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ALLISON.—July 16, 1924, at Nurse Dawson's private          

hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Allison, of 98 War- dell-road, Dulwich Hill—a son.    

ANDERSON (nee Brown).—July 8, to Mr. and Mrs    

Anderson, Daphne-street, Botany—a daughter (Betty   Elinor).  

ATKINSON (nee Dorothy Kelso).—July 11, at 16 Epping-  

road, Double Bay, to Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson—a son.

BETTS.—May 31, at Netherleigh private hospital, Rand-  

wick, to Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Betts—a son (John Edwin).  

BIRKETT (nee Lizzie Wanstall).—June 20, at Nurse    

Pitt's private hospital, Rockdale, to Mr. and Mrs.       Birkett—a daughter (Myrtle Elizabeth).

BLOOM (Ilma Galland).—July 10, at Cregarie, New          

Cleveland-road, East Brisbane, to Mr. and Mrs. Leo           Bloom—a daughter (Doreen Louise).

BOLTON.—July 3, at Seacombe private hospital, Drum-      

noyne, the wife of A. T. Bolton, Randwick—a son.   BOOTH.—July 13, at their residence, Anzac-parade,      

Maroubra Junction, to Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Booth—   a son (Edwin James).

BORTHWICK (nee Winifred Smith).—July 11, at    

Wyuna private hospital, Manly, to Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Paterson Borthwick—a daughter (Winifred


BRADSTREET.—July 14, at their residence, Quamby,  

Elliott-street, Merewether, Newcastle, to Mr. and    

Mrs. Edward J. Bradstreet—a son.

CADDY.—July 16, to Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Caddy, of  

Port Kembla—a son.  

CAIRNS.—July 18, at Glencairn, Thornleigh, to Mr.  

and Mrs. John K. Cairns—a daughter (Barbara


CANTY.—July 13, at Nurse Sturrock's private hos-    

pital, Drynane, Bondi, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Canty—a son. CARLSEN (nee Ida Farrow).—July 6, to Mr. and Mrs.  

Frithjof Carlsen—a daughter (Signa).

CARNEY.—July 10 ,at Calmar, Nurse McMahon's pri-      

vate hospital, Glebe Point, to Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Carney (nee Edith Town), Petersham—a daughter (Marie Josephine).

CHRISTISON.—July 5, to Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Christi-  

son, 98 Mimosa-street, Bexley—a daughter (Winifred   Pearl).

COOPER.—June 30, at Vera private hospital, to Mr.  

and Mrs. A. H. Cooper, Superior Public School, Quirindi—a son.

CRANBY.—July 10, at 114 Ebley-street, Waverley,        

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cranby—a son (Norman Vic-  


DAWSON (Burgess).—July 13, at Nurse Sandiland's pri-    

vate hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Dawson, Beulah, Concord-road, North Strathfield—a son   (Harold Dudley).  

DELANEY.—July 7, at Lousia-road, Long Nose Point,    

Balmain, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Delaney—a daughter.       DIXSON.—July 15, at Kooyong, Hastings-road, Turra-    

murra, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Dixon—a daughter.   DOUBLEDAY (nee Elsie Bennett).—July 7, at Brook-      

lyn private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Double- day, 69 Ocean-street, Kogarah—a daughter (Rayna  


DOUGLASS (nee Dot Milne).—July 10, at Nurse  

Mackenzie's private hospital, Petersham, to Mr. and             Mrs. Percy Douglass, of Lower Hawkesbury—a son (David Stuart). Both doing well.

DUNSHEA.—July 5, at their residence, Augusta-road,    

Manly, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred N. Dunshea—a son.  

ELLISON.—July 17, at 18 Pittwater-road, Manly, to      

Mr. and Mrs. C. Ellison—a daughter.

FENTON.—July 5, at Enfield, Smith-street, Bexley,    

to Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Fenton—a son (Raymond Edward).  

