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Hie Victorian Football' League, having decided to institute its disliict scheme next season, lins a working out de- tails. Ahcady club secrétanos ure looking round to see what recruits tiley can gather in from Hie various clubs in their districts. To almost every League ground tlieio is attached a junior club, moft of theui belong- ing to tlie Metropolitan, Amateur Football Association. Leading League delegates have long cast longing glances on the organisation which haB resisted the blandishments of the professional, and various suggestions | have been made whereby playcis can bo

interchangeable between1 the two bodies. That is lo say, thal a «ian tlioiild'b. al- lowed to play willi ins'Leugne team one Saturday, oven »a ii, and then return lo his metí* ópolilail leam the follow- ing week ns an amateur.''"Tile managers of tlie Metropolitan As-ociillifin, liovveVor. dp not leguid pinfebsionnlif-UKiih.11,-louie which may ho discarded at will, lint their mica pto vide that ,1 man who lins accepted ninney for football must 'stand Aluwn awhile to purge hil oiîeneo before lie min re-enter tlie ranks" of amutourisni. The lime of proba- tion is slioit enough in all conscience, ni fact it is to slight thal it ran hardly hi: said to be ailcipi-tc. Tlie Lunatic authorities, however, aie not content willi this system, and demand fice trant-fer between Hie two bodies.' In fact, they contend that the Met- ropolitan Association must net as a feeder to the League, and aie prepaid! to subsidise Hie clubs using tlic ground which they tlicm sclvcs aie pcunitted to occupy'. Tlic mutter has been approached vciy delicately, and so ihr two cliiDb-Poulh Yarra (who play at St. Kilda) and Beverley (who play at* mond)-have reported to the honorary sec- retary of the Motiopolitnn Amutpiu- Asso- ciation (Mr. George Stew-ait) that they have been "approached." l

The Metropolitan Association baa already ' announced that it will not losuinc its pre- miership competition until the war is over, and it feels that, in view of this decision, Hie Victorian Football League, by its sub- committee, is not playing tile game by ap- proaching its clubs in tile way they have been. Tho Metropolitan Association was founded in 1892. and it i-i not prepared lo be absoibcd by the League, ¡is would bo Hie ease under Hie proposed arrangement. It has maintained its independence for nearly 25 j ears, and it is not likely Hint it will bo content to be simply swallowed up by tlie professional body, especially after it lins lakcn a definite Btnnil in the cause of ama- teurism. Al tile pi osent time, when all young men who eau should lie encouraged lo enlist, it seems strange that the League should be busying itself in tiying lo maki' arrangements for next winter, when so niuuy young Austtalmns ate giving their

lives for the Umpire.

Tt is likely that a special meeting of the Metropolitan Amateur Association will bo convened in a few daj s lo consider Hie