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Family Notices

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ALLEN.— October 15, at Gladesville, to Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Allen—a son (Joseph Ronald).

ANDERSON.— October 11, to Mr. and Mrs. James An-

derson, of Rosebank, Richmond River—a daughter (Betty Margaret).    

ANGLES.— October 15, at St. Ronan's private hos- pital, South Kensington, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Angles—a son (Frederick Arthur).

BARRETT (nee Ettie (Tops) Monie).— October 19, at Braeside private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. F. J.

Barrett—a son.

BLACKWOOD.— October 12, 1925, at Colin Brae pri- vate hospital, Canterbury, to Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Blackwood—a daughter. (Both well.)

BROWN.— On October 6, 1925, at Elie, 250 Wardell- road, Marrickville, to Mr. and Mrs. C. Alfred J. Brown—a daughter (Olive Scott).

BRUCE SMITH.— October 16, at Oma, Pennant Hills, the wife of Dr. E. Bruce Smith—a daughter.

BURKITT.— October 19, at Penn Hill, Stanley-street, Chatswood, to Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Burkitt — a son.

CLAPHAM.— October 17, at Warrawee, Arcadia-street, Penshurst, to Mr. and Mrs. P. Clapham—a daughter

(Enid Florence).

CLARKE.— October 1, 1925, at Dalcross private hos- pital, Killara, the wife of Eric F. Clarke—a son.  

CONNERY.— October 18, at 60 Enmore-road, Marrick- ville, to Mr. and Mrs. E. Connery—a son (stillborn).

COOK.— October 7, to Mr. and Mrs. Norman H. Cook, of Santa Barbara, Hopetoun-aveune, Mosman—a daugh-  


COULTON.— October 15, at Beach Hospital, Coogee,  

to Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Coulton, of Berrilee, Moree—

a son.

CUNNEEN.— October 20, at Seacombe private hospital, Drummoyne, to the wife of T. A. Cunneen—a son.    

DUGGAN.— September 26, 1925, at Emlyn private hos- pital. Summer Hill, to Mr. and Mrs. H. Duggan—a son (stillborn).

FORSYTH.— At Sutton Veny hospital, Chatswood, to the wife of Horald Forsyth—a son (premature, only survived four hours).  

GIBB.— October 15, at 5 Lenore-street, Fivedock, to Mr. and Mrs. Brunton Gibb—a daughter (Judith


GOGGIN.— October 8, 1925, at St, Clare's private

hospital, Waverley, to Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Goggin— a son (Keith Francis).

HARRAP (nee Dorrie Chaucer).— October 8, at Vynol, 25 Dawson-street, Croydon, to Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Harrap—a daughter.

HOYER.— October 16, to Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Hoyer, Glendower, Russell-street, Strathfield—twin boys.

JOHNSON (nee Evelyn Hopping).— October 14, to Mr. and Mrs. Ivon L. Johnson, Kurrara, Sofala-avenue, Lane Cove — a son (Geoffrey Leigh). Died at birth.

JOHNSON.— October 15, 1925, at Belmore Hospital, Crow's Nest, to Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Johnson, of Cen- tennial-avenue, Lane Cove—a son (Kenneth Edward). JONES.— October 20, at St. Ronan's private hospital,  

South Kensington, to Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Jones, Isabel, Eastern-avenue, South Kensington—a son  

(Leslie Thomas).

KENDELL.— October 12, 1925, at 45 Railway-parade, Mortdale, to Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Kendell—a daughter  

(Lavinia Kathleen).

LEACH (nee Lizzie Scanlan).— October 6, at her re-  

sidence, Salisbury-street, Stanmore, to Mr. and Mrs. G. Leach, jun.—a daughter (Mary Patricia). Both well.  

LEVI (nee Millie Rahn).— October 23, 1925, at Ellmar, Harrabrook-avenue, Fivedock, to Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Levi—a daughter (stillborn).

LEWIS.— October 17, to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lewis, Byron Lodge, Byron-street, Coogee—a daughter.

McVEY.— October 20, 1925, at Roslyn private hospital, Lindfield, to Mr. and Mrs. R. McVey, of Willoughby—a  

son (both doing well).

MOFFAT.— October 18, at Nurse Starling's private hospital, Homebush, to Mr. and Mrs. W. Moffatt, Langroyd, Bates-street, Homebush—a daughter (Betty


MOORE.— October 15, at Nurse Kerr's hospital, Mar- rickville, to Mr. and Mrs. L. Moore—twin girls (Yvonne

rickville, to Mr. and Mrs. L. Moore—twin girls (Yvonne Lois and Dorothy Elaine).

MOORE.— October 22, at St. Ronan's private hospi-

tal, South Kensington, to Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Moore—  

a daughter.

