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Family Notices

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ALEXANDER.—October 11, 1917, at 211 Victoria-street,    

Darlinghurst, to Mr. and Mrs. G. Alexander—a daugh-


BARNBY.—October 13, 1917, at Gourlay, Murwillum-    

bah, Tweed River, to Mr. and Mrs. Sydney N. Barnby —a son (Maxwell Clive Russell).

BARTLETT.—October 2, at Nurse Heney's private hos-  

pital, Glebe Point, ta Mr and Mrs. Bert Bartlett, «Thirroul -a son ( William Victor ).

BEATTIE.—October 24, at Kilnhurst, Nurse Broad-

head's private hospital. Pearl-street, Newtown, to   Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Beattie, of Emohruo, Lucine   street, Belmore—a son (Reginald James)  

BEEHAG (nee May Jenks). —October 23, at Nurse  

Brown's private hospital, Gould-avenue, Petersham,     to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Beehag, jun. —a daughter

(Joyce Isobel).

BOULTON.—October 19, to Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Boulton  

(S. Russell), Shaman, Raleigh street, Artarmon -a son.

BRIDGE (nee Dora Hart).-September 4, at Milton,  

Hirst street, Ancliffe, to Mr und Mr_ C. E. Bridge a son (George Edwin) Hume pape- please copy.

BROWN.—September ï<, 191-, at 407 Riley street,  

Surry Hills, toe wife of O H. Brown- a son ( Francis

George Bennett.

CAMERON.—October 15, at Nurse Cooke's private     ha&uLa1, "-ne. the wife of W. Cameron, Glencairn, Upper Boochel-_ daughter (Joan).

CARTER.—Oct. 2, at Chris-Gra, High-street, Mar-

a__rill- the «rife of Stephen Carter-a d-tghtcr

( Stephanie Glasson).

COLE (nee Dulcie Parrett).—October 21, 1917, at their  

residence, Mascotte, 29 Belmont-road, Mosman, to Mr and Mrs. Arthur L. Cole -a daughter ( Hazeldine )

COLLINS.—October 6, at Ormonde private hospital,

G_n _n_, the wife of E. R. Collins - a son.

CROZIER.—September 29, at the Subdeanery, Towns-

-ia_e, to the Ven. Archdeacon of North Queensland and Mrs. Edward T. Crozier- a son (Edward geoffrey


CURNOW.—October 24, at Nurse Sturrocks' private hos-  

Atmai, Wavi-ley, tb» triie of H. Curnow, Lindfield --a


DAVIS.—October 4, 1917, the wife of W. Davis, No. 1

Boomerang street Haberfield -a daughter.

DAWSON (nee Jessie Woodley).—October 20?, at Altoa,  

236? Sydenham road Marrickville to Mr. and Mrs. J. W, Dawson , a son ( stillborn ).

DEAS.—October 17, at Pathhead, Togo-street, Arn-

cliffe, to Mr and Mrs. James Deas -a daughter ( Gwendelen Ruby )

DRAPER.-October 15, at Chelmsford-avenue, Epping,    

ia Mr __ -n. Gordon Draper-- a daughter.

DRYDEN.—September 28, to Mr. and Mrs. Henry C.

Dryden , Roseville -a daughter.

DENT (nee Lily Ward).—October 19, at Read-street,

Waverley, the wife of F. Dent-a son.

DWYER.—October 26, at Nurse Parrish's private hos-

«ai-A, Banata, tba wife of Leslie J. Dwyer, late Sydney and Werris Creek-a daughter.

EDMONDS (M. Cloonan).-October 18, 1917, at Brook-  

1-i pnnti hcr=pitaSi, Kogarah the wtfe of Frank M. Edmonds of Park-street Arncliffe -a daruthtcr (Moira

Aynon ).

FARCHY.—October 23, to Mrs. May and L. Farchy, late  

sergeant, 2nd Battalion, A.I.F. of Daceyville- a son ( Leslie Owen Farcy ).

FARNSWORTH (Gladys Oliver).-October 4, 1917, at  

""n--de, Te_-T_o, the wife of A. Stuart Farns

worth - a daughter.

FERRELL.—October 26, at Somerset, Corowa, to Mr.

«rd Bus. Wade Farrell -a daughter.

FIRTH.—Oct. 17, at Moira, Frederick-street, Ashfield,

to Mr and Mra. Frank Firth—a son.

FLETCHER.—October 22, at Cardiff, Wales, to the Rev. 1__ B. sad Mra. Fletcher -a daughter. (By


FREEMAN.—October 15, at The Pines Hospital, Goul-

«Sam, to -r. and Mrs. Alex. Freeman-a dunghtcr ( Audrey Helena ).

FRY.—October 21, 1917, at Dorrie, Albany-street, Crow's

Nest, u_ wife of Mr. Leslie Fry -a son. Both doing


FURBER.—October 17, at Salisbury, England, the

wife of Major T. Maynard Furber A.A.M.C.,     of a


GREEN.—October 20, at Bellevue, Knox-street, Double  

Bay to -r. and Mn. James Green-a daughter.

premature, stillborn).

HARDY (nee Isabelle Magrath).—Oct. 22, at 743 Ox-  

ford street , at/, U- wife of Thomas Hardy -a


HARRIS (nee May Skelly).—October 21, 1917, at  

_!_uea, to Hr. a_i Mrs. Thomas Harris -a son

( Harold Ernest ).

HENDERSON (nee Gertrude Dibble).—October 24, at  

KOahii-r. Kona Ere«dhead'a pnr*te ben.-ut-, to "Sir and Ko. J. Henderson Pearl street, Newtown -

a daughter.

HILL (nee L. Straughen).—October 19, at Dalblair Pri-   

«rata H««pit-1. _aidy, to Mr and Mrs. M H. Hill (lata 18th Battalion)-a son ( Douglas Henry ).

JAMES (nee Violet Porter).—October 5, at St. Clair,  

Wardell road, Marrickville to Mr. and Mra. Vic. Jones - a son ( John Victor ).

KENT.—October 20, at Glen-street, Marrickville, to

Mr. and Mrs. J. Kent—a son.

KROHN (Vida Wallace).—October 4, 1917, at Oamaru,

Bay View crescent. Annandale, the wife of John D. Krohn -, of a aoa ( Harry Airlie).

LEVY.—October 18, to Mr. and Mrs. H. Levy, 39 Mort-

Moore Park, at a daughter ( Pauline Leah ).

LINDEMAN (nee Ivy Burrill).—October 6, at Dun- , troon Pnvate Hospital, Leichhardt _, i_s W-fe - P. S.

Lindeman , View street Annandale - a son ( Arthur


McEVOY.—September 27, at Gullop House, Ashfield, the  

var- of Harry M'Evoy -a son.

MACKENZIE.—September 12, at the Denman private   

hospital, the wife of Malcolm G. Mackenzie, Picker-

ing, Denman - a daughter

MATTHEWS.—October 18, the wife of Albert E. Mat-

then, at l>_tr»rm-_r-1, Uurlsto?- rark-a «laugh

ter ( Gweneth Rose ).

NOBLE.—Sept. 6, at West Lynne, Clinton-street,

Orange, to Mr and Mrs. Harvey Noble-a »oxi

( Arnold George).

O'BRIEN.—October 20, at Kilnhurst, Nurse Broad- ,,_»-'. private hospit , Pearl-strcet, Newtown, the i«_-e of P O` Brien , of Au-eui, Muswellbrook, of a

daughter (Peggy).  

PORTER.—October 25, 1917, at Nurse Kinch's private  

hospital, The Poplars, Church-avenue, Quirindi, to   Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Porter, of Sun View, Quipolly—a daughter (Leah Amy).

PRIMROSE.—October 18, 1917, at Netherleigh, Trafal-

gar avenue Roseville to Raymond C. N. and Vera Primrose - a son.

QUESTED.—September 16, at 159 Cecily-street, Leich-

hardt the wife of Sydney Quested, of a aoa ( Keith Sydney Blair Quested)

READ (nee Valerie Batten).—Oct. 15, at Nurse Gar-

«iIJner'B priva!» hextplt-1 Pydenham-rv-d, Marnek '-»-Ile the wife of Warrant-Oi__r S. C. Read

<abro«d)-a »on ( Stanley Rupert ).

RICHARDS.—September 25, at St. Ronan's private  

kewpi-I, _a_ly. to _i and -ra. Tom R. Richards

—a son.

RODWAY.—October 17, at Nowra, the wife of Dr. F.

A. Rodway, of Nowra, a daughter.  

SLY (nee Ivy Spriggs).—October 13, 1917, at their  

j-aidence. Station street, Homebush to llr and Mrs. Harold Sly—a daughter (Laurel Elleanor)

SMITH (nee E. Williams).—September 26, at 150   M`Pherson street. Waverley, to Mr and Mr», P. G. Smith-a daughter (Lorna Williams).

