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  • ronoch 17 Jan 2011 at 21:18
    Skeed - In memoriam. Earl Skeed's mother was Ellen (Nellie) Childs.
  • Glenice.Bayliss 2 May 2015 at 10:30
    William Francis MAZEY (Served in WW1)
    Parents Hilda Florence ANDERSON and David Francis MAZEY
    Born 9th February 1924 “Ellerslie, Terry Street Rozelle, NSW, Australia|||anyWords|||notWords|||requestHandler|||dateFrom=12290606|||dateTo=1945-06-30|||l-advstate=New+South+Wales|||sortby
    The Sydney Morning Herald – 23rd February 1924
    MAZEY (nee Anderson)-February 9, at Ellerslie Terry street, Rozelle to Mr and Mrs Frank Mazey a son (William Francis).

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AIKEN.-Februar) 12, at Men* private hospita! Bel

mont road, Mosman, to Mr and Mrs Clive E. Aiken

-a diughter

ALFORD - February 20, at the Crescent private hos-

pital, Manly to Mr. and Mrs. John W. Alford, Brooklands, Deewhy - a daughter

AVIS (nee Florence Davis) -February 19 at Nurse    

Slurroek a prliate hospital Drjnane Bondi to Mr and Mrs C. Avis Henrietta street, Kay erle)-a son   (Desmond Citarles)

BAILEY.- February 11 at Wycliffe Boundary road      

Jlomsbv, lo Mr and Mrs Wilfred H. Bailey-a son

(Geoffrey Ernest)

BARBER. (nee Myrtle Church) -Februarv l8 »t Nurse

Wurrock s print« hospital Drynane Bondi to Mr ?nd Mrs Harold Barber (late of Brisbane)-a daugh

ter (Valma Myrtle)

BARBER.- iebruary 22, at their residence Ollderbra»

120 Oood street Gram Hie to Mr and Mrs "ft Barber-a daughter (Patricia Margaret)

BARRY-Fehniarv 8 at The Gables (Nurse Wills)

Murdoch street Cremorne to Mr and Mrs Barry, of

Cremorne Junction-a son

BEIRNE.-February l8 at their residence Teralba  

Beaconsfield street Alexandrin to Mr and Mrs E. Beirne-a son (Kevin Joseph)

BENHAM.- February 12 to Mr and Mrs Benham  

thei Nous Loch street Campsie-lu in sons

BENSON.- 1 ebruury 26, at "Sun» Sturrork a priyato  

hospital, Drjnnne lion li, to Mr and Mrs O W Benson Tho Beaches Bondi-a daughter.

BLAKEY (nee Doris Bevan) --February 12. to Mr and    

Mrs S Blake) Parramatta road, Strathfield-a son

(Stanley Day Id)

BYRNE.-January 11, at Paddington, to Mr and Mrs    

Willum B>nic-« duughtci (Marjorie Esma)

CAHILL (nee l-sme Kelly)-February IS, at Walmer

I ruste hospital Marrlckyilla, to Mr and Mrs J J Cahill-a son (f'ionia« James)

COLE (nee Smith) -February 20, at Nura« Lewis .  

hospital Willoughby, to Mr and Mrs. Frank Cole   of Willoughby-a daughter (Marjorie Mary)

CRAMP.-February 11, at Montrose Hospital, Bur-    

wood, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cramp-a daughter   (Norma Stafford), English papers please copy.

DOUST.- february 20 at Brooklyn Prisate Hospital

Kogarah to Mr an! Mrs K W Doust-a daughter

(Muriel Phyllis)

GAMMELL (nee Lily FIHB)-February 10 102«, at  

Nurse Cameron a priiate hospital Punchbowl to Mr and Mrs H. W. Gammell-a daughter

GATES.-rebruarv 11 at Point Piper, the wife of A    

t Gîtes of Cliffdale, Parkville-a son

HADDIN -Jiminrv 2S at their residence 103 Victoria

avenue WiUouglmy, to Mr and Mrs J. H. Haddin

a daughter (June Jo) ce)

HALES.-At Duntroon prhate hospital Sydney to Mr    

pi d Mrs E J Hales ot East Maitland-a daugh


HANLON (nee Edna Ridley)-February 10 at Sea

cimbe I'rlyite Hospital Drummoyne, to Mr and Mrs. h, C Hanlon-a daughter

HENRICK.-rebruarv 0 at ClMunnk Neutral Bay

tlie yilfe o| J. O. Henrick HA College-a daughter HILL.-1 obruan 15 at Walmer prhate hospital Mar    

ricky] le to Mr and Mts H. P. Hill-a daughter

HOLLAND.-January 28 at St idnionds private hos  

pltnl hil ty\nod to Mr and Mrs H W Holland a son (\lfrcd Henry).

HULL (lein Hunter)-February l8 at Baillie street  

lim tie) s P-iint to Mr and Mrs Bruce Hull-a daughter (Patricia Hunter)

HYLAND (nee Minnie Tower) -January Î7, to Mr  

an 1 Mrs Ernest Hyland of Palmerston Fourth »treet,   South Ashfield-a son (Thomas Edwin)

ISMAY (nee Katie Elliot) -February Hi at Nurse

Dawson s prhate hospital to Mr and Mrs Fred Isms)-a baby girl (Kathleen Elliot) (Survived 19

h urs)

JEFFERYS. - January 23 at War Memorial Hospital,

the wife of Robert Jefferys, Darlinghurst - a daughter

(Betty Winifred). Both well.

KEVIN (nee Bertha Frost) -February 5, 1924, at  

Nurse Henderson's private hospital, Waverley, to   Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Kevin -a daughter (Mary Elvie). KIRKPATRICK (nee Dorothy Collins) -February S at

Nurse Kitson s prhate hospital. Campsie, the «Ile of J. H. Kirkpatrick-a daughter (Dorothy Grace).

LESTER (nee Alleen Lacey) -January 20, at Dalkeith  

privóle hospital, Melbourne, the nile ol Roy Lester

of * daughUr

LOVE.- February 10 at 0 Illiliwa «treet, Neutral Bay    

to Mr and Mrs G C. Love-a eon

McCURTAYNE.-rcbruary 5, 102«, at Willoughby, th« wife of Albert McCurtayne, of ? son

MAHER.-January E at Nurse O'Neill's, Chatswood    

to Mr and Mrs W H. Maher, Artarmon-a daugh


MAZEY (nee Anderson)-February 9, at Ellerslie

Terry street, Rozelle to Mr and Mrs Frank Mazey a son (William Francis).

