.I.F.), Mr and Mrs Jas R Mulligan, Mr and Mrs Ed Mulligan, Mr and Mrs Frank Mulligan and Mrs Katie Mulligan,   aged 47 years. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy

on her soul.

NEW.—June 10, 1020, at her daughter's residence,   1 Iteabcth street, Riverstone, Isabella, dearl) belo, eil vite of Charles thomas New, of Riverstone, in her

«Sill »ear

OCHS-June 11, 1020, at her residence, Bannockburn road, Pymble, Caroline Amelia, beloved wife of G P

Ochs, aged 43 )t-r>

PARKER--Juuo 11, 1020, at the Mater Mlscrlcordlae Hospital, North S>)dne), Violet Ma) dearl) helovid wife of Peicj lioness Purkcr, aged IS )eara. At rest

PRING.—June 0, at the residence of her daughter   Mrs'l Lindsay McDoncII, Byron road, Cuih-nril, Helen Isiibel, widow of the late rreiluie Pring, of A Jap l lew Young, in her OSth ) ear Interred M oronora


PROBERTS -Juna 10, 1020, at Coast Hospital, Tilomas, dearl) loved husband ot Lois Prohcits, and father of Eunice, ot Uowncs-strcct, Enfield, aged 04

0)111 s

QUINN -June 11, 1U2-, at Orontes, Lansdowne street, I istwnod, Idvvard William Ross Quinn (lute of Prisons Dip-irtmint), beloved husband of I rolly Quinn, and loving father of Annie and Roy, aged 76 jcar»

RADESKI-CLAUSNITZER-II» cable, killed In train         accident in Germany, Carl Franz, beloved hushind of Annusjia Radcski Cltusnltzer. aud father of Carlchen,

of c-uHsburi road. Rose Bay

RAY-June 11 1020, at her residence, 40 Arthur street. North Sydney, Julia Mary Hay, aged S3 years


ROBINSON-June U, at Marrickville, beloved wife of I eslfe S Rollinson. Arthurville Wel'inrrtou

ROUHAN -June 11, 1029, at his residence, 24 Moro heid street, Waterloo, Thom«, dearly loved husband of BrliUet Roiihnn, aged 84 )oare KIP

SCHAFFER-June 11, 1020 at Royal Prince Alfred   Ilosplt-il, Walter Edwin beloved husband of bamh Hebecci Schaffer, aged M )ears.

SMITH - lune 11, 1020 at St Joseph's Hospital, Auburn, Alice, clearly beloved wile of charles Smith, of Adderley street, Auburn, aged 40 years At rest. (Sec Monda)'a "Herald' for funeral notice)

SORENSEN-June li. 1020, at her residence, 41 Warutiii street, Haberfield Honnce, helovid wife of Chirles C Sorensen, and mother of May, Albert, I mist, Charles, and Arthur, aged 03 years

STANIFORTH.—June 11, 1020, at Sydney Hospita!   Olive, beloved daughter of George and Nellie Stan!

fortli inxeil 2U years. At rest

STEVENS -.lune 0 at his residence, 104 Olehe Point   road, Olebe Point Thomas Henry Stevens eliurlv lovtd lui,hand of Charlotte Stevens, and loving father of lillian, Jessie, Elsie, Dorothy, aud helovid brother of Mrs. W J Burnett, of Toxteth road, Glebe Point

TANNER -June 5, 1926, at her residence, 370 Parra   matta road Petersham, Elizabeth, beloved mother of Emily and Mrs F. C. Tanner, late of Croydon Park, and grandmother of Reg and Peggy. Peace, perfect


TRAINER.—June 4, at his residence, Mangrove, Pine street East, North Sydney, John, loving husband of Mary Ellen, late North Coast.

WATERS.--June 10, 1926, at the residence of her step son, Warrawee, River-road, Revesby, Ellen Waters,   relict of the late Henry Maters, Sen, of Rose Bay and Revesby, aged 75 years.

WILLIAMS.--June 8, Jackie, beloved son of John and    

the late Clara Williams, of Caulfield, Vic., and dearly loved nephew of John and Alice Gaghen, of Randwick,

aged 39.