MORLAND (nee Rita Wickham).— October 17, at Nurse Large's private hospital, Roseville, to Mr. and  

Mrs. L. E. Morland—a son.

MULLINS.— October 8, at 95 Norton street, Ashfield,  

to Mr. and Mrs. Allan Mullins—a son (Ernest John).

MULLINS.— October 16, at Sutton Veny private hos- pital, Mowbray-road, Chatswood, to Mr. and Mrs.   Arch. J. Mullins—a daughter (June Patricia).

NASH.— October 13, at Dalcross hospital, Killara, to the wife of H. B. Nash, Nelson-road, Lindfield—a


ORR.— October 19, 1925, at Cooinda private hospital, Neutral Bay, the wife of W. T. A. Orr—a daughter.  

OSBORNE.— October 5, 1925, at their residence, Bellevue-road, Woollahra, to Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Osborne—a daughter (Thelma Jean Esther).

OWEN (nee Betty Robson).— October 9, 1925, at Roker, Hammond-avenue, Croydon, to Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Owen—a son (Anthony Robert).

PASTOORS.— October 11, at their residence, Alkoo- mie, Carlisle-street, Ashfield, to Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Pastoors—a son (John James).

PETHEBRIDGE.— October 17, 1925, to Mr. and Mrs. A. Pethebridge, Burwood-road, Concord—a daughter (Betty Grace).

PICONE.— October 15, 1925, at Omrah private hos- pital, Darlinghurst-road, Darlinghurst, to Mr. and

Mrs. Frank Picone, of 2 Erskine-street, city—a daughter.

PULLEN (nee Carrie Hilyard-Smith).— October 20, at Lamornie, Burra-road, Artarmon, the wife of George Pullen—a son. Both well.

QUAYLE.— September 29, 1925, at their residence,

Winship-street, Hamilton, to Mr. and Mrs. P. E.   Quayle—a daughter (Jean Helen).

ROBERTSON (Katie Hutchings).— September 21, 1925, at their residence, Pentland, Third-avenue, Port Kembla, to Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Robertson—a son.

ROGER (nee Ena Johnston).— September 27, at Glengarry private hospital, Mosman, to Mr. and Mrs. Albyn Roger—a son (Alex Harold).

SCHOMBERG.— October 17, at Nurse Starling's private hospital, Homebush, to Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Schomberg, Novar, The Crescent, Homebush—a son (Colin George).

TIERNEY.— October 5, 1925, at Nurse Brown's pri- vate hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Tierney—a daughter (Betty Jean).

UPTON (nee Bolton).— October 18, to Mr. and Mrs. K. Upton, Berrara, Clarence-street, Penshurst—a son.

VON STIEGLITZ.— October 21, at Clarmore, the wife of K. R. Von Stieglitz, Andora, Evandale, Tasmania—

a son.  

WETTENTEN.— October 14, 1925, to Mr. and Mrs. Oliver B. J. Wettenten (nee Dorothy Wray), of Ben- nett-street, Newtown—a son (Keith Ronald).  

WHATMORE.— October 14, at 73 Milson-road, Cre- morne, to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Whatmore, junior—a   daughter.  


ALLEN—MURPHY.— September 26, at Wandaroo, Mosman, by the Rev. E. O'Brien, Charles, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Allen, of Goulburn, to Esther, eldest daughter of the late Mr. P. J. Murphy and   Mrs. Murphy, of Mosman.

FELTON—CLOAKE.— October 17, 1925, at St. Mary's Cathedral, by the Rev. Father Breen, John Felton, of Sydenham, England, to Alma Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cloake, of South Kensington, Sydney, late of Toowoomba.  

FRANCIS—SPEIRS.— August 22, at All Saints', Kemp- sey (very quietly), William Thomas Eynon Francis, only son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Francis, of Gundagai, to Linda Irene, eldest daughter of Mr. S. A. and the late Mrs. Speirs, of Kempsey.

GARDNER—NELSON.— September 16, at St. Alban's Church, Lindfield, by the Rev. L. J. McDonald, Rae St. George, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gardner, of Brigalow, Roseville, to Vera May, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Nelson, of Burra Bra,


IKIN—COSGROVE.— September 15, at St. Mary's Church, Concord, by the Rev. Father Barlow, P.P., William Lyell, youngest son of Mr. George Ikin,     Flemington, to Ellinor Florence, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cosgrove, Carilla-street, Burwood.

KLEIN—MORGAN.— August 26, at the Presbyterian Church, Drummoyne, by the Rev. S. B. Reid, Keith, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Klein, of Burwood, to Edna Ivi, younger daughter of Mr. J. R. Morgan, of Drum- moyne, and the late Mrs. Morgan.  

