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  • chaddock 16 Jan 2009 at 07:07
    MARTIN, Frank, Regtl. No. 5681, 17th Rfts, 5th Battalion. Milly Haddock (nee: Amelia Mary Martin)
  • ElainePalmer 13 Aug 2010 at 01:56
    Death on Service. Reginald Waight from Paul's Creek, near Yarra Glen.

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Family Notices

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.. WI!CT «o Kuird ogalnrt imposition, notice» of [In order to guard against imposition, notice of Births, Marriages, and Deaths must be authenti- cated by some respectable person to ensure their insertion.] BIRTHS.

ADAMS (nee Mabel I. Norman).-On the 15th September, at ''Marrinook." private hospital.

E. Melbourne, the wife of Raymond A. Adams,

A.I.F., France - a son.  

AMBLER (Alice Dobbyn) - On the 3rd September,

BAMFORD. - On the 30th Angust, at Lister House

(private hospital). Camberwell, the wife of Lieu  

tenant W.R.Bamford "Harobia," Upper Hawthorn, a son.

BENTLEY. - On the 15th September, at "Darlas

ton" Pascoe crescent. Essendon, to Mr. and Mrs.

CtarleTT Sentie;-!' «"»lighter (Margaret


COOLEY. - On the 17th September to Mr. and Mrs.

H. W. Cooley, East Malvern - a daughter.

DAVIDSON (nee Amy Ward).-On the 16th Sep- tember, at Nurse Buchanan's private hospital,  

Gillies street. Fairfield, to Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Davidson, "Ayravyl,'' Rockbeare grove. Ivan-   hoe - a daughter (Lorna Jean).

DILLON. - On the 20th September, at "Larnook,  

"Ä't^b"^road. St.'Kilda, to Jlr. «nd Mr».

Cyril Dillon-a son.    

DORMAN. (nee Jessie Slee) - On the 14th September, at Newstead, to Mr. and Mrs. B. Dorman --a

daughter (Ethel Claudia).  

EDDEL.J.RITTEL.-On the 13th September, at 52

KA street, E. Prahran, the wife ot Edward íddclIritU'1-a son. Roth well.

FITZHENRY.-On the 18th September, at 17 Mal-

leson street Richmond, to Mr. and Mrs. H. A.

Fitzhenry - a daughter.

HADFIELD (nee Rintoull).-On the 28th August, Kelso, second avenue, Mt Lawley, W.A., the

wife of H. H. Hadfleld- a daughter. Both well.

HANSON.-On the 22nd August, at Nurse Demp-

sey'» I"-v-le hosph-l. East Melbourne the wife rf J C. Hanson, "Poonarree," St Kilda street, Brfgiiton-a daughter (Marjorie Merna).

HARDING (nee Ruby Upstill).-On the 17th Sep- Sr. at Somerset street, Gardenvale the: w fe ii É7Wilfred Ilarding-a son (Donald Wilfred).

Roth nell.

JONES (nee Minnie Scarffe).-On the 14th Sep-

timber, at 101 Osborne street, South Yarra, to Sir and Mrs. II. S. Joncs-a »on. Both doing «eil.

JONES -On the 16th September, at the Manse,

Devonport, Tasmania, to the Rev. D. S. and Mrs. jones-a son.

KENEALY (nee Sutton).-On the 4th September, _ Trinafoiir, private hospital. Moonee Ponds, to the wife of Sergeant-Major V. J. Kenealy, A.LF., abroad-a son. ' ,

KIMPTON.-On the 21st September, at "Enmore,  

Lansctl road, Toorak, tlic wife of V. Y. Klmpton

LEE. (nee Marie Baech).-On the 18th September,

it Nurse Trcvaseus's private hospital, Albert Titi, tlic wife of W. K. Lee-a »on.

McMAHON (nee Vera Daniel).-On the 7th Sep-

tSnberVV 42 Odessa street, St. Kilda, to Mr.

and Mrs. J. T. McJMahon-a daughter (Alma Veronica).           MEMERY (nee Mona Grant). -On the 8Th Septem-

btr at Glen Orant, Mount Alexander rood, Essen- don, Hie wife of Sat. 11. V. Memory, on active «mice abroad-a daughter. Doth well.

MILLER. -On the 14th September, to Mr. and Mr«.

Ilousald Miller, of "llossle," Mair »trect, Bal

larat-a daughter. ,

MOLLARD. -On the 21st September, at York road,

«len Iris, to Mr. and Mr». P. W. Mollard-a daughter.

NOTT. -On the 10th September, at "Brooklyn," 'croidon road, Surrey Hills, the wile of R. H.

Xort-a uaugtitor (Rosalind Alice; died after


PALMER. -On the 9th September, at Nurse Bas

lou1» private hospital, "Chroliana," Clarke street, Vorthcotc, the wife of J. .1. Palmer, 130 Gipps street, East Melbourne-a daughter.

PEARSON. -0n the 19th September, at "Trina-

lour," private hospital, Moonee Pond», the wife of E. W. Pearson, of the State Saving» Bank, EsemJon-a daughter, ' .

PERROTTET.-On the 19th September, at St.

George's private hospital, East Kew, the wife of George D. Perrottet--a daughter.

RANKIN (nee Dyson). -On the 6th September, at

Coastablc Dvwii's, in John Btreet, East Bruns- wick, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rankin- a son (Ralph lan). ' '

RICHARDSON. -On the 22nd August, at "Bewley,1

jlosstown roail, East Caulfield, the wile of Robert Richardson-.! son (Frank Bewley).

R0DD. -On the 10th September, at the' Commer-

cial Bank, Port Adelaide, the wife of E. A.

Hodd-a son.

RYDING (nee Nettleton). -On the 16th Septem- ber at Brunswick, the wife of Private B. Hydlng, on active service-a son (stillborn):

SEABRIDGE. -On the 14th September, at Nurse Wain's Maternity Home, "Fernleigh," Clarence street, Elsternwick, to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred 15. Stabridge, ot "Fairholme," Munster avenue, Caulfield East-a daughter. ' "

SHEPHEARD. -On the 25th August, at St. Wini-

fred"» Hospital, 63 Liston grove, Glenferrie, tho wilco! Ernest Shepheard, of London-a.son.

STOOKE. -On the 12TH September, at Sister An

Heir's priiate hospital, the wife of Stanley htooke- a daughter,

THICK (nee Gertrude Wcstrcnd).-On the 10th

September, at St.- Leonard's private hospital, East Malvern, to .Mr. and Mr». J. A. Thick, oí 9 Tooronga road-a daughter.

THORP.-On the 20th September, at "Wanaka,"

Itaatcr street,, Toorak, to Mr. and Jlrs. .W. B. \ Thorp-a daughter.

TREGANOWAN (nee Minnie Smith).-On the 16th September, at "St. Helens," The Avenue, Wind- sor, to Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Treganowan,' "Leu ladla," Hawksburn road. Hawksburn-¿ son (Trevor).

VEAL, (nee Florence Jackson).-On the 12th Sep-

tember, at Nuise Shepherd's prliute hospital, "Rhodesia," Coburg, to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Veal-a son.

WARREN. -On the 15th July, 1916, at C.M.A. Misson Station, Roper River, Northern Terri- uri, to Rev, H. K. and Mrs. Warren-a son.  

WHITNEY.-On the 12th September, at the Bank of Australasia, Yackandandah, the wife of G. P. Whitney-a son (Arthur Clifton).

WRIGHT. -On the 20th September, at Wildwood,

Brracroft avenue. East .Malvern, to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wright-a daughter. ("Burnie Allocate," Tasmania, pleanc copy.)

WYLLIE. -On 6th September, at 4 Austin avenue, 'i h-uth st. Kilda, to Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Wyllie

a daughter (Doris Joyce). Both well.


BASSETT-MARSHAM.-On the 24th August, at

laathora, liy tlw Rev. I?. ,1. Jennings, Janies -hard, second son of Mm. W. .1. BaEsctt, Malrrrle, tn Elsie ISrmlliie, daughter of Mr. ana Urs. E. A. Mursbani, Croydon road, Surrey

DOWING-SAUNDERS.-[Silver Wedding.]-On the 24th September, 1891, by Rev. Canon Potter, it it. Marj's Church of England, North Mel- bourne, Alfred Henry, only son of the late Ifary Downing (inspector-of police, Ballarat), to Ueatior Khialicth, eldest daughter of Fra wick Sannilert, of "Belle Vue," Narrawong. jr-ent addreü, "licclccng," Narrawong, near fortland. i

GILES-BERRY. -On the 10th August, 1916, by

the Hey. J. II. um, St. John's Church, Cres »mr,i Albert Ernest, youngest son of Mrs. und tat late Mr. (¡. (liles, of Mac street, Cres, «içk, to Molct May. eldest daughter of Mr. m Mrs. T. Berry, Creswick.

GAVIN-MILES._On the 21st August, at Geelong,

tv the Rev. J. McBrlde, Alfred Ernest, son i-H'-«?1"1 i[ts- J- ". O»**'". of Geelong,-to Ethel Florence, daughter of the late Mr. and wi. F. W. Miles, of Coolong.

GRAHAM-DRAYTON.-On the 2nd September, at

tie Baptist Church, Clifton Hill, hythe Rev. "* A. Craike, Robert, youngest »on of Mr. and jn J. Graham, l18 Falconer »trect. North {Ha»), to Ethel, eldest daughter of Mr. and »i V.. Drajton, oo Union street, Northcote.

HEBBARD-KERR. -On the 19th August, by the

«ti. Unglov. .M.A., at St. Mary'» Church of "-eland, (,'len Kim roid, Caulfield, Frank Pur «"fi«!' Mil of Mr. anil Mrs. S. liddiard, Sale u> Adelaide Violet, joungcr daughter of Mr.

CinlSeU A' Kcrr* "Kurll,8a,i" Kceron street,

HINDELL-BROWNE.-On the 17th September, at

the Presbyterian Church, Armadale, by the Rev. D. Millar, Frank Edgar, third son of John and Jane Hindell, Launceston, to Doris Rita,     second daughter of the late Rutherford J. Browne and Mrs. Browne, of Union street, Mal- vern. Present address, Queenstown, Tasmania.

Tasmanian papers please copy.

HOGAN—KELLY. —On the 22nd August, at the residence of the bridegroom, "Wattle Vale," Tarcutta, New South Wales, by Rev. Father Gahan (Nuptial Mass) Michael Frances, youngest ason of the late Mr. and Mrs. D. Hogan, of Devenish, Victoria, to Nellie, fourth daughter

of the late Mr. and Mrs. M. Kel|y, of Bulla, Victoria. KEEN—O'BRIEN. —On the 23rd August, at Camber.