MERCIER.-December 28 to Mr and Mrs F. J.    

Mercier, Concord road, North Strathfield-a daughter

(Beryl June)

MERCIER.-January 20 at Bethesda hospital Richmond

Vic to Mr and Mr» J. F. Mercier, Werribee-« «lauster (Valda May)

MORRIS - To Mr and Mrs GOD Morrl«, Briarcllff«

Glenbrook-a aon (John Douglas)

MOSELY (nee May Bryant) -february 10, at St

Hollcr s prhnlc hospital Randwick to Mr and Mr» B A Moscly-a daughter (Gwenda Mary)

NICHOLSON.- r»brnnrv 10 at Nurse Reids private  

hospital (15 *i Ictorla street Waverley, to Mr and Mrs W V Nicholson-a son (Hornee Saluer)

O'BRIEN (nee Olive Moon). - February 8, at Nurse  

Stephen's private hospital, Granville, to Mr. and Mrs. L. O'Brien - a son (Leaumont George).

PARKER.- February S at Nurse Packam'a hospital    

E| |ili g to Mr and Mrs Charles Parker, of Bridgy

street I ppiiig (late of Haberfield)-a «on (William


PARLE.-Februar) IS at Cooinda hospital, Neutral  

Biy lo ilr an! Mrs Harold Pirie Aeneas Lennox street, Mosman-a son (Eric Harold)

PATERSON. 1 cbrunry 15 at Coolndi prhato hospital        

"Neutral Bl , to Mr and Mrs Colin A. Patcrson

n sou

PYLE.-February 3 at Nurse Plcrcy's prhate hospital  

Homebush to Mr and Mrs L P)le, Coventry-street, "?Homebush-a son (Allan Bruce)

RUSHBROOKE.—February 14, to Mr. and Mrs. E. Rush-   brooke, Tres Bon, Gracemere-street, North Strath-    

field—a son (Robert Ernest).  

RYAN.-Fehruary l8, at Dr Jamieson's private hos    

pital, Cairns, the wife of W. J. Ryan, Babinda,

Queensland-a son

SHEEHY.-Fetrunrv 8 «t Button prfyate hospital      

Wigrniu rond Glebe Point the wife of 0 L Sheeh), Aicadla road, Glcbo Point-a diughter.

SHIELLS (nee Gertie Hawkins)-January 15, at  

Rho lesln Apsley street, Penshurst to Mr and Mrs 11 Shlclls-a daughter (May!» June)

SIEPEN (\ G Day les)-February « at Nurse Brady's  

prhate hospital College street Drummoyne, lo Mr nn I Mrs N J Slcpen of Lenore street-» »on

SILSBY.-I ehruarv » at Nurse Tones'« private hos-    

pita! Glade« Hie lo Mr and Mrs A D Siltby-a

diughter (Ruby Martha)

SLATER.-1 ehrnary 1« at St Clare'« private hospital      

Car) streit Waverley, to Mr and Mr» W Slater-a

non (1 rcdriek Leslie).

STIRLING.-Juman 12 it Rangoon Burma the wife    

of Gilbert \ Stirling ol a daughter (stillborn)

THOMPSON (nee Nellie Pollard) -January 27 at Nurse

1 homi sns Aberdare road Cessnock to Mr awl Mrs Cjrll riiompson-a son (George Stile»)

TOFLER (nee Samuels) - February 19, 1924 at their  

residence, 75 Paddington-street, Paddington, to Mr.       and Mrs. L. J. Tofler - a son.

TULLOCH.-Inmmry 11, at Clho hospital North fe)d

ney tho yyife af Law ronce Tulloch, Belmont roa I Mosman--a son (Donald Stewart)

VANE neo Costa)-January 31 at her mothers resl

deine Salina I ayvson street Paddington the wile of A 1 \atie-a sou (James Allen)

WATSON-rebruarv IB, 102«, at High street, Liver  

pool to Mr and Mrs John Watson-u sou

WELCH.-1 ebruary 20 at Ashley Wool and Larkin  

streets Bay Road, to Mr and Mr« li 0 Welch

a daughter

WHITEHOUSE (nee Fssle Pierce) -February 13 192«      

at Mona priyate hospital to Mr and Mrs T II

IN hlUhousc, Clilheroc, Reid Park, Mosman-a


WILSON (nee Joseph) -V cbrunry 22, at Mena private  

hospital Mosman, lo Mr anl Mrs. \\ B Wilson

a son

WOOD (nee I Isle McKlnon) -Februarv 3 102«, at  

Westcourt private hospital I arramatta lo Mr au 1 Mrs rrolorlck 0 Wood of Jenola Wentworthville -a iliuOilc- (Jcnn Pamela)

ZIETSCH (nee Doris Tuckey) -February 18 at Nurse  

Grant's Private Hospital South Grafton, to Mr. and     Mrs. W. J. Zietsch -a daughter.


ARMITAGE-MACNAUGHTON.-lmiiary 0 1011 at SI

Steflin s Church Phillip street Sydney by the Rev A Ihnin Anderson Moderator of Hie Pre«b)terian Assrmblv Irecmin Inines el 1er son of the late Janies Hardy Armit i-c of D miinihcnl Station nn 1 Mrs, \rmlt mc ->t Si lue) to Mnrcurct Mielnren elder du iel ter of Mi and Mr«. Donald Macnauglvton,

of Go for 1

ASTRIDGE.—MACKENZIE. —At St. Stephen's Church,          

Phillip-street, on Wednesday, January 23, 1924, by       Rev. Ernest Ferguson, Eric Sydney, son of Mr. and     Mrs. F. W. Astridge, of Terranora, Valley Heights,   to Linda Bolton, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs.   David Mackenzie, of Weemala, Bexley.  

