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Family Notices

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[In order to guard against imposition, notices of  

Births, Marriages, and Deaths must be authenti- cated by some respectable person to ensure their insertion.] BIRTHS.

ADAMS.-On the 17th July, at Sister Albrecht's private hospital, "Glenarm," Kerang, to Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Adams-a son (Stewart Mervyn).

ALLCHIN (nee Jordan).-On the 28th August, at   Nurse Lavar's private hospital, Otway street,

Ballarat East, to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Allchin, of

"Eskdale," 109 Ascot street, Ballarat--a son (Graham William Charles).

BAYLY (nee Percy).-On the 5th September, at

The Shanty, 15 O'Shaugnessy street, hew, to Mr. and Mrs. Wykeham Bayly-a son.

BENJAMIN.-On the 28th August, at "Whare-  

Koa," Queen's road, Melbourne, the wife of Lionel Benjamin-a son.

BOWRING.-On the 6th September, at "Ber-

?",. Mildura, the wife of W. J. Bowrlng of a

BRACHER (nee Ethel Parker).-On the 8th August.

at Hyde St, Footscray, to the wife of Herbert Henry Gladstone Bracher-a daughter.

BYRNE (nee Kitty Griffin).-On the 21st August,

at their home, 63 Edward street, Brunswick, to

Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Byrne - a daughter (Phyllis

Mary, premature).  

CADWALLADER.-On the 26th August, at

"Monica," Rose street, Box Hill, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cadwallader - a daughter (Phyllis Lucia).

CHAMMEN.-On the 6th September, at Nurse

Hunter's Private Hospital, Merne, 36 Gladstone avenue, Northcote, to Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Cham mem, 10 Johnston street, Croxton-a daughter Grace Eleanor).

CLARKE (nee Maggie Unthank).-On the 25th  

August, at 59Union street, Windsor, the wife of     A. S Clarke-a daughter.

COGHLAN (nee Ruby White). - On the 30th

August at "Kerami," Westley avenue, Garden vale, to Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Coghlan-a daughter.

DAVIS. -On the 13th August, at "Palermo,"133

Cecill street, Williamstown, to Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Davis--a daughter.

DOWNE.-On the 2nd September, at "Lancewood,''

private hospital, Glenferrie road, Kew to Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Downe, of Ryeburne avenue, Upper

Hawthorn-a son.

GILMOUR.-On the 3rd September, at Silistria

Private Hospital, Heidelberg, the wife of G. A. Gilmour, of Fairy Hills, lvanhoe -a daughter (Valerie Alice).

GARD.-On the 3rd August, at "Nerrina." Sutherland

road, Armadale, the wife of V. H Gard- a son.

GRAVESTOCK.-On the 1st September, at Nydfa,

Milsom's road. Cremorne, Sydney, to Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Oravrstock (nee May Madeline Tog- nini a daughter.

GRAY (Esme De Garis).- On the 25th August, at

Nurse Donnell's, The Grove, Coburg, the wife of Staff-Sergeant-Major A. E. Gray - a son (Keith


GROVE.-On the 5th September, at Mrs. Meikle-

john's private hospital, Numurkah, to Mr. and Mrs. G. Grove, Tatura-a daughter (both well).

GROVES.-On the 13th August, to Mr. and Mrs. J.

Grercs, "San Jose," Bealiba road, Glenhuntly a daughter (Marjorie Norma).

HARKNESS.-On the 10th August, at Nurse Croft's

private hospital, "The Bungalow,'' Drouin, the wife of Wm. A. Harkness, "Fairy Dell," Drouin

-a daughter.  

HARRISON (nee Florrie Tourrier)-On the 4th

September, at "Lancewood" prívate hospital, Kew, to Mr. awl Mrs. W. J. Harrison, of Malvern -twin daughters. All well.

HEATH (nee Furphy).-On the 31st Auglust, 1916,

at "Wyndham," Curlewis, Now South Wales, the wife ol Arthur Heath - a son.

HILL (nee Maughan).-On the 27th August, at

Nurse Stevenson's private hospital, Macquarie street, Williamstown, to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hill, of 50 Verdon street-a son (stillborn).

HINCHCLIFFE.-On the 3rd September, at Quista-

ana private hospital, Dandenong road. Windsor, to Lieutenant (on active service) and Mrs. G. L. Hinchcliffe-a son.

HOVENDEN.-On the 1st September, at 761 High

street, Thornbury, to Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Hoven-

den-a. daughter.

HULL (nee Crockett).-On the 3rd September,

Nurse Fox's Private hospital, Thornbury, to Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hull, 7 Mansfield street. Northcote-, daughter (Mavis Agnes Frances).

HUNTER.- On the 4th August, to Mr. and Mrs. D.

Bryce Hunter, Valency road. Gardiner, East Mal vern - a son. HUNTINGTON (nee Muriel Thorn).-On tlie 31st

August, at "Murstan," Warley road, East Mal- vern, the wife of Stanley Huntington-a son   (Ronald Stanley). Both doing well.  

IREDALE.-On the 3rd August, the wife of Tom

S. C. Iredale, of 49 Ashworth street, Albert Park—of a son.      

JACKSON.-On the 31st August, 1916, at Wan-

ganella Estate, N.S.W., the wife of C. C. Jack

son-a son. .  

JONES (nee Lidgerwood).-On the 21st August, at

Nurse Coates's, Kelp street. Warrnambool, to Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Jones-a son . (Alan Ed- ward).        

KELLETT.-On the 7th August, at Nurse Ragg's

P.H. Somerset House, Eastern Hill, the wife of Stanley F. Kellett, Port Melbourne-twin sons.

KERR (nee Ross).-On the 4th September, at

Kerrossie, Bacchus Marsh, the wife- of Alex Kerr -a son (Duncan Ross). Both well. Home papers please copy.         KIRKLAND (nee Eva Gibson).-On the 2nd Sep-

tember, at Nurse Wigley's private hospital, Ken sington, the wife of A. H. Kirkland-a daughter (Agnes Evelyn).      

LARKE (nee Theresa Turnbull). - On the 30th

August, at Nurse Wain's private hospital, "Fern leigh, Clarence street, Elsternwick, to Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Larke, "Ventnor," Shoobra- road- a


LEWIS.-0n the 4th September, at "Bethesda" private hospital, Richmond, the wife of T. E. Lewis, 3 Mell street, Toorak-a daughter.     LLOYD.-On the 5th September, at 48 Story street,

Parkville. The wife of Albert ("Kid") Lloyd - a son. Both doing well.            

LOVE.-On the 20th August, at "Nerrina," Sister

Annear's private hoipltal. Sutherland road, Arma dale, to Mr. and Mrs.. F. D. Love, Beaconsfield Upper - a daughter.      

McCANDLISH On the 4th September, the wife of

Hugh A. McCandlish, of "Drysdale," Bruce street, Kensington-a son (Hugh Victor). Both


MURPHY (nee Davoren).-On the 1st September, at  

'Padna," Westbourne grove, Northcote, to Mr. and Mr. H. H. J. Murphy - a daughter (Pauline May).      

OLDFIELD.-On the 5th September, at "Rainow,"

Glenview avenue, Malvern, to Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Oldfield-a son.

OSBORNE (nee Dora Doolin).-On the 27th August,

al Nurse Wain's private hospital, "Fernleigh," Clarence street, Elsternwick-, to Mr, and Mrs. H. K. Osborne, of Tasmania-a daughter.    

PETTITT.-On the 29th August, at Maryborough,

Vic., the wife of Stanley H. Pettltt-a daugh- ter (Leah Marcelle).    

PITT. -On the 28th August, at Nurse Buchanan's

private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Pitt; "Chatham," Upper Heidelberg road, Ivanhoe- a daughter.       POLE (Ett Amor).-On the 2nd September, at "St.

Leonards," East Malvern, the wife of C J. Polk, "Euretta," Kerferd street, East Malvern-a daughter.        

PRESTON.-On the 23rd Augusst, at 21 Kendall   street, South St. Kilda, the wife of A. I. Preston  

-a son (Albert John).    

PURCHES.-On the 23rd August, at Euston, New

South Wales, the wife of Private A. Purches (on active service, France), of a son (stillborn).

RAMPLING (nee Amy Cavanagh Downs).-On the

4th September, at "Nauru," Drummond street, North Carlton, a daughter (Betty).     ROBERTS.-On the 27th August; at 92 Roseneath  

street, Clifton Hill, the wife of J. Roberts- a son (William Francis).        

SMITH-On the 31st August, at '"Alston," Ka- mil road, Cremorne (N.S.W.), the wife of Arthur Murell Smlth-a daughter (Kathleen).

STANBOROUGH (nee Dora Twyford).-On the 2nd

of September, at "Skipton," Berwick, the wife of John Hubert Stanborough, Perth street, Mur rumbeena-a son (John Archdall).

