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To-ilay. - Casterton races (second «Jay) ; Sey-

mour races; ío-t-racim; ai ï lemington gi"0!"!?3

(evening) ; entries close (or Kcilron Park (<_.) « ive | Hundred. ,, ,

Kriday.-Ballarat Min«-' Tar/ Club rae«; Wel- bourne dun aub meeting, tit North Brighton; foot- racing, ot Flemington grounds (evening).

Saturday.-Epsom races; I'ort Fairy races; Syd- ney Tattcrsall's Club raer», ut llandvvlck ; Albion Park (Q.) races; Belmont Park (W-A.) races; Kyneton Cour-inc Club meelina: Welbourne pun Club meeti.« (.Urllngs), at -Sortit Brighton; Northcote. Ouu Club meeting (starlings);<°°\: , racing, at Flemington ground, (.vening): lootliall matches; baseball matches; boring match, Spargo v. mil, at West Melbourne Stadium.



A race meeting will be bold at Seymour I to-day in aid of the Camp Amusement Fund.

There will be a special train from Spencer |

street station at 10 minutes past 10 o'clock. Weights for the principal event are as fol-

low:- . .

Camp .landican. One mile.-Narah .nong", 0.0; I Bronglo, 8.10; H-nnbcrt, 8.1; Boil-more, 8.4; -Ia«ter Godwin, 8.2; Feuillette, 8.0; Notional Bank, 7.12; Vocal King-, 7.0;. Annapolis, 7.4; layette,

7.3; Bob Challenge, 0.7.

The Casterton races will be concluded to- day. Six events will be decided m the following order:-Trial Stakes, Hurdle Unce, "-toeing Club Handicap, Autumn Steeplechase'. Tony Rnce (14:1 a.u.), and Flying Hanilicap. , . '__.'

It is stated by "Terlinga" that the Messrs. Moses, of New South Wales, have pur chnsed Jlngpic, who ran second to Gay Gru sudcr in the recent Two Thousand guineas at Newmarket. Magpie is by Dark Ronald from Popinjay. . "?- ' ' .

Cagou has resumed work at ? Randwick, md is reported to bo looking-well after a

Settling over the Woodend and all paBt race meetings will take placo at the Arie torian'Club, Bowes's Tnttcrsall's.Club, and the Bookmakers' Association roomB to-day

at 11 o'clock.

The postponed Coldstream Tnrf Club races will probably be he-Id'on «the Yarra Glen course on .Friday of next week. -

Arch -Morella, winner of the Novice Han- dicap" at the Kembla Grange meeting in Sydney on Tuesday, paid n totali«ator divi- dend of £10/3/ on 10/ tickets. There was a second dividend of £1/8/. The Flying Handicap at this meeting went to'Brück (by Bronzino), and the Kembla Grange Handicap, one, mile, to imported Hecate (by Radium).

Carafon has been scratched/for the Two Sear-old Handicap, and Quirindi for the

[urdle Race/to be run at Sydney Tatter sail's Club meeting next Saturday.

In giving particulars yesterday of the racing dates which the Cabinet had decidetl to grant for the ensuing year, the ' Chief Secretary mentioned that the V.R.C. hud. since the war sturted, contributed -.35,107 to patriotic funds, and had invested \C27,000 in the .War Loan, while the \r.A.T.C. had contributed £10,700, hnd £10,000 in linnet for further distribution, aud had invested £20,000 in the War Lonn. He might also hnve added that the Williamstown Racing Club has contributed £0.711 to' patriotic [funds, and lias invested £0,000 in the'War Loan. Since being formed into a bonn-lide' club, lliei llooiiee Aralley Racing Club "has also decided to devote nil profits made I during the war to patriotic funds. ~,,

..Sir. __. H. Cox's weights for the -_p.*om i races, to bo 'held next Saturday, are pub-

lished this morning. In the principal event, the I.nsom Handicap (one mile anti a quar- ter), Fanlnrie is top weight with 9st. nib. This is how weights compare with the -Viv i View Handicap (one mile), run at Wil-

liamstown last Saturday:- . > -?;

Hay View Epsom

Hep. lieu, " ' s st. Hi. st. Hi. Tcleclcs.rtotirtli). (IS' t! 12 ' CnnvelW (Mtli). 0 13 -'ti]» Maltruvrri (sKtli) ..'.. so 8 5 I-"ft Trim (seventh) ... 8 1-80 1-ntnric (elghtli). 9 7 ,0 11

_"eerut .;. 8 1 - 7 13 ,

First* Trim will have more time to gel on his legs in a race over a mile and a quarter than, he* had at Williamstown.

Whitefield. Allegory, and St. Mira will be brought back from Adelaide this week by' J. MeCaflii,' who is leaving Polygamist in T, Kelly's hands. Polyganuit is to run at the Adelaide" Eacing Club -Birthday meet- ing.

Mr. E. >T. Lawrence will take entries to dayu-it Brisbane for tl)c Park Flying Handi- cap, of SQOsovs., live furlongs, to be run, on Juna 5.' ' '" *

J. Scobie has returned from Adelaide, but will bo .back in time for the A.R.C. Birth- day meeting. During his absence his horses in Adelaide will be looked after by R.

Lewis. i

Before winning the S.A..T.C. Handicap on Saturday, Gobi Cuffs could have been sold ut a high figure, but the owner declined-to

trade. *.

Sim_ingto_ siro of Yantara, the Steeple- chase winner in Adelaide on Saturday, is a son of Simmer. Yantara bails from the Broken lilli district.

