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Family Notices

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BEAMES.-June 2, 1917, at Gowrie Private Hospital.

8 Milton-street, Ashfield, to Mr. and Mrs. E. H.   Beames, of Tarana, Cromwell-street, Croydon-a   daughter

HARRISON -June 21, at Eltham, Rangers'-road, Cre-  

morne, the wife of Sidney Harrison-a son (Frank Barnard).

ROBIN-June 30, 1917, at Surry Hills, the wife of

Stuart Robin-a daughter (Joyce Robin).


ADRIAN-June 30 1917, at Elswick-street, Leich-  

hardt, Margaret Adrian, eldest daughter of the late Charles and Anna Maria Adrian, aged 75 years. R.I.P.

AUSTIN -June 11, at the residence of his parents.

Nesblit lindsay Austin late of 'sunday Tunes' office, grandson of the late Reginald Clarence Bip tist of >? mid ih, Queensland Deeply regretted

AVERY -June 30, 1917, at the residence of her son,  

AA illlam, 67 Phelps street Moore Park Alarv be loved wife of the late Thomas Avin, of Padding

ton, need 60 icars R I P

BARKAS - June 29, 1917, suddenly, Dr W J Barkas,

of 23 Elizabeth-street, Paddington, aged 69 years,    

By request, no flowers.

BARTLETT - July 1, 1917, at his residence. The Al-

coie Hornsey street, Burwood lohn heloied hus band of the late I llzaheth Bartlett, aged 70 years

BEASHEL.- June 30, 1917, at her residence 248 Park-    

road. Paddington, Margaret, dcarli beloved wife of lohn Beashel, aged fO icars 11 1 P

BENNETT -On June 5, 1917 (suddenly), Jesse Clat-

worthy, of Lennox street, Mosiran aged 60 years, and late of Gulgong

BRADSHAW. - July 1, 1917, at her residence, 41 Warren-road, Marrickville, Susan Ann, relict of the  

late William Bradshaw, of St. Peters, aged 76 years.    

ELGAR.-,July 1, 1917, at the South Sydney Hospital,  

Judith, widow of the late Idviard 1 Igar, of 1CS Elizabeth street, Zetland, aged 04 years

ELLIOTT . - April 9, 1917, at Very, Switzerland. Ada

Medora, widow of the late Frederick William     Elliott, of Sydney, in her 83rd year  

FORRESTER - July 1, 1917, at Warwick, Homebush,

Emily, widow of the late William Forrester of Warwick Farm, Liverpool.

HARDING.-July 1, 1917, at 24 Cardigan-street, Au-  

burn, Rosina, dearly beloved wife of William Har ding, late of Dubbo, aged 30 years

HARPUR - June 26 (by cable), at Vancouver, Can-

ada. Laura Elizabeth, dearly beloved eldest daughter of Frederick M. Harpur, and sister to Roy, Con stance, and Peggy Harpur, Ranger s road. Neutral


HARPUR.-June 26, 1917 (by cable), at Vancouver,

Canada, Laura E. Harpur, dearly loved sister of Wynne and Ray Keogh, Neutral Bay

HAWKE.-July 1, at her residence 37 Perry-street,   Marrickville, Lucy Hawke, aged 69 years. By re- quest, no flowers.

HUMPHRIES.-July 1, 1917, at his residence,  

Glenora, Forest road, Hurstville, Joseph Stephen, beloved husband of Mrs. Agnes Mabel Humphries (nee Stayner), aged 53 years. Until the shadows


MARTIN.-June 30, 1917 at Royal Prince Alfred

Hospital, John Martin, late of Bellimbopinni, Mac- leay River, and son of Thomas Martin, Macquarie- street Mortdale, aged 45 vears

MESSENGER.-April 19. at Lansdowne-place, The Hoe,  

Plymouth England AAilliam Henry, beloved father of Staff-Sergeant Major I! I AV Messenger, of Lithgow, in his 67th vear

MITCHELL.-June 30, 1917, at a private hospital.

Fliznbeth Bay Edith Laura / dearlv lol ed daiurlite.

of the late James Mitchell, of A ellong i Station and Mrs. L D Mitchell of Churchhni avenue Subiaco, aged 2S years. AA'cstern Australian papers please copy

NEALE.-July 1, 1917, at her residence, High street,  

Penrith, Anne Amelia, relict ol the late George Neale, aged 91 years.

