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Tho trawler Koraaga returned to Sydnoy early yesterday morning. Adverse weather conditions prevented large hauls of fish, but valuable work was done in plotting out fishing grounds along the south const.

During the whole time out of port the Koraaga experienced heavy seas. Fish were found off Montagu Island and North Edon, and 77 baskets of flathead and l8 of John Dory, perch, and schnappor wero brought into port. Unlike the systom obtaining under State con- trol, when hauls wore loft on'deck until all operations ended, tbo method ndopted was to placo each Ulnd of tish straight Into a sepa- rate Ice-house, and, to prevent-crushing of tho lower lnyorB of ftah, each Ice-house l8 divided Into sections by rcmovnblo Bhclves.

This system also obviates the use of grap- pling hooks, which formerly tore tho flosh of the fish, and BO made,largo quantities' un- saleable. Under the now system loading into the baskets Is effoctod by a simple Inclination of the shelves. Mr. Creamer, general man- ager of the Coastal Trawling Company, which controls tho Koraaga, polntod out yastorday that tho reduction of handling to a minimum must ensuro the good condition of all fish.

Buyors and agents at the Municipnl Fish Markets yesterday prodlotod success for the A-enturo. It was pointed out thnt little more than an hour had elapsed from the time of tho arrival of tho Koraaga at Its wharf till the fish wore on salo at the markets. Rotail shops in tho city and suburbs had suppllos of trnwlod fish before G a.m.

Speaking of the prospects of prlvntcly controllod trawling, an official at the markets yesterday oxplalnod that tho demand for the small catch received wns eminently satisfactory, and ' that the mar- kets would certainly bo able to dispose of fairly largo supplies of trnwlod fish.. The Koranga, moreover, Bhould show a profit with ovon moderate catches. The weakness of the State trawling enterprise was, in his opinion, the largo administrative and storage ex- penses. , Tho Coastal Trawling Company has entirely eliminated.the latter. Fish, once off the bont, would cause the company no further expenso than was Involved In transport to the

market. ______________

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