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Extraordinary interest was evinced in the

triennial municipal elections on Saturday.

Precisely what are the factors responsible for the unusual interest in the municipal polling this year it is difficult to say. Since the close of the war, however, and more

especially during the last year or two, many

big projects in different centres have excited more than passing interest, and this was no doubt reflected in Saturday's appeal. In cases the polling was so heavy that the declaration of the counting had to be deferred until to- day. In not a few other instances the counting of the votes was not concluded until Sunday morning, so formidable was the task which confronted the returning officers and their staffs. Auburn, in common with many other suburbs, witnessed the biggest poll in   its history, there being no fewer than 34 aspirants for the twelve seats round the local council chamber. Again, at Bexley, where of the eight retiring aldermen seeking re- election four were defeated, the counting was so close that a re-count was necessary to decide which of the candidates at the bottom of the list should have the unenviable honour of being the one with the fewest votes. The retiring Mayor of Bexley (Alderman Dawsett)

topped the poll.

The election will witness extraordinary changes in the constitution of some of the councils for the new term. In not a few cases men who have given up many years of their lives to local government have been re- jected. Alderman S. L. Cole, who has been Mayor of Glebe for seven terms, and who has been one of the most prominent figures in local government, has been defeated. Among others who have been rejected may be men- tioned Counciller Perrett, of Kuring-gai Shire, who has been one of the most notable figures in the shire movement, more especi- ally as president of the Shires' Association.

In several cases the opportunity was seized to link up with the elections plebis- cites on outstanding questions on which ap- parently some of the councils deemed it de- sirable to ascertain the feelings of the elec- tors. At Manly, for instance, three ques- tions had to be answered. The question of borrowing £100,000 for local works and im- provements was negatived by a small mar- gin; but, while the consensus of feeling at this watering resort was opposed to the coun- cil borrowing sufficient money to construct an ocean pier, a majority of the ratepayers ex- pressed themselves in favour of the right be- ing given to private enterprise to build, and also control, such a pier.

Among the defeated candidates at Manly was a woman contestant, Fanny Furner. An- other woman candidate, standing for Camden Ward, at Newtown—Lillian Fowler—was also


Only three of the former aldermen were re-elected for Manly, and of those Alderman Keirie allied himself with a new Progressive party, which returned four aldermen. Of the remainder, two were returned as Independ- ents, and one (Mr. Barton) as a soldiers' re-


The question at issue in Mosman was large- ly one of reduction of taxation and the initia- tion of a policy of improvements. The Mayor (Alderman Gay) and Alderman Dedden (ex-mayor), were among the defeated candi-


Interest in North Sydney was largely con- centrated on the contests for Warringah Ward, where there has been an agitation for separation from the municipality. Two former aldermen, Messrs. Pinnock and Catch- love, were replaced by Messrs. J. G. Attlee Hunt and A. E. Rudder, representatives of the Cremorne and Neutral Bay Progress Associa- tion, which had promoted the agitation.

In the contest for Naremburn Ward of Wil- loughby Municipality Mr. W. D. Morgan, cam- paign secretary for the Prime Minister in the North Sydney electorate, was among the

defeated candidates.

In contradistinction to the abundance of can- didates in the great majority of centres, Gerringong, one of the country councils, will have to fall back on the Minister for Local Government to appoint one of its aldermen, because of the insufficient number of candi-

dates offering.

The much-discussed question whether the name of Five Dock shall be changed was sub- mitted by way of referendum at the Drum- moyne election. The suggested change of name was substantially defeated. At Parramatta the vital question, and one which has caused a cleavage in the ranks of the citizens of the old town, was in respect to the new municipal markets. The election was a triumph for the supporters of that project.

While in a few centres the introduction of parties was the dominant feature of the elec- tion, local government problems were the chief factor in the majority of cases. At Balmain the election, generally speaking, was a triumph for Labour, while at Darlington the whole of the Labour group were rejected. In Newcastle the three candidates endorsed by the Labour party were at the bottom of the poll.

Widespread interest was evinced in the elec- tions for the 11 councils forming the Newcastle district. Many years have passed since there was such keen competition among the candi- dates for aldermanic honours. For the New- castle City Council the counting was not com- plete until nearly midnight. Alderman R. Gibson, a former Mayor, headed the poll, and he was closely followed by the present Mayor (Alderman Cornish) and the deputy Mayor (Alderman Dick). All the retiring aldermen, except Alderman Douglas, were returned. Al- derman Douglas's place and the vacancy caused by the death of Alderman J. O'Mara several months ago were filled by Messrs. G. A. Ar- nott and C. Ellis. Alderman Arnott is a for- mer Mayor of Carrington. Alderman Ellis is a real estate auctioneer, a member of the New- castle Hospital board of directors, and secre- tary of the Newcastle Chamber of Manufac- tures. Votes cast in Sydney may affect the result, as Alderman Sheeden, 12th on the list, is only four votes ahead of Mr. W. A. Howard.

The letter "E" Indicates the candidates elected, and the * those elected unopposed.


Twelve to be elected.  

East Ward.—George James Stokes 143 (E), Richard Power 116 (E), Joseph Rogen 116 (E), William Henry Wassall 113, Frederick Charles Loveridge 108, William Morris 99, William Norton 31.

West Ward.—Ernest Bishop 232 (E), Richard Michael Kelly 227 (E), Percy Redcliffe 202 (E), George Froy 200, Wm. Chas. Ellis 200, Bernard Nicholas, Dorain 198, Alfred Phillip Lawson 195, Carl Gustaf

Sundstrom 56.