BARNES-CATTLIN.-January 5 at St lamcs's Church  

of 1 nglnid Mali ern Mctntln Begin lid 0 eldest son of Mr uni Mrs I linn! 0 Barnes of Sydney NSW to I ena y um est dniichtcr of the late Mr ami Mrs Idiyard Cattlin of 1 Mern« li k Metoriu

BLACK-CARTER.- February 2 Wt al St Stephens    

Fresbi terian Church Phillp street ty the Hei lohn Fereiifon liuncs el lest M II if Mr nnil Mrs 1 Blink

of llurstyllle to stella Mu youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs T II Cirter of Hmhilck

BLACKWELL-HARVEY.-February 19 1924 at St        

Hilda's Church Katoomba by the Rev P J Evans     Louis Buckland Blackwell, CE, of Newcastle, son of the late Thos E Blackwell M Inst C E Eng land to Frances Annie, the onlv daughter of Mr   and Mrs Frank Harvey of Katoomba, English and   Canadian papers please copy.

CARTWRIGHT-WRAY.-Jnnunry 23 IP»« at St «He    

»hen a PI Ililli s reit bv Hey I A Verguenn trcil

erl k Bli hard sec mil eldest son of the lute Mr und Mrs Hilliard Cartwright of Ciookwell to Atnie Kicon 1 d nighler of Mr and Mr« Josci h T W ra) of North S) lui) nn I lito of Cr ni in Is Oiookwell

CUTHBERTSON-NASH.-Diieinler -4 Sin ml Hean    

f) ireh Mosman W inlfre I Mon i third ilnuchter of Mrs Mu«lo Nash OuiDali Cremorne granl laugh ter P H mil lite Mis Terry Hay, Parramatta to "Re», (Dan) Outlil crlson M inly

EAGLE-FORBES.-slaiuarv 1 in« at St lulus  

DflilliiKlmrfl 1} Roi Canon Bick diaries Dull eon of Mr nuil Mrs 1 hollins líos» ] of lut

ney Liiklnnl to Hlsnbeth Intile (llcltr) el tot daughter of the late Mr and Mrs lil" uni Forbes

of bummer Hill

GODLEY-FARRANT.-Tumiun 2« In.l at tin Metho      

dist Hunch HoekdMe b) Hie Hey Innes Willi nu Lead!) Ralph Hamilton )ouugest son of Mr uni Mis William Collei of Umba Ben II ) 1 rou I "Neutra* Hil to Stdlt Opil (lill I mellier of Mi «nil Mrs llirr) ran ml of rain 0 Kalina) Btreet


GOSBELL - GRACE. - January 19, 1924, at St. James'

Church, King-street, by the Rev. T. F. S. Russell,   M.A., Charles Albert, fourth son of the late Captain     J. W. Gosbell and Mrs. Gosbell, Bayview, Rushcutter Bay, to Kathleen Noelle, second daughter of the late     Major H. Grace, V.D., and Mrs. Grace, Wonbobbie,         Old South Head-road, Waverley.    

HOLLINGTON-SAVAGE.-l.minr) r 10 i it Hie Rise      

vllk Congregational ( linn li bl the Kel \ I Campbell, B \ irate», I i >ri,e llnltim,con ul Ol ila wiod to Lue) Miry *-uyai,e f Ho lillie

MASLIN-MILLS.-iel mar lb ni st II " i" ., I Ininti        

Caiysonlu Neis Syiutli Willes li, tim Hey I in i

Chiimpion J inn s Irelcrlik the yum gc t son of the late Mr and Mrs lohn Maslin Bund ile n S nth Australia, to Alice Iii niton «.lillr daughter it the lite Mr ml Mi«. W W Mills Ni mool uni hi

punda, ra nth Australia. Utlbouruo aud Adelaide w« pu_« »w. ,


LETCHFORD-BARNARD.- January 28, 1021, at St  

John's Church of England, Ralmain North bv the Reí O I I) Manning, Stanley F C Letchford, eldest son of Mr and Mrs C Letchford, GUIInghsm, lient, Lngland, to Laura O Barnard, eldest daughter of Mrs C Barnard onrt the lote Mr Frederick Bur nord of Bal nain Gillinghall! papers please copy MENKEN-DANIELS.-January fi, at St Tohn's Parra    

mattn, Alma Mar,, joungert daughter of the late D-ivhl Daniels and Mrs Boyd, of Ciwro, to George Edward MenXen Parramatta ,ounf,ist «on of the lite Theodore Menken, of Dornuni, German,, and Mr». Menken, of Portsmouth England

O'SHEA-ANSCOMBE.- l.murv 19 1924 at Mount    

Carmel, hv the Rev Monslgtior Collins, Patrick Daniel O Shea Paddington, «fcond son of Mr D O'Shea County hern, Klllamc, Ireland, to Catherine Mary (Mollie) only daughter of Mr and Mr* lunts Vnicombc, of /ctland

ROBINSON-MASON -February 6, 1024, st  

Michael's, Church of Fnglatid, Darlinghurst by the Rev V E MorriB, James Fdwnrtl Rollinson cf Canowindra son of Mr H O and the late Mr» Robinson Birkenhead, England, to Fthel, daughter of the late Mr S O Mn»on and Mrs Mason, 15 Irfc street Randwick

ROSS-BECKETT-laimsrv ID 1924 at St Clement's

Church, Marrickville bv Archdeacon Martin, Cecil Spencer youngest son of lot« Geo Ü. Ross and Mrs Ross, Alva, Marrickville to Merlyn Merfleld, second diuijhter of Mr and Mrs O J Beckett, of Salopla Marrickville

TURNER-SWIFT -January 26, at Methodist Church,

Epping, Alma Swift, to David James Turner.   ZIMMERMAN-THOMPSON -January 30, at St.

Stephens, Phillip street by the Rev. Hugh Paton, William Victor, second son of Mr and Mrs Carl     Zimmerman, of 246 Blrrell street, Waverley, to Doris Elsie, second eldest daughter of Henry and the late Ethel Thompson, of Ilfracombe, 670 Old South Head road Bondi.


CALLACHOR -February 20, 1924, at Lane Cove House

(private hospital), John Joseph Casimir Callachor, of Lyndhurst Douglas-strcet, Petersham, and late of Western Land Board Office, Sydney, aged 66 years Dearly loved brother of Charles I Callachor Requieseat in pace (Interred South Head Cemetery,

21st inst)

COLEMAN.—February 18, at the residence of her  

daughter, 110 Cameron-street, Rockdale, Miriam,   relict of Spencer Coleman, daughter of the late Charles Wesley Saxby, in her 71st year.  