PETERS.-June 29, 1917 at Royal Alexandra Hospi-

tal for Children, Camperdown, Alma Patricia dearly heloied infant daughter of Howard and llorence Peters aged 3 i ears

PRICE.-July 1, 1917, at her residence, Jacinta,

ñ AA atkins street Bondi Elizabeth widow of the late Thomas Pnce, aged SI years

QUARTERMAIN.—June 30, 1917, at her residence,  

Nelson street, Fairfield Sarah Robina dearly beloved wife of John Quartermain, aged 51 years.

RALPH.-July 1, 1917 at her residence, Eventide,  

Phillip street. Alexandrin, Alary Ann, beloved wife of James Ralph

RAMSAY.-June 19, at Port Pirie, South Australia,

lames, beloved husband of Amy Ramsay, 39 Dover

r reet. Summer Hill

ROBINSON.-July 1, 1917, at her residence. The  

Gunyah, Wallace street Burwood Alice Mary, be- loved wife of Walter Robinson aged 40 vears.

SAMUELS.-July 1, 1917, at her residence, 6 Leswell-  

«treet, AVoollohra, Matilda beloved wife of Momo Samuels, and beloved mother of Afier Aaron, Violet, Harry, Jack, Selina, nnd Jessie aged 73 years Allnyon every evening, 8 o clock, No flowers, by


SAWELL.-July 1, 1917, at Eastham, Fleming-street,  

AVollstonecraft, Margaret dearly loved wife of Ho bert William SawcÜ, aged 00 years. By request,

no flowers.

SEALE.-June 19, 1917, by accident, near Nimbin, Vio-

let, dearly loved wife of Owen Davis Seale, of Bank of New South Wales, Nimbin, aged 26 years. WALKER.-June 29, 1917, at her residence, Glen

Alban, Croydon street, Cronulla, Frances, beloved wife of Aaron Walker aged 72 years.

WIGZELL.-June 30, 1917, at Royal Women's Hospital,

Paddington, Margaret, dearly-loved wife of Mr. E.   W. Wigzell, of Sutherland, aged 38 years.

WILSON.-June 29, 1917, at her daughter's (Mrs C.

Harris) residence, Glebe, Ellen Wilson, dearly loved mother of Mr. and Mrs. James Watson, of Cromwell-street, Croydon, aged 68 years. At rest. WILSON.-June 29, 1917, at her daughter's (Mrs. C.

Harris) residence, 40 Bellevue-street, Glebe, Ellen   Wilson, late of Dunedin, N.Z., aged 68 years.    

WINCHCOMBE.-June 29, at Bombay, India, Fred-

erick Earle, second son of the late John Phillimore Winchcombe, and dearly loved husband of A. A. Winchcombe, of 12 Greenoaks-avenue, Darling Point,

in his 62nd year.


KRANE.-Private Sidney Drane lolled In action_

where in Prance, July 30, 1910, previously reported


In a hero's grave he is lying

Somewhere in France he fcIL

little we thought when we parted

It was our last farewell

Inserted bv his sister. Hannah, and brothers, narry

and AVilUam

FRANKLIN-June 24 (abroad), accidentally kiTled,

Flight Lieutenant Rodney Vernon aged 20 years, Moved son of Mr and Mrs. C R Franklin, Saddle worth, South Australia and hrothcr of Mrs W J Macpherson, AV Indcrmere, AV llbam street Granville

GROUSE.-On lime 10 killed m action in France,

Actg Scrgt. Rcgbinld Charles Grouse, aged 27, the beloved husband of Bcttv, and father of Dick and Laurette Grouse, Ly ric, Euston road, Hurlstone Park eitOUSr-On lune 10 Ulled in action in France,

Actg Sergt. Reginald Charles Grouse aged 27, the beloved son of Mr and Airs J N Grouse, 230 hing

street Newtown

GROUSE-On June 10, killed in action in Trance,

Act- Sergt Reginald Charles Grouse, the beloved brother of Dick, Dorothv Rita, Joe, and PhiL Grouse, 230 bing street. New towoi

GROUSE-On June 30 killed in action in France,

Actg Scrgt Reginald Charles Grouse, the beloicd brother of Leo M and Hollic Grouse, Penzance, School parade, Marrickville