SMITH.—October 16, at Clonmel, Hampden-road, Artar-  

mon, Sydney, the wife - HW Smith -a daughter

STILL (nee F. Barrett).—October 11, 1917, at An-  

thonyroad Ryde. U- wile of Ernest Still -a aon

(Kenneth Ernest)

SUTHERLAND.—October 11, at Nurse Hiney's private        

hospital, G_be Point, to Mr and Mrs. W. E. Sutherland, Adair, Campbell street Eastwood -a


SYMINGTON.—October 17, at Nurse Clark's private  

rtnspitnl, Mena Ilardwell-road, Mosman. to Mr and Vw Garth Symington-a son

TARLINTON.—October 15, at Randwick, to the wife  

of Harry Tarlinton, Wilgoa, Cobargo-a daughter.

Both doing well.

TUDEHOPE.—September 25, at Blake-street, Rose Bay,

the wife of J. Tudehope-a cb» up/hler (Mavis Eileen).    

WATSON.—October 9, at Inversnaid, Malvern    

Hill, Croydon, to Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Watson  

—a son (Ronald Robert).


BISIKER—PULSFORD.—September 1, 1917, at St. Silas'  

Church of England, Waterloo, by the Rev. W. E. Crates. Charlie, eldest son of Mr and Mrs. Bisiker

of Zetland, to May, third daughter of Chief Petty Officer and MrsPulsford, of Waterloo  

CARROLL-GENT.-September 29, 1917, at Sacred

Heart Chnrch. I!indvnek by toe I"v I.'ntlifj I letu inf. ?-itrick Carroll, of Bexlev to _ar>. Hit- dausa ?ter at G. I>. Cent, of riandwic

EATON—WILSON.—August 21, at St. Luke's Church  

of England, Mosman, by the Rev F W Reeve, Regi    

nald C W, son of Mr and Mrs W F Eaton, of Mosmn, to Adel Edna, only daughter of Mr and Mrs F G Kendrick Wilson, of Mosman. Present address Edina, Dawson-street, Lismore.  

HINDMARSH—WIGHTON.—September 26, 1917, at St.  

lluliu» Church Hill, by the Her Canon Helling kam. M A.. John llobrrt elder in of Mr and Mrs ¿A. "J HinelniarslH of Melrose, Stuil's lUy, to Icv-le 'ï-b»Tt«oli, youuKvr daupbteT of Mr«. M. Wiirhton,

«- Tornav«-n, V. ellington, N Í

HUMPHREYS—NEEDHAM.—September 29, at the

Methodist Church, Waverley, by Rev. Jos Wood-   house, Wilfred Potter, youngest son of the late Jas.   Humphreys, of Cawdor, near Camden, to Mary (Jen),   second daughter of the late Wm. and Mrs. Needham,  

Bent-street, Stanmore.

McILRAITH—DANNEFORD.—September 22, at the resi-    

dent- of the bride'« pareuls bv the llev B i _i, HuirVi Allan, secon 1 son of Mr mid Sa »tM-lrath, Murvvillumlah to IKIIIC! eldest datier! ter

_ Mr and Mrs. _. _ Dannclord, 1 ulster. Carocruri atnet. Hot-dale.

McKENZIE—DAVIDSON.—September 20, 1917, at the

Metbot-«t Churc-, Temora, by Die Hev J li Som merv-le, K-ineth Donald, jwineft-st son of Mr ana Mr». D McKen- e. Tile Junction Abercrombie, lo Kthel May. fourth daughter of the lau lir David Davidson. of Lal^ View, Uralla, and of Mrs Da»id .on, now ot Star- ope, Drulla

McKENZIE-CRAIG—DONALDSON.—September 1, 1917  ,

at 8L David's Chunh Ilj-erteld, by tlic Ite» Gco^p C-lme-, Georce Melvetuue Crjljr ot Ibiberflild, to Beryl Chesney Donaldson of _ .Inev

MAHONEY-DONOGHUE.-May 18, by Rev. Father

£__<?}', Muriel, elder daurliter of Mr and Mri \\

i A Mahoney, of Drummoyne, and >\i»crlev to » Hani- J , eldest; son of Mr and Mrs. P. Dono_hue,

«if St, nenien», Teutertleld.

MOSSMAN-WHITEHEAD.-September 26, 1917, at St.  

Phillp» Church, Sydne» bv the He» Onion Be! tingha-, -.A , Sorman diaries set-ond son of Mr tv . H. MO-ma», of &»duev, to I-ttie Lydia kerena "White

tnead, younircst daugl-er «_ Mrs. K. »A hite!lead, of


NALDER—EBSWORTH.—September 19, 1917, at St.

Andrew's Church, Lismore, by the Rev. Canon Whyte,     B.A., Leslie Arnold (late A.I.F.), fourth son of the         late William Henry Nalder, Kempsey, and Mrs. Nalder, Wongalee, Mosman, to Doris, youngest daugh- ter of the late Louis Frederick Ebsworth, Bondi.  

O'DONNELL—CROTHERS.—September 26, 1917, at St.      

J jim J Cathrdnl, Brisbane bv Rev Camn Simincnv,

Frank, third *>°n of W M 0 Donncll, of Ijnmuvilli, to Lucie, eldest d.iu_htir of Die late J B Vi-dum

of Glen Innes.

O'GRADY—TRAUTWEIN.—September 15, at Holy Cross     

Chunh, Bondi, by the Rev 1 itliir MeVen, ! ruins Jtwrpli, third sun of Mr anl Mr«. Juron (> Crad»

Hore-a, 1 irk vii w roid, ¿tanlj Nnv Som li Wale« lo Hilda "»»mis t dmI'litcr of the lite Mr f Iriut t»vm and Mn Irautvrun, (.nat Buekiu.harn sir-t

Redfern, Sydney.

SMITH-HILLARD.—September 29, at Methodist Church,                

Dulwich Hill by the Rev W.T. Willard, Herbert     Allen, third son of Edward Smith of Mudgee to Ruby       Ada Cleal, second daughter of William Hillard      

of Hurlstone Park.

STOCKS- KNIGHT.—September 29, at St. Enoch's Pres-      

byterian Church, Newtown, by Rev. A. Williams,

Herbert Holroyd, second son of Mr. Frank Stocks, Newtown, to Dorothea (Dora), only daughter of Mrs.  

Mary Knight, Glenoogal, Derry Street, Marrickville.

MARRIAGES.   SYMONDS—TRENN.—Sept. 12, 1917, at the residence

of the bride's parents, Rockmount, Bronte-road, Bronte, by Rabbi F. L. Cohen and the Rev. Enfield, Saul, second son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Symonds,  

Church-street, Randwick, to Lorna, daughter of   Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Trenn, Bronte.

WALSH—MAHONEY.—October 3, at St. Joseph's  

Church, WooUahra, bv the Lev Father U.Kr, Vi t * "i""'m S., only son of James J. Walsh, Alan!» to Marguerite (l'.ta), fifth daughter of John »nd Mrs. Maboncv, ho__i_, Albert-street, Strath-


WILSON-KENT.—September 21, 1917, at the residence      

"J til« bride s mother Railwav str-et, 1-pping by the Rev Claries M Thums«, Willum Mward Altnton manager of the English, Scottish, and Australian ixnk. Ltd , lyddington, to Mrbpl, votmgeat d-iugh ter of tile htc Jihn Kent, of Tenterfield

WILSON—MACK (McIlquhan).-October 20, 1917, at  

St, Mark's Chtn-ih of England, Granville hi the ¡lector Itev A. J R«, George, »et-ond son of Ixl»Tinl A\ ilnon Est, , CM« House Ashton under Line l^igland. to Idtia, daughter of Mr and Mrs. fred Mad fMonqimnm. Cloyellv, The Avenue, Granville, niece of the late Itev S Bracenell and Dr Braocncll victor-, late of Condobolin New Soath W-.les


CROWLEY—CUNNINGHAM.—October 26, 1892, at St.  

l-ar.riago a C_ureh Li«more br the late Lev Lollop

i0>,. ,,)ul|e'. eldest son tf tile late Dal id (-Owl.}, of Boudxu, Ireland, to Hndget, second eldest datnrh ter of tfie late Hugh Ctin_n____n of N-te-cllstown, Ireland. Prestan addros», King street, Mascot,


HOGARTH—NOWLAND.—October 26, 1892, at the resi-  

dence of the bride's parents Gunnedah by the late     Rev Dean O'Sullivan, Horatio Hogarth to Amelia, daughter of late R. J. Nowland.  


ADAMS.—October 20, 1917, at Redfern, Dorothy Jean,

of gastro enteritis, aged 10 months, dearly loved   infant daughter of Reginald and Dorothy Adams.

ANDERSON.—October 26, 1917, at the residence of her    

daughter (Mrs. G. Hensley), Buena Vista, Brighton-

street, Botany, Mahala, beloved wife of George R. Anderson, aged 82 years.

ANDREWS.—Oct. 22, 1917, at his residence, 65 Holds-   

worth-street, Woollahra, Phillp Andrews, Co. Limer- ick, Ireland, aged 88 years. R.I.P.

BLACK.—October 26, 1917, at Wiseman's Ferry, Alfred  

Henry, second son of Mrs. M. A. Black and the late Mr. G. P. Black, of Wiseman's Ferry, and late in- spector of construction branch, electrical engineering department, G.P.O., Sydney (suddenly), aged 50 years.   BLACK.—October 26, 1917, at Wiseman's Ferry, Alfred  

Henry (Watt) Black, late Inspector Telegraph De-


BROADBRIDGE.—October 20, at Brooklyn Private

Hospital, Kogarah, William Thomas Broadbridge, aged 79 and 11 months. Home papers please copy.