WONSON.--June 11, Archie Douglas, son of Mr and   Mrs E. Wonson, of Wilton (accidentally killed at Cordeaux Dam), in his 31st year.

WOODGER-April 30 at Sydney Hospital Richard Arthur, husband of Alice Woodger, and father of Arthur and Eva, aged 74 years.


ALCE.- In loving memory of mi dear wits and my fond ni ither Ma ide \ iola, who departed this life June 12 102T Inserted by her lovlug husband and only

son Mill.

ALCE- In loving m< mary of mi diar daughter. Maude Viola, who pafeod away June 13, 1923

The heilt. Unit lovid you dearly. \re those »ho never forget

Inserted hy her loving mother, S Ambrose.

ALCE-In lovlug ouniory of our dear sister, who   departod this life June 12, 1023. lust rted by her loi big sister and brother In law. Netta and Jack Aid


ALCE-In loving memory of our dear sister, Maude,   ulio pa«sel away June 12 1023 Inserted hy her I ii lug sl-ter lud brother In la» Dorl« and Dick

ALCE -In aad hut loving memory of our dear lia ter and ilster In law vvh i leparted this life June I' I02T Inserted bv her loving sister and brother In hw N| a an I Oswald steer

ALCE -In loving memorv of my dear daughter   In law, Maude., who departed this Ufa Jiuie 12, 1023 1023 Sadly missed Inserted hy her father in law,

Huiry tice

ALCE -lu ever loving memory of my dear sister   in law, Maudie, who departed this life June 12, 1923 Inscitid hi her loving sister In law, Polly

BARNCASTLE - In loving memory of my dear wife and oui mothir Mary Ann, who departed this life June 12, 1010

M it hot t> gone but not forgotten.

Not Is the good advice she Kaie,

Sweitisl thouL.his shall ever linger.

Around our durllmr mother, grave

inserted b) her loving husband, daughters, and

BARRETT -lu loilng memory of onr dear mother mil gmuttinother. who passed away June 12, 1810

aged 70

Mav Ood «rant eternal rest,

To our Heir mother, one of tha best

Inserted hv her loilng daughter, A Mchvoy and

' mllv

BARRETT-A tribute of love to the memory of mv di ir mi flier, Annie who died June 12, 101B, aged 70 R I P Inserted b) her loving diughter, Lina.

BENNETT- In loving memory of our diar mother, H lier, who fell asleep' June 12. 1010 Also Geonte. illicit son ol ahmt, who loll asleep December ti, 1 2V, also Harold. September 1, loo» Peace, after mucb Bullering Inserted hy May, Hilda, husband and

f"tl»< r, daughters, sisters, son, und brother

BENNETT -In lovlii»; memory of our dear mother,   » ho died June I!. 1910, a"«l 00 year*. Fondly reniom bored hi her loving daughter and aoo lu li«. Pott

and John Ellie, and grandson. Jobo,


BELL-In loving memory of my dear mother, Marlon, who departed this life June l8, 1818.

I «at beside my mother . bed,

And vvatcl ed her dying breith. I held her precious bands In min«

Till they were cold In death

In ia|n I tried to warm them,

But dtath had laid it« mark Upon my dearest mother,

it nearly broke ni} heart

Inserted by her loving daush-er, Ada

BERNASCONI- In loving miniorv of mr dear hu«   band and our daddy, who passed awav June 12, 1023

1 am tired tonight, and I miss you.

And long for vou love through tear«,

And It seems but to day that we saw you go,

Y'oii, who have been gone three year*.

Inserted by his loving wife, Ruth, and children

BEZOLD-In loving memory of my dear daughter and our sister, Louisa, who died June 12, 1024

Not forgotten

Inserted by hot fond mother, brother, and sister».

BEZOLD -In sad but loving memory of dear Louie, who departed this life June 12 1T24 Never forgotten by her sincere friend, A Woodita-.