South Ward.—Chas. Humphries 215 (E), Joseph   Bowden 167 (E), Arthur Mancer 162 (E), Thos. Wm. Bayley 125, Joseph Lewis 117, Wm. Edward Martin 87, Herbert Sydney Farrar 56, Wm. Smith 52.

Beaconsfield Ward.—John Joseph Collins 244, (E), George Gillespie 242 (E), John Shirley 192 (E), James Patrick Connelly 108.

Informal -.


Twelve to be elected.

James Robertson 808 (E), Charles Schofield 790 (E), James Wilson Service 760 (E), Charles Robert Wink- worth 758 (E), Walter Owen Ridge 745 (E), Wytham Roberts 733 (E), John William Sharpe 727 (E), Ed- ward Hogan 716 (E), Arthur Ernest Packer 709 (E), William Jacob Henley 676 (E), Andrew Sinclair 674 (E), Thomas Edward Colebrook 632 (E), William John Johnston 609, Stanley Ernest Elliott 529, Harold

Roy Murray 529.

Informal 29.


(Twelve to be Elected.)

North Ward.—John Harold Hammond*, William Henry Mitchell", and George Herbert Rose*.

South Ward.—John Lapish 334 (E), Charles Winn 332 (E), John Colville 309 (E), Edward Hughes 219.

North-east Ward.—Robert Alexander Stewart 681 (E), Frank Owen Hedger 523 (E), John Waters Godfrey 478 (E), Stsnley H. Appleton 421, C. A. Smith 362, Alex- ander M. M. Bruce 320, E. R. Mann 224.

East Ward.—John Lindsay*, Daniel McDonald*, John Yeo.*  


(Twelve to be Elected.)

G. H. Ritchie 940 (E), G. C. Gollan 933 (E), F. E. Rose 791 (E), Edgar Hewson 768 (E). p. J. S. Evans 740 (E). T. Cheetham 736 (E), Robt. Lightfoot 725 (E), H. D. West 713 (E). H. Foggin 675 (E), Gregory Keighery 656 (E), J. Hood 654 (E), C. J. Clay 650 (E), W. H. Simpson 642 (E). C. H. Parkes 629. Wm. R. Atkinson 601, Arthur Arnold 576, Donald Shaw 551, A. T. Briggs 527, A. W. Swinfield 522, E. Wrench 512, K. Haskins 502, J. C. Davidson 481, G. J. Harri- son 477, S. Little 453, J. T. Byrne 450, G. Mundy 449, M. Callaghan 419, A. W. Cummings 403, S. Ken- nerdale 203, G. S. Millen 374, A. R. Parsons 367, A. M. Fleming 365, W. H. Shelton 350, H. W. Au-

burn 334.


South-east Ward.-George Mullins 39( (K), John Geddes 393 (E), John Waite 389 (E), W. Wainwright 372. H. B. Swan 304, W. Waugh 362.

North-east Ward.-Robt. Brownlee 166 (E). Thomas Harrington 453 (E), Henry P. Scott 447 (E). A. 0. Ballerum 160, J. Hastie 415. A. II. Bogle 405.

South-west Ward.-John P. Gallen 508 (E), Bertie L. Wheeler 563 (E). John Shiel 624 (E). W. E. Pinera» 495, C. Boxshall 305, H. White 359, E. W. Blayney


North-west Ward.-Reginald Thornton 706 (E). Patk. W. Tancred 653 (E), W. W. K. Beavis 474 (E), F. Blackburn 397, R. W. Robinson 348. BANKSTOWN.  

(Nine to be elected.)  

North Ward.—John Jensen 156 (E), Chas. Arthur Welch 150 (E), Patrick John O'Neill l61 (E), .

Central Ward.—Leslie Eldridge 685 (E), Percy Cole- man 483 (E), Chas. Edward Hercule* Griffiths 108 (E).

South Ward.-Michael Fitzpatrick 262 (E), David   Kennedy 238 (E), Chas. Simmat 230 (E).


Nine to be elected.

Fred Percival Dorsett 987 (E), John Geo. Griffin 967   (E), Frederick Shrosbill Stephana 868, (E). Henry Todd 842 (E), John Thoa. Foster Banvell 820 (E), Geo, Hatiry Whippingstall 818 (K), John Shannon Cormack 817 (E), John Craig 770 (E), Edward Edwards 747 (E), George Wesley Ross 743, Albert Smith 742, George Ross 742, Arthur .Tollu Rush 600 Wm. Wellesley Bateman 090, Albert Wm. Wood 684, David Turnbull Brown 690.   Hurry Farrant 664, Frances Forster 6&n. Wm. Fredtrick Brown 339, Horace Eduard Ricketts ¡»7.


Nine to be elected.  

James Facer Crev Siddons 583 (El. George Frederick I Anderson 57D US), Edwin Harris 603 (E), Wm, James




Brown 559 (E), oscar Wal. Milson 539 (E), Thos. Henry Weldon 523 (E), YVallace YVitt» Brown SOO (È), YVrn. David Stephen 46« (E), \Vm. Herford 472 (E), Bertram James Lloyd «25, 'Jarota Uu«tell 320.

Informal 12.


Nine to be Elected.

North Ward.-George Simpson 387 (E), Qeorge Scott Blair 367 (E), George Henry Dale 300 (E), Alfred Thomas Carpenter 364, Henry Roland Ford 341, Edward

Wilcock SOO.

South Ward.-Harry Gordon Jackett 310 (E), Fred erick William« 88« (E), Edward Fitzgerald Conyers 271 (E), Herbert Cracknell 228, William Jame« Green 186, Jabe* Edward Barwlck 39.