"ulric» will close on Monday next for the Alberton Racing Club meeting, to be held on May 30.

"Interested" (Windsor) is informed that the totalisator dividends on the S.A..T.C.

Handicap were correctly given, viz.:-Gold Cttlfs. t_; Half-a-Glass, "1/4/. Under R.A.J.C. totalis-tor rules, two -dividends are declared when there are seven or more stiirtciw in a race, "j per cent, of the amount invested going to backers of the first horse, and 25 per cent, to the backers of the second

horse, less commission and fractions. "J.1V ÍBneolitts Marah) is informed that 3?i_\vii Roue started at 0 to 4 against for the Novelty Pony Race at, Mitiamo on March 2(1. "W.O." (City) is informed that the* dividend on Kastei n Seo (second to Cliuliiiidor in the Baker Huiidicap at the »S.A..1 .C. meeting, viz., .C1/1/, wus cprrectly given.

G. I"ton iodo two winners at the Wood- end meeting yesterday.

Wassecu has won several steeplechases, but his first victory on the flat was accom- plished yesterday, when ho won tlie Maiden Plate at Casterton.

A speci.il train will leave Spencer street

at half-past 9 on 1'riduy morning for the i Ballarat ' Miners' races. The "course is in excellent order. The* following horses have been rehandieapped:-Carpathus (Hurdle), lOst. Dib.; Satin Beau (14.2 pony), Ost. 71h.;

Waster Godwin (Hager Handicap), Tal. i


A Good Performer

Ihq Colet-ime toirespoiidcnt of Tho I \rgus ' telegraplis that The Parisian Ins |

been destioycd

Ihe Palistan had been In retirement for

some time but recently was st-iikd is uni attraction in a race nt a patriotic meeting in the Western district ind nn second -he race did lum no i,ood Ile appeared to have injin ed himself in some w tv mid as there was no chinee of saving lum he was shot Lbe 1 "lisian vi is owned bv Ah J 1 Knby, and was when on the tuif -i popular hor_ Ho was by Bobadil from

Ihe Ptiisienne by Irtnton lrom Mine Loin e ly Gang lorwaid ind w is toiled lil lflOu his bleeder bcin0 the 1 tte Mi is <_»

Cool The Pin "ian did not i uti is a

tvv-jeir old ipld us t threejc-uold only j wbu the lnul Handicap it Meutoni As u| four-j car-ol 1 e iii-jing 7st lib he w11 only, beaten hall a length by/Knox (9 t 01b ) m tu M iib iiiisluwn ¡spring Handicap one

mile whde with "st _!b up he succumbed 1 by 1 lie id onl> to dlue (7st 71b) in the

11 entone Cup one mile ind 1 quarter His I tura einie 1 1 the autumn "tci cirri mg ')_ to easj victor*, 111 the Hamilton Cup oin mile und a qu 11 ter he succeeded m the \\ ltmimbool Cup one mile and three fui

longs with the "mc wciüit He c tme into C \\ heeler s hands shortly aftei vv irds und W heeler won the V* R C Coi eena Handie-ip with lum the following June A good tua! showed tint he had n great eli ince in the next Melbourne t up lut went wrong some little time betöre the d ty and did not run hut was canal to tal inc. the next Australian Cup with "st 711) up, 111 a ciuiter by six lengths from \pple Pie 7 t 101b and Di ibolo Tst 111b Tlie going was heavj but lhc Pinsian nn the two in 1 a qu utei miles in the good time of 3mm 571sec He w l«- tal en to ^jdiicy for the ne " Syd nej Cul but wai not himself there and made 110 show m the nee He was sue eessful however in t le ne" Melbourne Cup in which he carried Sst 91b, and in a field of 33 won by two lengths from 11 tv ian 7st "b with Did tis 7st Clb a, held away third Hi did not win another iice fiequentlv going wrong when being prepare! His last appeirante in reen 1 ir ti-i nmg was at the \UC An tumn Meeting in 1914, when he w is eeond to Rndnor 111 both the Loch Plite md Ch impion Stakes The Parisi-m who always, raced ns a golding was troubled with a we-ik hoof It frequentlj opened aid mteifered with his training otltcmise his rncint, record would have been even more Luilh mt He was one of the best stayers ever seen on the Auitnlnn turf He won m 9t.1l es between £9 000 and "10 000


FRIDAY, SUV l8, 1517.

There lias been an Excellent All-round lintry

Iteceived for This Meeting

One of tlio Best Itaelng Tracks iii the State.

Appointments and Conveniences Bight Dp to Date.

The Miners' Meetings aro Alna) s Enjoyable.

SPECIAL TRAIN leaves Spencer street station at 1130 um., returning at 6.30 pm. Holiday Excursion Farco on oil lines

Racecourse within ten minutes' drive of the city. First race starts at 2 20 p.m.


Crand stand, 10/; Ladies, a/; Leger Resent. 2/.

The nljoic charges include amusement ta1!1. Tlie birdcage is free. 4

JAS. LYONS, Secretary (Tel. 402).

Ilager's Criterion Hotel, Ballarat (Tel. 356); Racecourse, Tel. 618.




IIANDICAr. First and Second Divisions each six furlongs; Third Division, five furlongs


two miles l8 chifns

100 Sois -I.PSOM HANDICAP, one mile.

7S Sovs.-JU.U'ERS' FLAT RACE, one milo and a


All Nominations 10/.

nandic-ra declared on Monday," 28th May. A. H. Cox, luindlcappcr, . J' ->

i - . J, Ii REILLY, lion. Sec. Sun Buildings, ISO.Qiicen street. Melbourne.