?W by the ney (:, A. Robinson (nuptial mass), Denis Joseph, eldest son of the late Mr. and Mrs.   T. Keen, Hamiliton, to Christina, eldest daughter linï; d Mrs'. ''? O'Mm, Camberwell.

METHVEN-IRELAND. - On the 16th September, at St. Mark's Church, Fitzroy, by the Rev. L.

Lewis, Pte. Arthur Alexander, eldest son of Mr. and the late Mrs. A. Methven, of Mount Pleasant, Wilson street, Princes Hill, to Fanny     Gertrude, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Ireland, of Greeves street, Fitzroy.

NILSON-KIDD - On the 9th August, at the Swedish Church, Melbourne, by the Rev. K. F.

Hultmark, Nils Eugen Nilson, youngest son of     Mr N. Anderson, Gothenburg, Sweden, to Ruby

S. Kidd, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kidd, "Neathcrton", St. George's road, Elsternwick.

OWEN-MACLEOD. -On the 12th August, 1916, at

tß'1)'"*. South Perth, by the Rev. taiV'"iGrimM' "*"°w »?. «eeond son of the late Frank Owen and Jirfi. A. K. Owen, Rye, Sussex, England, to Muriel Nancy, eldest daugh-   ter of the late Archibald James Mcleod, Bairns- tiom -li*."**' *""' Mrs- A- O- Maclcml, Ilaw thorn, Melbourne, Victoria. WATTS-DAYMOND. -On the 22nd August at the

residence of the bridegroom's mother, "Ottawa," » Sari,,ii?0' ''-v ,lic Vcry1Icv- "'.»" ?»Ithe Vii. T"'n'"..'.cl|"h' 0hl?. "»' o' Mrs «Sr S!,,S,. ? <C'. Wnl1"' ,0 Aliso» Chalmers, only daughter of Andrew George and the late .~^__Z_____j' 'lowan street. Bendigo.

DIED ON SERVICE. ANDERSON. - Killed in action, in France on the

20th August, 1916, Tom, dearly beloved second Sa lÄ A''<1MMMI, "Hopedale," Marshall

He rose, responsive to his country's call; He gave for her his best, his life, his all. BAILEY. -Killed in action in France, August 18, Herbert Ernest

serving his country faithfully and well for two «on » I w65!?.','! °*l»l'oll, and trance, yoiing&t "I l'ortlann- ,S l Í' V"' "lc '"'o <!nlcc H«'"'}'.

.I H. J ?ClC_';'crton' "»o' Mm<^ nophew

of M. J. Farnsworth.

His duty nobly done. - (Inserted by his loving aunt, Mrs.

BARKER. -Killed in France, August [?] 1916, Archibald Hardy-Baker

loved son of G. E. Hardy-Barker,Wellington,

New Zealand, aged 18 years and 5 months. New Zealand papers please copy. "Duty nobly done."

Now shall know it is the last good-bye; No shade will fall on tree, or flower,

Until the morning breaks, and shadows flee,

\y ?***.- ^ «V 'S«. ÍO0Í Hiebt. ,___


BARNES.-A tribute io the memory oí my dear

cousin, ( hartes Spencer Harnes, second loved .on of Hie late 11. anti M. V. liantes, of St. Vincent nlauo south, Albert Park, killed - action in France on Uic 8tli of August, lDlfl.

One of the best.

-(Inserted by his loving cousin. Jos! Woolhouse, .1 Canterbury road, Albert I'ark.)

BECKERLEG.-Killed in action in France. 18th

August, 1916, Private Raymond (Ray) Beckerleg,   loved ton of the late Mr. and Mrs. WV Beckcrleg, Creswick, and brother of -Mrs. 1 Davie, Allan (U.A.), and Pearl.

"Every cloud has a silver lining.'*

BENNETTS.-Died of wound somewhere in France,

22nd August, Private Olivar Charles, dearly be- lo* ed fun of T. II. nnd E. Bennetts, and loved brother of Thomas, Ruben, and Maud, aged 25


He sleeps not in his native land,

But under foreign ski**,

Far from those who love him,

In a hero's grave he lie*. . Thy ft Ul be done.

-(Inserted by his sorrowing parents, brothers, and Risten, 431 City rord, South Melbourne.)

BOYD.-Killed in action on 19th July, beloved

and only son of John T. and 31. J. Boyd, 400 Brunswick street. Fitzroy (privutc address, No. 2 ZÇorth terrace, Clifton Hill), in bia 24th


A soldier of the cross.

One of the best, a loving son,

A brother kind and true;

So dearly loved so sadly missed,

By ev cry one he knew.

BRADFORD-ROGERS. -ln loving memory of

lute comrades. Pte. L. Rogers., who was killed in France; also his mate, Corp. N. Bradford. Well Uked and loved by all that knew them.

-(Inserted as a final tribute of respect by the yarraville F.C. committee and player*.)

BRITTAIN. -Killed in action in France, on 17th

August, 1916, Private Edward V. Coxon Brit- tain, loved nephew- of Mrs, Thoa. Marun, Tatura, aged 23 j cars.

For King and country.

BRUCE.—Killed in action, in France, on 21st

August, after 12 months’ service. Private James Bruce, aged 27 years; loved eldest son of Norman and Mary Bruce, of Butter Factory, Stawell, late

of Illowa.

Duty nobly done.

BULMAN.-A trihute to the memory of our dear

friend, Private H. Bulman (Harry), killed in action, in France.

A hero and a man.

-(Inserted by J. W. and B. T., Prahran.)

BUTLER.-Died of wounds, in France, 16th Sep-

tember, Lieutenant John Henry Rippon Butler, elder son of the late Mr. Henry Butler and Mrs Butler, The Grange, Brighton Beach; and loved brother of Geoffrey and Lynne, aged 19 years 9


CAMERON.-Killed in action in France, August

15, 1915, Corporal Sidney Joseph, dearly be- loved wn of the late Mr. J. T. Cameron and Mra. Cameron. Hamilton, loved brother of Katie. Tom, Jack, and Private Norman, A.I.F., France.

One of Australia's heroes.

CAMPBELL.-Killed in action, In France, on the

2nd August, Private Douglas, the beloved second son of Councillor and Mrs. I. Campbell, brother of Ronald (on active service abroad) and "Girlie" (Mrs. G. Bosland), of Yarragon, aged 22 .cars and 0 months,

A pood, faithful, and true* son and brother.

CAMPBELL.-Killed in action in France on :

September, 2nd Lieutenant Donald Gordon Camp- bell, second son of J. A. Campbell, Ottawa, Toorak. . (

CAVANAGH.-Died of wounds on August 24, 1010, . somewhere in France, John, talovcd eldest son

of Mr. and Mrs. J. Cavanagh, Glenrowan, Balnar- ring, brother of Willie (wounded somewhere in France), James (on active service), Leslie, and Tom, aged 21 years.

He loved mother and home so well he went to fight for them. Now he sleeps with Jesus,

CHAMBERS.-Killed In action, In France, on the

21st August, Captain Robert William Laws Chambers, in his 21th vear, second Bon of Mr. and Mrs. Charles William Chamber«, Cre- morne road, Cremorne, Sidney, 'and late of Bris-


COATES.-Killed in action in France, August IB,

1910, Private Laurance Coates, dearly lovett eldest surviving son of Lawrance and Mary Jane Coûte*, of Yallock and Koo-wee-rup, aged 22

} curs. j»

He died as Ive lived-a man.

Deeply mourned.

COE.-Died of wounds in France on the 14th  

August, Private Charles Newman Coe, dearly loved son of Mr. and Mrs James Coe, 250   Nelson place, Williamstown, and loved brother of Private Hugh J. Coe (on active service), age 21 years and 3 months.

His duty nobly done.

COPPIN.-In loving memory of Corporal William

Herbert John Coppin, aged 23 years, who was killed In action, in France, on August 10, after passing through action at Gallipoli, the beloved second son of Annie and Christopher Coppin, the beloved brother of IÄS (on active service), Ida, Keg, Edwin, Ruth, and Fred, of Shepparton, the loved grandson of Mrs. T, Bastian.

One of the best-a loving; son,

A brother kind and true;

So dearly loved, so sadly missed,

By everyone he knew.

A hero he; lived, a hero he fell.

Though only a. lad he did his part well;

He gave bia ¿oung life for a cause that was true, .righting for country, home, and for you.

-(Inserted by his loving parents, sister, and brothers.)

COPPIN.-Killed in action, in France, 17th

August, Lancc-Corp. W, II. J. Coppin, of Shep- parton.

One of Australia's best, >

-^(Inserted ' by Mu lovlnfe uncle, aunt, E. and M, Dastiun, and Cousin Charlie.)

COPPIN.-In loving memory of Corporal William

II. .i. Coppin, who was Ulled In uUion, in France, 17th August, 1010.

"No burdens yonder."

-(Inserted by cousins, Kate and Fred.)

COVENTRY.–Killed in action, in France, on the

5th August, Private Hugh Norman (Oak) Coven- try, loving son of H. and J. Coventry, loving husband of Coral, and brother of Harry, Bert,     Jack (on active service). Tom (wounded on ac- tive service), Syd, Gordon, Grace, and Nellie, aged 21 years. (Inserted by his sorrowing parents,   brothers, and sisters, Diamond Creek.)

CRAWFORD.-Killed in action, in France, on 10th

August, 11)10« Private Robert S. Crawford, youngest beloved son of Jumes and Ettie Craw- ford, of 115 Creek street, Bendigo; beloved brother of Charles, Footscray, ogcil 10 >ears.

No one knew him but to love lum.

CREED.-Killed in action, In France, July 2",

11)10, Sergeant Russell Charles, dearly loved only «m of Mr. Charles Creed, Hoburt, and loving brother of Ruth, Winnie, and Cecily, aged 21


CROOK.-Died of wounds received In France, on

the Cth August, Private Arthur M. Crook, the dearly beloved and only son of William Percy and Ada Crook, 107 Charles street, Prahran, and dearly beloved brother of Edie and Mrs. II. Speed, Seymour, «god 20 years 7 months; also, on the 24th August, our dear cousin, Leo Hine.

Their duty nobly done,

.-(limited by his sister and brother-in-law, Doris and Harry.)

DUNSTAN'.-Killed in action, in France, llïlh July,

Private .Edwin William Dunstan, dearly loved joungest sou of Ann and the late William Dun- stan, No. 1 Wilson street. Coburg; loved brother of Caleb and Mrs. ft. N. Cooke, Davies street, Brunswick.