East Ward.-Leslie Clark Royce 430 (E), Jame» Henry Whipp 434 (E), Stewart Lethe Reid 431 (E), Alexander Mackenzie 423, Charles John Bennett 419,

John Hines 332.  

Informal 5.


Nine to be Elected.

Irvine Henry Andrews lilt (E), John Henry Ewen 1519 (E), Eric Howard Stephenson 3450 (E), Edward English 1417 (E), John James Cruickshank 1885 (E), Harold Redman Lovejoy 1379 (E), Geo. Frederick Wells Hocking 1338 (K), Jas. Dunlea 3286 (E), John Laing Bruce 1280 (E), Lockhart Bastón 3245, John Rabage Graham UM, Hurry Kirk Hall Util, Otear Bryant 1182, J. Chas. Sullivan 1175, Frederick Stanley 1335, Arthur Wm. Nicholas 1125, Bruce Randolph Maurice Nicholl 1126, John Keith Tate 1108, Charles Henry Siedi 1106, John YVrn. Scott 1100, Thos. Geo. Sinnett 1108, Finley Mcinnes 1087, Hine Lockard 1007, Wm. Jas. Fisk 1048, Chas. Cecil Thomas 3048, Alfred Osborne Willson 1032, Geo. Thos. Russell 3031, John Ernest Thibou M>5, Albert Emanuel Francis 952, Joseph Greaves Andrew 980, Henry O. Fusedale 923, Henry

Wm. Burnett 829.


Nine to be Elected.

Samuel George Lee 1368 (E), William Rothwell 1150 (E), Henry Arthur Goddard 889 (E), Arthur Foxcroft 821 (E), John Edwards 745 (E), Thomas Obed Gorrey 730 (E), William Milling "20 (E), Roland Mark Finch 684 (E), Archibald Goiwell Priddle 054 (E). Douglas Farquhar Quinn 834, Edward Jackson 624, John Ather- ton McGuire 616, Charles Vernon McIlwaine 612, Bar- ber Debus 605, Rupert Sutherland Grime 590, Henry no- land Harrison 589, John James Dodson 583, John Deans   485, Noah Gilbert, 423, Alfred Bendigo Joyner 361, Arthur Isherwood. Field 35«, Fred. Simmond» 336.

Informal, 25.


Nine to be Elected.

Arthur Selwyn Elvy 322 (E), James Pope Melville 287 (E), Alexander Brown 279 (E), George Hubert Best 268 (E), William Burke 268 (E), Flank Woodyatt 265 (E), Charles Mason 265 (E), YVilliam Graham 2C4 (E), Theodore Walter August Burgess 215 (E), Michael Madigan 238, Michael Dodds 220, John Milroy 217, John Boyd Lamont 214, Vincent Bousfield 211, William John Wilson 208, Ernest Clark Groves 200, Arthur James Payne 200, David Niven 197, James Larkin IO* William Flood 102, John Moore 101..

Informal, 16.


(Twelve to be elected.)

East Ward.-Jacob Henley*, Thomas Henley*, James


South Ward.-Brisbane Rodd 367 (E), Harry Thomp- son 305 (E), Patrick James Byrne 329 (E), YY'ni. Gabriel Simmons 321, Isailore YVoolfe 280, John M'Dougall 244.

North Ward.-Egbert Cha«. Tyler 481 (E), YVrn. Dempsey 435 (E), Arthur Centennial Ingham 402 (E), Edward Atkins 376, Wm. Edwin Hartley 371.

West Ward.-Henry Jan. McDiclien 619 (E), YVrn. Francis Udall 445 (E), John Hood 432 (E), Wm. Thos.

Barnwell 344.  

Referendum on change of name of Five Dock:

No ........1. 855

Yes. 530

Majority for No . 325  


East Ward.-Wm. Tho». Cook 30» (E), Geo. Harley 287 (E), Herbert Greenwood 257 (E), John Smith Fraser 2.8, Reg. Taylor 200, Roy Nell 195.

West Ward.-David Auchterlonie (E)*; Eric Mobbs (E), Hartley Feather (E)*.

Central Ward.-Heber Catt» (E)*, John Hickllng (E)\ F. E. Spurway (E)*.


(Nine to be elected.)

East Ward.-Jos. Hull"-!» (E), G. Dunlop 87 (E), John C. Matthews 85 (E), J. England 43, Chas. Hawkes

34, J. A. Lovell 34.

West Ward.—E. P. Woodford 170 (E), W. R. Feather atone 145 (E), T. J. Warren 131 (E), L O. Bailey 80,

J. Berry 62.

Central Ward.-Reginald Ball 07 (E), S. M'Beatli SO (E), Frank Meyers 78 (E). R. J. Small 77, J. M. Jackson 72, Chas. Whittaker 69.


9 to be elected.

Central Ward.-Francht Berriman Kelty 246 (E), Willlam Charles Benjamin Bush 200 (E), Albert Ed- ward Well 167 (E), Edward Simeon Andrews 131, Thomas Arthur Hutchinson 127, James William Parkes 126, Alfred Pilkington BUîh 323, Frederick Williams 115, Arthur Septimus McDonald 64, Henry Joseph Joyce 24, Frederick Thomai McFadden 12.

East Ward. —Walter Charles Beaumont 305 (E), George Barnett Phillips 297 (E), Edward Grant 291 (E), Joseph Oswald Miller 106.

West Ward. —Charles Edward Bransgrove *, William Fletcher Dewick *, Ebenezer Ford *. Informal 2.

ERSKINEVILLE. 9 to be elected.  

