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Examined by Mr W H Palmor, official as- signee, beforo the Registrar in Bankruptcy (Mr N C Lockhart) jcsteiday, Arthur Shir- ley, «vhoso estate was sequestrated on April 24 last, stated that he carno from Hobart (where he was bom) 24 years ato He was on the stage then, and bad been connected with the stage or films ever siuco-in later joars with moving pictures entirely Ho was now a motion picture producer and actor He was bankrupt before, in December 11)13, on his o«vn petition After tho last bank- ruptcy ho brought ah action against Mr Wil- loughby and recovered damages Ho believed that out of the verdict enough was paid to the official asslgneo to pay his only creditor in full and all costn and charges, but bo «vus not sure on thal He was at present pro- ducing pictures for Pyramid Pictuies Pioprle tury. Ltd , in Melbourne, under a couti act made in April 1JJ1 io produce und appear Ho was recel«lug i-20 u «veek when actually engaged on tbo picture, and £1S between pictures His agreement was for a period of se«en years Piimarlly, his present bankruptcy had been brought about by tho ' Hate, spleen, und mallto, ' of his partner, Ernest Higgins, and, secondl}, the loss of a lawsuit, which ho hi ought against his partner two years ago, and which cuso wns caUBod by the action of his partner in croaking his agreement with bim In connection with the pioduction of a picture called The Throwback,' which be WUB to produce and star in lhe action was tried In bydney, beforo the Chief Justice and a Juij, and a «.eidlct «vas g1« en for Higgins with costs He lost the eise on a technical point, uud should have sued in the Equity Court Tho COBIB were taxed at ¿390 odd Beforo he was m ido bankrupt ho made an oller to pay Mr lllgglna £¿ a wook Immr dlately, and £fl a week later, which offer was refused Ho commenced a suit In Equity against Higgins, but nothing had been done in it e\copt that tho statoment of claim waa proposed and counsel consulted

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