He is always In my thought«, >

It is sweet to speak his name; In life 11 loved him dearly.

In death I do the same.

-(Inserted by his-loving mother, Ann Dun- stan.)

ELDER.-Killed in action, in France, August 20,

Corporal Frank Reginald, the dearly loved hon of Robert A. and Ellen S. Elder, of Jeruk, Glen- loth, aged 21 years.

Our ¿darling hero, '

"How can man die better than facing fearful

oddsî" ' '

ELLIOTT.-Killed in action, in France, on 26th

July, 1916. Private A. B. Elliott (Angie), be- loved youngest son of Rev. Robert Elliott, Bom- bala, N.S.W., and brother of Rosa, Robert, of   Commercial Bank, Drouin; Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Maxfield, of South Gippsland; and Charles.

ELLIOTT,-Killed in action in France, 26th July,

1916, Private A. B. Elliott, aged 25 years and 2     days.

I'll dread no danger, fear no foe, while God is

by my side;

With Him to help I shall not fear the raging,

roaring tide.  

I'll cling to Him, and heavily I'll lean upon

His breast,

And trust till morning breaks; He knoweth


-(Inserted by his sorrowing sisters, Connie Max-

field and Louie Thomas.)

FARNAN.-Killed in action, in France, on the 9th

August, Private James Thomas Farnan, beloved second eldest son of the late William and the late Bridget Farnan; brother of the late Lizzie; loving brother William, Matthew, Mrs. Gilchrist, Chris (on active service in France), and Katie, aged 41. R.I.P.  

He sleeps not in his native land,

But under foreign skies.

Far from those who love him,  

In a hero's grave he lies.

On his soul, sweet Jesus, have mercy.

-(Inserted by his sorrowing brother Will and sister Katie.)

FLETT.-Killed in action, somewhere in France,

August 30, Private Roy Neville Flett, dearly loved youngest son of Christina and the late John B. Flett, mid loving brother of May (Mrs. Bushy). John, Jumes, Beatrice (Dot), "Ben AVyvia," Moama road, East Malvern, late of Warrnambool

and North Carlton.

Deeply mourned.

FYNMORE.-A tribute to the memoiy of my dear

fiiend, Private Leslie Halxtmrton (Les), who was killed in HLUOII on August 23, 1010, aged 20 jears 0 months

So dearly loved.

Aident from cadi, ¡at dose to Him, »

Holding the tclf hame hand,

No anxious thought, no weary sigh,

But He will und erstand.

Ile knows the ties we hold so dear,

Earh wish of thine und mine.

Our love nude purer, stronger still,

By His grout love divine. -(Inserted by B. Walker).

GORDON.-Private Victor E. C. Gordon, youngest

son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon, Morrison, Victoria, aged 21, died of wounds received in France. (In- serted by his loving cousin, Daisy.)

GREATHEAD. -Killedd in action, in France, on

19th August, 1916, William E., fourth son of Mr. and ilw Robert Grcathend, Drummoyne, Svdncj; gr^nd-on of the late Robert and Sarah Grcuthcad. late North Melbourne; loving nephew of Mrs, E. White, Ü2 Molesworth street, North Melbourne, aged 21 5 ears 0 months. v

Deeply regretted.

-(Inserted by his loving aunt, uncle, and cousins, Molesworth t»trcct, North Melbourne.)

GREIVESON. - Killed in action, somewhere in

France, on the 23rd August, Private Harry Mit-   chell Greiveson, dearly loved only son of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Grelveson, Harrietville, Hope street, South Yarra, and loving brother of Annie, aged 22 years and 2 weeks.  

Our hero.

Sometime we'll understand.  

HALE.-Killed in action, In France, on August

ii, Henry George, aged 20; and on August 2á, , in London, died from wounds received in same

engagement, Frank Leslie, aged 23; the loved sons and only children of Stanley and Emily Hale, of Dorakin, Wickepin, W.A.; nephews of

Mrs. Blcnton, Surrey »ill«, and of Mn# Flicker, I

BfltcoaMd pande, ¡¿¡Uxert Puk, _ .'


HARGREAVES. -Killed in action, somewhere in

France, on the 5th August, 1916, Private George Hargreaves, the beloved son of James and Marv Hargreaves, of Wharparilla North, aged 30 years

10 months.

The world is wide, the sea is deep,

Far across the sea our loved one sleeps. He went away in health and strength, For King and country his time he spent. His fight is fought, he stood the test,

And poor old George was one of the best.

A noble hero.

HARVEY.-Killed in action in France, on 23rd

August. Private Albert Edward Harvey (Bert), dearly beloved elder &on of John and the late Helena Edith, of 223 The Parade, Ascotvale; also stepson of Mrs Harvey, brother or Jack (on active service in France) and Alice, aged 25


A hero he lived, a hero he fell;

Though only u lad, he did his part well;

He gave his joung Ufe for a cause that was


Fighting for his country, home, and for j ou.

HELEN.-Killed m action in France on Oth

August, Charles Ernest, the dearly beloved eldest son of C. W. and A. Helen, of Perth, H.A., the lovctl gramLson of Mrs. Helen and the ka» A. R. Helen, of S8 Princes street, Carl- ton, aged 20 jcars; nephew of C. M. G. and A. J. H., and Mrs. Dean (Glenbuntly).

Requicscat in pace.

A bravo joung life nobly ended,

HERBERTSON.-Killed In action in France on

July 22, Robert Charles (Captain), dearly loved husband of Bertha Herbertson (nee Taylor).

HINE. -Died of wounds received in France, August

24, Sergeant W. L. Hine (Leo), loving huf-liand of Myrtle and father of dear little Vola, eldest son of W. and A. E. Hine, Gormanston, Tas- mania; beloved brother of Violet (Mrs.* McKen- zie, N.S.W.), Victor, George, Frank, and Rosa- bel; fond son-in-law of W, J. and 8. Crook, Elm grove, Windsor; brother-'n-law of George and Mrs. Parker (Ruby), Sydney; and Mrs. Crook, St. Kilda, aged 27 j ears.

HOLLAND.-Killed in action, in France, on

18th August, Private Andrew Holland, dearly loved     eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Holland, of Yering, aged 23 years.  

O, bright the conqueror's crown,

The song of triumph sweet.

When faith casts every trophy down

At our great Captain's feet.

HOLLAND.-Killed in action (France), on 7th

August, 1916, ???, the beloved cousin of Mrs. Langford, Mrs. J. and F. Hancock, H. Aspinall, Pte. Harold, A.I F., Mrs, Stewart, Cpl. Fred, A.I.F., L. Cpl. Norman Aspinall, A.I.F.

One of the best

-(Inserted by his loving cousin. A. Vale.)

HOLLAND.-Killed in action (France) on August

7, 1916, Ern, dearly beloved nephew of Mrs. M. E. Aspinall, 87 Francis street, Ascotvale.

Hero of South Africa, Gallipoli, and France.

Duty nobly done.

HOLLIER.-Killed in action, in France, on August

11, after twelve months' service, Private Edgar Charles Hollier, dearly loved eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. C nollicr, "Ethrllcigh," Yarragon, and much loved brother of Ethel, Ruby, Bert, Amy, and George, and loved grandson of Mr. and Mi*. W. n. Matthews, Trafalgar, aged 10 }ears 8


"A hero he lived, a. hero he fell,

Though only a lad, he did his part well.

» He gave his young life for a cause that '


Fighting for his country, home, and for you."

Our hero,

His duty nobly done.

-(Inserted by his sorrowing father, mother, sisters, nnd brothers.)

HUNT.-Killed in action in France, August 12,

1916, Private William Hunt, eldest son of Richard Hunt, Bungil, much loved pupil of the old Bungil schoolboys. (Inserted by G.R,, 11 Haw- thorn grove, Hawthorn.)

HUNTER.-Fatally wounded in France on 2Gth

August, Private Reginald J. Hunter, dearly be- loved third eldest son of Alexander and Ellen Hunter, of SO Riversdale road. Camberwell; lov- ing brother of Arthur, Mrs. Spear, Norman, Nel- lie, Ruby, Gordon (on active service); and Irene, aged 23 jears, x '

One of our brave heroes.

His duty bravely done.

JAMES.-Died of wounds, in France, on August

S, Joseph Hcnery, the loving husband of Sarah Frances James, Salisbury, S.A., aged 51 years on September li.

A true Britisher.

He gave his life, his all.

JOLLEY.-Died of wounds and gas in 32nd 8tat,

hospital, France (date unknown). Private George Jolley, aged 23 years, only son of George and Mary Jolley, Mernda,

Loved by all.

No moro the foe can hann; no more the

lcagurcd camp;

Ko more the cry. of night alarm,*and need of . ready lamp;

Our friend has gone before to that celestial


He hath left his mates behind, found the rest

wc toil to find;

Ho hath now the Btorai outrode; anchored in

the port of God.

-(Inserted* by the Mernda Methodist Bible Class.) . , i

JOLLY.-A tribute to-the memory of our friend,

George Jolly,-who died on active service in France. (Inserted by the members of the Mernda . Football Club.)

JONES.-A tribute of deep respect to the memory

of my late employer. James L. Jones, Sandring- ham, who was killed in action on July 10, 191(1. (Inserted by F. L. Brown, R.A.E.)

JOY.-On the 24th August, died of wounds re-

ceived in France, Private Clark Mansfield Joy, loved eldest son Mr., Mrs. W. Joy, Tungamah; lloved ~ brother Marjorie, Bac;J Buby," Daphne, Mabel, Will, Len. -

He did his duty.

KEAN.-On the 10th August, killed in action, in

France, Charles Maurice Gordon, only beloved son of the late C. E. Kean, barrister, solicitor, of Zeehan, Tasmania, and Mrs. McMurray, 10 Little O'Grady street, Albert Park; loving brother of Marjorie; stepson of Driver A. C. McMurray, on active service, aged 21 years. R.I.P.

Whom the gods love die young.

KEATING.-Killed In acHon, in France, on July

2S, Tliomos Patrick, beloved son of Thomas Keat- ing, N.W. Mooroopna, and loving brother of Mary, Kate, Jim (France), Jack, Will, and Fred, aged 2G years.

God's will be done.

LAKE. —Killed in action in France on the 10th

July, 1916, Private Cecil Lake, beloved eldest son of the late John Lake and Mrs. Lake, Foster, and grandson of Mrs. George Rolfe, Tenterden, Collins street, Melbourne.