North Ward.-George Ouvrier 257 (E), Albert Patrick Henry 254 (E), Reginald George Molloy 252 (E), David Dunn 90, Harold Edward YVarren 83,. George, lleniy

Mason 81.

Middle Ward.-Ja«. Higgins *, Tho«. James English \

Alfred Steven English *.

South Ward.-Jas. Wm. Elliot *, Jno. Patrick McCarthy *, Nicholas John Martin *.


(12 to be elected.)

Arthur Wm. Field 1092 (E), Wm. Thomas Tate 1009 (E), Norman Wm. Vivien Macqueen 1000 (E), Bert Lewis 995 (E), Wm. Martin 994 (E), Percy Chas Lucas 992 (E), John Edward Alexander 985 (E), Charles Harding 984 (E), Henry Punter 969 (E), Archibald   Davidson 960 (E), Henry Albert Brigg 959 (E)

Francis Thos. Dick 959 (E), Stanley Llewelyn Cole 956,

John Hosking 954, Michael Goulston 936,

Frederick Richard Corrigan 925, Jas. Aloysius O'Sullivan 924,

Francis Edmund Miller 919, Wm. Joseph Walsh 917, Jacob Lauder Raith 903, Geo. Percival Sherringham 899, Jas. Malone 899, Walter Chas. Roche 884, John   Joseph Welby 364.

Informal, 69.


Twelve to be elected.

James Colquhoun 1206 (E), Cha». Leslie Baldock 936 (K), John Samuel Townsend 888.(Ë), Alfred James Beszant 831 (E), Herbert John Epp» 851 (E), Henry Alfred Membrey 820 (E), Wm. Tbonias Swift 718 (E), Geo. Henry Lane 746 (E), Claude Leslie Porter 735 (E), Alex McGill 722 (E), Bartholomew Hines 671 (E), Henry John Percival 665 (E), .lames Elliott Bell 635, Fred. Robertson . «25, Edwd. Pomfret 586, Hector Kirkpatrick 545, Chas. Anthony Willoughhy 338, John Saxon Hunt 533, John Reid Neilson 531.   John Henry Hulyer 531, Reginald Shepherd 531, Clifford Jones 513, Bentley Hyalop 505, Thos. Morrissey 499, David Crawford 486, Michael Joseph O'Neill 480, Geo. McGrath 477, Robt. Crimson 461, Victor Wm. Boyd 450, Geo. Henry Stokes 455, Cuthbert Brown 414, Richard Every Burns 414, Laurence Sylvester Link« 302, James Prior 365, James Hurst 295, Alex. John McKenzie 292, Thos. Isaac Howlett 277, Owen Wm.

Burns 222, James Wm. Boughev 179, Henry Williams

145. Informal, 40.


Six to be Elected.

Edward Daniel Austin 259 (E), Wm. Floyd Stewart  

(E), Albert Mason 229 (E), George Robert Knight 226 (E). William Herrick 200 (E), Robt. Arthur Reardon 197 (E), John Henry Cross 192. John Krne»t Low lol, Thos. Dalton 144, Geo. Wm. Dalton 135, George Glover 08. Thos. Arthur Clynes 84, 8amuel Yeates 78.

Informal 1.  


West Ward.-Charles Adnam Fairland 352 (E), Ralph Unwin 335 (E), Leslie Arthur Jones 316 (E), Patrick McGarry 229, Bert. Cowell 211, James Montgomery 389.

Central Ward ¡-William Robt, Oouldlng (E) *, Louis Amid Meyers (E) *, YVm. Archibald Windeyer (E) *.

East Ward:-Ernest Arthur Clarke (E) *. Arthur Kingston Moore (E) *, John Charles Solomon (E) *.


Woodville Ward.-Alfred Edward Humprey 299 (E), Ernest Albert Field 234 (E), Peter Anderson Young Law 214 (E). Walter James Alex. Edward» 203, Thomas

Vslxer Crass 191, Stephen Wilberforce Hill 181. Alex. > John Murray 146,

Hurstville Ward.-Sidney Hall Binder 317 (E), Henry Hill 275 (E), Wm. Thos. Macken 247 (E), Leslie Geo. Lee. 194, Robt. Alex. Patrick 198. Chas. David Booth 17», Wm. Allerdice 102, Walter Mugglestone 89.

Penshurst Ward.-John McCall 886 (E), Wallace Collier 329 (K), John Wilson 200 (E). Edwd. Henry Baker 254, Peter Benedict Bollard 192.

Peakhurst Ward.-Kent Willard Bush 322 (E), James. Johnson 317 (E), Victor Frederick Christensen 276 (E), John Thos, Short 2S1, Henry Jame« Chaplin 203, David Home Thomas 176, John Gager 174, Chas. Alex. Evans 140, Richard Horace Mallard 145. Wm. John  

Mackin Hedley 313, Abram King 93.


North Ward.-Louis Henry Farr 199 (E). Wm. John Jones 182 (E), Edwin ilichd. Birch (E), Reuben Thomas Patis 120, Win. Griffith Harwood 111, Jome»

Dymor Borserini 61.

East Ward.-Percy Alfred Tanner 396 (E), Reginald Eustace Reid 364 (E), James Hunt Granleese 800 (E), Wm. Henry Matthew« 341, Phillip Joseph Lipman 331, Reuben Nap thal I Steenbhom 314, John Harold

Mostyn 120.

Middle Ward.-Arthur Ernest Spinks 410 (E), Tho». Harold Higgison 408'(E), Janie« Wm. Reid 406 (E), Thos. Joseph O'Donnell 254, Colin Campbell Kennedy Tannork 238, Albert Jane» Biddle« 220, Benjamin Thos. Sadler 216, Edwd. Mostyn Parson» 210, Carnet

Walsh 200.

