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-* i



j Harris Wins the 100 Yards.

I Nothing more sensational In^ swimming | circles has-been seen in Sydnev^ than the magnificent performance of the Manly swim- mer, A. ("Boy") Charlton, at tho Domain baths

on Saturday. " '

In winning the SSO yards championship at the New South Wales Amateur Swimming Association's carnival in lim 5 1-Bs he boat the world's tccord for the distance by 19s. Many notable water athletes have made Iberusclvcs famous In Australia by establishing retords, but the local lad's performance eclipses them all.

As a swimmer Charlton first came into pro-

minence about thrco years^go. He was then but 12 years of age, but he revered half a milo In 13m 20s, an excellent swim for a hoy of that age. It was the forerunner of many great achievements, for at Manly on Dcccm bed 21 nf last year ho covered 440 jards in

5m 16 3-5s, nnM n couple of weeks ago ho

did a trial of Urn 35s for 8S0 yards. Although theso records rould not bo recognised offi- cially they undoubtedly stamped the boy as a world's champion. Many wore sceptical about the tiroes, but his wonderful achieve- ment on Saturday eliminates all doubt. It was not'only a sensational swim, but the con- summate case with which it was accomplished caused wonderment as to what times he could record If every yard of the distance had lo bo contested with an opponent. "As tbe

Hawaiian visitor. V'. liai ris. stated subse-

quently, "It was the most wonderful swim over seen, and it will probably be the most wonderful thing Sydney people will over sec."

There were five starters in the 880yds cham- pionship. Charlton established a lead In the first lap, and at the end of the second lap he, was IS yards ahead of Christie, of Drum

moyne, who was swimming some distance in front of Wilkeg (The Spit), with Rollinson (Rose Bay) next, and P. Smith (Pyrmont) last.

Thero was no change In the order, and the' result-was almost boyond doubt beforj a quar- ter of the distance had been traversed. Charl- ton swam In magnificent style and with the utmost'ease, and steadily Increased his ad-

vantage, completing",the flftti lap about 6p_j [ yards In the lead. When -15.yards from home

he sprinted, and finished fully 95 yards ahcad^

of Christie, who had about 15 yards to spare from Wilkes, who was several times ap- plauded for averting a collision with Charlton.

Thero wero denfeplng cheers when It was* announced that Cbarllon's time was 11m 5 l-5s, and that he had thus reduced the

world's record'by 10 seconds. The previous' Avorld's record was held by Norman Ross, who covered the distance In lim 24 1-5b in Sydney

on January 10, 1920. The Australian andu Now South Wales record was hoM by Ludy Langer, whose time at Sydney on January 15.^ 1921, was lim 16 2-5s. The latter was not recorded under world championship condi-

tions. Charlton's intermediate times were:-¡/ 110yds, 73s; 220yds, 2m 35 2-Es; 330yds.

4m 1 l-5s; 440yds, lim 25 l-5s: 550yds, 6m 51b:," GCOyds, 8rn 181s: 770yds, flm 44 4-5s: SSOyds,' 11m 5 l-5s. He was subsequently rowed down

the centre of the baths in a boat, the crowd,, of 6000 renewing Its cheers again and again.* Charlton, who Is 151 years old, Is 5ft lOin In

height and weighj list. He has a chesty measurement of 38JIn, with an expansion of 4îln,

Tho presence of W. Harris, of Hawaii, as a competitor with members of the local clubs in the 100 yards championship, lent special in-

terest to that event, and when the eight men " lined the Btarllng board the excitement of

the spectators was intense. No apparent ad- ' vantage was gained by any of the contestants In the start, all taking the water together:

but when the first 30 yards had been covered' Harris 'was almost half a length in front. At 50 yards, Herald, of Manly, who was In second

position, gained slightly, and at 75 yards jupt" caught tho loader, but the Hawaiian was too good for him, and proved tho winner by a touch. The others finished close together, only n couple or yards behind tho socondSnan. Harris was loudly cheered after his win. ,

It was thought probable that Harris would, have swum also in the SSO yards champion- ship, but it was announced that ho had de cldod not to do so. Disappointment was ex- pressed by the spectators, who were anxious to see the Hawaiian and A. Charlton, of Manly.

' In competition in this event. It wns staled

that Harris was suffering from cramp.

