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218th AND 219th. LIST ISSUED.


Casualty lists Nos. 218 and 219 were issued

by the Defence department on Saturday.   They contain 1,734 names, the following     being a summary: Killed in Action:- Officers.  

8: men, 566. Died of Wounds:- Officers,      

8: men, 97. Killed by accident:-         Men, 1. Died Other Causes:- Men, 3. Wounded:- Officers 51: Chaplain 1: men     685. Missing:- Officers 10; men 271. Prisoners     of War;- Men 2. Returned to duty;- Officers 2; men 41.

The total Australian casualties are 64,392 comprised as follow:, _ Officers- Dead 634; wounded, 790, missing, 63; sick, 647; prisoner of war, 15; nature of casualty unknown 47; total 2,186. Chaplains- Dead 2; wounded, 6;         sick, 19; total 27. Nurses- Dead, 5;

sick, 60; total 65. Men- Dead 12,445;   wounded, 25,690; missing 2,987;       sick, 21,285; prisoner of war,     174; nature of casualty unknown.      

In the detail which follow,

unless otherwise stated, the rank        

is that of private:-              


VICTORIA.   ALBERT, Pte. A. Jung, 7/8/16.  

ARMSTRONG, L-Cpl. H. J. Carlton, 9/8/16 .    

ANDERSON, Pte. R. England, 11/8/16.   BAILEY, Pte. R. H. Burnie, Tas., 5/8/16. BARKER, Pte. A. H. Malvern, 4/8/16.    

BARNES, Pte. C. R. Middle Park, 6/8/16.   

BARNES, Pte. M. K. Adelaide S.A. 6/8/16.  

BEAUMONT, Pte. A. England, 16/8/16.          

BECKERLEG, Pte. R. Kalgoorlie, 16/8/16.     BENNETT, Pte. W. J. England, 7/8/16.     BICKLEY, Pte. J. England, 5/8/16.  

BLANCHARD, Pte. T. A. Chiltern, 9/8/16. BOAG, Pte. L. South Melbourne, 7/8/16. BROOK, Pte. W. Darlingford, 9/8/16.   BROWN, Pte. W. Geelong, 9/8/16.       

BROWN, Pte. A. W. North Melbourne, 9/8/16.   BROWN, Pte. C. W. Footscray, 19/8/16.

BRUMBY, Pte. E. G. Perth, 18/8/16.

BUCKLER, Pte. C. Wangaratta, 7/8/16.       BULL, Sgt. W. W. Clifton Hill, 26/7/16.       

BURNS, Cpl. A. East Malvern, 4/8/16.            CAELLI, L-Cpl. L. Port Melbourne, 10/8/16.   CALVERT, Pte. L. Middle Brighton, 11/8/16.        

CAMPBELL, Pte. H. Footscray, 12/8/16.     CARBERY, Pte. J. P. Ballarat East, 10/8/16.     COOK, Pte. P. Hopetown, 19/8/16,    COPELAND, Pte. J. Dandenong, 13/8/16.     CORRIGAN, Pte. J. Chillengullah, 9/8/16.   COVENTRY, Pte. H. K. Diamond Creek, 5/8/16.          

COXHELL, Pte. L. Mornington, 9/8/16.         

DAWN, Pte. R. H. Warrnambool, 15/6/16.  

DEAN, Pte. F. North Carlton, 6/8/16.     DEGNER, Pte. C. P. Richmond, 10/8/16.    

DOWIE, Pte. J. Miner's Rest, 14/8/16.         EDWARDS, Pte. L. Prahran, 27/7/16.

ELLIS, Pte. A. Carvoe, 8/8/16.

FARNAN, Pte. J. South Melbourne, 7/8/16.

FERGUSON, Pte. A. West Melbourne, 11/8/16.      

FLYNN, Pte. J. J. Kew, 5/8/16.     FOWLES, Pte. G. A. Marungi, 7/8/16.     FRETWELL, Pte. J. D. Caulfield, 19/8/16.       GALBRAITH, Pte. N. Taryoon, 9/8/16.

GIBSON, Pte. H. F. Ballarat, 30/8/16.     GILBERT, Pte. F. W. Chirrup, 7/8/16.   GOLBURN, Pte. F. R. England, 5/6/16.   GRAYLAND, Pte. J. Macarthur, 7/8/16.     GREATHEAD, Pte. W. E. Drummoyne (NSW).       16/8/16.       GREGORY, Pte. W. Windsor, 11/8/16.     GREEN, Pte. P. G. Brighton, 10/8/16.   

GREEN, Pte. T. A. Eastwood, S.A. 9/8/16.    

HALL, Pte. H. E. Windsor, 16/8/16.     HANDLEY, Pte. L. L. Wangaratta, 7/8/16.    HANLEY, Pte. C. North Melbourne, 6/8/16.    

HARDGREAVES, Pte. G. Wharparilla, 5/8/16.         HARRIS, Capt. F. W. England, 20/8/16.        HART, Pte. R. Long Gully, 19/8/16.     

HARTSHORNE, Pte. W. E. Williamstown, 10/8/16.           HAWKINS, C.M.S A.G. East Malvern, 6/8/16.    

HAYLE, Pte. F. T. Ararat, 13/8/16.     HEYWOOD, Pte. G. England, 9/8/16.

HOGG, Pte. J. T. West Melbourne, 16/8/16.     

HOLLAND, Pte E. J. Mordialloc, 7/8/16.      

HOPE, Pte. V. S. North Melbourne, 19/8/16.   HUNT, Pte. C. England, 17/8/16.       HUNT, Pte. W. Mt. Egerton, 12/8/16.

HUTCHINSON, Pte. J. Ballarat East, 5/8/16. INKLEY, Pte. L. England, 16/8/16.  

KEAN, Pte. G. C. M. Albert Park, 19/8/16.     KEMP, Pte. F. J. Box Hill, 18/8/16.  

KENNELLY, Pte. J. M. Port Melbourne, 11/8/16.   KENNELLY, Pte. J. M. Port Melbourne, 11/8/16.   JACKSON, Pte. V. South Africa, 5/8/16.  

JARVIE, Pte. P. A. Ballarat East, 5/8/16.       LAMB, Pte. R. A. East Richmond, 7/8/16.  

PAMPARD, Pte. G. T. Balmoral, 10/8/16.    

JONES, L-Cpl. R. A. England, 7/8/16. LAMONT, Pte. J. C. North Carlton, 6/8/16.          LAURIE, Pte. R. P. Collingwood, 7/8/16.     LE BLANC, Pte. C. A. Thornbury, 8/8/16.

LEVENS, Pte. C. A. Essendon, 16/8/16.         LEWIS, Sgt. H. Port Melbourne, 7/8/16.  

LOUGHBRIDGE, Pte. W. Murchison, 19/8/16.    

LOWN, Pte. C. R. Semaphore S.A., 7/8/16.    

MACKAY, Pte. F. Korumburra, 4/8/16.     MAHON, Pte. T. G. Kew, 14/8/16.         MALCOMSON, Pte. W. F. Abbotsford, 12/8/16.   MAYER, Pte. K. W. South Melbourne, 9/8/16.   MAYNE, Pte. G. M. Port Melbourne, 8/8/16. McCRAE, Pte. J. Colac, 5/8/16.