West Ward.-F.rne-.t Toaliach Arrowsmith 419 (E), Wm. Geo. Coleborne 400 (E). Harry Uoitunl Poulton 300 (B), Wm. Fraud« Kettringham 236, Archie Am- brose- Rimold !09, Geo-, Mitchell Robertson 197. John  

Bull Tyson 171. ,


East Ward.-George Rupert Martin 326 (E). Edwd. Henry Kelly 308 (E), Vincent Aloysius Carroll 276 (E).

wu ti-..,Henry Aiueri xiriKg i»y eiw,  

Thos. Dick 959 (B), Stanley Llewelyn Cole Hosking 1054, Michael Coulston 936, Frederick Corrigan 925, Jas. Aloysius O'Sullivan 024,

Central Ward. -Angus James Fraser 84a (fc) Will-     iam James Tomlin 332 (fc), Archibald Aitken John-

ston 303 (E)

West Ward.-Thomas John Howell 209 (L) Frede- rick William Dunn 230 (b) Alfred Macartney Hyde 205 (E)


Twelve to be elected.

Fred Ridge 1083 (E) Wm. Ad llson Lambert 9~2 (F)   Alfred Banfield Blackmore 916 (E) Mm Denison At kins 897 (E) Win Henry Bowmuker 683 (L) Antficw Noble Campbell 880 (r) John Lachlan Cairn bell 875 (E) Wm LI»»In Budd 839 (i) trunk Itol hie McDonald 812 (E) llarrj Gc Breen SU5 (L) Chas Wm. Shields "87 (E) Peter Thoms "48 (L)


Nine to be elected.

Edwd. Norman Wyatt 09a (L ) Win S|nrkes lame«   668 (E), Frank 1-retas u«) (E), rhoiius Hobt Campt eil 651 (E) Win Brown 6a3 (L) Ernest Barker 000 (!.)

Leonard Collins Whiting 558 (E) James Janis Dunbir 53_ (t) Henry John Larcombe 6"1 (I ) Thon -is Burke   Sil Chas West 40' Chas Mm Phillips 161 Pcrc» Lind Wm Gibbs 440 Chas Ah al-i n Brewster li) Peter Curran 400 brant Boase 314 Informal, 12.


Nine to he elected.

Thos Arthur Keirie 14211 (E) 1-rands Min Helton 130a (E) Albert Me- Kemp 1281 (E) Mired Chas Samuels 1129 (E) Abby Tlnley Barton ll'ö (E) Alfred   Vlbert fcd»»d Ernest Aassa Reid 1122 (E) Percy Leonard Nolan 1002 (E), Ernest Henry Pickworth 1060 (E) Ellison Wentworth Quirk 990 (E) John 1 at   rick Garvan Sheridan 953 Josiah Reynold Trcnerry Oil George Jones 89i Alex Morrow McCullough 8« Mm Joseph Cox 824 Arthur Holmes 810 Alfred Walter Pearce 808, Alfred Edwd Rosher 12 Archie Leslie Ogilvy 692 George Horace Townsend Robey 664, Alfred Geo Railton 598 Thomas Gordon Adrian, Justice   Percival Bunting 189 iannle turner 20" Richard

Oi li sie» Sheridan 210.  

A plebiscite was taken at Manly on the folio» ins questions:- "Are you in favour of the council bor-   rowing £100 000 for t^c purpose of-(a) He formli g and     constructing a number of streets and footpaths (b) erecting shelter sheds and carrying out benutiílcalK n schemes to Shelly Beach, Harbour, and Ocean Beach reserves and improving the lagoon site (c) providing     additional sporting grounds for the alllrmjll»e 678 votes w ere polled, 7 0 being recordé I for the ne(,a   tive, a majority for the negative of 92.

On a further question, "Are you in favour of tie council borrowing sufficient money to construct an ocean pier at Manly? the voting was les 363 no 1011 majority for No, 618.

There was a tnajorlti ol 309 In the affirmative on ti I folio »itig question It not In fa»our of the council constructing an ocean pier are jou In fa»our ol ap    

plications being Invited for the right to pro»Ide and control same by private enterprise? The voting wai.

Yes, 825; No, 510.


North Ward-Henry James Morton, 716 (E) Alfred Arthur Henton 083 (E), Milton Livingstone Fredericks Janie 042 (E) Benjamln Richards 330, Mm 1-reder     kk Bray 210 Trevor Austin Thompson 19a Gordon

Ernest Mead J9 informal 3.

South Ward-James Steel 3S1 (E) Thomas Arthur   Ashton 356 (E) Claude McNeilly 288 (1) Ircdenck   anthony Armstrong 200 Thomas C-tffrey .19 Edwd. Mackey 216 Mm t regorv Main»»right 221 Informal 6.

East Ward- Daniel Sidney Philpott 55 (L) Al! ert   Percival Doune} 5"4 (E) Arthur Dulllcld lo (E) Michael Joseph 0 Donnell 40o Vle-c Da» id Henrj bcoul 1er 392 Mm fonkles 208, Percy Robt. Klug ISO in-

formal 5.

West Ward -M m James Pendlebur» 611 (J ) Mm     Henry Micks 538 (E), George Lewis 108 (fc) Hobt Sidney Hall 363.

MASCOT Twelve to be elected.  