GROUSE-On lune 10, lulled in action in France,

Actg Sertrt Regln lid Cliarlcs Grouse, the beloicd hrothcr of Dai id and Jose Grouec, 167 Ramsay road,


GROUSE.-On lime 10 killed in action in France,

Actg-Serrt Reginal 1 Charles Grouse, heloied son in law of Mrs M Mellor, and hrothcr in law of Ism, George, Mona, and Tom Mellor

GROUSE.-On June 10 killed in action in Trance

Actg -Sergt Reginald Charles Grouse esteemed friend of Mr and Mrs. L J Levy, 30 George-street


HENNESSY -Killed in action, somewhere in France,

June 7, 1917, Priiotc John Albert Hoinessv, aged 29 yean dearly bcloicl brother of Michael, MoUic, William, Stella, and A Inccnt

McGANN.-hilled in action June 0, Ptc F McGann,  

aged 19 years

In a hero's grase he ia lying, Somewhere m 1 ranee he fell

Inserted by his sorrowing mother nnd sisters Molly and Ursula, also Tom a-d three brothers, lack, Jim, and Cyril (on actne service)

NEWCOMBE.-hilled in action June 7, 3917, Private  

Harold Stanley Newcombe

ne rose respoiesnc to lila country « call, And gave her his best-hu, life ins all

Inserted by hi* loung father and mother Mr and Mr«. AV Newcombe, and brother and sisters, Claude,

Mabel, and Horrie

OGILVIE.-Cliarlcs 1 lelitt, I oidon, son of (he late

Robert Richard Ogiliie died of wounds April 25 1917, Mesopotamia aç,ed "W y ears hrothcr o! AA llbam and Sybil G Ogilue Aliiirton, I dgcolifl"

O'HARE.-Stanlei J O Hare aged 24 icars second

eldest soi o( Mr and Airs D 1 O ilnrc Corro wong Station, Mouin nnd ti Darling Point road Darling Point, killed in ai tion in I ranee June 0,


STEAD-hilled in aclbn, lune " 1917 Sergnnt AV

J Stead. Inserted by Ins friends, Mr and Airs


STEAD.-lulled in I ranee, lune 7 Sergcmt A\ I  

Stead A very gallant soldier and gentleman An affectionate tribute from li Rai incut

WALLINGTON -Killed in action I rnncc Time 8 1917

Ptc P I A AValluigton, ngcl 10, heloied husband of Mary Wallington, pilot «talion, Iscwiastlc

In a hero's c,rave he is lung

Somewhere in 1 ranee ho fell

Little wo thought when ne parted

It was our list farewell

WALLINGTON -hilled in action 1 rince lune S 1017

Ptc PLA AVallngton loljved uncle of Mr and Mrs AV Chortey, A\ arran cr

WALLINGTON- Killed in nihnn, 1 nnce, lune 8

1917, Ptc 1> L A A\nlllii(,ton beloved cousin of Mr and Mrs Smith, Susse- street, Sydney

WALLINGTON - Killed In action France, June 8

1917, Pte P. E. A. Wallington beloved brother in   law of Mr and Mrs. L. J. Osborne.


ABBOTT-In loving inruiori of my iliar brother Fd

»ar Abbott, who dcpniti I this life lilly 1, 1910,

Sweet is vour rust, dear brother,

No grief or sorrow can come to you now Inserted by his brother, AA niter

AGNEW.-In sad and loving memory of my dear

husband and father died Julv 3, 191-, at his resi

dence, 7 Clare rirul, Norolle Sweet Jesus baie mercy on bl« soul Inserted by his sorrowing whe and «on, Jack, also his only sister Ellen

ARMSTRONG-In meillon of mi friend, Priiuto Rex

ArniBtrong, died July ¿, 3930 A true bv Idler und

a white mun

And he is not

For God took him

BARR-A tribute of love m memory of my dear

mother, who ins called home luly 3 3012

God will link the broken chun Closer when ive meet agnin

Inserted bl her loi big daughter mid ron In law, Ada and Jack and family

BICKELL-In loving inomorv of our darling eldest

son and brother, Private Stanley Bickell who was       killed In action in France on July 1, 1916 aged   20 years and 11 months.