HANDICAP HURDLDiRACB, 40 sovs, 2 mile» 134

yard.. Norn., 10/; orcept., IS/.

HANDICAP TRIAL ST.KES, 10 sors, 6 furlong..

Nora . 10/.

WINTEIM1 V-v'DlCAP. 35 som, 1 mile. Norn.,

30/: accept.,' 10/.

UANDICAP bTKLPI.rCHASE, 50 sovs., about 2}

miles. Norn., IO/: accept,. 20/.'

NOVELTY PONY RACE, 10 sovs., ._ furlongs. Norn., 10/.

HANDICAP TLYINO STAKES, 20 sovs, 6 furlong-.

Nom., 10/; accept,, 5/.

Special Trains from Melbourne, liallarat, and


ENTRIES CLOSE with Mr. M. P. Considine, Mel

tary, Colac, up till S p m., MONDAY, 21st MAY.

E. ». THOMAS, Secretary. 'Phone 2-3.


PUBLIOAN'S BOOTH for the COLAC TURF CLUB'S MEETING, Monday, June -, will be SOLD by AUCTION at Thomas and_Jo)_c's Mart, Colac, TO DAY, at 1.30 p.m.



Iueluiling £00 Sprint, Ali Seconds and «10 Heals.

.o-molTon,! 70 Yards, £10

Saturda), Trial and Youths' anti 440 Yards,

Grand Final Night of Carnival, Monda).

1.-00. - MAR.lTHON RACE. - £100,

Run June la.

Nominations, 17/0, clo-o June 1. Acceptance


JAS. DU FROCQ, Secretary.


'cup won hy jacahk. .

CASTKltTON, Wcdncsda}.-Tile first ilny ol the Casterton Racing Club's .tutumii meeting wtul suc- cessfully held to-ilny, Hie weather being perfect anti the "urse in sound orU»T foi running, notwith atmidlnit the recent ruins. The attendance was largo. The racing was interesting," and the Holds, with one exception, good. Results:

Trial Hurdle Race, of 20 "vs. Two miles. IV. «Tomkln'B Turbo, by Westerly-Norma, 0 yre, U.51 (S.«"_hc), 1; li T. Wheeler's Curratum, 9.U (A. Willan), 2; P. J.* Ilyan's 1'entaracter, 11.0 (.1. .1. Hollis), ¡I, Other starterä-Lcnot, ».a (li. J. ltinanc);"arl-Dinnia, 0.0 (J. Cook); Drago- man,'tl.O, (Mr.* It. li Millhousc); Beponc, 9.0 (It. Jenkin). Be-tHng.-2 to'l each flgat*'Turbo and Curratum, 'a to 1 nest Lcnot, 10 to 1 each logst others. Won li> haft a length; witti .20- lcngtlib

between betoud und third. Tune, lmin. 8 3*5"c.

Novelty Pony ltace, of 10 sois. About five fur- longs.-\V. K. Salchcll's Una - Grey, by »\brais Little Una, SO jds Mid, ".10, carried 7.12 (B. Mcfarlane), 1; Stock Bros.* "yoop,-fjO jds blid, 8.5, carried 8.7 fit .lenUnif), 2; IV J. Ilyan's Val moorc, 70 yds bhd, au (S. Clarke),-- J. Other starters-No Report (J. Cody), Stanley (" Turner), The Rambler (J". 1'uchey), Swamperj(.A. Abbott), Queen Despised (P. Lowrie). ? Bolting.-0 to 1 agst Unit Grey, a to 1 agst Queen Despised, & to 1 agst Statiley, 30 to 1 each ngft otlicni. Won by .four lengths; with a,head between second and third. Time, lmin. »sec, -

Maiden Plate, of Í5 "vs. Five furlongs.-F. Ila-Jcw"d*s Wasscca, by-Ocneral Symons or For mosan-llelclio, aged, 8.11 (S. Spain), li lira. A. F. Button's Tarpeena Lass, 4 yrs.-8.13, 2; W. li. Cross's Dell Fire, J jrs, 8.8 (S. Clarke). 3. Other starters-&"rophldhin, 8.11 (C. A. Walters); Thunor, 8.11 (J. Turner); Cajole, 8.11 (B. MoF.il lanc). Hotting.-5 to 1 agst Saurophidiun, 3 to 1 each -igst Tarpeeni Lass lind Cajole, lo to 1 each agst others. Won by a length; with half a lcntrtlt between secoud and ttunl. Tiiuc, litiiu.

0 1-iisec.

Normanby Steeple, of 50 sovs. About two and a half miles.-P. Herbert's Fine Degree, by Fife ness-Miss Paddle, aged, 11.6 (Mr. jj, O'Connor), li J. Pick's Terowie, aged, 10.S (A. Wilson), 2, Onl> starters, 'letting.- « to 4 on Fine Deitrce. Won" by four lengthi. Time, 6mln. 50 4-.1sec. The owners oi lierry Breeze were fined £1 for late scratching. All bets dccl.wed og up till 3.0 p.m.

