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Popular interest in the second film production intro- ducing the quaint characters created in Mr. C. J. Dennis's works was attested by over-filled auditorium and galleries at the New Lyceum on Saturday, when scenes from "Ginger Mick," sequel to "The Sentimental Bloke," were presented. The selection of types, inci- dents and environment, the achievement of Southern Cross Feature Films under Mr. Raymond Longford's direction, has been highly intelligent; so that one gets not only a complete idea of the author's story, but apt material presentments of the sort of people of whom Mr. Dennis writes, besides glimpses of the rough haunts and byways where the "fraternity" flourish. Mr. Gilbert W. Emery, who is cast as "Ginger Mick," has quite obviously made a painstaking study of his part, and has succeeded in embodying as many of   the bizarre indigenous elements peculiar to that un- common Australian city type. The "Sentimental   Bloke" (Mr. Arthur Tauchert) and "Doreen" (Miss Lottie Lyell), now reinforced by a vigorous juvenile "Boke" called "Bill" (Master Jack Tauchert), appear very welcome figures, throughout the story, and furnish a picture of home-life funny and touchingly affectionate. The hero's destiny carries him to many queer places, to slums, backyards, lockups, racecourses, Chinese eat-   ing houses, and, finally, to "the front" as an Austra- lian soldier: and it is due to the artists and the produc- ers to say that the action of the film story is appropri-   ately swift - in fact, in places it is headlong. A comedy drama, "The Past," in which Mabel Normand takes the leading role, and a liberal seasoning of comedy are added to the programme.  

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