MARSHALL—MITCHELL.— September 30, at St. Ste- phen's Church, Phillip-street, by the Rev. Hugh Paton,   George Harflete, eldest son of Mrs. E. Marshall, of  

Ashfield, to Agnes Grace Dickson, youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mitchell, of Long Flat Station, Macleay River.

ROBINSON—CLEAVER.— June 24, 1925, at St. Thomas' Church of England, Rozelle, by the Rev. H.


ROSEN—LASKER.— October 14, at the Great Syna- gogue, by Rabbi F. L. Cohen, Albert, third son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Rosen, of Dutruc-street, Randwick, to Esther, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Lasker, of 11 Curlewis-street, Bondi.  

SHEAD—BEST.— September 26, 1925, at St. James'  

Church, King-street, by Rev. J. F. Russell, Arthur, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Shead, to Ella,   youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Best, Botany.

WIGZELL—LEES.— October 10, 1925, at St. John's Church, Darlinghurst, by the Rev. C. A. Lucas, Leslie William, eldest son of the late W. H. Wigzell, of Darlinghurst, Sydney, and Mrs. Wigzell, of Old South Head-road, Waverley, to Olive, daughter of the late Honourable Samuel E. Lees and Mrs. Lees, of Potts Point, Sydney. English and American papers please copy.  


CORFIELD—SAXON.— October 24, 1885, at St. John's Church, Lutwyche, Brisbane, Queensland, by the Rev.

John Southey, Samuel, youngest son of the late Joseph Corfield, of Market Drayton, Shropshire, England, to     Mary, youngest daughter of the late Joseph Saxon, of Manchester, England. Present address : Deewhy, N.S.W.


ANDERSON.— October 20, 1925, at his brother's resi- dence, Main-road, Corrimal, Henry, beloved brother of Jack, George, Gerald, William, and Charles, and Mrs. Elizabeth Hall, aged 65.  

BAKER.— October 18, at his residence, Heathcote, Lily-street, Hurstville, James Upton Baker, beloved   husband of Christina Baker and father of Bert and Elsie, aged 68 years.

BUTLER.— October 22, at Sydney Hospital, Herbert M. Butler, son of the late Charles Butler, Hobart, aged

61 years.  

BYERS.— October 21, at Brisbane, Miss E. Byers,    

late Nelson-street, Annandale.  

CLARK.— October 15, 1925, at Dangar Cottage Hos- pital, Singleton, late of Parramatta, James McAlpin, aged 59, beloved husband of Alice, and father of Wal-   lace Douglas, MacAlister, Jas. McDonald, and Keith McAlpin. Interred at Bulga.  

CLARKSON.— October 17, at his residence, Rose-st, Grenfell, beloved husband of Emily Jane Clarkson, and father of William, Evelyn (Mrs. H. J. Rabbets), and Ezekiel, in his 72nd year.  

CONNOLLY.— October 16, at Moree, Edward Joseph       Connolly, late of North Sydney, aged 61 years.    

DENHAM.— October 23, 1925, at his residence, Ashley,

Lloyd-street, Bexley, dearly beloved husband of Annie Denham, and father of William, Arthur, Maude, aged

73 years.  

DOLAN.— October 20, at Our Lady of Mercy's Con- vent, Parramatta, Sister Mary Ursula (Clara) [8]th daughter of the late Patrick Dolan and Mrs. Dolan, 7 Mort-street, Moore Park. R.I.P.  

EVANS.— October 23, 1925, at her residence, Tene-

dos, Carter-street, North Sydney, Louie, beloved wife of Robert H. Evans, in her 37th year.


GARDE.— October 23, 1925, at 11 Stanley-street, Wav- erley, Henry Thomas, beloved husband of Jessie A. E. Garde, aged 85 years.  

GIBSON.-October 22, 1925, at Royal Alexandra Hospital, Camperdown, Lillian, beloved daughter of   Mr. and Mrs. William Gibson, of Harrow-road, Auburn,

aged 6 years.

GREEN.-October 23, 1925, at Homeleigh, Spring- wood, Dr. Terence Albert, beloved husband of Ada

Green, aged 54 years.

HANSEL.-September 20, 1925, at New York, U.S.A., after a brief illness, Nina, beloved wife of Emil Han- sel, and mother of Gerard W., Otto S., and Beatrice M., formerly of Concord West, Sydney.

HANSEL.-September 20, 1925, at New York, U.S.A., Nina, dearly-loved sister of Margaret, Muriel, and Wini- fred Hickey, of Bethal, Lorne-street, Summer Hill.