McCOOM, Pte. G. F. West Melbourne, 17/8/16.   McFARLANE, Pte. D. Casterton, 20/8/16.  

McKAY, Pte. I. W. Moonee Ponds, 7/8/16.     McKISSACK, L.-Cpl. W. Metcalfe, 7/8/16. MCNEILL, Pte. H. Scotland, 9/8/16.   

McWILLIAM, Pte. J. Riddles Creek, 11/8/16.   MEENS, Dvr. J. A. Kew, 9/8/16.  

MEMBREY, Pte. C. Northcote, 16/8/16.     MURPHY, Pte. J. V. Carlton, 7/8/16.       

NORWOOD, Pte. S. W. Cranbourne, 5/8/16. O'CONNELL, Pte. T. M. U.S.A., 10/8/16. O'CONNELL, Pte. J. Ireland, 5/8/16.

OHALLORAN, Pte. J. G. Somerton, 10/8/16.   PAIN, Pte. H. O. Newmarket, 5/8/16.   PAINE, Pte. C. F. England, 5/8/16.

PEACH, Pte. J. H. East Brunswick, 19/8/16. PEARCE, Pte. N. A. Surrey Hills, 10/8/16. PEART, Pte. E. L. Bentley, 1/8/16.

PHILLIPS. Pte. C. South Yarra. 5/8/16. POTTER, Pte. W. Geelong, 19/8/16.     

ST. PINNOCK, 2nd Lieut. C.C.D. Middle Brighton,


ROBERTS, Pte. W. LocksIey, 12/8/16.

ROBERTSON, Pte. G. Coleraine, 5/8/16.

RODWELL, Pte. W. J. St. Kilda, 11/8/16. ROGERSON. Pte. V. England, 5/8/16.

ROLFE, Pte. E. M. Brighton, 5/8/16. ROSS, Sgt..A. Raywood, 5/8/16.      

ROWE, Pte. H. W. Mildura, 5/8/16.   RUMBLE, Pte. J. Boolsrong, 19/8/16.       RUSSELL, Pte. F. Cohuna, 19/8/16.  

SECKOLD, Pte. P. North Fitzroy, 16/8/16. SMITH, Pte. G. Tarnagulla, 8/8/16.

SMITH, Pte. H. Surry Hills, N S.W., 5/8/16. SNlBSON, Pte. F. Ararat, 7/8/16.

STEPHENS, Pte. T. J. Brunswick, 11/8/16.     STIRLING, Pte. W. R. Geelong West, 5/8/16. STONE, Pte. S. W. Northcote, 16/8/16.  

STUART, Pte. J McG. Mirboo North, 8/8/16.   SUTHERLAND, Pte. K. A. Fairfield, 5/8/16.

TAYLOR, Pte. R. J. Malvern, 8/8/16.   TAYLOR, Pte. C. C. J. Oakleigh, 7/8/16.  

THOMPSON, Pte. J. S. Seddon, 20/8/16. VEALE, Pte. F. Bendigo, 15/8/16.    VENEY, Pte. W. Ireland, 5/8/16.  

VIVIAN, Cpl. T. J. Horsham, 19/8/16.         WEBB, Pte. G. B. Ballarat, 1/8/16.  

WEST, Pte. C. Hawthorn, 16/8/16.  

WHITE, Pte. T. H. Long Gully, 10/8/16.    

WILKENSEN, Pte. H. G. Wagga, 18/8/16.   WILLIAMS, Pte. A. U.S.A., 19/8/16.    

WILLIAMSON, L.-Cpl. E. Surry Hills, N.S.W.,


WRIGHTSON, Pte. F. C. England, 5/8/16.   YOUNG, Cpl. P. C. Caulfield East, 20/8/16.    

NEW SOUTH WALES. -Major T. P. Elliott,   Buala; Sgt. P. G Fryer, Bondi; T. C. F.   Evans, Campsie; J. M. Fitzgerald, Hornsby; C. H. Bradhurst, Drummoyne; Cpl. A. S. Adamson,   

Hay; A. M. Anderson, Scotland; O. Hellyer, Glebe     Point; H. Kuhlmorgen, Newport; G. Hebblewhite,     Bowraville; R. J Smyth, Pymble; Sgt. C. H. A.     Hart, Lithgow; S. H. Thorn, England; L-Cpl.     M. H. Smith, Coogee; W. Smith, Waverley; S.  

Ramage, Gladesville; R. E. Plenty, Bondi; H.     Mulligan, Waterloo; N. Sharoff, Port Douglas,      North Qld: H. M. B. Moore, Bathhurst; T. J. Lee, Lismore; J. Hammond, Pyrmont; G. E. Ford,  

Lockhart; A. J. Forsyth, Scotland; Sgt.   Cook, R. C. Creed, Hobart, Tas:. T. P.   Keating, Tatura, Vic: W. A. Wilhellam,         Miller's Point; Dmr-Sgt. J. C. Daniels, Burwood;        

J. J. Hodson, Chatswood; L. Warrington Goul- burn; W. Williams, England; J. Carey, Leich-   hardt; L-Cpl. A. K. Paton, Waverley; A. Shekell,

Ainrworth; W. G. Coward, Mascot; Dvr.   T. Vennell, Pyrmont; E. T. W. Bishop,     Glebe; R. Menzies, Balmain, F. D. Corkerill, Brighton (Vic.); J. L. Kelly, Helensburgh;    

J. F. Rutherford, West Wyalong; W. Hunt, West Maitland; G. L. Mitchell, Richmond: Sgt. J. P. Anstey, Junee; P. R. Richardson, Alexandria;     F. L. Murray, Glen Innes; D. S. Lincoln, Balmain;    

A. Gregory, Carlton; A. W. Godden, Newtown;   H. A. Daly, Goldburn; W. H. L. Byrns, Penrith;   A. N. Burrowes, Germanton; E. H. W. Bateman,         Tent Hill; S. M. Ramsay, Kempsey; C. R. Quinn,     Auburn; J. Poole, Wolloomooloo; A. S. Chalker,  

Kingsdale; J. S. Pepper, Dulwich Hill; S. W.      

Parr, England; J. H. Young, Paddington; B. Gib-     son, Yanco; L-Cpl. D. A. Fitzlan, England; A. H.   Pennanen, Finland; G. H. Jupe, Rozelle; N. L.       Sherriff, Rockdale; A. Church, Leichhardt; L.     Taylor, England; S. G. Prosser, England; T. C. R.   Lewis, Springwood: Sgt. A. Gale, Newcastle; D. H.