LAMPARD. —In sad and loving memory of my dear

boy, Private Glen Thomas, second son of Mrs. M. A. Lampard, who was killed in action, at Pozieres, France, on August 10, 1916, aged 23 years.

Rest in peace.

My darling boy.

Loved by all who knew him. He sleeps not in his native land,

But under foreign skies;

Far from those who love him,

In a hero's grave he lies.

He never shunned his country's call, But gladly gave his life, his all. He died the helpless to defend,

An Australian soldier's noble end.

Somebody cried when he sailed away; Somebody's kiss on his forehead lay;  

Somebody clung to his parting hand —

it was his mother.

—(Inserted by his loving mother.)

LEVENS. —Killed in action, France, August 18,

Private Charles Arthur Levens, dearly loved and only son of Jean and Charles B. Levens, "Waaia," Daisy Street, Essendon; brother of Mrs. Henry Thomson, Pascovale; and grandson of James Levens, J.P., Collingwood, after active service in Gallipoli and France.

"Our Charlie."

LEVENS. —In loving remembrance of our dear

nephew and cousin, Charles Arthur Levens, who was killed in action in France on 18th August.

"Peace, perfect peace."

—(Inserted by his uncle and aunt, Col. John Evans and Mrs. Evans, and family.)

LEWIS (WATT). —Killed in action, in France, 7th

August, 1916, my dearly beloved fiancee, Sergt. Hugh Lewis (Son), dearly beloved eldest son of the late Hugh Watt and Mrs. R. Lewis, of Port Melbourne, aged 28 years 4 months.  

An Anzac hero.     He did not for a moment pause,

But save his life in honour's cause, And for his country bled.  

A painful shock, a blow severe, To part with one I love so dear;

His loss is great, I'll not complain, But trust in God to meet again.

Loved by all. So sadly missed.  

—(Inserted by Winnie Esler, Clarendon street,  

South Melbourne.)

LEWIS (WATT). —Killed in action, France, 7th

August, 1916, Sergeant Hugh Lewis.

So dearly loved, one of the very best, a thought ful son and brother, and a dear and true friend.

Our Anzac hero.

Silent the voice we long to hear. Gone the one we loved so dear;

Gave his life for his country's sake.

—(Inserted by dear friend, C. Esler, South Mel


LEWIS (WATT). —In loving memory of Sgt. H.

Lewis, who was killed in France on August 7, 1916, after two years' service in Gallipoli and


The world is wide, the sea is deep,  

Far across the sea our workmate sleeps.

He went away in health and strength,  

For King and country his time he spent,   His fight is fought, he stood the test,  

And dear old Son was one of the best.  

—(Inserted by his fellow workmates, Despatch  

room, Swallow and Ariell, Port Melbourne.)

LOCKE. —Killed in action in France, August 19,

Corporal William Roy Locke, beloved eldest son of Job and Selina Rose Locke, of Tongala, and brother of Powell, Jessie, Job, and Rose, aged 21.

His duly nobly done.

LYNCH.-On Ihc*18th August, died o! wounds re-

ceived in France, Private Herbert \\\ Lynch, r~ of E. Lynch, Trafalgar, Gippsland. R.I.P.

MAHON.-Killed in action in France, 10th August,

private Thomas Clancy (Hugh) Mahon, the dearly loved husband of Frances (nee O'Halloran), 29 Weston street, Brunswick, and much loved only son of Mrs. R Mahon, Studley Park road, Kew.

Dearly loved, deeply mourned.

May the Lord have mercy on his soul.

MARTIN. —Killed in France, August 25, Sergeant

Frank Martin, of Brunswick, age 25 years; also   on the 18th August, Private Wally Martin (other- wise Orlando Edwards), of Meeniyan, age 21 years, the beloved brothers of Milly (Mrs. Had- dock) Ernest, Annie (Mrs. Chappel), Charles, Ruby, Rose (Mrs. Myers), youngest sons of the   late Artemus and Amelia Martin.

They heard their country's cry, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do or die.

Both-the some grave they lie,

Two brothers.

-(Inserted by their sisters, sisters-in-law, brothers, and brothers-in-law.)

MARTIN.-On the 25th August, on active service,

died of wounds, Sergeant Frank Martin, aged 25 years. (Inserted by E. J. and A. Martin,   East Brunswick.)

MASON.-Killed in action in France on July 25,

101« \rthur Henry beloved second son of A. Ii. indi: Mason, Adelaide street, Malvern; and loved brother of Mrs. Gray (Kew), Doris. Will (on active bcrvice), Mavis, Charlie, and Albert, ¿Ved 21 years. (Tasmanian papers please copy.) V4.YBtt.-~t tribute of deep roarct to the memory

of my late comrade. Ernest W. Mayer, who was killed in action, August 10, 1916. (Inserted by F. L. Brown, R.A.E.)    

>ync. Sarah


late Ascot Vale; brother of Jack ni 25

loicd ir).

iigu«t .liand .Mest Tas

Mn. inall, Fred,


nguat .Idgar 1 Mr. . and Amy,

JAMES. -Died of wounds August

husband of Sarah

ra on


McCONCHIE.--A tribute to the memory of Pri-

vate James AngusMcConchie, killed in action       in France on the 15th August.

For King and country.

-(Inserted by the members of the Richmond  

Angling Club.)

MCDONALD. -A tribute to the memory of Sappei

James McDotuld, killed in action in Franco on the 21tt July.

For King anil country.

- (InFortcd by the numbera of the Richmond I Angling Club.)

Mi FARLANE.-Killed in action, In France, 10th ¡

Atigti«t, Corporal Hettor Norman, eldest n .

IV. J, and M. McFarlaue, Canonbury, Sims street, !


MEMBREY.-On the 18th August, killed in action,

in France, Private Claude Membrey, loving son

of J. G. Membrey, M.LA., and Mrs. Membrey, Merri street, Northcote, brother of Carrie, Albert  

G., Alice, Stanley, Beatrice, and Horace, aged  

20 years.  

Duty bravely done; crown nobly won.

MEMBREY.-In loving memory of our dear friend,

Private Claude Membrey. killed in action in  

France on 18th August.

He sleeps not in his native land,

But under foreign skies',

Far from those who love him.

In a hero's grave he lies.

-(inserted by his loving friends, Mr. and Mrs.   Little, Harry, Lottie, and Kathleen.)

MEMBREY.-In» lend memory of our dear pal,

Prlvate Claude Membrey, killed in France,

August 18.

"Ho* can a man die better

Than facing fearful odds, ' For tlie nahes of his fathers,

And the temple» of hi» godst"

-(Inserted by lu» pals, II. F. Utile, W. II. I Crowe, D. Q. May, E. Kirton, G. A. Johnson,

I.. O. Dennis.)

MEREDITH.-Killed in action, in France, August  

19, 1916, Thomas Oscar Meredith, the dearly loi eil eldest ion of Francis and the late Thos. Meredith, of Coburg, aged 23 years.  

MILLER.-Killed in action, August 14, somewhere

In France, Captain A. I,. (Bert) Miller, youngest son of the late William (inspector, M.B.W.) and Eliza Miller, of Islington »trect, Colling- wood, much lovell brother of Mrs. D. Munro (Orbost), William (Clifton Hill), Mrs. J. Cree, mid tlic late Peter (Collingwood), Mrs. A. Wil- liams (Ivanhoe), John (Fairfield Park), Edwin OVestgarth), Mr». W. T, Carter (Ivanhoe).

Loved by all who knew lum.

Our hero.

O'DONNELL.-Killed In action in Trance on 10th

August, Edmund, tile beloved husband of Mary O'Donnell, Cnrwardinc street, Bendigo, loving daddy of Mona, Tom, Mjrtlc, and 1UU, aged 88.

O'DONNELL.-Killed in action in France on 10th

August, Edmund, dearly beloved only son of Monica and the late Thomas O'Donnell, Wil- cannia, K.8.W., aged 38.

OLLE BENNETT.-Died of wound», August 22.

(Inserted by the members of Dorcas street. South Melbourne, Church of Christ choir, of which be wa» formerly a mcmlicr.)

OSBORNE.-Killed in action In France on 10th

August, 1010, Private J. P. Osborne, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Osborne, of Beaconsfield, late of Walhalla, brother to Mrs. Keating, of Beacons Held, and Air». Clayton, Adelaide.

PAYNE.-Called to higher service on -5th July,

France, Private Pavld Payne, beloved youngest jion ol Ellen and late James Payne, Abbotsford; beloved brother of Essie (Mrs. Charles), Nellie, Jim, Will, Allnn, Minnie, Ada (Mrs. Farr), Olive, and Beatrice; also dearest friend of Laura

M. Perkins.

He ha» fought the good Hght, ho has finished his course, he has kept the faith.

What we know not now wc ¿nail know bcrc* oftcr.

For God, and home, and native land.

PAYNE.-A tribute of love to our dear brother,

Private David Payne, who passed to the higher life from France, July 25.

. Not dead, but passed from sight

To God in closer bond.

Not dead, but passed from night

Into the Light beyond.

'Not dead, eternal bright

lils mom of bliss lias dawned.

-(Inserted by Will and Nellie.)   PAYNE.-Inserted by the members of the Abbots-

ford Baptist Church In memory of their late fellow-member, Private D. Payne, killed in action at Pozieres.  

A good soldier of Jesus Christ

POTTER.-Killed in action in France on the 19th

August, 1916, Private William Potter, loved brother of Mrs. E. G. Stott, Geelong; Mrs. C. E. Cox. Hampton; Mrs. W. Pearce, Childers; Mrs. W. Timm, Speed; James Arthur, Geelong; and Fred, Middle Park, aged 32 years.  

POYNER.-Killed in-action, in France, on 16th

August, Edwin Rupert, youngest son of J. M. and E. A. Poyner, of "Willowbank," Lilydale, aged 19 years and 9 months.

One of our heroes.

The bugles of England called, how could 1 stay?

QUINLAN.-KUIed In action, in France, on 18th

of August, Private Kirby William Quinlan, second son ol the late Thama» and Johanna Quinlan, of 401 Cardigan Btreet, Carlton, loved brother of Mm Livcsloy (Perth), Mr». Bowker (Perth), Mrs. Gill (Melbourne), Thomas, Mary (Iona), Eleanor, Lawrence (A.L_.), Percy, Phyllis, and Leo,' grandson of the late James and Catherine Dark, of Homebush, Avoca, aged 27 years. < >'

May his soul rest in peace.  