HANSEL.-September 20, 1925, at New York, U.S.A., Nina, dearly-loved sister of Mrs. D. L. Williams, Gul- argambone; Mrs. P. C. Smith, Strathfield; Mrs. L. U. Lewis, Summer Hill; Mrs. H. C. Morton, West Maitland; and Mr. George Hickey, Blackall, Queensland.

HAYES.-October 16, 1925, at her residence, 193 King-street, Newtown, Elizabeth, dearly beloved wife of M. J. Hayes, and loved mother of Rosa, Jim,

Phyllis, Jean, and Ray.

HAYES.-October 16, 1925, at her residence, 193 King- street, Newtown, Elizabeth, dearly beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dixon Kerr, of Edinburgh, Metropolitan- road, Enmore, and much-loved sister of Dick, Kate, Arthur, Mary (deceased), Charlotte, May, Jim, and

Fred, aged 46 years.

HOBSON.-October 20, at Dural-road, Hornsby, Her-   bert Hobson (chemist), beloved son of late Joseph and Lucy Hobson, beloved brother of James and Matilda, and the late Arthur Hobson, aged 56 years.

HOSIE.-October 23, 1925, at his residence, Thur- goona, Countess-street, Mosman, Stanley Hosie, be- loved father of Mendle, Stanley L., George, Edwin, Alfred, Mrs. R. I. Thomas, and Mrs. W. C. Work-

man, aged 85 years.

JACKSON.-October 23, 1925, at his daughter's resi- dence, Mrs. W. H. Hancox, 131 Allen-street, Leich- hardt, Joseph George, beloved husband of the late Ruth Jackson, aged 79 years. No flowers or mourn-   ing.    

KERR.-October 22, 1925, at her residence, Roslyn, 11 Trafalgar-street, Stanmore, Frances, relict of the late William Henry Kerr, and dearly-loved mother of Florence, Ethel, and Edwin, aged 71 years.  

KICKHAM.-October 22, 1925, at Dominican Convent, Waratah (Deaf and Dumb Institution), Sister Mary Bernardine Kickham (Agatha), beloved daughter of the late John Kickham, of Armidale, and Mrs. Mary luckham, of 39 Union-street, Paddington, aged 56

years. R.I.P.

LOGAN.-October 16, 1925, William A., beloved hus- band of Anne Logan, of Allinga, Oakhampton, West Maitland, aged 40 years.

McCABE.-October 13, at Sacred Heart Hospital, Young, Thomas Michael McCabe, aged 42, beloved husband of Annie McCabe, of Commercial Hotel,


MARCHANT.-October 23, 1925, at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, William Albert, dearly beloved hus- band of Elizabeth Marchant, of 26 Llewellyn-street, Balmain, aged 70 years.  

MARSH (by cable). - October 20, at Dover, Kent, England, Frances Marsh, relict of the late Captain Edward Marsh, and beloved mother of Lawrence Camp-

bell, in her 80th year.

MONRO.-October 22, 1925, at Lindfield, Frederick George, second son of the late Captain James Monro (late manager of the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney, Dungog), aged 75 years. By request, no


MORIARTY.-October 20, 1925, at her residence, St. Johns, 46 Morton-street, Wollstonecraft, Margaret Jane, widow of the late John Moriarty, and mother of James, Margaret, and Beatrice, late of Balmain. Interred at Presbyterian Cemetery, Field of Mars, October 21.

MORIARTY.-October 20, 1925, Margaret Jane, daugh- ter of Mrs. Ormsby and the late James Ormsby, and sister of Cornelius (Melbourne), Alexandria, and Beatrice, of 46 Morton-street, Wollstonecraft.

NEIL.-October 23, 1925, at her residence, 532 Mili- tary-road, Mosman, Janet, wife of W. J. Neil, late of Mount Morgan, Queensland, in her 36th year.

PURCELL.-October 23, 1925, at her daughter's resi- dence, Mrs. Phelps, 14 Watkin-street, South Ashfield,   Mary Ann, relict of the late John Purcell, of Sutton

Forest, aged 76 years. R.I.P.

ROUGHLEY.-October 23, at Ashfield, Oscar M. Roughley, beloved husband of Margaret Roughley, and father of Dorothy and Norman.

RYAN.-October 20, 1925, at his residence, Rock View, Binalong, John Patrick Ryan. Interred Binalong Cemetery, October 22, 1925. R.I.P.

SHAW.-October 20, 1925, at Thirlmere, Edwin Bardsley (Ted), loved husband of Ida Shaw. Interred

at Thirlmere.

SHAW.— October 20, 1925, at Thirlmere, Edwin Bards- ley, beloved son of Dorothy Shaw, St. Peters.

SMITH.-October 16, 1925, at Prince Alfred Hospi- tal, of heart failure, Mary Paula Brae, beloved daughter of William and Kathleen Smith, aged 22 years.

