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Mi Percy Allun, M Inst C E (London), M Ara Soc C C (New York), chief engineer in New South Wales for national and local   government works, who bus Jubt been awnidcd the Telfoid Premium by the Institution of Civil Engineers, waa born in Sydney In 18bl

Tho Tilfoid Piunlums consist of ccitaln money left hy tin f unous engineer Telford to the Institution of Civil Engineers, and art awurdid lu the shape of Incomes In respect of certain pipers «onuldiicd worthy lhej me geiicitUly looked upon us a blue ribbon"

by engineers  


The paper submitted by Mr. Allan was on port impiovements at Nowcastle, and referred to the works designed hy him or carried out under lils direction during his 4J years' term of office as chief engineer for public works at that city. It dealt with the extension of the northern breakwater at that port, the re- moval of the supposed rock bar, and the in- creasing of the depth of the entrance to the port from 20ft to 23ft 6in at low water spring tide. The latter work involved removal of 30,700 tons of boulders and rock. It was stated in the paper that in the year 1907 45 vessels had to leave port without full cargoes on account of Insufficient depth of water on the bar, whilst In tho six years following the completion of the work all vessels with the exception of 17 were ablo to leave the port loaded to their full capacity. The Car- rington coal wharf, one-third of a milo long, and carrying six high-speed electric travel- ling craneB, was also mentioned. Tho paper was read and discUBsed at a meeting of the Institution held in Great George-street, West- minster, England, on February 22, 1921.

Mr. Allan Ib pon of Mr. Maxwell Rennie Al- lan, late principal Under-Secretary of New South Wales. He is a grandBon of Mr. David Allan, who arrived in Australia in the year 1808, and was Deputy Commissary-Gen- eral from 1818 to 1823, and who wnB the ori- ginal grantee of the Flvo Islands Estato, in the Illawarra district, from which the nama is taken. Mr. Percy Allan has been in the Bervice of the Public Works Department for 12 years, having been stationed at Sydney during the whole of the time, with the ex- ception of his stay nt Nowenntla. Ile was en- gineer for the erection of the Pyrmont elec- tric swing bridge, and the Kempsey bridge, which has the longest timber spans In Aus- tralia (153 feet). Ho also constructed the Medlow dam, which at the time of comple- tion, was the thinnest dam In the world. Mr. Allan completed the construction of the low level sewerage of the City of Sydney. For some years he had charge of the artesian bor- ing and distribution of the water. During this time he wrote a book entitled "Drought Antidote for the North-west." Ile was re- sponsible for The recent reconstruction of Parramatta-road. Mr. Allan received his edu- cation under Dr. Sly, at Redfern.


The Institution of Civil Engineers also con- sidered, in March, a papor from Mr. Algernon Peake, deputy chief engineer to tho Water Supply and Sewerage branch of the Works De- partment, In Sydney, and has now conferred on him a similar honour. The paper Mr. Peake submitted described the design and con- struction of the southern and western suburbs ocean outfall sewer, which I» constructed from the old sewage farm at Botnny, to the nothern headland of Long Bay. The sewer Is about four ralles long. 12 feet R Inches wide, and 8 feet high. The main feature is that the outlet dlscharges'3<> feet below high- water level, this design being used so that the action of the waves should not Interfera with the flow of the sewage.

Mr. Peake was born In Enfield, near Lon- don, In 1860. and after receiving his educa- tion In London served lils articles with the borough engineer at Kembal, Westmoreland He esme to Australia In 1882, and entered the Public service In the Lands Department as a licensed surveyor, until 1890, when he trans- ferred to the Works Department. He waa engaged upon the main sewerage of Svd ney, and the country towns' sewerage and water supply. For the last 10 years Mr, Peake has held his present position, and i_ now engaged on the main sewer from Blue Fish Headland, Manly, to Parramatta. This sewer will servo Parramatta and municipali- ties to the .north of the harbour, ns far a_ Narrabeen. It Is estimated to cost when com-

pleted £ 2,500,000,_

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