Bindoff, Petersham; Cpl. H. A. Browne, West     Tamworth; Cpl. V. Campbell, Nelson's Plains;     J. Boyle, Ireland; J. M. Walker, Dubbo; W. G.     Woods. Cowra; Cpl. S. F. Rose, South Africa;  

A. B. Jephcott, England; L -Cpl. T. C. Andrews,  

England; L-Cpl. J. A. Anderson, Scotland; L-Cpl.         A. J. Neilson, Nth. Rockhampton; M. M. Tremerry,        

Manilla; G. Wise, Rozelle, J. J. O'Brien, Glen    

Innes, W. Parkin, England; V. T. Cole, Enland,       L.-Cpl L. Gulley Hill End (v.) R. Hird Eng-         land; R. H. Rundle, Newcastle; S. H. Page, Eng-    

land; T. Nestor, North Fitzroy; H. T. Moroney,   Ultimo; J. R. McGuckin, Newtown; W. M. James,   Marrickville; J. W. Howarth, Randwick; A. F. Gilzean, Dulwich Hill; C. Beattie, Wyalong;        

R. E. Lotze, Furlstone Park; P. J. Stewart, Nar-         randera; C. Parker, Surry Hills; E. C. Hojel        

Tamworth; V. McGrath, Mudgee; W. F. Lavis,   Guyra: T. H. Bottomley, Waterloo; S. Clift, Eng-         land; A. W. Smart, England; A. Moore, Bulli; L. V. C. Foster, Uralla; E. O. David. West Tam- worth; J. Braithwaite, England; J. Cross, England;     K. B. Keller, Wagga; W. H. Cole, Mogriguy;   G. B. Smith, Nth. Sydney; M. C. Redwood, Katoomba;     A. F. Pearce, Ashfield; A. H. O'Brien, Toowoomba;     N. L. Tinscombe, Werrington; G. W. Smith, Lid-   combe; F. C. Rowland, Nth. Sydney; W. A. Miller,   Tullamore; A. F. Pearce England; R. Courtney,   Nth. Sydney; W. B. Stevens, Redfern; J. H. Cram,       Balgownie; M. A. Reid, Newtown; P. A. O'Keefe, Albert Park (V); H. H. Jones, Sackville Reach; Sgt. A. D. Nicholson, Dungag; W. Kneale, England;   J. P. Williams, Abermain; L-Cpl. D. McDonald,   Scotland; S. J. Morris, Nth. Sydney; F. Brown,     Cessnock; F. J. O'Brien, Gerringong; R. J. Drowell.       Nth. Sydney; F. De Boynton, Woodhill; T. C. Ballantine, Drummoyne; Cpl. L. P. Moore, Mosman; P. Wright, Inverell; Cpl. R. Webster, Auburn; H. C. Fowler, Summer Hill; D. S. Curran,   Nyngan, C. C. Christian, Ireland; A. D. Camp- bell, Little Billabong; C. V. Schmutter, Armidale;   R. T. Pickering, Auburn; A. D. Hotchkiss, Gran-     ville; E. E. Stevens, England; G. H. Walker,   Cootamundra; J. Wylie, Scotland; T. J. Lake. Old           Junes; H. Hay, Armidale; W. J. Bell, Pondmont; L. G. Kennedy, Sydney; T. A. Johnson, Hillston; J. M. Grant, Woodford-Leigh; T. Kiely, Dawes   Point; E. V. Barrow, Drysdale; W. Woodward,

Sydney; E. J. Swanson, Pyrmont; Cpl. A. Ben-     worth, Bathurst; L-Cpl. R. B. Buttons, Cosgor?;

R. J. Donovan, Syney; L-Cpl. S. W. Murray,     Tumut; O. T. Giddings, Artarmon; A. V. Mercer,       Sydney; H. W. Bucklane, Nurumburra;  

SOUTH AUSTRALIA. - 2nd Lieut. O. K. Law, Adelaide; Sgt. L. J. Hallifax, Parkside; L. Gar-    

diner, Burden; L-Cpl. J. J. Nelson, Wilmington;       L-Cpl. F. E. Nourse, Parkside; Sgt. R. Goldie,           Scotland; H. A. Francis, Unley; G. A. Graham,         South Broken Hill, N.S.W.: L-Cpl. J. G. Phillips, Ade-

laide; W. K. Olding, Norwood; F. W. Llyod, Pan-   yebree; L. Kloma, Prospect; Sgt. G. G. Jeeves, Mur- ray Bridge; A. K. Hughes, Gilberton, L-Cpl. J. G.     Heave, Broken Hill, NSW; L. F. C. Green, The-

burton; J. R. Graetz, Murray Bridge; P. Gilmar-     ton, Ireland; S. M. Dunbar, Petersburg; L. A. Bell,     Queenstown; L-Cpl. G. Bergin, Bursia; W. H.           Queenstown; L-Cpl. G. Bergin, Russia; W. H. Baker, Wayville; M. G. Calder, Catconville; F. S.     Brittendon, Brunswick, Vic; W. W. Clarke, Park-         side; E. Donovan, Claremore Park; Sgt.  

J. Dillon, Mildura, Vic: C. T. Dunbar,  

Subiaco, W.A.; F. Hewshey, England; A. Halkan,   Greece; E. H. L. MacLaren, Sth. Yarra Vic; V. R.  

Morgan, Wagin, W.A.; H. P. Rasmasters, Denmark;         K. C. Crusteendon, West Guilford W.A.; Car-         nock, Scotland; T. P. Shannon, Norwood; W.  

Moyle, Saddleworth; H. T. Kirham, Broken Hill;       C. H.Quintfell, Moonta Mines: A. F. Gardener,        

England; J. F. Devitz, ???; W. Evans, England;      

G. Nicholson, Cotterslowe; J. P. Langram, Hahndorf;             E. N. Lee, Nth. Norwood; W. G. Kloeden, Denial  

Bay; F. A. Howard, Mt. Gambier; Sgt. H. Keely,       Plympton; P. J. Drummond, Adelaide; W. R.    

Wriggleworth, Sturt; C. A. Clift, Jamestown; P.       Heaglehair, Mounta, Cpl. F. A. Stone, Rosewater;      

W. O. Tomlinson, Orange; A. J. Townsend, Largs   Bay; R. E. Wellington, Adelaide; F. Walburn,   Broken Hill, J. J. Wheeler, Adelaide; A. R. White,    

Thebarton; G. M. Wright, Merrystville; W. Rochen, Wolseley, Cpl. F. L. Riggs, Broken Hill; J. P.     Rogers, North Shore; Sgt. W. Suevewright, Bright-     ton; Sgt. M. J. Slevin, Unley Park; L-Cpl. S. S.  

Hambridge, Adelaide; K. H. Harvey, Prospect Hill;  

C. Hocking, Victoria Square; R. P. Ellison, Kalang-     don; F. Wright, England; A. G. Smith, England;   A. J. Phillpots, Adelaide; H. W. Osborne, May-   landa; J. H. Perry, Nth. Norwood; A. G. Norris,

Pemworthem; P. McLean, Seven Hills; A. W. Hobbs, Pinaroo; L. G. Morrison, Broken Hill;     L-Cpl. S. R. P. Lynn, Port Adelaide; W. L. Mad-        

den, North Adelaide; C. R. Moffert, Kensington; S.   Lane, Croydon;

QUEENSLAND. - 2nd Lieut. J. C. Murray, Towns- ville; L. De Chastrel, Mt. Morgan; W. McHenry,   Charleville; P. McGovern, Scotland; J. Kirby,

