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The city council on Saturday made an official visit to the Ballara North railway workshops, where some 400 tona oí machinery and plant re* ccntly «Tired. The machinery U the mo^t modem Krocurablc, (lie deliwrr of it having heen delay ni y the wur, Hie work of assembling the plant is in hand, and councillors expressed them sehe* as gratified with the progress that is Mm; made. Work on Irt-omc-tfvc« and trurk-» will, it is expected, lie commenced In a few months.

A sit-roomed house, owned by Mr. W. F. Cox, and occupied by Mrs. It. Glover, situated in Talbot street routh, was destroyed bv fire, with its con- tents, on Saturday night. The house waa insured in tlie Sun Company for £150. .ind the furniture wai insured in the London and Lancashire Com* nany for £125. The outbreak was caused by a lamp benia overturned.

Can ou Colebrook, Rho has been viear of St. Paul's, Ballarat Käst, for six anil a halt year«, nnd who leaves nu Monday for Camperdown, where he is to be inducted as clear, preached his farewell

sermon on Sunday evening-.

ilr. J. 0, Duthie was cn Saturday evening re elected president of the Jlallarat North Bowling Club. An honour board, contamine the names of 21 members of the club, accepted for active ser- vice, was unveiled by Mr. W. Kberhard, by whom

it was pro&ented.

The dirvitui or Education (Mr. Tate) addressed a well-attended meeting of tcachen, on Saturday morning with regard to patriotic efforts in



The Scotch Collegians' Dramatic Company pre- sented "What Happened to Jones" at the Princess Theatre on Saturday afternoon. Two performances were given, realising about £130. The proceeds are to be devoted to the Bendigo Red Cross organisations.    


A sum of £171 has been raised by the Theatrical Employees' Union on behalf of the widow and family of the late John Drennan, who died from meningitis. The money ii to be vested in trus


At the Yarra street Methodist Church on Sunday night, before a crowded congregatjon, Mr. Plain, M.L.A., who has two brothers and tire nephews fighting, unveiled an honour roll in connection witl the 17 members of the choir who have enlisted. It is claimed that no other church lu Victoria has 17 choristers in the rank p.


One of the pioneers of mining in the Fryerstown district, Mr. Alexander McDonald, died on Friday, at the age of 67 years. Two of his sons are on active service.    

Season's Prospects.

SWAN HILL, Saturday. — This season there will be a much larger area of land placed under fallow than duripg ujiy previous »ear. Teams of five, six, and in ¿onie cases eight and nine horses, attached to from four lo ten furrow stump-jump ploughs, arc engaged in the work. There is plenty uf green feed available, and farmers are thus in a position to carry on this necessary work. The ground is in splendid order for ploughing, &o that a grand opportunity is offered tor turning under the dense growth of cb arl i ck and other noxious weeds which tlie recent sea sonable rains have caused to spring forth.

STAWELL, Saturday. — Heavy rain fell on Satur- day afternoon and during the night. The wet weather .has mil i U ted against farming operations, an^jJL whilst many were unable to get their cropping completed, others arc now being delayed in fallow- ing. The umihual sight Of sheep being travelled In search of grass was witnessed at Navarre on Friday, «hen a number*of truekloads arrived in search of grass paddocks. They carno from the Western district, where farmers arc said to be in sore straits with' their lambs and ewes through shortage of grass.

BIRCHIP. — Mr. G. E. Peart, manager of the Birchip National Bank for the past five years, who has been transferred to St. Kilda, was bidden fare- well on Thursday by the townspeople. Mr. Slee, of Violet Town, succeeds Mr. Peart.

BAIRNSDALE. — This district has had no soaking rain since the heavy rains in the autumn. The few showers which have fallen in the interval have been beneficial, and a thunder shower yesterday will greatly benefit all cultivated ground. Hie grass lands and waterholes require another good fall to ensure a successful and early spring. The lambing returns arc heavy, being above the average. Ploughing for maize has bosun, and there is every appearance of a larger area being cropped the coming watson than in former year;.

BEAUFORT. — The fair held by the Beaufort Anzac Girls' Club resulted in the sum of £64 being raised for Mr. Rodgers's Repatriation Fund. The money will be held in trust by Councillor D. R. Hannah, acting shire president.  

BEEAC. — Meetings of onion-growers held at War- rion and Weering have passed resolutions protest- ing against the present number of grades of onions, and have decided to send a deputation to the Minis- ter for Agriculture to ask that all onions from 1½in. diameter and downward be classed as picklers, and all above 1½in. be classed as table onions. — The Colac Shire Council has begun to plant pine trees on the main road between Colac and Beeac, and has also planted elm treen in Beeac township.

BRIGHT. — Mr. W. A. Norton, head teacher of the Freeburgh State school, has been promoted to the charge of the Devenish school. — Private Fred Poole, of Bright, who has returned from Egypt, was given a welcome home at the Victoria Hall on Thursday evening, and was presented with a gold medal.

CRIB POINT. — The employees on the Flinders Naval Base made presentations of wristlet watches to Messrs. A. McFadzean (foreman) and A. Peake (leading lund), who resigned their positions on the construction works, and-aro-, now in camp with the Pioneers nt Seymour. In nil 20 employees have left these works to,join the colours, and more than that number have offered their sen ices and been i ejected. Sev eral returned soldier1, who have been given their discharges arc now employed here, including two"who took part in the landing at -Gallipoli Voluntary effort on the part of the employees of the Flinders Naval Base, with the heiß of four returned Soldier«-: em pi o veil by the Patriotic League, resulted in another truck of lied Cross articles, valued at about £90, being sent

away from Crib Point this wed;. This consign-, ment included some fine joinery work for the new Rest Home at Caulfield.