GAMBLE.—July 9, at Burilda hospital, Summer Hill,    

to Mr. and Mrs. Gamble, Queen-street, Ashfield—a  


HAMILTON.—July 11, at St. Ronan's private hospi-

tal, South Kensington (Nurse Conlon's), to Mr. and   Mrs. H. E. Hamilton, Garryowen, Rainbow-street,   South Kensington—a daughter.

HENDERSON (nee "Tib" McMillan).—July 5, 1924,      

at their home, Kyleakin, Prince-street, Parramatta,  

to the wife of Jack Henderson—a daughter (Margaret Mary).

HODGE. — July 10, at War Memorial Hospital, Waver-

ley, to Mr. and Mrs. F. Hodge, Bonmur, Cross- street, Waverley — a son.

HOLLOWAY.—July 2, 1924, at their residence,  

Brighton-street, Harboard, to Mr. and Mrs. C. A       Holloway—a daughter (Mavis Joan).

HOPE.—July 11, 1924, at Nurse Large's private hos-  

pital, Gordon-road, Roseville, to Mr. and Mrs. R.  

M. Hope—a son (Kenneth Maitland). Both doing


HOPKINS.—July 2, at their residence, Kyoming, Armi-    

dale, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Surrey Hopkins—a son (Keith James).

HORE.—July 14, at Tuchnenk private hospital, Parra-  

matta, the wife of H. M. Hore, Redcliffe, Gren-

fell—a son.  

KOOSACHI.—July 14, 1924, at Westeria private hos-  

pital, Merrylands, to the wife of Mr. P. Koosachi—a son (David Edward).  

LEE.—Thursday, July 10, 1924, to Mr. and Mrs. Leslie  

G. Lee, of Milnerfels, Lindfield—a son.

LINDQUIST (nee Ina Barber).—June 15, 1924, Emlyn  

private hospital, Summer Hill, to Mr. and Mrs. C. S. B. Linguist, Glenmay, Brighton-avenue, Croy-   don Park—a daughter (Marjorie Ina).

LOPEZ.—July 1, at Nurse McLennan's private hospital,        

Haberfield, to Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Lopez—a son.

McEACHERN.—July 5, at Wonkana, The Crescent,  

Vaucluse, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank McEachern—a son (Colyn Francis).

McLAUGHLIN (nee Evelyn Collinson).—July 5, at

Glenesk, Searle-street, Ryde, to Mr. and Mrs. R.     E. McLaughlin—a daughter (Valerie Marcelle).

MATCHETT (nee Constance Lewin).—June 29, at

Fairview private hospital, Moree, the wife of W. J. Matchett, Carlingford, Garah—a son (Peter Wil- liam).

MELVILLE.—July 14, 1924, at Balgarrie, Borlaise-

street, Willoughby, the wife of Reginald C. Mel- ville—a son (Donald Kelvin).

MIDDLETON.—July 15, at Rothbury, Helen-street, Ar-    

tarmon, to Mr. and Mrs. Yelverton M. Middleton—a daughter. (Both well.)  

MEGSON.—June 29, 1924, at Niangala private hospital,  

Oatley, the wife of A. Megson, Talast, Hurstville- road, Oatley—a daughter (Daphe Margaret).

MOORE (nee Ruby Lind).—July 5, at 4 Calvert-street,        

Marrickville, to Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Moore—a son (Mervyn Allen).

NEILL.—July 15, at Lauriston, Mosman, to Mr. and

Mrs. Clive Neill, Holt-avenue Cremorne—a son.  

NIXON (nee Nell Ryan).—June 19, at Leniloi, Aus-    

tin-avenue, Croydon, to Mr. and Mrs. Colin Nixon—  

a son.

PEARSON (nee Fewings).—July 2, at St. Ronan's  

private hospital, Bondi-road, Waverley—a son.        

PENFOLD (Jennie Mahood).—July 10, at Nurse Ir-

win's private hospital, Neutral Bay, to Mr. and Mrs. F. Lyall Penfold, of Erindale, Warialda—a daughter.