In the 100yds back stroke championship TC Kirkland (University), the holder of tho title, was again the winner. His time, 1m 14 4-6s, was 3-5 of a second slower than his Austra- lian record, established In Brlsbnno last year.

R. Miller, of Newcastle Surf Club, won the 100yds championship for members of country clubs, and in the 500yds breast 6troko teams'

championship the holders of tho title, Unl-_ verslty A, were defeated by Sydney.

The handicap events were closely contested, and excellent form was displayed by the Juniors. The tiny tots' rnco for girls between the ages of five and nine years proved highly

entertaining. f

During Ihc nfternoon Harris attempted tov lower tho world's record for 50 yards, but was unsuccessful, as he took 25 seconds to cover the distance. The .world's record, which is held by Alec Wickham, is 23 2-6s.

Splendid displays of high dlviug'were given' by a number of members of the N.S.W. Ama- teur Swimming Association. Another novelty

event was a "Ku Klux Kian rnld," in whlrhp \

tho competitors hail to swim 50 yards with their hoads covered by hoods, which com- pletely excluded their vision. A Gmnirl (The Spit) was the first to find his wny to the flnishing-line. All the events were got ofT

without delay.

Results -

50 *, AftUS lüNIOrt INTltlCIbD II AMUt Al'

Heat J A Divvsoii (SjdneO IPs 1 II Id c (tali« inifn) J7f .' rime, 44s Heit» J IrJiui (U»t Sydney) 10s I I Volt (I cd lu ulan) IO ' rime 4is lient J li Mien (Balmain)* I'* I I AMiite (hist Svlnev) Its, 1 Time 17 1 % Heit 4

1 Gleeson (Past fevdiiij), 10s 1 1 I du mit. (1 ivt Sidnei) JOi J Heit 5 S like (Manly) ni J, T Dojle ami 1 Mci aren (Sjilnej) Us ilcu 1 lient,

2 Jime Ils lient li G Coiilej fIjst Sy Inej ) S«, -, J T Goodwin (¡jvdnev) 0» .' lime 1\ lient 7 It Joiner (llalinonl) ii I < Hirrctt (Ptnu ntl « 2 Time T> ->5s Heit S It 1 Junie C-vrfnev) s ) Af Wnterlionse (SjdnevA Ci 2 lime 2") 1 i. Heit

ii Jj Ierro« (Sulnej) is 1 t Jlarrett (Pirmoiit) , 2s I 1 line 30 J "is "

linnl r (nnlej (Last Sidney) 1, S pike (Jl Hill)

2 Time It 'us


Heit 1 O I ed Uni,h un ('Iluminóme) I A A lev 7 (Hordern Uros ) 2 Time Jin JO 4 "w Ut it " 1» Matthews (Silnej) 1 I AAnolR (Sidno)) " Hine, Jin 0 1 s Heit J R Biirfcoync (Manly) J S itotltel

(last Sydney) -> linio lui 10 " 5s lint 4 I Aslelt ( (Sidney) 1 « To ile («pit) 2 finie im - 2 6í

I mal- r Alittlicvvs (cj lucy) I, Av Toole (Spit) 2 G leadingham (nrummoine) 1 Time Jin 0»


lient 1 r (iiniiniiiRs (Koke llaj) J C Thurn).

(Spit) 2 Time Un 7 1 j?

Ileat 2 J Slinnd (University), 1 AV I "i nn (Uni vcrsltv) 2 Time Jin r 4 v

Heil 1 J Mtrauht (Mnnl)), 1 r Dojlc (Roof 3

Hiiv) 2 Time Jin 0 2 fis

llnnl I Shnnd (Universlti), 1 J Alac-iuliiv (Monly), 2 AV Plmii (UniveriHj) J Time 1m 5 4 Ss


AA JJarris (Hin all) . 1 AA Herald (Monlv) . , t II Al Ila) (Alar li) H

Other starlers A\ !on^vorth (lto«e Itij) I C-ir bery (Sidney) Iv KirklJncL (Unlicrsttj), S Heck (Svilncv) "N rnii"vvnrth (Itosc Kay)

AAon b\ a touch, willi two vurdi between second ami

third rime D7 1 js

ioo\d<3 iNTLijv-ciun i insr okadi

Heat J Iv Cnkanlliorp (Atanlj) 1, J Davie» « (Uiilicrsilj), 2 Tln>c, 02 2 «

ileat 2 S McCurc (Manly) 1, A 1 inlaj (Sid ney), 2 Time 01 1 5s

lient 3 h Leadbeater (Sidney), 1; A Morton (Alonlj), 2 Time, til "tis

Ileat 4 II Degotardi (labt Sjdnov), 1 \ Smltb (Alonlv), 2 Tilín. 01 Ijs .