Mackay; W. B. Kay, Ayr; R. Johnson, Lismore;     W. L. Cage, Nambour; J. A. Hobown, E. Brisbane;       L-Cpl. H. Herrod, Pentland; K. R. Falkine, East Brisbane; R. V. Elliot, Indooroo- pilly; Sgt. J. W. Edgar, Rockhampton; Sgt. E. P. K. Devine, Dalby; W. E.   Cleaver, Cabolture; Cpl. A. A. Avery, Goondi-  

windi; J. Christie, Rockhampton; R. P. Latchford, Toowooma; A. Whyte, Thursday Island; L. Att- well, Sunny Corner, N.S.W.: A. W. Matthewson, Borilla; D. Dunill, Paddington; H. Wynne, Singa ?   N.S.W.; J. H. Urquhart, Charters Towers; A. G.   Pyke, Brisbane; H. H. W. Ost. Mt. Sylvia: P. J.           Kelly, Berry; C. X. Harth, Coombungee; J. Y.       Just, Woodhaven Miles; Cpl. W. J. Young, Bris- bane; J. Mamney. Kalgoorlie W.A.: J. K. Watson,       Little Plain N.S.W.: G. G. Burns, Burrawa     (N.S.W.); R. P. Collingwood, Coraki (N.S.W.); A.           Cleach, England; W. W. Claxton, Murrumbeena (Vic,) P. J. Tyson, Woologwik; W. E. Hollamby         Algumba; O. O. Sutton, England; L-Cpl. A. W.     Roberts, England; L. G. Peck, Oakliegh (V.)         L-Cpl. S. C. O'Keefe, Walgett (N.S.W.); R. Clar-        

well, (address not known); F. Dann, England; Sgt.   S. C. Cowman, Toowoomba; W. J. Downey, West End; J. Brustrum, Finnland; G. C. Barton, Kilgan

(N. S.W. ) P. Bach. Oaky; Sgt C. A. Lullum, May-       lands (W.A.); A. E. Jones, Woolongong (N.S.W.);             G. S. J. Thomas, Brisbane; L-Cpl G. W. Bentley,       Toowoomba; H. Mitchell, Glenapp; F. McKinnon,     Maclean (N.S.W.); Sgt H. A. Jolly, Lenmore      

(N.S.W.); S. Faulkner, Casino (N.S.W.) Sgt.         W. D. Robson, Cairum; W. J. Doolan, St. Mary's       (N.S.W.); E. C. Dishman, New Farm; Sgt. T. Madi-     gan, Bulimba; Cpl. R. D. Mackay, Wooloongabbo; Dvr. H. Perkins, Womdai; W. J. Gordon, (No-        

record): Dvr. F. N. Tubs, Sydney; Dvr. G. G. G. Fer-           guson, Ipswich; H. G. Holloway, Chamber's Flat;   H. H. Baker, Granthorne ?: L. M. Jones, Paddington;   F. R. Standish, Chaparoo; W.O. J. L. Saunders,     Bracknell; T. Sinclair, Bundaberg; H. R. Em-  

brey, Rosewood; R. G. H. Proudfoot, Scotland; Sgt.   W. O'Neil, Gardenvale; T. A. Gamble, Southbrook;         W. Slattery, Marysborough; Sgt. G. B. Menshom ?, Ips- wich; T. Bogern ?, England; D. Percival, England; Sgt. J. McGreehin ?, Scotland; L-Cpl. W. H. Morris,   England; G. Frayling, England; Cpl. E. H. Brown,   Ballarat; V. I. Campbell, Albion:    

WESTERN AUSTRALIA. - Capt. G. F. Evans, Greenbushes: Capt. A. L. Miller, Finniston; 2nd    

Lieut. R. C. Crossland, Toodyay; E. A. Kerr,   Sydney, N.S.W.; D. L. Andrews, England; F. W.       Emery, Leederville; C. T. Day, South Fremantle;    

M. Archibald, Ireland: D. Archer, Brunswick   Junction: H. Kilney, Kangarilla; P. H. Kippist,   Hampton; W. L. Meyer, Bendigo, Vic; J. Everett,     Geraldton; J. V. Williams, Dardanup; H. H.     Power, Ireland; R. Roeback, England; V. Pollard,     Maylands; J. Fereday, England; V. Moore, Baltr- gup; A. Brown, Scotland; W. Upton, England; C. Sibley, Wickerpin; J. Littlejohn, Scotland; C. Midolo, Osborne Park: A. S. Williams, Clare- mont; L-Cpl. F. Toner, Boulder City; J. Har- burn, Cottesloe; F. W. Hammond, Freemantle; F. Gundill, Claremont; J. K. Doperocxel, Qualin;     W. F. Douglas, Subiaco; W. E. Dalziell, Mad- dington; Cpl. H. W. Barnes, Subiaco; J. Arbon, Maylands, D. Botta. Lowden; O. R. Comery,    

Freemantle; W. King, Coolgardie; H. Tuttlebie, Freemantle; L-Cpl. C. L. Hough, Belmont; Sgt.   J. F. G. McInerney, Ballfinch; S. Billing, Eng-   land: N. S. Pickles, Subiaco; J. Bolton, Eng- land; D. H. Clyde, Sabiaco; T. J. Clune, Kal- goorlie; Sgt. G. A. Anderson, Ireland; J. Bell,   England; A. Tatham, West Murray; H. Gladhill,   England; M. A. Durling, England; J. A. Mosey,     Leederville, R. W. Midgley, Burswood; T. Wil-       liams, Perth; T. Thomas, England; L-Cpl. H. A.   Hall, Maylands; Pte. J. Shepherd, Perth; R. Armstead, West Perth; A. Alcock. Cottesloe; A. Karlsen, Norway; F. P. Huxtable, England; L. Magee, Canada; Cpl. H. L. Lee. Elsternwick (Vic.) Sgt. R. J. Wright, South Kalgoorlie; T. Young,   Scotland; C. W. Summer, Midland Junction; B. W.   Todd, Albany; T. Vagg, South Fremantle; G. Myles, Tornup; W. E. Moore, Rocky Glen; J. P. C. Reidy, Morwell (V.); E. A. J. Mooney, Mt.   Barker; T. J. Maslin, Mallalyup; J. Miller, Collie;     Sgt. C. G. MacKenzie, Benalla (Vic.);

T. P. Jones, Maylands: H. L. James. Dumble- yung; W. Cheary, Payneham; C. A. Dyson, North Perth: H. K. Thompson, Lion Mill; L-Cpl. W. E. Thomas, Albany; W. Telfer, Scotland; R. Snell,   Midland Junction; T. Smith, England; A. May,   England; L-Cpl. H. B. Porter, Claremont; Cpl. J. Fleming, Scotland; G. F. Hayes. Claremont;

TASMANIA - Gnr. C. H. Hargreaves, Launceston;   A. H. Hunn, Queenstown; Sgt. H. F. Edwards, Daylesford (V.); W. M. Bethel, Moorina; R. G.   Wing, Quinn's Plains; C. B. Wise, Longford; L-Cpl. G. M. Steel, Gould's Country; R. Miller,     England; W. E. Whiffen, Forth.



ALCOCK, Pte. J. Camberwell, (9/8/16).  

BALLARD, Pte. C. B. Albert Park, (14/8/16).   BARR, Pte. C. C. Richmond.  

BICKET, Pte. J. A. South Yarra, (28/8/16).    

BURGES. Pte. E. Sydney. N.S.W., (31/7/16).     CLARKE, Lieut. E. J. England, (24/8/16).

CLAYTON, Pte. A. N Frewville, S.A., (31/8/16).   GILLIN, Pte. T. H. Abbotsford.

GORDON, Pte. V. E. C. Morrisons, (no date).    HARRISON, Cpl. G. Mornington, (18.8.16).  

LITTLE, Pte. S. H. Hawthorn, (14/8/16).