CORNWELL-February 20, 1924, at his residence

Tentant*, Stewart street. Bathurst, Abraham, only surviving son of the late Abrahom Cornwell, of Rich mond, N a\V Interred at Kelso

CROCKER -rebiuory 22, 1924 at his residence, Rall

way Hotel, Grenfell, Samuel Crocker, late of Sjdney. CROCKETT -February 14, 1924, at Lewisham private

hospital, John Joseph, doaily loi ed husband of Ada Cruckctt, and beloved father of Eileen and Jack.

DYETT.- February 21, 1924, at Le Chalet, Barry-

street, Neutral Bay, Sydney, Matilda Caroline Dyett

beloved aunt of Vivian and Quita Bernard, aged

79 years. At rest.

EDWARDS. - February 22, 1924, at his residence,

143 Flood-street, Leichhardt, William, dearly be-     loved husband of Mary Edwards and father of Kate, Warburton, Annie, Marie, Nellie, Barton, and Lena (formerly, manager, Goodlet and Smith's Pottery, Surry Hills).

EVENNETT.-Fehruary 22 1924, at their residence, Can      

berra, Jersey road. Woollahra, Matilda Jane, wife of Walter William Evennett, aged 70 years

FISCHER -rebruary li, 1924, at hi» residence, 81

Railway street Rockdale, frederick Michael Fist her, dearly beloved husband of Rose Fischer, and father of Ruby, Edgar, Leslie, Edward, Mildred, Alii, and Bernard, in his 04th year. RIP.

FLOOD-rebruary 22. 1924, st Sacred Heart Hospice

Darlinghurst Alfred, beloved husband of Mercy !. lood, aged SO years RIP.

GARLING -February 22, at Gilgandra, Arthur Frederick

Garling, beloved husband of M. C. Garling, and father of Mrs Burke. Glen Innes, Arthur B., Neutral Bay, Lois, Milton, Audrey, and Jean.

HORTON -At her residence. Sloane street, Goulburn.

Catherine, beloved wife of John Horton and mother of Harry, Boy, Jack, Stella, Bernice, and Myra

ISLAUB.-February 21, 1924, at a private hospital,  

Leichhardt, Philip Reinhardt, aged 77 years.

ISLAUB.- February 21, at Leichhardt, Phillp Rein-

hardt, beloved father of Mrs. W. West (Daisy), and

Katie, aged 78

JIGGINS-February l8, at Prince Alfred Hospital,

Trank, beloved husband of Mrs L. Jiggins (nee Trainer). By request, no mourning

JIGGINS-Februorv l8, 1024, at the Royal Prince

Alfred Hospital, Camperdown Frank Ernest, of Ruth wyn, Mountford avenue, Guildford, beloved son in law and brother In law of Mrs Clark and family, aged 40 j ears

KING -Fehruary 2ft, at Sydney, V. M King, beloved

father of Mr« A W HebUiam. of Karara, in his 82nd

j ear .

KINGSMILL -At London (suddenly), Stanley, eldest  

son of the late Luke and Jean Kingsmill of Waver- ley, and loved brother of Jack and Valeria (Mrs Colin Anderson), of Blakealey street, Chatswood.

McNAMARA -At her residence Moeraki, 24 Wardell

road. Petersham, Mary, relict of the late T McNamara. R I.P.

MAGUIRE -February 22, 1824, at a private hospital,

Sydney, Maud, beloved wife of Charles A. Maguire, of Singleton, aged 40 years R I P.

MASON-Fehruary 19, st hi« residence, Fiona, Cope

land-street, Beecroft, Frederick Mason, dearly loved father of Mary Julian, and gra. Ifather of Frederick Julian and Vera Winter (nee Julian), aged 77 years

"Abide with me"

MASON -February 19, at his residence, Fiona, Cope

land street, Beecroft Frederick Mason dearly loved father of S J Baldock and grandfather of Mr« G It OM», Rockdale and Miss Ivy Baldock, aged 77 ¿ears Peace, perfect peace

MOLLER-February 14 1921, Marlo Jone, late of

Brighton Nurscrj, Rockdale dearly loved mother of Beotrtee Mr end Mr«. Jack Moller, »nd Mr and Mrs A. Ciilhll!, and grandmother of Lionel and Bettie, aged 72 years. Interred Woronora, February lOtli

MOI LLR -Februar, 14 1924 Marla Jane, dearly loved

mother of Mr and the late Mrs F Bramwell, of Rockdale, and grandmother of Lottie, 1 red, mid Jack, aged 72 jears At reit

MOLLER-February 14 1921 Mwln lane dearl, loved

sister of Mr anti Mrs J Smith, Rockdale Mrs C. A Même» Dahlia in, Mr and Mrs, J MCMIIIIIUB (VV A.), and Mrs Robertson, Lidcombe, aged 72 ytars

At mt

MORAN -At Sydney, Patrick Francis Moran, only be

loved son of Mr and Mrs Frank Graham, of 15 Alfreda Street, Coogee, aged 30 years.

MORRIS -February 22 1924, at R P A Hospita! Flor

rie Julian, beloved wife of William James Morris, of N S.W Fire Brigade, aged 60 years

NEAL - February 17, at Lismore, Hilda Ma,, aged 24

jeors, daughter of Mr» W. Neal, George street, Hurstville, and the late Mr VV. Neal, of Walgett

NEAL-February 22, 1924, at his late residence, 25

Hartley, street, Rozelle, Daniel Joseph, beloved husband   of Mary Jane Neal, aged 69 years  

NEVIN - February 22, 1924 at his residence, 47 Bent-

street, Paddington, William John Nevin R I P.

SMITH.-Fchruary 21, 1921, at Royal North Shore Hos

pltal, Beatrice, widow of the late Scrgt Harry Graham Smith, 220 Ben Boyd road, Neutral Bay, aged

4? jeors.