CHISHOLM.—October 26, at Sydney, Mabel, dearly

loved wife of A. J. Chisholm, of Henry-street, Ash- field, and dearly loved daughter of Mrs. and the late Major Pope, of Kelvin, Victoria-parade, Manly.  

COLBRON.—October 26, 1917, at her residence, 5  

Magney-street, Woollahra, Matilda, widow of the late John Colbron, aged 72 years.

CUTTER.—October 21, Elizabeth, relict of the late  

John Cutter, tailor, Pitt-street, city, aged 72 years. Interred at Rookwood Oct. 23, 1917.

FULLER.—October 20, at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital,

Arthur John, aged 38, dearly loved brother of Mrs.   F. Davidson, Mrs. S. B. Davison, Mrs. J. J. Oliver, Mrs. Ruby Mears. At rest.

HENDRY.—October 26, 1917, at her mother's residence,  

134A Marion-street, Leichhardt, Una, the sixth daugh-   ter of Mrs. E> Hendry and the late William J. Hendry, aged 14 years and 10 months.

HOLMES.—October 3, 1917, killed in action in France,    

Corporal Harold Radcliffe Holmes, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Holmes, of 16 Gosbell-street, Padding-   ton, aged 21 years.

HOWE.—October 26, at Camberwell, Melbourne, Emily,

relict of the late Robert Brook Howe, of Newtown, Sydney.

JAMES.—October 14, 1917, at Manly, Mary Alice, dearly

loved wife of A. B. James, of Bathurst, aged 66 years.

MARTIN.—October 25, 1917, at 305 Cleveland-street,  

Redfern, Wm. Fraser Martin, aged 83 years.

MARTIN.—On October 25, at Nurse Munro's private

hospital, Cleveland-street, William Fraser Martin,     dearly-beloved and only brother of Mrs. D. Gillies, Cooper-street, Maroubra, in his 84th year.  

MEDAR.—October 26, 1917, at Portreath, Tusculum-

street, Potts Point, Loius Medar, aged 64 years.

MEDAR.—At Portreath, Tusculum-street, Potts Point,

Louis Medar, aged 64 years.

ROSE.—October 24, 1917, at his residence, Garthowen, Douglas-street, Stanmore, William, dearly loved hus- band of Charlotte (Lottie) Rose, formerly of Redfern, aged 69 years. Deeply mourned.

SELMAN.—Oct. 26, at the Children's Hospital, Cam-

perdown, Arthur James (Teddy), dearly-loved baby   son of Arthur and Mabel Selman, aged 14 months.

A bud in heaven.

SLATTERY.—October 26, at his residence, 220 Denison-

road, Lewisham, after a short illness, James Slattery, beloved father of James Patrick, Annie, Kate, Eliza- beth, and Lucy Slattery, aged 81 years. R.I.P

SMALL.—September 26, 1917, killed in action, my be-  

loved nephew, Keith Campbell Small, B.A., of Syd- ney University, and Maclean, Clarence River, aged 21 years. Inserted by his aunt, K. Bastin, 119

Point-street, Pyrmont.

STEPHENS.—October 25, 1917, at her son's residence,

Carrington-road, Castle Hill, Caroline, relict of the late Henry Stephens, formerly of Leichhardt, after a short illness, aged 83 years.

TILBROOK.—October 17, 1917, at his parents' resi-

dence, Hill-street, Molong, Harry R., beloved young- est son of A. and K. Tilbrook, aged 1 year and 10

months. At rest.  

THOMAS.—October 24, 1917, at his mother's residence,  

Arthur William, aged 39 (chemist), much loved and       deeply mourned by his sorrowing wife and children. THOMAS.-October 24, 1917, at Inverell, Ocean-street,  

Bondi, Arthur William, beloved brother-in-law of    

Mrs. L. Holdorf. At rest.

TROUGHTON.—October 25, at Darlinghurst, Elizabeth  

Moody Troughton, daughter of the late Donald Horne Ryrie, formerly of Kalkite.

WILLS.—October 25, 1917, at his daughter's residence,

Ulinda, Brown-street, Waverley, Albert Charles Wills, aged 65 years. At rest.  


AGATE.—Killed in action in France, September 27,    

Gunner George Ernest Albert, youngest son of George Agate, lient Cottage, Rocky Point road. Arncliffe, n_ed 23 year- He died doing his duty.

ALEY.—Died of wounds, October, 1917, Private Albert    

Sydneyaged 23, dearly loved youngest son of Ellen   and the late Alfred Alty, uf Glebe and Hunter`s   Hill . Thy will be done.

ANGLES.—Killed in jetion in France, October 4. 1917,

Gunner J Noel Angles, aged 22 jean, eldest son of Mr and «ir«. J. J Angles, of Prince street. Mos-

man. II» I P

ANNAN.—Killed in acbca in Frvncc, September 20,  

lau, 1 r'»ale Frederick R. . Annan.

Ile alccps not in his mute land,

Hut 'ncatli tlie foreign »kier.,

Iar away from those wbn loved lum best,

In a hero s grove he lie

Inserted by his loving father and mother, William

and Jane Smith.

ANNAN.—Killed in action in France, September 20,  

1V)17, Private Frederick Annan.  

1 -* 4WQ) ou tlie field oi battle. Then, 'midst the «hot «nd shell,

There was no one to hear your last whisper

Hut the angels, vil.o know where you're Iain. Inserted by his loving girlfriend, A P_r_b.  

AUBUSSON.—Killed in action, Octobcr 3, 1917, Gnr  

Oliver Joseph Auburson, beloved youngest son of Mr.   and Mrs. J Aubusson, Trafalgar-street, Brighton


AUBUSSON.—Killed in action, October 1, 1917 Gnr.    

Oliver Joseph Aubusson, dearly beloved brother of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Aubusson, Mr. and Mrs..Kirchner,   (Gunnedah), Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Jackson, and Mr.   and Mrs. J. H. M'Kay. Uncle C. Aubusson, and Rita  


AUBUSSON.—Killed in action October 1 1917, Our  

Oliver Joseph Aubusson , deitrly'oved nephew of _tr

and i-B. Thomas Boyce , Oakland, Martin road. Ce tennial Park.

AUBUSSON.—Killed ia action, October 1¡ ¡317 Cur  

Oliver loscjh AUDU »on di rlv loved ntl lew of Mr mid Mrs David lloyd _i._,eki, Marliuiiul, Cen

teiiniu] Park

AUBUSSON.—Killed m action in rneuce, October 1  

1917, Gunner O J Aub _>ou, aged _1 ¡.ears. lu a heros grave my loving friend Los. Hilda Evans , Bay street Brighton le Sands

AUBUSSON.—Killed in acuou in rrauec. October 1,    

3J17, Gui.ucr 0 J AubUhtou, aged ^l ye-- De-rly lm ed frteid oi l!r an J Mi» A Ivan», Herb, Louie, mid Coiuuc, linthton le-Siind- A soldicr and a mut. BANNATYNE.—Killed in action ia 1 ntnee, April li,  

301", G I Banjmt>ne. late 71. Ruthven ttr^et, AAjvcr Icy Inserted by Ii- loving mother, JiUry Hantu


BANNATYNE.—Killed in action April 13, 1917, Private  

G J Hanna!} ne liestj-ted hy his comrade, Harry Stott (on active servite)

BEALE.—Private C 3_ li. Beale, killed in action Scp

temlcr _i, 1J17. Ho gave li- life in fretsdom » cat_e Inserted b) his lather, G Al IL Bell

BEALE.—Private C E IL Beale, killed in action in

l*r_ice, S. ptcmher 2J, 1917 Ile died nobly In i tried by b__bro_3ici? and fe-ter, George and Blanch


BEALE.—Private C - Ii Beale, killed in action in

I ruiicc, - ptcntber _., 1917 Uf paid tlie su; n-it ncuUie ¡__crud bj li- fricnl, M-. P c » nilli

BEALE.—Private C. E. H. Beale, killed in action in  

France September 25, 1917 inserted by his friends, Mr. and Mrs.Fletcher, and family    

BENNETT.—Killed in action, France October 17,        

Leiitenant L Reginald Bennett eldest son of the late Francis Bennett, and Mrs. Gillespie, Rose Bay.    

BLAXLAND.—Killed in action lu 1 ranee, Oc-ul cr 1,

D17, Cyril I alkner Blaxland, a_e- ~tl, sou of the Uti J'lu Grefe Jlj Blailani

BOESENBERG -Died of wounds, «September 20, 1917,

Private Clarence John Boesenberg, the only son of Mr and Mrs. C. H. W. Boesenberg, Baker street, Enfield aged 22 years 10 months.

Greater love hath no man than this, that he laid

down his life for King, country, and friends.

