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,_ -The Friends of Mrs. JOU\ T, BARNFTT, UUP sid of MAY and BLIUL, Into ol Newtown, uro Hud!» Invited to attend tlic 1 uncrul of their belovc I HUSBAND and tATllhlt, yyhich will love his -thors re-deme, lUOi lcmplc, i li-iuctli street, bydnc}, THIS AFTlJtNOON, at 1 o clock, for tlie O of I CiBicttry. Rookwood Alight ttt No i Platform

JOSI PlJJlll DCALI ^Undertaker, Hcllcrn_ T>ARM IT-ino 1 riends of Mr nnd Mrs 1 li

_> BARMT! mid 1 AMHJY aro kindly Invited to sttend DIL 1 numil of their behn til SON mi I Ultu lill it, John f (Towser) which will kivc tliur residence LO 01 Icmplc, I livubclli street, S}dne>, THIS Al

TtlfOO at 1 o clock, for the C ol f Comet« y, Koukvvood_ BTllM TI - Ile friends of Mis 1 1 ARI I A Mr

und *Irk G NORTON Mr nnd Mrs \ 1 A I-,, Mr mil Mr» ii HA"i. Mr ml Airs 1' I Hil I \ Mr snd '1rs 1 hUlll/ nnd Mr mid Mrs 11 PIN1N10N are kindl} invite 1 to »tun I the I vmcnii of their beloved BOMNLAW and llltorill It IN I AW Mr lohn I

(Towser) Barnett, which ysill leave his fithcr a IUIIILIIU, 1001 temple, 1 lizibcth aticct, S}ducv THIS Al

TI IINOON7, at 1 o ck ck, f r HIL C of 1 Cometer}, Rookwood_ __

B~Xll\I TI The 1 rien I« of Mr and Mrs W STI 1 It

ni I I y MILA and Mr and Mrs C G AA ANOI (.11 ind I vMlLA uni Mr unit Mil II DODD are kin My invite I lo attend the luncril of their dendy holm ed URO)111 II und BltOIlll li IN LAW lohn Umina» »Indi \«ill leiyc his fathers residence 100 1

Temple 1 lim! ctli st Sjdnej THIS DU, lilli) VA, st 1 oelocl_for Church f 1 ne, tn 1 Ci meier} Ilkwd iTMHNI 'IT-Hie 1 lion Is of Mr uni Mrs I II

ID HVItNl IT, Jim , mo I Indi} ¡nyited to nttcnl the Funeral of (heir bcloyol llllOllil I! lohn 1 ltirnotl, «Indi »111 Itavc lils fathers naldene 100 I run pic, Flizab'th street Sjdnij, lilla PVY (lridiy), at 1 o dork for C of 1 I cinder} Rookwood_ BMINI II -rho Wallabi« lourini, lunn uni

lrknd« uro kindly Imitod to utlenil tin I um ni ol their lite Commie I i BARM ri (Towser), io IOHO 100 1 lcmplc 1 lizabcth street at 1 p ni , 10 DA A fir koikwood Cemetery_ ¡O MINI l"l-Hie Members of the Newtown DMrkt u) Kurth} IciRiie louth ill Hub iro 1 indly re piestc 1 to nltond the lum ni of tlielr lite tommie I Ark (IVivscr) HVKNI11 to lone the 1001 Templo Hizibcth btrcct, Sy nicy, Tills DAA, at 1 p m

_V, T_CHVSIIING linn Secret iry

BAIIKON - Hie Irlcnils <f Mis < Mill HIM U Ml

RON of I Utily, ronthillstr it Iewkhuii aro klndlj inyilcl to attend the lincril of 1er ileirlj ltvnl DAUCIin li 111 ibeth (I bvic) »irruí to moy c from Hw Mi un li spilul Ulis (Iriliv) MORNING at Din lor Uw Minni bli lion, thence Gilli He C under}

