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Rosehill Racing Club had a perfect day for tli» bpilng meeting on Saturday, and thousands made Iii ir wuy to the coun-o, antiiipatlng gooel rntlng, «nd, although sonic experieiiceil a setback or two th« inujoritv made the homeward journey well pleased with tho outing Details -

IIURDIE R\CE, of £300, second horse £00 anti

third horse £30 from the prize- \bout !m

Messrs Norman Hastings and F O Undirwoods v br g huiiigu, b) Cooltrlm (Imp )-Aorobtlle,

6)1-6, 0 7 (G Carter) 1 Mr W O McDonald s gr g Gre) Knight, le)rs,

10 (H Murrell) j Mr C Hearne'» b g Cistlcs, a, 012 (W Baker) 3

Other Blurters Sling Camp, 012 (A Puree), Chaiidonla 0 10 (II Doirliigton), Doublt Iscupe, I) S (1 Dure)), Mt lid It, 0 7 (A ferguson), Murray Uiver 0 î (M Wtlistcr), Guess Again 1) (0 Carlisle) Loop Head, 0 (N Davis) Alaimist o (V Heddrick), Dottsvvood, 0 (J Tro)) Cuirleon,

0 2, inc 2 over (L H Watson)

Betting 6 Custlcs, Pliandonin Mendit 0 Üoulle Y scape, 7 Alarmist 8 Ore) Knight, 12 huinga lo 20


Investments Paddock, £1467, dlvB (for 10/), £4/0/0 in/, and 11/0 Leger £045/15/, din (f,

bl) £2/1/0 0/, mid 5/0

Kainga was first to jump from Double rscsiee, Loop Hoad, and Chaiidonla Castles hit li.inl at the mile hurdle and lost ground lor the greater part it was a strung n it field, with Kaluga alwau in front and he won b) four lengths, w11 h two lengths between second and third Clinndonla wat fourth and Caerleon last Time 3m JOs

CAMFIIIA »tAKFS of £310 second horse £70 and

third horse £30 from the prize-7f

Mr R Miller s br m Chatterbox, by Magpie (imp )

-Oaltie Princess, 6y, 810 (J Munro) 1 Mr A S Chirnslde'a b h Blackadder, a , 0 4 (O

loung) I Mr ' O C Keen's" b g Hit, Syft, nil 8, carr 7 4

(A Hillier) 8 Other starters Duke Isinglass, all 6 carr 8 5 (II. Hew ins) The Dancer all 5 carr 7 (P J Tooho)), Sweet Tress, 7 3 (A Hunter), Lovcbox nil 1 carr. 011 (I Brown), Mungo-etan, all 4 carr 0 7 (J. MtCarth)), Reference, 0 12, Inc 5 over (O Hasler)

Betting 6 4 Blnckaddor, 3 HU, 0 2 Chatterbox, i Duke Isinglass, 2013 others

Investments Paddock £2085, diva, £1/13/6 I/, and 8/0 Leger, £1485/10/, diva, 14/0, 3/, ana


I-rom a good start, The Dancer, Hit, and Dak« Isingluss were first awn) Passing the halfmile, Blackadder and Hit led from The Dancer, Duke Isin. glass, and Reference Turning into the straight, Ile. firenic fell Chatterbox caine alone at the dis- tance and; beat Blackadder by half a length Hit yy is a Bimllur dlhtanco away third. Duke Isingla« was fourth, and Mangostan last Time, lm 25Js

ROSEHILL GUINFAS, of 1000 guineas, second horse 200

guineas, and the thitd horte 100 guineas from thi prize (for three )ears old)-lm If

Mr A P Wade's br g Amounis, by Magpie

(Imp)-Loved One, 8 5 (K Bracken) I Mr h Moss' cb c Vnals, 8 5 (S Cracknell) 1 Messrs J G Ourocron und John Grisdale'» br f

ribble, 8 («e Davidson) S Other 6tarlcrs Knight Errant, 8 5 IR Maredcn), Boomoralll, 8 5 (F Bartle), Avrom, 8 5 (O Mcd dick), bpejrsct, 8 6 (W Duncan), ItO)ul Embrace, 8-6 (O "ioiing), lorn Kourgun, 8 5 (A Held), Ambassador 8 5 (J Munro), Yule Cake, 8 (11 Sulli

Helling 0 4 on Amounis, 6 2 v \aals, 10 Am- bassador, 20 Tibbie, J'i-lOO ollltrs

Investments Paddock, £2020/10/, dlvs, 15/, 0/, and 10/0 Legor, ¿lb27/16/, diva, 7/0, 4/0, and


Amounis, Spearset, Ro)al Fmbracc, and Ambai. sador were smartest away Then Spearset went to Hie front, and ho led the field with llo)ul Fmbrace, Amounis, \auls and Ambassador in close company, S) partit wus first into tho Btralght from taali, Amounis, Tibbie and Knight Errant Tibbie looked the winner nt the distante, but the favourite kot thiauiji in the middle ol the flcld, and won by a neck, three lengths belwicn second and third Ambas sudor waa fourtli und lorn Kourgaii last lime,

