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Family Notices

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DURRANT. - At Coogee, to Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Durrant - a daughter (Sylvia Joy). DEATHS.  

ALYWARD. -Dtccmber 21, UM, at M A7_fcr_-«treei,

Potts Point, Kate, dearly hcloved wife of Edward Ah/ward, »sod S7 j ian. R.I ».

BARANCHER. -December K, at _rr residen«. Prc-igh.

6 H_w_.orne-parade. Haberfield, Eliza Jane Barancher,

.tad 65 year

BOCKING. -Decomber K. __. at Mortdale, fliawarra

tin«, George Parry, beloved infant son of Mr. und Mrs. Murray Bocking, of ritt-strect. Mortdale, agul

Hi months.

BOURKE -necember Î2. 1921, at his residence. W Pitt

?-reet. Redfern, John Francis, bclored husband of Ade » Um Bourke (late of G P.O), aged 47 jean R.I.P.

BURTON. -December 22. ira. at her daughter's residence,

¡so 8 Wlnehe-tor road. Randwick, Maria, widow of tho late William Burton lal« or Btiruooel. and bcloroei mother of Charlie. Thomas, hate, and Ednard, a«ed '.Ú


CRAWFORD.-.Dee.'mhfr 22. 152!, at her residence. Peat's

Ferry-road. Horisbv. Christina Crawford seed Í0 scars Adelaide and AS e-teru Australian pajera plr-ao cony

EDWARDS -December 22, 1921, at Stenhurst, 4 Wood-

stock street, Waverley, Harriett, dearly beloved wife of Frederick Dawson Edwards, aged 79 years.

GOW.-December 21, ll_l. at her rosldonco. Merriwee. , 6 MnndarT-h-strect, Clovelly, Marion, deorlv brim ed

wlfo of William Gow, and helmed mother of ATllltim, _ Robert, and Margaret Neuen, lato of falkirk. Scotland

--ply regretted

HEATH.-Decombw 21, 1921 at hi« residence. Glencoe.

James-street, Leichhardt, Sidney William, beloved only Ban oft.Richard Ucatli. of Newtown, aged C1 .cars

LOVELL. - December 22, 1921, at Auburn, Annie Lovell,

dearly beloved mother of George, Tom, Bert, Fred, and Will Lovell, aged 62 years. At rest. Wagga papers please copy.

MORRIS.-December 22. at Petersham, Emma Kate, re-

lict of the late Frederick Monas, and dearly bcloved moUicr of Kitty, Vivian, and Roy

NASH.--December 20, 1921, Eliza Nash, widow of the

late Joseph Nash, Nashville, Currajong, Parkes, in her 88th year, at the residence of her granddaughter, Mrs. Claude Fletcher, Balcarres, Parkes, N.S.W.    

TAYLOR. -December 23 1S21, at hil rcsfdcnee. Hawthorn,

Tennyson road, Ryde, ThomasTaylor, aged i9 yean  

TUCK. -Decomber 22 at her rc-demec, Durham Villa,

Railiras-street. Rockdale, Alice Ruth, dearly beloved wlfo of Henry Goddard Tuck, «cod 73 years. Maitland papers please cops

TURNER - De_e_ibCT 22, at her residence, Maiala, Church

Point, Jane R. Turner, in her Slat year.

TYERMAN. -Decomber II 1021, at Ripon. England, Mary

K. Tyerman, aired 78 years, widow of the late Charles S. Tyerman, mother of lan W. Tjerman, chemist, Campbelltown. (By cable.)

VAUGHAN - December 25. at bia residence. Swan nil],

Victoria, James George, second eldest son of late IÏ IO

vaughan, of 142 King street, Sielney, and brother of Mrs. John Harrington, Turramurra. Alfred A'aiighan, Summer Hill, and (ïeorge A. A'aughan, J.P., of Upper Avon no-road. Mosman,

WHITE.-December 14, 1921, at a private, hospital, Goul-

burn, John R. White, of Suva, Fuji, son of Hugh White, Taralga, and son in-law of E. Harvey, 1 Com- monwealth parade. Manly.


ANDERSON.-In loving mernoo of onr dear father. David  

Anderson, and mother Alice HenriettA. who died ou Neu ember 30. 1312. and December 23, 1912. Inserted by their children. Alexander. Fcarl. and Alice.