Roolwool_J Jin VU1 It _i BARRON -The 1 ricnVof Mr and Mrs l«k BVH

HON of 1" Icrrlicronl Dulwich lilli ins. kin Iii un ¡t< I to Ittenl tie 1 liner ii of their holoycd EISTI R 1 llrabctli (I l/J'le) to moyo from Lewisham llospllal THIS (lrhUi}) MOI MNO lit 'Mil ft IcuMiam Staion thcucc Catholic Cciuotcr}, Hook »nod_ BARRON*-Tho 1 rierais of MARA CVTIIIRINM

I'« RICK, nnl ANNII HVHIION arc kindl) invite 1 to attend the Inner ii of their dearly loy c1 Slsrl II I Ural ah (I bvlc) t moyo from Lcvv'«hum Ilospilnl IIIIS drill)) MORNING at D10 for Lcvlslimi Stitlon tlunio Citliolir tom Roikwool

BARROV-Tho lrieml« of Mr and Mrs PATRICK

MOLONI \ of W uhrnonfra rn 11 North Sjdnej, arc Mndly Inylted to attend the 1 nneral <f their late boloyil Nil I lllziibith Pirron to leayo lewisham Hospital IIIIS (lrlliv) MORNING ¡it 0 IO for Uyyls ham Station thence t »lliolk Cciucltry Roikwood

BriGIEA -Tie I rends of Mr NUI. IinOI r\ nnd

11110 11HCII\ arc kui fly luvllcl to attend the runcril of Heir li'o 1 cloyed Will and MOI 111 I! Mrs MARO Mill 10SI P1IINI HI 101J \ lo move from their residence li rodman avenue Kennington THIS AlllllNOON ut "H fir C-itholIo Ccmctir}, «aver lev Hy rennest no Howers


1 uncial Director

_Sydney nr 1 Sihurl a.

rnHCM A - I he I neilds of Mr and Mrs I A 4J IH.UL. and I VMlLA Mr mil Mrs I Ii Til/ rill M I) und I AMIIA, Mr ml Mrs I 1 1 irZGHt AID and 1 VMI1 A Mr mid Mrs A\ A Iir/OIIIMI) ml I VM1_\ uni Mr P A 1 II/GI UAH) ire kindly linl ii to attend tile luncril of their lute 1 cloved MS1I It and AL\T, Mrs M I 13 iclev, to move from 1J lod urn uv ernie, IvcnsinKton IIIIS AlllllNOON, at 21), for Catholic Cemetery \\ ay erle}

.\ N DUI I

"I1» Oxford strcot

_Darli nghurst

BOURKE -The friends of Mr P. B. BOURKE,  

solicitor, are kindly invited to attend his Funeral  

to leave Sacred Heart Church, Darlinghurst. THIS FRIDAY   at 2 o clock for Catholic Cemetery Waverley  

T. Dixon Undertaker

Corner Oxford and Crown Streets

Phone Padd 413.  

.>0U.\\ - Oio 1-riends of Mr TH0M\s¡ and JOIlh

J-> UOMAV arc kindly invited lo attend the runcnil ef their late beloved Mill nnd MC) HI I It Helena Bov lun to move from the rcfeidcnce, 2 t it/i,crild itrcet Cmip rdovvn THIS DAI at 1 p in for Cilthoho Cemc tcri, Hool wood via Mortuiry Sljitlou

w v nun,,

1 iinernl Director,

_Svcinty uni Snbnrl s

i1J0lL\N -The 1 riends of Mr and Mrs A MORRIS tlj 10IIV CHOMlFltO Mr mid Mrs I0S1 PH C1I0S HI RG, and Mr and Mrs TIIOM\S C110NB1 110 arc kindly Invited to attend tile 1 uneral of their late h lovi I S'SILk, Mrs 111 U N v, I10VIVN to move fr m 2 1 Itzitcruld street Cimpcnlovvn, IIIIS DAI, at 3 li in , for Rookwood Cemetery


lol King street


BROW"* -The rrionds of the lite M\RG\«I 1 Mil

Mil D I1R0W"* late of Piddinl.ton ure Wndlj iniltcd to attend her I unercl which will nrrivo at H C Cometen Rookwood new portion on arriv 1 if 1-uneril ft-iin from Sjdney HIIS (Irilnj) Aiirtl