Far away in a foreign country,

Under a foreign sod

Our darling hero Is sleeping,

Sleeping in peace with God

Inserted by his ever loving father and mother Joseph       and E Bickell, Gordon road Linfield, and brothers Private W.G Bickell (now on active service in       France), and Charles R and Dave.

BURGESS.-In sad but loving memory of our dear

mother, Catherine Burgess, who departed this life July 8, 1912 Inserted by her loving daughter and   son in law, Mrs and Mr Goldsworthy and family,

and her loving sons, Frank Will, and Tom Burgess.


BOWYER -A tribute of everlasting love to the memory

of my dear 6011, George Sidney, «ho departed this life July 1, 1914

I mourn for you in silence son, But not with outward show

'Tis sad, but true I cannot tell why The good are always the first to die

Inserted by his loving mother and nephews Reg and Sid (on active service) of Lone Pino, 491 Crown- street, Surry Hills

BOWYER.-In memery of my dear brother, George S    

Bonier, who departed this life July 1, 1914.

Those who loved you best missed you most

Inserted by his loving sister and nephews, Sid and Reg; (on active service)  

BROOK -In loving memory of our dear brother Henry

F. T Brook who died Julv 1 1915. Inserted by his brother and sister in law Edwin and Alice Brook  

BRENNAN -In lovingmemory of our dear mother,      

who departed this life July 1, 1915

Do not ask us if we miss her,

There is such a vacant place.

can we ever forget her footsteps  

And her dear familiar face.  

Time has passed and still we miss her. Words would fail our love to tell

lnserted by her loving daughter and son in law, Kate and Andy.

BRENNAN- In loving memon of my dear mother,  

Bridget Brennan who passed away July 1, 1915 Sweet heart of Jcsus have mercy on her soul

We who loved you mother darling, sadly miss you   Hidden tears they often flow,

For memory keeps our darling mother near ns  

Inserted by her loving son and daughter In law, John and Mary

BRENNAN.- In loving memory of our dear mother      

Bridget Brennan, who departed this life July 1, 1915

Two years have passed since thnt sad day When cur deir mother was called awn., tod tool iur home It was His will, 1 ora t her? \o we ncier «ill

Inserted h. lier loving son and daughter, Will and

Once and children

BRENNAN.- In lo. mc memor} of onr dear mother,      

Bridget Brennan, who died July 1, TH5 R I P Inserted hi her loving son and daughter in law, lorn and Nellie, and grandchildren

CAMERON- In loiuig memor} oí our dear departed

fitlicr Alexander Cameron «ho died July 1, 1010, igcil 87 Inserted b\ his son and daughters, 1 cms Jessie, Catherine RIP

DAY -In memory of our dear daughter and

sister Tcsme Dai (nee Hogc), who passed away hil. 2 101-j aged 20 venrp Inserted by her loving parents brothers, and sisters At rest.

DUNCAN.-In pad but loving memory of my dcar    

husband and our dear father John Duncan, who departed this life luly 2 1014 in his 55tt year At rest. Inserted b} Ins loving wife and family

DWYER -in loving memory of our dear daughter  

and sister, Nelbe, who dcpirted this life Jul} 1, vn\ aged 2.4 vcirs Inserted bv her loving pircnts and sisters, Bernard street, Lidcombe

DUCKWORTH -In loving memory of our dear mother.

Min Annie Duckworth, who departed this life July 2 1001 igcd 46 years Inserted by her loving daughters and son In lan, Tdith and noracc Thwaitc, ind ] ucv Campbell

ELLIOTT- In loi big mcrnorv of m} dear daughter

Norah -I ranees who dcpirted this life Julv 2, 1003

< ii will link the brolcn chain Closer «hen .ve meet again

Inserte I b. her loving mother and father Mr and

Mrs OslKirne

ELLIOTT-In loving memory ot mv dear sister, Norah  

1 ranees, .. ho dcpirted this life lilly 2, 1003

\ precious one from us is cone,

V voice we loved la stilled

A place is vncant in our homo

1 Which never can be filled

Inserted bi lier sister and brother Magcie ind Dave, also nieces and nephew, Trances, Dave and


EVANS -In loving memory of our dear husband and  

fither, Harry lohn Harris bians, «ho dcpirted tins lilt suddenly at Milscm's Point Jul» 2, 1010 Peace perfect pcicc Inserted bv lils ever loving «ifc and chticliter Mon and Dorothy I vins.