AUSTIN.-In loving memnrv of our dear father, Robert

Joseph Austin, vino pasaad away Deeemb-r 23, 1109. In lusrted by bia son and daughtor-in-law, Ivy and Gordon. <

BARRETT.-In loving memorr of oirr dear fs-ier, Thomas

Barrett, who passed away December id, 1917 Inserted by his loving daughter, ton. and irrandch¡Id, Edle, Burt, Marjorie Duff.

BARRETT.-In loving tne_orv oí my den- father, who

passed awnv December 23, 1917. Inserted by his loving «laughter. A'iolet Barrett

" AB RETT - In loving memory of mv dear father, who rawed away Decomber *A VT/; also brother, Ernest. Inserted by Olivo and A'lrtor.

H n,',__vtnNfr- Io ever loving memnrv of my dear wife.

Biella, who passed away Docembtr 23, _1D.

It's just two years ago to-day

Since my darling waa called away;

Alth 'uph she's gone, I love hor ati-, Forget her? No. I nnvcr still

Inserted by her loving husband, Trod. Brfó_e_e__

BBTDrcrn'ErxT-Hi lovlnir memorr of rmr darling dangh

tsr. feteUa, who departed thia life December 23, 1519 Inserted liy her loving, mother and father. Amy and Edward Moon.

ni'irie?rvfrST-In ».id bnt Inline mrmorv of <mr dear

sister, Stella, who departed this life December 23, 1110 InBertAi by _er lovuig elster and brother in-Iaw, Tearl and Frank.

BRmGETENT- In lor'-ig mercory of our dear eiste" Mella, «ho dopartert this life December ffl, lTO It,

sertod by her lovmg brutlicr and slstcr-ln-law. Harry

and E*ti_

BBIDGEAf^NT-In loving memory of our dear «late Biella, n.j dtp-ted 'his llfo Dtromber 23 1119 p

fcrtod bv her loriD. Luther and siater-in lat. Cecil «ed Louis.

BPTDOEAmvr-In loving memory of onr bclowd

daughter-in-law. &W1», who depsrted thia life _r rembtr 23 W11 Ssdly missel lnsertod by Mr. and Mm SV. Bridgancnt and family.

RTTfTKIVfîKAM -In loving meraorv of our dear mother,

Ellen Buckinghnm, v,ho passed away Deeember 23, 1121

rifcver forgottca bj her loving children, AYÜ1, Jolin, Bob,

and Ii'cll!

. DTjRNABY -^A sad hut lerring tribnt« to tho memory of

tay dearly loved wife Emma Louise fArnvJ-a woman among woman-who fell asleep December 23, 1120.

Peacefnlh sleeping

, Inserted by her ever loving husband.

BURNABY.-In loving temembrsnee of ray lietT sister,

Aiay Louise Burnabi, who d^iwrtcd this Ufa Deocmber 23, 1923 tncertrd bv hit ¡ort-, brother. Tom, and i nltecs. Nellie and Edna.

BURNABY-In loving rememb _nce or our dear »ant»,

Amy Loui-, who departed this life December 23. 1_0 Inserted by her lonnj aiccea and nephenv, Nell, - Edna, Amy. and Gcotie

BURNABY -In ford r"me-jibr3nce of my dear friend.

Amy Burnaby, who dtvartod thia Ufo 23, 1920 Jetsie ÛaUdf.

TtlTRNABY-A tributo ef v<vn to the memory of .

dear friend Mrs. J SV. Bu _aby, who departed this * * life ûu__er 23, 1'_

? Thy will be done.

lowttd by Mr. anrl Mrs L Brissenden.

CAMDP.ON.-In loang memory of Mrs. Ile« Annf

C_aLrou. »- departed this life December _. _li

Gono. but not forgoUen.

lns-y-ted by her lüiínc daiehter. A loler,

CClLD'IAN-ln lovirg re-l'inhrance of our dear «on

«nd brother. Ronald, accide-laJly downed, December ¡a. lMO

CesaaeiesM the hunger pnd longimi

Of a faire we ne, cr eau see,

For tho sound of a volco that Ia -leal,

ih God why must It bni

Inserted by his mother and father and dst-» and


COLEAfAN.-In food r.nnembranop of onr dear brother.

Ronald, who waa ac_de_tal]y drowned, December 23,


Oh, for the ttmch of a vanished hand.

And the Bound of tho voice that is stilled.