STANBOROUGH.-On the 2nd September, at pri-

vate hospital, Berwick, the wile of J. H. Stan-   borough - a son.  

TERDICH (nee Blanche Ormsby).-On the 12th

August, at "Jabatoa." Marshall street, Ivanhoe, the wife ol J. Alex. Terdich-a son.

VILLIERS (nee Ellingsen).-On the 31st July, at A private hospital, to Mr and Mrs to Harold Villers a son (John Conrad).    

WATKINS (nee Claris Morris).-On the 20th Au-  

PM. at "Mascotte," 58 Mccracken street, Ken sington, to Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Watkins-a   daughter (Clarice Joyce).    

WHITING.- On the 23th August, at "Woodlands" private hospital, St. Kilda, the wife of J. A.   Whiting - a daughter.

YOUNG.- On the 18th August, at "Roseneath,"

Lyle street, Warracknabeal, to Mr. and Mrs.   George E. Young-a son.    


BACKHOUSE-STEWART.-On the 9th August   last, at St. George's Church, Malvern, by the   Rev. C. R. Dalton, M.A., assisted by the Rev.

F. J. White, M.A., Samuel Burder, youngest son of the late Rev. Benjamin Backhouse, to Jessie Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. and   Mrs. H. N. Stewart, of "Kuranda", Denbigh road, Armadale.

BURNS-LUSBY.-On the 22nd July, at Methodist Church, Avoca, Minnie, the fourth daughter of the late John and Mrs. Lusby, of Avoca, to Albert ? Burns. Present address, Bruthen.

CHURCH-AUSTIN. - On the 14th August, at "Carnarvon," Ivanhoe, Melbourne, by the Rev. Sydney L. Buckley, M.A., Th.L.,Kenneth Camp bell, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Henriy Church, of "Lavendon," Payneham. Adelaide, to Wini fred second daughter of T. R. L. Austin, of Melbourne. Present address, Hokitika, N.Z.

COMBES-BEGG.-0n the 15th April, at the Gar-  

???? Chapel, Abbassia, Egypt by the Rev.   ?????, Bertrand Combes, staff-captain of the 4th Brigade, Australian Light Horse, only son of Algernon Combes, Esq., of Moonee Ponds, to Rosa Marie Elise, youngest daughter of the late Mr.   ?. D. M. Begg, and Mrs. Begg, Sunnyside, Moles-worth street Kew.

DABONDE-RAMSAY.-On the 29th July, at

"Bonnie Doon," The Crescent, Talbot, by the     Rev. H. A. Erskine, Private Peter Dabonde second son of the late Peter and Mrs. Dabonde, of Maryborough, to Christina, fourth daughter of the late J??? and H Ramsay, of Amherst.

DARLING-WALKER. -On the 5th September, 1916,   at the Presbyterian Church, Mornington, by the Rev. George Carson, James Darling, Glenarowa? to Daphne, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

William Walker, Brighton, late of Natte Yallock. GIBBS-GERRARD - On the 19th August, at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Bairnsdale, by     Chaplain Captain Carroll, Corporal Harold J., youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Gibbs, of Gowan garde South to Ella W., only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Gerrard, of Bairnsdale.

GORDON-HAMILL.- On the 29th August, 1916,

in London, George H. I., Lieut. 4th Victorian  

Light Horse, 1st Anzac Regiment, youngest son youngest son of the late George Gordon, Ellerslie, Toorak, to

Amye Doris, only daughter of Herbert Hammill, Wai-sui, Timboon.

HERIOT-RICKWOOD. -On the 17th August, 1916,

at Presbyterian Church, Flinders Street, Adelaide, by the Rev. T. Shanks, M.A., B.D., Lieutenant H. W. Herriot, H.A.N.R., third son of ex-Mayor    

and Mrs Heriot, of Williamstown, to Elsie May, third daughter of the late Lieutenant and Mrs. Rickwood of Adelaide.

HEVEY—WOOD.—On the 7th August, at St Joseph's, Benalla, by the Rev. Father Duggan, ??? youngest son of Mrs. J. Hevey and Trooper ? Hevey, of Talbot (now in Egypt, A.I.F.), to ???, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wood, "Marangan," Benalla.

JEWELL-BECKETT.-On the 12th August, 1916,

at St. Peter's Church, Eastern Hill, Melbourne, by Rev. Canon Hughes (Rural Dean), Egbert H., youngest son of Mrs. J. Jewell, of Hawksburn, and late John Jewell, to Freda Francine (Ournie),   the only child of Mr. and Mrs. A. Beckett, and only grandchild of late Captain Jabers Glover,   H. M. R. H., and late Mrs. Glover, of Fitzroy and


LAKE-PARKER.-On the 5th August, 1916, at St.

Ambrose Church, Brunswick, by the Rev. Father Walsh, Harold Frederick, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Lake, of Caulfield, to Olive Myrtle,   eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Parker, of Brunswick. Present address, 496 Inkerman road,  

East St. Kilda.

MACFARLAN-CASH. -On the 5th August, at the

Presbyterian Church, South Yarra, by Rev. J. T. Lawton, M.A., Norman McLeod, youngest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. D. MacFarlan, St. Kilda, to Annie Vera, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs.   J. D. Cash, of Hillcrest, Hawthorn. Present ad- dress. Campsie Glen, Osborne street, South Yarra.

McCALL-DEANS. -On the 24th April, 1916, at St.

Matthew's Church of England, Bruthen, by the     Rev. G. W. Blanchard, Robert W., only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. McCall, Burwood road, Haw        

thorn, to Elsie J., elder daughter of the late W. C. Deans Esq., Nhill and Mrs. Deans, "The   Pines," Bruthen. Present address, Tallangatta.

MORRIS-WILKES. -On the 26th August, at Holy

Trinity Church, Thornbury, by the Rev. -Woods,   Gilbert Garth son of Mr and Mrs. H. G. Morris, "Ludlow House," Scotchmer street, North Fitz- roy, to May Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. ard Mrs. F. Wilkes, Kia-ora, St. George's road, North-


NEWSON - BROWNE-CRAIK .- On the 15th August,

1916, at Presbyterian Manse, North road, Elstern-     wick, by the Chaplain-Captain the Rev. R. Wilson Macaulay, B.A., George Harry Newson, St.       George's road, Elsternwick, to Christina, daugh- ter of the late A. and C. Browne-Craik, of North


NICHOLLS - WELLS.-On the 12th August, 1916, at

the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. W. E. Lancaster, of Trafalgar, Arthur J. L., second son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Nicholls, of Allambee Reserve, Gippsland, to Mary C. (May), second daughter of Mr. andMrs. J. D. Wells, of   Childers, Gippsland.

ROGERS-LE COUILLARD. -On the 12th August,

at the St. Kilda Methodist Chnreh, Fitzroy street, by the Rev. Nance, David William, fourth son of the late David and Mrs. Rogers, of South   Yarra, to Pearl, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Le Couillard. of Windsor. (No cards)  

ROOKS-BROOKS.-[Silver Wedding.l-On the 3rd  

September, 1891, at the Wesleyan Church. Cam berwell, by the Rev. J. Harcourt, assisted by the Rev. J. W. Rouse, Henry, the fourth son of the late A. Rooks, Vermont, Nunwadine to Sarah, eldest daughter of the late Henry Brooks, of Pleasant road, upper Hawthorn. Present ad dress, "Burnside." 13 Inglesby road, Camber


RUSSELL-CROSLAND.-[-Silver Wedding]On  

the- 9th September, 1891 at St. Augustine's Church of England, by the Rev Rowland Haywood, James   B., eldest son of J. T. Russell, Barrapoort, to Dagmar, third daughter of the late George Cros- land, M.D., M R C.S.E., of "Epsom Downs," Bridgewater on-London. Present address, 23 Auburn parade, Upper Hawthorn.

SAUL-PENNEFATHER. -On the 7th June, at St.

Barnabas' Church. Balwyn. William S , eldest son of the late Mr. Charles Saul, and of Mrs. Saul, Brisbane street, Launceston, to Harriet Cecilia (Possie), third duughtcr of the late Mr. and Mrs. Kingsmill Pennefather, formerly of Tocum- wal, N.S.W. Present addrcss, Hobart.

SMITH-KIDGELL. -On the 9th August, at St.

Silas Church, Albert Park, by the Rev. E. B. Rowed. Arnott C. (late 7th Batt., A.I.F.). elder son of Alice and the late Alexander Smith of South Yarra, to Ethel B., third daughter of Wil- liam and Henrietta Kidgell, Avoca avenue, St.  


WALKER-DUTHIE.-On the 25th July, at the

Armadale Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Davld   Millar, Herbert George, only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Walker, of East Malvern, to Dorothy Enid, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Duthie, of Armadale. Present address, Akarana, Brunel street, East Malvern. At home Tuesday, 12th   September.    