^OON et i o clock

_J h bSOOO \nTTI\M VITCniri and 00_ I>"iHM.-A Hequiem Mass will bo celebrated ut 7

> oilock THIS MOItVlNC. lit SU Magd llenes líe treat Tempe for the repo e of tile soul of MO I lil R M V.RY WAI nunn i m KM_ BMtNl. -The luncril of the lite MOI III It M Uti

WAIHURGA (Hotter Djrno) will leave St »Ingdaknc s Retreat, lempc 1 Ulfa (Irlhj) AIT Ht JvOON at 12 45 o dot-It, for Catholic Cemetery, Hool

tvtod via Newtown Station


_1 uitenl Directors

_~tOLTOV-The monds of the late Ms SMI VII \J COI TON Widow of the hie III Nil*. COI TON" ure tindly invited to attend her 1 uncrul which will leave »cr file residente 81» Botany roid Akuiii Iria, l"0 DAY, at 12 15 for tlio C of 1 Cemetery Rookwootl

IOSI Pit Ml DC M I Unkrtakcr,

_Phono 100 Red_Redfern

/.".OLTON - Hie Friends of Mr and M-s II T COI

\J CON anti of Mr PERC' M \f, aro klndlj invited to attend the 1 uncnl of their MOnil li and OIUM) MOTIirR, Mrs Sarah Colton, which will leave her late residence, SU Dotan} roitl, Mc-wirla IO D U, it 32 la for the C of 1 Cemetery Rookwood_ _~1iOLION -The I riends of Al and Mrs II A COI

yj ION and 1 \MILY arc kindly invited to attend tho Funeral of their beloved MOI III li mid Gil \ I

MOTHIR Mri Sinh Colton, which will Icivc her late residence SI2 Botan} road Alc\nndrh, 10DV.A st 12.15 lor the C of 1 Cemetery, llookwonl

/""tOLION-The Irknds of ilr and Airs. I A COI, VJ ION and I VMII Y a e kindlv invited to uttend the Funeral of their beloycd MO I HI It and G1UND MOTIII li Mrs Sjnh Colton, which will li ive her late residence 812 Bot in} road, Alcxnndrii 10D11, at 12 45 for tho C of I Cemetery_Rookwood_

CltANSTO*" -Tim luncrol of the late Airs GrORGI

CRANSTON1 »nfc of the Rev G Cranston, will leave the 1'rcsU}terian Church Cuni hell htr et. Bil main, THIS (trida}) Ani'RNOO'' after service, com nicncins at 145 o clock in the chuich for I leid of Mars Cemetery


DAWSON-The Relatives and I riends of Air uni

Mrs. J O DV.WSON of Hurstville Grove nie

Inndly Invited to uttend the I uncrul of their lite he loved DAUCHTIR, Stella voronici which will luke I lue THIS (Inda}) AUIRNOON it the Catholic Cemetery, Corrimal, upon urmnl ol tram, lcivinc, syd

Hjr at 2 p m


"TNOBBIN -The li lends of Mrs T DOHHIX anti SON J-' are kindly invited to attend the I liner ii of her le loved HUSIHND and Ins I \IIILII Timm is to leave lu« late resldenec Klicn roitl Guildforl THIS (I ri Inv) MORNING, at 0 15, for Rookwood Cemetery Queens land papers please cop}

rnUTJOTT -The 1 riends of Mr nnd Airs A\ \

£J rtUOTT are kindly invite I to nltond the I unen] of their beloved only SON Cor Ion Ile lor Meinnilp

to leave R. Metcalfe s fuucril Pirlours Tills IRIDW, ?t L30 p m , for I'rcshyteriin Cemetery Rookwood

R Ml rOALl I Undertiker

Telephones TTSOOfi and "W_Pirrimalti

GAATKOR.-Tlic Friends of Mr and Afrs D S MAIR,

Mr and Mrs. PIRCA HMUOAV Mr nnl Mrs. ALIEN LOVrLI. Mr I\AfrSGAANOR Mr and Mrs. W C. TAMFS, and Air 101P* C VA NOR arc kindlv In nted to attend the Puncril of their lite 1 clot ed FATHER Mr Bernard Gaynor lo move from *"7 Sus s« street, Sydney, TUB AFIERNOOV, at 2 30, for Csctholic Cemetcn, A\avcrlev

\v N nun.