Inserted bv his Bister and brother In law. Ulta and

Kerb Milner.

* riL_MAN -In fond remembrance of our pal, Ronald

Edgar Coleman (Ronnie), who was accldenr.a'ly elrownei], December 23. 1320. Inserted by bia p_3 from u,o L.M.C COSGROVE -___»_. In eterna of mr dear fne-id.

rhooiss Francis Cosgrove, who eiled sneldenlv. Decemlier '3, 1902, in SVe-ejru Ai-txaila. Roqiucscat in pate, InEerted by C.T.T.

ELLIOT- In loving memory of my dear wife and my mother, who passed away December 23 1920. R.I.P.    

Her e_ecrfnl face and loving tmilo

tro pleasant to recall;

Eh« alwayn had a k1ndlv word. And was beloved by all.

Inserted by har lovina _!____. James, and «on.


ELLIOT -In aad but leering tcr-ory of «ay dm» mother.

? r»si

who _ns«_ away December 23 193)

my lonely hour» c1 thinkmu

_ow 3 w_h that you were hero! I have lost my truest, deareat

My best friend-mother dear

Inserted hy her lorlng daughter. Eli--«-.

BL-IOT-In loving memory of our de_r mo_er, who

pissed away December 23. 1020.

-Otu cul wa« sudden, mother dc_.

It made nu weap and sigh:

But, oh. It was co hird to thlnA, W« ûonld not "i wod bye.

Inserted by her loving dangtitar lad con-in law, Keilli

and Arthur Lewi* and family,

TJ. IIOTT -In loving memory of our dear auntie, Louisa Elliott, who pasted away December 23 1M0 Inserted by hex lonas nieue uni nephew». Lizzie. Jim «ni Ali


ELLIOTT -In lovlne uiomotT &f my dear sister-in Uw

»nd ray aunt, Louisa Elliott, who passed awav Dceonibeir 'I 1Í21) Inserted by her lorn« brother in law. J II

Manon and nlcco. Gladja.

EAiKItSON"-In loving memory of our dear father and

granflfarl er Albert Ernest, who depar+ed this life December 12 IBU At rest. Inserted bv hu) loring dauzhtor, con in law, and erindoon Draeut, Cox.

GBliKAItn-In lovm« menvorv of our dear mother and

grandraothir who departed this llfo December S3 1019 f at Rotello. (lone but not forgotten Inserted by her

loving &-n Jamos, and dau£htor\A law. Martha, and


G1 RK ard -In lovlm» memory, of my dear motl cr. Susan

Garrard, who passed away Docombcr !3, lau aged 70


Thy will be done.

Unknown to the world sho atañéis by my ride,

And whlspera these words death cannot divide, Tnserrted by her loving daughter Aiolet Gcrrard

GKLATTIBAD - In loving memorj of mv dear v if Hll/a

breathead. who deixirtal Ulla llfo December J3, 1317,

letted l8 j w.ra.

Dearly loved and »adly mi&oel I Inserted by her lonna husband.

3AAIIE80V-In lorm« memory of our dear baby, Nancy

lean who passed away December 12 13J0, aged 1 )tu

No one knows how much we miss you

intertod bj her loving father and mother. Sid and

Lizzie Jamieson.

-?tOUltlSON -In loving memory of T C Morrison, late

of Ko»elle who deputed this life Docenil cr 23 lilli

lueorteel by his lonng wlfo and faiullv

JvEI&OV- In lnv-mc; memory of mv denr wife and nu-

be lev id mother Ada florence who pisaed away De- cember 23, 191£ Inserted by her loving hu band and ejllitren Will, 6am, and Alano.

ríPW TON -In lovlntf memorj of my dear husband - - -

Tina s father Kohert Gadsbv Newton (laen ciiffinecr Itojal Mint Sydney), who waa called to rest Dexuuber

f3 wo

OBIt'EV-In ever loring memory of my wife and our

dear mother Annie O Brien who departed Una litu

December 23 1903

To^dav is a vory sad blrthda*

And none can tell the nain I feel, Iso one sees tile ailent beartacheii I Or the tcfirs that ottcn flow