LOADER, Pte. P. H. Broken Hill, N. S. W.,


McINTOSH, Pte. J. G. Yan Yean, (29/8/16).    

McKEON, Pte. F. J. Northcote, (16/8/16).   McKENZIE, Pte. D. Hexham.

McLFAN, Pte. M. J. Malmsbury, (17/8/16).  

MIRAMS, Capt. J. H. Brighton Beach, (19/8/16).     O'BRIEN, Pt.e R. Bendigo, (20/8/16).     RAE, Pte. W. East Geelong, (14/8/16).

RAFFERTY, Pte. K. Abbotsford, (8/8/16).   

BOYLE, Pte. R. C. Moonee Ponds, (30/7/16).

WHELAN, Pte. C. H. G. Rutherglen, (6/8/16).    WOODHOUSE, Pte. J. England, (8/8/16).    

NEW SOUTH WALES. - Capts. E. S. Richards, Valcluse; S. M. Graham, Sydney; Gnr. W. Tipping, Canbilego: L-Cpl. C. H. Wheatley, Forbes; Ptes.   R. A. Jamieson, Rosebury; L. J. Maurer, Barney's Hill: J. Long, England; A. Whiley, Condobolin; R. Erickson, Manly: W. A. E. White, Newtown; J. Ogilvie, Paddington; L. T. Howell, Kuri Kuri; A. Pickering, North Sydney; Act. L-Cpl. C. J.   Hardy, Golspie: F. C. Langdren, Windsor; Sgt. S. A. Saunders, Adelaide; A. Robinson, Paddington; C.   W. Brooks, Tamworth: N. S. Reglin, Leichhardt;   F. J. Harvey, Paddington.  

QUEENSLAND. - Temp Capt. W. G. Hartley,  

Elgin, S.A.: Dvrs. J. Head, Red Hill: W. Stephens,     England: Ptes. D. A. S. Smith, Echuca, Vict; F. A.   Currey, Brisbane; J. D. Hayes, Grafton, N.S. W.  

Act. L-Cpl. A. C. Norris, Dulacca; H. Begourie, Mackay; Ptes. W. Craig Valley; G. Jennings, Ire-   land; Cpl. H. Ritchie, Newcastle N.S.W.: Pte. O. L. Hodge, Silkstown; G. Larson, Nobby; M. Morris,   Nundah; Cpl. F. A. Bruce, Deepwater: J. C. H. Lawton, Toowoomba; M. H. Hoar, Chinchella; C.   Reynolds, Kyogie; W. S. L. Biffie, Ottaba; W. J.         Husband, Charters Towers; H. G. Wright, Brisbane- South; C. S. Clarkson, Scotland: N. H. Wagner,     Crow's Nest.    

SOUTH AUSTRALIA. - Lieut. H. E. Moody, Ade-

laide: 2nd Lieut. H. W. Crowle, North Adelaide;     Dvr A. Pepail, North Adelaide; L-Cpl H. J.

Woods, Gawler: Pte . L. Wilson, Riterton; J. H. James, Salisbury, J. E. Clifton, Inglewood; G. Thomas, Mile End; L. C. Earls. Callington; H,     Plunkett, Parkside; B. A.Nicholson, Narscoorte;     A. E. Wagner, Magill; F. L. Ongden, Blackwood;     A. E. Vince, Port Elliott; P. Edwards, England;  

Cpl. R. T. Shields, Moonta.    

WESTERN AUSTRALIA. - Ptes. S. J. Patterson,  

Subiaco; J. Whelan, Gawler S.A.; Dvr- L. Fluffham,         England; Pte. G. A. P. Groves, Beaconsfield; A. J.     Jackson, Beverley; Sgt. H. H. Williams, Southern        

Cross; W. Gunn, Scotland; E. E. Lockhart, Gos-      

nels; B. T. Nock, Yorkrakine; P. Howlett, Eng- land; R. S. M. F. H. Benforath, Victoria Park; E.         J. Minty, England; K. T. H. Podger, Kelfscott; R.    

J. Hill, North Perth; C. Harron, Maylands; J. W.       Wadsworth, England;  

TASMANIA. - 2nd Lieut. E. L. A. Butler, Sandy   Bay; Spr. J. K. O'Neil, Launceston; Pte. A. C.     Riggs, Forth; Cpl. C. S. G. Cubett, Launceston;       O. S. Tolman, Battery Point; Cpl W. M. Cheek,     Evandale; J. F. Christmas, Launceston.   

KILLED (Result of Accident).   


COSSON, Pte. H. Mt. Eccles, 7/7/16.  

DIED (Canse Not Stated).   


NEWMAN, Pte. P. A. England, 4/6/16.       



NEWMAN, Pte. P. A. St. KiIda; WALKER, Pte. W. W. Newry;


VICTORIA. BODEN, Pte. G. J. Mildura.     

O'RORKE, Pte. H. A. GeeIong.     SMITH, Pte. T. G. Dandenong.

VAIL, Pte. L. F. Elsternwick.       

VIGARD, Pte. F. W. Richmond.   WHIBLEY, Pte. B. Woodend.  

QUEENSLAND. - L-Cpl. G. E. Padden, South         Woodburn; Cpl. J. W. Hunter, Maryborough; Sgt.    W. Potter, England: A. T. A. McClure, Cabool-  


NEW SOUTH WALES. - T. H. Richardson, Walls-   end; G. H. Duncan Campsie.  

WESTERN AUSTRALIA. - Sgt. F. Mettam, Mount Lawley; L-Cpl. W. J. Knight, Mooroopna.  




JAMES, Lieut. W. H. Leongatha.


NEW SOUTH WALES. - Gnr. L. C. Jackson,




KIERNAN, Pte. E. J. Carlton, QUEENSLAND. - L. E. Hammond, Catbeart; NEW SOUTH WALES. - M. H. Ormond, Armcliffe. G. F. Marsh, England.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA. - A. B. Easther, Quorn;    



BAKER, Pte. C. A. Tarngalla.

GRAYLAND, Pte. L. G. Maccarther.

QUEENSLAND. - F. J. Palmer, Winton.    

NEW SOUTH WALES. - P. P. Worboys, Lakeumba; Sgt. A. Waller, Sydney.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA. - D. T. Brown, Narra-


WESTERN AUSTRALIA. - J. A. Lexton, Holy-

oake, G. Hobley Leongatha.    



RAMSEY, Pte. A. V. Williamstown.

QUEENSLAND. - Dvr J. A. Johnston, Scotland.

J. L. Barry, Lawrence.

NEW SOUTH WALES. - R. W. Williams, England; A. Boyd, Scone; J. J, Hickey, Newbys Hill




ANDERSON, Pte. C. A. Wangham. ASBURY, Pte. A. G. Beechworth.

BIRNILL, Sgt. A. G. Greensborough. BLOMELEY, Pte. S. W. Gellibrand. GILL, Pte. H. England.

GILCHRIST, Cpl. S. C. Footscray. GREEN, Pte. A. G. H. England. GREY, Cpl. A. H. Dunolly.

GROMANN, Cpl. P. W. Blackburn. GRUTT, Pte. A. V. Traralgon.

HARRIS, Pte. W. C. Caulfield.  

HAWKES, Pte. A. V. Prahran.   LEPP, Pte. C. R. Ballarat East.   McKAY, Pte. R. Glenthompson.