Inserted by his loving mother, father and sister,  


BOESENBERG - Died of wounds, September 20 1917,  

Private Clarence. John Boesenberg, only son of Mr and Mrs Boesenberg, Baker-street, Enfield, aged 22 years 10 months. lnserted by his loving sister and brother in law. Ada and Harry Davison, nephews,

Herbie and Charlie and niece, May

BOLGER.- A tribute to the memory of eli in., who

leU ou the fieId of honour in France, Septctuber rxi   IT itoldier-rest thy right Is o tr

BOTTEN"- Died tif »ound» In France, Octtibor 7,

1917, Lauee-corporal Hurry James Potten, only beloved son of Mr and Mm. H. Borten, 11 Arthur stre-^t. Ashfield, aged ¿u. Thy will b» done.

Bl'OA »ELU-Died of wuunds October 8, 1917 in

I-ince Lieutenant Lauriston ee.oud son of the hit "r >A P and Mrs B-owncll of Oarolaide Suv lonn To-itnimi» afccd 24 jems

BRUCE -Died of wounds in France, October 13 Gun-    

ner H. Alec Bruce, dearly loved husband of Mar-   garet E. Bruce, son of late Captain Alex. Bruce,   Semaphore, South Australia.  

BRUCE.- Died of wounds in France, Gunner H.

Alec. Bruce, dearly loved friend of Else Bucking-


BRUCE. -Killed in action in France, September 20, 1917    

Corporal Neil Stuart Bruce aged ..'I years third Mu t f Air and «di-s. Janie- Bruce, A\ ick, Caiclinei. Scotland.      

1 liv in duM life« glory dell

Vi 1 inni the ç.n>nnd lhere lila- lins red 3 ne tiwi iba» cn II v, 1 c

Inrerl 1 li Air-, O-ie ml family, 7 I-nc street, lti.hl-.rdt formerly of Manly.

BRUCE -Died of wounds in France October 13, 1917  

Gunner H A. Bruce dearly loved nephew of Mr and Mrs. Robt- W. Buick, and cousin of Evalyn L,



BUCHAN.-Sergeant George Rutherford Buchan, killed

in action, France, April 11, 1917 (previously re- ported missing), youngest son of Rev. Jas. and Mrs. Buchan, of Pyrmont, brother of Maggie, Chrissie, Ernest, and John and Will (on active service), also

cousin, E. Buchan.

BUCHAN.-Killed in action in France, April 11, 1917,

Sergeant George Rutherford Buchan (previously re-   ported missing). Inserted by his loving brother and sister-in-law, James and Maisie, 12A York-street,

Forest Lodge.

BUCHAN.-Killed in action in France, April 11,1917,  

Sergeant George Rutherford Buchan (previously re- ported missing). Inserted by his loving sister and brother-in-law, Annie and Henry Rimes, Short-street,


BUCHAN.-Killed in action in France, April 11, 1917,

Sergeant George Rutherford Buchan (previously re- ported missing). lnserted by his loving sister and brother-in-law, Lizzie and E. M. Perrin, Nicholl's-

avenue, Haberfield.  

BULL.-Died of wounds in France, October 7, 1917,

Private Sidney Feltham Bull, loving eldest son of Edwin P. and Annie Elisabeth Bull, of Rothly, Leicester, England, aged 26 years. Thy will be done.

BURNS-May 8. 1917, died while prisoner of war,

Robert Fredrick Burns, of Tamworth, N.S.W aged 19., dearly beloved youngest son of Thomas Tre-   gonning Burns, painter, 27A Cooper and Waterloo streets, Surrey Hills. R.I.P.

CARLSON- Killed in action, Private Charles Carlson,

France October 4, 1917. Inserted by his old chums, Will and John Buchan (on active service).

CARLSON .-Private Charles Carlson, killed in action,

France, October 4, 1917, inserted by members of choir and friends in the Pyrmont Congregational  


CHAPMAN.-Died of wounds. Wilfred Shepherd Chap-

man, loved cousin of Lucy, Ethel, Gerty, Annie. The supreme sacrifice.

CLARKE - Killed in action, France. September 21,

1917, Bugler Evelyn Clarence Clarke (Ted), aged 23 years, eldest loved son of Charles and Edith Clarke, 25 Lombard Street, Glebe; grandson of the late George and Elizabeth Woollett, late of Bomeyumbla Station, Monaro; grand-nephew of the late Henry Fegan. M.A.. C.B. RN, one time lnspector General of Fleets and Hospital, Devonport. England.  

We pictured dear Ted returning, We longed to clasp his hand;

But God postponed the meeting

And we'll meet in the better land.

Inserted by his loving father, mother, brother. Charlie, and sisters, Dora and Vera.

CLARKE--killed in action, France, September 21.

1917, Bugler Evelyn Clarence Clarke, aged 23 years.

Not lost, but gone before.

Inserted by his loving aunt and uncle, Lillian and Douglas Maclaren, and cousin, Jack Skinner.

CLARKE-Killed in action,September 20, 1917, Sig-  

naller George W. Clarke, aged 19 years, and 11 months. Inserted by his loving uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. F. Flowerdew, also cousins, Augusta road,


CLARKE-Killed in action in France. September 21,

1917, Bugler E.C. Clarke (Ted.)  

He's crossed over the border and joined the

great host,

Alas, for his fall, but he died at his post.

Inserted by his lovng uncle and auntie, Will   and Aggie Nisbet.

CLEARY.-2nd Lieut Cecil Cleary, killed in action,

Sept 30, 1917. devoted friend of Mrs. Rawlins Tom, and from boyhood the dear chum of Private J. N. Rawlinrs(on active service).  

CONDON.-Killed in action in France. September 24,

1917, Private Patrick Hill Condon, son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Condon, Wollongong, aged 26.

CONLON.-Killed in action, Private W. B. Conlon,

Septemiber 26, late Bombala, beloved brother of   Elsie and Lena, Crown-street, aged 23. Loved by all who knew him. Inserted by his loving sister, Lena,

650 Crown-street.

COOPER.-Killed in action, France. September 27, Oscar

Edward (Tommy) Cooper; beloved brother of Norman S. Cooper, Warrawee, and Herbert P. Cooper. Woll-


COX.-Died of wounds, September 21 1917, in

France. Private Charles S. Cox, in hils 23rd year, dearly beloved son of Ald Harry and Mrs. Cox, of   Wisbeach street, Rozelle. "Greater love hath no man

than this."

CURREY-Private Jack Currey. North Sydney, killed

in action, October 4, l917. "He died that we might live. " Inserted by mrs Barnes, Maggie, and Comrade Jim (on active, service).

CURREY-Killed in acition. somewhere in France.

October 4, 1917, Private J. Currey, late of North Sydney.

Though lost to night, to memory dear.

Inserted by his loving friends, Mr. and Mrs T. Robertson and son, Tom, of North Sydney.  

DAVIES.-October 12, 1917, Edward Davies (Teddy),

dearly beloved brother and uncle of Alf. and Clara Davies and family, late of Leichhardt, died of wounds in Flanders, aged 36.

DAVIES. - Died of wounds in Flanders, on October 12,

1917, aged 35 years, Priivate Edward Ernest Davies, youngest son of Mrs. A. Davies, Yulgilbar, Newland Street, Waverley, brother of Walter and Alf, of

Petersham and Leichhardt.  

He heard his country's call, He gave his life, his all.

DEWHURST.-Killed in action, September 23, 1917,    

Private George Henry Dewhurst, fourth dearly loved son of Mr. and Mrs. Dewhurst, South-parade, Campsie (late of Armidale and Newtown), aged 24 years.

Far away from all who loved him. In a hero's grave he lies.

Inserted by his sorrowing father and mother and


DEWHURST.-Killed in action, in France, September

23, 1917, Prívale George Dewhurst, aged 24 years.

Far away from the land ot the wattle, He Iies in a hero's grave.

Inserted by his loving brother, Reg. (on active service), and sister, Alice Dewhurst, and niece,


DEWHURST-Killed in action in France, September 23,

1917, Private George Henry Dewhurst, dearly-loved friend of Linda Pettigrew, Newtown.

I miss your word, your smiles, your love, But hope with God we'll meet above.

DEWHURST.-Killed in action in France, September23,  

1917, Private George Henry Dewhurst, the high!y esteemed friend of Mrs. Pettigrew and family.

DOUGHAN.-Killed in action, France, September 26,

Sergt. William Roy, youngest son of Sergt. J. Dou- ghan (on active service) and Elizabeth Doughan, Kogarah (late Granville), grandson of Mrs. W. Dou- ghan, Ocean-street, Kogarah.

DOUGLAS.-Died of wounds in France, October 2, 1917,

James B. Douglas. He died as he lived-honourably.

True to his country, king, and friends, A spotless name he has left.

Inserted by his sorrowing friend, Gladys.  

DOYLE. — Killed in action, September 26, 1917, Pri-

vate Ernest Herbert (Banny), of Manly, aged 36 years, 3rd eldest beloved son of A. K. Doyle. In- serted by his mother, father, brothers, sisters, and    


DRISCOLL-Our dear old friend. Private James

Pearce Driscoll, killed in action somewhere in France, Sept-, 1917.

Don't worry for me, I rest;

I've done my duty.

And comrades brave above my head

Press on to victory.

Inserted by Mrs Harris, Harold, and Alec, 41 Ridge- street, North Sydney.

