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Opening by Mr. Willis.



"Tho main purpoae of tho station will bo to oducnto and guide the workors to wardB the fulniment of the common objec- tive of the workors the world ovor-tho Soclallat Commonwealth."

This announcement waa made at the TradoB Hall on Saturday by Mr. J. S. Gardon, loador of tho Communist party, ,ai¡d secretary of the Trades and Labour Council, at tho ' official opening of SKY-tho now broadcasting Biatlon of the Labour Council.

The Govornment wnB represented by Mr. A. C. Wlllla, M.L.C., vioo-proBldont of the Legis- lative Council, who, in performing tho open- ing ceremony, congratulated the promotora of the project

Those present Included Mr. Tom Walsh and promlnont members of both tho Australian Labour party and tho Communist party.

Mr. Gardon, who was given an enthusiastic reception, said that whon "tho Socialisation of the Commonwealth" had boen brought about ovory man and woman would havo tho right to llvo and work, and to onjoy In common with the wholo community the full product of their labour. "Wo shall hnvo a Socialist Commonwealth," declared Mr. Garden, "whoro starvation, unemployment, and nilsory will dis- appear; whoro Wars and rumours of war shall bo no moro; whoro tho workors will work to produoo goods for UBO, and not for profit." (ApplaviBc)

Mr. Gardon added that 2KY waa an Aus- tralian product, built by Australian ongtnoors. All sections of tho community .would bo al- lowed to voutllato their vlowa In ii dignified manner. Tho station would grontly assist to dlsBlpnto tho "arroncouB ldoas promulgated by the Proas."

Mr. Wlllla said that the. dovelopmont of wlroless in Australia bad boon hamporod by a Nationalist Fedoral Government, Wictlng In conoort with big voctod monopolies. The Lab- our movomont of Now South Walos, by Its far-sighted and vigorous action In establish- ing tho station, had opened now possibilities in tho use of radio broadcasting, which would be watched with interest by the Labour move- ment In ovory civilised country. The Go vornmont's plan for tho establishment of n high-power oontrnl Govornment station, and tho oreotion In provincial and country centres of a series of rolny broadcasting stations was now in tho final stages of completion. This plan, whon completed, would not only fncililuta tho business of tho Stato and the operation of ItB IndUBtrlos, but would do much to trans- form tho wholo soclnl Ufo of tho community. Undor the schomo Labour for the llrst limo In Ita history would havo nn opportunity of put- ting Its views and activities be foi-o tho dwel- lers in country areas.

Mr, J. Boiisloy, proaidont of tho Trades and Labour Council, said that for yeurB past tho working-class had huon grossly iiilsroprouontod through tho channels of the anti-Labour Proas, Thoy lind also found that tho samo practico had been Indulged in by tho controllers of other wiroloBS Htatlons. Ho considorod that nny ndvnncos mado olthor In aclonco, arl, or invention should novor bo pormlllod to becoino

tho properly of any priTllogod section.

On tho throe floors of tho Trades Hall loud spcakors wero Installed.

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