Francis James Chipman 1165 (E), Richard Stephen King 1158 (E), Thos. Henry Hicks 1157 (E), David     Allen Alexander 1144 (E), Alfred James King 1143 (E), Michael Joseph L'Estrange 1122 (E), Herbert   Ernest Sherringham 1085 (E), John Elder Galloway     775 (E), James Croll Monro 731 (E), Thomas Davies   Mutch 723 (E), Arthur Henry Loveridge 721 (E),   Edward Stift 719 (E), George Moss 690, Phillip Evans,   jun., 648, Wm. Alfred Clementson 632, Chas. Henrv Marshall 623, Thos. Jeremiah Lonergan 608.  


North Ward: Angus kevern Thorne 813 (E) lconar! Ingrain Mitchell G05 (E) Arthur John Haynes 101 it) Robt. Steel Gay 138 Wm Dedden 3.10

Balmoral Ward.- Alex Buckle 1"8 (E) Harry Carter 1"5 (E) Richard Walter Campbell 333 (E) Mm Joieph Slattery 330 W11 Usher Goodall 02

West Ward-Mu De Putron a">7 (E) Ire! lames McCauley 200 (E) Geo Newnham Mills 259 (L) Ed»vd  

James Lane 214.

East Ward.-Win Henry Smith 317 (E) Peter Bur rows Ï'O (E) Wallace t}fe Henderson 237 (b) Geo Thos Bright 174 Hector Roderick M Vi Hlllam la3 Fred  

Townsend 74.


Camden Ward. -Isidore Fdwln Ryan 117 (E) Nicholls James Buzacott 410 (F) Mllllam Henry Delve 183 (fc) Joseph Huitlev 330 lilian Io»»ler 328 Llward Roach

C3 Robt Fowlcr 42.

Enmore Ward-Thomas Harold Morgan (L)*, Mil liam Henry Pritchard (E)* Wm Stark» <E)*  

Kingston Ward.- Win Alfred Dibble 331 (1) Mm   leslie Smith 0>9 (1) Chas Henry Turtle 3'3 (J)

Wm. Thos. Carey 161 Chas Alex Harpur 118 Denis

Kilmartin 110.  

O'Connell Ward.- Joseph Solomon 463 (E), James   Campbell 444 (E) Geo Albert Crocker 419 (E) Arthur     John Samuel Austin 417, Oliver Cromwell Penning-   ton 409, Edward Hutchison 407.


Belmore Ward.- Robt. Chas. Forsyth 461 (E), Richard Brennan 440 (E), Stephen Forster Newlands 430 (E),     John Haigh 361, Henry Geo. Percy Redmond 334,  

Samuel Ephraim Isaac 325, Hubert Leslie Primrose 290, Henry Edwd. Wormald 291, Henry Napoleon

Bowd 80.

Kirribilli Ward.- Edwd. Mann Clark 378 (E) Alfred Ernest Waterhouse 377 (b), John Danoh» SCO (L)

James Street Stanton 855 Frederick Mm Tarleton 252, Thos. Carleton HO >

Tunks Ward.- Henry Green 337 (E), Albert Ernest   Whatmore 209 (E), Thomas Johnston 241 (E) Thos Alex Lappin 243 Beverley Havelock Greville 203       David Tate 124, Ernest Alex Bardsley 37

Victoria Ward.-Jas fcrncst Blue 3 ' (1) Chas   Wm. Watt -> 1 (L) Geo Thos. Chrke 23vT(I- ) Thos   Carrick Robertson 215 Thoa, (jerrard Materhouse 205 Joseph Henry Seymour 10a Thos. Patrick Liston 177 Wilfred Thos. Young 101 Joseph Charles 10

Warringa Ward.- Albert Ernest Rudder 802 (F) Mm Anderson 713 (E) John Grahame Atlee Hunt 706 (E) Chas Hamilton Levland Catchlove 4)4 John Alfred

Pinnock 407.


Upper Ward.-Nicholas Harry Connolly (E)*, Henry   Chas. Jones (E)*, Ben. Penfold Wallington (E)*.

Lower Ward.- John Connell (E )*, Gordon Harold     Falvey (E)*, Michael Purcell (E)*

Middle Ward.- Wm. Ernest Reginald Bates 430 (E),     Henry Dickinson 413, (E) Albert Gahan 400 (E) Walter   Leslie Brooks 355, Hyam Myers 347 Duncan John   Tapprell 332, Informal 12.

Glenmore Ward. -Maurice O'Sullivan 455 (E), Thos.     Hodge 443 (E), Albert John Stanley Thwaites 422 (E) Albert Pointing 371, Chas. Craines 340, John Thos. Percival Marsh 339, Informal 9.


South Kingston Ward.- John Allworth Clark if)* Walter Lawrence Maundrell (E), Thomas Isaac Corn wall Williams (1)*

Ie»»lslnm Ward.- David Ront Cooper 606 (E), Oil  

bert Barry 571 (E), lohn lames I achlan 620 (E), Albert Jas Dawson 269 Samuel Cover 181)

Annan hie Ward.- Wm lohn Bastion 132 (E), Join Henry Albert 387 (E), John Chas I ester 369 (E),   James Bain 20a, Wm Brodie Joy 213, Henrv Simp-

son 239.

fe» uenl lam Ward -Joseph Johnson ->71 (E), las Calton   Watson 195 (E), Edward Shiels Budrodcen 1"3 (E), Leslie Kyle leask 154, Wm Henry Robertson lal Ar thur Whiteley 140.


Twelve to be elected.

