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Il.e flrst match, New South Wales T Queensland, wai commenced in the presence of about ,35.000 spectators. Tlic home team were superior in all-round play, and jifli-r leading by 13 point to 5 at the interval, eventually

«on by 37 point- to 11.

Now South Wales: Full back, C. Fraser; three-quarters, If. Hordcr, D. Seddon,' J. Flattery, Rex Norman; lialves, D. Hodgina and A. Johnson; forwards, P.. Latta, 0. Prentice, J. Pye, F. Byan, li. Watt, W.


Queensland; Full hack, H. Tewin; three-quarters, Jt. Broadfoot, _. P. llrown, 0. Thorogood, Vi. Taten; Imlv«!. T. Bath and C. Flanaghaji; torwards, N. Potter, <\ O'Donncll, (J. Bennett, W. Richards, 'H. Stanley, O Cavanagh. . '

Referee: W. Neill.

Play wa« confined to the half-way line fe* "tí"! first five minutes, an adv.nce by Sew South Wales being stopped by a free to Queensland. Some good pawling by the home backs ended in Border kicking into touch. From tho scrum Queensland were penalised, and Kex Norman kicked a goal. Kew South Wales 2-0. Fe«'ln 6aved well lu the face of a rush by the home team, who «ere afterwards pcnaliied for off -side. New South Wales caine through from a ECruin, Norman running well und kicking to Thoro- good TV ho marked and relieved. Brown and Bennett vero then prominent in a rush by the visitors Fraser saved «"nil, and Border then sped along tlio touch lirra until tackled by Paten.

A line inoiemciit by (ho Queei_l_iid thi.e-qinrien) was denerredly cheered, Broini, Thorogood, and P_t*n handling the ball in turn. Queensland attacked with rigour at this stage, and Bath da _i«I over the line for a try. Paten converted, and Queensland had li pointH to 2. The visitors again attacked and Iiro°_, running well, hcnt out to Broadfoot, v.h« netually cro_cd Hie line, but in endeavouring to improve liiq posl tion, wa* bustled by "order and f.iiled to ground Die ball.. In the next few minutes New South Wales had the advantage. Border obtained on the ,*lng, paired in to Johnson, to Seddon, who had an easy p-issage for a bj'. Bex Norman failed to convert, but the hcorei were 5 pointa all. A imiart d_,li by tho Queensland fonvardi wa* blocked through a br»_eh. Broadfoot and Ba*ih, however, «ere almost over won aftcrwni-s, a kuock-on spoiling the movement, 'llien the home team attacked strongly.. Johnson and the forwards «.ere in the van, and Prentice dashed over for a trv, which was converted by Nornnn. Kew South Wales 10-5. Queensland rcsiiond«! In excellent style, some splendid passing being shown hy the hacks, Paten, however, was well tackled by Honler. Tile visitors, however, continued to chow amarine»! in attack, and one of the forwards expressed annoy- ance «hen Fraser marked in the face of n sudden 'lash. Flattery was next In evidence. With Pye ho exchanged a scries of neat passes, which eventually enabled «van to score a try. Norman failed to convert. »\v South Wales 13-5 at half-time.

New South Wales ntarted a fine pnssinir nish Im- mediately after resumption of plav. Border wu taokled bv Brown, but from a acrom Johnson obtained a try. Norman tailed at goal, but New South Wile» lind Ifi points to n-a commanding load. Qucinfliinil vrrssed for come timci several bcrums near the home line resulting in then- favour. Thev «we a«_rded a f'<v free kiells, but while attacking in full force wore 'liiven liack by a free to New South Wales. The home 'cum, by a serie» of pas-cs, advanced in a convinc- ing manner, and nodgins. Mattery, and Seddon parti- cipated i" a movement that wit the hJll to norder, u-ho cut In and dodged Fplcwlidlv until he scored under Hie goal. Brown made a great effort ""to stop hiin, lml onlv succeeded in touching Border's heels as Hie latter fell over the Ulm. Border also kicked' the iroal, making New South Wales 21 nolnrs lo Ii. Queeni land were in dimrulttea for a while, birt a free saved Hiern, and Broadfoot made a great run along touch

Into the New South Wales ?5.' Honler, hnweverj again I obtained, and, after running weil, kicked past- re«'tn ?Hld again secured the ball, for a Irv. Norman con » crted, and New South Wnlei hail 21 point« to 15. Score« followed in quick succession. A forward dash hy Queensland ended in Potter scoring, Thorogood falling . at goal. Tlic New South Walrs backs were soon In

evidence, and two minutes later Norman Rcoreil a try in tlic comer. Flattery and S_ldon ninda the open- ing. Norman missed Hie goal. New boufh Wulcs( 2S points to a.

Johnson was plaving soundly, both in defence and attack, and his ragerness in rushing agalnht the on rlaughta of the opposing forwards was freely recog. nlscd bv tho crowd. Although well behind In polnis, the visitors made severn] sm-irt passing rushes. Once Paten raced well tilonir tim touch-line after/ Brown und Tliorogood had handled the ball. Platten-, how. i ver, dived ot his heels and brought him doini in lime, flood tackling bv the New South Wales forwards, r_tta being especially conspicuous, pn-vented a. num- ber of Queensland attacks. Flatten- again broke through for New South Wales, and, though tackled, «.ontrived to pass to Pye, to nbdtrln¡>, «ho scored a rry, converted hy Norman. New South Wales, HI to 5. ' A few minnies later Queensland obtained a try, Broadfoot crondnir near the comer. Paten failed at gaol. New South Wale*. 54 to II. PIT Iheh scored '' a trv for New Sonth Wales, and the 'home team won

bv .17 points to II.

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