BOBERG -In sad and loving remembrance of my dear hu band an I our dear father, Fdward Tcrance Boberg, who departed this life June 12, 1913

Sweet Jesus have mercy on his souL Inserted bv bl» loving wife and children

BOURKE-In lovbu m'tnoiy ol mv dear friend P I Bourke who deptrted this life June 11, 1015 Sadly missed by his friends, A E Arnold and Amy

i-.l "t-s-r. Hall

BOWDEN -In memory of our mother. Eil-iheth   Bow len, who departed this life June 12 1011 At rest ia-crted by her daughters Rose, Molloy, and

Horence Banks.

BOWDEN -In over loving memory of mv dear mother, b uobeth lane Bowden, who pa««ed away June 12, 1914 aged 70 je-irs. Always remembered and sadly ml sod by her daughter, Llltabeth

CHAPMAN-In loving memory of our dear father, who departed this life June l8 1024

Love« last gift-Hi membrance

Inserted br hi* loving son« and diughters,

CHARKER- lu loving memory of my d-ar wife and our dear mother Asrues, who passed away June -!, 1026 God called her home Ins rtcd by htr sor- rowing husband. Ern, and children. Nell, Ted, and


CHRISTIAN -In loving memory of my dear mother and grandi-i, Fit-llseth Christian, who passed away June 12. 1IUS, age «3

In my mind there's a beautiful picture.

To me it's more precious; than gold.

Its the picture ol my loving molher,

Whose memory will never grow cold

Inserted by ber loving son and duiuiitcr In law Henry and Henrietta, grandcliildreu, Ell-ibeth and Harry

CHRISTIAN -In loving memory of our dear mother. Elizabeth, »ho died June 12, 1018 Sadly missed

The hearts thit loved you truly

Are the hearts that never forget

Inserted hy hir loilng daughter«. Mary and Emily COOK - In loving memon ol our dear father, Charle» Cook, who died June 12, 1900, late of Pulteney Hotel, Tempe Ever remembered Inserted by hi» children, Will Ci« Mat Charlie AU

COOK-In loving memory of our dear listar, Ann!« Teresa, who «lied June IO I1-5.

Dearer to memory than word* can teU, The «lster we lost and loved *o wclL

Inserted by her loving sisters and brother« In law, Mr and Mr» Bass, Mr and Mrs Whitford, and Mrs.


DADD - In loving memory of our dear mother, »ho joined our dear father on June 13, 10Í5 United. Never forgotten by her loving daughter and »on. Leila md Jack, ant) grandson George

DADD -In loving memory of our dear mother, who d larted this life lune 1» 1925 Sadly missed by

their loving son and daughter. Eric and Maisie

DADD-.lune 12, 1025, Elizabeth Fanny Dadd, my

moth, r Alma

DALEY -In ever loving memory of our dear daughter Muriel, who passed away June 12, 1915

Too dearly loved und sadly missed To ever be forgotten

Inserted by her loving father, mother, sister, and


DEDDEN -in lov Ing memory of our dear daughter «nd Mit»r Ethel dtel June IT 192.1. Inserted bv her mother, lather, brother, sisters, J. and -. Searson

-id family

DONALDSON - In loving memory of my dear wife   and our mother. Emily Donaldson, who died June 12,


She Suffered pain she bore It well

But what she suffered none can tell; Peacefully sleeping resting at last,

Lifes a troubles over, her suffering past  

Inserted by her loving husband, son, and daughter In-Law , Irene Hedger ,  

DONALDSON -In loving memory of our dear mother and grandmother, Emily, who departed this life

June 12 1925

You often said we would miss you.

Your words have proved too true.

We lost our best and dearest friend,

Dear mother, when we lost you.

Inserted by her loving daughter. Florrie, and grand children. Will, Ern, Arthur, Alma, Irene  

DONALDSON-In loving memory of my dear mother and our grandmother, who died June 12, 1925.

For ever with the Lord

Inserted by her loving Son, Tom, daughter in law, and grandchildren.

DUCKWORTH-In loving memory of our dear father Edward Duckworth, departed this life Jil ic 12, 191«, also our dear mother, Mury Annie, departed this life July 2, 1001 Inserted by their loving daughters and «ons In law, Ld lb and llorac« Tbw Uto, Lucy, and Wlll'om Campbell

DUFF.—In loving memory of our dear sister, Pearl Irene, who passed away June 12, 1022, aged 21 years.