FINLAY.-In memory of our dear husbind and  

father (Willum) «ho departed tins life lulv 2, 1010

Short was the call he hod from above

Not a word to his loied ones could pav Ile Fnnk to rest like i babe in its sleep,

'nd silently passed awa>

Inserted br his «ile, Txniisa ind child Frnie FINLAY.-In Ion ne memor. of our dear son and      

brother 111 law, William, who depnrtcd this lite Juli

2 «no

(,o I in nis wisdom his recalled

The boon His love had given

But though Ins body slumbers hcie

His soul is safe in Heaven

Inserted hi Vr and Mrs D Duncan, Hen and fimil}, of

IINDI.A1 -In Invine memory of mv dear brother,

\\ ill who departed tins life lilly 2 1016 aged SO jr-irs Inserted bv his loung sister, Mirgarot Clark Newcastle, also his Irothcrs, Dive and Tom ion ncti.e service abroad)

FINLAY.-In loving memory of our deir brother and  

uncle, William who died luly 2, 1016 Inserted by Ins loving sister ind brother in law and children,

of hogarth

F1NDLM -In loving mcrnorv of our deir hrothcr,

Willum n!«o uncle died Jul. i 1010 also brother. Thomas killed in iction Inserted by his 1 rother ind sister in li», George and Mar}, also


FINLAY.-In loving memory of our dear brother in  

law (William) who departed this life Jul. 2, 1010 Inseitcd by Mr and Mrs G Duncan of Gladesville

FRANKLIN-In loving memory of our dear son and    

brother, Walter James, who dcpirted this life July 1

Oh Wilier drar, we miss von here, I rom the home vou lo. ed so «eil

ne pnv tint God Ins fomd you rest V ith the angels of the blest

Inserted bv his lo. mc mother brothers and si'ters.

FUGGLES - In loving memory of my dear dad, James

Richard Fuggle, who passed away at Sans Souci,   July 2, 1916 Inserted by his loving daughter,

Letitia Oakes.

GREEN -lu memory of our deir father and

grandfather, who departed tlus life at Bristol Mar ritknllc lull 2, 1010 ace TO years

R it a fairer dawn has broken

At the e.cmngs peaceful close

Inserted bv his lo. ing diughter and son in law annie and Harry Biirtind, and grand children, Jack Harry, Connie, and Pats}

GREEN.-In loung memory of mr dear father, nenry  

Gre, n late of 1 ictoria road. Marrickville, who de parted this life Tilly 2 1016 Inserted by his loy ing daughter Ciss (Mrs C R Winston)

GREEN.-In memor} of our dear father and  

grandfather Henry Creen, who passed away luly 2 J010 Inserted b} his sorrowing daughter and Bon in law, T and S McGco, and family

HOLLOWAY.- In loving memorv of our dear son    

and brollar, Arthur who departed this life Julv J, lfllr> arod 22 Inserted by Mr ind Mrs Summer hill and family. Berowra.

HOLLOWAY-In loving memm of our dear brother    

arthur who departed tins life Inly 1, 1015

Short and sudden was the call Of him so dear!} loicd by all

His memor} is as dear today

\s in the hour he passed away

Inscrttd bv his loving brothers and sister, Henry

lane and Crosslcv

HYBINETT.- In loving memory of wir dear daughter    

and sister Annie lera, «ho departed this life lui. 1 100s", afed 0 years and 10 months. Our bud in Hiavui Instrtel by her parents, J and C H}lnnett and finuly

ISRAEL-In memor. of our dar mother. Mana Is

rael who departed tins lite (2 th of bunn), Jul} 2 19u2 aged «2 l,ul rest her M ni Inserted Ly her son and diughter in hw S.d and Don Israel grnndchil Iren, Maria hut le, and Samuel

ISRAEL-In memory of oir liar mother. Villa Is  

rael, «ho departed this life (""th of Snan) Jill. '. 1002 aged «_ .eira Coil rest her soul Ins ried bl her loving dauphins Mi r bUiling ai ] Mrs

1. Sin

LEWIS.-In sad and memory of our belo.«I

father Richard Lewis, who diparted this life Juh 1, 101J. aged 05 vtars

I dream I s< e that dear ol I face,

I miss that «Tinkled brow

I think how mucli I loved him then,

and love lils memorv now

Inserted bv his sorrowing daughter and ._.. law, Will and Ciss Redshaw, and grandchildren,

Amelia, Lisie, and Willie

LEWIS-In memor} of Ro}, third «on of Mr .

lewis, of Sutherland, wiro departed this life July 1, 1010 Inserte! by his loung brother, Walter

McAULIFFE. - In loving memory of our dear mother    

Mary McAuliffe, who died July 2, 1916.