Funeral Director,

_Sy Incr and Suliurb«.

ITJjOSPEIl.-The Friends of Air and Mrs A\ GOSPFR r»-*1 are kindlv invited to attend tlic Funeral of their Uto loved SOV, Avdlnm Afmnco lo leive Chiltlrcn s Hospital, Camperdown THIS ATirHNOON at 1 o'clock, for Catholic ( cmclcry lit ol vv omi

F DANGAR uni CO Undcrtal cn

ÍJOSPFR -The Friends of Mr nnd Jin AUII1AAI IU SMITH and FAAIII Y aro I indi} invite 1 In ittend the lunenl of their Into lovel CR \NDSON* and NlPIIbW AMllhm Maurice to leave Childrens lion Pltal Camperdown THIS All 1 »NOON it 1 o clock,

for Rookyvood Cemelery

_Phone, J11451 1 n VAGAR and CO Un lertakers

?p^OSPFR,-The I riends of Mr» 11 0\ ARD nnd I AAf >-T HY are kindlv invited to attend the Tunei-il of their late loved GRANDSON* anti SI-Pill W \Sillhm Maurice lo leave Clul Iren s llospltil Cimperdovvn, TIUS AITinNOON, at 1 o t lock, for Hool wood Ccm

etcry 1 DVNG\R and CO UndcrUikcrs_j /*J.RFIG-Hie Iriditis of Mrs I GUI IO nnd I \M N-T ILY are respectfully invited to ittentl the 1 uno ral of her late dearly loved HUSBAND mid their FATHFR lohn to leave his late residence Alpha, Jrlnccss ivcniic llomcbu li (Conrord) IIIIS Al II li NOO** at 2 'O o cloclt, for Prcshy tcrinn Cemetery,

Rookwood, b} nad

_AVOOD COrulI and COMPAÑA_ITD_ /"¡.RFiq -The I riends of Mrs I GHI IG, Sour an

^J 1AAIIIA arc invited lo ntlcnd the 1 uneral <.. her dear!} loved SON" and their BR0T1II II lohn to leave Alpha Princess avenue Homebush (Concord)

Tins AFTIRNOON at 2'O o clock, for 'I'rojlijterian Cemetery, Rooltvvood bj mud


G HUG- The 1 non Is of Mrs 1 A L0RlvH\N m und MAIILA ure invited to ntten 1 tin I uncnl of their beloved SON IN I AAV in I URO) HI It IN I V.W John Greig, to have Alpha Princess avenue Home T»h (Cnnriml) I 111'! Al TI RNOON, ut 2 20 o clock ?or Presbyterian Cemelery by road


fi}.REIG -Tile Officers anti Members ot HAM) Ol' V* I HIIAPSIIIP 1 ODCI Burwood M II I O O I

are respectfully invited lo attend tho 1 uneral of their'late Brother TOIIN GltLIG PG to leave J's late residence. Alpin Princess avenue Homebush (Concord), THIS AFT1RNOOV at 2.0 o'clock, for rresbytcrian Cometer}, Rookwood by road


_- I BAIiNfFR 1 in Sec

ALLAM-The Inenda of Ule late IOIIN CLirl ORD

I1AILAM (Chemist) will kaye AAood Cofflll and imrUjîSÎÎSÎ.'* Ch"'lcl 610 Gcorte street cit} IIIIS AflTRNOON, at 2 o'clock, for Waverley Cemetery By request, no flowers. '

WOOD oorFIT.T, _nnd_cn\n>AW LTD

HIiA!?.*7:T1"!.Fl",'!r,|l o' t"" '»to FRANCIS"PIFRCF .»-«- HEAD will leayo our Private Alorlunn 7 Hin ¡Hil street, city, TIUS TltlDAY, at 10 am, for Waverley. I


Funeral Directors, I ? lim, i, 4 KUt-betli btrcct, Sydney.