DUNK-Killed in action, September 10, 1917, Private

Thomas Victor Dunk (Tom), aged 22 years. Inserted by his loving brother, sisters, and sister-in-law, Nor- man, Ada, Bertha, Dagmar Dunk.

DUNSMUIR.-Killed in action in France on September

26, 1917, Lance-corporal John Bryson Dunsmuir, aged   31 years, dearly loved younger son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Dunsmuir, and brother of Bessie R, Duns- muir, of Avondale, Forest-road, Bexley. Home   papers please copy,

DUNSMUIR-Killed in action in France, September

26, 1917, Lance-corporal J. B. (Jack) Dunsmuir, Avon- dale, Forest-road, Bexley. Inserted by his sincere friends. Mr. and Mrs. Beadall and Harry (on active service) Beeston, Lydham-avenue, Rockdale.

ELLIS.-Killed In action, September 20, 1917. James Fletcher Ellis, grandson of the late James Fletcher, M.L.A., aged 27 years.

ENIS.-Killed in action September 20, James

Fletcher Ellis, grandson of J. C. Ellis age 27.

EVANS.-My dear friend, Driver Wa!. Evans, died

of wounds in France, October 7, 1917,

In a soldier's grave he is lying,

Somewhere in France he fell, Words cannot tell the loss

Of the friend I loved so well.

Inserted by his loving friend. E. Donkin, Lidcombe.  

EVANS-Driver Wal Evans, died of wounds in France, October 7, 1917.  

Somewhere in France a hero brave,

Loved by his comrade, sleeps in his grave.

Inserted by his comrade. Corporal R. (Bob) Donkin,

on active service.

FAWCETT.-Albert E. Fawcett, died of wounds in

France, October 1, 1917.

Bert, we are proud you died a hero.

Inserted by his sorrowîng sister, Rosa Bell, the Crescent. Annandale.

FERGUSON.-Killed in action in France, September 20,

1917, Private Claude Ferguson, beloved adopted son and brother of Mrs. and Maud Bransfield, of Strath- fleld Conporal George Dransfield (on active ser- vice), and Mrs. H. R. Turner, Thornleigh.   His fresh young life he nobly gave,    

He slumbers now in a hero's grave.

FERGUSON.-Killed in action. Private Claude Ferguson,  

A.I.F., of Strathfield. Inserted by his sorrowing and

sincere friend, Frank.

FINDLAY-Lieutenant E. R. Findlay, 1st City of Aber-

deen battery Lowland Brigade, R.F.A., wounded in Flanders October 4, died Ortober 5. 1917, late ship- ing clerk, M'Ilwraith and M'Eacham. Melbourne, only son of Annie and R. N. Findlay, Willliamstown, Victoria, andi brother of Mrs. Archd, Spy, Windsor,


FORSTER.-Killed in action in France, October 8,  

1917 Gunner Basil Hay, aged 24 years, second son of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Forster, Aringa, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney.        

FRANKLIN.-Killed in action in France, September    

26 1917. Private Arthur Victor Franklin, aged 26 years, dearly loved son of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Franklin. Arnclilffe. One of the best.

FRANKLIN- Killed in action in France, September

26, 1917, Private Arthur Victor Franklin, aged 20 years, dearly loved brother of Florrie and George Ward.

FRANKLIN.-Killed in action in France, September  

26. 1917, Private Arthur Victor Franklin, aged 20 years. Inserted by his loving brother, G. Les

Franklin, and friend.

FRANKLIN-Killed in action in France, September  

26 1917. Private Arthur Victor Franklin, aged 20 years, dearly loved brother of Gladys and Charles


FRANKLIN.—Killed in action in France, September

26, 1917, Private Arthur Victor Franklin, aged 20 years, dearly loved brother of Tom and Jessie Frank- lin.  

FREEBAIRN.—Killed in action in France, October 2,  

1917, Gunner James L. Freebairn, beloved son of Mr. and Mrs, Hugh Freebairn, North Helensburgh. aged 22 years and 10 months.

In a soldier's grave he is lying,

It was in France he fell, Words cannot tell the loss

Of a son and brother we loved so well.

Inserted by his loving father, mother, brother, sister, and Andrew (on active service).

GAULD.--Died of wounds in France, October 7,  

1917, Corporal W. C. Gauld, aged 23, dearly be- loved son of Mr. and Mrs. S. IH. Gauld , Cox-avenue, Bondi; dearly beloved brother of Mr. and Mrs. R. Gauld, Herbert, Vera, Fred., Alma,and harold.  

Somewhere in France he Is lying,

No cross to mark his grave; He fought for King and country,

His fair young life he gave.

GAULD.--Died of wounds in France, October 7,

1917 , Corroral W. C. Gauld, dearly beloved ne- phew of Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Dore, Crow's Nest,

North Sydney.

We pictured his safe returning.

We longed to clasp his hand;

But God has postponed the meeting   land            


GAULD -Killed in action, October 7, 1917, Corporal

W. C. Gauld, beloved nephew and cousin of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Longford, and George, Eileen, and Allen. He died as he lived, honourably.

GAULD.-Died of wounds in France, October 7,

1917, Corporal W.C. Gauld, beloved inend ot   ex Private R. Ecl-gan, Mr and Mrs. \A D


baitiewher« in France ther have laid him.

Our friend ro true and brat

Far «way from tile «land of the wattle.

He irleepa m a hero« grovi

GAULD -Died of wotan»- In 1 ran«, October

D17, Corporal W. C. Gauld belovid and esteemed Incnd of Mr Fof, Mr and Mr» t. Kemp «ixl «on

Î1- hardest part is jet to come.

When the warrium all returu

And we mire amongst the tbeery crowd.

Those Hint will never return.

GENNER .-Killed in action in France, September S3,

3)37, Private Artrur J Genner , d.arlv loved nc| new of Mr and Mi- W Cooper, aul hu cousin Amy,

Saville-street. Gore HilL

GETTING -- Died of wounds on October IS, 1017, Pri

vate George Alexander Getting, a"cd I»» »ear», cider beluicd »on of Mr and Mn. P E. Getting of Manly , broUier of Miss A. Getting- and Mid shipman Frank E.- Getting, L-A N, U.M.-. Glon

GILL ---Killed In action in France, September 23, 1317

Ijcut. Lloyd Hassell Gill, beloved youngest son ol Mr». Lucy Gill. Elwood, Melbourne. liwsrted by

his loving I-other E. J.

GEELAN -lulled m action in Trance, September *0,

101", Robert Michael Robert ( Bob), eldest son «nd Mrs. Frank Geelan, Leichhardt. R.LP Inserted by his Borrowing ¡friend«, Mm. Ihmly and f__dj.

Charles-street, Petersham.

GLENNIE -.-hiBcil in ecütm. France, September SO, * 1017, Conner C. C. S. Glennie, aged 24 yo«T, son

of the late a B. and Mrs. Glennie Warringi street Turramurra.

GOARD --Killed in «cUon, France, October 2, MUT

I-nce-corporil Arthur Beamont Goard, eldcit «on o Mr endvHr- William S Goard, of Gunning, and formerly of Byron Hay and Murrurundi.

GOWING --KTlled in notion lu France, April 11, 3S17.

l-ent. Archie Lanchester Gowing, aged 25 ycart, so_u of Mr and lint V L. _o__K, Acpoan. Middle Har bour road, Lindfield.  

HALLAHAN - Killed in action, in France, September

19, 1917, Private J (Arthur ) Hallahan. Inserted by his loving sisters, Tessie and Kassie Hallahan,_ Wer

ris Creek. RIP

HAMMOND-Killed in action in France, July 26,

1916, Private John J Hammond. Promoted to glory Inserted by his sincere friend, Olive Keating

HAMMOND-Killed in action in France, September

26, 1917, L. corporal Denis P. Hammond. A young life nobly ended. Inserted by his sincere friend,    

Olive Keating.

HARDING.-Killed in action in France, October 3,

Harold John, beloved second son of Mr and Mrs. Robt. Harding, Kimbriki, Noble-street, Mosman.  

NOBLE.-Killed in action in France, October 3,

Harold John, beloved brother of Cyril Harding,


HARDING.-Killed in action in France, Harold John,

beloved brother of Rene and Arthur Totea Kim- briki, Noble-strcet, Mosman.

HARDING-Killed in action in France, Harold John the dearly loved brother of Charlotte and Muriel      

Harding, Kimbriki, Noble-street, Mosman.

HAY -ITivate David Hay, Ulled in action In France  

(misaine since July, Mil") Another hero at rt_L Inherit- bv hi» kumnr friend, M. A. Donnelly.

HEARD --Pnrate Roy Frederick killed in action In

rrance July 20 K'G (lrevioisly rcpo-tcd int-ins), I Missing aye, for »11 tin- missing

Ouc tluit 1-mc so lU could spare, But the roi, call o»cr vond r

Shall not count him nun-ng there.

1 Inserted by Ms loving parents and tastera, of Roary-,

Wicks-road North Rvdc.