ANDREWS.-On the 6th August, killed in action,

Private E. E. Andrews, late of Cowwarr, second son of Charles Andrews, Healesville, much loved brother of Walter, Ted (on active service), Mrs. F. Holding, Warburton; Mrs. Boanas, Sydney. (Inserted by his loving sister and brother-in-law,   G. and F. Holding, Warburton.)  

BARKER.-On the 12th August, died of wounds

received in action in France, William John, be- loved eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Barker, of Heathcote South, loved brother of Walter (on active service), Leslie, and Eva, aged 21 years.

Loved by all who knew him.      

One of the best.      

-(Inserted by his sorrowing father, mother,

brother, and sister.)    

BARRETT.-On the 25th July, killed in action in

France, Sapper James Herbert, dearly loved eldest son of Catherine Barrett, 42 Lambeth   avenue, Malvern, only brother of Private A. R. Barrett (on active service, aged 26 years.

BATH.-In loving memory of Sgt, F. A. Bath   (Allan), killed in action, in France, while serv-

ing his country, on the 5th August, 1916, be- loved son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Bath, Burwood,  

and brother to Mary, Neil, and Marjorie, aged 20 years.    

Gone, but never, never to be forgotten.  

BENZLEY.-In loving memory of our dear Bible class member, Pte. Harold R. Benzley, who died   of wounds in France on August 6, 1916. (In-  

serted by the members of St. Andrew's Bible Class, Sunbury, Maggie, Vera, Ollie, and Elsie, Eve, Ern, and Willie (on active service), Gordon, Lindsay, Hughie, and W. R. McKenzie.)

BOWERS.-Officially reported killed in action, in

France, on the 3rd August, 1916, Gunner John Clifford (Jack), second youngest son of Silvester and the late Martha Bowers, Valleyfield, Kil-   more, aged 21 years.

We grieve for him; he was so suddenly snatched

From manhood's bright career:        

Yet know full well an honest, well-spent life

Enabled him to go without a fear. Some day some time, and we shall see His dear face held in memory,

And Christ shall link the broken chain

Still closer when we meet again.   -(Inserted by his loving sister, M. Hiscock, Willowmavin.)          

BROWN.-Killed in action, in France, on July 28,

1916, Private Albert Brown, second son of Albert and Eliza Brown, Tuaggra street, Maryborough, loving brother of Will, A.I.F., Bessie, Frank, A.I.F., Mildred, and Ralph, aged 21 years.

BROWN.—Reported died of wounds, on the 5th

August, in France, George Stewart (volunteer stoker of the "Southland"), dearly beloved elder son of the late John Brown, head teacher, S.S., Vermont, Whroo, and Eltham, and Mrs. Fin- cham, Evelyn; also dearly loved brother of Mrs. G. Bird, Mrs. Andrew (Eltham), Mrs. G. Bra- zier (Coburg), John Leonard (on active service), Lizzie, Lottie, Vivian, and Beatrice Brown, "Elthamville," Tinning street, Brunswick.

Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay

down his life for his friends and country.

BUCKLE.-A tribute to the memory of my old pal, Frank, killed in action in France, 4th  

August, 1916.  

One of the best.  

-(Inserted by his old friend, Percy N. Wright.) CAMPBELL.-Killed in action in France on 3rd

August, 1916, Lance-corporal Allan Fairbairn Campbell, second son of A. G. Campbell, Barbeck, Birregurra, aged 20 years.

CHARLES.-Killed in action, in France, on July

19, W. S., dearly loved third son of W. and M. Charles, of Ascotvale road, Ascotvale, and fond brother of Fred and Arthur, Sydney.

Dear Will.        

Thy will be done.    

COAD.-In remembrance of Ernest Coad, our

fellow-member, who was killed in France August 5.

A noble life, so nobly given.

-(Inserted by Methodist Sabbath School, Cob- den.)        

COSTELLO.-On the 5th August, killed in action,

in France, Henry Joseph, only surviving son of John Vincent Costello, of Shakespeare avenue,

North Preston. R.l.P.

CROOK.-Died of wounds, in France, on the 6th

August, 1916, Private Arthur M. Crook, dearly beloved and only son of William Percival and Ada Lily Crook, of Charles street, Prahran (late of Seymour, Vict. Rlys.), after 12 months' active service in Gallipoli, Egypt, France, aged 20 years and 6 months.  

Mother's boy.      

CURTIS.-On the 19th July (his 19th birthday),

killed in action in France, Frederick Gillman, dearly loved second son of M. H. and K. Curtis, loving brother of Herbert (on active service), Kathleen, and Claude.    

Loved by all who knew him.

-(Inserted hy his sorrowing father and mother, sister and brothers )

CURTIS.-On the 19th July (his 19th birthday),

killed in action in France, Frederick Gillman, beloved second son of M. H. and K. Curtis, also   loving brother of Herbert (on active service), Kathleen, and Claude.        

A devoted son. Beloved by all knew him.

-(Inserted by his loving grandmother and uncles.)      

DOBIE.-Officially reported died of wounds, in

France, on May 28, 1916 (while prisoner of war), after 18 months' active service, Lieu-

tenant Meldrum Boyd Dobie, second son   the late David Dobie, Merri Merrigal, New   South Wales, and Mrs. Dobie, Collins street,


DOHERTY.-On the 4th August, killed in action,

in France, Pte. Edward Francis Doherty, fourth son of John Doherty, vet. surgeon, Tynong.  

DOVE.-Private W. J. Dove, third son of Mr. and

Mrs. J. Dove, of Stawell street, Burnley, reported killed in action in France between July 27 and August, aged 18 years and 3 months.  

Died to save his country.

DYSON.-Died of wounds in France, on 26th July,

Private Eric Dyson, the dearly beloved youngest son of Charles F. Dyson, "The Nest," South Yarra, aged 19 years.

EDIS-Killed in action in France, on August 4,

Oswald Edward, dearly loved younger son of David Edis, Kyabram, loving brother of Hannah, David J., and Clara, and dearly loved nephew of Miss S. Edis, aged 19 years and 4 months.

EDIS. -A tribute of love to the memory of our dear

friend, Pte. Oswald E. Edis, who was killed in action in France on August 4, 1916.

Till we meet again.

-(Inserted by Clarence and Basil Stafford, Punt road Parsonage, South Yarra.)

ELLIOTT.-A tribute to the memory of Sergeant

Douglas A. Elliott, who was killed "somewhere in France" on August 1, 1916.  

Greater love hath no man.

-(Inserted by his loving aunt, uncle, and cousin,   Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson and May, Surrey Hills.)

FISH.-In fond memory of our old chum, Staff-

Sergeant G. Fish, who died of wounds in France,

August 1.

He died as he lived-a man.

-(Inserted by Mrs. Topham and family.)

FISH.-In loving memory of my dear old friend,


One of the best.

-(Inserted by Sergeant W. Topham, on active


FISH.-Died of wounds received in France, on the

1st August, Staff-Sergt. George Melrose, the dearly   beloved nephew of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Strachan, and cousins, Elsie, Will, Bert, Alf, and Colin,   late of Essendon.

One of the best.

FITZGERALD.- Killed in action in France, August

4, Lieutenant Richard McGuiness Fitzgerald (Max Clifton), beloved son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. F. P. C. Beyer, "Oakrood," Barkly street, St. Kilda.

-(Inserted by his loving sister-in-law, Hilda



FITZGERALD. - Killed in action in France, August

4, Lieutenant Richard McGuiness Fitzgerald (Max Clifton), beloved husband of Ruby Fitz- gerald, and father of little Lance and Hilda. 'Midst the roaring of the battle,  

And the rain of shot and shell, Fighting for home and country,

Max, like a hero, fell.

He died the helpless to defend, A gallant soldier's noble end. -(Inserted by his loving wife.)

FRANCIS. - Both killed in action, in France, on

30th July, Pte. Frank L., aged 27 years; and Edward J. (Ted), 24 years, dearly loved eldest  

sons of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Francis, 85 Pleasant road, Upper Hawthorn, loved brothers of A. M. (Mrs. Tayler), J. M. (Mrs. Buckmaster), R. R.     (Mrs. Burke), D. J., R. C., and Eric.

Pals in life; in death they were not divided.

FRANCIS.-A tribute to the memory of our be-

loved fellow employee, Private E. J. Francis (Ted), who was killed in action in France on July 19, 1916; also his brother, Private Frank  

Francis. (Inserted by the employees of D. W.     Chandler's Tent Factory, Fitzroy.)  

FRANCES -A tribute of love to the memory of my   beloved Frank., who was killed in action, some-  

where in France, on the 30th July, also his brother, Ted, killed same date.    

His duty nobly done.

-(Inserted by May Hutchinson, Loch.)