PGLFS.-The Funeral of tlio late Mrs CATHLHINK

INGLES will leay o our Private Mortuary, 7 Ulai

I eUi «trcct, city, THIS 1111ÜAY, at 1 p in , for llookyyood

Mrs P KIRBY mid SON, LTD ,

.»* 1 uncral Directors,

_Hlzcilicth strcotjjäydnoy J ONI S - Hie I ninds of Airs "lil LI-N JON! S mid

I AMIIA aro Inylted to nttend the 1 uncral of tier bite bel ycd HUSH AM) uni their TAIIIER, Gearec Willi nu I j Idle b13 late residence 10 1 rcdcrlck sUcet c impel-down i Ills AI11RNOON ntl i clock, lor Church cf 1 noland Cemetery, Ilookyvuoel, via Moy tnury Station


KAAANACII-Hie 1 neilds elf M ARG AM I h-AVA

NAOII ure I In Hy Imitcil tonttciil the 1 of their hie hploycd MOIMI It io leite Mon 8 Ioothlll street levvishniu THIS (I rlday) Al II ItNOON, nt 1 IG for Waverley Celuitery

_ _ J III! AIJI II Undertaker

L1AUIHI1 -Ihr HclnUvcs ind Inends of Air and

Mr* CK AKIIS I I 1AII1I IIT of I iilcliiigum ure myitcd to itlcml tile 1 uncnl of their beloved 1)AU( II lilt, Mina J lorcncc to lone Ko; al Alcxinilra lion fir Clullren Cuni erclowu, IH1S Al II ItNOON, ut 1 o clock, lor Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood

Vi OOP COU II L and COMPANA , I TD_ MANNING-Hie 1 rienda of Mrs GI OIIÜI"> A MAN

MM! ml I AMIIA arc llncllv my lu I to attend tile I iincriil il lier clcirlv bcloied HUSH AND and their 1 AHM II, Chirles to lene St Icscpll k It C llillrih llorelie nils Al"U UNOON at 12 15, tor Catholic Cemetery, Ko >! wool! yh Mc rtitury


207 p hli nu_Du krui crs Iclcliliirclt

Til ANNING-Hie 1 neilds of Mr uni Alrs'i II Alll I S AU. AlANNING Muir mo I ii Hy inylti I to attcnil Kio Initial of Kiel deirly I» loy ed 1 Mill I!, to moyo from St loscpli » It C llinreli Roselie 111IS \1"1) It NOON, at ]-!>, for Catholic Cemetery, llookwooe!

_ CUOChllr uti 1 COMPANY

¡VTANMNG-The 1 neilds o[ Mr an I Mrs I COU X,X iisi mid I AMIL) ure rupccttully lnyitcl to Henel the Iimei-il of their dearly beloicd 1UIOI1IIR cul UNCI I the lute c1 irles Al inning to leiyo St

Joseill'allC Clmieli Hostile THIS Al TI RNOON, at 12 4 fe r_tjitlinlicj e nolcrv Ho kwjod_ M ANNING-Hie Ulenia of Mr II MANNING and

1 VMII i are I In Hy lnyitcl to utte.ii I the I imeril if his elurly 1 cloie 1 UKO I lil It an 1 their UNCI I

(Inrlcs ti nioic fruin it losonli s He Church, llosellc THIS MT1IINOON at 12 Jj for Cntliollc Lómete» llonkvvonl_ÇItjOÇIiIJT_aiidJ.OAHnM_ MANMNl. -Hu lriciiKotAIr aiid~Alra S NI Alll It

anil Mis» ( AIHIUINI Al Alll li ure respectfully ímllel to attend the Imeril of ti cir dcirlv 1 clov ' COI SIN, the lite Charles Mantung to lerne '

lo.e|li«Rr Cluirch Ho elie fill's ATTI UNOON, at 12 Ci for Citholic_Ceinetiry _Rocikvv_qod__