PETTETT (nee Mollie Wilson).—June 14, at 35 Wil-  

loughby-street, Milson's Point, to Mr. and Mrs. S.     Pettett, of Lithgow—a daughter (June Mavis).

RAMSAY.—At Howletts, Kent, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert  

Ramsay—a son. (By cable.)

ROBSON.—June 18, at Myingah private hospital,    

Croydon, to Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Robson—a son (John Coates).

SATCHELL.—July 11, at Hopelelgh hospital, Marrick-  

ville, to Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Satchell—a daughter (Doreen Isabel).

SHEPPARD.—June 24, at Burilda private hospital, to            

Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Sheppard, Grosvenor-crescent,         Summer Hill—a son (Richard Keith).

SHERIDAN.—July 5, at Canberra private hospital,    

Narrandera, to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Sheridan—a daughter.

SHERMAN.—July 18, at Nurse Sturrock's private hos-    

pital, Drynane, Bondi, to Mr. and Mrs. J. B.     Sherman—a son (William Franklin).  

SNOWBALL (Dorothy Durrell).—July 6, to Mr. and  

Mrs. F. R. Snowball, of Cheltenham—a daughter.

STANNERS.—July 9, to Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Stannners,  

Beta-st, Lane Cove—a daughter (Shirley Jean).  

SYMONDS (nee Janetta Murray).—July 9, 1924, at  

Helenie private hospital, Randwick, to Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Webb Symonds, of Byron-street,           Coogee—a son (Keith Reginald Symonds). Both do- ing well.

TANNER.—July 14, at Allon, Clermont-avenue, North      

Strathfield, to Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Tanner—a daughter   (Laurel Joy).

VAN DYCK (nee E. Grace Botting).—June 16, to Mr.

and Mrs. H. Van Dyck, Valkyrie, Wyong-road—a son.

WAKEHAM (Hilda "Poppy" Price).—June 30, at Ave-  

lion private hospital, Werribee, Victoria, the wife of George Wakeham, Karowaro Farm—a daughter (Mar- garet Ellen).    

WAKEHAM.—June 10, at Athens, Greece, the wife of  

Ernest Wakeham, Vice-Consul, Athens—a daughter     (Julia Agnes Helene Iselios).

WATT (nee Muriel Hope).—July 5, at Elston private

hospital, Nowra (Nurse Thomson's), to Mr. and Mrs.   Horace Watt, Tomerong—a daughter (Thelma Dorita). WHITE.—July 14, 1924, to Mr. and Mrs. Earl (nee  

Attwater)—a son.

WILSON.—July 7, at Vunivatu, Cowles-road, Mosman,  

to Mr. and Mrs. George Wilson—a son.  

WRIGHT.—July 14, at Nurse Henderson's private hos-

pital, Newland-street, Waverley, to Mr. and Mrs. A.   Wright, of Wynwood, Mount Hope—a daughter (Eunice Hilda).  


BROWN—BENNETTS.—June 11, 1924, at St. Bede's    

Church, Drummoyne, by the Rev. W. J. Reboul,     James Henry, only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Brown, Drummoyne, to Dorothy Neale, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Bennetts, Drummoyne.

CLARKE—PRESCOTT.—June 14, at Holy Trinity

Church, Dulwich Hill, by the Rev. R. F. Tacon,   Jack, only son of Mrs. M. Clarke, of Dulwich Hill,     to Belle Simpson, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.   W. W. Prescott, of Bondi.  

CUTHBERT—ANDERSON.—June 30, at the Ross Memo-            

rial Church, Perth, by the Rev. A. E. Blanchard, Dr.   Noel Millar, son of Captain John Cuthbert, of Lind-   field, to Margery Hewson, second daughter of Sir   Robert McC. Anderson, of Double Bay.          

DUNN—CROKER.—June 12, at St. Alban's Church of      

England, Lindfield, by the Rev. L. J. McDonald,             Howard Gilbert, younger son of Dr. and Mrs. E.       Dunn, to Ettie Winufred, third daughter of Colonel  

and Mrs. J. W. Croker.      

