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Corporal Gilbert .v. Wilson, «ho wa-, killed in action In France on INoícmlKr 14, 19K. was the third eldest ton of Mr I V, Wilson, locoinotirç dnicr I'ruicts street. Port Jlelboumc lieutenant K C. W llson, a brother of Corporal Wilson, took part in the landing at Gallipoli on \prll 25 1010, and vas killed in action next dar Corporal W llsen

was born al Sale

Ntws haï come to hand that Gunner Robert Roile ol 27 Sussex «erect, Vloonee l'onds, and ton of Mrs. Beck, of ia« Tlie i'jl-ide. Aicolvole. «vas killed in action soineAliere in I-rancc on November S The deceased left Victoria 10 months »jro «ith the Sth reinforcements of the 7th Bittalion and went through the Gallipoli campaign, besides «Joins duty in Fgypt. l,c "as a l",i!«lrr I'} occupation, i and leaves a v. idoif anil four children

I Mr and Mrs b. rttinc, !M Wellington street

Collin-wood, have been oflicialli notified that their ' son Private C Utting, has been wounded, and is

lnMr'«id Mrs «I B Pritchard, of Montro««

l«i««ns s'reet North Brnnsvviek, have been olft Jlillv Infortied that their cldrt ion Sero iii

I tri tenant Its-He R Pritchard, oí D Comram. «"nil HvttJlion, VII*, who was nrciiou«!« re T,rtcl as "missing," was killed in action in Wan« on Viitrust 5 He was educated at tim stile mJiooI, Fswndon where he \«on n «thoHr chin which cnalded liim to Ukc a four «cars lourn, at *-cotch Collette, Mellwumc While there he gained on exhibition entitling lum to 1 cuin-«c "' "i" Melbourne Univerîitv, where he cvrnttiillv toole his degree as a bachelor of agri cultural science, and at the time of b13 enlist mtnt lie was employed as a field otllcer hy tht Agricultural department at the Central Research

1 irm at Vi erribee

Vlr and Mrs M C Baxter, ot boutli "larra, luve rt£cive«l official information that their «otm-ei «on. Private I) J Baxter (' fuck' ), lias been woiiniled in France Ile ««as at the land mg on Gallipoli. Three other «ins are sc-v inf- lue Ijnpire _