Im ill»

ROM HILL CUP £500 and gold cup valued at

4.100, second horeo £100, and third horse £50 from Hie. prize.-lm Jf

Messis li W King and W A Mtholls' br g

Plllievvlnkio, by Winkie- Watcrsproy, eyre,

» 10 (O \oung) 1 Mr J M O lorna)th'» b g Ho) al Roue, 6yrs

7 4, inc 1 our (1 Donnill}) 1 Mr 1 J Watts cb li Strongbow, 4)n,, 8 (0

Hasler) . 3 Othir starters "vnlamitn, 03 (I Bartle), Stony, 8 7 (h Crutkuell) Solldlf), 8 2 (It Marsden), Mu null, 8 1 (J Crowe), Mhthmnker, 8 (J Brown), Kita, 7 IO (II llcwliis), Sandringham, 7 8 (W, Duniun), Chancillar, 7 8 (S Davidson), DialOfcUi, 7-4 (1 Roberts), Ovtr)ssel, 0 10, inc. 3 ovtr (1, J Toohey )

Bitting 5 2 \alnnilta, 0 Strongbow, Pilllevvinkie, 8 Solldlf), 15 Rovnl Roue, 10 50 otheis

Investments Paddock, £2850, dlvs, £2/3/, £1/5/(1, and 14/0 I ofeir, US01, dlvs, £1/3/0, 10/0 and f

Sion) madi the turly running from Iloiai linne

iulue,uc and «solidify Solidify wus in thargo at the distunci, followed by liol al Rout und Ililli winkit, and tho lustitamtd carne nvvu), and wo

u leiifcth und a half, two lengths und n half le" tvvien second nu J third Solidify was fourth aid Sandrii)(,ham last lime, 2m lain

HILL STAhTS.of £750, second horse £150, and third

hoist £76 from tho prize lm

Mr J M Camerons br g Hie Hawk b) Martian

(¡mp ¡-Sparrow Hawk (Imp ) u, » (J like) 1 Mr Ben Challe) »be Manfred, 3) re, 712 (W Dun

can) ] Mr II J Kimo s ch h Admetus, a, 0 3 (R Mars

den) 3 Othir starter» WaUaco Mortlake, B3 (J Munro), Coo, 0 (fc Bartle),, 0 (G loung), lol) clilan, 0 (T 1-urthing)

Betting 3 to 1 on Manfred, 6 to 1 v The Hawk, 10 Spiarfclt .J AdmctUB, 20 Ful)delan, 25 Wallace Mortluke, 60 Ceo

Investments Paddock, £1145/10/, dlvs, £1/17/and 4/ Ltgn £024/6/, dlvs, 10/0 und 2/

Admitus led tin Mild from the burrier rise and is waa in front from Iho Hawk Siearfclt, Vmfred and Wallace Mortlnki at the six furlongs Tin Hawk ran up to AdmttuB approaching the straight, with Manfred nest, »nd in tho run home Tho Hawk had evervthing benton, and won by a length, with half a lonßta bel ween second and third Wallace Mortlake wai fourth, and Ceo last Time, lm ¿Sis

HIGHWEIGHT HANDICAP of £300, second horse £60,

and third horne ¿JO from the prize 7f

Mr D U hinton a br li Baldwin, by W estcourt

Widden Lass 4}ra, 0 6 (J Munro) 1 Mr Walter Harrison a ch h lied Gauntlet, 4)rs, 10-5

(J Pike) » Mr ' W 111 Bennctt'a" ch h Coello, 4yrs, 8 (E.

Simmons) ' Other btartcrs Belle, 0 (R Abbott), Glen Song, all 5 carr 8 10 ( \ Montgomcr)), "vagrant, all 7, carr. 6 0 (C Ho)Btiad), Iruda, all 5, carr 8 5 (P. toohey ) Narrogin, all 7, carr 8 (J Mnrsdcn), Fly uwo), 8 7 (R Marsden), "Nostalgia, 8 5 (L Bartle); Muk Slccar, all 7, carr 7 0 (T Roberts), Carrah, 83 (J Crowe), Gadamin, 8 (N I«round), Songlft, all 6, cirr 7 0 (II Hovvina) Bombeka, all 6, carr J» (C Hasler), Prudential!), 8 (O Spencer), iortsllk, 8 ( \ Iveegon), Irish Melody, nil 6, carr. 7 0 (h "on

" Betting 6 4 Baldwin, 2 Red Gauntlet, 8 Nostalsiaj

3.1 Coello. 15 to 50 others.

Investments Paddock, £2180, dlv». 10/6, 7/6, ipi £2/1/ Iei,er, £1484/10/, dlvs, 10/, 4/, and ¿1/4/.

Belle was first uwa) and Bhe continued iu front up to tho half milo from \agmnt, Baldwin, and Hei

Gauntlet Belle and Truda were first into the BtralgUt.i clostly followed bv Red Gauntlet and Baldwin tt| was a good finish, Baldwin winning by a neck, tv», lingths bctweeii second and third Bombeka «J» fourth, and Prudentioily lnBt Time, lm 261»

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