SHARD - KiTlcd in »ellon, Jnlv l-VSO, 1910, previously

re-ported mi-nng. Roy. eldest grandson of Mr and Mrs. A. Goodsir , Hilltop crescent Manly

HEARD-Killed in action, Joly 3»-), TOtfl, prr

»101-1_. re|torted m-sini,. Roy, lot-»- i-phew of draco and lue Goodsir

HEARD- -Killed ia »coon in France, July in. Tints

Private Roy V. Heard (prcviouidy reportai mit» irte), beloved nephew of Alex. 1- Goodsir, The Ranch, Deewhy

HEATHER.—Killed in action in France, September 20,

1917, Private Harold Heather, aged 27, beloved   youngest son of the late James Heather of Redfern, and dearly loved brother of Will and Chrissie   Heather of Francis street , Kogarah. A young life nobly ended.

HEATHER.—Killed in action in France, September 20,  

1917, Private Harold Heather, aged 27, beloved youn est son of the late James Heather, of Redfern, and dearly loved brother of Sid and Maggie Heather, of Kogarah, also Amy and Jack Dickson, of Bexley.

He made the supreme sacrifice.

HENRY -Killed in act-ii in Irance, «Vsptember 20,  

1017, Patrick Hugh Henry ( Son ), «red 24, beloved rccond eldest »on of Mr and Ma. Hugh Henry, of Wellington (late "stew hi_£e_c_ He made the suprc-_


HEN R\.-Killed in action in France, September lil,

33)17, I_trijtk Hugh Henry, beloved- brother of Mollie, Maggie, Lila, of l_iat_ivood, and Bndgie, Jitn. Will, of Wclliiijtan O-.U.>. A young Li»

nobly ended.

ID-iRi --hilled in action, September 28, 39J7, l-triei

Hugh Henry, beloved brother aul brclbcr-in law of Frank and Kellie Millar, Hampden road Artarmon. Ha died as he li» ed-nobly

H- VR\ - Killed in actiun In Prince September 26,

3017, Patrick Ililli Henry A joung life nohl» rod i. Inserted by lus lotlng aunt and cv_.ui L. l^an anti 3». AV inter, lo Myrtle-street, Crow s ^Cl.L

HOGAN - -lulled lu action In France, October 0, Iden

tenant Arthur Douglas Hogan , dearly beloved >ot_ig ot ton of the late William Hogan, and of Ma«. Hogan, Glengower, The Boulevard Lewisham.

Gréater love hath no mon i-an t-ia, that a man lav dowi hi« life for lu, irit-eU

HOLMES --KSlicd in action In France, October 3, 1017,

CpL Harold Radcliffe Holmes, cldtt- brother of Mm. C R Burton, and brother in law of Lieutenant (-_L 3Í. Burton, on active service, aged 21 years.

INGRAM - -Died of wound«, m France, September 26.

11)17, Robert C. Ingram, A.A_f.C , dearly loved el

do,t ton of Robert and May Ingram, a_o brother and elster. Clarence and Vera, of 80 Chandos street North Sydney

Honour ard glory he lias earned j

AVeslth and comlort he had spurned, lo gue his life at duty's call.

Beloved by connados, one and all.

INGRAM.-Died of wounds, I ranee, September 26»

191-, Robert C Ingram, A.A._.C., dear. loved brother and uncle of Irene West ii ti lo nephew,


Life's highest mis«non be fulfilled.

And bravely unsvvcrcd duty's -eil. To fight fur liberty und ri|_ht,

And hatUc for oppressions fall.

JARVIS-Killed in action, Lran-e, October 4, 11)17,

Lance-corporal Russell Jarvis, M.M , husband of Alice Jarvis, Sotasons, 44 BircJigrovc-road Balmain, and youngest son of Mr- M. Jarvis, btrathmorc^ Thomp

son-«trcct, Drummoyne.

JOYCE --Killed in action, October 2, Alexander A.

A. Joyce, R.A.M.C, the youngest beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. J0yce, of Bayswater-road, Dar-     linghurst, aged 18 years. His strife is o'er, the  

battle done.

JOYCE.-Killed in action, October 2, Alexander A. A.  

Joyce, R.A.M.C., dearly loved youngest brother of     Will (on active service), Reg, Ruby, Stella, and Amy, aged 19 years. He has fought the good fight. JOYCE.-Killed in action, October 2, Alexander A. A.  

Joyce, beloved brother of Mr and Mrs. Fred Harris   and uncle of Ivor and Valerie, Albemarle-avenue,     Rose Bay, aged 19 years. A soldier and a man.

JOYCE--Killed in action October 2, Private Alex. A.

A. Joyce, of Darlinghurst. Inserted by his loving

brothcr, Reg.

JOYNSON - -liillcd in action in France, September 17,

1917, Pte. Keith Joynson, aged ¿2, recoi d son of elie late lohn Arnold Joyi-'in, of Nowra and Stanmore an 1 de_r3j loved brother of Co-ile, Beryl, Irie, and


He died a hero's deJJi.

JOYNSON -I-lied in actiot. in 1 ranc, September 17,

3JI", Pte Keith Joynson, aged 22. - d arl/ loved brother of Fred and May and uncle of Edna.

He died for frccdoni » cause.

JOA NSOV-Killed m action m I-rnnee, September 1",

1J17, 1 te Keith Joynson, aged _;, dearly lore hrotlic* of Aiolet uid Hilton Lield aud uncle of Jack, Audrey, and 1 led He made the supreme sacri


JOVNS01 -Killed m action in rrance, September 17.

l«Ii, Pte. Keith Joynson, aged Ä. dearly loved brother of Gladj a^d 1-wreaice Thouin a, and un-e

uf Jack slid land.

1 or Kui"- and country

J0*i*NS0V-Killed In nttaou in L lance, September 17,

Uli, Pie. Keith Joynson, ai,ed ._, dearly Ioted nephew of AL 3. Knott, and courin of Hu-, Olga, Stewart (on active service), Ixirrie and Una, alao loved friend of _minaline i1ioir_s

Greater love bath no man than tills.

EI_.NL DAT -Gunner 3L Macintosh Kennedy, Wiled in

action, in 1 ranee, October 7, 3917 Inserted by hi» old friends, Mr und Mrs. Hugh Rafter

KERR - Killed in action somewhere in France, October

1, Gunner Edward James Butler Kerr, dearly beloved and only surviving son of David and Annie Kerr,   Dolphin-street, Coogee, and brother of Rita and Kitty.

We pictured his safe returning,    

We longed to clasp his hand;

But God has postponed the meeting -

'Twill be in a better Ulad.

KERR -Killed in action in France, October 1, 1917,

Gunner Edward (Ned) Kerr, dearly loved cousin of Mary and Lance Noakes Mosman.  

We pictured his safe returning,  

We longed to clasp his hand  

But Cod has postponed the meeting -

"Twill be in a better land.

KERR. - Killed in action in France, October 1, 1917,

Gunner E. Kerr (Ned), dearly loved cousin of Lance corporal Arthur M. Kerr (on active service).

A loving cousin, a faithful friend,

One of the best that God could send.

KERR -Killed in action in France, October 1, 1917,

Gunner Ed. Kerr (Ned), dearly loved nephew and cousin of Mr. and Mrs. Kerr and family. Metropolitan -road, Enmore.

He heard his country's call. He gave his life, his all.

KERR - Killed in action in France, October 1, 1917,

Gunner E. Kerr (Ned), loved cousin of Mr.     and Mrs. M. Hayes, King-street, Newtown. Never to  

be forgotten.

KNIGHT-Killed in action, October 7 3317 Corp O

A\ Knight, dearly loved husband of A era Knight, and son lil lav/ of Mrs Djcr, Iaiwon

KNIGHT-Killed in action, O-tober 7, Corp O AV

Knight eld-t son of -x and Mrs. W J Knight,!

«Jibero-ey. Lawson.

KNIGHT -I-Ucd in action October 7, Corp O W

Knight, dearly loved broth cr of Our and Uri A/

H. Cooper Lawson.

KNIGHT-Killed in action October 7, Corp O W

Knight, dearly loved brother of Mr and Mrs Bert   Knight and Hedley J , of Mosman.

LAWTON. - Died of wounds in France, October 10,

1917, Pte Jack Lawton, beloved brother-in-law of   Mrs. J Gosbell, 3 Stephen-street, Paddington.  

LEAL -.-Died of woun k ia 1 ranc October 0, 191",

Corporal Arthur Sidiny Leal aged 23 years, loi ed brother and brother 1111 iw of Mr and Air, II

Schwcikert Air 1111 Mrs T Schweikert, Mr and Mrs J Símil, Ethel and Ultimi, of Annandale

LOCKWOOD- Died of viounds In I nnce, October 10

3)1" Pie Leonard Allen Lockwood .arl lovel   el lest sou of xlr and Airs I \\ Lockwood, 0! Ash ley street. Chatswood, aged 21.

