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BLACKHEATH, Monday.-As the result of a big snowstorm which commenced yesterdny afternoon Blackheath and district were on rapped In a hugo mantle of white. The fall was the honvlOBt In the district for 12 years, and wns almost equal to tho record fall of 30 years ago. Over 12 inches of snow have fnllen to dato. It was extremely heavy at Shlploy, and visitors Intending to catch yes- terday's train wore unablo to make the road,

BOWRAL, Monday.-Three or four dnys of Intensely cold weather culminated In a fairly heavy fall of snow on Sunday morning, the ground being covored with a white mantle, which enabled snowballing to be freely in- dulged in. For a few hours the Gib and Oxloy's Hill presented a beautiful sight, but heavy rain then came in and soon melted the

«now, 1

DORRIGO, Monday.-Ab far as Is known, the first fall of snow that has occurred on Dorrigo was experienced this morning. It lasted for about an hour. AU the hills were covored with n white mantle for several hours. ReportB from Guy Fawkes state the fnll there was phenomenal: It generally covered the landscape to a depth of two foot.

DUBBO, Monday.-Following upon several days of very cold and showery weather, snow fell here from 7 to 8 p.m., on Saturday. The last fall was 23 yearB ago. Hundreds who had never seen snow turned out in the cold to witness tho fall, a feature of which was the extraordinary size of the flakes. Rain fol- lowed the snow. The weather Is now clear and cold, and the rain appears to have finished.

DEEPWATER, Monday.-Snow, alternating with sleet, fell all day yesterday. To-day is intensely cold, with southerly winds. Condi- tions favour a further fall of snow.

FORBES, Monday.-The unusual sight of falling snow was wltnossod here late on Sat- urday afternoon, after* a bitterly cold day. The flakes were heaped up against a number ot buildings, and made the fields white. Light snow fell here about two years ago, but the only heavy fall was In July, 1900, when what Is known locally ns a snow flc -d occurred.

GILGANDRA, Monday.-Snow fell here on Saturday night. Flakes as big a« a half-crown were noticed out Tooraweenah way. About three inches fell. The hilts and tret» ware,

quita white. It Is over 20 years since any semblance of snow wüb noticed here.

GOULBURN, Monday.-The heaviest fall of snow for some years occurred in Goulburn yesterday, when three or four inches fell. The whole city and district were under a mantle of snow all day, but rain fell in the afternoon and melted most of the fall. In practically every front garden a snow mnn had been built, and they still retain their shapes to-day. The weather is threatening, and

further rain Is assured.

GUYRA, Monday.-Last night the heaviest fall ot snow during the season occurred, aver- aging four to six Inches. This makes the sixth fall in the last seven days.

INVERELL, Monday.-The weather during the last few days has been bitterly cold.

Snow foil in various parts of the district yes-


KATOOMBA, Monday.-Katoomba has been visited by the heaviest fall of snow recorded since 1910. A light fall commenced shortly after midnight on Saturday which gradually hardened Into steady drift and continued practically without cessation until 9 p.m. on Sunday. The whole district now lies under a mantle l8 Inches deep, and presents a glorious spoctncle. In places drifts four feet deep lie against walls and fences. The streets arc thronged with people snowballing. Trades- men are greatly hampered with the delivery of goods. Considerable damage has been oc- casioned by water from molting snow pene- trating residences. In many parts the electric wires nre down, and candles have to be em- ployed. The thaw has commencod and the falls nre a magnificent sight. The municipal coun- cil has improvised a snow plough for clearing the centres of the streets to facilitate trafile. Light rain is falling.

LITHGOW, Monday.-Tho heaviest fall of snow for some yearB occurred here yester- day, commencing In the afternoon. About seven Inches of snow fell, and the scene waa a particularly picturesque one, with the sur- rounding hills and all objects In tho town itself being covered with a white mantle. Road trafile was considerably hampered and a number of church services In the suburbs had to be abandoned. Light showers of rain have since fallen, and except in patches the snow has disappeared. The roads and footpaths aro, however, In a very bad state. The tomporaturcs throughout have been very low. This has been the most severe winter for many years.

MOSS VALE, Mondoy.-During the last week the weather has been very cold and boisterous. On Sunday morning snow started to fall, cover- ing tho ground to a depth of an inch, fol- lowed by rain, which continued nil dny. The snow soon disappeared. Old hands say this has been the coldest winter experienced in this district, and supervening a bad season, great losses of stock havo occurred.

SCONE, Monday.-There has been fine rain throughout the district. The heaviest tall of snow for years occurred on the north and

north-west summits.

SINGLETON. Monday.-Splendid rain fell yesterday and last night. Coming on top of the recent fall an excellent spring Is as- sured. The following falls hnve been recorded In the town and district: Singleton 93 points, Broko 105, Olive 103, Westbrook 106, Gooran- goola 140, Carrowbrook 150, Ravensworth 85, Sedgefield 87, Hebden 70. Light showers have fallen to-day, the weather being still un-


WELLINGTON, Monday.-The first fall of snow for the past twenty three years oc- curred on Saturday at about 7 p.m. and con- tinued till about 10. Snow covered every- thing to a depth of two or three inches. The hills and valleys were covered with snow yesterday morning. Heavy showers of rain followed and washed the snow from the


WENTWORTH FALLS, Monday.-Yesterday afternoon the heaviest snowstorm experienced for 12 years set It. The ground was covered with snow in some places to the extent of more than a foot in depth. The Falls and Valley of the Waters presonted unique spec- tacles. Locomotion was difficult The elec- tric lights were extinguished. Snowballing wa« prevalent and ther* wore splendid op

portunities for skl-lng. Though rain set lu this morning the ground Ib still covered with snow. In many Instances the weight of tho snow broko down branches from the trees. Trunk line telephone Interruptions have oc- curred. A thaw has noiv sot In. 140 points of rain have boen recorded.

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