"> TANNING-The 1 ric nels of Air and Mrs 101IN .MX MANNING are Hndly Invited to attend the lune ral of their dcirli 1 cloyed COUSIN Chirles to moy" from St Joseph alto f burch llorelie THIS AH IK NOON, at 1- to, for Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood


ir»M\0-The Hienda of Mr mil Airs A 1ATR

AU irr and 1 A 111 A are ros] cctfully imited to at teni Hie limerai of their deirly lieloyed BROIIII It IN I AW, the lite Charles Manning to mole from St loscphs RC Church Roselie 1IIIS AFTI RNOON, at__ijM for Catholic Cemetery, Itookyyo "_ MANNING-Tile 1 rlends of Mm McINDOI and

I \M1IA also 51 r I) and r I10W1 1 L arc kindly Invited to attend the 1 uncral of their dearly bcloyed BROIIICi: 1> I AAV the late Charles Alaiinlng to leny e SL loscplmRC Church Roselie I Ulfa Al II RNOON, at Io li, for Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood_ MANNING -The I Hinds of Mr and Mrs. CAI1HOII

also THOMAS (on active tcryicc), ALI lilD and KI IV MANNING are kindly Iniltecl to attend the 1 uncral of their deirly beloicd UNCLE the late Chirles Manning, to mole from St Josephs KC Church, Roselie THIS A1TEIÎNOOV, at 12 so, for Catholic Cemetery Itoolrwood_

MANNfNG-The Hienda of Mr and Mm AV T

INCH-, and TAMK Y nre respectfully' iliyltcd to iittctid the 1 uncral of their dear 1 HU N D the late Chat lea M inning In lente St loseph B HO Church Roselie HIIS AMHtNOON at 12 45, for Catholic Cemetery Rookwood CROOM 11 mil COAIPAN)

MANNING- Hie 1 rienels of Air and Mrs G Al LI V

and h AMILA are respectfully invited to attend the 1 uncral of their dear 1RKND the late Charlo» Alannii g to mote from St loseph« RC Chun li

Roselie 1I1IS Al I"l I1NOOV at 12 41, for Cntliollo Cemetery, Rookwood yin Alortu irv Minion

MANNING -The Alemlicrs of St Joseph a llmicli

Rozelle ol the Society of St, A Inecnt De Paul ure res| cctfully invite I to attend tile 1 uncral of the 1 ife Treasurer Uro O MANNING to lenye St loseph s eli

Roselie 1II1S DAY at i to 1 sharp, for II C Cemetery, Rookwood l-_ SMITH 1 rCB. ,JI _\y I MAD Secictury MANNING -The Committee of St Joseph a Church

Roselie are rosne Kully hulled to atlcnd the Mineral of their Into Secretary Uro C MANNING to lone St loscpli'« Church Ho/elle, ut i to 1 o'clock

for Kio It C Cemetery _Jloolcvvood_ . MANSFIELD -Hie 1 nends or Mr mid Mrs ARTHUR        

MANSFIELD n arc united to attend the I une il of     their beloycl Infant SON, Raymond, to leave theil rcsiclrnce .5 Bon 1 street Mosman I HIS (I rl 1 ly) MORNING, at 10 o'clock, for Church of England Ceme-     tery, Gore Hill.


McLAHI N- rho 1 rlends of Mrs AGNTS AlcLARl N,

of 471 King street Newtown are invited to at tend the I uncral of her lilovcl 1IUSHANÜ Herbert lohn lo kaye AVood Cofllll an I Co a Mortuary Chapel, 810 George street city 1IIIS (I rlday) MORN 1NC nt 0 30 o clock, for Picsbyterian Cemetery,



MILDWATER - The friends of the late FRANCES              

FANNY MILDWATER are kindly invited to           attend her funeral to leave her late residence, 117 Carrington-road, Waverley, THIS DAY, at 10.15a .m.,         for Waverley Cemetery.


Tel., S Wav. Tea Gardens, Bondi Junction.