STERLING -Februorv 17, 1924, accldcntilly drowned

at North Harbour, Manlj, Thomas Brelmcr (lorn), dearl, loved eldest »on of Mm. Vlbcrt Sterling, of Hilltop crescent, Manly, and late of Gordon, aged 22 j ears

STOUT. — February 22, 1924, at St Joseph's Hospital,

Auburn, Amelia Maud, beloved wife of Thomas Stout, of Third Avenue, Hyde Park, Lidcombe, aged 60


SULLIVAN -Februorv 22 1921 at her residence 28

Judge street, Sidnc,, Ulrabeth, relict of the Into John Joseph Sullivnn, of Hie Rocks, S,dney, aged So


WEBB.—February 22, 1924, James P. Webb, beloved      

father of William, Rennie, Charles, and Trixie, aged 72 years (accidentally killed).

WESLEY-February 19, Alfred Alwyn (Phil), dcarlv

beloved son and brother of Mr. and Mrs. A. Wesley and family, of Queensland, aged 23 years.  

WILLIAMSON - rebruary l8 1923 nt her rosl  

d nee, Undercliffe Sitian widow of the Into George Williamson, of Port Glasgow, In her SSth jear Private!} Interred at Waverie} Cemeter,, 19th Fell



AGNEW.-In loving memory of my dear wife. Dora

who departed this life February 24, 1923

Oh for the touch of a vanished hand

And the sound of a voice that is stilled A vacant place Is in my home

Which never can be filled.

Inserted by her loving husband, A. Agnew

AGNEW.-A tribute to the everlasting memory of   m ydarling mother, Dora, who died February 24

1923 .

It's only, a grave, but it needs our care,

For my darling mother lies sleeping there for we who loved her only, know

How much we lost a year ago.

Inserted by her sorrowing daughter Evie, and little


BALL-In loving memor, of our dcor mother, who

departed Hil« life Minion 23, 1921. Insert«! b} lier luv Ing son, daughter In law, and grandson, Her bert I torrie und Vllnii

BALL.-In lovlim remembrance of my dear mother  

Km II) Ball, who died February 23 1921 Inserted h, her loving son and daughter In law, Will and


BERNARD-A tribute of love to Uie memory af

' Doodle" wife of Rupert nrrnnrd, who piisfeil away Minuiry 2J, 1923 Iroiii her husband, little so«, and mother Mrs Lodge "And peace be jours "

BROWN-In loving memory of ni) dear daughter,

Claro wini passed away I cbruury 23 1021 also my little grandson, Punclfl, who passed uvvu) leb mr) 27, VOM

So dearly loved so sadl, missed

Inserted h, her loving mother Clara Oladdie

BROWN.-In loving memor, of our dear sister. Clara,  

who pissed awii) Mirum 23 1921 Also our little nephew Trnnels who pnssed away Fcbriiin-, 27,


VVc loved them bit God loved them best

Inserted b) hei loving sister and brother in law, Rub, and Geo

CARTER.-In loving memory of our dear mother,    

Christina who fell asleep February 21, 192J

If ive bul our dt-orr-st wish fnlfllled,

And all enth s tri wires too

Or chouse from hcivcu whut'er we could.

Dearest nunn we would u«k fir you

Inserte 1 hy her lov Ing son und daughter In law les and limn and grandson (ceil

CARTER.-In lav ii - memory of niv denr mother, Olirit    

tina I irtci who departed (lils lift 1 iliruor, 23. 111-21 Insirlid li, htr loving son daughter In Uw and grnmU hllriren

CARTER.-In lov tug memory of my dear friend Chris    

tina Curler, who deported this life (-rhrimr, 23 1023

Deirlv loved sally missed

Inserted h, her loving friend, Millie Swanson

COX.-In loving incnioiy ol our husband and father,  

(.corgi lunn Is Co\ died sudlenl, 1 thruir, 20,

1 H2 age 7«

CURRY.-In living mern wv of in, drir husband, W11  

lum ulm pusse I nvinv Ithiii-irv il 1922

How we ml«-, his lov ¡mr footsteps Vs uiuunl the bonn hi roiined, We lined him, so uc nil's him.

He w is Hie sunshine of our home Inserted li, his loving wife liivini

CURRY -In hiving mein irv »t ««r dear father and  

griiudfither win pis>td u»uv Mimai) 21, 1U22

Tust II mein in fond and i nie

Dear dad we will ilvvuvs think of you

lnsirlid bv his lov lue- son uni iliiiighttr In law Claude and Minnie and grandchildren        

CURRY.-in loving nu mon of ni, denr father an I    

l,rii Ifitlur who du uri I this life I el ruin 21 10°2 Inwtnl bv his son an I daughter VV 111 and IHsy

FURBANK.-lu mil uni luvlic: nieniiy ol tu) dein      

wile and our leur ni iher Mun 1 Honor I urhai k who departo I this life 1 ebniarv U lUftS In sorted b, her lovlnc husband mil children

GIETZ.-In loving memory of my dear mother. Anne,    

who departed this life February 23, 1923. Inserted by her loving son, Ted.



HARRIS -ti, loving memory of my dear husband,

G 1 Harris who died Februar, 24 1894 lovingly remembered siwa) s Inserted by his wife, J


HENNESSY.-In loving memory of our dear daughter  

and sister, Marguerita (Moggie), who died Fcbi-uarj 23, 1923, aged 22 jears

We mourn for ,ou, dcai Maggie,

But not with ontwaid »how, lor those who mourn sincerely

Mourn silently and low

No sympathy Ia Heeled now,

Your caree are al! «t rest

And vy e are lonely here to day

God knows we did our best

Inserted bj her loving parents brother« and sister Annie, Mr and Vlrs Robert Hennessy and famllj. Tara Ivy street Randwick also brother and sister in law, Mr and Vlrs E. Honnrssv, and famll,, Rand


HENNESSEY.-In loving memor, of my dear friend  

Marguerita (Maggie) llennesse,, who passed away on

February 21 1921

Der cheerful »a, and smiling face

Vre treasures to rec ill

She hid n Undi, word for each,

Vnd die I beloved bv nil

Inserted b, her slneerc friend Charlie

HICKS.-In loving memor, of my dear husband William  

Thonns whi | issc 1 awi, Fcbmiry 23, 1923

V shidovv rests upon m, home, I mlw his smiling fiec

Where er I turn where cr I look 1 sec his v icunt place

Inserted hy his loving wife, Vlargaret

HICKS -In loving memory of our dear father and

grandfather William Thomas, who passed away Febru

ar, 23 392.1

A cherished memory of a father dear, Is oft recalled by a silent tear

Inserted by his loving children and grandchildren

HOGSFLESH.-In loving memory of William Thomas  

who departed this life February 21, 1923

Come unto Me all ve that are weary and heavy

laden and I will give you rest

Inserted by his loving brother, Harold.