GILBERT. -A tribute of love to the memory of

our dearly loved cousin and friend, L.-Cpl.   Arthur Gilbert, who was killed in action in France on or about the 22nd August. Late of  

St. Leonards).

"A soldier and a man." "For home and country."

"Remembrance is a relic that will live for


-(Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. Klemke and family,


GILBERT. -In memory of Arthur, our esteemed

friend and workmate, who answered his coun- try's call, and was killed in France. (Inserted by his workmates at the British Imperial Oil Company, Williamstown.)

GOODLAND. - Private Geo., of Hansonville,

killed in action in France, on July 28.

He gave his life for his country.

(A tribute from Jane, May, and Sarah Dinning.) GRANT.-Killed in action at Pozieres, France, on

July 20, 1916, Private Stanley W., second son of Mr. Geo. Grant, of Seoonda, Violet Town,

aged 22 years.

GURDON.-Died of wounds in France, on the 12th

August, Private Edwin Gurdon, elder son of Dr. Edwin J. and the late E. A. Gurdon.  

GYE.-Killed in action in France, on the 15th

July, Sydney Charles, late of 28 Lee street, Flemington, aged 19 years and 3 months.

HAYES.-On the 5th August, killed in action in

France, Private John Henry Hayes, loving brother of Mrs. Fielder, Mrs. Mack, and James, of Carlton, also Maggie, of Bacchus Marsh, aged 25 years. Late of Heyfield and Bacchus Marsh.

HEATH.-In affectionate remembrance of our fel-

low officer, Sergeant Roy Heath, who died on 4th August, 1916, of wounds received in France. (In-   serted by the employees of the Royal Insurance

Company Limited.)

HEATH.-In fond memory of our dear friend,

Sergeant Charles Roy Heath (Rod), who died of wounds received in France, August 4, 1916. (In- serted by Mr. and Mrs W. H. Garrard and family). HILL.-Killed in action, France, July 30, Sergeant W. J. Hill, signaller Headquarters Staff, late of   R.A.G.A., Thursday Island, and Hobart, only son Robert and late Annie Hill, brother of Mrs. W. A. Wallace, North terrace, Adelaide.

He died the helpless to defend, A gallant soldier's noble end.

-(Inserted by his sorrowing father and aunt, N. Bergin, 18 Brighton street, Flemington.)   HOLMES.-On the 6th August, in France, Harrie,

second son of H. H. Holmes, Claremont, W.A., formerly of South Melbourne; and nephew of Mrs. W. H. Cooper, of Auburn road.

HUNT.-In loving memory of Private Archie

Hunt, eldest son of Mr. H. Hunt, Wootton   Bassett, Wiltshire, England, and beloved fiance of Emily Dodd, died July 28 of wounds received in France, aged 29 years.

His duty nobly done.      

(Inserted by E. E. Dodd, 32 Arthur street. South Yarra.)

HUNT.-Killed in action in France, Sergeant W.

H. Hunt, dearly loved husband of Teenie Hunt, Caramut.      

He never shunned his country's call, But gladly gave his life, his all.  

He died the helpless to defend,

An Australian soldier's noble end.

JAGEURS.-Killed in action in France, on the 29th

July, Corporal John Davitt Jageurs, beloved elder son of M. P. and D. M. Jageurs, of Parkville, and   fond brother of Mary, Lizzie, Peter, and Kathleen,

aged 21 years.

May his soul rest in peace.    

KING.-On the 7th July, killed in action, Lieut.

David T. King, Gordon Highlanders, son of Wil- lam King, London, nephew of Alexander King,  

64 Northcote road, Armadale.  

LAKE.-Killed on active service in France, 19th  

July, 1916, Cecil Lake, eldest son of Mrs. John Lake, Foster, Victoria, aged 28 years.    

LEGGO.— Killed in action in France on July 28,

1916, Herbert Victor (Pritchard), dearly loved third son of Edward and Edith May Leggo, of Thistlethwaite street, South Melbourne, brother of Cpl. George, L.-Cpl. Arthur (both on active  

service), Leonard, Norman, Stanley (deceased), and Eric, aged 19 years.      

"Underneath are the everlasting arms."  

LYNCH.-On the 1st August, died of wound in

France, Pte. Thomas Nicholas Lynch, youngest son of Alexander and Elizabeth Lynch, of Magoula, Toorak road, Camberwell, and only brother of Alexander E. Lynch, and grandson of the late Geo. Galway, Woodstock-on-Lod- don, age 21 years. R.I.P.        

MASON.-In sad and loving memory of Corporal James Mason, killed in action in France on 3rd August, third beloved son of James and the late Ellen Mason, of Cochrane's Creek,  

and loving grandson of Mrs. Mason (Bealiba) and the late Michael and Mary Harnetty (of Moliagul and Malvern), aged 21 years. R.I.P.

McKEAN.-Killed in action in France, on 5th or

6th August, John J. McKean, beloved brother of Robert (South Africa), Mrs. Harsant (South Africa), Mrs. C. Parkes (Colac), Mrs. R. Erlandson, (Colac), Mrs. Hearn (South Yarra).

He gave his life, his best, his all.

McLEAN.-In affectionate remembrance of our fel-

low-officer, Sergeant Duncan McLean, who was killed in action on 25th July, 1916. (Inserted by the employees of the Royal Insurance Company Limited.)

McLEOD.-Killed in action in France on August

5, Charles J. McLeod, dearly loved son of Annie and D. McLeod, M.L.A., Daylesford.

" How can a man die better-than facing fearful


For the freedom of his country and the temples

of his gods."       McLEOD.-Killed in action in France, August 5,

Charles J. McLeod (Daylesford), dearly loved   nephew of Mrs. R. J. Fairman, Southey street, St. Kilda (late Nathalia).    

For King and country.

Sweet rest for the weary.  

MEDHURST.-In loving remembrance of Jack,

killed in action, July 28.

An Australian hero.

-(Inserted by Mrs. Durham and family, Hurst-   bridge.)              

MERLIN.-On the 1st August, somewhere in

France, Bomdr. Wilfred S. Merlin, dearly be- loved and only son of W. T. and C. I. Merlin, Raglan, late of Byaduk, and fondly loved bro- ther of Clara, May, and Ethel, aged 27 years.

For God, King, and country.     Only one of the many, but our only one.

MERLIN.-On the 1st August of illncss, some-

where in France, Wilfred, dearly beloved hus- band of Einda (nee Vinge), Wallace street, Colac.    

He rose responsive to his country's call; He gave to her his life, his best, his all.

MURRELL.-Charles Fowler, killed in France,

about 19th July, aged 20 years 10 months, enlisted January, 1915; son of Mary Murrell, of "Meller- gan," Melbourne avenue, Glenroy, and of the late Charles Murrell; brother of Lieutenant Wm. Lee Murrell, of Doris, and of the late Myra Mur- rell; a grandson of the late Pilot Wm. Lee Murrell, and of the late Capt. Jno. Fowler, both of Wil- liamstown.    

NASH. - On the 31st July, killed in action in

France, Private W. H. Nash, dearly loved eldest son of Walter and Mary Nash, Box Hill, aged  

34 years.    

NEELY.-On the 29th July, killed in action in

France, Private James Neely, dearly beloved third son of Charlotte and the late Ernest A. Neely, of 41 Molesworth street, North Melbourne; dearly loved brother of Ernest Sydney, the late Private Jack Neely, who was killed at Lone Pine; Private Leonard, on active service, France; May, and Addie.      

Deeply mourned.

Our loved one's safe home.

NELSON.-A tribute to the memory of Private Jame P. (Jimmy) Nelson, killed in action in  

France on the 28th July.  

The world is wide, the sea is deep,     For o'er the sea our workmate sleeps;     He went away in health and strength,

For King and country his time he spent. His fight is fought, he stood the test,

We'll always remember him as one of the best.

-(Inserted hy his workmates of the Foundry, Newport Workshops.)  

NODEN.-In loving and affectionate memory of

our dear brother, Ralph, who was killed in action, July 26, somewhere in France, the son of W. J. Noden and the late Mrs. Noden, of Lily- dale, dear brother of Sen, Mrs. G. Petterson, of Albert Park; Mrs. R. Moorehead, of Western Aus- tralia (late of Kew); Mrs H. Pook. of North- cote; Will. Northcote; Mrs. R. McConchie. of Surrey Hills; Wes (on active service) Charlie (returned Anzac), Andrew (in camp), Cyril, and Hector.      

Mother and son united.

Australia called to her brave lads,

Called them in honour's name.

Dear Ralph gave his life for his country;

That's how he played the game.

A brave young life nobly ended.

-(Inserted by S. N., M. P., M. M., R. P., M. M.) O'FARRELL.- In loving memory of our dear friend,

Mick (M. J. O'Farrell), who died of wounds in

France, July 31.

Loved by all who knew him. -(Inserted by Pat. and Jack Bullock.)