HALLINAN—O'CONNELL.—July 9, at St. Benedict's,       

George-street West, by the Rev. J. Halpin, James         Jospeh, second son of the late Margaret Hallinan,           Sydney, to Lily, third daughter of the late Mr. and   Mrs. J. O'Connell, Cork, Ireland.      

HUGHES—WEEKES.—April 24, at St. Joseph's Church,            

Woollahra, by Rev. Father Tracey, assisted by Rev.

Father Wogan, O.F.M., Frank, fourth son of the     late Hon. John Hughes, M.L.C., of North Sydney,  

and Mrs. Hughes, of Woollahra, to Marjorie, younger     daughter of Edward E. Weekes and the late Mrs.         Weekes, of Gundagai, N.S.W.      

LAMB SMITH—HARRIS.—May 17, at St. James', Tur-      

ramurra, Hugh Gemmell, son of Mrs. Lamb Smith,          

57 Adams-street, South Yarra, Vic., and the late               William Lamb Smith, to Dorothy Vernon, daugh- ter of late W. M. and Mrs. Harris, of Armidale,  

and Turramurra.  

NICHOLSON—SEALY-VIDAL.—April 29, 1924, at St. Luke's, Liverpool, by Rev. Reay Campbell (Mus- wellbrook), assisted by Rev. E. C. Robison, Kath-       leen I. M., elder daughter of the late Rev. H. D.

Sealy-Vidal, of Carcoar, and Mrs. Sealy-Vidal, Corn-                  

borough, Liverpool, to James Albert Nicholson    

(Staff Corps), younger son of the late G. G. Nich-       olson and Mrs. Nicholson, Northam, W.A.        

PARKES—PEARCE.—June 18, at St. Jude's, Randwick, by the Rev. F. Cash, assisted by the Rev. W. J. Cakebread, Murray, eldest son of Mrs. J. C. Parkes,  

of Eastwood, to Ida Catherine, eldest daughter of       Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Pearce, of Randwick and Liver-  


RUSSELL-JONES—HAIN.—June 19, 1924, at St.    

Philip's C. of E., Church Hill, Sydney, by Canon       Bellingham, Dr. Roy Warren Russell-Jones, of Rand-        

wick, youngest son of Mrs. L. C. Russell-Jones, of       Bowral, and the late Mr. L. C. Russell-Jones, of     Sydney, to Leila, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs.     A. Hain, Harlowe, Cooma.

WOLFE—VINCENT.—June 21, 1924, at St. Paul's  

Church, Burwood, by the Rev. H. Bryant, Robert Rourke, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Wolfe, Niara,   West Maitland, to Sadie, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cleave Vincent, Kooyang, Concord.


ASTON.—July 15, at St. Vincent's Hospital, Charles  

Ernest Aston, beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. William Aston, La-Scala, Sutherland-street, Mascot, aged 50.       BARKLEY.—July 18, 1924, at his residence, New-

street, Lidcombe, William, dearly beloved husband   of Emily Barkley, aged 71 years.

BIRCH.—July 18, 1924, at the residence of his daugh-  

ter, Mrs. C. H. Young, Tweed Heads, N.S.W., Doctor     Louis Birch, husband of Louie Birch, late of Manches- ter, England, aged 61.

BOOTY.—July 17, Louisa Ann Booty, at her residence,        

134 George-street West, Sydney, beloved aunt of       Stuart and Victor Booty. Victorian papers please      


BREWER.—July 18, 1924, at a private hospital,  

North Sydney, George William, dearly beloved hus-       band of Alice M. Brewer, of Edward-street, North   Sydney, and father of Ethel and George Brewer,     and Annie S. Beer, aged 63 years.

CALLAGHAN.—July 15, at his residence, Fair View,    

Livingstone-street, Burwood, Charles Clement Cal-       laghan, late of Railway Department, beloved hus- band and father of Bessie, Ida, and Jack. Privately interred.