LOCKWOOD -Di x1 of woun Is ¡11 1 mice October 10  

1917 Prlvite len A. Lockwood .l tlcarlv lol ed fnen I of Gwenyth M. Lind Tryon road, Lindfield. Lntil     we meet odin gool night

LONG --Killed in arnon in Tri.ce ««plcmhrr 2Ü,

Norman A. J. Long, 25, loved son of Air and M AT, J Long , Burwood

Though kurt to sight lie still 1« nrar

cr-_okl -1-a^ea_ ,


LONG -',1'*' .?, «"U~« 1" Fnuice, Septerrrb- aa 1917. Prívala Norm. A. J Long, »ged_Irou-T dearly loved brother of Edmr __M*ba -_» Brisbane. Thy will b. de-aT "*

LONG --',_l^*CtloB. __*_?'" ». ,917' ** Norman A. J. Long __? « fi Parramatta road Strathfield.

Ile heard his country'» "IL Hi gave his life, bil all.

Amt-öd bv his mother ami f-ithcr «_t»r «»4 "-.

thura, Royal, Sid, Harold: H__V^_d VhlJ-?"

Lisrir ríí, aT hli ^ Ior hl* '"end,

", ^u«v^(í-i"vCUon in Fran"« S«««»»- M,

aged _ yea-.

--Dici te Re

frieut-, »(,

"'»?al^iet _ rT"- *» *?--«. October 4. *^/.'^K-Killed >" .eticn, ^V _,


!uuí,t-icü » h<_ s-*»««-. .«- » -«a .

M« ___-JUclï,!nl]r> dc4r" l°vcd tlilrrî "ÎT H,Û (-afarS-^oTífl pMû0nl~«*~*. *"»-» "ínolíw',?1"1-.1" act*"1- &*t«(r_- as. _rr,

_-d JJ "îrrrÇo__,U,n Mc0oftn« »«"« lA?d_rïV ï-P-li Jyhn McGown , and brother et Wia_ and Private John McGown- (on active service).

A brave young life that proraioed w_L At the will of God our hero "IL

lits fight he fought, ho stood the teat, . _I',« « «. rt-veiubcn») one of the beat.

inserted br hi» »orr»-ting father and bnr__a.

McGOWN --Kin»- In action, l-picmber _, ltrrr.

Sapper Walter Carrington McGown. «ared la, 4e_ly lo-d brother of Agnes and Mossy Oo-_.

We think of him at early morn.

Wa Uaink ot him at noon.

We did not iii-k our timbi_? Uro*__

Was going to fall no soon

Iii1--d by his soi-wing tatet and br«_l_r_»-_«A»,

Agnes and Mossy Cowan

McCOWN. -Stilled In action in 1--«, Oeeitciut" »,

1917, Sapper Walter Carrington McGown , dearly be- loved of Linda _ob__o, and unda of little

Neta and Willie.

Our dreams »re all shiittered and «_-ed*

Our heroes are silent and »rill, And dead on the nek! of hotrour

Is all that is left to ML Inserted by his sorrow-s raster

McGOWN -hilled In action September 28, __. Sai»

per Walter Carnnetoa McGown aged 19, dear!) loved brother of Jinnie and George Alt,-r_-___

of Aggie and Rene.

Our hear- for him ara ach¡ng.

We are lonely night and clay.

Wo ml_ him, yr% we mis» htan.

Hore than word» can say

Hin v. píenme step, hia w-_nln_ "»_

Arc pleasant to recat li.

He had a pleasant word for each.

And dearly loved by alL

IT--ed bv his ««-rowing sitter and tootte-n-law.

Jinnie and George Alt

McGOWN -Killed in action im Frawe, Sej__*«r HS,

1917. Sapper Walter Ouilugten McGown, aged 19  

In a hero'» crave he ia lying,

Some-here in France he fell.    

In_Tted by hi» loving niece, Ruby, and Ern- (on

active service abroad) *

McGOWN -My beloved uncle, Sapper . W HeQo-tv,

-lied m action in Iran- October 5,' 1917..

He gave hi» young life for ha countr». Inserted by hil loving niece. Beattie.

McGOWN-KDied in action, f-ptcTnber 28, ISO.

dearly loved friend 6f Annie and r-iout- Bay

Great- love hath no man,

Than to lay down Pis life tor Ms *r»tnds-___. In-rtcd by 1-i _nce_ Inend*, Annie and Edmund

Ita yner

McGOWN -Killed in action in France, «Vp-mr-r »,

1917, Walter C -cC.own. age 19 years. Ho died a»

he lived, honourably.

Bul never more dear Walter,

We shall meet your loving glance, You filled a glorious nameless, grave.

Out (liere somewhere in France.

Insert- by his sorrowing inend l.latlya.

McKAY. - Francis Walter McKay, beloved son of Mr. and  

Mrs. Robert McKay, of Ariah Park, and cousin of Jack and Ern Graham, Newtown, killed in action (previously reported missing, 20/7/'16)

MACDOUALL. -Killed in action, September 26, 1917,

Frederick John, dearly loved only son of Mr. and   Mrs. R. F. Macdouall, Denison-road, Lewisham, aged  

22 years.

MACDOUALL. -Killed in action, September 26, 1917,

Frederick John, dearly loved brother of Rita.    

MACDOUALL.-h_l" In action, F J Macdouall, only

eon of Mr R. F Macdouall Deuison-road, Pete-hal-

lar away from the land of wa Ule, He sleeps in i hero's grave

Inserted by lui cousin, Sapper P MardonilL

MAROMIf-hilled in action, September 26, Winiam

James Maraoey, beloved hu«l-nd of Gillicrine M iroiiey, 47 Lveieigh-street. Rediem

I MARO «ii Y- Killed in aetion, September SB, William I James Uaron-y, be!o»e 1 son ant! brother of Mrs. A.

Mnroney lind family, 17 Lveleit,l«trect, Redfern,

MARONLY -hilled in action William James Maroncy,

tit loved brother of Mr. and "ra. liammilL, Dcuni.

6-ect Lakeiuba.

MAROM Y -hilled in action. William James Maroncy,

beloved brother of Mr. and Mrs. D Kuuhins, Dennis

street. Lakemba

MICIIFLT -Kt lc.1 In action in France, September

,0 MgnalliT lYanl Coueh MIeliell, de-rly loved hu« band of I »^ Michell, sud fat) er of little frankie, of 2.M Covvpcr-fitrnet, Waverley, aged 28 yean. He

made the supremo cacrilce.

MlCHKLU-hilled in action France September 2«,

tug-i Her I Tink Couch 1 lehcll dearly loved broUl- tu law of lanny. Jack Gat-ainc A soldier and a mau. M1C1112,U-Killed in action in 1 ranee, September »o.

Signaller IV-ik touch MichelL Inserted by hill father mia«. Fred J Be »ley

MOLRISON -Killed in action in France, «ieptcmber 20,

Ul7, Lance-corporal Cedric S Morrison, M -, beloved second youngest sou of "W and Annie Mor nson, of I-wisham An Ar_ie hero .

MUIR,-Killed In action in I ranee, October 13, 1917,

1 ieutcnant A R. Muir, M C., only son of Mr and Mrs J P Muir, of Brescia, Appian Way, Burwood,

aged 22 years

MiAV IS.-Killed In action in France, October 17, 1917,

Gunner Frederick John Ncavis only beloved son of William John and Llirabcth Ncavis, Richmond, Tas mania, late of Hunter s Hill and lloekdalc, aged _


MvVILLK.-Wiled In action. SeT-tenibcr 20, 1917, Pri

vu te J P Nivillc.

In life we loved bim.

In death we 11 do the same

Inserted by Ins loving brothers, Will, Bert, and Martin, Bombdr, now On active service, also his uncle, Walhe bandera. Pence pcrfec peace.

KIINN-Died of »»ounds, Irance, October 3, 1917,

l*nvate John IA Nunn (lack), dearly beloved son of Man Nunn, of DumrducL. Ia-itcd by lu» loving

mollier and Arthur

NUNN-Died of wounds, Trance, October t, 1917,

Private John E. Nunn (lue) ), beloved nephew of Mick, Jack, and Jon Currie, Araluen

NUNN-Died of wounds, irance, October î, 1917,

Private John L Nunn (Jack), dearly beloved nephew

of Maggie OurTie

hUVN -Died of wounds. Fra nee, October 3, 1917.

Private Itbn IA Nunn (Jack), beloved nephew of Mr and Mn M. Cook, Newtown

NüMv -Died of wound», 1 ranre, October 3, 1917,

Private John L. Nunn (lack), beloved nephew of Mr and lin Gus Keating, Moruya,

NUVN -Died ot wounds 1 ranee, Octoher S. 1917,

Pi-ivale lohn L. Nunn (Pick), dearly beloved trienJ of hit BueUcv, Burrinjuck

NUTS" -Died of wounds in France, October 3, 1917,

Private. John L. Kunu (Jack), dourly beloved fru- d of Mr b, A Srnilh, Eumnjuc

NUNN- Died of wounds In Irance, October 3, 1917,

Private John L. Nunn (Juck', dearly beloved fneud of Mrs M Lynch and Mall}, Neuterwu

KLNN- Died of »ounds in France, October Ï, 1917,

Pnvato J Im L. Nunn (Jack), beloved friend of Mrs.

Abs Watson.

NUTvN -Dud of wormdi in 1 i-anee, Oírteber 3, 1917,

Pri-te lack Nunn.* «. voamg life nobly ended In r-ted by b13 loving fnendi, 1 die Ceci!, Leslie, and

«! A Smith -Burrinjuck.