I Inal ï. Onickanlliorp (Mnulj) 1 s JlcCure (Almib) 2 Is Smith (Mnn'l) Time UI 3»<

3.1ADS omis una itirs' ii asdic ai

Ileat 1 M McCarthy (I astern S ibiirlis) 80s 1, 1) Itobesnn (Sidney) lis 1, T Hill (Eastern Sub mis), 38s 3 Time 41<

Heit 2 M Jiobinson (Sidney) mt J r Ali-Carthy (Bondi), ti, 2, Il Sinter (Sidney), Si. 3

ll|"ÍSalS6D Tloli-on (S,dn«) 1 T Hill (ri<dern Sub

uri».), 2 1 McUirtbv (Bondi) ¿ Time 4\ J %


lieu i J J Cltloes (I islern Suburbs) 1 s 1 II t or Irlt (1 isltni ..ilorls) ". " [mie 1 noOs

. Ile t (ï flirkc (1 iMern «ni uri s) "7s 1 At

"JtëlW Mrhor f^y) M. 1 C S'«"« ^

"Tient.? l'i,« $dn£>. 1, 3 C Su HI. (Mel).

Meitii At AAvlic (laslepi Sulurl».) fer 1 It t ir

ret (Sydnell 7» - finie lln 1ÏF

àiial. G Mclvvir Wducy), 1, M AA)lie (Ustcrnbitl»

Drbs), 2; M. I.Mct.)^ S. Time. Im Ï0s. .1. ölt . »o«. (Kro-tern Suburb») nus the fin.1 to llnlsb in the

nial, but vins illMiiiaUticd for ürwikliis: her prevlou. time by mere than three ceeonds. \


It. Miller (Newcastle .Surf) . 1

L. llcatty (Couk's Hill) . :i J. U Proston (S'civcastle Suit) . 3

Other starters: 1. '¡mall ami II. ItovburRh (Albury), G. Mclvenne (Maitlaml), .1. Sunderson (Xcivcastlc\Surf), J. I.ieb iPremier Club. Ncvvciillc).

Won by seven yards, touch between second anil third. Time, 02 4-Js.



K. Kirkland (Univcrsltv) . 1 S. Ucck (Sydiiev) ..-. !1

1'. Carberry (Sydney; ... 3

Oflier starter»: A. Conplcson (Bondi), W. Wolfe (University), W. Edwards (The Spit).

Kirklind obtained the lead belorc half the distance liad been traver-ed, «m4 won with live yards to .pare, a similar distance bepurating second and third. Time, lm H 4-5s.


A. Charlton (Manly) .'.. 1

K. Christie (Drummoyne) . 2

A. Wilkes (The Spit) . 3

Other starters: A. Rollinson (Hose Hay), ind P.

6mith (Pyrmont).

Charlton went to the front in the first lap, and irradimlly increased lils lead, winning with nhout 05 yards to spare, and establishing a new world'a record for the dMancc, his time being lim 5 1-5».

500 Y.rds BreasUtroke Teams' Championship of U.S.W.-Sydney, 1; University "A," 2; Manly, 3. Turc, 7m Is.

Ir.ter-dlstrict "A" Teams' Scratch Knee. -Metropolitan «ml Southern, J; Northern, 2; Eastern, 3. There was e very cloie finish between Hay (Northern) and Beck

(Met.). Time, 30m 17s.

Novel Event, "Klu Klux Kian. Bald."-A. Smairl


The carnival will be continued on Wednes- day evening and on Saturday. This after- noon, nt 5 o'clock, tho heats of the 220 yards . free-style championship nnd the 220 yards

.breast-stroke championship will be decided at

the Domain baths.


Vf. Harris, the Hawaiian swimmer, accom- panied by Mr. O. G. H. Merrett, chairman of the council of the N.S.W.A.S.A., and Mr. W. R. York, secretary, was entertained by the Cro- nulla Life-saving Club yesterday. Ho com _ potcd In a surf race, and although conceding ' up to GO seconds start, he won easily. Harris

stated yesterday that he would oppose Charl- ton In the 440 yards championship on Wednes- day night. _

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