CASS.—July 6, at St. Aidan's private hospital, Ascot  

Vale, Margaret, the dearly loved sister of William, Dina, and Jessie Crosbie, Mrs. James Reid, Mrs. J. U. Macdonald, and Mrs. W. K. Park.  

CHAPMAN.—July 7, at her residence, Garthowen,

Tamworth, Bessie Ferris Chapman, widow of the late   Robert Cyrus Chapman, of Goulburn.

CLOTHIER.—July 12, 1924, at his residence,    

Geurie, Lionel John, beloved husband of Sarah   Clothier, aged 74 years. In God's care.    

CONYNGHAM.—July 18, 1924, at Sydney Hospital, Sep-

timus Arthur Francis Conyngham, of 239 Devonshire- street, Surry Hills, aged 56 years. R.I.P.  

DAVIES.—July 14, at Wagga, Coralie Crace Cameron,  

infant daughter of Cameron George and Doris Davies   (nee Phillips), of Irrigation Commission, late of  


DUNN.—June 27, at her residence, Gracia, Bradley's

Head-road, Mosman, Grace, the widow of the late   T. J. Dunn, aged 58 years. At rest.

ELLIS.—July 17, at Lidcombe, Sidney Walter, be-    

loved husband of Hannah and father of Herbert, Florrie, Percy, and Charles, late of East Maitland,

aged 67.

FERNANDEZ.-—uly 18, Isaac, late of Darlinghurst,    

aged 75.

GIBB.—July 18, 1924 at St. George's Hospital, Kogarah,    

Sydney Alfred John, beloved son of Mr. and Mrs.   Sydney C. Gibb, of 21 Gladston-street, Kogarah,   aged 14 years and 8 months.

GREGORIUSSEN.—July 17, 1924, at Sydney Hospital,    

Ivar Larsen Gregoriussen, aged 57 years.

HARPER.—July 16, at Prince of Wales Hospital, Rand-    

wick, Charles Adrian Harper, late 6th F.A., A.I.F.,

aged 26 years, beloved brother of Madge and Stuart   Kirkwood, Hurlstone Park.

HEGARTY.—July 18, 1924, at Prince of Wales Hospital,  

Jeremiah Joseph Hegarty, late of 20th Batt., A.I.F., and late of Forest Lodge, aged 47 years. R.I.P.

JONES.—July 18, 1924, at her residence, 49 Collins-    

street, Surry Hills, Teresa Mary (Cissy) Jones, be- loved eldest daughter of Thomas William and Annie Jones, after a long and painful illness, aged 45

years. R.I.P.  

LAMB.—July 7, Charles Valentine, eldest son of  

the late Charles Octavius Lamb, of Parramatta, aged  

54 years.

LEITH.—July 9, 1924, at St. Vincent's Hospital, be-  

loved wife of Andrew Leith, 147 Cleveland-street,   Redfern, aged 32 years.

McCARTHY.—July 8, 1924, at his residence, 27 Park-  

road, St. Peters, William Eustace, beloved husband of the late Jane Perdue McCarthy, in his 77th year.  

At rest.

McDOUGALL.—July 17, 1924, at his residence, Nelali,      

Martin-road, Centennial Park, William Henry, dearly     beloved husband of Jane McDougall, in his 68th year. Private interment Randwick Cemetery.

McLACHLAN.—July 16, 1924, at her mother's residence,    

Salisbury-road, Guildford, Eileen Ora, dearly loved   daughter of Mrs. H. Warren and the late William McLachlan, of Paddington. Interred Rookwood Cemetery, July 17.

MARKWALD.—June 30, 1924, at Montreux, Switzerland,

Henry Hermann Markwald, late of Melbourne, Sydney, and London, aged 67 years.  

MULHOLLAND.—July 10, 1924, at Coast Hospital,      

Magdalene, loved wife of Maurice Mulholland, and mother of Alice, Tom, and Anthony, of 43 Ann- street, Surry Hills, late of Orange.

NESS.—June 26, 1924, at his residence, Colombo,

Alexander Frazer, dearly beloved husband of Anice

Ness (nee Johnstone).