I I dream I d reen jour dear kind fair

And kl."*! vour still cold brun But In mi achín* heurt I know

AA'ei hiue i 0 mother now

Inserted bv her 1 v iu buobaod and children AA llUam Kitty Patrick turnes

P-ACL-In lov-inir memorj of our dear mother Afary Paul who departed Ibis ll'e De-comber 21 1018 baellj missed Inßertfrei bv her loiang bod and daughter m law. liurrj

and ltuby Paul

fFTTITT -Tn lonng niemorv

Chris) widow of ltôbert Joan »19 BUho.

rnitTDlt.-In loving memory of our dear father AAllUam

Porter who eier vrlcd this life Deo mber 23 WO In

«»ried by bia lo lug ton and daushter in law, Fred and i


RANDALL. —In loving memory of our darling daiicbtcrl  

and ulalcr Bli »beth Adel ide, who died De-ccniber 2 D20, aged T vvccLs.

Hod na led o p mire aiijûl

Amidst Hu elimina, hand

Bo lie stooped with lender care

And clasped our darum, s hand

Inserted bs her loviug father, mother and mster

J1HEDI1.IÏ. -In lovinir memory of ray beloved husband Walter Freeman Hoeder who departed this lifo De-

cember 3 1913

There is griff that cannot find comfort,

Ai olinda thit cannot be healed

There aro sorrows no deon In our hearts

That cannot be half levcalceL

Inserted by his sorrowing wife Lizzie Reeder.

Ill I- PI It -lo loving memory of our dear brother lu law

and uncle AA alter, »ha departed this llfo December ¿3 10Í9

You »re not forgotten AAalter dear.

Nor will jon ever be

As lona as Ufe and memory last

AAe «111 remember thee

Inserted Is Mary and Joe Ince and family

Er lim I tt - In sid but laving memory of our dearly

loved brother Oscar who departed this life Decoiubei 23, 1J20 at Alanly

Davs of sadre

llldlen te«-.. _."_ . _

But niemorv 1 eupi our loved one near na,

Tboiiffh he died a year ano

Inserted by bis loving hrotbevi and sisters

BC1TAAI I1CÏÎRT -In loving memory of ray dear husband

and our father «ho was Killed December 23, Bli.

loo aadlv minood To be forgotten

Inserted by bit loving wife and children. Linda, Unite

f brui e

{.rjlAAFIITRJ - In loilrir memory of our dear father

and father Id law who was accidentally killed December

J 1D15

Dear is the grate v. her» father is laid

Sweet i" the merrory that never will fade, Gone and forgo ten bv soiuo you may be. Hut neier foieitten bj us

Inserted by hla lovlnr son and daughter In law, George and G lads 1, and daughter and ann in lan, Laura and


BLACK -In loving remembrance of our dear friend


ano» irleudi. B. Mean cod ¿L


ST9APT3.-In loving memory of our dear mod«. IH/jrem»

Bnain, who departed this Iii« December a. ISIS, In- serted by her loving children. Hose, Jim, Florrie. Aila, Ruby, Ivy.

THOMPSON.-In loving memory of onr dear daiarhter.

eenatb, who died at Warren Hospital. December S3. 11120, aged 23 years. Inserted by lonas mother and father, 8. and J. Roberts, Alma, and Lou.

THOMPSON.-A tribute of love to the meraorr of oor

dear sister, Bonath, who fell asleep December 23, 1MD,'

Dearer to memory than words can tell

1 Aro thoughts of the one wa loved to watt.

Inaorted hy her loving matera, lally Nichols and Unit, Henry.

THOMPSON.-In loving memory of oor dear also»,

ßemath, who passed airay Decombev 3. 190). aged 3 sears To-day recalls sad memories. Inserted by he» lonng sister and brother-in-law. Salomo and Robert Dick, AA eaton.

TIMMINS.-In lorim? memory of my dear dantjitar «nd

our histor, Ruby Pearl, who died December 23, 1317. Never forgotten by her loving mother and sisters, brother-in-law and nephew, Keith.

TURNBULL.-In sad but loving memcry of our dear

grandma. Catherine Turnbull, who departed this life December 23, Urn, Sadly missed. Inserted by her lov- ing grandchildren. Rene, Vera. Beattie, and Florrie.

vA'TJBDD.V-In loving memory of our dear son and bro-

ther, Henry who departed this Ufa Deoembor 23, 1018, at (Jni'.tVord. Gone, but not forgotten. Inserted by hiB lonna mother, father, and brother, M-, K. F" and

U. J. Weeden. _

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