DEVENISH. — At a public meeting it was de-

cided not to go on with the proposed water scheme   for the present. Owing to the small number of resi- dents, the scheme is considered too costly.

FOSTER. — At the monthly meeting of the South   Gippsland Shire Council x11.) was -toted to the national appeil for an Australian militirv hospital in ttufiiin - TJto congregation of Christ Church, 1-ostcr, made a présentation of a gold duggcr brooch set with purls to Mit« Jessie Plajer, who has been organist for se eral vcars, and who is now leaving

the district

KYABRAM. — At the annual meeting of the Kyabram Butter Factory and Electric-lighting Com-             pany, Mr. O. F. Cahill was re-elected director.  

lie balance sheet, showing a profit of £500/12/1 for Hil j ear's operations, wob received It was agreed to pay a dividend of Ö per cent, write off £200 for depreciation, and carry the balance for ward The question Of increasing the capita] to £0 000 to allow fruit tanning and pulping to be carried on was discussed It was agreed to allow the directors to make further inquiries into tbe matter, and, if they considered it advisable, to proceed.

KYNETON. — The work of raising the embank- ment of the Upper Coliban Reservoir has been in- terfered with by the weather. A number of men and drajB have been put off until driel conditions prevail The heightening of tbe bywash is the work that is being pushed on with now -Mr John. Porter, of Cudgen I arm, Gisborne, is an inmate of ïuirsc fhomson's private hospital, suffering from a broken collarbone and other injuries caused bv his being rushed bj a bull, which turned

on him as he was driving it through a gate.  

MACARTHUR. — A well-known resident, Charles     Bishop, was found dead near a loaded wood cart in a paddock at Byaduk on Monday evening. A port-mortem examination showed that the cause   of death was heart failure. Bishop was a widower 60 years old.

NATHALIA. — A successful concert on behalf of Red Cross funds was held on Wednesday. The

receipts amounted to about £30.

ORBOST. — For some time past the shire council has been endeavouring to obtain a water supply for the township. A public meeting of ratepayers was held in the Mechanics' ITall oft trida} when the two schemes suggested viz \ounsr s Creek gra\ 1

tat ion scheme, anti the qnowy River pumping scl erne were explained On Saturday a poll of ritepirtra remitid in 99 votes being recorded in favour of a water supplv and Fcvcn against also 08 votes were recorded for the Young s Creek scheme and four votes for the other scheme It Í« hoped that the State Rivers and Mater Supply will carry out the work as speedily as possible.

QUEENSCLIFF. — At a football match played at Queenscliff on Wednesday afternoon, by teams   chosen from the U A G \ , stationed at the Heads tlie sum of £0 was collected in oid of a fund to provide Lomforts for the Australian lleavv Siege Brigade in I ranee Man} of Its members were stationed here previous to the war.

ROSEDALE. — A conference was held at Rose-       dale by the local branch of the Church of Eng- land Men's Society with a view to increasing the number of the societv s branches In the Gippsland diocese I Gurteen clergymen attended the con fcrcnto, intituling the Bishop of Gippsland (Dr pjin) The conference lasted two days Good results are expected -K concert held by the K11

many South school children resulted In £6/6/ being obtained for tbe State Schools Patriotic Fund

ST. JAMES. — The committee of the District Sol- diers Repatriation Fund has decided to hold a sports carnival and "queen" competition in Oc-    


ST ARNAUD. — The carnival in aid of the St.   Arnaud Red Cross held, at Ulverstone Farm, Kooreh, yielded £173. The Promoters of the car- nival were Mr and Mrs T Proctor - The patrio- tic carnival at Kooreh netted £155 for the St Ar- naud Red Cross -The Minister for Education (Mr Lawson) inspected the primary and high schools on Friday Mr Lawson said that a good case had been made out for a new high school In a central position and an endeavour would be made to have provision for it in the next Budget. - Mr Robert McIllroy has been appointed head teacher of the St. Arnaud State school.

STAWELL. — A committee has been formed at landsborough for the purpose of welcoming home returned soldiers and farewelling those departing  

for the front

VIOLET TOWN. — Mr. Edgar Slee, manager of tlie National Bank, Ins becn-promoted and trans ftrred to Birchip Mr and Mrs Sice were alwavt viry prominent in patriotic and Red Cross work also church, social, and sporting functions Several valedictory socials were given to them and mam friends gathered at the station to hld them ' God rpced ' Mr Dane from the Caatllmaine branch succeeds Mr S lee-The \iolct Town Shire Council

lecided to purchase a road roller for usi Country Roads Board contracts.

WYCHEPROOF. — The receipts of the Kaneira Red Crosh Socirtv for 12 months totalled £fi? IQ 4 and the i xpi nditurc (mostly for nn»ttrhl for ioldtcrs comforts) amounted to £"5/11/

triotic t»orial held nt Moffat resulted in_ in" collected ~-U the mil mil meeting of the ttveheproof Crain Shed \s=o»iation it was reporte I iliat 23 000 togs were in ston"e Tlie as^rhtin rinsed the vr-ar with a credit of £8'r/4

-The % ) cheproof Shire Council after some

issian has decide I to join the North Municipal Association - Mrs M Lough .".. of Lalbert, one of the oldest residents of the district has passed ivvav at the ape of 85 vcars Slie was a colonist of GO vcars, and was well known for her business capatitv with regard to farrnme Ji 1 grasinff-Mw«. Lila MrPhcr-on daughter of Mrs C McPhcmon of ^vclieproof received an ap¡ofiitrnent a** mir*'-; with tie m f Kran f i^r arti ulcd for the front list w tek-Corporal N lier enies of \\ veheproof was entertained by the towns people before embarking, and waa presented with a wristlet watch.