Mm Peter Noller IO06 (E), Filwin John Brown 103a (E), Arthur Henry Collett 1028 (E), Robt lames Brown 988 (E), Leicester Stuart Anderson Simpson 985 (E), Robt Horatius Drummond 926 (E), Harry   Chus Geo Moss 916 (E), Clias^Gco Ratline 882 (E)

Henry Edwd Bird 829 (E), Geo Henry Pruilames 828 (E), John Gilbert jnr 819 (E), Malter Robt Musto 681 (E), Harold John Satin lera 083 Henry Olilsen 601 John Brown Smith 611 Allan Sjdney Marsden 6'1 Geo. Henry Mob! s alO Thos Joseph Moods 506, David Jtops 488, Sliolto Percival Kemp 107, James Webster Chalmers 468, Percy Ince Hushes 890, Thos. Edwd Dalton 300, Thos Francis Botfield


The referendum concerning the establishment of municipal markets was overwhelmingly delcited not

withstanding the fact that all those who advocated the markets were elected.


West Ward-John Henry O Dea O?) *, Silas Garnet P%e (E) *, Ernest Phillip Tresslder (E) *

North Ward.-Arthur Honrj Moverly 861 (E), James Ambrose Bardon BO» (E), Geo. James Baker 711 (E), Fred Wrigley 323, John Patrick Danaher "IOS

East Ward.- John Bovd (E), Hyman Goldstein (E)   * Chas. frederic Milliami (E) .

South Ward -John Montgomery Dunningham 680 (E)

Arthur Chas. Stewart Strange Mure 038 (E), Albert Theodore J unes Nicor 640 (E), Phillip Louis Strange Mure 023, Geo F ric Gray 510, flios Alfred Wild 608, lohn fenton 489, Arthur Stephen Hennessy 489, Albert

Edwin Neivman 381 *.


SurryHills Ward.-John Joseph Castle 39a (E),      

John Harvey S87 (E), Patrick Frederick Mooney, S68   (E), John Leitch, 21g, Ernest Blakeney Carr 21s,   nohert Rae Dakiel 200, Richard Meredith fox 88.

Belmore Ward -Francis James Gilmore "59 (« ), Joseph Malachi Gilmore -37 (E), Robert Henry M Don   aid 213 (E), William Henry Smith 128 John Strong   128, Minium navies, 120 Edward Hammond Spearman 110 Athur Madden 107, Charles Wlllliam Stanton,   90, Herbert Hawkes Smith 16.

Redfern Ward.- Emanuel ledwopb 217 (E), Thoms«   Douglas Percy Holden 21« (E), Michael Frederick   Burks 211 (E), Ldward Charl« Allison 173 John Enoch Levy, 172, John Frederick Burcher, 164, Patrick It I ert», Î1 (withdraw).

Golden Croie Ward.-Kenneth John Alex «acme 42a (E), Simon Patrick ¡i Grath, 122 (E). George

Boyd, 419 (E); Joseph Thomas Juleff 338, Hucli Car ruthers, 126; George Barrett, 310, Dudlev Guildford,



Arncliffe Ward.-Geo. Edwd. Fortescue Junr 510   (E), James Loïc 470 (E ), Francis Henry lanar 433   (E ), David Chappelow 2J2, Chas Thos Lucas 184,  

James W Allen 175

Hopetoun Ward.-ldwd John Gar liner 415 (I), Geo. Hattersley SSfl (t ) Albert Geo. Edwards 327 (E),     Sherard Osborn Harvey 301, Stephen Li in Smith ¿SO, Fredk. Harold Strom 247 Thos Henry Oconnell -J!

Rockdale Ward.- Geo. Edmund Moate 436 (E),Wm.             Alex Beehag 406 (E) Thos Jas Tyrer 386 (E ) Wm.   Hughes 370 Wm. Edwd. Stafford 351 Wm. James   Gunning 343.

Scarborough Ward.- lames Tozer IT» (I ) - Chuter 887 (E), Augustus YYm Baiter jsfl (1 ), Ralph This   Sutton 361, Percy Ebenem Short Son Alfred I liney Broadbent 312 1 mest YY alter Blackburn I wcjshire 115 James Agar Igoe 97.


Twelve to be elected.

Herbert little Atkinson 1400 (E) Win Brcttcll Muediiff 33jo (E), Albion Geo (.reen« vi HoJ (II Edwd. Fowler Lawson 3347 (t) lumea Henry Chum   berlain 1344 (F) Audrey Ia» 1279--«L) Sidney Percy Westlan 1210 (I) John Ccirg. Stone 1191 (L), 1 ercv Garraway Challlel 1 11SI (I) Henry 1 rcipirthcn Doug   las 1178 (I) Francis Butcher 1000 (I) Chas liver W>7 (E), Wm. James Armour 711, Alex Stewart tJ7, Harry Seddon Oi! billin All in Itoiillnc, 537, Patrick Kenny 408, Henry Benjamin Skinner 39J.


North Ward.- James Andre» Conway 201 (F) Arthur Nichols 201 (E) ii!»in O Grady 1S8 (I), YYm Dawes 364, Thos Herbert Sha» 3 IO,

Brompton Ward.- Frederick luck 292 (E), George       Alfred Rowswell 260 (E), To'in Miller 198 (F) Jos Miller ISO lohn Thos Pli Hips 3"0 Tilomas larne» Quinn 361 Hen-v Ailnns li.

Bellevue Ward.- lohn Paney lirndsl aw 104 (I) Jo   seph Grundy 3G2 (E), I dud Joseph Bui-rout l61 (L)

Wm. Henry Swain 1/! Simucl Toomba iJ" r l(,ir Wilmshurst 310, YYm Tern 300, YY alter Lrncst Shep-   pard 98.  