McKAY, L-Cpl. T. A. Gelnthompson.  

McKENZIE, L-Cpl. W. S. A. Bachus Marsh.

QUEENSLAND. - P. L. Arnold, Yena; W. Wall, England; W. H. Hoskin, Singleton; A. R. T. Pearce, Ayr; F. T. Gay, Mount Martha; L-Cpl.   E. McDonnell, Bangalow, N.S.W.  

NEW SOUTH WALES. - Cpl. R. F. Arnold. Pad- dington; W. J. Walker, Valley (Q.)  


SOUTH AUSTRALIA. - L. W. Slater, Adelaide;

WESTERN AUSTRALIA. - L. W. Brambles,  



QUEENSLAND. - J. A. Speechley, Warwick; NEW SOUTH WALES. - A. C. Leane, Mandy. MISSING VICTORIA.

Anthony, 2nd Liuet. H.****** Jenkins, 2nd Lieut.

C. E. Malv. **************** W. Malv.

Baker C. W. Warr-********** Jones. Cpl. T. T. Bal-

nambool. ******************larat.

Buller, J. A. West********** Katagistp, R. R. Fin-   Warburton.****************land.  

Bannan, F. T Kerang. *******Liddell L-Cpl. T. W. Barratt, A. W. Melb.*********Toora.  

Bryant, Sgt. J. W.********** Lewis E. J. England.

Colac. ********************Long, N. V. Wedder- Boehan, Cpl. K. S. ******** burn.

Kew********************** Mackay, F. A. Strang- Booth, G. S. Sth. Melb.***** ways.

Carroll, T. H. Ballarat.***** McWhinney, N. R. Cocks, L-Cpl. H. R.******** Auburn.

Terang. ****************** McHenry, Sgt. R. J. Comran, L-Cpl. N. ******** Broomfield.

McL. Ceylon.************ Meade. D. Ireland.

Copeland, Cpl. R. B. ***** Martin, L. K. Seymour.

Pakenham.************* Martin, H. Glenferrie.  

Clifford, E. Elderslie***** McDonough, J. W. W

(Tas.)****************** Melb.

Dabb, 2nd Lieut. R. H.*** Neale, H. West Foot-

Camperdown.*********** scray

Dry, T. C. West Melb.*** Nankervis, W. B. Ben-   Earles, L. J. E. Elsternwick. **digo.

Evans, Bglr. F. S.******* O'Kelly, 2nd Lient. L.  

Footscray.************** C. Fish Creek.

Edwards, F. H. Foot-**** Olson, Cpl. F. T. A.


Featherston, A. L. ******Pennell, G. New Zealand.  

Ballarat,**************** Pinney E. N. Ballarat. Frianell, T. A. Tambo*** Robertson, D. Scot- Crossing. **************land.

Giblett, C. W. Trafal-***Roberts, A. England.    

gar. ****************** Rodda, 2nd Lieut. E. Gilbert, L.-Cpl. J. A.****E. Maldon.

St. Leonards.********** Regan, C. T. East   Cregory, A. J. Beech*** Brunswick.

worth.****************Sharp, W. J. North     Gibbs, B. O. T. N. Z. ***Fitzroy.

Hoad, Capt. F. J. S.****Skinner, Cpl. J. W.  

Malv.**************** Coleraine.

Hardy, Capt. D. F.*****Smith, C. C. Chelsea.  

Kadina (S.A.)*********Smith, Cpl. F. England.     Hayes, Sgt. J. M. Pt.*** Skinner, R. H. Port   Hancock, J. M. M.***** Melb.

Ponds.**************** Thomas, F. W. Mor- Helps, L-Cpl. F. J. *****dialloc

England. *************Tucker, C. W. J. New- Hunter, J. S. Scotland.** port.

Hill, C. T. Sebastopol.***Usherwood, Sgt. T.   Hartley, Sgt. G. Caul- *** Mosgriel, N.S.W.

field. ******************Warne-Smith, S. W. How, H. C. England.***Prahran.  

Hurley, J. T. Setton,***Waugh, A. S. Birrin-   Lasell, L.-Cpl. W. L.****gama.  

F. Emerald Hills.

NEW SOUTH WALES. - Capt. F. M. Barton, Gladesville; 2nd Lieut. A. McGown. Lane Cove;

P. Meadows. Bingara; C. G. Andrews, East Kemp-   sey; J. Hobson, Ireland; A. Wilson, Marrickville; F. P. Hoare, Balmain; Sgt. V. J. Rees, Windsor; P. J. Hayes, Yarranderie; W. Fallow, Sydney; Sgt. G. E. Hanson, Croydon; D. J. Sault, Dudley; L- Sgt. J. Dixon, Paddington, J. J. W. McInnes, Seven Oaks; S. F. Graham, Portland; J. H.

Eaves, Granville;  

QUEENSLAND. - S. Mitchell, Paddington; J.   Murphy, Wallumbilla; K. McNee, Crow's Nest;

G. Craig, Scotland; J. A. Beacom, Mossvale, N.S.W.: Sgt. P. K. Sherman, Gatton: W. Small,   Newstead; E. C . Wilson, Ipswich: J. R. Douglas,

East Ipswich; J. Fraser, Rockhampton, Cpl. F. P.   Brennan, Lismore (N.S.W.); P. Rodlearn, Eng-     land; T. H. White, Toowoomba; W. J. Lyons,  

Gladstone; R. R. Girdler, Albion; W. Lambert, Mosman; H. P. Elvery, Toowong; D. H. Lewis, Many Peaks; J. Jackson, Gympie; T. Jones, Bundaberg; D. J. Graham, Balby; A. C. Gridley,   Deloraine (Tas.); J. P. Farrelly, Herberton; W. J. Dwyer, Charters Towers; O. C. Duffy Brighton- Junction (Tas.); P. V. Donoghue, Cernki

(N. S.W.) J. Campbell, Daylesford; W. M. Camp-     bell, Scotsdale (Tas.); G. H. Glennett, Stanmore;  

R. A. Adams, Prahran (Vic.); R. W. Pernhome,     Bundaberg; P. Hyde, Stanthorpe; F. W. Merrick,   England; A. Rye, England; H. Payne, Ipswich;   A. Poole, East Brisbane; G. T. Morley, Gorman- dale (Vic.) ; H. A. Norman, Bundaberg; J. H.

McDonald, South Brisbane; J. McCabe, Brisbane;   J. C. McArthur, Barcaldine; F. Mann, Charters     Towers; H. B. Hargreaves, England; T. F. Doyle,

Toowoomba; C. L. Scannell, Crow's Nest-     (N.S.W. ) W. G. Ross, Campania (Tas.); T.       Corcoran, Longreach; E. R. Davidson, lndooroo- pilly; Sgt. J. V. Black, Roma; J. Hillan, Her- berton, A. L. Douglas, Sherwood.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA. - G. E. Tlbrook, Tailem-   Bend; T. H. Nowland, Adelaide; L-Cpl. L. Grigg,   Port Wakefield; L-Cpl. F. Freckleton, Adelaide; M. C. Day, Prospect; H. T. Crabb, Stepney; D. C.     Sprigg, Narracoorte; Cpl. R. N. Jones, Woodville;    

WESTERN AUSTRALIA. - L. F. Trigowell,       Donnybrook; L-Cpl. S. Coppard, England; Cpl. H.