We saw her suffering da} by dav,

It caused us bitter grief

To set lier slow]} pine awiy

And could not give relief

Not dead to us, wo love her dear,

Not lost hut gone before.

She hvcu nilli us In memory still,

And will for e.tmiorc

Inserted by her loving husband, Jeremiah also daughters, and sons Will, Jim, Harold, Arthur, Hilda and Nellie; also Mrs. A. Turner, and grandchildren, Harry, Doris, Willie.

McAULIFFE. - In loving memory of our dear molher  

mid grandmother Mary MrAuliffe, who died lu]} 2 1016 Peace perltet peace Inserted by her lov

inc dnuglitcr son in law, and grandchildren, Lrnlc, Willie mil lnluir Chamberlain

McAULIFFE. -In memory of my dear mother,        

Mary McAuliffe, «ho died lui} 2 1010   Motinr 1 tftcn sit and think of }ou,

is 1 kissed vour still and cold brow

lui no sunpitii} is needed now, dear mother, "1 our i-arcs and aching hcirt s al rest Millier von hue onli guno ahead, Rut ion are sadli missed by mt

lnsertid bl Iur son William

MACFARLANE.-In loving memory of our dear brother,        

Norman «to waa killed in aclioa it Gaba Pepo, lune 2!l lOIo

lust when life «as brightest

lust when his hopes wire best

Inrortcd b} lus lo. ¡np- sister ind brother, Hilda and


MACHAN.-In loving memory of our dear mother    

who departed this life July 2, 1916. Inserted by   her loving sons and daughters, daughters in law,     and grandchildren  

MACHAN.-In memory of our dear mother, Caroline      

Machan who died July 2, 1916. At rest Inserted   by her loving daughters C A M, M J T, A E. H,

and S S C.

MACHAN.-In sad and loving memory of our dear      

mother who departed this life July 2 1916. In serted by her loving son and daughter Jack and   Annie and grandchildren

MALONE.-In living memory of Thomas Malone, who    

«as ntcidti lilli Ulled on Tulv 1, ion Inserted b. Ins fon I comridcs, S Davison, 1 Chambers, and I Pollard

NAIRN.- In loving memory of my dear mother Cath-  

rine Nairn who departed this life July 1, 1910. Sadly missed. Inserted by her loving daughter,

M. Walburn.

NELSON -In memory of my dear son and our

brother, *-id «ho met his death hy drowning nt lllttkwattle Ba¡, Glebe, July 2, W10, aged 20


Cod called lum from our midst,

But ne. cr from our hearts

He hies «ith us in memory still,

And will until the last

Inrerted by his loving mother, brother Tom, Rita and Charlie

NELSON -In loiinp memory of our dear brother Sid  

«ho met his death hy drowning at Blackwattle Kay, Olde July 2 10,0, aged 20 }Cir» Sadl} mis,ed lus«ried In lu« sister and brother In law Nellie and Bert Hevwnrd (ou octi.e tcnltc abroad), and nephew. Bertie

NICHOLLS-In memor} ni our dear mother.

Susannah Aincli 1 Nicholls, who departa! this life lui. 1, 1016 «I rest Inserted by her son and daughter 111 la« James Html and Clara Steel

PEROVICH.-In living remembrance of my dear hire  

land and nu father, lohn Perm ¡ch «ho departed this lile hil} 1 ion Ins-rltd by his loving «Ifc and daughter, Nellie

PEYRE.-In loving memory of our dear friend, Ser  

gcant Peter Tcyrc killed in action, 1 ranee, July 2, 1018. Mr and Mrs. R. D Slmter

IN MEMORIAM. , PEYRE.-In loving memon o! mv dear friend Ser      

géant Peter Pure Killel in action in I nmce

Julv 2, 1010 Inserted by Tlorcncc Simpson | PHILLIPS- In loving memory of inv dear wife Annie i

Phillip«, who departed this life lulv 3 1006

Mv home was bricht an 1 happv once, '