Tempe Ward.- Wm Ralph Green 2 0 (E ) Peter Titz ? linmnns 253 (E), I du ard John AYclls 38J (I) Tims Gillett 159, Chas Ali.« 131, foiep'i Henri Hurfnot Hi YYm Vorman Ulindi ltd 102 James "loos YirCiffcry 102 I rands Sanderson 88.


Nine to be elected

John Curnow 779 (E), W Pilgrim 774 (E ), A J Kessell (E), J W Airey 758 (E), F J Wallace 712   (E), J R Firth 707 (E), G A Davey (E), - Paine 684 (E), - Wheeldon 682. (E), Bowden 596 (E), A Cul len 534, E Ford 532, Bale 524, Maston 500, Paterson 478   Mabbs 458, Higgs 451, Trimmer 414, Groeham 119.


Nine to be elected.

Jas Alclntiie 611 (E), Alfred Chun «amuel 01i (E),

Henry David Alexander Christison 010(1) Ireilcrlrk AYm, Cope ofí (*.. Hurry Cooper Djy 5>1 ÍH Hwin «tnnhoDe Santelle 614 (E) loiter Hartley Sargent 402 (E), lohn Herbert Hurst 4!8 (E), Irctlerick Dowton 417 (E), Henri YYm Har! W Arthur I arl Stitchhury 800 Thos YYolf 32" Ilarrv HufTell 7!


Twelve to be elected.  

Alh»rt Flwunl Hniris 804 (E), li hu Joseph Con nollv 602 (E), Itov Blanchard 714 (E), Toseph Bede lynch 703 (E), Tho» Edward llyinp «Ti (E), Denis Alhnnv Kellv W3 (E), Tomes btuart ("8 (E), YYm To eph YYiilcock« 600 (E), Geo Henry Buntine 6o7 (E) Alliert Dunning 6.j0 (E), Tilomas Jumes Shccly 638 (E), Neil DUnkcith M'Kenna 034 (E), Timothy Mulcahy 63», YVm Dunki 618, AYm John Fustace 603 Chas John Thom is Chegwidil n 594, Joseph l'lttninii I7I, Thos Taunton Yfirsdcn fi**4 Samuel Rodgers 571 Ynlentlni- Albert Allman V0, Archlbil! I rcelwirn Close )07, Junie Rolllnsm w« Athol Meei o 7 Iran eis Charles Kenny f 14, John Geo I eonortl Kyd 404, Patrick Mulheron 3'j, Toseph I lvviuil YYnrner 213, Michael Mel.emu -38, Isaac Adolphus Solomon 226.


AY morley AYard-Hubert William Tac! aman 014 (Li Raymond Henry Nott r>-8 (I) Arthur lohn Adams 50" (L) George Blackmore Phillip Sit) YY lllium   Charles Tipper 1 0 James Hilton lil

Bondi Ward-Walter loss YYeekes 031 (D Toseph Thomas Bariaeluff 7J2 (E), David Hunter 72J (1 1   Charles Henry Albert Bl iel roan 492, Daniel Hijgan 37J

Nclton Ward -Oeorgc llouksley 5S1 (I*) Cornelius William Kavanagh 414 (1) Daniel Clarke M Callum 544 (E) Alfred William Ashton 239

lawson Ward.-John James Lynch 4"6 (11, Tohn McCarthy 400 (E), Tames George YI hec " 0 (E), Scott   Campbell t(3 YYillinm lhomjs I yuch 336 lames beith Morice To*. Ernest William Quinton 217 Thomas Dominic Kingsley -"02 Ytancs Cui non 103.


Chatswood East Ward-YYm Leslie May burn Fry 5J9 (E), Frederick YYm Turton 517 (I) Alexander Matheson 503 (E), Allun Yliitlicw li le oi 188 ( ecil   Brierly 409, Cecil Ray Seabrook 3o2, William Cleland


Chatswood West Ward.- James Park ISO (E), Idmiind   Tomes Parks 2öj (E), Alex Stuart Norcraiy 26' (F)

Fro lerlck Edwd. Winston 244, St Leotards leichhardt   Hatchford Haltcrman 231, Alex Johnson 210, I mest Hem j YYard 1"0.

Middle Harbour Ward.- Alick lohn Charles Mills 508 (E), Robt Todd Forsvth *&, (E) Robt Chus Broomham 5j0 (E), Arthur Ernest Mid lleton 01 Hazel Roy Corrigin «n- Thomas Raymond Dennett "ii

Naremburn Ward-Henri YY itchhorne Clarke 80> (I) lohn Tliomsnn 097 (E), Hcrb-rt PirMnson Piper 0i0 (E), YYm ThomnB Dickson 676 YYm David Alorgan 601 George Reeks 514


Piper Ward.- Thomas fairweather 1JJ (I ) I cflle FdwO King 2S2 (E), lame« Henry 1 aracl erley 268 (E), lohn Burke 235.

Edgecliff Ward-George Slater Gr'mlev ICO (F), Wm Flcnilnir Lntlmer 4j.i (E), YYm Harold King 144 (E) Alfred lohn Doyle 171, Robt Id»in Tatham 167,

Thos. Bartlett 153 Informal 7.

Bellevue Ward.-las Pol ¡dore Bradley 642 (!) YVm Frederick luster 634 (E), 1 w-ph Thomas Birracluff 5"6 (E), lohn Thornton Connon 301 Albert rdvvln Dalwood 226 Geo Henry Doiisinc 173 Informal 7

Double Bay Ward.- John Gilbraith (E)* Leo   Whitely Robinson (I)* Samuel AYoolf (E)*.

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