NEWHAM.—July 18, 1924, at Manly, Frances Newham,  

late of Leura, aged 69 years. (Interred in Manly Cemetery, July 18.)  

NILAND.—July 12, at Glen Innes, Thomas Joseph,  

beloved husband of Bridget, and loved father of Andrew P. Niland, Lawson-avenue, Marrickville, aged  

76 years.

NOBBS.—July 12, at Moira, Norfolk Island, Ronald,

aged 12 years, dearly beloved son of C. C. R. and

A. Nobbs.

OLIVER.—July 1, 1924, Edward A. Oliver, M.I.C.E.,  

at Teignmouth, Devonshire, England, late of Sydney. (By cable.)

PARKER.—July 6 (suddenly), at the residence of

his son, Mr. John Parker, Merle Brae, Bayview- road, Five Dock, William Parker, late of Devonshire,   Cecil-street, Ashfield, in his 80th year.  

PLUMMER.—July 16, at Kelso, Kogarah-road, Kogarah,      

John Plummer, 88 years. Interred Woronora 17th.  

RAMSAY.—May 6, 1924, in London, Alexander Gilroy

Ramsay, late of Dundee and Calcutta.

RAMSAY.—July 18, 1924, at a private hospital, Elizabeth

Bay, Lord Livingstone Ramsay, of Highlands,   Carlingford, son of the late David Ramsay, of Five Dock, aged 56 years.

RECKMAN.—July 10, at Manna Park, Forbes, Henry

Reckman, beloved husband of Kate Reckman.

RENDALL.—July 14, at Sydney Hospital, William  

Thomas, dearly loved brother of Morgan T. Rendall, of 16 Vernon-street, Woollahra, aged 38 years. In-   terred at Randwick General Cemetery, July 16.

RHODES.—July 15, 1924, Richard Charles, the dearly  

beloved husband of Jane Margaret, and father of Reg, Jack, and Bernie, aged 47 years. Interred at Rookwood, July 17.

ROGER.—July 17, at Glenrock, Marulan, Mary Ann,  

relict of the late Robert Roger, of Brisbane.

SHANNON.—July 18, 1924, Julia, beloved wife of M.  

R. Shannon, of Castrella Villa, Wentworthville,   beloved eldest daughter of the late James Thomson, of Burrier, Shoalhaven, in her 60th year.

SIMONS.—July 16, 1924, Ann Simons, Bon-Accord, Day-    

avenue, Kensington.  

SMITH.—July 18, at her residence, 548 Old South  

Head-road, Woollahra, Louisa Annie Harriet Smith,   dearly loved mother of William, Annie, Thomas,   Percy, and Jack, in her 71st year.

SMITH.—July 16, 1924, at Sacred Heart Hospice, Dar-  

linghurst, Casper, beloved husband of Jeanette Smith, of 47 Wellington-street, Waterloo, in his 60th     year. R.I.P.

SPENCER.—July 17, 1924, at The Glen, Taloombi-  

street, Cronulla (suddenly), Samuel Spencer, late of 67 Marian-street, Enmore, aged 78 years.    

STARK.—July 17, 1924, at her residence, Rainford,

Beaumont-street, Campsie, Margaret Elizabeth, relict   of the late Robert Stark, late of Plumstead, London,   and dear mother of Maggie, Clara, and William, in

her 68th year.

THOMAS.—July 18, 1924, at her residence, 99 Union-

street, North Sydney, Mary (Minnie), widow of the late William Thomas, and mother of Eric and Stan-       ley Osborne, and Mrs. Richard Wilkinson, aged 55


TIMBRELL.—July 13, 1924, at Birmingham, England,

Irene Maud, beloved wife of William Timbrell, of   China, and daughter-in-law of Annie Timbrell, of     Hurlstone Park.  

WARDLOW.—July 17, 1924, at Sacred Heart Hospice,      

Darlinghurst, James Henry Wardlow (late of Char- ters Towers, Queensland), aged 88 years.