HOGSFLESH.- In sad remembrance of William Thomas  

who departed this life, February 28, 1923. Inserted by his sister.

HYNES-In loiliig memor, of James Hynes »ho died

february 24 1914 Inserted by his loving mother,

brothers, and sisters

JOHNSON -In loving mernot) of our darling mother.

Maud Annie, wno departed this life February 24,


A loving mother, true and kind,

No friend like her on earth we'll find,

rhoughout our lives, in nain or pleasure, Forget }ou, mother, we shall never

Inserted by her loving children, Ethel, Stanley, Lional, and son In law, Claude

KNIGHT.-In fondest memory of my dear mother and  

grandma, who fell »sleep February 23, 1924, nt her home Glen Iris Wardell road, Dulwich Hill Happy arc we who can soy we loved her and did our bett Inserted b) her lonely daughter and grandma. Florrie

and Enid Schofield

KNIGHT-In loving memory of our dear mother and

grandtm Mary Jane knight, who passed away Feb

ruary 21, 1923

No space of time io lapse of years

Can dim our dear mother's past, A loving memory hold« It dear,

Affection holds It fast

Inserted b, her loving sun and daughter in law, Art-ui ond Nell, also grandsons Harry and Jock Knight

LALCHERE -In loving memory of our darling mother,

Agnes McCrae Lalchere, who departed this life Feb- ruary 24, 1914. Inserted by her loving children,

Charlie, Arthur, and Harry.

MCCORMACK -In sad memory of my dear Norman, who

died 1 ebruary 23, 1023

With tears I saw him sinking,

I watched him fade away,

And my heart is endly aching

lor my darling Norman today

Inserted by his loving mother, E Mccormack

MCGREGOR -In loving memory of our dear mother,

Agnes McGregor, who died February 24, 1001, aged »

years Sadly missed

She live» with us In memory still

Inserted by Mrs and Mt J Court, 21 Park street, city McKENZIE.-In sad but loving memory of our deal

mother Sarah, who passed «way February 24, 1022

At early mom when all was still,

God gave His great command, In silent peace mother passed

Away into a better land

God is good, He glveth u» strength,

To bear our heavy eros»

He is the only one who knows

Our loneliness and loss.

Inserted by her loving daughter Lítale, son, Tom, brother, Nattle, and friend, Maggie 1

McLEAN -In lov ing memory of our only son snd

brother, Willie who was run over by a motor .bus I ebruary 23 1923, aged 10 years 11 month»

But those who never felt the blow,

They do not know the pain

When a child coes out In perfect health,

And never comes home again

Never forgotten by his loving father, mother, and

sister Vickie

M'LEAN -In loving memory of our dear grandson and

nephew Willie who fell asleep February 23 1922

Not gone .from memorv not gone from love j

But gone to hi» Pother's home above

McLEAN -In lov Ing memory of our dear nephew, Wil-  

liam David McLean, who passed away February 23,


Far and oft our thought» do wander

To a grave not far «wa.

Where they laid our little Willie

Just two years ago toda)

Inserted by his uncle and auntie, Mr and Mrs J. A


MARGETTS -In loving memory of my dear husband,

Henry who passed awa) at Coast Hospita!, February

23, 1023

I watched him suffer night and day,

It caused me bitter grief.

To »co him »lowly pine away,

And could not give him relief. To look for cure was all in vain But God above, He knoweth best, Cured lils pain and gove him rest Insert«! by his loving wife, Mary

MARGETTS -In loving memor, of my dear father,

Henry Murgetts who passed away February 23, 1923, at Coast Hospital, aged 43

.Ti« nice to remember my father.

And this is his wish, I know, lo remember him for ever,

No matter where I go

Inserted by hi» lev ing daughter and «on In law, Florrie and Jack, grandchildren, Daphne, Beverly,

and baby Jack Tom«

MARGETTS -In sad hut loving memory of my dear

brother. Ham, who departed this life February 28, 1023, after ii long illness

If I roiild have clasped lils dying hand,

And bade him a last farewell,

It would not have been so hard to part

With a brother I loved so well

Inserted hy his loving sister, Eva Lauder, and niece.


MERRICK-In loving m'mory of my dear husband

who passed away February 2.1 1920

A painful shock a dreadful blow, Oh Som dear I miss ,ou so Inserted by his loving wife -die

MILLER -In sad and loving memorv of our dear father

and grandfather, John I eyden Miller, who departed this life 1 ebruary 24 192.Í Inserted by his loving son and daughter lohn and Ida, and grandchildren. Pen.}, John, Thelma, Joyce and Elsie

MULLER- In loving memor) of ni) dear ton and  

brother Willdamar (Wal) who passed to a brighter home above Miruar, 2i 1023

Till we meet again

Inserted bv his lu ing mother sister«, and brother« MURPHY.-In sad and loving memory of our dear  

son and brother, Andrew Murphy, killed while shunt ing, at Mungindi, late 7th Light Horse, brother of late Pte. Murphy, killed in France. Inserted by his loving parents and sisters, brother. R.I.P.