-(Inserted by his loving mother, brother», and sisters.) ,

RASHLEIGH.-Died of wounds in France on the

12th August, Private W. C. RasM/righ, dcaily beloved oldest., son ''of "Benjamin ,'nFr_ncls 'and Elizabeth Rnshlc'gh, 27 Nicholson street, Bal larnt East, loving brother of Mrs. E. O. Cook, h, in ¡ nallarnt East," Eunice, Lily, and Percy, ngcrt

. 25 jears.

Far away in France our hero is sleeping.

RICHARDSON.-Killed in action, In France, on

August 18, Private Charles Edwin Tudor, only son of the late E. T. and Annie M. Richardson, and grandson of the late Rev. George Tudor Hall. (Inserted by his aunt, Rhoda E. Hall,   Portman street, Oakleigh.)

ROBERTS.-On the 9th August, of wounds received

in France, Lance-Corporal. Sydney Harold Roberts, the dearly beloved third son of Arthur and Louisa Emma Roberts, and brother of Horburg, Gordon, and Jack (on active service), age 26 years.  

ROBERTS. - On the 9th August, of wounds re ostcr, eclved In France, Lance-Corporal S. II. Roberts, rden, dearly loved brother of Phyllis, and Gordon (on

active service), age 26 years,

ROGERS.-In loving memory of Private L. J.     ?s. M. Rogers, killed ¡n action, France, 4th August, dear leres, friend of A. D. nnd M. M. Bradford, and loved

mate and true comrade of Corporal A. N. Brad- ford, killed on the same date, somewhere in


They loved each other In life, and in death lliey were not divided.

-(Inserted by A. D. and M. M. Bradford and G. Y. Watson, li William street, Footscray.)

noss.-Killed in action, 24th August, In France,

William ForbcB. beloved twin 6on of Donald Ross, Smith Melbourne, and loving brother of Bert)-. Fred (on active service), Lizzie, Nellie, Florrie, Jessie nnd Lila, ago 22,

Sadly missed.

-(Inserted bj K. Young and 1. Tobin.)

ROXBURGH.-Killed in action, France, on 18th

August. ScrgL Hugh Crichton Roxhurgh, dear nnd elder son of Mr. and Mrs. G. U L. Rox- burgh, of "Cessnock," Cochrane street, Garden- vale, in his 25th year.

ROYLIi-The members of the Caledonian Choir

desire to pay tribute to the memory of their late comrade and friend, Hector Charles Royle, who so willingly rendered to tho service of hi» coun- try all that he cotild give.

SANSUM.-Killed in action in France on 14th

August, Corporal Arthur Harold Sansum. dearly loved youngest son of John and Emily Sansum, Richmond, late of Ballarat, loved brother of Mrs. Vi. Symons (Richmond), late F. E. (New Zealand), Will (Kalgoorlie), Mrs. S. Philpot (Ballarat), Mrs. W. Findlay (Glenferrie), Wnllic ' (Bunbury), Bertha, and Mrs. D.. Stevenson

(Queenscliff), a'fo beloved fiance of Hilda Abrahamson (Bunbury). ' ,

Loved hy all who knew him.

SANSUM.-Killed In action in France on 14th

August, Corporal Arthur Harold Sansum, dearly loved brother of E. and W. Symons, 20 Elm grove, Richmond, and dearly loved uncle of Harold, Ernie, Hilda, and Vera.

A better brother,never lived.

SANSUM.-Killed in action in France on 14th

August. Corporal Arthur Harold Sansuro, rntith lovell brother of Will and M.'Sansum, of KiK goorlie, and dearly loved uncle of Willie, Harold, Hard, and Lila. ,

One of Australia's best.

SANSUM--Killed ,ln action in France on 14th

August, Corporal Arthur Hnrold Sansum, dearly lovell brother of J. nnd S. Philpot (Billurnt), and loved uncle of Jack, Doris, and


Life's highest mission he fiilflllod.

SANSUM -Killed in action In France on 14th

August, Corporal Arthur Harold Sansum, much lovell brother of A. and W. Findlay, M Park street, Glenferrie, and dearly loved uncle of Loma, Jack, and Utile Geoff.

A beautiful life nobly sacrificed.

SANSUM.-Killed In action in ' France on 14th

August, Coniorol Arthur Harold Sansum, devoted brother of Wallic and Lou, ol Bunbury.

For a righteous cause, he nobly did his duty.

SANSUM.-Killed in action in France on 14th

August, Corporal Arthur Harold Sansum, dearly loved brother of Bertha. '

A loving, devoted brother. ,

SANSUM.-Killed in-action in Franco-on-14th

August Corporal Arthur Harold Sansum, dearly loved hrolhcr of Hilda und Dave Stevenson, Queenscliff.

He gave his best, lils life, lils all.

SANSUM.-Killed In action ill France on 14th

August. Corporal Arthur Harold Sansum. dearly lovell flanee of Illida Ahrohnmson, Bunbury.

My one, my all, my hero.

SHARP.-Killed iu action in France, between July

27 and August 4, Private C. AV. Sharp (Clarrie), after 14 months' active service, Gallipoli, Eg} pt, und France, dearly loved second son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Sharp, Lydhrd street, Ballarat, loved brother of Corp. A. V. Sharp (on active service), Mrs. Alex. Richardson, and Doris, aged 22 Jears.

Ills dulymobly done.

SHEPPARD.-A tribute to the memory of njir mate,

Private John Stanley bhcppanl, who was killed In action, in France, on August 21.

One of the best. '

At rest.

-(Inserted by hi» sorrowing mates.)

SHEPPARD.-Killed in! action on 24th August in

France, Private John Stanley (Stanlej), beloved eldest son of G. W. and E. Sheppard, of "Slan lca " Tongue street, Seddon, Invcd brother of Valerie, Norman,. George, Pauline.

Deeply mourncd.

SKEWES.-Signaller Harrie Skcvvcs, killed In

action In France, on August l8, loved eldest son of Mr. and Mrs .Ins. Skewc«, Chillingollah,

l'allier, in thy gracious keeping.

Leave wc now Th} servant sleeping.

-(A tribute of love from lils little nephew«. Jim, Max, Jail!, «nd Fred. Bourke, Fitzgerald street. South Warril.)

SPIERS -Killed in nrlion In France on the 17th

August, <*'. It. Spkre, only son ol C. Spiers, of Shepparton.

STEPHENSON.-In loving remembrance of our

dear friend. Lieutenant K." It. Stephenson, second son of the Rev. A. R. Stephenson, M.A., New Col Ic-r, Box Hill, died of wound», July 81. (In- serted by Mrs. U. CrlflHi- and family, Box U^> .-,

loved citor. y, io otlVr «ray.

.t l8.

J anti



ramea irvicc

Had ¡trlcj, I the


OTSTON. -Killed in action, in France, on tile 22nd

Aug»--t, Private George Leslie, licloved younger «in of William jnd Sarah L'p**, rf s Kvelyn ?Ircct, East St. Killi:-; brother ot Helena, Amy, William (on jttne birvici.;, Alice, Florrie, Kthcl, lUslc, Carleta.

WAIGHT.-On the 13th August, 1916, Killed in

action somewhere in France, Lance-Corporal Reg. Waight, beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. Waight, Paul's Creek, and loved brother of Mrs. Eddie

Beach, Dixon's Creek.

He died as he lived-a man. -(Inserted by his schoolmates.)

WATSON.-A tribute of deep re«iet lo the memory

of my Uto «miralie, Licit, mut George W. Watara, Brighton Beach, who »us killed In action, August 19, 101(1. (Iiukrtcd by K. I»

Broun, n.A.K.)

WHlTECHUltCll.-Killed in action, in Trance, on

the mil August, Private William Allen (Allen), beloved eldest bun of George and llctsie White, church, 15 l)vvv.*r uri et, Cllllon Hill, late.of Mangalore, aged 23 years.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that he la) doun lils life for his friends."

WILLIAMS.-On the 23rd August, In France, George

Fredric (Son), Q.M.S., beloved eldest son of Kinma L. Williams, Carinda road, Canterbury, and tile late George Abley 'Williams, aged 39 years; brother of Lieut. E. A. (France), Corporal F. J. (Royal Park), E. T., E. J., K. II.,

A. II., and

WORTH.-Lieutenant. S. H., killed in action in

France, 22nd August, our friend and fellow worker, "Syd."  

Duty done.

-(Inserted by his fellow-workers, mantle and underclothing departments, Beath, Schiess and


WORTH.- Killed in France, on the 22nd August,

Sergeant Sydney Herbert, dearly loved and only son of the late Rev. W. S. Worth and Mary Worth, of 42 Maud street, Geelong; and brother of Mrs. Pete Merton (Ararat) and Lillian Worth (Benalla), aged 27 years. (Late of Beath, Schiess,

and Felstead.)

YOUNG. On the 31st August, died of wounds in

France, Sergeant Frank Harold Young, beloved eldest son of George Young, of Queenscliff, and the late Mary Young, of Winchelsea. Aged 21


His country needed him.

YOUNG.-Killed in action, in France, on the 20th

August, after 2 years' service; was.also in the landing at Gallipoli, Sergeant Alfred Thomas Young, beloved only son of Alfred and Elizabeth Young, 22 Wilson street, and Junction Hotel,

Moonee Ponds, grandson of the late Thomas Charles and Margaret Young (Essendon).

YOUNG.-On the 31st August, died of wounds In

France,, Sergeant Frank Harold Young, formerly of R.A.F.A., Maribyrnong, beloved brother of Fci-g., May, Eva, Ella, and Mary, aged 24 years. Till Uic day breaks and Uic shadows fleo away.


in of



ARMYTAGE.-On the 18th September, at Foster,

Edith May, dearly beloved eldest daughter of Edward and Agnes Armytage, and sister of Jessie, Ella, and Hazel,, aged 11 years and 9 months. ,

BRACKEN.-On the 15th September, at Warrnam-

bool, Catherine, the beloved wife of Laurence Bracken, and eldest daughter of Denis and

Catherine O'Mullane.

BRAZENOR. -On the 21st September, at his re-

»idcitcc. "Severn," Carlton street, Ballarat West, William Brozcnor, architect, in his frith ycai>, a. colonist of 59 years.

CHALMERS.-On the 10th September, at Uic resi-

dente of her mother, 81 Spencer street, Essen- don, IJlian Jessie, beloved youngest daughter of Margaret and the late John Chalmers, uged 14 years. (Interred privately.)