Peace, pcrfect peace.

Inserted hy her loving sisters and brother, Ethel, Lily, Mary, Chris, and Jim.

DU RIEU.—In loving memory of my dear husband and our dear father (Louis Du Rieu), who died

June 13, 1924

Love's last gift, remembrance.

Inserted by his loving wife and sons, Eric and   Stanley Du Rieu.

EGAN.—In loving memory of my dear mother, Mary Egan, who departed this life June 12, 1924. Inserted by her loving son Edward Carroll.

EGAN -In loving memory of our dear granan-,   Mary Egan, who passed avvuy June 12, 1021

loves last gift, remembrance

Inserted by her loving granddaughters, Mr*. Allen and Mrs. Johnson, and tamllies.

EMERSON-lu loving memory of our dear father,   I most Emerson who d parted this, life June IS. 1919 Inserted bv his loving daughter and son lu law Alice

inri William Buckley

EVERS -In lovbig memory of my dear husband,     Robert Allred. »ho dtiurled this life Juna 12, 1020

The hearts that lov id you dearly Are those that never forget Intertid hy his loving wife

EVERS- In loving memorv of our dear father, Robert Alfred, who departid this life June 12, 1020

For ever In our thoughts

Inserted hy his loving diughttr and son In low, Ruby

and Tom Nestor und (¡us

EVERS-In loving memory of our dear father, Robert Alfred, who passed II« IV June 12 1020

I ov e a I ist gift-remind rnncc

Inserted by bl» loving Bon«, Ucfcktah, Reggie

EVERS-In loving mi mury of our diar futlur, Robert Alfred, »ho departed this lile June 12, l'i20 Inserted by his loving daughter and son in law, Horrie, Cyril, and grandchildren.

EVERS- lu loving m*morv ot our dear father,   Robert Alfred, who deported (his life June 12 1020 Sidly missed hy bl- loving daughter -id «on in law, Ida, Birney, and little Id*.

EVERS -In loy lug memory of my dear father, Robert Alfred, who doperted this Ufo June 12 1020 Gone but not lorgoltin Inserted b} his loving sor und daughter in law. Harold and Doll

FALLICK -In loving memory of our darling daugh- ter. Mavis Jean, who passed away June 10, 1919 In settcd by her fond parents, Les. and Ethel Fallick

FLETCHER -In lov Rig mtmory of my dear wife, Em   who pissed away lune 12, 11)22 Peice, perfect peace Inserted bv her loving husband, Fred

FLETCHER-In loving «nu moruico of our deal sister Em who fell asleep June 12, li

Time passes, hut mi mol les cling

Inserted I v her loving sieter and brother. Cilla and Harry *-mlth

GILMOUR-In memory of my dear wife, Frances, who passed away June 12 102! Sleep titi beloved, ti« but goodnight Inserted by Wm J Gilmour

GILMOUR -In loving rai morv* of mv dear mother, who passed away June 12, 1923 At reel. Uun-rtcd by Elsie Miller

GILMOUR -In loving memorv of my dear mother, died June 12 1023. At nst Flora

GINGER-In loving memory of my dear mother and grandma Annie narla, who passed away June 11. 102o, at Brookvale

Respect ard love your mother,

Aiways answer »Inn «he calls,

For when you pari »1th her you lose

The truest friend of all

Inserted by he; loving diughter, Alice, son In law.

Will, and granacliildren

GOTTO -A tribute of loving reinembranc« to our dear father and irtundf her. Thomas Wood» Gotta

who died June 12 10'1

loves last gift-remembrance

inserted by his fond son and d slighter In law, and grandchildren of Banksia avenue Banksia

GOTTO-Unfading memories of darling dad, passed Into a hliihei lile June 12 1021 bver remembend by his daughters, Amv and Jessie.