Decke, Leederville; C. E. Cullen, England; L. D.   Davies, Geraldton; H. A. Cumming, England; P.  

Crorkan, Yarloop; T. F. Crorkan, Hamel; A. E.   Cross, Leederville; D. Criddle, Upper Chapman;   W. L. Craig, Sth Bruni (Tas,); E. A. Chandler, England; N. W. Britt, England; J. D. Burns, Scot- land; O. Backman, Finland; R. Arram, England;     F. Cox, Kalgoorlie; H. N. Cailes, Boyup Brook; A. E. Colson, Barralupp; L-Cpl. A. J. Brown,     Perth; J. L. Bromilaw, Midland Junction; L-Cpl.      G. A. Bruce-Drayton, Bunbury; C. Blaney, Subiaco;       Sgt. S. J. Smith, Kalgoorlie; G. Cruickshank,         Heathcote Vic.: W. Treasure, New Zealand; Cpl.      E. L. Ross, Fremantle; H. Jillings, Perth: F.    

Marshall, Fremantle; Cpl. E. H. Maxwell, Fre- mantle; L. C. Kuhlmann, Coolgardie; Sgt.     W. Lee, East Perth; J. A. McInerney,   Maylands; V. J. Fîrth, Melbourne; J. G. Gunning,   Claremont; Cpl. J. L. Bennett, Cowcowing; W. E.   Beard, Kalgoorlie; C. Cahill, West Perth; T. Murphy. Nova Scotia; R. J. Britten, Burswood; E. J. Brennan, Port Augusta (S.A.) L.-Cpl. H. V.   Puck, Muches; R. A. Burley, North Perth; B.     Blight, Pine Lodge, Vic; L-Cpl. A. Battey, Subi-      

aco; J. T. Anderson, Welshpool; F. R. Westman, Connington; A. C. Woodcock,   Northampton; Cpl. P. W. B. Woodruff,  

England; W. C. Thomas, Victoria Park;     J. Datchena, Perth; J. W. B. H. Moore; Guildford;       W. Quan, Meekatharra; A. Peacock, England;

Sgt. W. H. Revell, Perth; S. C. Sharpe, Freemantle;     H. Wilkins, Northam; A. J. Aird, Wagin; O. E.    

Gaskill, Nedlands; C. Colgan, Myrtleford; W. S..   Fisher, Collie; J. R. Geddes, Ora Banda; J. P.   Flynn, St Kilda; J. Hay, Coolup; A. A. King, Bullsbrook; P. H. Kindred, Broome Hill; R.   Kilby, Kalgoorlie; H. W. Jones, Mt Lawley;     S. E. Morse, Mitcham; W. S. Murdoch, Neutral   Bay; J. M. Dalgleish, Scotland; H. Cumming,   Mundyong; J, Crump, Geraldton; W. L. Monaghan,     Boulder; R. F. Mitchell, Lyall's Mill; E. Lang,     Donnybrook (V.): F. Gorman, Ireland; J. A.     McDonald, Scotland; J. F. McAlpine, Burrekupp;     R. A. McKellar, Bauple; D. S. McKinson, Subiaco;       W. McLaughlin, Scotland; Cpl. A. Blood, Queen's          

Park; W. Lyden, South Pacific; F. R. Hunt, Mid-     land Junction; L.-Cpl. H. V. Hutchinson, Beacons-             field; E. A Jackson, England; J. John, England;          

L-Cpl. W. T. Jeffrey, Maylands; A. C. Jones, Gin                 Gin; G. H. Kingswell, England; L-Cpl. M. S.             Knapp, Northlands; A. Kelly, West Perth; R. Hull,         Ireland; N. C. Ingram, England; W. G. Filing,         England; Cpl. J. R. Lang, Dar Dawn; A. McColl,         Laverton; I. McInnes, Wickepin; Dvr. D.         McGeachie, Collie Burn; J. McDowall, Dardamup;                   D. H. O. McKenzie, Claremont; W. R. Holgate, Bus-   selton; W. J. Howe, Holyoake; W. L. S. Mill,     Victoria Park; C. H. Mindnet, Ora Banda; J. D.      

Morrison, South Fremantle; W. C. T. Moore, Bun-             bury; W. H. Minett, Guildford; J. Lindahn, no        

relatives; R. Long, Bendigo; H. Mandelson, Pale-                 stine; R. J. Minett, Guildford; J. A. Maire, East                

Perth; L. V. Manning, Condah.    

TASMANIA. - L-Cpl. M. Gellie, Oatlands; H. Ed-       wards, North Hobart; R. N. Peace, North Carlton    

(Vic. ); J. C. Bounds, Deloraine; H. Armstrong,       Blackwall; A. A. Worner, Deloraine; R. Holm-        

yard, Longford; C. E. Adams, Launceston; Cpl.        R. G. Powell, Launceston; H. C. Pacey, Newtown;             J. T. Owen, Hobart; W. B. Milne, Launceston; F      

H. Kelly, South Island; H. N. J. Harvey, Dysart;              

C. W. R. McGuinness, Carlton (Vic.).     



Gnr. F. A. ASKWITH, Elsternwick; Dvr. J. L.       ARCHIBALD, Sineaton; W. Andrew, E Ballarat;     L-Cpl. R. E. ANTILL, England; T. H. ASHLEY,       Ballarat; O. J. ALSBURY, Collingwood; J.          

ADAMS, Prahran; L. P. ANDREWS, East Bairns-   dale; J. W. ADREWS, England.

Lieut. C. N. BARTELS, Ararat; Bmdr. F. BRE-       LAZ, Ballarat East; F. J. BARR, Nerrim South;   2nd Lieut. D. W. BARKER, Brighton; A. L. BRATTIE, Orbost; Capt. J. G. BOLTON, St. Kilda;   N. M. BUCKMAN, Ballarat East; D. S. BROWN, Warrnarracknabeel; T. E. BROWN, Killarney (Vic);       J. L. BRENNAN, Willaura (Vic); S. BOSWELL, Warmambool; Cpl. D. BLACKBURN, Camper-    

down; J. BICKLEY, Hastings; N. BEALES, Gee-      

long; H. H. BAUGHURST, Wonthaggi; R. C.   BAILLIE, S. Warrnambool; Sgt. G. BAILEY,     Northcote; F. BRENNAN, Wollongong; G. O.   BERNARD, Bundoora; A. BAWLEY, North Cres-   wick; W BENTON, South Richmond; P. BRIGGS,   Cudgewa; W. N. BROWN, South Melbourne; W.

R. BUCKLEY, Merino; R. BUCKLAND, England; J. BROWN, Scotland; Cpl. W. B. BUTTER- WORTH, Ballarat; L. H. BL??? Mildura; 2nd   Lieut. S. H. BECK, Hawthorn; M. R. BROWN,      

Port Fairy; C. A. BUSBY, St Kilda; Cpl. F. J. BANYARD, England; J. L. J. BURN, Geelong; C. F. BROMFIELD, Childers; L. H. BAKER, Hamilton; L. W. BAIN, Seymour; J. O. BARNOCK,     Ballarat West; J. W. BURTON, Parkville; T. D.       BOYLE, Scotland; H. C. J. BENDING, Beafort.        