WOOD.-October 19, 1925, at Manly, Matilda, widow of the late Thomas Wood, late of Coogee. Privately interred, Waverley Cemetery, October 21.

WRIGHT.-October 20, 1925, at Silvertown, 34 Har- row-road, Auburn, Jane Wright, beloved sister of the late Mrs. W. H. Forwood, of Wellington, passed peace- fully away in her 89th year. Waiting in a holy still-

ness, wrapt in sleep.


ANDREWS.-Joyce, sweetest and dearest, taken from us October 24, 1915, in her third year. "He shall

gather the lambs with His arm." Brother.    

BANKS - In loving memory of our dor mellier,, who departid this life October 54, 1015 R I P Im« rted by her loving daughter« K»tle, Maggie, Norah, and son, Robert.  

R\T. -In loving memory ot our dear father, Robert Batt, who died October 21, 1011 Inserted hv bia loving son, Tom, daughter In law. Florrie, grandchild,


Billi) -In memory of Charlie Bird ulm died October '4, 10°n Loved and remrinbored always Inserted bj

Mrs. Holm and family.

BLACKSHAW.— In loving memory of my dear       mother, Mary Blackshaw, who departed this life Oc-

tober 24, 1924.

Death divides, fond memories cling.   Inserted by her loving daughter, Noel.

BIUNDEII -In loving remembrance of our loiing doiighler and sister, Leila, tiled October ft. IBU also our onie drir son an! I rother Carl, died AuRust 27 1915 f-arllv missed liii-erted bv their loving parent* nivl sister«, I-nid and Ulta

BOW DIN- In lo.Ing memory ol my dear father, «amurl Bowden, »ho pasted away October 25, 1W1C aged 75 venn. Alwata rcmeml ered and mivsetl b.l his daughter Elizabeth.

BOW III-N-In lo.tug memory of our father. Samuel Bundi n w|in d^arled this lile October ¿5, 1018 At rest Inn rted bj hi« diughteis, lioso Molloy and

Florence Banks.    

BROTIIHIION - sirred to the memory of inj de«r liiisbiiui and our lather t-rncst Hrntlifrrtnn who iiaMietl awnj Oitoler '5 11124 Inserted I» lils loving wife nnd

children Winnie, Eric, and Bruce.

IIP UKI- -Jil lovhi_ memory of our dear adupted daughter and »Irlcr Vera who departed this life October 24, B13' Inseileil by mother and brother. Margaret and Harold Ford

HUHIvl -In lovltif, memory of our dejr sister, who passed away Otlolier li 102- sadlj missed Inserted ni her lo.Ing slater«, Martha Miriam, Ethel, Florrie,

and Lilly.

PVMIHOS-In Mil and loving meillon of our dear mother, llnirlet Cameron (late of Waterloo), who de pnrl.d this life October 2i 1023, aged «7 year«

We do not forgr-t you, mum, nor do we intend, We think of vou alvvajs, and will till the end Though sweetly and siMy now jon rest.

Still ne gi leve for you and weep, II mly we could dry our toars,

/ni say Mum'« only asleep Interied bj her loving familj.

OAMPRH-i- In loving memory of our dear hut lau I »nd fathel, lame« who died October 24, 1924 Inserted hv Lotta, TriMc Miner, and Bruce.

CAV1II -In loving memory of our dear mother and gr-indiniilher Margaret Sarah who (wssed «waj October

24, 1909, in her 45th year.

We miss you more each day.

Insertid h) bei lo.Ing thililrcn and grandchildren.

Edna and Ben.

t OI,I lo - In lot log mentor, of my husband and our father. William Uli liant Collis who died October Ï5 1922. Inverted by lila wile and family

CONSERTOS -In sad and loving nitniorj of my belo.ed son Hrglnil lames (Higgle), »ho dcpaited Ulli lile October U, ItrM, agid 19

A precious one from us is gone

A voice we lovell I» still

A place Is valant in our home

Width never nan le tilled

Inserid li. hi» heart broken mother

CONM-II10S -In loving memory of my den brother, Reginald lames who pareil awnj October 21, 1024

ni ed 10 Not forgotten Insert til by his lov Ing sister ami bri thrr In law. Lily and Le« Grant, also

nicies Jil. and »veljn

CONNORTON - In loving memory of my dear friend Reggie, who departed this life Oetohrr 24, ).«», »ged 10 Inserted bv his loving friend, George Thomson

OONNFRTON- In loving memory of Reggie, who passed away October 24, 1024 Gone, but not for gotten Inserted bv Florrie and Walter

CONQUbsr-In loving memory of my dear liusbtnd and our father, George Conouest, »ho died October ->, 1924, aged 02 j ear»

Dear dud, »bou the sleep jon »o much needed,

Free from all suffering and pain.