ORAM -In loving memory of ni) dear husland J J

(Jack) Orani ]jto of N S W 1st S African Congt, died Miruar) 23 1900 at Masard Orange River, SA , age I 3<i v cir» Sadly missed E E Ortttn Katoomba O'SULLIVAN -In loving memory of my dear mother,  

who passed away February 22 1920 Inserted by her ,nungest «on Bernara

PEARS -In ever lovln_ memorv of my dearly loved

«on Randolph Dunreath Pears (surgeon oentlBt), who dipurtcd this life Miniory 21 1922

Sadly we miss von and try not to grieve

A little while longer und we too »hall leave To meet you dear son on that beautiful Rhore

Where life s mun) troub pa an I sorrow« are o er

Inserted b) lils loving mother, M Pours, Heather brae, Coogee

PEARS.-in loving mernot) of our dear!, loved brother,  

Randolph Dunreath Pears (tuition dentist), who departed this life I c1 ruar, 21 1922

At the gates of liciten he will meet us

With lils Mini sweet smile

We are only parted, Randolph dear,

Just for a little while

Inserted by lils loving sisters, Janet, Edith mid

I iliun

PEARS-A loving tribute to the memory of our dear

brother and uncle, Randolph who p.isse<l luto the higher lite February 24 1922

lu the bloom of life God claimed him,

In the pride of his manhood du) s None knew him but to love him

W ho spoke his mime 1 lit in praise

Inserted hv loving I roth M und sister, Jack and I-Hie, and nieces Doris ami Lorna

PEARS-In loving memory of dear brother, Randolph

Dunreath Piar» who departed this life February 24,


As we loved you so we mt»s you

In our memory von ore dpor

loved remembered lunged for alvvu)s,

lhrnue,h the long two weir, )ears

Insetted by his lovlnc; sister and brother In low, C1« and Albert Vtockee

PEARS.- lu sud but ever loving mi-inor, oí my dearl)

lovell brother, Randoloh who passed into tho hlghci Ute Februar, 24, 1022

Hie many happy Hours we spent

When we four brothers were together But oh how snd li all is now,

One brother ^one lo- ever

Inserted by lils lui ing brother Harold (Loots) Pears PEARS-In loving i icinur, ol oui dear brother und

uncle Itindolph who pissed uwiiv I eumur, 24,1922

Just os his life was the brightest,

Just us lils litpes were tile best

He was tailed from this world of trouble

Io a home of heuiitltnl rest

Inserted h, lils loving hruther and sister In law Sid and Stello nlso nieces Ci ral mid Stell»

PEARS.- In loving mentor) of our clever old pal II D  

l'cars It D b , who pushed awa) Vebruary 24 192' Sadlv missel b) lils oil frltnds Dr Henderson and

Coi a

RAINEY.-lu sod but loving nie m ry of our dear bro      

(her mil uncle Arthui (Dun) Haine,, lite All

wlo passed avvu, beb -i 19- Love und rem m Primee hist for cur ltiscittd Iv his loi Ing sistu and biothei inluvv, itephiws an I nleee

RAY.-In loving memory of my dear wile Vt-ronliu  

Josephine und infant son whu departed this life

Mruiirv 24 1921

bo sudden was the call, dear wife uni bah), 1 thoutht we would be ulwujs toaether, Thit God would not ask us to part.

But death laid it» cold hand upon )OU And nearly broke my heirt

My footsteps often wander to a grave not far away, Where they 1 Id m) darling wife and baby

lust one i ear »go to day

Nit gone from memorv not gone from love, But gone to our Father « home above A broken link In loves golden chain

That God w 1 mend when «a meet again

R 1 P Inserted by her loving hu»band and lils

father Will

RAY.-In loving memor) of my deor daughter and nur    

sister eronica Josephine and grandchild -ml ne phew who departed this life Miruory 24 1923

Our hearts Just ache with sadness,

( e,es «heil many a tear,

God alone knows how we ml»< you

As it dawn the first sad )ear

Inserted e.) her loving mother, sister and brothers, Mar. Cool«), May. James, aud Joseoh,


RAY -In loving menton of my dear daughter in law

and our sister in law Veronica Josephine and grand child and nephew, y ho departed this life February 24,


Deep ft) our heart« He» a picture Of two yyho baie gone to rest

A painful shock a d'eadful blow, Oh, Ronnie dear, ne miss }ou «o Rest dearest Ron swcellv rest

Inserte 1 by her lovimr mother in "aw brothers ana sisters in !nw, Mrs Ra) Mr C Ray Mr anil Mrs A Ra) Mr and Mrs R Wnter« Mr and Mrs T Halls Mr and Mrs W Parkinson, nieces and nephews R I P

RAY.-In loy ing memory ot mv dear sister and sister  

In In» \eronici losephlne, and nephew, died February

2« 1023

Memories of her loving waya

Will linger with us all our davs

Inserted by her loilng brother »nd «liter In law Jam s and Mice Gooley

RAY.-In loy tug memory of our cousin Veronica    

Rnv who fell asleep February 21 1023 also her li by son U rest. Inserted b) loylng Aunt

Suiie and cousins

RAY.-In loy lug liicmor) of our dear cousin Veronica  

and bah), «ho passed uwav tebniary 2,4, 1023

Ho« ey er long our live« may be,

Whateier land we yiew,

Whateyer joy or grief be ours.

Dear Ronn) we «111 always remember you Inserted by her loylng cousins Doll and Olive

RAY.-In loving memory of my dear cousin, Ronnie  

who departed this life on February 2«, 1023

Just a« her life was brightest, Just ns her hopes were best

She yyas called from this world of trouble To the beautiful home of rest Inserted, by her cousin Vera

RAY.-In sod »nd loving memory of my dear friend  

Veronica Ray, who departed lilli life February 24, 1023, age 21 year«

A cherished memory of one so dear, Is often recalled by a silent tear

Inserted by her loving friend Gran Crittenden

RAY.-In memory of Ronnie and her baby, who died  

suddenly Februnry 24, J028 in her 21«t }car.

Day by day I think of the« Inserted by Alma Meredith

RICHARDSON"-In loiing memory of my dear husband

and our father Thomas Richirdson, who pasted away February 24, 1022. Inserted by his loving wife and family

RUSSELL.-In loving memory of roy dear daughter

and our lister, Emily, who passed away february

23, 10"0

Christ took her for lils sunbeam,

Four )eara ago today

In heaven ne will meet dear Emily,

In earth we II watch and pray

Inserted by her loylng mother and sisters,

RUSSELL-In loving memory ol my dear sister,  

¿nilly, who passed away February 23 1020

What happy days we once enjoyed,

When we were all together,

But oh hor changed it all is now

Since dear Emily has gone for ever Inserted bv her loylng sister Mar}

SCHOLEFFEL -In loving memory of roy dear bul

band and our dear father John Schlocflol who de paned this life February 24, 1018 Inserted by his Idling wife and children. Loving remembrances

last for evor

SEWELL.-In sad and loylng memory of our dear eon

»ni brother, Sydney yvho died suddenly, February 23 1020 Just a memory fond and true Inserted by his loving mother, father, sisters and brother

SEWELL-In loving memory of our dear brother and

brother In law, S)dnc), who died February 23, 1020 Inserted by his sister and brother In law, Daisy and

Leonard Morgan

SEYMOUR -In ever loving memory of roy »rife tnd our

dear mother, who departed thia life February 23, 18

No one knows the silent heartache.