Sgt. E. J. CAMERON, Richmond; 2nd Lieut.   A. W. COLES, Wilmot (Tas.); J. W. CLARK,     Rupanyup; Sgt. J. CADDY, Abbotsford; Sgt. J.

H. R. M. CHEYNE, North Melbourne; H. CLEEVE,     South Melbourne; W. A. CLARK, Rokelby?; J. G.       CARSON, North Melbourne; J. CARTLEDGE, Mt.    

Clear; L-Cpl. C. H. GALLANT, England; J. W. COTTER, Glenrowan; C. G. CLAXTON, Windsor;       L-Cpl. A. CAUNTLEY, Horsham; E. T. CRAVEN,       Kew; G. CAMILLO, (Italy); N. CLARKE, St. ARNARD; J. P. H. COOK, North Williamstown; J.   CASS, Footscray; C. N. COE, Williamstown; Sgt. S. CHIPPENFIELD, Kew; L-Cpl. H. J. COOK,


2nd Lieut. DICKINSON, Shepparton;     2nd Lieut. R. DILLOW, Camperdown (N.S.W.);     W.DALTON, Warrnambool; H. A. DONEY, West-   Melbourne; E. A. DECAS, Port Melbourne; L-Cpl.     F. J. DOYLE, Ararat; W. DRISCOLL, Bendigo;          

T. F. EGAN, Richmond; N. EASON, Ballarat;       L-Cpl. L. G. ELDRIDGE, Newport;    

Lieut. C. L. FOX, England; H. L. FLACK, Col- lingwood; C. R. FREEMAN, Daylesford; A. C. FANTHORPE, England; Cpl. F. FIELD, North    

Fitzroy; J. W. FINDLAY, West Parkville;

Gnr. R. B.GEMMELL, Ascotvale; Gnr. J. C.     GRIFFIN, Buregurra; Spr. B. S. GAY, Brunswick;    

L-Cpl. J. A. GRIEVE, Geelong West; F. GOOD- WIN; Westgarth; L. J. GALL, Newport;  

2nd Lieut. A. HUGHES, Ballarat, 2nd Lieut. J. HARRER, Creswick; Dvr. J. HUTCHINSON, Carls- brook; W. L. HANNA, Burwood; J. W. HANNA-   BURG, Warrambool; J. G. HANNAH, Ballarat; W. G. HOLFORD, Springvale; W. J. HEHIR, Bal-   larat East; L-Cpl. C. D. HANNAN, Bannockburn;   Cpl. H. R. HAINES, Nagambie; J. D. HANNA,     Brunswick; H. HAWKER, England; 2nd Lieut. E. J. HOPKINS, Moonee Ponds; W. G. HEAL, Stawell;   E. A. HOLLYWOOD, Forrestville (Tas.) P. HEN-   NESSEY, Melbourne; F. HARDWICK, Fryerstone; F. HIGGINS, Hawthorn; Dvr. C. H. HARDING, East Bellarine;  

Spr. P. M. De. C. IRELAND, Heidelberg; A. W. INOW, England;

L-Cpl. E. JOBLING, England; H. JEFFCOTT, Brighton Beach; L. N. JENNINGS, Newbridge;  

K. J. KIERNAN, Carlton; L. KAY, Geelong;      

Cpl. A. LESLIE; H. LATHAM, Franklin (Tas.);       W. LINDON, Willaura; R. LANDMAN, Warrnam- bool; Major D. A. LUXTON, Hawthorn; L-Cpl.  

W. LINEHAM, Wongham ?; H. LOWE, Milern's

Point (N.S.W.).

Spr, J. T. McLEOD, Kedora; Sgt. R. W.     McBRIDE, Northcote; Capt. E. M. T. MATHEWS, Melbourne; W. A. MASON, Malvern; R.   McDONALD, Moyston; J. A. McLAUGHLAN, Dun- keld; J. McLAVERTY, Carlton; J. MITCHELL,   St. Kilda; N. H. MASON, Murtoa; P. F. MUIR, Mount Waverley; S. W. McGRACE, Lismore; A. MURPHY, Mountagor; W. G. MEDLING, Numer-   kah; J. F. McGUANE, Coburg; K. McMILLAN, South Hamilton; T. MACKENZIE, Merbrin; W.   MILLIGAN, Geelong West; A. J. McDONALD,   Brunswick; P. MURRAY, Melbourne; J. T.   MILNES, Glen Forbes;

G. H. NANKERVIS, North Carlton; S. L. NICHOLLS, North Brunswick; 2nd Lieut. R. NIXON, Barham (N.S.W).  

Spr. M. L. OSBOURNE, England; J. D. O'DON- NELL, Crompton; Lieut. T. P. O'CONNOR, East- Caulfield; T. O'BRIEN, Hamilton; P. O'DEA. Red    

Hill; R. J. O'LEARY, St. Kilda.    

2nd Lieut. A. G. PINCHEN, Middle Park; Gnr. F. J. PEART, Ballarat; L-Cpl. P. J. POWER, Coburg; E. A. S. PENERTON, Hamilton; Sgt. Major. S. J. PATON, Albert Park; 2nd Lieut. J. R.     PLANT, Mildura; H. A. PUGH, South Melbourne;     C. A. PULLMAN, Brighton;

2nd Lieut. D. ROBERTSON, Scotland; F. RIDER, East Prahran; K. RIDDLE, England; Sgt F. J.     ROWLEY, Glenferrie; T. G. ROWLANDS, Ballarat    

East; A. J. RYAN, Kensington; W. R. ROCEL,


Sgt. A. SHEPPARD, Ballarat; Spr. W. H.

SHERRIFF, Caulfield; Spr. A. F. L. SMITH, Eng- Land; 2nd Lieut. H. A. SMITH, Surrey Hills; A. F.

SOUTHGATE, Ascotvale; A. G. SUTHERLAND,     Yarraville; Spr. F. R. SMALL, England; P. SED- DON, Port Melbourne; J. R. SIMPSON, Barham   (N.S.W.); W. STIRLING, R. SCHROEDER,         Mickleham; L-Cpl. L. B. STRINGER, Hampton;       W. STEELE, Elsternwick.

R. M. TAYLOR Northcote; C. TRENT, England;   Capt. C. N. TAYLOR, Carlton; C. J. C. THOMAS,       South Melbourne; J. Turner, Collingwood; J. S. THOMAS, Bendigo.

V. H. C. UNDY, Mt. Arnard.   L. VYNER, Chiltern Valley.

J. WOMERSLEY, Dunkeld; H. J. C. WARDELL, Lilydale; A. WARREN, Moonambel; H. WAG- STAFF, Rochester; Cpl. W. E. WARD, Canterbury; G. WORLOCK, Erskinville (N.S.W.); A. G. WIL-     LIAMSON, Castkemaine; Sgt. J. T. WASHBOURNE,   Brunswick; H. F. WHITMORE, South Yarra; A. G. WILKINSON, Forrest; J. WRIGHT, Holeswood-   Junction (S.A.); R. WALKERDEN, Brighton; F.   WALKER, Collingwood;

Cpl. W. H. YOUNG, South Melbourne.  


Relatives and others desiring news of sick,  

wounded, returning or missing soldiers are invited   to write to or call at the Red Cross Information

Bureau. Colonial Chambers 60 Market       Street Melbourne.