O'MALLEY.-On the 12th August, died of wounds,

Thomas Joseph (Tom), beloved eldest son of Mar- garet and the late Thomas O'Malley, Victorian railways, beloved husband of the late Norah, loving father of little Margie, loving brother of   Marie, 44 Stanley street, Richmond. Late of Newport Workshops. R.I.P.

PHILLIPS.-Died of wounds received in action in

France on July 25, after service in Gallipoli from the day of landing till the evacuation, Corp. D. A. Phillips (Duncan), dearly loved second   of Georgina Rennie and the late John Phillips (late of Ascot, Ballarat), dearly loved brother of Herbert A. and May Phillips, "Inverburn," Leon- gatha; Bertha, Geelong; Driver John G., Lieut. Arthur F., both on active service abroad, and Coy. Sgt.-Major George R., Broadmeadows camp, loving uncle of Marjorie, Phyllis, and little Edna,

in his 33rd year.

I have fought a good fight; I have finished my course; I have kept the faith.  

-(Inserted by Herbert and May Phillips.)

POND. - Killed in action, August 9, Corporal

R. R. Pond, machine-gun section, beloved second son of John T. Q. and E. M. Pond, of Polperro Farm, Springhurst, aged 24



RASHLEIGH.-Killed in action in France, on

August 5, 1916, Corporal Horace Garland Rash- leigh, dearly beloved youngest son of Lieut.-   Colonel Charles and Eliza Williams Rashleigh.

'To keep my heart fit for His holy sight,

And answer when He calls.

This is my task."

-(Inserted by his loving aunt, Grace Dennis.)

RASHLEIGH.-Killed in action in France, on

August 5, 1916, Corporal Horace Garland Rash- leigh, dearly beloved youngest son of Lieut.- Colonel Charles and Eliza Williams Rashleigh, of Whitehorse road, Mont Albert (formerly of Geelong), loving brother of Ethel and Dennis.

"And lest in the turmoil that knows no cessation,

E'en love should be helpless to guide to the


And the comrade should come not with lost


God lays His own flowers on the tombs of the


READ.-On the 26th July, from wounds received in

France, Charlie L. Read, loved son of Charles A. Read, Yarra Junction , loved brother of Harry Read, Ripponlea; Mrs. H. Simcox, Kew; Arthur Read, Yarra Junction, Jack Read, in camp, Royal Park; Leonard Read, Albury.

One of the best.

ROBINSON.-Killed in action in France, 29th July,

Sergeant Albert Charles Robinson, after 14 months active service, was on the Southland, also at Gallipoli, loved youngest son of Mrs. M. A. Robinson, Footscray, brother of Jack (on active service), Mrs. Jamieson, Mrs Hill, Mrs. Myers, Ethel, Annie, and Bob (on active ser- vice), aged 24 years.  

SALAMON.-Killed in action in France, on the

4th August, Corporal Edward Robert (Ted), only beloved son of A. E. and A. C. Salamon, 11 Edward street, Essendon, after eighteen months' service in Egypt, Gallipoli, and France, aged       26 years.

SCHILLING.-Killed in action in France, on the

3rd August, 1916, Private Stanley William Schil- ling, loved son of Harriet Schilling, and bro- ther of Arthur, Montague street, Albert Park.

He could not stand looking at our men return-

ing, without sight, without arms, without legs, and not offer to do anything.  

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the

shadow of death, I will fear no evil.

(An employee for 23 years of C. F. Maxwell, Chancery lane, Melbourne. )

SHEAHAN.-Killed in action in France, July 20,

Lance-Corporal Sheahan, beloved eldest brother of Tennie Griffin and of Jack (on active service), aged 33 years. R.I.P.  

SLATTERY.-A loving tribute to the memory of

Gerald Malyon, killed in action in France, July


He never shunned his country's call, But gladly gave his life, his all; He died, the helpless to defend,

An Australian soldier's noble end.

-(Inserted by his loving friend, Nora Custain.)

SMITH.-Killed in action, at the Somme, 25th

August, Lieutenant Sidney O'Carrol Smith, British army, formerly of 9th (Queenslanders), aged 24 years. Late of Christchurch, N.Z.

Exaltavit honore.

SMITHERS .-Killed in action on the 19th July,

in France, Private Claude Smithers, beloved eldest son of Robert and Margaret Smithers, of Lorne; also, fond brother of Lylia, Dick (on active service), and Ida, aged 24 years 9 months.

Sadly missed by all. Midst the roaring of the battle,

And the rain of shot and shell, Fighting for home and country,

Claude, like a hero, fell.

-(Inserted by his sorrowing father and mother, brother, and sisters,)

STRODE-WEBSTER .—Killed in action in France,

28th July, Victor (Bert), dearly beloved second son Mrs. Bessie Strode-Webster, 6 Nelson place, South Melbourne, and brother Tom, Dolly, and George, and grandson of the late Thomas Strode, of Bendigo, aged 22.

The most noble sacrifice.  

TEMPANY.-On the 8th August, killed in action

in France, Gunner Albert Roy, youngest son of Henry and Sophia Tempany, 60 Toorak road, S. Yarra, agc l8 years 6 months.

THOMAS. - Killed in action in France on 26th

July, Charles, eldest son of Wyndham and Louisa Thomas, of Kilmore, late of Gippsland, brother of Nell, Carrie, Ted, Edith, Amy, Walter, Olive, and Louie, aged 26.        

He rose responsive to his country's call;   He gave for her his best, his life, his all.

THOMAS.-On the 12th August, 1916, died of

wounds received at Pozieres, France, Private David Henry Thomas, the dearly loved son of William and Ann Thomas, of Golden Point, Chew- ton, late of the engineering branch of the Mel- bourne and Metropolitan Board of Works, aged 37 years.  

"His duty nobly done."

TOPPING.-Died of wounds in France, August 10, L.-Corporal A. E. Topping, beloved nephew of  

Mr. and Mrs. Emest E. Cooper (Northcote), and Miss M. Dungate; and cousin of Lily, Jack, Madge, and Frank.  

"Our hero."

TOPPING.-Died of wounds in France on August

10, L.-Corporal A. E. Topping (Bert), beloved youngest son of Mrs. M. Topping, Carlton, and brother of Mrs. A. H. Cowley (Sydney), Mrs. J. B. Surgeon (Sydney), George, Henry, Nellie, and May.    

He died as he lived -a man.

TRAVERS.-Killed in action, August 9, Corporal

G. Travers, son of Dr. Travers, Elsternwick.

WEIR.-On the 5th August, killed in action in

France, Lance Corporal Thomas Haysom Weir, aged 29 years, dearly beloved brother of Lily and David Weir, of "Belize," 601 King street, West


One of the best.  

A soldier.  

Loved by all who knew him.  

WHEELER.-Killed in action on the 28th July, in

France, Mark Wheeler, youngest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. C. Wheeler, Corryong, and loving   brother of Charles, Ben, George, and Jim, Mrs.

Palmer, Mrs. McNamara, Mrs. Barber; also Miss Wheeler. Adelaide and Sydney papers please copy.                         God's will be done.          

-(Inserted by his brother, Charlie, and sister-in-

law, Ethel.)        

WHEELER.-Killed in action, the 28th July, in

France, Mark Wheeler, youngest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. C. Wheeler, Corryong, and loving brother of Charles, Ben, George, Jim, Mrs. Palmer, Mrs. McNamara, Mrs. Barber, also Miss  


God's will be done.        

Our hero.    

-(Inserted by his brother, Charlie and sister-in- law Ethel. Adelaide and Sydney papers please copy.)

WILLCOX.-Killed in action, in France, on 28th

July, 1916, Private Christopher F. Willcox, younger son of the late Archdeacon and Mrs. Will- cox, of Wangaratta, and brother of Dorothy and Fred, aged 21 years.  

WILLIAMS.-Died at Red Cross Hospital, Chelmsford,

England, on the 18th of August, of wounds received in France, Private Henry Egryn Williams, beloved youngest son of William and Annie Williams, and beloved brother of Florrie and Owen and the late John Llewellyn Williams, of 73 Palmer street, Collingwood, aged 19 years. For King and country.    

WILSON.-Killed in action in France, between July 27 and August 4, Private Leslie A., loved

second youngest son of Joseph W. Wilson, of     Cavendish, and loved brother of Will, Eva, Ernest, Edith, Harold, Ciss, Arthur (A.I.F.), and Howard (A.I.F.), aged 21 years.      

WOOD.-Between July 27 and August 4, fell in

action, Sergeant E. C. Wood, the dearly beloved and only son of G. and B. Wood, aged 22.

Loved by all who knew him.  

An Anzac hero.

He never shunned his country's call, But gladly gave his life, his all. He died the helpless to defend,

An Australian soldier's noble end.