GREGORY -In loi Ing mimory of my dear wffe and our dear mother, Annlo \ ictorla, who passed away Juno

12 1024

Sweet remembrance last« for ever

Inserted by her loving husband and children

GREGORY-In loving memory of our dear daughter and «istir Annie, who passed away June 12, 1025.

We havi lost, but b.avsn bus gained,

One of the best the world contained

Inserted by her loving mother, father, sisters, bro there «Isters In law, Bill, G1 id, Stan, May, Ett, and


GREGORY -In loving memory of our dear «lster, \nnle, «ho died on June 12, 1025

Love B greatest gift remembrance.

Inserted by her loving hrothir, and sister In law. Bill, Ett, and children Tom and Stan

GREGORY -In loving memory of my dear friend, Annie »ho passed awav June 12, 1025 Moves last g1 t, remembrance. Inserted by her loving friend Ivy El_cry

HACKNEY-In loving memory of my dear husband and lather, Charlie, who departed this Ute June 12 1024 ugid 20 years Inserted by hi« loving wlfo and

.on, Ronnie

HACKNEY- In fond memory of my de*r «on »nd our hrothir. Jame« Charle« who died June 12, 1924 To mimory ever dear Inserted by bis loving mother and brother«, Arthur and George

HACKNEY -In lovlni. memory of our dear brother, Janie» Charles, who d ed June 12, 1024 Gone, but not forguttcu Inserted by Ivy, Val, and baby Joau.

HARRIOTT-In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed awav June 12 also ojr dear father, who passed ***av July 7 1925 Sadly missed b} their lov ins, daughter and son, Grace and Will, and daughter

"In law, Ada, and grandchildren

HARRIS-lu loving mtmory of my dear wife, Ada, »ho passed awav at stialhtlild June l8, 10.5.

In silence she sullereJ,

In patience she bore,

Till God culled lier boma

To suffer no more

Inserted by hu loving husband J narri«.

HARRIS - In loving memory of our dear mother and gnstidmothir. Mars, «ho deiartrd this life June 13, 11)10 Always remimbeied bv her loving daughttr honnie, son In law, Will, and grandchildren, Ivy, Elsie,

Vera, Will.

HARRIS -In loving memory of iry dear sjranu

rmther, Mary Harrt*, who departed this life Jua* "V ino '

Too dearly loved to ever be forgotten. I Itiaerted by ber loving tranddaiifhUt. Ivy. ¡



HEDGECOCK -In ovlng tuiBior) of our dear father, Captain John Henry Hedgccock. »ho departed tills Hie June l8, 1025 Deeply regretted Inserted b) his loving son and daughter in law. George and Flor rie, and grandr-hildnn, Mtlliam, Harold, Leslie, and

Jo) ce.

HIGGINS.-In loving memory of my dear husband and father. William (lohn) Higgins, who died lune 12 19 4 Ssdl.v missed Inserted by his loving wife and daughter L and E Higgins.

HIGGINS- In loving memory of our dear brother and unclv, Bill, who di parted this life June 12, 1-24 At rest Inserted by his loving brother, Ern, wife,

and family.

HOLMES -In loving memory of my dear sou and our brother, James Steedmau Holmes, who depaited

this lile lune li, 1018

Dear son, I siwa)s think of you,

M hen I am all alone

For memory is the only thing

Grief cannot call its own

Tho- the v ears have pas ed away.

De" brother, )ou are hi our thoughts today Inserted hy his loving mother and sister, and brother

Irene and Leslie

HOLMES-In loving memory of mv dear brother, steedlc, »bo nasr-cd awav June 12 1010,

Ever near and dear in memory Inserted by hi« loving sister, Cladvs

HOOPER -In loving memory of oir dear mother r»a Marv Hooper who depirted this life June 12 1010 Inserted bv her loving 60ni*" and di «liter*,

HOWARD- In loving memor) of our dear father, cleorge Henrv. who passed away June 13, 1010

Mc think of »ou toda) dear dad,

M th grief tint's deep and true, No one Knows the silmt heartaches

That make us long for )OU

Inserted bv his daughter and son In law, Florrie

md Malter Morris

HOWARD -In fond remembrance of ont dear   lather. Geo Howard, who departed this life lune 13 1910. Inserted hy hi« daughter and son in law, Julia Filtrar Atkins, and grnndchll Iren