AVlun we were all together

But oh, how changed It all is now

Sine«» my d^ar wife has gone forcier t Inserted bv her loung husband, 1 dwaid Phillips. I PHILLIPS-In loving memorv of our dear mother and I

grandmother, Annie Phillips who departed till« life

July 3 ions

A mother's love is a blessing

Do not treat her witn seorn

Cherish her while «he is living,

lor von will miss her when she s gone Inserted bv 1er losing daughter and son m law Susie and Harry Reid, and grandchildren, Afav and


Pilli I IPS -In Inving memorv of our dear mother and

grandmother. Annie Phillips, who departed llus life

Julv 1 190S

A ou nre not forgotten, dcir mother,

1 or true love never dies

Tlie dearest spot on earth to u«

Is where our dear mother lies.

Inserted hv ner loving son nnd daughter in law,

Alfred, Alollie Phillips, nnd grandchildren, Alfred,,

1 dward «nd Mollie

P3IILI1PS-In loiing memorv of our dear mother and I

grandmother Annie Phillips, who departed this life

Julv 1 190S

Trent lour mother as in childhood.

Tor when flic is old and grey You 11 never know her value

Till she's bing beneath the clay

Inserted by her loving daughter md son in law, Lily and Victor Mulligan and grandchild, Dons.

PHILLIPS-In loung memorv of our dear mother and

grandmothir Annie Phillips who departed his life on Julr 1 100S aged 4S vears

No space of time no lapse of vears

Can dim our mother's post. I ner loving memorv holds her dear.

And will until the last I Inserted by her loving daughter and son In law, Lena «rd narrr Crcig and grandchildren, Iddle, Dury, Ailie, Alnrjone Russell and George

PIKE.-In loving memory of our dear father, John

Pike wlio departed tins life Julv 1, 1000

They miss you most who loved you best

Inserted bl hu loving daughter and son In law

Bella and Will Farrnan

POWYS-In fond remembrance of mv dear wife Ruhv,

who passed away July 2, 3935 Inserted hv her lov

ing husband

PRATT-In loving memory of mv deir «nn Prívale

Tweph Pratt killed In action in Irancc Inly 2 1010, of iVolls street, Newtown

A« he lies in peaceful sleep His memorv we shall oicr keep

Inserted bv his loving mother Mrs T Shorten

RUTLAND -In loving memorv of my dca- husband and

our dear father l>lwin Rutland, who departed thes

life lulv 2 1910

TI is just «even sears ago to dar

Since my dear husband pissed awnv

One of the best that God could «end

A good husband father and faiM f ii friend

Inserted bl his loving wile ann" daughters Rubv 1 lsie and Ada, also son in law Percy

SHEPPARD -In loving memory of our dear mother

Titlia sheppard died July 2 1010 aged S2. At rest Inserted hy her loving children

SMITH -In les mg memorv of mr dear wife Charlotte,

who departed this life Inly 2 1911

Peace perfect peace

Inserted by her loving husband, Alfred Smith

SMITH.-In fond and loung memorv of mv dear  

mother Charlotte Smith, who passe 1 away Tilly 2 1014 Gone hut not forgotten Inserted by her affection ile daughter and sen in law Fn and Will Meredith and grandchildren

SAI1TÎT -In sa 1 but ever losing memorv of our darling

mother who nassed nivav lilly 2 1014

Happv ure thev who now can say, Thev loved ind seriell ion host

.Inserted by her In Ing daughter and son in law,

Tstclla and lack Negus.

SMITH -In loi ing memorv of our dear mother. Char

lotte Smith, who passed away July 2, 1914, aged

C9 venrs

The one we lol ed is now laid low

The loiee we Toyed is «till

The hand that always helped us on

lies now in death's cold chill

Inserted bv her loving daughter and son in law, Minnie and \A ill AA alkci, Union street Kogarah

SMITH -In «ad but loving memorv of our dear mother,

Charlotte Smith who passed nival Tuly 2 1934 In sertcd by her loi inc; daughter and son in law, Ada

and Will Breen

SMITH.-In loung memorv of mv dear mother Char

lotto Smith who departed til« life July 2, 1914 aged OP years Refit in peace Inserted hv her onlv son Albert and ilai ghtcr in lnvv, Beat Smith, and


STEEL.- In loving memory of my dear mother, who

departed this life lulv 1, 19)0 Inserted by her loving «on. It B Steel \

STUART (nee Barden) -In fond memorv of our dear

daughter and 'islcr I Isle Mary Stuart, who passed awiv at her late resi lenrc, Chelton, North Sydney,

lulv 1 1910

Memorv keeps our dear one near us.