CORRIGAN.-On the 20th September (suddenly),

at the Children's Hospital, Mark Albert Lydion, the infant son of T. L. and L. M. Corrigan, Brightou road. Dandenong, late of North road. Caulfield, aged 1 year 5 months. (Interred pri- vately.)

Safe in the arma of Jesus.

DARK.-On the 17th September, at private hos-

pital, Eost Melbourne, W. A. Dark (Wattle), of Sorrento, dearly beloved husband of the late Rose, and father of Edith and Vera, and loved brother of E. J.* Dark,.L: Cottier, C. Dark, SI. White, A. Skelton, K. -Johnston, II.* Dark; also, dear mate and partner of Oamcs Skelton.

Passed peacefully away.

DELLALA.-On the 14th September, at Raglan,

Matilde Paolina, third daughter of Lorenzo Del- lala, aged 2 years.  

'Tis sad to see the empty chair,

And miss the face we love so well; Our grief is hard to bear,

Harder far than tongue can tell.  

Gone to her heavenly home.


DRAPER.- On the 22nd September, at Launceston,

Tasmania, Philip, the dearly beloved husband of M. J. M. Draper, Launceston, Tasmania, aged 84   years; also loving father of Marie (Mrs H. A.  

Miles), Ethel (Mrs H T. Herd), Jessie (Mrs. Dixon), Maude (Mrs. G. Parris), Robert, also Stewart, Albert, Philip, and William (on active service); also loving grandfather of Zoe, Belle, and Melville Herd, Jack Parris, Dorothy and little Adrian Draper.  

Peace, perfect peace. -(Adelaide papers please copy.)

ERKET.-On Uic 21st September, Mary, beloved

wife of Joseph Erkot, "Traverston," Su Arnaud,

aged 73 years. It, I. P.

FARMER.-On the 22nd September, at the residence

of her mother, Susanna, widow of the late Vi. Farmer, Mccrae'street, Bendigo; dearly beloved daughter of Ann and the'late James Bell, 359 Barnard street, Bendigo; loved sister M A. Leahy (Heidelberg), E. Bell (Kalgoorlie), and L. Rich- ardson (Footscray), ._. .

FORBES - On the 10th September, 1916, at Nar-

randera, after a brief illness of double pneu- monia, Richard (Dick), the dearly loved hus- band of Mary Forbes, and loving father of Ronnie and Lorna, aged 37 years.  

FORBES - On the 10th September, 1816, at Nar

randera, after a brief illness of double pneu- monia, Richard (Dick), the dearly loved son of R. and M. Forbes, Narrandera, and loving brother of Mrs. Joe Stewart, Albury, aged 37 years.  

FORBES - On the 10th September, at Narrandera,

N.S.W., after a brief illness from double pneu- monia. Richard (Dick) Forbes, late of "Leon- gatha," aged 37 years R.I.P.

GRANT.-On the 21st September, at the Melbourne

Hospital. Annie (Lil), dearly beloved wife ol W. II. Grant, aged 28 years.

HARWOOD.-On the 17th September, at his resi-

dence, 20 Uancast street, Malvern, William, the beloved husband of Ellen, and father of Will, Bob, Charlie, Nellie, Harry, and Frank, in his 60th year, A colonist of "0 years. (Interred pri ? vately on the 18th, at St. Kilda.)

HOLMES.-On the 12th September, 1010, at Laun-

ceston, Tasmania, Frederic Holmes, chemist, loved brother of Mrs. S. j; Anglor, Bastings street,


JACOT.-On the 17th September, ' at private hos  

fiital, Edouard, sou of ,M, und Madame Jacot, ate of 13 Les Envers, 'Le Loclc, Switzerland, husband of the late Florence (Flora) Jaeot.

KIRBY.-On the 19th September, at her residence,

"Wyseworth," Howlong, N.S.W., Jane, the be- loved wife of Frank Kirby, and dearly loved mother of Frank, Charlecs, Joseph, Richard, John, Frances, Jenny, Mary, and Annie, and twin daughter of the late James and Alice McCoy, Goulburn River, Kyabram, a native of Mel-

bourne, aged 72 years. R.I.P.

KNOWLES.-On the 17th September, at his resi-

dence, McPherson street, Horsham (suddenly of heart failure), Edwnrd Knowles, the dearly loved husband of Margaret and father of Edward (on active service), Mrs. Byrne, Wartook; Mrs. Todd, West Brunswick; Mrs. Miller, Pimpinio; Mrs. Riley, Horsham; Mrs. Kilner, West Brunswick; Fulton, Horsham; -Archie, Serviceton; Mavis, Horsham; and the late William, Cecil, and Olive;

aged 60 years and 2 months.  

LAWRENCE.-On the 19th September, at Hcidcl

berg, dearly loved father oft'jril (on aotivt service) ami Mrs. Cadby, aged ntl years. (Interred privately.) Ncvv'Zcalund papers please copy.

LAYFIELD.-On the 21st September, ot her rest*

dence, Hunter street, Euroa, Margaret, dearly beloved wife of Thomas lilyfield, and loving mother of Nellie, Patríele, Daniel,. William, Mrs. I*. Southcott, Mrs. W. Blaney, Mrs. h. Ewart, and Mrs. F,' Kinnear, aged 00 years.

Passed peacefully away,

MILLIS.-On the 21st September, at his residence,

"Tasma," Fulconer street, North Fitzroy, Alfred James, the dourly beloved husband of Laulsa Miliis, and loved eldest son of Alfred anl Fanny MiUls, of Brighton, formerly of North fitzroy. Interstate papers picas-e copy.

Peace, perfect peace.

MORCE.-On the 11th September, at Bendigo (from

tubercular). Eileen Elizabeth, dearly beloved eldest daughter .of Thomas.and Elizabeth Moree, of Sorrento, aged 13 ¿cars 3 months.

NICKLESS.-The remains of our late beloved

father, Enock Nickless, who died on the 13th August,' IMS, at 23 Robinson's road, Auburn, have been rcinterrcd in the Melbourne Ceme- tery, Friday, 22nd September, 1010.

' God saw when his footstep faltered,

And his heart grew tired and weak,. So He bude him rest for a season, -

.For the pathway had grown too bleep.

Gone, but not forgotten.

-(Inserted oy lils fond daughters and son, Eve- line Dixon, Pardoe Jennings, H. M. Nlcklcss.)

O'HALLORAN. -On the 21st September, 1916, at

his residence, 003 Jiicholson street, North Carlton, Denis, dearly beloved husband of Catherine O'llal loran, beloved father of W. J., II. .1., and A. B. O'Halloran, Mrs. M. Fagan, and Mrs. W. McSpeerln, grandfiither of 11. D. and Sheila O'Halloran. R.I.P. (Interred privately ' in the Coburg General Cemetery, Sept. 22.)

PRATT.-On the 18th September, ot his residence,

Clarkson street, Sebastopol, James, the dearly beloved husband of Catherine, and loving father of David, aged 74 years.

At rest.

ROLFE.-On the 0th Aw-uit, killed in action in

France, Private Ernest Morton, eldest son of - Mary Rolfe, Mariebcc, North road, Gardenvale,

and the late Morton Rollo, and grandson of the

late E. S. Parkes.

RYAN.-On the 22nd September, 1910, at lils resi-

dence, 8 Norman street,- Coburg, John Patrirk Ryan, of Emu Hotel, Carlton, beloved hrisband of Nellie, und beloved father of John, Orlando, and Janies Ryan, second son of M. F. and Maty Ryan, brother of James, Port Mellxinrne railway, Frank, and William (lyon, and the late Mrs. M. F. Har rington, Bairnsdale, Mrs. Taylor, Nora, and Phillip Hjnn, aged 51 years. R.I.P.

STATTERS.-On the 15th September, nt her son's

residence. Base, South Gippsland, Margaret, re- lict ol the late Luke Slatters, Coburg, loving mother of John, Annie, Mrs. It. Thornton, Joseph, and Ht-nry, in her 00th year; arrived Melbourne, 1850, s.a. Royal Charter (maiden trip). (Privately interred Coburg Cemetery, 10th September, from the residence of her son-in law, 24 Anketell street, Coburg.)

A patient sufferer at rest.

STEVENS. -On the 22nd September, at "IA

Pacotille," 42 Stewart street. Brunswick, Ar- thur Edward, dearly loved third son of Robert ond Agnes Stevens, aged li years.

At rest.

STEVENS.-On the 22nd September, at La'Pacot-

ille, 42 Stewart street, Brunswick, Arthur Ed- win ii, MON «I brother of Stanley, Olive, Id«, Herbert, Clifford, Dorl.-, Erie, and Mrs. Shepherd

(Agnes), itffed M years.

Safe in the ¡inn* of JcsitB. -

STORER.-On the 22nd September, at Melbourne,

Mary Lav ina Storer, No. 27 Geelong road, Koot* scray, relict of the late Tom Storer, uged 1"

*» ears.

VICKERS.-On the 22ml' September, suddenly, at

the residente of her nephew, Mr. Percival (J. lennox, Coburg, of broncho-pneumonia, Eliza- beth, beloved wife of the late Isoar Vickers, for- merly of Bendigo, and loved mother of Daisy, Mrs. P. H. Yibert, of Subiaco, W.A.; Herbert T., of Malvern; and Ernest !_, of Subiaco, W.A., in tier 77th year. (Private Interment, Boroon- dara Cemetery. Kew.)

? B|r*M*d are the dead which die in the Lord,


2nd WALL.-On the 24th June, 1010, at hi« residence, ger Coolina, near Limerick. Ireland, Jame» Wall,

l.vnj the beloved brother of P. I. Wall. ,_ "Î1 ? ; My lost brother.

. H.I P. .

WEARNE. -On the 16th September, Hilary Dease, the loved joungcsl daughter of J. Henry   'lit.' "O'1 ".""nil hearne, of 12 Regent street, Ascot idle! "'"'O' amI ,mtti nim °' **«? .'? C. Ilentlej, of

Brixton street, Flemington, ond Mrs. II. Tutt, I of Sassafras, uged i jears and 11 months.

WHITTY.-On the 21th September, at Auburn,   lory I Warmatta, the residence of her brothcr-in law,

V.V. j Johanna, the eldest daughter of the Jatc John P.

and Margaret Whlttv, cf Boosey Park, Kauuiu

tlte. R.I.P.