Casterton Cup, of 00 "vs. One mile and a quar- ter.-T. 13. Raw den's Jileare, by Cniman-Magda, ngcíl, 7.» (V. I/Mler), 1; F. O. Robertson's Ulli Friar, 6 yre, 7.13 (.1. Turner), 2; M. S. Duigan'b Swift King, 1 jrj 0.1), 3. Other starter-Odile (0. A. Walters). Ilelting.-0 to 4 agst Bill Friar, 2 to 1 ag" Swift King, 4 to .1 agst Jacaré, 8 to 1 agst Odile. Won by half n length; with three lengths between second and third. Time, 2min.


Stand Hurdle Race, of 10 sovs. Two mik«.-U. Cordon's Chata« ny, hy Chit Chat-l"ho, ».1, car- ried 0.5 (A. Wil«on), 1; Q. Fitzgerald's Telrao, 0.10 (J. KlnaneO. 2; W. R. Coss's Arninc, 10.B (S. Clarke), 8. Other starters-Cliattcrlioy, 11,12 (li. Unity); Battleship. 11.5 (Sir. J. Slattery); Anira Klrlt, 0.5 (F. Davis); Adventurer, 0.0 (J. Cook); Tully, 11.0 (Mr. L. Mulhouse). Betting.-6 to 2 agst Battleship, 4 to 1 each nest Amlno and Anna Kirk, 10 to 1 each agst others. Won by a head; with five lengths between second and third. Time,

4tnin. "ec.

Glenelg Handicap, of 20 sovs. Seven furlongs - W. Robertson's Fair Friend, by Silent Friend Abomah, 5 ira, 10 2 (J. Turner), 1; W. R. Croii's Ile Smith, aged, Ü.12 (S. Clarke), 2; C. Gall's Thunder Royal, aged, 8.13 (C. A. Walters). 3. Other start»ra-)l__"iri, 10." (II. J. Connelly): Prince llinnia, 8.13 (1*. Lourie); Jessie Stirling, "13 (J. Cod>); Varangian, 8.0 (B. Spain); Phan- tasm, 8.0 (1). McKarlanc). Retting.-Kiens Fair Friend, i to 1 agst Prince Binna, 7 to 1 agst Je-tole Stirling, 10 to 1 each ngst others. Won by two lengths; with three Hnutlis between second und third. Time, lmin. 35 2.5sec. , ^ I



WOODEND, W"ii«_.v.-A mo«t surcessful nice meeting was held to-dai on the Woodend cotuse, in support of Mr» C. Wheeler's cjndldature in the St. John "nbulanee queen competition in Mel* bourne. The weather bud been very threatening, but fortunately rain lichl off, and, though cold, the meelina* wus very cnjuvable. there was an excel- lent attenilitice, e,pt'eiallv from the metropolis. During an interval tlie president of the Woodend taring Club (Mr. E. P. Daniels) proposed the toast of,"The VMtorV coupled with the name of Mr. S; ' i Green, who riapomled. anti stated that' he was j I proud to help the c«.u««' for vviticli 'the meeting J was being run bv pioudmg the stakes,, Results: 1 j FIRST DIVISION HAN-ICMP,

Of 45 sovs Si\ fiiriong.

0 O i-tniitaii s li li Dliiililul, In Bonillo Clilel-^

Dim Dhu r vi* P 11 (I. rishtr) 1 It. B Ilmicslr_ Mr bun, Oin, SO (1 Clarke) a ( Whicker s br s Uhr« need 81". (R \Vhicl or) J

Onlv thiee »tilted Betting-4 to 1 on DHlJL 1 UL, 4 to 1 n"-t Mr Sim la to 1 ngst 1 lbro Won bv thrci lenctli. loir lenttlm between second md

llinil rum lain l«cc


(li ii bola. Five furlongs

M O Louglillii «? li i, liol«! bv Bobadil-Ring

li t G vrs Í« (0 tnton) 1 1 W tibbs « li f Si li ruc 4vr« S 7 (W Hart) _ V I linden, b m White Lnil), 4 )xs, ï a

(0 Brown) 8 Other stni 1er -I«, li G 0 0 (T Phillipson) W ir dime S4 (r CLnki) Obtorta 8 2 (W bulart) Ar un. 7 IO ((. Ilouarl) Queenie, 7 4 (J McGLtsiian) Hull of Honour 7 1 (Ii O'sullivan) lliltinr- 5 to -urst Roll of Honour, 7 to 2 «¡.st B0AS1 1 to 1 «"st I Ii G 1 to 1 agit Obloita, 0 to 1 of,"! Mil ene to 1 i(,_t Arana JO to 1 a-jst ollar VVoti bv tuo and a half lengths three Itnrter. of i length between second and third

1 uni, lmin 7 c«

IHNDIC.P ro\y RACE Of "¡"Kin 1 our furlong".

t L. \tkin«on s th ni Transvaal Queen, bl

Jnnot-Dntkcnil en. 7 " (b Bowler) 1 I Pcirson s « li f. It c1 ere aged, 7 10(G Dovvnev) 2 I Hot ni m s eh in Sellarme ti vr«, 7 0 (l.

Itonird) 3 Other «airton-Sir Bruce 10 ii (T Phillipson) N intv ao ((. Harrison) I mitti 8 3 (C Perkins) I v nro«c 7 4, c trricil "0(0 Bennett) l'layto) 7 1 tarried 7 11 (W (Tod)) Red Mrenk, 0 7 carried -_ (II «I ronan) llctlini-5 to 4 on TRANS \ VAL IJUH N J IO 1 a, t laith 0 lo 1 nglin-t _\me\ 10 lo 1 cncl ni-st Sir Bruce, Sellarme and Plavtot li toi ie t Iceberg Won easily b) six lengths a head between -ccond and third rime,


ramo nr> ision handicap.