When Wr think of how j-ou »uttered,

Ho« eoultl we -l«b von back againf

Inserted by his fond wife. Sarah CouquHt. and


Alio In loving memory of our dear «on and brother, Alt. Conquest, 20th Batialloo, who departed this life April 15, 1918.

Gone from those who loved him,

Plucked Ilk» a flower In bloom. 80 good, «o young, «o loving,

Culled away from u* «II too toon.

CONQUEST.-In loving memory of our dear father, who died October 26, 1024. Also our dear brother Alfred, died April 15, 1918.

Not dead to us, «ho loved thtm dear;

Not lost hut gone liefere.

Tiley live willa _ in memory,

And will for evermore.

Inserted by their loving daughter anti sister, son, and brothet-ln-law, Ethel, Bert, Jack, and Roy.

CONQUEST.-In loy lug memory of our d#*r father and grandfather, George Oon<|iiest, who departed this

life October 25, 1921.

Every fining sun may «et.

But you, «Mr dad, we'll not forget.

Inserted hy ni« 'nvlng daughter Maud and George

Merle, and Lester.

CORAM,-In loving memory of my dc»r husband and our father, William .Coram, who dtpirted till* life Oc

tober 25, 1923.

There, la Ju»t one father,

Apd h» ha* gen» to rest, $ And thoa» th«t think of him la-day; , Are th» one* tint love bim best. InierUd by' bl* loving wife «nd family/

CORAM.-In loving memory of our dw oi_th«Mn law. William, »bo departed th!» Ill« October 2o, 1028. I Instiled by hi* loving «Ister-lo-law ted broth«r-in-U*. Bertha and Alfred Bergin.

GRANNEY.-Iii loving memo- of my dear p»l. »ml«. who died October ÎS, 1009. Syd. I--le«. .

CKAUTOHD.-ln memory -of our d*«r wife «nd , mother, Lilli«!, Margaret, who departed till« lift

vMober 24. isis. Iuttrted by btt loving bu»b*nd and daughter, Lillian.  

1 DAN M1UR.-in loving memory of my dear mother, I _!"_ detuned thla life October U, 1922. Inserted by her loving son, Cyril.  

1 ^tîî^yii***,*-tT» ~w»wy of my litt!« hoy, Dick, who


DEMPSEY.-In loving memory of our darling mother. Jessie Dempsey, who passed »way on October 24, 1023. Inserted by her sorrowing children. Edwin Annie, Clare, Ella, and Arthur.

DOYLE.-In loving memory of our dear rather and, Will Doyle, who died on October 25, 1023. Sadly mined. Inserted by hi» dtuchter «nd son-in-ltw, and grandson. Eileen and Dick Webb.

EDWARDS.-In fond memory of roy dear wife »nd our mother, Mary Ellen, who died Ootober 2.1, 1024 Sadly missed by her loving buiband,' san«, and daugh


EMANUEL.— In loving memory of our dear baby and sister, Beryl Grace, who passed away October 24, 1924, aged 4½ weeks.

A little hud, na white a« «now,

Wes by au angel given.

But fearing this earth would «poll its bloom

God planted it in heaven.

Inserted by her loving mother, father, «later», «nd brother«, Doris, Ernest, Beatrice, Erle, and Clive.

FERNANDO.-In loving memory of my dear father. George Frederick, who departed thl* life October 26,


V Just ? memory, fond »nd true.

To «how, dear dad, we think of yon. '

In«ert»l hy hi« loving »on, daughter-in-law, George, Millie, and grandchildren.

FULLER.-In loving memory of my dear hu»hond, Samuel Charle» Fuller, »ho passed away October 2i, 1925. Inserted by his wife, Bessie Fuller.

FI'LLER.-In loving memory of my dear friend, Sam Fuller, who died October 25, 1021.

A few words, sincere and true.

Old pal. I still remember you.

Inserted hv W. Geering.

GARDINER.-In fond and loving memory of our dear mother, who pasted away October 26, 1024.

Called home from those who deeply loved To gain a glorious home above.

Inserted by her loving sons and daughter».

HAMILTON.-In loving memory of our dear mother, who departed this life October 24, 1919.

Gone and forgotten by some she moy'bo.

But dear In our memory she ever «hall be.

inserted by her loving sons and daughters-in-law, Alick and Jack, Elsie and Lela.

HAMILTON.-In loving memory of our dear mother and grandmother, Kate Hamilton, who departed this

life October 24, 1919.

Inserted by her loving son and daughter-in-law. Bert and Gertie, grandchildren. Clarice and Norman.