WILSON.-On the 21st Scplcmhcr, at the resi-

dence of her son in-law, A McC. Braithwaite, Barkly «trect, St. Kilda. Sarah M , relict of the lote milhun Hilson, of Sjdnej, in her 80th year ' (Privately interred)

WRIGGLESWORTH -On the 20th September, nt

hi» residence, "Olinda," Stratford, William , David, the dearly loved husband of Christina,

Gladys, and loving father of little Dorothy, anil jouugest son of W. A Vi rlgglcsworth, of Avon Pork, Stratford; aged 28 jears.

_"Lead, kindly light."


BRIGGS.-In loving memory of J. J. Briggs, who

died September 23, 1910, at 23 Bridport street,

Albert Park,

The eternal God is our refuge, and underneath , are the everlasting ann«.

-(Inserted by hi» loving wife and sons, V. W., II, and F. S. is.)

COX. -In sad and loving memory of our darllng

Edith, who died at Bendigo, 24th September, 1915; also our dear Ted, who died May 15, 1911

So loved, so mourned.

COX - In loving memory of my darling friend,

Edith Mary ("Dedi") Cox, who died at Bendigo on September 24, 1915  

Rest in peace.

-(Inserted by Will C. Kelly, Glenferrie.)

DAVIES.-A tribute of love to tlic memory of mv

dear grandmother, who fell asleep September 23, 1015, nt Wright» street. Prahran.

Tliere is »weet rest in heaven.

-(Inserted by A. and L. Wall, Highton- Gee- long.)

DOWNING.-In loving memory of my dear father,   who passed away 24th September, 1913.   m_4 Peace and rest, dear lather.

After this world of strife,

God lias taken jou from us,

Home to a happier lile.

I think I tee his dear old smile,

Although three years have passed. And in my memory »till bo lives,

And will until the last.

-(Inserted by hi» loving daughter and son in law, A. and W. Cockerill.)

FARRAR.-In loving memory of Private Albert

Farrar, 21st Battalion, Olli Brigade, Ulled in ac- tion at the Dardcnelles, 24th September, ISIS.

Departed for u season, calmly sleeping night

and duj,

In the quiet, unbroken silence of a battle field

far away;

Beneath the summer's shadow, and beneath the

winter*» sky,

All alone he Iles, awaiting the summons from

on high. -(Annie.)

FARRAR.-In kindly memory of our fellow mern*

her, Private Albert V. Fanar, who fell at Gallipoli, September 24, 1915.

Never the lotus closes,

Never the wild fowl wakes,

But a soul goes out to the east wind, That died for England's sake.

-(Inserted by the member» of Um Kongwak Tennis Club.)

GABRIEL-In ever loving memory of our dear

father, Robert, chemist, who departed this life at South Yarra, September 17, 1803; also, our . dear mother, Helen, who departed this life at

Annadale, September 24, 1011.

So dearly loved, so sadly missed.

-(Inserted by their sorrowing children, Robert T. Gabriel and May Minims.)

GREEN.-In loving memorj of my dear wife and

our dearly loved motlicr, Margaret Louisa Green, who passed away at "Hamilton Villa," Mildura, on September 24, 1012. ,

Dear Is her memory, long may we cherish

All her sweet lessons of patience and love; Virtues and graces like hers never perish;

But shine brighter far In heaven above.

-(Inserted by her loving husband and famllj'.)

HOUSE.-In Bad and loving memory of my dear

wife and our dear mother, Amy House, who passed away on the 24th September, 1015.

Thy memory prized is more than gold; A mother's worth cannot be told;

Her loved ones now, who miss her here. Will always hold her memory dear.

liso -(Inserted by her loving husband and daugh live tere, Ermyn and Phyllis.)

. Ie» IEVERS -In loving remembrance of Mary, the

beloved wife of the late CouncHlor William levers, who died nt Mount leven-, Rojal Park, Melbourne, 24th September, 1S08

May her soul rest In peace.

JAMES-In sad and loving memory of my dear

husband. William Henry James, and loving father of Beatrice, John, and Dnvid, who was accidentally killed on 21th September, 1015. (153 Malvern road, Molvern.)

JOHNSON.-In loving memory of mj' dearly be-

loved husband and loving rattier, John Johnson, late of Victoria Villa, Cubltt street, Richmond, who departed Uils,llfo 20th September, 1914.

He Is alwoys in our thoughts, I

It is -weet to speak lils name; In life we loved bim ,dearly,

In,death jve do the .same. , ' ' J

So fondly loved, so sadly missed.

-(Inserted by his loving wife, daughter», and son.) , i '

LEES.-In loving remembrance of my dear hus-

band and our dear father, Thomas Lees, who died at Evergreen, Tarwin Lower, on the 22nd September, 1005; also, my dear son and our dear brother. Thomas Lees, accidentally killed at Sandown Park on the 18th September, 1910.

Still with us in sweet remembrance. Dwell the souls that secmcth dead.

-(Inserted by his loving wife and family, mother, brother, and sisters.)

MARRISON.-In loving memory of our dear father,

who passed oway at Moonee Ponds on September ill, 23, 1015

''Í8 We miss vou mo«t who loved j-ou best.

n -(Inserted bv his loving daughter and son,

Ariuduc and George.)

IIAYBLLE.-In . lov ing remembrance of mv dear

mother, Hannah Mnybllo, who departed this Hie at Montefiore House, 49 Rathdown street, Carl- ton, 23rd September, 1801.

Gone, but not forgotten.

-(Inserted by her daughter, S. A. Davies, and grandson, J. E. Patton. Sydney papers please


MAYO.-In loving memory of my dear wife, Marian,

and our dear mother, who departed this Hie on September 2.1, 1915,

Call not back the dear departed.

Anchored safe w here storms are o'er; On the borderland we left her.

Soon to meet to part no more.

-(Inserted by C. M., Winifred, Ethel, and

Glad} 8.)

MeKAY.-In loving memo'y of my fondly loved

father, called home 28th March. 1902; mother, 23rd September, 1914; and brother, 23rd Maj,

1002. , ,

Sadly missed.

-(Inserted by loving son-in-law and daughter,

Box Hill.)

MEADER.-In loving memory of my beloved wife

and our dear little mother, who died 24th Sep- tember, iori. (Inserted by her loving husband and daughters.)

MOBBERLBY.-In sad and loving memory ol our

dear mother, who died suddenly on the 22nd September, 1015; also our dear fothcr, who died on the 13th June, 1013, at Richmond.

The shock was great, the blow severe, To part with those we loved so dear,

Only those who liave lost aro able to tell

The pain in our hearts nt not saj-ing farewell. However long our lives may be,

Whatever land we view.

Whatever jovs or griefs be ours,

Dear parents, we will ever think of jou. -(Inserted by their loving family.)

MORROW.-In loving memory of our dear son.

Corporal Norman II. Morrow, who wa« killed in action nt Gallipoli, September 24, 1015

s And with the mom those angel faces smile,

Which I have loved long since, and lo«t


-(Inserted by lils parents.)

MORROW -In loving memory of our dear .voungcat

brother, Lance-Corporal Norman Harold Morrow, who was killed on active service ut Gallipoli, September 21, 1015. *

And we, rcmoviil'so far,

Alternate,shines on them whose task is done -(Geo. II. and Lilian M.' Hunter.)

MORROW.-In loving memory of our

brother, Corporal Norman, II. Monow, who was killed in action at Gallipoli, September 24, 1915-(Inserted by r.M.H. aud A.H.I!., E. St. Kilda ) / '

NOBLE.-In ever loving memory of mj- beloved

husband and our dcur father, llcnrv Joseph Noble, who departed this life on the 23rd Scptcmhci

1011. » . ?

Kind uns mv husband and sincere. Faithful to me he loved so dear-,

ho fond of his children, the light of his eje; Loving tis ni! he, left us to die.

When wc recoil fond memories, dear, That cling to us from jear to jear, Of loving care and affection true,

Our thoughts, dear dad, arc nil of you. Only these few lines as a token

To a father who won respect and love:

But God thought the chain must he broken.

And took our dear dad io,His bnght home

above! "

-(Inserted bv lils loving wife and family, 70 Best street, North Fitzroy.) ,

PATTERSON.-in loving memorj of mv dear hus-

band and our dear father, Wm. Patterson, who passed nvvaj September 23, 1012, ,nt his resi- dence, Ramelton, Toolamba.

Asleep in Jesus.

-(Inserted by his vvifc und famil}.)

PATTERSON.-In Bad and loving memory pf i

dear father, who passed peacefully awnj at his residence, "Ramelton," Toolamba, on 23nl Sep-

tember, 1012.

Asleep in Jesus. Peaceful rest.

-(Inserted by his loving 'daughter and son-ln law, Alice lind 'Jim Bitcon, "Lame," Too-


RÄNDLE-In loving memorjj of mj- dear wife

and our dear mother, who left us sudden!) 12 months ngo to-day, iot "Northcote; also, her friend, Mrs. A.'Bohinejcr, who died the same i!»>, nibo at Northcote.

Some day we'll understand

-(Inserted by her loving husband and daughters, Aubiini avenue, Nortbcote.J

SMITH -In loving memorj- of our near au

Harnett Emma Smith, who passed nwiy

Karecb. Kooyong road, Toorak, September 23, 1011. (Inserted by her loving nieces )

THORNKIL-In loving memory of mj dear hu«,

land, nnd father, who died 22nd September.


-(Inserted bj lils loving wife and fjmlly.)

TIPPET.-In affectionate remembrance of Lieu«

tenant Harold Freeman Tippet, 24th Battalion, who fell at Lone Pine, September, 1015. "There Is a victory In djlng well

For freedom-«nd ye have not died In vain


-(J.A.S.)._ _


WHITE.-In lovlnsr memory of my dear husband

and father, Citarles .Tamps, who passed away at Moonee l'omis, 23rd September, 1013.

Dear dad.

Sadly missed.

WILSON.-In lovin memory of dear father, John

Alfred, who fell a^epp _*3nl -S'iitenibrr. 1D15, at private hospitil, Melbourne, aged bl $uiw.

At re-»t.

YOUNG.-In lot (np memory of our dear mother,

who ms*«ed away on 22nd September, 2909; nl«o, our dear father, who died on 2nd July, 1013, _j»t Prahran.

Sweet to remember, tliobc who once were neir. And who, thoiißh absent, still are just as deat ; Itcinembercd, loved, though jears onward sail. -(Inserted by their loving daughters, J. and M. Y nuns.)

YOUNG,-In loving memory of my dear mother,

who passed away at Prahran 22nd Scpteinhtr, 1903; also my dear father, 3rd Julj, W13.

"Ile givcth his beloved bleep.'*

-(Inserted by their lo\in(r daughter, Beatrice, wn-in-Iaw, anti grandchildren.)