Of 4. «o\ i I ife furlongs

r 0 1 arr s I r g Lapford bi Flavus-Diffidence

1 irs - 1 (G I-iton) 1 M Longs br r Dream Min 0 )rs, 7 3 (E.

0 bullfv m) 2 R T Mincis ch e Neilpo, 3 jrs 7 0, carried

7° (I. llovvirl) 3 Other starters -Di Mum ,7 11, carrie«! 8 1 (R Hale) Bucko " > (S .onion) Ortega 7 0 ctr

neil 710 fW SmirtJ Spnngliki 7 7, catTied 7 1» (It Honte) lire Dillon 7 4(1 1 ox) .minn 7 5 (S Boviletl ^ir \«rilun 7 6 carried 7 0 (I llarkir) Muter A enlim 7 " (0 Brown) Wilt

shire "J (I G line) I mil« rous 7 2 cirried"? (O nunnett) Mi ter Qui', 0 1. carried 7 _ (II

MeCovian) R thng-fl lo 4 agit L-PI ORD to 1 agst Dre.ni Man r to 1 igst Fire Dance, 7 to 1 each Igst Ortet, i bpringlikc and Btdsbury lo to 1 agit Tinina 15 to 1 i¡,_t Wiltshire Won li four

lengths; three-quarters of a lrnfftll between second and third. Tnnc, lmin. 7ecc,


Of 25 sovs. 14.2 a-u. Five furlongs.

M. J. Dean's bk li Prenurrrl. by Predominant

Little Marvel, aged, 7.13, carried 8.1 (C.

Perkins) .1

J. Tydlesday"» b m Ulic Brook, 5 yrs, «.3 (3.

Bowler) I..2 A. E. Barker's b m Gallee Maid, aged, 9.6 (A.

Fit__inimons)..-?". . .?, .. ,-. 3 Oilier startcrs-Hoiam, 7.0 (P. Kelly); Souplesse, 7.0 (J. 0. Lane); Heath Belle, 7.6, carried 7.6 (0. Bennett): Lord Anist, 0.11 (H. O'sullivan); Cladis 13., 0.7. carried 7.0 (U. Eaton). Betting. 6 to 1 on Hovnna, 4 to 1 agst PRKMARVEL, f» to 1 agst Lulie Brook, 8 to 1 agst Calico Maid, 10 tofl agst Souplesse, 12 to 1 agst Lord Anist, 20 to 1 ngst others. Won bv four lengths; the same «lis tanee- between second und thin). Timo,, lmin. «3-cc


Of 00 tfcvs. One mile.

M. Ellis'« bit g Maltravers, by Maltstcr-Connn

drum. 0 yrs, «lloví«! 6Ri., 8.4 (A. P. Whicker) -1 J. Robinson's b f Favctto, 3 yrs, 6.«, carried

7.1 (O. linton).:.-..," " _V" * Ii Watson's tir m Ladv Reiglc, 5 >rs, 8.0, car

ried 8,2,OV. Barrett)... ;;,.. " .,.,_

Other startcrs-IIayston, 0.6 (H. t^n»). If" «Iule, &3-(L. Fox); Boyne Water, 6.13 (1: O'S-Ul .vaii);" Prince Vertlun, 0.10, carried 7.1 (0. Brown),. "Nlghtivalk, 0.7, carried 7.0 (-); Ha" lo'er, 6.« ft?. Bowler). Bclting.-G to 4 agst MALTRA\F.RS,' 3 tr,'l euch ngst Pendule and Boyne.Water. * to 1 n-.t UnistonT 20 to 1 to 30 to 1 agst othere. Won bv three lind a half lengths; a length between twnnd and third. Time, lmin. 60_scc


NUMURKAH, Wednesday. - Very BUtxtssful

races wore held at Strathmerton to-day, In aid oil the. Mooroopna Hospital. The weather was threatening, but the attendance was large, ne suits:- . , ,. , *

Brush Hurdle Race.-W. Maidment'« »»'cena, t>.4 (Elliott), 1; J. Ncfbltt's Moreep, 10.6 (»>J>°n aid), 2; L. Naylt's Cranham, 10.0 (Alder), 3. Other starter-Brangle. Betting.-0 to 4 agît

Cranham, 2 to 1 agst Moreep, 3 to 1 ngst Kalecna, ; 0 to 1 ngst Brungle. _" , ..,;

Novelty Pony Racc.-E. J. Maltby's Blush, _0.i| (Chalmurs), 1; H. McKay's Master Calm, /.0, carrleil 7.8 (Mitflicll), 2; S. Malonc's ¿inter, 9.8 (Guilcrly), 3. Other starter-Antis. Betting.-. Evens Hindi, 2 to 1 each agst Finley and Master Calm, 5 to 1 agbt Anti-. Won by half a length. . ' . Strathmerton Handicap.-F. Hing's Blade trott; 0.12, carried 7,11 (Mitchell), 1; J. Bunnett's Bob Challenge, 0.7 (Hamilton), 2; J. Ring's Brans'?; S.S.-carried 8.12 (Gtlcrley), 3. Six sUirtcd. net- ting.-Evens Urang.., 2 to 1 cadi agst Lampooner and Richstone, 3 to 1 agst Bob Challenge, 6 to 1 nght Black Croi-, 7 to 1 agst Moreep. Won by half a head. " " . '