HATCHER.-lu ever-loving memory of our dear mother, who departed this life October 24, 1022.

Just a memory, fond and true,

To show, dear Mum, we think of you.

Inserted by her loving children. Josephine, Bessie, Jack, ami daddy. ',

HATCHER.-In loving memory of our darling M»ldie, «ho departed this life October 24, 1022.

Tlie sims aie brightly shining,

On a grave not far nuay,

' Where vic laid our darling Maldie,

Three sad years ago to-day.

Inserted by her sorrowing parents, bister, and


HENLEY.-In loving memory -of my dear wife and mother, who passed away October 26, 1022.

Her life wa« all love and labour,

Her heart tor her children true. She faithfully did her duty;

J What more could a dear wife do?

Inserted by her loving husband and children, Elsie,

Ruby, ond Flonlc.

HENLEY.-In loving- memory of my dear mother, who departed thl« life October 26, 1022.

we miss thee from our home, dear mother, We mila thee from thy place!

We mist thy kind and willing hand,

Thy fond nnd earnest care,

Our home in dark without the* mother.

We miss the« everywhere.

Inserted by her loving «on, Albert.

HENLEY.-In loving memory of onr darling mother, who passed away October 25.

In silence «he suffered,

With patience she bore,

Till God called her home,

To «utter no more.

Inserted br her loving daughter« «nd «ons-ln-law,

Olga and Cecil, Thelma and Fred. I

HILL--In loving momorv of mv de»» mother, who departed this life October 23, 1021. Inserted by her

loving «on. James.

HILL.-In loving memory of my dear grnndm«, who departed this life October 28, 1024. Inserted by her loving grandoon, Harold.

HODGSON.-In loving memory of roy dear huvband and our dear father, Hubert, who departed this life October 2.1, 1020. Always remembered. Inserted by hi« loving wife and family.

HOGAN'.-In loi big memory of our deer daughter and sister, Grace, who departed this life October 24, 1024.

A precious one from u« is gone;

A voice we loved is still.

A pines is vacant in our home,

Wlilch never can be filled.

Inserted by her sorrowful mother «nd father, «¡slcrt

and brothers.

HOGAN.-In loving memory of our dear »Ister, Grace, nnd auntie, who departed thl» life October,

24, 1024.

On Rookwood'« lonely hillside, Beneath the cold, cold «od.

There lies our dear sister, Grace,

Resting in peace. '

Inserted hy her loving sleter, Nellie, and brolher ln-low. Matthew, «nd niece, Eileen Bett.

nOGAN.-In loving memoir of mv d»«r sister, Grace, who departed till« life October 24, 1024. B.l.P.

Thy will be done.

Always remembered by her brother. Charlie, and

sister-in-law, Dot.

HOOAN.-In loving memoir nf our dear friend, Grace Hogan, who departed Hil« life Ootober 24, 1024.

Too deaily Imrd 1o ever be forgotten.

Inserted by her sincere friend«. Annie O'sullivan,

Mabel Haiiakley, and Annie Finucane.

HOH0EI1.-lu loving memorv of our dear brother, ThomuK, who depHited this life October 26, 1024.

On Rookwood lonely hillside,

Ueneath the cold, cold sod, There Hei our dear brother

A«lcep in peace with God.

Inserted by hi« loving titters, Margaret and L*ur*.

HOV rMi-lvT-In loving memory of our dear »on and brother Ihomas, who pissed awav O tobcr 24, 102J

I-tema 1 rest gmt t bim O lord

And let itrpotu-il light shine ii] on him

In» rted I j Ins fitbor and mother and sister«, Mary

and Jean

HLDSON -lu lov ing memorj o! mj dear husband anil my father Thomas Hudson who departed this life October 24 1019 «tndly iniswd by bia loving wife and daughter. Annie

HUDsOs -In fond memory of our dear father. Thomas

Hudson who departed this life October 24, 1919 K I P Inserted hv hi» loving daughter and son In lau. Minnie

and lack Wallace

hil)!) -In loving memory of our de-ir mother Mnrl» Kidd who passed away October 25 1928 Gone, hut not forgotten Inserted bv her loving «on and daughlel in law. Dave and Beat

LAG I BLOW -In loving memory of Raymond, who   died October 24. 1923 Inserted by his mother and  

sister, Gladys

LEA -In loving memory of my darling wife and       our fond mother Julia Flora Lea (nee Defries), late of Underwood street, Paddington, who passed away   October 24 1918 Sadly missed G R H D S F K  

Lea and family  

LEA -In loving memory of our dear mother, Julia     Flora Lea who departed this life October 24, 1918   Nearer, my God to Thee Inserted by her loving son and daughter-in-law Louis and May    