WORMALD.—July 14, 1924, at Bradford, Yorkshire,

England, Mary, beloved wife of the late Abram Wor- mald, and beloved mother of George Wormald, of Sydney, and Herbert Wormald, of Brisbane, in her 77th year. (By cable.)

WRIGHT.—July 17 (suddenly), at the hospital, War-    

ren, Joseph, only surviving son of the late George and Elizabeth Wright, of Rochford-street, aged 60     years.


BEARD.—In loving memory of our dear sister, Emma,  

who died July 19, 1923. Inserted by her loving sister and brother-in-law, Ada and Tom Law.    

BEARD.—In lo« Ing memory of our dear slater and

our aunt, Fmmn Caroline Beard who departed this life July 10, 1923. Inserted by her loving brother and sister-in-law, Will and Amy, and family.    

BFARD.—In loving memory of our dear sister, Emma,  

who departed this life July 19, 1923.

The Hiveetest memories are all that are left, Of a dear sister gone to rest.

Inserted by her loving brother »nd elster, Robert*

and norrie

BEARD.—In loi Ing memon of mv dear sister, Emma    

who departed this life July 19, 1921.

In the boom of life God claimed her

Inserted by her loving sister and brother-in-law,     Pmlly and Richard Banks.

BLACKBURN.—In lovlni, memory of our dear daughter

Ada (Prlcstl}) who «lied March 19 1918 age Î2 }e«rs after eight days cnnl suffering Her »un went down when it w l» yet day Inserted h} tier two little daughters, EilAn an 1 Ylovls and parents brother«, and sister» and brother lu law, Will Savage,

of 14 Donnclly-street, Balmain.  

BOWREY.—In loving memory of our darling son and    

brother, Georgie, who was called to rest July 20,   1916, aged 11 years. Inserted his loving father,   mother and sister, May.

BOWREY.—In fond remembrance of our dear brother  

Georgle who fell asleep on July 20, 1916. Rest per-   feet rest. Inserted by his loving brother and sister-       in-law, Jack and Doll.  

BOWREY.—In loving memory of our dear brother      

Georgie, who departed this life, July 20, 1916. Our       memory clings to thee. Inserted by his loving sister and brother-in-law, George and Lilly Drury.    

BOWREY.—In loving memory of our dear brother      

Georgie, who departed this life, July 20, 1916. Home at last. Inserted his loving sister and brother-in-      

law James and Florrie Barnier.

BRACKEN.—In ever loving memory of our dear mother,    

who died July 20, 1908. Inserted by her fninilj

BURCHAM.—In memory of ni} dear husband, Y\ llllam  

who departed Hil« life lui) 10 192» Gone but not foibotten Inserte 1 bj his lo«Ing wife and children I lo I lllle, mid lto}

BURCHAM.—In loi Ing memory of our door »on and  

Irnther William (Ililli) who departed this life lui} 19 1023 ni,«! 40 veors

Your weary hours and dais of pulu«

Your «lte|iless night« have pissed Your ever patient worn out frame

Has found sweet rest at last.

Inserted by his lov Im; mother and father sisters and


BURCHAM.—In loving memorv of our dear brother      

Will who loss«! away lulv 19 1923

Y\ e look upon « >nr photo Y\ ill

An I wish that }iu were hire

}or ( ol al ne knows how yve mis« you,

\s it diiwis the ilrst mil }eir

Instiled Iv hi« loi ing slater uni brother In low Tlnnlc mil C1 rls Kigali au I his Helliers Jack

1 Idle mil Yilan

BURCHAM.—In loilng memory of my dear brother    

Willie who died lull 19 1923 1 ea efully resting Ii sorted hy lils loving sister LI_io

BURCHAM.—In loving memory of dear Uncle Bill      

died luly 10 10U God iu»el lils I lin ond gave him rest Ever remcnibcrtd li} Doroth} and Reg

Ad mis

(For other notices under this heading see page 13.)    


(For notices under this heading see

page 13 .)

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