MILDWATER - The Friends of Mr. F. MILDWATER      

and FAMILY, Mr. A. R. MILDWATER and      

FAMILY, and Mrs. C. P. BERNBERG and FAMILY     are kindly invited to attended the Funeral of their late   beloved MOTHER, which will leave her late residence,       117 Carrington-road, Waverley, THIS DAY, FRIDAY

at 10.15 a.m., for Waverley Cemetery. CHARLES     KINSELA, 143 Oxford street, city. Tel., 694 Padd.      

POOII -Hie 1 rlends of Mrs GLOIIOI POOl 1 and

1 AA111A arc liilillv united to attend the 1 ivn-ml of their late beloyed IIUSHANI) and 1AITIIR of

ro-id lliin.U Hie lo luke place TODAY

I RID AY In Sutherland Cemetery upon the arrival ol

p lu train from C entrai Station

A\ AI1IRI1ICI Unclertiler Hurstville

S UKI - Ino ]. Hernia of Afr and Alni c W «-LADI ,

of Neil /e-ilanil Air an 1 Mrs I 1 SLAD1

Misses BLANCHI AMIA ANNII and IIOSI und Messrs I11NI1A on I I AMI S M Hil urn imitel In attend Hie 1 unen) of their beloyed 1 AT111 H lohn to lene lils late rceddelice Unwin s Bridge nail

Mirrie! ville (Sydenham) lill-, AH I ItNOON nt 1 15 o clock for Church of 1 ne land Cemetery, AVoronoru

vii Sydenham St itinn

1 Al 11A UTI PA I ti lertil cr,

Newtown Marrickville mil Rockdale

SLADI -Hie I rienels of Air and Airs (, \\ SI API

Sour mil Mr mil Mrs I LIAS NI M)l and I AMI HIS arc ¡niited to nilen I the 1 uncnl of their le loied BROIIII R and UNCI 1 loin Slade to leave Kirwin« Bri Ige rond Alarrlckillle THIS AMI RNOON', it 1 lo o clock, fer Church of 1 nghnd Cemetery,

vv oronorn


SI AD1 -Hie {Hikers und Brethren of Schomberg

I o l(,e. No 6 P A I S ol A ure kin Hy invite 1 to nttend rimerai of lute Bro 10IIN SI ADI to lcnve his late residence, Unwin s Bridge roiel Alarrlckville 1IIIS DAY, nt 1 IO far Sutherland Cometen vlnSvekn ham Sin I I am -fcrctnr.v Hobt At Alllaler W M

SMITH- Hie I neilds of Afrs 1 11/A SMITH of.

Hi -stvlllc arc milled to ittoiid the 1 uncral of her beloved eldest DAUGlin I! 1 Kiel Maud to leave fentnl Slitlon THIS AITI UNOON it 25 o clock, for Church of 1 nglanel Omitcrv \Aoronon


SAtlTII-The I neilds of Mr and Airs II II SMI I It

Air and Airs A AV SAII1K Mr mid Airs I

«.AfiTll Mr mci Mr» I SAU1II and Al and Airs r ' MNG aro invited to attend the I uncral of their le Imoel S1SIIII 1 Kiel Aland to leive Central Stallen

1 HIS AITI RNOON nt 2 1 o clock, for Church of j

1 neland Cemetery, AA oronorn


to attend the 1 uncnl of her late Iel ned HUSBAND ii I her I AIIII II, Chnrles II Sornll to leiyo Mit

clmm Cibles street Rorl dale THIS DAY nt lil pm for Worouere Cemetery, vin Rockdale Station Tnin leaves Central Slat ion flee past 2 I m


Funeral Director,

'Phone Tvog No fl Rookildo, opp Slntlon

CJORRin-The Inenls of Air and Mrs Ay l" ~ SOÜIIIII Air mil Airs 1 F SORR11L, Air

anl Mrs G I WRIKII Afrs I AA1111 \MS Mr« I IUSISDIN Ylr anl Mrs. F A I N ARI1 S, Mr ind Mrs A\ STPA1 NS and Mr and Aire. W CUDI RIP mil 1 AYIIIirS lire kindly invited to attend the I uncnl of Hie r 1 ito lieloyed BROTHrR and UNCI 1