Inserted hi her loung parents, brother« and sisters,

and little daughter Aera

TAYLOR- In loving memory of mv dear wife Helen

Taylor whi departed this life July 1, 1901 In serted hy her loving husband, I T A Tavlor

TAYLOR -In loving memorv of mv dear mother, Helen

Tiylor, who departed this life Inly 1, 1903

More vears had made me love thee more Inserted bv her only daughter, Daisy Gremmell

TINDALL-In loving memory of Ida who departed

this life Inly 2 1907 aged lo years

To Hie in the luarts wc leaie behind is not to die Inserted by her sister Millie

TOOP -In loi ing memory of mv dear husband and

our fither, George AA ilium (Jack), who departed this

life Tulv 2, 3012

Our lióme was bright and happy once

AAhcii we were all together,

But oh, how changed it all is now,

Since dad has gone for cier

Iircrted by his loving wife and family

WARRINGTON -In lovine memory of my dear mother.  

Sophia AAarrington (Nurso), who died at North Syd

ned July 2, 1010

Abide with me

Inserted by her loiing son, AMllic

WEST -In loving memory of Thomas West, who died

July 2, 1910 Inserted by his loiing mother, bro

thor, and sisters

WILLIAMS In loving memory of our dear son awl

brother, AVillinm AVilliama (Willie), who departed tills life July 1, 19)3 aged 20 years anl 0 months

Diys of sadness still come o'er us.

Secret tears do often flow,

lor memorv keeps our dear son near us,

Though he died four years ago

Inserted by his fond parents M and J AViiliams also Bistirs and brothers, Dons, Elsie, Jack, and

Richard (now on active service)

WILLIAMS-In loving memory of mi dear friend,

AVill, who passed away July 1, 101T, aged 20 ,>va.

and 6 months

God will link the broken cmi" Closer when wc meet again

Inserted by his loiing friend, Jack Gould

WINSTANLEY.-In loiing memory of Prlialc Iohn

Alton AVinstanlcv, killed in action in 1 nineo lilly 2, 1916 »ted _1 yu«. Inserted by lies loung

father, brother, and sister«

WRIGHT-In loiing memory of our dear father who

died Julv 2, 1910 Inserted hi his loving daughters, li A Adams and A! 1 M righi Sadlv missed


Mrs. M A WARD, of 9 Goodhopc-strcot, Paddington,

desire« to express her sincere THANKS to her many relatives, friends and neighbours, for their exprès non of sympathy, floral tributes, and cards, also Rev R. R Reynolds for his kindness In her recent sad bereavement in the loss of her dear husband


Mrs. T C BENNETT ind 1 »Mil Y of Mcsnian desire    

to return sincere HIANhS Cn all and friends from whom tbey received kind expressions of s nipa thy anl flora! tributes in their rctent sad lerei.emcnt In the loss of thtlr dear husband and father

Mrs I F HILL and SON desire to return their

sincere TIHNhS to frimds for their mudge« of condolence con.oved bv telegrams canis letters and floral tnbntes in connection with their rctent sad borea, ement

Mrs W DIXON and r\MH1 wish to TIUVK their

friends al=o the emploi ees ol Mr T Napier for their s}nipatb. extended to Hiern in their Into ead

berçai ement

The RILA TIMS of the late MICHArL O'BRIEN vlsh  

to return THANKS to their mam friends lor cards wreaths and expression) of s}mr»athy in their I eren.ement_


NEALE.-The Friends of Messrs. W.J.B., G.R.C.,        

and H.J.F. NEALE, Miss NEALE and Mesdames          

J. THURSTON and J.H. JONES are kindly invited   to attend the Funeral of their late beloved MOTHER,      

Anne Amelia; to leave her late residence, High- street, Penrith, THIS (Monday) AFTERNOON, at 2.30   o'clock, for St. Stephen's Cemetery, Penrith.    

JOHN PRICE and SON, Funeral Director.

'Phone, 20 Penrith.

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