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Women, who bad not yet «cen the-Society of- Women .Painters' annual exhibition st the gallery lo the Education Buildings, bad an opportunity of viewing the pictures at

the "al home" given by the president and coun- cil at tho gallery yesterday afternoon. In addition, thero was a musical programme to entertain the guests. Tho contribuíing ar- tists were Madame Lack, Miss C. Kingsley, and Miss Doreen Douglas.

The president, Miss IStfacl Stephens, re- ceived the guests, and other members of the council, who assisted in entertaining, were Mrs. F\ W. Pnrsous. Mrs. l'\ A. 0. b'tephens, Mrs. Hedley Parsons, Mrs. Percy Paget, Mr**. Mell. Armstrong. Mrs. Bow i tug. Miss Caddy, Miss Laura Booth, Miss Margaret Arnott, Mrs. .1. J. Talbot, Mrs. Perry Paget, Mrs. McE»li- ly, Mr». Guy Boucher. Misa J. 0, Bridge and Mrs. J. J. Bain Scott.

Among those present were Mrs*. Clunles Ross, Miss Archer Burton, Countess Monte merll. Miss Thoo. Cowan, Mrs. Cook, Ml«* Cujlno, MISB Linda Johnson, Miss L. Fer' guson, Mrs. Moore Johnson, Mi's. J. Jirs, Mrs. B. Phillips, Mrs. McCUruark. Mrs. and Miss Dalton, MISB Moira Brown, Mr». F. C.

Chapman, Miss M. Henderson, Mrs. Keane, MISB Theodora Stephens, Mrs. J. S. Shlrls, Miss Blackstone, Mrs. and Miss Brash, Mrs. tíoorge Clark, Misses Chapman, Mrs. H. S. Luscombe, Mrs. F. tRuthe, Mrs. M. Waddell, Mrs. Tyerman, Mrs. D. Husband, Mrs. A. Booth Mrs. It. Patrick, Mrs. J. Ba tilga te. Miss P. Stephens,' Mis. W. Lciprest, Lady Ftiljer, Misses J. and F. Fuller, Miss Spowers, Miss Byrne. Mrs. ti. S. Tbompbou, Mrs. B, Mose- ley,' and .Mlss^Tbomson.

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