No one knows the bitter pain

We have suffered since you left u»;

Home has never been the «am«.

Inserted by her loving husband and «on«, Frank and


SEYMOUR-In lovlnar memory of our dear mother,

who departed this life February 23 1018

Gone but not forgotten

Inserted by her loving son and daughter In law, Walter ...,,i -iad)i

SHEWAN- In loylng memory of (Captain) George  

Arthur Shewan, who passed away February 23, 1023, aged 74 year». ,

Rest on dear George,

And when my work is done I li come and rest with you Inserted by his loving wife

SHEWAN -In loving memory of our dear pop, also

dear brother, Jack, August 4 1801

Our sympathy not needed now, And happ) we »ho truly say We loved you all your life, And vou loi ed us the same

We stood beside our name, Pop, Till a call from heaven came

Inserted by his loving son and daughters, Bert,

Eddie and Fthel

SHEWAN -Just a memory lond and true, to «how,

dear grandfather sse think of you Inserted by his loi lug 12 grandchildren

SKEED -In loving memory of my dear wife Alice

Maud Skeed who passed away on February 23, 1923

Gentle in mind patient in pain,

My dear wife left me, Heaven to gain,

With actions so noble, generous, and kind, Few in this world her equal could find, Gone from memory not gone from love. But gone to her Father's home above.

SKEED -In loving memory of our dear sister and

daughter Alice Skeed (nee Kemister), who died Feb-

ruary 23, 1923

A flower in heaven

Inserted by her loving mother and sister, Fanny, also brother-in-law, David Gray      

SKEED-Alice (nee Kemister), died February 23,

1923, aged 25 years also her darling baby, Mavis.

Just a memory fond and true

To show dear Allie we think of you

Loved sister of Alf and Hilda Kemister, Liverpool  

SKEED -In loving memory of our dear sister, Alice

Maud Skeed (nee Kemister) who died February 23 1923. Inserted by her loving sister and brother- in-law, Emily and Robert Woodbridge.  

SQUIRES -In loving memory of my dear wife Clara

Isabel who departed thia life February 23, 1022

Not gone from memory, Not gone from love

But got e to a better home above

Inserted by her loving husband, Phillip J Squire«

SQUIRES -In sad and loving memory of our dear

daughter Clara Isabella, who passed away February

23, 1922

Fvcry word she uttered all her gentle way«, Haye been for eyer in our memory Since the hour she passed aivay Heaven's gates stood open

And a gentle voice said ? Como,"

And with a loving farewell Clara softly entered home

Inserted by her loving parent«, Mr and Mr» Mark


SQUIRES-In loi Inn memory of our dear daughter and

sister in law Clara Isabel »ho departed thl» life Februarv 23 10"2 Gone, but not forgotten Inserted by her loiing fither, mother, and «liter in law. Jim

and Alice and Hilda

SQUIRES -In loi Ing memory of our dear sister, Clara,

«ho passed away Februnry. "3 1022.

Just a« her life wis brightest,

Just as her hopes were best

She was called from this world of trouble

To tile beautiful home of rest

Inserted by her BUter and brother In law lucy and Herbert Mulcbn), and nephews, h rank. Vincent, and


SQUIRES -In fond remembrance of our dear sister,  

Clara who passed away telruary 22, 1922 aged 25

Memories of her lovlnir wa)«

Will Unger with us alUoiir days Memory like Hie h) cling».

Itserted bv her loi lug brother and «later In law.

Harold and I lorrie Fdw ards

SQUIRES -in loi lug memory of our dear sister, Clara,

who fell asleep February 23 102"

Memories of her loving we)s

Will linger with us all our da)s

Inserted by loylng bnther and sister in law Will and Flsie und little lisle

SQUIRES -In loylng memory of our dear friend Clara,

who wa« called lu me rcbruary 23 10.2

\ our end caine sudden Clara dear No thought of death yya« near

lou lind no time to say goodbye To some »ho loy ed )ou dear

Inserted I y her fi lends Mr and Mrs Les Shuttle

STEPHENSON -In loi Ing memory of my dear daughter

and our sister Annie mee Munro) yvho pissed a»av February 23 1018 Sadly missed Inserted by lov

Ing mother sister and brothers

STRATFORD-In loy Ing memory of our dear little

Olga who passed away February 23 1923 age « years

and 10 months

\ loy el) flower too beautiful lo bU)

God cilled her to heaven to leal us the wa) Sadlv missed h) her loy Ing parents

STRATFORD -In loi ing memory of darling lillie Olgi    

(foicy) who pa sel an ty I-cbnnry 2"! 1023 Lovlngl) remembered Insirted by Auntie Broun

STRATFORD-In lol Ing memory of our dear little  

niece O ga Mn) Stratford who imsscd awa) Tebru ary 23 1023

A bud In Heaven

Insert«! by her lui lug auntie s Maude and \ erona

STRATFORD-lond memory of our little friend

Olga ivho fell asleep I cbrunry 21 1023 A sweet angel in Heaven I die and Albert Hatfield

STRATFORD.-In loyin memory of my little  

plosinate »ho passed n«uv February 23 J02.1 In seitcl li) Jean Taylor lined by all «ho ki» 1er STREAT. - In sad and loving memory of our dear son,  

Charlie, who passed away February 24, 1913, aged

19 years.

In the old home you are fondly remembered,  

Sweet memories cling round your name.

The heart that held you in deepest affection

Always shall love you in death just the same. Inserted by his sorrowing father and mother, Charles- ville, Gipps-street, Concord.    

(For other notices under this heading see page 15.)


(For notices under this heading see

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