Di-tanc-c Handicap Trot-D. Mcleod a Puss, scratch (Avener), 1; C. Lucas's Reliance, «0 y*> blul O'- I.eavi'v), 2; P. Banter's Keepsake, «0 yds bliel, :i. Other" trurters- Bellman and Don I-ist. Betting.-Evens I'ttss anil Reliance, 2 to 1 agst Bellman. 10 to 1 each agst other-. '

Open Hack Race.-VV. Patterson's Will Score, «.IO (Mitchell),' 1; .1. Lucas's Amaranthits, 7.7. earned 7.12 (McDonald), 2. Bogalong nutshell llrst, but lest the race on a protest lor running inside a post. Betting.-2 to 1 on Bogalong, 2 to 1 agst Amaran thus, 3 to.l iia.t Full Score. , " ," ," 1

Pitrse.-.I. John-loirs Kippalau, 8.12 (Pegruni), 1; It. Ilarnie's Lord Lavin, H.li (Guilerty), 2; Min nitric, II.!! (Chalmers), 3. live stiirlcra-Betting. -0 to 4 on Kippelau, 2 to 1 agst Liiiibarton, 4 to 1 aast Minaiiric, 6 to 1 ag.t Lord Lavin, 10 to 1 ¡igst Pine Hill. ,", , " Î,.

Plate-R. Bigcar'B Richstone, 8.r> (Chalmers),!; T. Fitzgerald'- llurdans, 0.8 (Duncan), 2; -I. Donoehuc'b Loughtane, 0.0 (1'cgrum), 3. Other i-tartcr-Brewer's Crystal. Be.ting.-2 to 1 on Richstone, 3 to 1 each agst llurdans and Loughtane, 10 lo 1 agst Brewer's t'rjstal. Won easily.


, ' SATURDAY. MAY 10. , , Hunllc Race. Twu mil-s.-.lullnn«lur, 12.8; -rtrtl Dudley, 11.7; Uxbridge, 11.0; N.m|iie,.11.0; Ad- miral Grand, 10.12; liaystun, 10.11; Balli«*, 10.,, Pan In, 10.0; Plstolier, 10.0; Blackwood, 9.12; Abbey Oaig, 0.12; Glenard, 0.11; lApcdltioncr, 10.10; Socotra, 0.9; W'orribec, 0.7;' Percy's rancy, S.7; Prince Alfonso, B.0;Evcr}thing, 0.5; Sir Hie, 'o.5 Height, 0.6; Ernebank, »?»*. 'My^S"HjI ¿ii Fastolf, 0.0; Quarry Purk, 11.0; Jetbcr, 0.0; Single Barrel, O.O; Kolora, !M>; Afllnitis, 9.0. ,

Bru.lt Steeplechase. Two miles und U ri«iM-T Expedltloner, 12.10; Portee, 11.12; Admiral (Ininti, 11.7; Dicky Cooper, 11.0; We-tavvay, 10.12; Percy f Fanéy, llî.7; San Leandro, 10.4; Muuday, 0.18", Everything, 0.12; Lady Lcnnr, 9.12; Godwin Gra., 1.10; Bidgee Be., 0.10; Stray Bullet, 0 0; Union Arms, 0.7; Sleive Gtlllcoh, 0.3; Rupert Stuart, 0.0; Muttagunynli, 11.0; Manx laid, 0.0; Thurgoon, 0.0.

Epsom Handicap. " One mile and a quarter. Fniitarie, 0.11; Maltrnvcrs, S.5; First Trim, S.0, Meerut, 7.1S; Lancer Plume, 7.8; Saltaire, 7.7, Honorions, 7.5; Mint-tone, 7.5; Golden Charm, ..1; Oarvvelkln, 0.12;'Tele-lc., 0.12; Vwal King, 0.10; Prince Verdon, 0.7; Tragowel, 0.7; C1. Hat, ti«.

First Dlvi.ion ' Handicap. Six fiirlongs.-Reval, 0.0; Sattel, 8.0; Ben, 8.5; Fighting Bob, 8.5; Dhtil dill, 8.5; Lost Time, 8.3; Pcrdo, 8,2; Pinkerton, 8.1; Lancer Plume.. 8.1; I/mass, 8.0;.Paean, 7.12; Elector, 7.30; Scribble-, ','.10; "Rabeen, 7.9; Çapcl Ictti, 7.8;«l--dy Fclccla,« 7.S; St, Ibex,- 7.7; Prince Rueunlf, 7.3; Lady Blacksand,. 0.12;^ Her Queen, 0.11: TMUs, 0.11; Mary Ilumiltou, (1.10; Two Lights, 6.8-,'Klne Murillo, a8;Bukpwina,i-.8;,Try Hulee,

' Second Division Handicap. Five1 furlongs.-Jaunt, 0.0; Booran Lass, 8.13; Monterey, 8-12;;Latiy Mola, 8.10; FirsfOuks,-S.10; Marshada, 8.10; UK.0., 8.0; Lord Amant, 8.7; .Menthe, S.7; The Sear, 8.5 Aalic. 8.3; Sylvene. 8.0; Lord Capulct, 7.12; Downitrcam, 7.12; Nicolette, 7.11; Boyne Water, 7:i0;' Duinlnvl, 7:10;' Ilbast, 7.0; Sir DotwHligstowti, V:S; " " Hurinbrrt-, 7.7; Blue Cross, . Î.7; lady Torrains, 7.7; Tcntanilct, 7.4; Mclbolt, 7.3;-TongIo, 7.0; King Kenneth, 7.0; Distant Star, 7.0; Night watch, 7.0; Ulster Boy, 0.11; lady Critic, 6.10; Nigh-mill., 6.10; Bowmorc, 0.0;' Pieman, 0.8; \myntaB, (1.8; Uni Pozieres, 0.8; Calero, 0,8.