LEA -In loving memnry of our dear mother and     grandmother who passed away October 24, 1918 In serted by her loving son and daughter-in-law, Lionel     and Mollié, and Little Ken

LEA-In loving memory of our dear mother, Julia Lea who died October 24, 1918 Never forgotten by

Leah and Melville Bailey

LEA -In memory of our dear mother, Julia Flora, who departed this life October 24, 1918 Inserted by her loving son, Victor

LILLYI -In loving memory of my dear wife and our do-ir mother, Helen Berti- Lill), «ho died October ia, HU», ugtd Ki vi ara

Ji> r memory to tit i« ever df-vr

Inserted bj her loving husband. Claude, and «on«,

Jack ant) Bob

LLKWILYN - In loving memory of our dear bro thtr nnd uncle, Frnost Htnry I lewclyn, *ho tell isletp Ottobcr 24, 11124 Inserted by hi« loving sister and brother In law, Mabel and Alick Cormaik, and niece mid ueplicw, Violet and Nell Mcphee

lOlOH-In loving memory of our dear Grace, »ho 'kinniel to be »lib llirlst which is fur better. Otto ber 24, 1924 Father and May

McMILIIAN- In »ad and loving uinraorv of mv dear brollier, Rub, »ho died Octobir 24, 11120 (late of VII) Ooiit Hut not forgotten UIP Inserted by In« loving «Ister, «luv, and nephew, Hoy.

Vb_qiJ|fi!,IS - In lo.Ing mrmorv of nu dear bus land and our father William «ho deputed this life Oil ober 2 1924 lum ted bv his loving wife ami


MACI'III h.-In %id but loving nieuiorj of our dear little Hugh aged 7 vcii-s and 9 months who wat killed hi ni ilor 'I us at Coogee, October 25, 1923.

souitwliere bevoid life« ti-vela

Our lillie Hut,!iie vuits.

To welcome home his loved one»

Within the golden gates

inserted bj his loving parents and little brother.

M\R"IN- In loving memory of our dear mother, Catherine Martin, »ho departed tilla life October 24, lIKVi Alums remembered Iv her sincere daughter and sin In lan. Rose and Sid Mahon).

MON V(,H VN -In loi ing memory ol mj dear »on and our I ruth r Joseph Henry Monaghan (late Ali), »ho dtiarttd tills life Ottober 25, 1MU, aged 4! vean, also my dear husbind and our father, Joseph Henry M imihhan, who d'parted this lift, at his residence, (lair street, Mortlake, August 10, 1910, aged IK) year-

ly c loved yon dearly In life.

We do not ftrget j ou In death

Inserted bv hi« loving mother, brothers, and »Ittert, also hi» loving wife, »omi, and daughter».

MOSS.-In loving memory of my dtar mothtr, -ho passed «w«y Octobir _>, 1924 «t Cow«, 1 VV , Lug land t-rotn her luv ing «ou, Alfred

MULRFADV -In loving memorj of my dear hu» bind Willlnm Mulreadv, who died October 25, 19"!

Ilearh lovtd and sadly misted by bl» loving wife,


VIUIIIFMn -In loving memory of my ileorl) loved l»ther (Had), William Mulreuiij, »ho died October «5, 10-1 loo dearly loved to ever be forgotten b)

his only daughter. Muriel

N^SH -In sad tilt lo.Ing memory of my rtetr bus! and Tilomas James, who passed peacefully awuj

Ottober 24, 192J

So sndtv ra^ed By his loving wife Adelaide

N-WTON -In loving memory ol mv dear brother. Bob, who passe! away October 22, lir.l at Orange

Dearer to me than »ords can tall,

Was the brother I lent and lo.ed to wall ' Inserted by his loving sister, Lui W miami

PACKER-In loving memory of my dear husband   and our father. Goodwin Robert Packer, who fell asleep October 28 1923 The golden bowl Is broken Inserted   by fond wife and children.

PARSONS -In memor» ef out little daughter, Holt«, who departed this lift October 24, IBU. Inserted by

her . irenta

PEARCF -In loving memory of my dear wife and mother, Jane Vivian {earea, who departed thl» lilt

October 26, 1024

Deep in our heart« It a pletina

Of a dtar one gone to rest,

In memor)'» name »e will keep It,

Because ohe »a« one of the bett.

Interted by her loving husband and children, LUI

and Percy Pearce

PEAROP -In loving memory of our deat mothtr. Jane Vivian, who patted away October 25, 1924, aged

72 yeat

A loving mother true and kind.

Her equal In this world 1* hard to find

Interted bv her loving daughter tud ton lu law, Etbtl aad Klclikrd Cottar, and grandson, Bick!

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