PI RRY -hilled in ictlon m Fr-inre. September 20,

1917, IA ( orp V, illiam Perry, aged «0 vcira, beloved son of Mr and Mrs. J Perry, of Waterloo, lato of

bt, Marjs

Ile slccTu not in his native land.

But 'neath a foreign -j,

lar from those «ho loved him best.

In a hiro's grave he lie

Not one he loved was bv hi» «ide

To hear his last faint sigh,

Or ¡vhlbpcr just one loving word

Bt lore be closed lils i ) t

Insert»- by his loving father and mother, sister and brothers b3 hell-k-rcit WntTloo.

PI RRY-Killed in action in Irance September 20,

1917, L.-Corp W Perrv aged 20 vcars of Waterloo Inserted bj his comrade, Ptc. H Finnamore, on  

active ser» ce

HI C \N -Killed m icHon in France, «Vptcmber 2(1

1917 Private Hughlo 1 ejan, sou ol Mrs S. Regan,

of Coolali aged Jo j-J

SI ATON -Died of » ounds, October 4, 1917, Private

Frederick Ceor-'e heaton dearly beloved friend of Frmk and Lily Crump, llar_rave-_ne, Paddington. A young life nobly ended

SI Y-IOLB-Killed in action in France on October 4,

1917 Corporal Richard (Pick) Seimour, dear friend of Mr and Mrs. W A., Lieutenant M. S, and Libblc Hourn, ben-ngton. Tile supreme, racnllec.

SHIP!'-Killed in action, September 17. 1917, r_va_

Joseph Slupp

He gave lus life for his country.

Mt marched uvva» with the re-rt.

Inserted bv lus loving wife, Mrs. G " ipp, and hil

little ton, Winnie

SMITH-Pnvato Walter Cecil Smith, killed in action.

I ni ce, Sc| lember, 1917, the dearly lovell eldeet son of Horatio W anti Tainty Smith, o' Abbotsford, aged

_ alter 21 years service

Only a boy, but be hi-rd the call of doty.

And died doing It.

SMITH-Killi- in action In France, October 8, 1917,

Lieutenant Harold ! B inutli

Oh, for the touch of a varii iiiid bum!, And tile sound i f a voice Unit is stall. Inserted bv Grace Ni-cr, Anustidal

SS ELL.- Killed in action, Septemblr _, 1917 Privat«

1 Snell, 19 years, young-t son of __. J Suela,

79 John street, Woollahra

He answered his coi-t-r s çaH, He pave his life for u» alL

InscrtedTiy hi» dear moth-, «itera, and brothe-.

SNELL.-Killed in action in France, September 20,  

1917, aged 19 years. In life we loved him dearly, in death we will do the same. Inserted by his sorrow-

ing friend, Dorris Barrett.  

STI W \RT -«Sacre 1 to the memory of Arthur E

Slow irr. Un P, who died f vioundi in France, October í 1917 Inserted by his sorrowing wif» Cissie, am! clnldren Rov anl larme

ST1UAHT- Die! of wotmt- in Irance October 6

1J17 Prívale Arthur 1 Stewart, N / I F Inserted bv Ins brother and lister In law, Will »j- Lisie Stev-irt ntorv-h-trcet 1 elmore.

STI WAP-'- Killel in action Set tember 20, 1917 Cun

ne- I 1 Stiwi- late of I iddirgton True to cointrv Ung ni»! fnei d he left a «po!!e«a name. lisertM bv hi loving friend S Colraiim Wt oliabri. SI1IIM.11 LL0W -\ictor Mar»vool Stringfellow, killel

m action in 1 ranee, «teptcmber 27 )P17, aged 37 year«, beloved grandon of Mr anl II-, Mi-wood, nephew ot Mr -lud Mr« \ Tucker Mr ant! Mr«i J MrFar-nd, Mr and Mi» s Minvood Mr- Minnie Wilson, Mrs. Mvra Sun II anl .oufin of. Cyr-, and, Mian TU Aevcvrvan. «»ajier »..jUava .-coaakv


"\DAKTj-Killed in action in France, September Ϋ, W7 Sergeant Allan Albert Stu»rt, of Mayfield, T>_*»ey, beloved brother of Alfred and Olivia (stuart. Kanya» CorunM-road, Stanmore.

BVAJlT.-KWed in «ction ta France, September SG, »H, Sergt. Allan Albert Stuart, beloved friend of Mr. and Mr«. Menscr, Bapttrt-atreet, Redfern.

SUGGATU.-Kiah») in __ctl0n ja France, October 8,

Private AV. J. Suggatc, dearly loved -dest tain of Mr. and Mrs. W. Suggatc, KltUra, Crown-road, Monly, aged 19 yean, A hero.

?niOlU'SQ.V.-Küled in «ction, France, Apnl 11, 3M7,

-.-ourp. Q. F. Thounwm ( rt-peirted u_ lug).

Our dream« are all ?liattrrcd «nd ended.

Our hero ia «lient and still:

And th« dead on til» field of bone

1» all that ia left to HIL

Inserted by hu lovintr wife. Rita, and little «on.

Georgie. .

HIOMPSOlt.-Died of wounds, October 7, 1817, rrivat«

Kichard Mimi-IL dearly loved and only son of Mr. and Airs. Arthur Thompson.

He never shunned hi« country*» call.

But gladly rave lu» Hie, hw »U, He died tlie helplessi to defend

An Australian Bol-er1« noble end.

T-IOMTSOIf.-Killed in action, France, April 11. 1»17

(previously reported nursing), -.-corp. U. F. Thoinp .ou, sged ti years, beloved brother of the 1» te Pic AV, _. Thompson, third «nd fourth «on« of Mr. and Mrs. A. Thompson, »nd brother of Olady», Katie, «ml Lu-«, «nd Harry, Miller'» l'oint. "Far away from Uiose they loved. " .

THOMPSOV.-Killed in action, France, April 11, 1917

(previously reported missing), U-corp. G. F. Thomp- son, «ged 2D yet-«, beloved brother of J. and M. Thomp&on, and uncle of NelUo and Albert.

THOMPSON.-Killed in action, France, April It, 1017,

-.-corpora! G. V. Thompson, «ged 25 years (pre- viously reported missing), beloved nephew of Mr. «nd Mi». Higgins. and co_,in of Alf-, HOBO, aod Sapper W. Higgin» (on active «rmocX

THOMPSON.-KiHed In action, France, April 11. 1917

(previously reported miaaliiR), -.-corp. G. F. Thomp .on, beloved brother of Albert «nd Vera Thompson.

THOMPSON.-Died of VMjnnd«, October 1, 1917, Private

Richard Mlnshall, beloved «nd only brother of Id» and Km, «nd dearly loved uncí« oí imie» Qucenio,

Arthur, «nd Rldiard Goodman.

He Bleep» not in hi» nativa Uno,

Bot 'neath > foreign sky-.

Far from thoms who loved bin» brat.

In « hero'« grave he lies.

TTOTAIA--Killed in rtctton in France, September -I,

Priymto Edwin Tindall, beloved nephew of Gertrude and -trelyn Cook, of Bedient.

-WDALfc--_Illcd in «ction. September 24. H>17. Pri-

vate K. W. Tindall, dearly loved nephew of Mt. and Mrs. AC O. Cook and Mi«- 0. rend li. Cook

A friend, kind hearted and true.

T_r»WJST--*»lUod in «ction, in France, on flcptcmber

S, 1917, Sergeant John Tlntder, «god 26 year«, dcarly lrmsl and only «on of Fdward Tinaley, ot Manchester, I-gland, «nd loving husband of Louie Tinsley, «nd daddy of little Jackie, Claremont, Pxllth-street, Leich- hardt. _nglU- and T_-lanian paper« plrcso copy.

TDI-ÍER.-r-rivatc Winiam, killed in »ction Septem-

ber, France, dearly regretted. Inscited by lils loved (neu-, Mr», and Privat« Jack _on.c_an. Red-


A7IAL.-KUlcrl in action In Franc«, October 3, 1P17,

Sergeant John James Vial (Jack), aged 23 years, beloved youngest «ou oí Mr». K. A_J, of 125 ilcd

far_«-eet. Ivcwtown.

When he wrote h!« last food letter He wa» »uro of victory.

When this cruel war is over, -tolhcr, I wül come home to thee. He carrnot come to roe. But X can go to him.

VIAL.-lolled In action, October S, 1937, «ftcr three

yt-ra* «irvicc. Sergeant J J Vial (Jack), dearly loved brother of Pearl!« and Jack McDonald and

May Mc-rcgo

In life we loved him dearly, In deal- well do the same.

VIAL--"*"!-«! in action, France, October 3. S-Jc-nt

major J. J. V ia), after S year« and 2 month»' »etive eer-vice, the dearly loved brother of Mr. and Mrs. Muir, lUUcrert-strcct, Marrickville.

The angel» know your grave to-day.

And weave for you a victor*« crown.

VIAL. - Killed in action October 3, 1917, Sgt. Jack

Vial. Inserted by his friends, Mrs. McDonald, Chrissie, and Aggie

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