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Film Direction.

The success of a cinematograph scenario almost entirely depends upon directorship in the studio It is the director who literally makes the picture shows his lcadug artists cxactl) what to do, and also frequently so greatly niters the whole storv that the author recognises hiB own work with dilh eulty Amongst the principal pioduccrs oi directors in the United States arc D W Griffith (of Birth of a Nation fame)

R. A Walsh (who created Launen foi I the lox Corporation) Hoi bert Brennon (of the Annette Kellerman Pictures) Thomas A Ince (of the .triangle Corpora tion), Alfred loiirneuer (of the World tilros), Slack bennett (the comed) king)

and Canellan! « Hie producer is directly responsible for the whole of the super» ising work whilst the details are controlled b) sub directors An accepted seen ino lirst comes before the si enano editor »ho commences by roughing out the plot into scenes, irrespective of m hut mu. h ive been the authors views then the seenano is handed to the producer who adds Ins own

ideas and allots the cast

In arranging the scenes the sub director divides them into the« ncce«mu_ back grounds irrespect ne of the continuity of the story llius for mst mee SLcnos 1 7 12 15 and l8 may line the same back ground lliese arc al) cmcmutogiapheit at the same time, and afterwards allotted to their respectivc places in the film J ach scene is timed to the second lins is ver) necossar), so that the completed story mnv be brou_lit into the required number of


Before commencing the rehearsals a coi» of the ston is banded to nil the principal intists so that they mav obtain koine iden of how to make up and bo» to act their parts In the case of a costume pi i) the wurdiobc stnll arranges all tlie % irions eos tilines and special dresses oi costumes are ordered for the principals In some studios tin principals aie required to provide their ow n costumes for modern pluv s

As a rule there arc three rehearsals hi foie the camera men tot to vvorl mid it is m thcM. rehearsals tliat the dunt»r pla)s a \erv ini| ortant pnit Whatcvoi inn) bettie ide is of an ai tist as to how Ins oi her pul should be pla)ed the director is omnipotent in the rcl» ursul stages Once tatibficd th it the various nitiels nie \ei el in Ins coucep tion of their chanictus the duector allows them to _,i\c scope to their ie«ppctiie indi

\ tduulilicH Hut e\ en ti ( ii lie lins b) no menus linishcd and when the unions scenes arc being pli)cd before the camu i lu fre qucntlv )clls hu. instiuotious at the I p of his \okc to star artists who ma) be depict hil awful miser)

Ihe camera inmni, cmipleted it«, worl

and the ncccsaiv subtitles li i\)nc. also been hlmcd the picone, tOLetlui of the vannas scenes takes lillee and the com

pleted pictiiic is read) for the projection room Hcfore tin« however nigiti\es of the \arious fceencs lim ilso ns a lilli been shown on the Hheet i th n Mew to the correction of niistnl es u noun lies 1 milli the duector as°iinuu" ihe position ot a

subeditor lins ficqiientli lo make exten si\e use of the blue pencil

Amongst lustiihin producers mny he mentioned Ml Alf ted Holle who w is ass) ciutcd lor milly \ens with the lite Ml Alfred Dimmer whose principil | rodue tioiib have neon Hie llcio f tin Dir dandles Will lhe\ \c\er Come' nnd Hie I o)al Hebel, « Ki} mond long fold ( Maon Mimi s I me and other mil ncsslul filniH) Mi I lncoln whose Lile Itomunic of A lim I in Isa) Gordon

lately exhibited in Melbourne ind Mr lohn Ciixin the create i of Hie Mnityrdom of Nurse. Ci\cll ind Hie Mutineers of the li Hint)

A Koumiiniinboin artist Miss Keitha KUk.1i will shoillv he k cn in Melbourne in Mander a dim produced 1 v the 1 o\ ( orporution willi _rcit success in Hie United btitos It is claimed for Miss killick that she has acted in no fewer tban seven diffcicnt languages and bel popn lanty on the stn_,c in the United btatca is undoixtood to hive been well enrncd A bettci name tor the sloi) would probably be Molhci Love us the wIioIl pht lunges upon the sacnfices mide b\ i mothci lor love of her cluldien through a folget! lette] the mothci is Ihicatcned with the indignitv of appearing in the Divorce Court 1 ortunutelv howevei the plotting of an unHci upulous scoiindicl is frustrated, and the li ippmcss of a home is rcbtored

It is chimed by the I o\ Corporation tint A Diughlci of the Gods in which the pnncipal pnrt is pla) ed by Annette Keller in inn cost £200,000 to produce So much is heard of the alleged e normous sums spent b) American hraiH in film production th it ligules such ns quoted natural!) leave ground Toi consider ible doubt At the same time the picture must have cost a gicat elcal of monea as "5 000 people were cmp|o\cd at one time oi another whilst in sonic ot the scenes "5,000 horses wcie lequisitioned A tow n called the \\ bite Cit\ vv as built at a cost it is said, of i.50 000 and was de stroycel by fire lo make room lor the fin ii spectacle Although onl) 12 OOOfl of bim ne shown in the picture ncurlv 250 000ft

of film were tuken

Picture lovcis in Australia will have a grateful remembrance of the beautiful irt films produced some years ago b) 1'atlio 1 reres, of 1' ins Amongst the mo*.t popul ir of these mnv be mentioned Les Mibci ablcs Le Due de Guise ind L'Arlcsi enne ' Since the wai no important pic turcs have been forthcoming from the 1 reneb brui and it is tbcicfoic all the more gratifying to leam tint a gie it historical film from the Pathe studios win soon be c\ hibited in Auslrilii lins is J hinders Mv Countrv ndaptcd from \ ictoricn S irdou s historical drama Patrie M Hain Krauss who acted in the les Miserables and who is one of tue pim ci| al artists of the lheatrc 1 raneáis tal es the principal chnretei whilst the diucjitcr of the Duke of Alva is represented by Mile Juliet C1 irence J he story rcl itcs to the tyrannanl government of the Dill c of .\h i in 1 landers and to the romantic his ton of the Punce ot Uiange Ypiea 1 ie_e and Louvain now martyietl and dcvastitcd by German vandils ino prominently lllus tr itcd m the picture 1 ortunately the v irions scenes were taken before the war, ind pet ni i u interest is added by the fact tint never again eau the wonderful examples ot architectural art for which these cities were celebrated be brought prominently be foie the public

I atcst mail advices from america are lo the effect th it Arthur Shirley tue Aus traban letoi has replaced William Desmond ns leading man to Miss Bessie Uarnscile with the Triangle Company ¡shirley it will be remembered made his ulm debut in Aim trihi m the Shepherd of the Southern Cross nnd fololwcd thal up with Hie Silence of Denn Maitlind Ihe first com pim joined m America was the Kalcm as leading mun to fllisb Ituth Rolanel After that lie w is selected as lead in the American historical specticle Hie 1 ill nt the Nation Jhe name of Shirleys first In u gie production has not yet been an


Miss Clara Knnb ill \oung one of the most popular of American seicen actresses is now producing Hie Common Liw an lduptdtioli of Bobert W Chambers s well

known novel She will be assisted in the I reduction b) Albeit Ciipcllini the well know n 1 rcncli directoi vv bo has now elected domicile in the United States

Both Syd and Charlie Chaplin make vigorous ileinnl of a report circulated in America that here bus been a split between the brother seieeu comedians In denying tbe rumour Chnilie Cbipbn stated that there bad never been an) serious difference whilst the brother dedared that each had always kept an intim ite interest in the others work and that whenever it was possible the) lived together