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Mr. Mackinnon on Becruiting.

A comphmintaiv ion« ir-saiMone to wel como the new numbir for lawkner (Mr MDXNII.11, M H R ) v-is held in tin Prahran To«vn llall lust evening bj the members of tin Prahran and South -urra Campaign Committee lhen was a Urge ittcndancc, i vtlnclt ««as presided over by the mayor of Pruhrau (Coumillor Embhng)

In proposing Mr M i_woll s health, Sen- ior lairbairn, who was received viith pro longed lpplause, said that Mr Ma_n_l lnul fought a gnat fight. His majority of 031 votei, vvus not viry large, but when one lonmdercd vi hat a groat stronghold of I ibour the Ki« kner ileetorate lind been tin result was magnificent lln ilectors must not let their enthusiasm wane llicy should sec that the iN-itioml paity Nvas kept mt nt and ready for a uolitiuil fight at any time for in politns oni never knew when an ücction. would occur It ivould be the, fault of the National p-irty and a great mis fortune to the country if the recruita from the old Labour party wiro ivei loat to it

ug mi

Couniillor Nicolson, who supported the toast said that the time had corni «vlicn Vustialia »hould havi lonscirption A lot of sliirkirs would vote for the Win-the N.\ ar part), but whon it caine to a, ques- tion of anything which affected thoinselvcs tiny votaxl the other waj

In replying to the toast Mr Ma-ïwel1, vi lio HUB gricted with prolonged chScfing, thankid those who had worked to bccuic lil- return Iii had never seen such «vorkirs tis the «« omenfolk of the electorate He was a mere novice m politics and he intended to go into the House of Repre- sentatives ns a learner Fawkner liad not returned him as a lawyer, but au a plam British citi7en, because if he were any thing at ill he was a criminal 1-tryir (Laughter ) Having; regard to the good moralb of Ins,constituent« he did not i_ peet to be of much use to them (Renew ed

' tritt r 1

Continuing Mr Maxwell «aid that he had been appalled to sec a published state- ment that the Liberal members of the House were gomt to meet in one room with their leader, Mr Cook, and that the labour section waa going to mtet m nn other room tilth their leader Mr Hughes If that wore going to be done he certainly would not bt found in the Libtral room lit rttognised onlj one leader in Parha mtnt to-day and that vas the Z'rime Ministtr (Mr Hughes) (Applause ) He (Mr MTTOell) had boen returned to 1 irlntntnt as n ISatiouihst member to form one of a ÎSational party, and he knew no past. He hoped tint what appeired to be a temporary as socnition would prove to be a ptrmancnt bond ind that tht National party would be consolidated and De for nil time in Aus traita a progressive National pirty

lie Mas Bony that Sir \\ illmni Irvine liad renewed his ntttmpt upon the position taken up bj the followers of the Prime Mnustti Mr William Irvine had stated th it the election m 1' linders li id been fought upon the conscription issue His (Mr Maxwell s) reply to that was that the election in 1 awkner was not fought on that lime He believed that in the House Sir Willum Irvine would stand alone It was onlj when it wis found that conscription WHS absolutely necessary or rather when it was found to be justifiable to remit the qui sitan again to the people that such a roitrsc would he taken He hail betn a ton seriptionist from the beginning but he m tended to lie ibsolutely lojal to the pledfce

that had been made

At the very outset of his pohtieil career he wi-died to state thal ht intended con serving his energies One man vi ho was onlv a State member of Parliament (laughter)-by that lit meant tint the member only represented i coinpantivtly small constituent)-was the patron or pre

sidcnt ol about 78 dubs of different kinds . He (Mr Maxwell) would stt his fice against that 1 ind of thing He knew pcrfettlv w eil thit i member of Pirlnmtnt vi as onlj elected to these positions bcciuse of the substription. which lit wis expected to givt (.-.lughter ) lhere was a certain sec tton of the pcoplt who regarded a member of Pirhdnicnt as a perfect gold mine Aus tralla vins in for hard times and there wis going to be heavy tuxation It was every min s duty to concentnte financial!) so as to tnablc lum to discharge the duties w Inch would fall upon him in scenic tint the soldier- vi ho had Mich stiong claims upon lum «ere properly provided for

Mr Robinson M L C vi ho proposed the toast of Our Boya at the 1 ront suid that vie -liould see tnat the sjcrtliecs windi the) hid made wert not in vam Adequile rt infortements shou _. be sent to them so tint I lice vi ar u orn men should not be used to tht limit of their enduninre

Aft li iv les -ILA. ni supporting the

toast said that many of the boys of Prahran

ind laid down their lives for Australia In Ins rttruiling tfTorts the Director Gtncril (Mi Matkinnon) lind a difficult tusk and everyone wished him Cod *-petd ff voluntan itcitnting filled no ont could blame Mi Matkinnon

All present thtn stood and sang God Sav e Our Splendid Men

Hit Dire tor-General of Recrintint (Mr Mickinnon) who responded on behalf of the men at the front said that he -.upposed thit what the boys at tie fit ni wcie MJ ing was Send us mort mtn \\ lthout dis dosing anv ficts he ini_,ht say ti it for the prtsent fighting men Mere ivulal Ii for re

infortements and our men »en m i moto

sitisfactory position than Vustriihin troop. hid ever betn Hit ttnit «ould tome ho« ever when the battalions eould not be re mforctd m the wiy thev shoul 1 be. md tint was the concern of tht people ot \u. tnha. Referente hid been midt that tven

mc to tht need for conscription It w is said that the response to tlie ipneal for men was vtrv poor People seemed to for get tint 20 000 men had been raised since the beginning of the year up till last Satur day île hoped that it would be possible to bring bick some of the men who hid been fighting so long at the front It would be a splendid stimulus to recruiting if Borne 5 000 or 10 000 men were brought back for i rest if only for six weeks or two months He would use nil his influence to give effect to this proposal

Mr Oman, M L.A , also responded on be

half of the men

Several other toast« were honoured and

a good musical programme waa given during

'the coulee of the evening.