Third Division Handicap. Six fiirlongK-Nam- brok Belle, 0.0;, Challcnda, 8.10; Quarry Park, 8.10; Bessie May, 8.0; Thurlagiinyah, 8.0: Aqidcl, 8.0; Calais, 8.5; Lord-Linacre, >'8,5; Lapford, K5; StikcIo,-6.4: Tra George, 8.4;. Laiiy.Sarlo, 8.3; Master Pcnilil, 8.3; Sea Scot, 8.3; Free Play, S.3; Time Fuse, 8.1; Oniniiiinlfonn, S.1; Coppcrbolt, 8.1; Will Comfort.- 8.0: Wiltsliire,' 8.0'; Kurulie, 7.13; Bucko, 7.12; BorunskL 7.12: Lady Yeltl.1, 7.12; Fitvctto, 7.12; Bhctia, 7.12; Adagio, 7.12; Mrcdance, 710- King's Plivsician, 7.9; Chinehilla, 7.0; Sari zima, 7.5; Navcra, 7.5; Burley Mow, 7.?; Eiirlburn,

7 0: Snuc 7.0.

'. * fc A. II. COX, HomlicaiHier.



Play in the match of 18,000 up level between Fred'Lmdrum, the champion, and A. 12. Williams, the English player, was good on both sides in the first _i*-_i<m yesterday* William, showed to ad- vantage in an all-round hroik of 271. In it he pravo «impies ot every, variety of bill Urda, c\rn of the haxaril game, though he did lint exploit, this lo any extent. n_% waa heartily applauded. Lind rum Kept to the top of the table throughout. In a two-century break he proved how -Hoc. th ely th. "postman'** k»--k" cannon, in combination with the red winner, can be «-led at "pot-end play. Lindrum made breaks of 1__ and 2t»_. and Wil- liams 112 and _73. 'Hie scfsioiidl scares were;

Williams. S,:t-0 Liu drum. ".0_1

hi the evening Lhidnim. playing in exceptionally good form, liad it all his own way. lu this tvs -ton he passed Wi Ilia ma at ii, 4.-1, and when the clock htruck 10 be was leading by 414. He was playing a «severe game,-or, as coe of the spectators renurkml, "lîïed-J. out to win lor all lie can.'* He took no chances, for when in doubt tie would always play fcafcly. William, did the same, and the tactical moves were well worth following. That they were appreciated was "bown by the "p pljiu->e. Hut for the safety misee" and bia neglect tu use the rest Lindrum would h"\e hud a wry fine n\erage, for in consecutive visits to the .table hu made _CS, "IS, and then, afier two or three saiety ehots, 1SS. As it waft be got the respectable average nf 74. Williams had bad luck, and if he misled a few cosy shots, this was only to be ex- pected, seeing that for the greater part of the time he was playing the part «of a looker-on. The principal breaka were:-Lindrum-2fiS, "15, "SS, 110; Williams-Sa, 00, G5, 01 (unfinished). - The

game nd\v stands:

Lindrum .. .. *. 4,090

Williams. _,0& There were good attendances at both btssions, and there were many entrants for the amatcm

competition, which will be decided at the end Lhi" week. Play will be resumed at 3 o'clock



W} MIMILI » \Uiinc_aj - i"bc Lssuidoii Cour« mu- duli held it« opeiimi; mi,etin" for the se.» on today on the \Wrnh_ inclosure \ number oí pcopk c-imi. from Melbourne bj rpce.il train *lho laocnden Cup »ent to Mr 1- Smith i ( olum

blue Girl who »on -ill her i.our._ in One »tile , The cup was "Inn bv Mr \ *.ouii»t president I of tin. I- sseudon Club and he made ti c |i" nta tlon to tin winninpr uwmr Mr C irl crry oin ellted as judge and Mr 1» Kian as bill per

f-cniion Cup >or 10 -ill as«] crcjhound« al CV3/ -eli Winner tj and uip jaliie.1 at C1Ü/10 milner up, filà/l"/ anl troP'i* "lu"' it U/J' (.knitted by Mr II: «-Vlorn ni »ino pre ukut) and two doM at hüll cell -1 irt,t liri

I "iu.li,, toine.li beat Vc« Kin« Ulunillnc Cul lent feparllct, "Jbter Brittle« owl beat I art Mu Ml Correct beat Golden Blot «neon I Tiw Colini bin, -C.rl beat liinrc-i. com. h "«<-'??";! Ci uro-I Smllhs 1>L 1> ( oliimh ne Olli (hy P.tunut-nooth) beat Ml-s «.,, Ire* Cb.n.si le s 1 k b

Ml Coireet (bj Da «hi ort i-Lady l'i_top), mu | \ on the stnkt , , . 1

Junction btalo lor to puppj greyhounds at

¿I each iVmn.r "18/18/ runner np "/"/ ' i"dt»o "If» all li «cb-I* irrt ru-Ac rial , Ï óVn b"t Do«n l-."t \ c«U b. it Pantn Maid j

ni,» H »i beat l_.lk Hopi .'""?'. Smn0 bmt .