-(Inserted by his sorrowing parents, G. and B. Wood, "Belwood," Abbott street, Sandringham.) WOOD.-In loving and affectionate memory of my

hero, Sergeant E. C. Wood, fell in action between July 27 and August 4, France, aged 22.  

One of the bravest and best.

An Anzac hero.

Some time, some day, my eyes shall see That dear face I hold in memory;

And God shall link that broken chain Still closer, till we meet again.

-(Inserted by his loving and heartbroken fiancee,   Dot Edwards, Ormond street, Kensington.)  

YATES.-A tribute to the memory of Lieut.

Arthur Yates, who died of wounds received in France on Aug 8.  

Sweet is the memory left behind      

Of one so noble, true, and kind;  

His fight is fought, he stood the test,

We will always remember him, one of the best. -(lnserted by the members of the North Mel- bourne Methodist Church Choir.)


ANDERSON.-On the 8th September, at 82 Vale

street, East Melbourne, Frank Cyril Anderson, priest. B.I.P.

BEATTIE.-On the 4th September (suddenly), at

his residence, "Craigieburn," Frazer street, Bruns- wick, David, the dearly beloved husband ,of Agnes, and loved father of Mrs. J. Gilroy, Mrs. J. Bonstead, John, Mrs. Todd, James, Mrs. T.   Phelan, Mrs. C. Gilroy, Mrs. R. S. Morris, and Ethel, late of Newtown, Scarsdale. Colonist   of 67 years.    

Dearly loved and sadly missed.    

BRIGGS.-On the 8th September, at his late resi-

dence, Queen's road, Wandin, Christopher Thomas, dearly beloved husband of Maria Briggs, and loving father of Ernest, John George, Arthur, Mrs. W. T. Sebire, and Mabel, aged 72 years.  

Sadly missed.  

BROWN.-On the 6th September, at Coonara pri-

vate hospital, St. Kilda road. Florence Lilian (nurse, late of Bendigo Hospital), beloved daugh- ter of Mrs. C. J. Brown, of Riversdale, Elberton, St. Arnaud, aged 20.

After 12 months' acute suffering from earth's

loved scenes to Heaven's sweet rest.

CASEY.-On the 5th September, at Fitzroy, Robert

Henry, the dearly beloved husband of Winifred, and fourth son of Thomas Casey, J.P., Mary, borough. Interred at Maryborough, on the 7th


Requiescat in pace.

COGHLAN. - On the 7th September, at Calder-

meade, Michael Coghlan, beloved husband of Hannah, aged 8O years. Late of Koroit. A colonist of 79 years. R.I.P.  

COLE.-On the 8th September, at West Cloven

Hills, Martha, widow of Nicholas Cole, of West Cloven Hills, aged 88 years.

COOPER.-On the 7th September, at the residence

of her son ln-law, 00 Were street, Brighton Bench, Ellrabeth Ann, widow of the late John Cooper, and loving mother of Adah E. Salmon - and Harry (Traralgon), aged 00 year».

Sweet rest at last.

DEANE.-On the 7t!v September, at her residence,

Woodkinds, Wahring, Marie, the dearly beloved wile ol the late Thomas Deane, aged 04 years. R.I.P.

DEANE.-On the 7th Scptember, at her residence,

Woodlands, Wahring, Marie, the dearly beloved wife of the late Thomas Deane, aged 64. R.I.P.

DENNIS.-On the 17th August, at his aunt Craw-

ford's, Yarrawonga, Willis, dearly loved son of Mrs. Dennis, Boweya North, and loved brother of Mrs Richards, Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. Bolt, Mrs. Way, Rose, Will, and George, aged 33. With sunshine always on his face,

Fairer to us than summer flowers,

How sank our trembling hearts to see His pathway turning off from ours.  

Wc grieve for him, he waa so rudely snatched

From budding manhood's bright career,

Yet known full well an honest, well-spent life

Enabled him to go without a fear.

Sadly missed.

-Inserted by his loving father A. Richards.)


EGAN.-On the 4th September, at his residence.

Jervois street. East St. Kilda, the dearly loved husband of B. M. Egan, and loving father of Michael, Maurice, Alice, and the late Gilbert, and much loved and only brother of Patrick Egan, Elsternwick. (Interred privately.)    

Requiescat in pace.

Sadly missed.    

ENGLISH. -On the 8th September, at private hos-

pital, East Melbourne, Minnie, the dearly be- loved wife of Fredrick English, "Dudley," 74 Cowner street, Footscray, and loving mother of Gordon, Mrs. Crawford (Madge). Dudley. Minnie, and the late Vera English, aged 53 year«. (Fune ral private.)

Thy will be done.

JONES.-On the 26th July, at Digi}, California.

the result of an accident. Phillip, the beloied second son of Man- Ann and the late Richard Jones, of Wan.lllieon-r, need Vi yean,.

Deeply regretted.

KAY.-On the 5th July, Manchester, England.

Annie, beloved daughter of Mrs. K. Kay. late of Coburg, loved sister of Jack,Tom, Jim, and   Emily.

Deeply mourned.

KEAST. - On the 2nd September, at Cottesloe, W.A.,

Elizabeth Jane Farrow, widow of the late   Samson Keast, late of Ballarat.

KENNEDY.-On the 31st August, Miss Ellen Ken

nedy, of 23 Mary- street, St. Kilda, only beloved daughter of the late James and Ellen Kennedy. s¡ster of James, and dearly loved niece of the   late Mrs Leonard formerly Clarence Hotel Yackandandah. R.I.P. (Privately interred, Sep- tember 2.)

KILCULLEN.-On the 25th August, at his resi

dence Pine g¡rove. Berriwillock. John, beloved husband of Jane Kilcullen, and father of J. M., T J., Mrs. McLean, F. J., F. V.. A. E., A. R., and W. R. , on active service, aged 67.

LAVELLE.-On the 6th September, at St. Joseph's

Convent, Nyngan(N.S.W.), Sarah (in religion   Sister Catherine de Rlcci), second eldest daughter of Patrick and B. Lavelle, Louisa street, Coburg, and loving sister of Mrs E. Kernan (Somerton), John, Maggie, William, James, Thomas, and Laur-

ence. R.I.P.

LYNDON.-On the 20th August, at her mother's

residence, Tarnagulla, Pansy, dearly beloved wife of Thomas Bertrand Lyndon, and loving daugh- ter of Mrs. Langan, Tarnagulla, after short ill   ness of pneumonia and pleurisy.

McDOWALL.- On the 19th August, at her resi-

dence, Bullarto, Marjory, relict of the late John McDowall, and beloved mother of Charles, Richard, Alex., Mrs. Overell, and Mrs. McKin- non, aged 73 years.

McQUADE.-On the 1st September at her late  

residence, 170 Cecil street, South Melbourne, Mar- garet, daughter of the late James and A McQuade; beloved sister of Mamie, Thomas. Mrs. Moulden, and Mrs. Triller; loving Aunt of Teanie   Hadden, Allie Birmingham, Florrie Burke and much-loved aunt of Minnie and J. E. Burke, aged 79 years. Fortified by rites of Holy Church. Interred privately September 3. R.l P.

PAPLEY.-On the 8th Septemlier. passed peace

fully away at her parents residence 337 Bank street, South Melbourne, Alma, dearly loved eldest daughter of James and Louisa Papley.

R.I P.

POWELL.-On the 7th September at his residence,

74 Freeman street, North Fitzroy, William Ed- ward, dearly beloved husband of Ann and father of Alf, Ciss, Jack, Mrs. Brown, Ern, Mrs. Wilson, Walter, Louisa, Norman (À.I.F ), Henry, Leslie, uncle of M. J. Powell, aged 83 years. Colonist 58 years. Late of Carlton. (Private interment.) POWER. -On the 2nd September, at Croydon (sud

denly), Michael David, the dearly beloved hus hind of Margaret Mary Power, of "I'me'inue " Yarra road, Croydon. R.I.P. (Interred pri vately, on the 4th September, at Melbourne Gene- ral Cemetery.)

POWER.-On the 13th August, of cholera, at War-

Hospital, Bombay, Kathleen Mary, beloved sister of Rev. T Power, cousin of Rev. W. Walsh.   Native of Co. Kilkenny.

May she rest in peace.

ROSS.-On the 3rd September, at his residence,

corner Burnland and Gregory streets, John Ross, J.P., dearly beloved husband of Helen Elizabeth, and loving father of N. J, G.. W. E.. R. C,

Basil (prívale), R., and A.,-aged 70 years.

Dearly beloved.

RYAN.- On the 1st September, 1916, at his brother's

residence, Gobur, John Ryan, aged 77 years.

Rest in peace.

THOMSETT.-On the 3rd September (suddenly), at

Gwalia, West Australia; Henry King, dearly loved eldest son of James M. and Mary A. Thom sett, "Floretta," Drummond street. South Bal- larat, and beloved husband of Ada Thomsett, aged 54 years. Late head-masterof the Continuation    

Schooll, Gwalia.    