HUNT -In iver loving remcmbrince of my dear wife, Louisa Hunt, who passed away June 12, 1024 aged 69 year»

A day of sad remembrance

Inserted by her loving husband, Vi Hilara Hunt

HUNT-In ever lovtng memory of my deir mother in law, and our grandmother I uuisa, who passed awoy June 12 1024 aged «0 »casi

Loving nmimhriince lasts for ever

Inserted hy her living son In law, F C Furnell and irraiidilil'drcn Marrickville

HUNT -In loving remembrance of our darling mother Louisa Hunt, who departed this lite June 12


No space of time no lapse of yean,

Can dim our loved one's past A lovlrg memor» holds it dear.

And will until the lost

Inserted bv hers loving 6on and daughter. Will,

Maud and Grandchildren

HUNT -In loving memory of our darling mother Louisa nunl »vho departed this life June 12, 1024

Time's kind and steady fingers.

Smooth out the edge of grief,

And the tender hand of memory

Turns bark another leaf

Inserted by her loving daughter and eon, Dole and


HUNT-In sad but loving memory of our dear mother and grandma, who passed away on June 12,


A beautiful memor- left behind.

Of a loving mother, true and kind; We have lost, and heaven gained,

One of the best the world contained

Inserted by her loving son, Geoige and daughter In law. Amy also grandchildren George and Amy

HUNT-In ever loving remembrance of our dear grandma. Louisa Hunt, who departed this life June 12,


Thoughts return to scenes long past. Foi »ears go on an I memory lasts.

Your memory, still so sweet and dear. Is treasured still, with love sincere

Insetted by her loving grandchildren, Louie and Roy Craig

HUNTER -In loving memory of dear Edith, who     passed away June 12 1IP6 At rest Inserted by tier loving brother and sister In law, Henry and Eliza


JARMAN -In loving memory of our dear molher, I Ibu Jarman who died June 13, 1024

I/ive*s last gift-remembrance

Inserted b) her loving chu Iren and grandchildren

JESSUP -In sad and loving memory of mv dear wife, Fdlth Marion, who was called home suddenly June 12, 1024

1 have lost my life's companion,

A life linked with my own.

God alone Knows how I miss vou

Aa 1 walk through Hie aloni

Inserted bv her loving husband. Mill

JESSUP -S icred to the memory of our darling mother Ldlth Marion, »ho fell asleep suddenly June 12, 1024

You often said we'd miss )Ou,

Your words have provid too true,

Mt l«st our liest and dearest friend.

Dear mother, when we lost you

Inserted h» her sorrowing daughter and son in law, Vera and Mick.

JESSUP -.sacred to the memory of our darling mother, Edith Marion, who was called home suddenly

June 12 1024

One of the best that God could send,

A levi ig mother and u faithful friend,

Called home from those who dearly love, t*o gain « glorious home above

With aching heart, with tearful e)ea I linter where our dear one lies.

And breathe those sacred words once more, Not lost but on!) gone before

Inserted liv her sorrowing daughter and son In law.

Clarrie and Cecil

JESSUP-In loving remembrance of my dear mother and our grandmother, Edith Marion, who tell asleep Buddoni) June 12 1024

Safe in the arms of lesus

Inserted hv her sorrowing diuffhter and son In law, Voua and Charlie, and grandchildren, Paulino and Ivy Gardner, and little grandson, Crvll Matts

JESSUP-In loving memory ot Fdlth M Jessup, wh . tiled Juno 12, 1021 inserted ty her sorrow big sister,


JUDD-In loving memory of my dear husband, John Stafford Judd who pacsed awav June 13, 1910

They miss yon most who loved you best. Inserted by his loving wife Elizabeth Judd.