Charles 11 Sorrell to leave Mitcham, Gibbes street Rookddc THIS DAY, at 145 pm. for Avoronora Cemetery via Rockdale Station_ CJORRLtT -The Toenda of Mr and Mrs De LACY »O' of Willouglily arc kindly invited to attend the I uncnl of their late bclutcd BROTHER IN LAW', Charles n Sorrell to leave Gibbes street, Rockdale, THIS DAY nt 1 15 p m , for AAoronora Cemetery na. Rockdale Station_CK AMIS K1NSLLA \ ÇJORRFIL-Glebe Union Lodge of GUOOF ^* Officers and Members of this Lodge nre requested " itlend the INincnl of their late Uro, CLLARII S It SOnlll LL to leave Mitcham, Gibbes street, Rock dale, THIS DAY', at 1 45 p m for AVoronorn Come Iori, via Rockdale Station by five past 2 train from Sydncj W A ROPIR NO

'_AC PARSONS. Secretary |

SOUTH-The Relatives mid Fncnds of the Inte Mr

ARTHUR A G SOUTH aro invited lo attend his I uncral to leave the resi lenco of his sister, Mrs P Ilorncry lerricroug Burton street ( oncord 1 II IS AITIItNOOV at 115 o elocl for Catholic Cemetery, Rookwool via Burwood Station


IO O T SOUTH -The Officers and Members of Stir

ling I o lee are recpipste I to attei el the 1 nnenl of Ihoir lale Brother A SOUTH lo leave Burton street, t oncord THIS Al TI RNOON, 1 TO, for II C Ccinclerj Rookwood

SUMAK RS -Tile Fnends of Mr and Mrs A\' A

SUMM HIS mid MAIILY aro invilNl to attend Kio limerai of their beloved SON mci RltOTHHt A inecnt Anthony, to leave their residence, Beamish street Campsie 1H1S AU TI ItNON at 1 o clock for Catholic Cemetery Rookwood y ia Burwood ^1 ition


Wr ARN -The I neilds of Mr CAW FARN Bim

dunoon (lite of Wollongong and Kangaroo A ni lev) nre invited lo nllei I his I unernl lo moyo from lu Into resilience Bundanoon THIS DAY, 1RIDAY, 1 P"i_ IXT! r KS -The I rlends of the Into AVIf T I AM CFORCr VV AU I KS nre kincllv lnyitcl lo itten 1 his 1 nneral

moye from Ins late residence st lohn s road ...urn TOAIOR1ÎOW =aturiliy, nt 2 o clock, for C of 1 Cemetery Hool wool


WRIN-The Relatives mid Inends of Mnc MARY

WHIN- and IA MU Y of 41 Albion street Surry Hills ure kindly invite I to nttend the 1 unernl of lor I le Inloyel HI SHAN!) mid their I ATHLIÎ ""

TAMIS AYRFN to move from St Tronéis Church, Ailinn ilrecl THIS Al 11 UNOON at 2.30 fe Catholic Cemetery, YA'avcilcy


1 uncral Director.

^_Sydney anl Suburbs

WTREN -The Relativ es and Friends of Ylr and VV Aim W P W III N of Dubbo are 1 milly in

ile! to attend the I ilncrtll of tin Ir hie beloved TATH1R Mr Tames AAren, to move from St l"rBn

Church Albion street, THIS (Iridij) AFTHI NOON nt_2"0_ for ( ilholle Cemetery JHnveiley

VXrtlN-The Relatives and I nenils cet MICKAH VV WHIN anl 10IIN AA II 11 AM BIRNAM) W1ILV (on active service) aro iivlted to attei c1 the I uneril oi their hie 1 cloved RHO rill It and UNCLT Tames YVrcn to leave St 1 rancis' Church Albion street, THIS DAY, at 2 30 p m , for Catholic Com , Vi avcrley.




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