WALLACE.-On the 6th September at his resi ence, "Klrkina," Osborne street, Williamstown,  

Thomas, the dearly beloved husband of A. E. Wallace, formerly of Melbourne Steramship Com  

pany, aged 61 years. (Interred privately at Box Hill Cemetery, 8th September.

WHITTINGHAM.-On the 3rd September, at Syd-

ney. Harold John Whittingham, of Tilboroo, Illabo, N.S.W., aged 43 years. (Privately in- terred, at Brighton Cemetery, on the 8th Sep-   tember.)  

WILKINSON.-On the 13th July, 1916, at her resi-

dence, Oakdale, Pokolbin, N.S.W., Florence     Mary Hindmarsh Wilkinson, widow of the late   Frederic Albert Wilkinson, only surviving daugh-    

ter of the late George Milner Stephen, and granddaughter of the late Rear-Admiral Sir John Hindmarsh, first Governor of South Australia, in her 7lst year (pneumonia).  

WILLS.-On the 10th August, 1916, at Wy-Yune,

Robert Henry, dearly loved eldest son of W. S. and E, Wills, aged 21 years.

YOUNG. - On the 6th September, James, the loving

and loved husband of Catherine Annie Young, of East Doncaster, and eldest son of the late Charles Young, of Newbridge-on-Loddon. (Interred pri- vately, Boroondara Cemetery, Kew.)      

Peace, perfect peace be his,        

Where love eternal reigns.      


ANDREWS.(nee Donahoo). - In sad and loving

memory of, our dear daughter, Mary Mabel   Andrews, who departed this life on the 10th Sep. tember, 1908, at Mount Stuart, Hobart, Tasmania.

(Inserted by her loving parents, John and Mary Donahoo, "Brooklyn,"-Park street, St. Kilda.)  

CHRISTIE.-In loving memory of our dear

nephew, Wilie, who was accidentally drowned, at Paynesville, September 10, 1913.

Days of sadness still come o'er us,

Hidden secret tears still flow;

For memory keeps dear Willie near us,  

Though he died three years ago.

-(Inserted by his loving aunt and uncle, E. and J. Anderson.)

COUCH,-In fond remembrance of my -dear sister.

Lizzie,who died September 9, 1914. (Inserted by her loving brother, Sid, Middleton, Belmont, West Australia.)

CRAIG.-In loving remembrance of James Joseph

Craig, who passed away at "Riverview," War- racknabeal, on 10th September, 1915.

Peace, perfect peace.     Wlith loved ones far away,

In Jesus' keeping we are safe, and they.  

-(Inserted hy E.C.E., Emily, Millie, Fannie, Rose, and Ted.)

CROUCH.-In memory of my beloved wife, Eliza-

beth Anne Crouch, who passed away September 9, 1914.

Not now, but in the coming years,

It may be in the better land,

We'll read the meaning of our tears,

And then sometime we'll understand,  

-(Inserted hy her loving husband, daughter, and sister.)  

FRASER.-In loving memory of our dear son and

brother, Jack, who passed away on September 1, 1913. (Inserted by his sorrowing parents, brothers, and sisters.)

Deeply mourned.

HALEY.-In loving memory of my dear friend,

Lance-Corporal H. George Haley, died 1st Sep- tember, 1915.

One of the best.

-(Inserted By Olive Pawsey, North Carlton.)

HARTON.-A tribute to the memory of Private

Horace Harton, who was killed on the Southland September 2, 1915, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Harton, Alison road, Elsternwick. (Inserted by his comrade, Sergeant V. W. Orr, 23rd Bat - 


Loved by all.      

HEPBURN.-A tribute to the memory of Rupert

Oswald Hepburn, killed in action at Gallipoli, on September 9, 1915. (Inserted by T. M. and B. Winter.)    

May his soul rest in peace.

KIRKPATRICK.-In loving memory of my dear

husband, Arthur Kirkpatrick, who died Septem- ber 10. 1911, at Grosvenor street, St. Kilda, father of Mrs. Daley, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Wil cockson, Mrs. Mason, and Myrtle.

Rest after weariness, peace after pain.

Ever in our memory dear.

McLENNAN.-In loving memory of our dear

brother, James MeLcnnan, who passed away September 10, I915.

So dearly loved, so deeply mourned.

-(Inserted by his loving sister, brother-in-law, and nephew, R.E.T. and Jimmy Earl.)

MILLEN.-In loving memory of our darling little

son who passed away at St. Kilda on the 11th September, 1915.

Little we thought we would lose you so soon, Sweet little darling, just in your bloom; Memory recalling in fancy no trace,

Baby, our darling, your bonny sweet face.

-(inserted by his loving mother and father, A.I.F., abroad.)

PERKINS.-A tribute to the memory of C.P.O.

E. C. Perkins, R.A.N. Bridging Train, killed in action at Gallipoli, September 6, 1915. (Inserted by "The Wanderer.")  

PHILLIPS.-In loving memory of our dear brother,

Arthur, killed in action, 19th July. (Inserted by The Thornbury Billikins.)

SAMBELL.-In loving memory of W. T. W. Sam-  

bell, who passed away at "Kanumbra," Malvern, September 5, 1913 (late of Violet Town).

What tho' we cannot answer here '  

Tlhe wherefore and the why,

The tangled skein of life will be

Unravelled by-and-by.   -(Inserted by his loving wife and family.)

WATTS.-In loving memory of my dear mother,

Margaret Watts, who passed away on the 10th September, 1915, at 80 Peel street, Windsor.

Rest, dearest mother, thy toil is o'er,

Thy loving hands shall work no more. No more thy gentle eyes shall weep- Rest, darling mother, gently sleep.

Thou art not forgotten, dearest mother,

Nor wilt thou ever be,

As long as life and memory last

I will remember thee.

Inserted by her loving daughter Lizzie.)

WILLIAMS.- In loving memory of my dear hus-

band, Oliver, and our dear father, who passed away at Waaia, 8 Seymour avenue, Malvern, on 10th September. ,

Days of sadness still come o'er me,

Hidden secret tears still flow;     For memory keeps my dear one near me,

Though he died a year ago.       One of the best, a noble father,

A father kind and true,

So dearly loved, so sadly missed

by every one he knew. -

-(Inserted by his loving wife and children, Ollie, Tom, Harry, Etta, Fred (on active ser- vice). Minnie, and Georgie.)

WILLIAMS.-In loving memory of our dear father

and grandfather, Oliver Williams, who passed away at "Waaia," 38 Seymour avenue, Malvern, on the 10th September, 1915.

Worthy of lasting love was he

By those he left behind,

A better father never lived.

A friend more true und kind.

-(Inserted bv his loving son and daughter-in law, T. S. and M. M. Williams.)


WILLIAMS.-In loving memory of our dear father,

Oliver, who passed away on the 10th September, at 38 Seymour avenue, Malvern.

Dear dad, just a year ago you left us,  

How wc miss your dear sweett face,   But you left us to remember

None on earth can fill your place. A better father never lived,

Nor one more true and kind,   His equal in this world We very rarely find.

-(Inserted his loving daughter, Etta Dulfer,   and. Lea, on active service.


CAMPBELL.-The daughters of the late Mrs.

SARAH CAMPBELL desire to return their sincere THANKS to their many friends, for letters,   cards, telegrams, and floral tributes during their neem «-ad litnavinitut, i i.uu!h tl-it.Mi-x L»i. Maurice Macffillicuddy, Mir*-*? Vurplij. und Mr. Joncs (Church of Christ minister) fo- t'ieir kind* nesti and atteiitlon to our «lou tnilU'-r in her Ust long illneas. l63 Burnley street, Iliehmond.