"2 k" Dean ieco.id "cs-\cml Bloom beat \ "U D in Mile beat I- ii- Shine D ndinir Cour»*

_n i McFarl-inc bl d Din M »c (b» Iootllill

'___, -1Ï-5, ¿S O Morton' f bAcri.1 Blom,

(bj ros ""«nal-Aerial M ul), «nd «on the "fo^n Hall Stake lor eicht pupp» frreyl.oun.1»

" *. _/ ench Winner, £10 ronnerup fia-I Mr*t °TJrs-rn«tcrn Shamrock beat Oorddli C.rl

li ratan" hil.,: biat Alwnis Charmil« »ctl.lmB , ST! l>nfcr«m s bk b !._"_ Sliamroik (by ffil-ÍnS Shamro k) he" A 1 Kurri.* « II d^umbirana King (bv Comedy Kins-Biuimns Hain), withdrawn _



".li competition commences on «--iturdaj next, nnd »ill bo c. ntinue.1 ever} Siturdu an 1 on Kinç s

°írthd"v until completed The follo-unc; is the . draw - «^toudaI MAÏ 10

At 2 O Clock

(Ä\(,iM«",cj sr, o\A «_£??! HS fe _?«&?_>r?__; ,wi

r,m1 ' Nda.ns (P Melb ) 1 render (a of H) P-redge (lia« ) Cooper (L. (ane) , Talbot

(Band ) t ., 0 clock

lleile (Clin lilli) » ftWUlrW (Toorak), Stott

(^l,?,(*Tba.kwraj (WU> UhI.o (Vahern, v

",,,,. "ion (llelb). Balle (Moni) \ hivai (E.

,Ä) i.M Brewer (N F ) Wootton ii Veil1 ) v ¿liver (Viet ) Bennett (P Ptrk) v Uschi..! C-i-onkE n_k" ÍS. Melb J. v llothe-n

(r DM ) lamieron (Coll ) v Robbie (F and IT M ) Mitchell (a M) v Davis (Citv)

SATUHDA. MIY 2t " __ At 2 O Hock

Hamilton (Fairfield) e riant (Nortchote) Kemp (ÇurL) v Bunrc iK.il ) latereon (Haw) v Hood .,,r).Cn!Iinpfoii (Cimb)v C Mj ra (Cirl )

Clil.onl (<-t Ignatius) v Woatc (V. ) Peck (Mord)v Ilanlneton (Sorthrote) hilly (St li) i~ _\ '".""di dtU ) bcott (Coll ) v Bl-ckvull (Cil.) blieedj (Mentone) v Vnd ew (Haw) James (M C.C ) v Barr (\ I )

" ., At Halfi-_t 3 O Clock

Hutchison (.vale) v Mjers li-lcm ) Bennett (bt le ) v McNattgl ton (It II ) Black-tock (Win ) v Woods (Carl) Fidler (Cm. v _.n,u*tm (Su Park) nidria) (Carl ) v Ht-gcrald (M Pirk)

lie«» (R.U ) v Baila (Aub ) Ran lill <»<k ) v , Wintle (lill), Chalmers (Caul, i C.imnl ¡Coburg), Mclellan (Mali ) v le« «Toorak) i Mci lice (Cltj) i « l| Cooper (aM . C


.12 0 Clock. I Maptcston (M pon Is) v I <_corgc (II U ) Park I (Hem.) v David (1 Cam ), Williams (St Ignatt s) V George (City), Frenehani (Ihoni)v Bainl (Ivanhoe), Graham (Bul ) v Nu» bold (I Pk )

Cumiiuim (St. Ignatius) v Tcnny (II C C " Mitchell (I* Park) v Scott (Ivanhoe), Clark (P 1 irk) v Greit, (CoO), Wallace (»Mt II Smith (Carl ), Stephens (Cant) v Caven (Pik.)

At Half past 1 0 Cloilt

Clew (Moreland) v Hopkinson ( . Vale), Bvsoutlt (Ivanhoe) v lneoll (Slice) Uay v Vagg (l>

Vclb ), I Smith (Coll ) v Grlee (\ it-), Wall cr «»fib«) ; button («Inn ) Ro. le (Lssention) v

)!í"id,'íñ..<K-U >. Uutchcr (.airlleid) v Uhwortlt (0 Hill), Bourke (C of IL) v Robbins (Oak )

winner of Itcndlc and Clucas v Coleman or Morriu, woiner of lordan or Kcnn> v Rodda or Mcinnes.


Ali other tiams left in v. ill t lay on Klug s Birth day at times to bo fixed


Jills event «ill be continued on Eiturday next

The draw is as follows -

.vA. %" ? c'oc.,~,,l<i",7 (M. Park) v Wallace (N 1 ), J Smith (Coll ) v Edgar (Kew) G M Munro (Vie) v Criée (Vic.) Vr.l,.,.(P Park) eil tay (Iianlioe) v Ulmorth (ellen Hill), subject to decision of conunllttc.

At Half pj.st j ociocL-Winner of larg or W-illaco v Dr Crcllln, »inner of Munro or <_nc v iv timer of Cay or AshnortlL




The draw for matches and umpires for Saturdav, May III is as under -5LV (Vlbert Park) v 401) (Brighton) at Mlnxt Park V Lever WV (fat ^'".'V «öl «bert Park) at St Kilda, h. Cox.

. W{_PP?,'1'aJ > MU (bt Kilda), al Listera

wick, W henuv