KILLINGLEY -In loving mtmnrv of mv dear husband and our dur father. Hurry, dud Juni 12 102.1 Sidl) missed Inserted by his loving wife and children

KILLINGLEY -In loving mi mor) of our dear brother. Harr), who died June 22 l'HPi "it rest Inserted bv lils loving sisters and hrothcis M- and Mrs r Howitt Mr and Mrs M Moore, Mr and Mrs. O Klllinglc), and Miss KHHngl.y

KILLINGLEY -In loving memory of our dear son   In law und brother In law, Hurry, »ho departed this Ufe June 12, 1025

Loves last gift-Remembrance Inserted bv J and A Kidd and family

KIRKWOOD-In loving mitnorv of our dear father and brothir David, who departed this lift lune 12 1026. Inserted b) sons, Leslie, Thomas, Charles, bro

tber, Leslie

LOVE -In loving memory of my dear son, Alfred Robert, who departed this life June 12, 192S in serttd by his sorrowing mother, bmma Love

McDOWELL- In lo»big merson- of my dear son and   our brother William VIbcrt (lite 4th Batt), died June U lUCü Lver remembered hy ins mother, brother, and sisters.

McNAB -In loving memory of my dear mother,   Amy Meivab «vho died June 12 1024. Inserted by 1er loving daughter. Milbru Hinder

MANSELL-In loving memory ol my dear bus hand und our dear father, lames Hiniy Mansell, vv*io deputed this life June 12, lObl Still fondly rtmem bel ed Inserted by his lovlug wile, U t, Mansell and fanill)

MANSELL-in loving memory of my dear father, James Hinry, who departed this life June 12, 1010 Inserted by his lovlug daughter, Edith Never for


MILNE -In affectionate remembrance of my dear husband, James »ho ueparted this life June U, 1023 At rest. Inserted by bis loving wife, binny Milne.

MILNE -in loving tmiiioiy ol our dent father and tarandi ither James Milne, who passed awav suddenly

June 12 1J2J

Sad ) we mise )Ou, and try not to grieve,

A little while looter, nnd »e, too shall leave To meet you, dear dud, on that beoutltul shore,

M here lile a many troubles and sorrows are o'ei

luseited by his loving eon and daughtir, George uud Maggie and grandson. Jimmie

MILNE-In loving memory of our dear father, James Milne, who died (suddenly) lune 12. 1023

A loving fathir has gone Mestivard Ho

Inserted bv his loving daughter and sou, Annie and


MILNE-In loving memory ol our dear father and grundfathir. James Milne, who passed away sudden!v, June 12, 1023

To mimory ever dear

Inserted b) lila loving daughter and son. Bannah and William Hocking and grandchildren

MILNE.-In loving memory of our dear brother and uncle, James Milne, who died June 12 1021 Inserted by his loving brother and sister, John and Christinu Milne, and nephews, 1 rank and Kobert Milne, of Trufatgai street, Enmore

MOORE- hi lulim, mtmory of my friend Maud   who died June IT 1021 badlv missed by Lilian O Dca

MOREY -In fond remembrance of our diair mother and grandmother, wliu 1-s.od awi) June 13, 18U7

The svvietest memories

Inserted by hir daughters Julie and Amy, and grand daughtois, Glad)» aud Valroy.

MOSS-lu lovim. niimory of our dear husbind and father, James Mots, who departed this life June 13,


Three years have passed, and none can toll

Tho loss of one we loved so well j But while he lies ui pcacclul sleep,

lit» memory »c «ill a!»J)s keep

Inserted bv his loving »he. Mai garet, and «on,

Thomo» Moss.

MUTTON -In loving memory of Isaiah Mutton, who died at Pyrmont, June IS. 1500, In his 06th year

Ruck of A(,es, cleft for me. Let me hide mvself In thee.

Inserted by his widow, M MutiJii, ol Wahroonga NEWTON- In loving mimoiy ot my dear mittici and our giaudniother, vvhu jusscd away June 12, 1022 lnvrted ti) her luvu>" daughter, Emily, and graud

daughters, Irene »nd Stella.

NEWTON-la loving memory of my dear mother, Phebe, who departed tills life June 12, 1022 (lone, but »lu nover lie forgotten. Inserted by her lovlug

daughter, Rose Mood.

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