FLEGG.-The Sons and naii-jlitcr of the late

ELIZABETH JESSIE FLEGG desire to THANK their many kind mends and relatives for letters, telegrams, floral tributes, c-peculh thanUmg Dr Dcgenhardt for hit. kindness to our dtrir mother, in our sad bcre.xvtment. _>ii3 Canning street, North Carlton,_ _

GOSS.-Mr. GEO. GOSS and Tamily "desire to  

corney sincere THANKS to their*many kind friends for telegrams, letter*, rani«, and expressions of t-ynrpathy; also Dr. l'crtell, Rev. A. V. ..Illiston, Mrs. Muriej, Mrs. Rcinklcnrti. .uni Mi--- Srott for their great kindnes.-.; the staff of MaeHobertsoii and employées of \V. H. Bruce for floral tribute*-, dur- ing their recent *nd berwnemcnL "Unmblcrton," Stewart »street, RrunRwick. ____

LYONS.-Mrs. G. O. LYONS and F milly desire

to THANK their relatives and friends for their sympathetic letter-., tclegnuiis, .nul ta.ils, aU-) for the many floral tributes, rcecive-1 from Uiem during their recent bad bercii\enient. They iiIbo wish tn thank the li«. K. J. With-lombe. cf St. Anrelm's rhureh, Middle Park, for lils kindness nnd attention, and St. Luke'-, (¡irK club. Win l'itjrn- r lor their expre^iotifi of f-jmpathy. *'S>üen haui," Canterbury^road, Middle Park. _ -_ MISS CLAIR M. ESDALE wishes to THANK hcr

many friend-- for kind expresión1* ot sympathy tUinnjs her sad berc.wement In the less of her fiance, tgt. W. Isaacs, who waa killed in action, France. "Kel- in,M_MO-oKon j*trcet, Footgoray. MISSES A. M. and E. R. WARLAND und their

1VJ. lîrothvr return sincere THANKS for kind ex pre&nons of ympathy lu their recent pad bereave- ment _lo1 Oi.ipel street, Prahnn._(^lna«mupli.") MR. ann Mra.E. MATT amf Knmlh, Mri ~a7U. lV_L\\Vb-;Ur, siPLerely THANK their many friends and relations for visits, expressions of njmpathj, in leiten, cards, and telegrams, during thtir -.try Fad bereavement in the loas of their son ana brother um! grandoon, Krank, Bombardier 1*. O. Matt, died of wound, received in France, July 23, IIHíl; especially thanking "lev. «1. V.. Warren for his kindness, and Dr. McAdam. Gourlay at., II St. Kilda. ___ MR. and Mrs. T. E. BAKER and Famlly return 1>1- heartfelt THANK:-* to Hew 1\ b>*vh, He'. J. Caldwell, Iii». \V. Wykea, and many kind friends for telegrams, letters, cards, visits, and-nne^sagea received durlnjc their recent sad hcrai\ cment, the death of their dear --on Bryan, of wpumla, in Franco; specially thanking Captain Chnpmin Brewer for hi» great kfndncM nnd tender sympathy. 20 Douglas

nnnidc, N. Willfamstoun,

friends for telegram*, letters, cards, and floral tributes, ti Ho expressions of sympathy during their recent snd bereavements; hIfo thanking ltev. Kunson, and Mr, rcrgti«on, for the efficient man- ner in which lie carried out the fitnernl arrange- ments^

H. .. -.- .-.

mmi,*. friends and .dations for expression, of sympathy and Iciiidncna during their fii.1 bereave ment, al«o Dr. Drew for his kind attendance, nnd Mr. Beutle for the way be carried out the funeral arran gem enta. Mr. Hine, 10.Í Bay Btreet, "'ort Melbourne. West Australian papers please copy._

MR. A. J. BRODIE and Family (Weltovredcn,

College street, l-Uern*AÍ_k) desire to THANK friends for kind letters and cards of symp-Uliy in o,ur loss of helot ed wife and mother. 'J_ MRS. CLARA SHARPE and Spn, J. H. (.Tack)

JENNINGS desire to express their sincere THANKS to their many kind friends for expressions of sympathy, \WK telegrams, and doral tributes recehed during their sad and sudden bereavement; especially thanking the head master, tra cb ing f-taff, and pupils of the Fascnrton High School for their loving kindness and marks of respect shown to their late comrade and master; also Mr. A. G. Appa, for tho kind and thoughtful manner in which he "ondurtcl the funeral orr.ingcmcot«,_ MRS H. S., and Mr. anti Mrs. H.

DOBBIE, Sen , of O'! Cross street, West Foot si iaj.. doire io take tblt mean'* of returning THANKS to all kind friends and relations for tele- grams, curds, letters, und visits and expressions of sympathy with her in the les of lier dear hus- band; and them in the losa of tilt ii* eldest son. Lieutenant H. S. Dobbie, who waa Wiled in action

in France.

MRS. CARNIE and-Family -leslie to THANK

their many friends for their kind expressions

it "Fad bereavement , Dybing, also Mrs _ Hutlidown sticet their kind cxprcssi

of nynma thy during their recent Tad bereavement, cspeciallv the Rev. r" and Mrs. Dybing, also Mrs.


'specially thanliintr'ltev. v.\tr. Glass um! Dr. Allt ntan for their klmlne1** In her rerent ml lierenvc mont. "Nana!**:-," Nctticrlee Rtreet, H. Malvern.

hercnvenicnt in, the loss of her lnwbniiil. Corporal .0. R Svvanton. who ilicil on aetive service._ - ""\'TCS'*I*^Ct"II*!Al) *? nna"Son '. rleslr» to - ÄFrely -"i-^TIlMJK their many,Kimi frlFnil» forthclr. visita, lelter., ntul enrrls durinar their sall 'bercave

r-rrt, 5 îïenrîleo aliect, Burnley. -,v ^_ j.

MRS. PICKUP and Family desire to'c*tirc!_ their

. «Inei re TJIA.VhS to all kind frloinls ¡or lftlcrs,

inend for expressions of 1.5 m|iatliv and kindness dnrlnr; ,licr sad liereaveinent. "Delhi," 2OT St. Kilih St., VUternvviek.___%_ MRS. BRADSHAW and Dau"lit~l*4 dfc.lfè to

THANK tliulr mimeront friendi for tlielr ox pressions of sympatliy In their recent sad bereave- ment. _323 RichardKin st., Middle I'arlr._ M" 1ÎS. EKOnia nnd Family desire lo r«tiirn

THANKS.for tlie ninny kind o-trasslons of Hympnthy received during their rtcenfc -ml be reavcmctit. _._ MRS. GEOFFREY EVERETT desires lo iï|ire33

sineirc ,T11ASKS for letters, cards, and pir 6oml expression.of einipatl^ received In lier re- cent sail liereaventent._ NAPIER. -Mr. NAPlEfttiml Filmlly" "desire to

.JA return their Kinoerc Til v.Kits to ti«-»«- minv|

frleads for their kind expressions of svmpatliy, by visits. letters, cards, teletrranls. nnd Horn trihutc; especially to Father llvland, Miss Kinir, and Mis* Thureau,' and Nurse O'sullivan, in their recent sad bereavement. fiS4 I^yifon street, Carlton,_ SPOTTISWOOD.-Mr. ,1. M. A.. Miss SPOTTIS-

WOOD, ami .Mrs. A. B. SIMMONS desire to   convey their sincere and hcirlfclt THANKS to the numerous kind friends and relatives for kind c\' pressions of sympathy, and letters, tcle-nins, cards, and floral tn-utc-valso lo the St. Kilda Bowline; Oluti, Naval and Mltllary Masonic laûge, St. Kilda Tradrailrn's Club, nnd Court Good Intent A.O.K., in our recent sad .bereavement in the loss of our

and respected father.

THOMPSON.-Mt*.L. M. THOMPSON and SONS     i, X wish to sincerely THANK their many frlrnds

I for kind expressions of sympathy In their recent sad bereavement of their dearly loved son, who died on id, service July 21, 1M0. "Norwich," 151 Park street,



anil Kaniilv desire to convey their THANKS lo their many kind friends for letters, cards, and personal expressions of sympathy In their recent «ntl bereavement, also "puls," workmates, and members of Bellpffood's Cricket Club for their kind trilmlc«. ¡¡71 Church' street, Richmond.


ANDERSON.-The funeral of the late Rev.   FRANK CYRIL ANDERSON will leave St. Peter's Church, East Melbourne, for the Boroondai Cemetery, at 3.30 p.m. THIS DAY.

A. A. SLEIGHT, Undertaker,' Collins street.

BRIGGS.-The Friends of the late CHRISTOPHER THOMAS BRIGGS are respectfully invited to follow his remains to their last resting place, the Lilydale Cemetery.

The funeral is appointed to move from his late residence, Queen's road, Wandin, To-morrow (Sun- day), at 12 o'clock.  

BURTON BROS., Undertaker, Main street, Lily-

dale. 'Phone No. 11.

DEANE. - The friends of the late Mrs, THOMAS

DEANE arc respectfully informed that the rt mains will be interred in the Nagambie Cemetery.

I The luncral will leave her residence, Woodlands, Wahring, THIS DAY (Saturday) 9th September), I

p.m. ' '

LAVERY.-Tlie Friends of the .late ALEXANDER

THOMSON LAVERY aro respectfully invited to follow his remains to place of interment, the l*uroa Cemetery. . '

The funeral is appointedr to leave lils late resi- dence, "Bum Brae." Sidney roui, Euroa, THIS DAY (Saturday, September 0, 101«),

QE0U0E D1GOE, Funeral Director, Euroa.

rpIIE MEMORIAL STONE erected-to the memory

of the late Mrs. ALFRED SUMMERS will be CONSECRATED at Brighton Cemetery, To-morrow (Sunday, loth September), at 3.30 p.m.