IKV1N50HX.-Mr. T. LEVIXSOHX and* Family

J return THANKS to their many friend« for k(nd expressions of BJ m pat hy in their recent sad bereavement, especially Dr. Newman Morris and the staff at "Lancewood,'* for their unremitting atten- tion._"Donar" Victoria rd_, Auburn.

Kamilv offer their heart's CÎILVT1TUDK to all their friend« for their kind sympathy in their bor-

row. OS Gatehouse strt-ct. Parkville,' i

ins convejed to them their expressions of »yin fa thy by card, lettirs, telegrams, visits, tlioy And

t impossible to THANK all jwrsonally, and re- quest all kind friend* to accept this intimation of sincere gratitude for sympathy in tlie sad be- reavement of their beloved and only son, who nobly fell fighting for King and country. "Del-

wood," Abbott st

," Abbott street, Sandringham.^

express their heartfelt THANKS to their many friends and relatives for Und expressions of e> ni pa thy, aud for lette» st telegrams, and cards extended to them in tbeir recent pad bereavement In the loss of their loved son and brother, Edward James Delaney (killed in France, 3rd July). Metropolitan Farm, Werribee.

Mr. and Mrs. J WENSOR wish to THANK their

many friends and relatives for their kind ex- pressions of sympathy, and for letters and cards received by them in their recent s ad bereavement in the loss of a dear brother, Pte H. Bulman,   killed in France in July. 4 Harding street, Ascot-


M tí. and Mrs. W. J. WEST and Family desire to

express their sincere THANKS to their many friends and relatives for their kind expressions of s>mnathy, letters, cards, and telegrams, during their recent sad bereavement. Hill street, Haw- thorn. _________

" express their sincere THANKS to tl-clr relatives and kind friends for visits, cards, and letters of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement sustained by the death of their beloved wife and mother. "Kiora," Bay View road. Burwood.


T S\ G

ley, tender their heartfelt THANKS to tlie many friends, ltlehmond Council, and clubs, for their expressions oí sjmpatby and condolence with them in their late great lois._ _ MU. and Mrs. J. WHITE desire to THANK L-.

kind friends for vlalts, cards, and letters of sjmpatliy; also Dr. Base, Dr. Anderson, and the nurses at Uic hospital for kind attentions during their daughter's illness._ _

turn THANKS to their many hind Iriends for their letters, cards, telegrams, wreaths, and flowers, and cxprcslsons of sympathy in their recent ead bereavement. C7 Cobden st.. Kew._

wish to THANK their many kind friends tor their expressions of sympathy in their recent 6ad bereavement. . _ _ MHS. O'NEIL and Family, of 520 King ^treot,

West Melbourne, desire ta return their sincere THANKS to their many J,ind friends and relatives for their sincere kindno-s convey ed to them by personal visits, telegrams, cards,-and letters of sympathy in their sad loss, sustained by the death of their beloved son and brother. Denis Joseph, who fell while nobly fighting for bis King and country on 4Ui August, W10._R.l.l*._ MltsTPOWELl/and Family, Min'M. J. Powell,

desire tD THANK their many friends for tele- grams, letters, cards, and personal expressions of svinpatby in their recent bereavement; especially thanking Dr. Bennie; also employees, of Messrs. Aronson and Oo" Sir. llobson, for the excellent manner in carrying out the funeral arrangements. 74 Freeman street, North Fitzroy._

THANKS to her many kind friends for. their jincerc expressions conve}Cd to lier by personal vHts, telegrams, cards, and letters of sympathy in the sad loss of my dear husband, who WUB hilled in France while nobly lighting for his Kins and country, July 19, W10. 3 Fuussctt street, Albert Park^_'_.

MliS.-'w. BIUJCE anil Miss nruce sincerely

THANK their many kind friends for expres- sions of sympathy, letters, cards, floral tributes, in their recent sad bereavement of her hufibaud, and brother William; also special thanks to sisters and nurses of No. 4 Ward, Melbourne Hospital. 15 Empress road, E. St Kilda._-^

many kind Iriends for expressions of sympathy in letters,'telegrams, cards, visits,and itoral tributes, also the Rev. Mother Redress and Sisters of St. Monica's and the Itcv. Father MeKenna, in their re- cent sad bereavement, the loss of her bon, George Davis. 32 Daisy strect,_Essendon._

pathetic letters, telegrams, cards, and their many floral tributes received from them during their recent sad bereavement. 119 "White Horse road, Dox Hill. ,

Lund Family desire to return THANKS to the A.M.P. Society, Mr. Tongc, also many kind friends, for expressions of sympathy in their sad loss, A. H. Darker, who fell while fighting for King and country.

_._, . .. ... _ street. South Yarra, desires to THANK her numerous rela- tives and friends for visits, canis, Jotters, telegrams, nnd expressions ol~6*,nipatby during her recent sail ...... -. _,_ ,- ...-ot the Alfred

MBS.~ MCNALLY and Family desire to THANK

their many friends for their kind expressions of sympathy, letters, telegrams, cards, and floral tributes received during their recent sad bereave* moat. Ferntree Gully road, yotting Hill._

PURBRICK.-The Sons and""Daughter of the Inte ', -V"'

Mrs. E. rUIWIUCK, Coburg, desire to THANK " their numerous friends for kind expressions of Í y\

K> . Private Henry W. Spence. » ho was kil

nction in France, desire to THANK their ... . kind friends for vieiis, cards, und letters of sym- pathy received during their' sad bereavement. "Roseneath," Carrol street, North Holbourne.

rntlK Family of thejate Mr. EDWARD ARNOLD

desire to gratefully THANK their friends anil neighbours for their kind sympathy in their recent be**oavcmcnt._South rd., Brighton,

rpiIOMSCHf.-The Family of the late MAGNUS X WINWICK THOMSON desire to express their deep appreciation of the numerous tokens of sym- pathy, together with telegrams, letters, and curds received from the many kind friends during their sad bereavement; and would specially mention Drs. Ii. Tate Sutherland and A. V. Anderson, for their very kind attentions, and would also like to THANK Dr. Marshall (Scots Church) for the able and feel- ing woy, in which he, with the Ilev. P. Traplum, conducted the services._^^^ mOPPING.-Mr. jfTOPPINO and Sons desire to X express their sineerc THANKS to all kind friends and relatives for letters, cards, telegrams, and personal expressions of sympathy In the loss of their dear son and brother, Lynton, who died at sea on the 31st July. Florence street, Men-


TX'/ELLS.-The Ilrotliers and Sisters of the late V> HfiKRY 0. WKLLS desire to return THANKS to relatives and friends for kind expressions of s.v mpathy in their recent bereavement. Wells

road, Chelsea.


FALCKE.--The Friends of the late Mr. JACOB

HENRY FALCKE are respectfully invited to   follow his remains to the place of interment, the Melbourne General Cemetery.  

The funeral will leave his residence, 1 Hunter street. Abbotsford, THIS DAY (Saturday, 23rd Sep- tember. 1916), at half-past 3 o'clock.

JOHN ALLISON, Embalmer and Funeral Director, Head office: 94 Victoria street, Richmond North. Telephones, Central 1003 and 2038; Brunswick,


.... respectfully informed that her remains will he Interred in the Necropolis, Springvale.

The funeral will le-ivc her late residence. Clarinda road, Heatherton, THIS DAY (Saturday. 23rd inst.), at 2 p.m. .

_JAMES MILLIS are respectfully invited to foi

lo» lils remains to the place of interment, the Boroondara Cemetery, Kew.', '

Tlie funeral will leave his residence. "Tasma," Falconer street, North Fitzroy, -.THIS DAY/ (Satur- day, 23rd September), at 2 o'clock. t

R. ROBSON, Undertaker, Brunswick street, North Fitzroy. Tel. Northcote 618.      

REES.-Tho Friends of the late Mr. JACK REIS

are respectfully invited to follow his remains to their last resting-place, in tlie Burwood Ccmc

Tlie funeral is appointed to move from his late residence, Diamond Creek, THIS DU' (Satunlay, 23rd September), at 12 noon, arriving at the ceme- tery about 3.15.

Vi. IIIVIN anil SON, Undertakers, Heidelberg. Telephone Heidelberg 55.


_ Hotel, Carlton, arc respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Coburg Cemetery.

The funeral will leave his late residence, 8 Nor- man street, Coburg, on Momluy (25th September, 191«), at 3 o'clock.

JOSEPH ALLISON, Undertaker, Errol street, North Melbourne ('phone 751 Central), and Moonee Tooan ('phone 251 Aac6t),












hone anil

P.O. rnv Oin













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CorrK Hewn


«cid. word.


STEVENS -Tie Friends of Mr. and Mis, R. B.

STEVENS are rn»cUfu!!> invited to follow Hie remains of their dearly loved son, Arthur Edward, to the place of lntcnntiit, the Coburg Cemetery. i

The Is appointe) to leave their resilience, "La Pacotille," 42 Stewart street, 1-ast Hnin-ivick, THIS DAY (Sitnrih), 23nl September), lUpm.

JOHN ALLISON, Undertaker, Sydney road.


S TORI- II -The Friends of the late Mr«. MARY

LUINA WIRI li, relict of the lite Tom Storer, are rcpcclfiillv invited to follow hir ic muins to the place of interment, the FooUcray


The funeral is appointed to move from her res! dence. \"o 27 Geelong roid. Footscray, THIS DAY (Sat.irdaj. fceptcuilier 21, 1910), at .1 o'clock.

WtLThlt A. WARNE, Undertaker, 137 and 1S9 Barkly street, Footscray, 'Phone, No. 0 Footscray E-cliange._ *T\AYLOR.-Frlrnds of the late Mr. JOHN WIL X LIAM TAYLOR are informed that hi» remains will be interred in the lloroomlura Cemetery, Kew.

The funeral w11! mole from Spencer street sta- tion THIS DAY' (Siturday, 23rd inst,), on amval of train from Bendigo about 10.10

\S7ICKIIAM.-The Friends of the late Mr. DAVID >» M1CKIIAM are respectfully invited to follow

hi» remalli» to the place of interment, in the New Melbourne General Cemetery, Fawkner.

1 The funeral I» appointed to movo from his late residence, Nn 23 Shields street, l*lcmington, THIS DAY'tSaturday, 23rd tust.)' at 2 o'clock.

.ALFRED ALLISON, Funeral Director. Head office: 221 Victoria street. West _lrlbourne (ncjr M Uliam st.); Racecourse rd.. Newmarket. 'Phones, Central 960; Vient, 4flä,